Marksman M11A Remote Start with Security System
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FEATURES: Remote Start Features: - One, 2-way 5-button FM/FM transmitter with LCD display and one, 1-way 4-button FM transmitter - Anti-interference remote controls with up to 2,000 ft. transmitting and 2-way communication range - Remote start confirmed by audio and LCD display on 2-way transmitter - Hood open, neutral lockout, parking brake and rpm limit safety systems - Ignition 1, ignition 2, start, climate control and parking light flash relays built-in for easy installation - 3 ignition circuit capable - Works on all gasoline powered engines with computer control and fuel injection (including diesel) - Parking lights on indicate vehicle is running by remote control - System status check - Power save modes for transmitter and control module - Selectable run timer (5, 10, 20 and 30 minutes) - Out of range indication on 2-way transmitter Alarm Features: - Code hopping transmitters with SAW frequency control and extended range - Trunk release output - Programmable channel 4, 5 and 6 outputs - Remote keyless entry with unlock driver's door first function - Dual zone shock sensor with adjustable sensitivity - Installer test mode allows all testable and adjustable functions to be operated by remote control - Siren and horn outputs can operate at the same time - Parking lights flash with alarm status indication - Dome light supervision output - Over 40 remote programmable features - Remote car finder function - Carjacking alarm system built-in - Remote shock sensor delete - User choice remote silent arming - 6-tone electronic siren with programmable soft chirps