Brother MFC-8870DW Wireless Flatbed Laser Multi-Function Center
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Product Description

The MFC-8870DW is the flagship model of the Brother laser Multi-Function Center product line and it leaves nothing to be desired for your small/medium business or workgroup. Built-in (802.11b/g) wireless and (Ethernet) network interfaces and built-in duplexing for 2-sided printing, copying, scanning and faxing. All making this the optimal solution for any office.

The MFC-8870DW offers economical and environmentally sound duplex capability that includes automatic two-sided printing, copying, scanning and faxing. You can scan a large multi-page, single-sided document and then print them on half the paper (odd pages on front, even pages on back), and save paper costs on all other functions by using up both sides of every sheet -- without the hassle of having to flip the paper yourself.

Print, fax, scan, and copy -- all from one powerful unit. View larger.

Send scans, copies, and faxes directly from the MFC-8870DW to colleagues that are listed in your network address book.

Choose the document feeder or the flatbed.

Single or double sided -- you make the call.
With the MFC-8870DW's duplex functionality, you can take a typical document file and simply choose to print it as a duplexed document right from the MFC-8870DW's print menu, with the orientation you prefer. Your selection then happens automatically, without the need to reload the paper to print the other side. You can also copy or scan two sides of the same document and either print the copy or store the scan as two single-sided pages, or as a single two-sided page. Or, you can copy or scan two single-sided documents and produce a copy or store a scan as a single two-sided page. You can even scan a two-sided document for faxing with only one step and it will be received as two single-sided pages.

The MFC-8870DW has a convenient flatbed design that accommodates either single sheets or bound documents for copying, faxing, or scanning. With the ability to function as a digital copier, the unit supports reduction and enlargement of documents from 25 to 400 percent in one percent increments, makes up to 99 copies and includes sorting functionality. Copies up to legal size can be made from both the glass and the automatic document feeder. Print and copy speeds up to 21 pages per minute keep up with busy offices, while outstanding resolution of up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi gives each document exceptional legibility.

As a full-function stand-alone fax machine, the MFC-8870DW supports up to 340 total speed dial locations, and also incorporates dual access and broadcast faxing features. It stores up to 600 pages for Quick Scan faxing or out-of-paper fax reception. Stand-alone fax and copy operation is standard, so no computer is required.

When operating as a scanner, the unit is capable of color scanning up to 9,600 dpi interpolated resolution (up to 600 x 2,400 dpi optical). For Windows and OS X 10.2.4 or greater based users, there is an easy-to-use "scan to" button for scanning directly to an FTP site, image application, OCR, E-mail application or file. Save time and reduce errors with instant direct access through your network connected MFC-8870DW to a virtually infinite number of e-mail and fax addresses stored in your LDAP network address books. Simply use the large, clear 5-line LCD display on the MFC-8870DW's control panel to view the contacts stored in your network address books and scroll to select the address you need. Then you can quickly send faxes and Internet faxes to your selection, and perform scan-to-e-mail-address functions.

The MFC-8870DW provides the ability for an administrator to set various levels of password protected access to certain features, for each of up to 25 different users per machine. Through this feature, you can restrict specific employees such as part-time workers or interns from access to scan-to-e-mail functions or other avenues for sending data outside your walls.

The color scanner function comes bundled with document management and OCR software. ScanSoft PaperPort SE with OCR software is available for Windows and Presto! Page Manager is available for Mac users. Meanwhile, Networking options for the MFC-8870DW include wired Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless, allowing you to place the unit in any wireless network environment. The unit is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems (Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/Me/2000/XP and Mac OS 9.1-9.2, OS X 10.2.4 or greater). Standard emulations of PCL6 and BR-Script3 (PostScript3) are included as well. Brother provides a one-year warranty, covering parts and service.

What's in the Box
Multifunction unit, paper tray, multipurpose tray, TN540 Standard Yield Toner Cartridge (3,500 Pages), DR510 Drum Unit (20,000 Pages) CD-ROM with drivers and utilities, printed user's guide, and warranty information.

