EN-EL3 battery for NIKON D100/D70 Outfit/D50 Set ENEL3
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Product Description

Run out of battery? Use this High Capacity Li-Ion Battery for your NIKON DC We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Note: First charge time 10-12 hours Do not short circuit Do not disassemble Use Specified charger only Do not incinerate May explode if disposed of in fire !!!

  • 100% new high quality generic EN-EL3 Li-Ion Battery(Non-OEM).
  • Never run out of battery power when you're just about to capture the perfect moment! Time to get extra power for your digital video camera/camcorder.
  • Rating: 7.4V, 1250mAh***Quantity: 1
  • Latest Lithium Ion battery technology gives the best performance possible compared to other battery technologies such as Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH).
  • Compatible Model List: NIKON D100 / D70 Outfit / D70s Set / D50 Set ***Best replacement for the original EN-EL3 battery pack.
Customer Reviews:
  • Good for the money
    For the price, this battery works very well. It doesnt last as long as my Nikon branded battery, but for the price you can buy at least 5 of these before you buy 1 Nikon one. Still, one of these generally last a whole day of shooting. ...more info
  • Didn't Work in my D90
    I recently purchased the Nikon D90 and then since these batteries were so well priced, I bought two of them to have as back up batteries.

    I charged them up but they didn't work in my new Nikon. First, there is a notch in the top of the battery that isn't quite large enough when compared to the Nikon battery so this battery fits too snugly and must be pried out with tool like a small screw driver.

    Also the camera reported the battery as lacking any charge and wouldn't power up. The battery that came with my Nikon had three terminals, whereas this battery only had two terminals which I suspect probably has something to do with why the battery didn't work.

    ...more info
  • Nikon replacement battery
    Can't be without an extra battery. Carry them for just when you don't expect to need them. I carry 3 extra on any long trip. Price excellent...more info