Sigma Micro-Fiber Lens Cleaning Cloth Keychain
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Product Description

Sigma has made the most convenient Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth you'll ever use. What makes it so convenient is the design. Unlike other lens cloths, the Sigma lens cloth stays attached to the inside of storage pouch. The snap hook also provides an easy way to clip it and keep it. The Patented design not only makes it attractive, but very useful on a variety of products.

  • The most convenient Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth you'll ever use
  • Great for cleaning camera lenses, LCD screens, glasses, ski goggles, cell phones, portable devices, CD's & DVD's, binoculars
  • 6x6" lens cloth stays attached to the inside of the neoprene storage pouch
  • Snap hook also provides an easy way to clip it and keep it
  • Attaches directly to keys chains, retainers, zippers, camera bags, straps, vests, and much more
Customer Reviews:
  • Works as advertised
    You can't ask for more than is advertised and that's what this cloth did. It worked well. Can't ask for more than that....more info
  • nice and cheaper than Nikon version but
    you could just use one of the free micro fiber cloths that came with the glasses you got from your optometrist. Those are washable, by the way, and never wear out!
    Otherwise, this is the way to go....more info
  • Nice little microfiber cloth
    Great microfiber, premium quality. A few people complain of the size of the cloth, however I have not found this to be a problem when cleaning my glasses or camera lens. The only drawback is that when stuffed in the pouch, debris can easily fall in, meaning you need to be conscientious that this debris not remain on the cloth when you clean lens. This can easily be adverted, however, when you fluff the cloth out of the pouch, making any debris fall off the cloth. Overall, a good buy, and good price!...more info
  • Too small
    This is a good idea, but I find the cloth too small. It's also too difficult to push the cloth back into the little bag. And finally, I think clip attachment should be a little longer. I don't recommend this one for professional work. See my uploaded photo....more info
  • super accessory
    I've used this quite a lot to clean schmutz off my lens. I have kids...and it happens....more info
  • convient
    In the past, while shooting sports, I'd get dust on the lense. That is when I would remember I need a cleaning cloth. Now the keychain cleaning cloth is attached to the camera and always ready for the unexpected and I don't have to remember a thing....more info
  • Great Idea
    This is just a great idea. The clip is heavy plastic and the little pouch a strong and stretchy cloth. I just clip it onto the outside of my bag so I am not fumbling through pockets to clean off my lens. Great idea, great product, and the price is of course, just right....more info
  • NIce
    Nice cloth does a good job on lenses. Good idea in to package it the way it is. Actually purchased a few more to have around the house to clean glasses...more info
  • It does it's job
    I like this product very much, cleans the lens well and it is very handy....more info