  • A built-in 802.11b/g wireless interface
  • Automatic duplex (two-sided) printing, copying, scanning and faxing
  • Print and copy at up to 30ppm
  • Ethernet, High-Speed USB 2.0 and Parallel interfaces
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi Laser Printing
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Features but some reliability issues
    For the past 1 1/2 I have purchased several of these brother MFC machines, including the MFC 8870DW. As one other person indicated, the Brother printers seem to have a flaw with the paper tray and periodically they will stop working and click. A call to Brother does not resolve the problem. The good news is that I always buy through Costco so instead of sending back the problem machine to Brother for a "refurbished" one, I merely order a new one and take the broken one back to Costco for a full refund. It certainly would be nice if Brother could figure out the problem as I am sure they are getting lots of returns (5 from me at least) but the cost per copy is so much less than other printers and the speed of printing is teriffic. Also, the duplexing I use all the time and that too is very fast. So if you are looking for lots of features and don't mind bringing back a machine or too to Costco, buy this machine at Costco and don't worry about the problems. You can just get a new machine when the old one breaks!...more info
  • Great Printer, Horrible Customer Service
    The MFC is great with double sided printing and wireless capability, but there does not exist enough expletives to describe Brother's customer service.

    Thus: Printer = 5 stars, Customer Service = -10 stars.

    Setup was quick and easy and printed well. But mine had a problem making copies. Fax, Scan, Print all worked great, but just copies came out blurry, light, and with toner hue inconsistently across the page. It did not matter whether using the automatic feeder or the flatbed.

    So I call customer service. Go through the process of cleaning everything and checking settings as told. Copies look the same as before. Customer Service tells me to replace the drum.

    I am not the smartest kid on the block, but if printouts look great from printing, why would the drum be bad? And why would I replace a 2 week old drum on my own dime? Logically, the problem would be before the process of placing toner to paper (such as the scanning portion).

    I attempted to convey this to customer service. But got the answer that I have to replace the drum before they can further talk to me. I asked for the next level of help, but I was told everything was handled correctly and would not be forwarded to the next level. I asked for customer service to lodge a complaint, but was given the 1-877-BROTHER number instead of being forwarded.

    If you have a problem, just exchange it or return it. Save yourself the hassle from calling Brother. If you do have to call, just lie and tell them you replaced the drum. Probably easier to scour the web, though, for an answer.

    Off topic: Amazon has been great in exchanging. UPS picks it up and drops off an exchange in its place....more info
  • Best Multi-Function Printer on the Market
    Best b/w multi-function printer money can buy. This is one of the few that has duplex capability for BOTH printing and scanning, and it is the only MF that has both capabilities and is anywhere close to this price range. The Brother MFC-8870DW would be a bargain at twice the price. We are especially happy with the wireless networking that has finally allowed us to locate the printer where we want it, rather than being constrained to being within cable range of our Mac. Highly recommended....more info
  • Brother Printer Review
    So far, all seems to be working just fine.
    Look forward to using the many features installed with this printer...more info
  • Good but not perfect.....
    My wife needed this all-in-one to replace an overloaded HP 1012, an old and balky fax machine and a flatbed scanner. The main impetus was her business was requiring scanning of multiple sheets. We've had it for 2 months now and here's the results so far:
    THE GOOD: Frees up a lot of desk space; Quick & easy initial set up; big paper tray; superfast printing, quiet operation (despite some earlier reviews to the contrary); fax and document scanning has been a breeze; even the duplex feature has worked perfectly the few times we've used it.
    THE BAD: Our biggest grouse is the print output - when printing large jobs the output tray gets jammed up, eventually causing internal jams. It may be the cheapo paper we're using - after 40 sheets or so they seem to curl up and don't lie flat in the out tray - we have to constantly empty the output tray every 5 or 6 sheets otherwise it shoots sheets onto the floor or jams. Also as noted in other reviews, it will print envelopes for us but they tend to come out curled and wrinkled - we'll be doing envelopes (not a high priority for us) in our InkJet. Document scanning is great, but some initial attempts to scan 4x6 photo prints were spoiled by stripes or "plaid" artifacts - solution so far has been to resurrect the old flatbed. And lastly, we went and got the top-of-the line with wireless capability in the hope that my wife could print direct from her laptop. I was unable to follow the setup instructions in the manual first time through - will try again when I'm in the mood - would probably be easy for a halfways competent IT guy.
    Bottom line: vast improvement on what we had been using, for about the same aggregate price. Only intractable issue is the small and confined output tray, and that might be less of an issue if we upgraded our paper....more info
  • High-quality duplex printing and copying
    I was considering purchasing a $7,000 reconditioned "floor model" Canon copier (that would have required adding a 20-amp electrical line at an additional cost of about $1,000) when a friend suggested that I look at the $600 (MSRP) Brother MFC8870DW.

