Aiptek Wireless Remote Control for MPVR
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  • For use with Aiptek's MPVR Digital Media Recorder/Player
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
Customer Reviews:
  • Very useful item
    This remote's small size belies it's usefulness. It makes the Aiptek MPVR camera twice as convenient to use since you don't have to risk upsetting your camera's aim by touching it. You can do everything with the remote you can do with the camera's buttons and more smoothly. Love it!...more info
  • Works great
    This was purchased for use with the Aiptek digital/video camera. My son can set his camera up, get in front of it and use the remote to take pictures or make a video of himself/friends. They upload this material to their myspace pages. (some sort of struggling comedy team) that was supposed to gurantee Mom a financially secure future afther they were discovered, lol. Doesn't hurt to dream a lil, lol. Great product, serves it purpose....more info
  • well worth the money
    Aiptek MPVR 8MP MPEG4 Digital Camcorder with 4x Digital Zoomthis is abrilliant camera and camcorder, its light easy to use and easy to take any where. best buy so far from amazon...more info
  • outstanding remote
    helps me do really neat things with the camera, can set up from a distance with the camera on a tripod and press the tiny remote and start the filming. I love it....more info