Wild Planet Digital Spy Camera
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Product Description

Remain undercover while scoping out suspects or examining evidence. Just slip on the included sunglasses, push the button (that is secretly attached to your glasses), and underhandedly snap a photo that you can later download and examine on your computer. Requires one "AAA" battery (not included). Measures 6" x 8.5" x 1.5".

  • Digital camera is attached to cool sunglasses!
  • Download secret pictures to your computer.
  • Take photos with secret handheld remote.
  • Cool spy sunglasses included.
  • Spy play promotes imaginative and abstract thinking skills
Customer Reviews:
  • Great toy
    I love the spy toy I always use it to spy on my sister. I put a 5 star rating on it because it has great camoflauge I never get cot.The toy is great....more info
  • Spy Camera
    Ordered one for my 6 year old and another for my 4 year old, they love it,
    so I guess its great....more info
  • A review from an 8 year old
    This toy is pretty fun if you're a kid. The sunglasses are really good just like regular sunglasses. The camera only holds 18 pictures but that is enough for me. Connecting the camera to the computer is not hard -- you just use the wire they give you to plug the camera into the computer.

    The quality of the pictures is good. The pictures are not like regular pictures from a digital camera but they are still good for this spy camera. ...more info
  • the best ever
    this is very good because you can take pithures at people who is being bad
    and download on to your computer then when your mom and dad see the pithures the person that is doing something bad will get in trouble
    you should relley buy this....more info