    I was pleased to find that the quality of copies made with the Brother multifunction unit is comparable to that of the Canon copier and superior to a floor-model Konica that I had used for some time.

    As a copier and printer, the MFC8870DW is not quite as fast as its bigger brothers from Canon, Konica, etc., but it is fast enough for my purposes.

    The Brother copier will not make 11x17-inch copies or copy on 110-pound card stock, both of which I need to do at times. However, for the difference in price, I can go to a copy center once in a while.

    I am quite pleased with the PaperPort 9.0 SE software that is bundled with the copier, notwithstanding the very negative reviews for the current retail version (PaperPort 10) posted elsewhere on Amazon. I use it for enhancing (page de-skewing, removal of stray dots, and otherwise enhancing and printing multi-page docunent stands).

    PaperPort has difficulty straightening pages that include drawings with prominent diagonal lines, for example, but I believe that any comparable program would have the same problem. It provides a simple method for manually straightening crooked pages, however. It also leaves more "stray dots" than it removes, and manually removing them can be tedious. However, it's my understanding that this is the state of the art at present.

    PaperPort also provides a means of compressing large scanned files (to less than 10% of their original size) with no loss in quality that I can detect, and removing, replacing and rearranging pages of multi-page documents, and converting files to PDF format. It also provides some editing capabilities for PDF files. For many casual users, it will make the purchase of Adobe Acrobat unnecessary.

    Properly installing PaperPort did require a 10-minute telephone call to Brother's customer support, but overall setting up the copier and installing the software was relatively painless.

    I have owned the copier for about six weeks and have made more than 12,000 pages of copies and prints. To date I have used the the TN550 toner cartridge ( rated at 3,500 copies) that came with the unit and two TN580 cartidges (7,000 copies each). Obviously, I am getting about 70% of the estimated number of copies per toner cartridge.

    The estimated capacity of a toner cartridge is based on average 5% coverage, which is the industry standard. I assume that my pages have somewhat higher than 5% coverage.

    The DR520 drum unit died last night at 11,926 copies. It is rated at 25,000 copies, and it lasted for about half that number.

    However, since I have purchased remanufacured toner cartridges from Meritline and a reconditioned drum unit through Amazon from Itonerink, my cost per copy is still below estimates based on Brother's estimated life of these products and the cost of new toner cartridges and drum units.

    I have used the MFC as a scanner, printer and copier and am well pleased with its performance. I have not used it as fax machine, nor have I tested its wireless capabilities. (I have a large number of documents to scan, and I have been told by various IT people that wireless scanning simply doesn't work very well on any machine.)

    This model includes true PostScript, which is a necessity since I use many Adobe PostScript fonts.

    I don't often spend money on extended warranties, but because of my high volume of printing and copying, I purchased one from Brother. Brother offers one- and two-year warranties in two flavors -- "depot" (you take your copier to an authorized repair depot for repairs during the warranty period) and "replacement" (Brother sends you a reconditioned MFC, no questions asked, and you return the original MFC in the same box. Brother pays the return postage.) I purchased the two-year replacement warranty (which begins after the one-year limited warranty expires) for $138.
    ...more info
  • Brother, what a machine!
    I have been a long-time HP customer, both laser and ink jet. This Brother MFC-8870DW is head and shoulders above any HP printer or All-In-One that I have owned.

    I have been using this machine for about a month in my business. Print quality is great. It worked first time, every time.

