Innopocket Metal Case for Palm Tungsten T5/TX (Black)
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Product Description

The metal case for Palm Tungsten T5/TX handheld is made of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum and we design the case to perfectly fit the profile of the Tungsten T5 handheld. You get full access to your handheld while it is in the case. The interior is lined with neoprene to cushion your Palm from impact shocks and scratches. With this form-fitting metal case, it protects your Palm investment.

  • Light weight aircraft grade scratch-resistant andoized aluminum
  • Precision molded case to fit your handheld perfectly
  • Neoprene lining holds your Palm securely in place, protects it against drops, shocks and collisions.
  • With removable belt clip and post system
  • Includes SD/MMC card storage
Customer Reviews:
  • Junk
    This case has no redeeming qualities. I had to make a velcro strap to keep the thing from opening and letting the palm fall out. The belt clip is junk and wears out from the metal teeth of the stud on the case. Then to top it off the stud broke off, just glued on.

    Junk, Junk , Junk...more info
  • Hardcase for Palm
    This Hardcase for my Palm T/X is great. It fits the TX well allowing access to the hotsync, headphone and charger plugins all from the closed position.

    Case stays closed and after a few tries you learn to open without breaking a nail.

    Only problem...some edges are not as smooth as they could be but otherwise it's a good product.

    Like the black much better than the silver....more info
  • Great for pocket use.
    I read some of the other reviews. I agree this may not the best one for strapping to your belt. However, if you are carrying your Palm in your pants pocket it's a great product.

    I've been using it for a couple months now. Before, my TX constantly was getting turned on accidentally, especially in tighter fitting jeans. This case works perfectly. It's strong enough to protect my TX from bumps and tight pants as well as keys and anything else I'm carrying in my pocket. I don't really care about the latch because it's in my pocket and I'm glad it opens easily.

    For my use, this product is excellent.
    ...more info
  • latch isn't secure
    I bought this product from Ebay. Although it seems very sturdy, the latch doesn't close securely and with the slightest bump the case thing pops open. I'm sure that if dropped, the case would offer absolutely no protection. I have a hairband tied around the case until I find a better one. ...more info
  • Good for One Drop
    Everything functioned proberly, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, all worked correctly in the case. Had a minor problem that one headphone molded rubber plug did not fit the opening. Then the case did its job - protected the T|X from a fall to a concrete floor. Downside is the T|X slid free from the adapter and ended up loose on the floor - fit far too loose. Hit on a corner and distorted the case so that it would not close. Attempted to bend it back in shape, but the metal around the latch tore, so in the trash and back to the OEM case from Palm ...more info
  • Not bad for the price, but lacks a couple of details...
    I got this case on Ebay, and found that it's a good, servicable case. The attachment mechanism is based on the flipcover that comes with the TX, and has managed to hold the TX in it's case nicely. While the case only fits loosely on the belt clip, I've found that oversnug belt clip attachments tend to break. (I lost count of the number of cell phone holsters I've killed this way when the belt clip snaps!)

    The only quibbles I have are:
    1) The case latch could be more secure. I've had the case pop open when I brush up against things or take off my coat.
    2) I've had one instance of the screw-on post unscrewing itself, so it helps to check sometime each day.
    3) The TX -- literally -- rattles around in this case a little.

    Please also note that this is a metal case, so it *may* interfere with WiFi and/or Bluetooth. I can't really prove or disprove this though....more info