Mace Security International 80269 Mace Security International 10% Pepper GEL Pepper Spray Black
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Product Description

Practice self defense with a long-range pepper spray dispenser. Protect yourself from attackers with a handheld device that's easy to use. Mace Pepper Gel sprays a hot pepper solution at attackers up to 18 feet away, so you won't need to get too close to your attacker in order to defend yourself. The thick gel shoots farther than standard sprays, which can blow back in your face if used in a stiff breeze, and the gel sticks like glue to the attacker's face, ensuring ample time to escape, and the gel contains UV dye for easy attacker identification. A flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharging. The Mace Pepper Gel contains over an ounce and a half (45 grams) of pepper spray, enough for seven one-second powerful bursts. Mace Pepper Gel can spray your attacker up to 18 feet away. Keep out of reach of children. Mace Pepper Gel may not be effective against armed assailants or those under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Follow the included first-aid instructions if the pepper spray comes into contact with your skin. Possession and/or use of this unit may be regulated or prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. If there is any question, check with your local police department. Pepper spray products may not be sold to minors (under age 18). This product can't be sold or shipped to Michigan, New York or New Jersey. Ground shipping only.

  • 10% pepper gel with UV dye- the hotest formula that sprays farther
  • new Patent Pending formulation of pepper spray which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream
  • Ideal for auto, recreational vehicles, camping, or home use
Customer Reviews:
  • Hooray!
    We got our product quickly & everything seems to be in order. Hopefully we'll never have to use the stuff, but i do feel more secure having it....more info
  • seller was fine; haven't had to use the mace, thank God.
    I don't like getting e-mails every few days to review a product that I haven't tried yet. Go away....more info
  • great protection
    I hope I never have to use this spray but if I do I am confident that it will do the job it is supposed to do. I bought this spray to have by my bedside and I have a keychain spray as well. This one was a little big for my pocket but it fits the bill for household protection....more info
  • hard one to test
    looks good, shoots far. I need a volunteer to help me find out how effective it is though!!! :) I do like how the stuff is easy to aim without the risk of blowback. I was worried about it being to thick and making a gunky mess but that doesn't seem to be a problem....more info