    I previously had a HP 1170C All-In-One inkjet, which frankly, was a pain to use. The ink cartridges never lasted very long, it only worked with 24# paper, and I always had to make sure that I chose to print in black only (99.9% of what I print is B&W). That's no longer a problem with this laser printer.

    The wireless connection was a snap to set up. Within 20 minutes it was connected to a sever, desktop and laptop - and I'm not a techie. Very cool.

    I have had occasion to use all of the features, except the Fax (I have a dedicated fax). I have scanned to e-mail, copied single sided printing to double-sided copies, printed single and double side . . . and it is all wireless!

    I researched a lot of laser printers and multifunction machines at local retailers and on the Internet. At the time, none of the standard retailers (Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City) even had this machine in their line. I could not touch the quality and functionality of this machine anywhere else, not to mention the great deal that I got at Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Incredible flexibility and convenience - but not for high volume use.
    The Brother MFC-8870DW does everything I need it to do - and then some. Given the rich feature set, the price is quite low. Given the lightweight plastic feel of the paper drawer and small input rollers I have some concerns about the build quality of the paper path (but we've had no problems at all with it so far). There's no end of flexibility about how you can hook it up and make it do all the many things that it does:
    * fast laser printer with fine resolution and duplex (automatic print on both sides) capability. Enabling duplex by default saves a ton of paper.
    * fax machine with a ton of flexible receive options to make it coexist with answering machines on a shared line and other methods (including a well behaved manual mode).
    * digital sender for network fax servers including RightFax.
    * connection flexibility with network printing, faxing, and scanning (yes, to PDF too) via ethernet - as well as local via USB, and wirelessly via WiFi.
    * stand alone copy machine w/50 sheet automatic document feeder
    * did I mention that in addition to document scanning (with OCR) it does color scanning too?
    The workstation on the network are all running WindowsXP so I can't comment on other OS support - but the included software is well behaved and feature rich. You can initiate scan jobs from the workstation, for example as well as print, fax We're into our 4th month with it. My wife has printed out several copies of her dissertation on it and the page count is several thousand and we haven't even had a jam. Our old Brother laser printer (a 1040) still runs after 8 years. The unit sure feels lightweight and plasticky. I wouldn't put this into a high volume environment - but for my home office it's killer and I've been so happy with it so far.

    Follow-up June 2008 - 8 months later. Unit has been perfectly reliable so far. No jams or any trouble of any kind so far....more info
  • Solid office machine
    I have owned three different HP OfficeJet all-in-one. The Brother MFC-8870dw is the best yet.

    Fast printing. Excellent first page out speed with power saving turned off.
    Good paper capacity.
    Built in Ethernet networking works good. We do not use the wireless capability.
    Excellent faxing. Scans the item before dialing number. So a paper jam doesn't waste a long distance fee.
    The best document feeder i have used.
    Duplexing works great.

    The software needs updating.
    Mediocre first page out speed with power saving on.

    Conclusion: This is a solid Small Business Machine. It may not be suitable for home use.

