Smoke Detector, Wireless for Monitored GE CareGard Home Emergency Call System
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Product Description

The GE Security wireless smoke detector works with and requires a GE Aegis CareGard system. It is commercial-grade, photoelectric smoke detector. It is a wireless unit and allows flexibility in locating the unit on a wall or ceiling. Unlike units sold in retail stores (commonly ion detectors), these units are designed to work with your GE Aegis CareGard system and to send a unique signal enabling a fire department response to the premises. The advantage is the signal is sent whether you are at the premise or not... and the fire trucks will respond automatically on this signal.

  • Professional response in the event of fire
  • For use with a GE Aegis CareGard Medical Alert System
  • Used with CareGard it signals for Fire Department automatically
  • Field-Proven technology from GE
  • Lithium battery that lasts over 5 years