    ...more info
  • Dependable Printer
    This printer is reliable and heavy-duty. Our business has had good response from technical support in wireless issues with our printer. The end result has been a total success....more info
  • mfc-8870 DW Toner issues
    We got this machine it performed flawlessly. both pc & macs are printing via usb & wireless, quality is tops. After, the 2nd cartridge, we have NOT been able to install a new cartridge properly. We have bought 3 different cartridges none fit in properly. We got a new machine and still the same problem. when we manage to get the cartridge in properly the paper jams all the time. Darn, it was too beautiful to last.... we are using brother stock all the way and it still doesn't work. The techs at Fry's don't seem to be able to correct this either. so it is in the repair shop for 5 weeks and we have a brand new one that has the same symptoms...Man it was too good to be true. If we don't resolve this we are going to HP. We've had several Brother machine and they did work well....more info
  • Great choice
    This machine works very well. It warms up fast from sleep mode. The printing looks great. The scanning and copying are excellent. The only problem I've had is that once in awhile the copies print a little off center. I haven't had time to figure out if it's my fault or the machine. Overall it's a great performer....more info
  • What you should know before you buy a Brother
    I have owned the MFC-9420CN, but you might want to read this before purchasing any Brother printer. I have had this machine for about a year it cost over $1,000 and is suppose to be for business. This machine is in my home and I do use it more than probably most homes, but not nearly the amount a buisiness would use. After I print about 100-200 copies the machine overheats and needs to take a very long break, sometimes overnight. Make sure you read the entire manual. You need to know how heavy of paper you can use. It won't even take standard coverstock 67lbs. It will only take up to 55 lbs. This machine jams all the time, both at the paperfeeder on top as well as the papertray on the bottom. I have made many calls to Brother. I do get to speak to a live person; however, they are not all trained very well. One problem took them a week to fix, many many phone calls and a guy coming to my home twice. I will give them credit for taking care of the problem and not charging me anything. My most recent problem was with a toner cartridge of theirs. Read the fine print, they only guarantee their cartridge for 90 days with a receipt. So, now I'm out $100, yes, that is how much their cartidges costs. Think twice before purchasing any printer, read the fine print and do a lot of research. ...more info
  • Wish I could just get one that doesn't have any problems!
    I ordered one of these two months ago and it worked GREAT for the first two months, then it started having a weird clicking noise every time it would pull from the paper tray and then paper soon started jamming. We returned it to Costco and ordered a new one. We just received the new one and I went to set it up and received an instant error that said "Machine Error. Call Brother." I called them and they told me the error I was receiving was because it was broken and I would have to use the warranty to get it fixed. Thank goodness we purchased it from Costco, because we will be returning it tomorrow. So... why the 2 stars instead of 1... well... it was a great printer while it was working. It was fast and with the wireless option, it would work with all the computers in our house. It scanned and faxed well. I just wish we could actually get one that works. Chances are... we will probably try one more time to purchase it because there is not another wireless all-in-one that I could find on the market for a reasonable price. Wish us luck on our third one!...more info
  • Good tiny but reliable machine
    We actually purchased two(2) of these!! We really love it and planning to buy one more machine in our office. This machine is very fast printing and does everything! Toner is also very reasonable comparing with other brand. I gave 4 stars because the paper tray is little small; so we often add the paper; but we like them a lot! ...more info
  • Fantastic for the price
    I bought this printer from Costco and got the wireless feature for the same price as the non-wireless version with a rebate. It's works extremely well. It's very fast and the quality is excellent. I was unsure whether I needed the duplexing feature but since I have it, I use it all the time and am very pleased that I opted for this model. No, this machine cannot print on envelopes. Don't even try it. I don't need this feature so I can get over it. I print on labels instead. The Brother software is easy to use and works well. I love being able to scan into a pdf document or email directly from a scan. The auto document feeder works very well. I have no complaints other than the envelope problem. I defintely recommend this machine. It does everything I need, very well and for a very reasonable price....more info
  • Almost perfect but for consumable costs
    I'm a fanatic for duplexing since I move a LOT of paper around, sometimes amounts which I have to carry to court or mail and which weigh several pounds. The Brother is one of the better machines for the price that handles duplexing well, maybe even the best.

    This particular machine has wireless G built-in, but it costs over $100 more than the same machine without wireless, and for well over $100, you can probably manage to do the same thing cheaper, maybe even better, and for my office, wireless is inappropriate. (It also should be stated that if you go outside Briother itself, then the wireless combo IS cost-effective. Brother essentially competes here only with itself.)

    That said, it makes for an elegant solution in the home if you have any sort of barrier to wiring and would like a single piece of equipment to handle everyone's printing if several of you are running off of a wireless router. There are a bevy of bonuses if this machine is otherwise appropriate for you. It's a complete standalone fax/copier if someone in the house doesn't even have any computer at all. I'm a long-time Brother customer, and they've made operation more intuitive for both computer users and standalone. There were a few bugs in earlier machines by Brother (comparable but older machines I've owned, like the 8500 and the 9700) such as faulty out-of-toner warnings, and all of these seem to have been worked out. This machine is clearly out of beta.

    Earlier machines were difficult (though not impossible) to set up and use advanced functions without using your manual, and this machine is far better on that aspect as well. You can have faxes arrive two-sided, which doubles your paper tray effectively, and you can scan or fax a two-sided document just by feeding it in and possibly altering a setting. This last is made possible by the physical arrangement and just as much by the aforementioned ease-of-use - you wouldn't use the feature much if you had to do major messing around with menus just send out a two-sided page.

    Unfortunately, the one bane of all printers which is slightly worse with the Brothers is the "ink" aspect. Unlike some competitors, you have to replace a toner AND a drum, and at differing intervals. I assume they do this to keep the costs low, but the costs still aren't particularly low. The non-wireless version of the basic machine sells for a little over $400, and there is no problem spending that much for just a couple of drums and a few toners. I don't understand why printers of all sorts cannot just have a "gas tank" you could fill with cheap ink and then just add paper, but in most instances, the consumables are the tail wagging the dog in terms of buying a printer. The Brother is a superbly-functioning modern machine at a great price, but don't imagine the price ends when you buy it. This is true of all printers, however, and the news with most printers is worse than here....more info
  • Warning
    I have 8860dn - it based on the same engine as this one, the only difference - wireless. So here is my experience - hope it will be helpfull.

    I was with HP for 15-20 years, needed MFP, read all reviews here and decided that MFC-8860DN will be a good choice (other option was HP 3055). It has everything I need - copier, network print, scan, fax. Easy setup (I am in IT for 25+ years). Everything was almost perfect. The only complaint you need to keep in mind - IT EATS 1100 WATTS when starts printing - light could flash.
    It was OK, until I reached 1500 pages mark - it start printing small dots every ~3". No problem - need to clean everything (per my experience and confirmed on Brother's web site). Cleaned - it was the biggest mistake - all outputs were with tons of small dots all around the page.
    Called Support 2 times. After few hours of troubleshooting - they advised me to replace DRUM. Hey - its only 1500 pages, nowhere close to promised 25000! After I mentioned it, they offered me 75% discount on it. What's about warranty? Sorry. I spoke to supervisor, he explained that Support in Philippines can't do it, the only option - to call USA office.
    I replaced DRUM. Now counter shows around 2000 pages and I have same problem again.
    Hey, I heard this before - never say never. Still as of today:
    I would NEVER, NEVER buy Brother printer/MFC again!!!

    ...more info
  • Solid multi purpose printer - Fax won't work with Vonage
    This machine does pretty much everything you could need in a wireless machine. Main downside to machine is that it won't support faxing using vonage and Brother customer service refused to give me any advice as to how to get the fax to function because vonage was my service provider and they won't support if you use vonage. I called back three times and three different customer service reps told me this, and vonage's customer service center in India does not seem to have a canned speech to address this so it was useless.
    But, I like the machine so much for its speed, relative lack of jams and the amount paper it saves on the duplexing function, that I got an online fax provider and kept the machine despite the problems. I had no trouble getting the wireless to work with my toshiba laptop. If you don't need to fax or don't use a service like vonage, this is a great machine for heavy home office use. ...more info
  • It does everything I need
    This 8870DW does everything I need. It scans/prints and copies. I seldom use the Fax option but it's nice to have if I need it. The send to email is a nice feature but I primarily use it for send to file and printing.

    It's definately a great addition to my small office. There are a couple of things I'd like to see like 300x300 scanning to FTP instead of 200x200 being the max. Also the color scanning is not the greatest but it is OK for alot of application. Nice job Brother on a nice machine that is wireless and can be placed anywhere in the office with full functionality.

    ...more info
  • A Better Alternative to the HP 7410 All-in-One
    I bought an HP-7410 all-in-one color jet printer with wireless capability about 13 months ago, and had to replace it because the scanner feeder is totally gone. I swore I would bever buy another HP product, as I felt for what I paid the printer was constructed rather cheaply.

    The Brother MFC-8870 laser printer has been a pleasant surprise. I never had really considered Brother before, but because of the features, and given it was in the same price range as the HP-7410, I went ahead and got it. It has performed above expectations. It is very well constructed and functions as promised. The setup and menu are much better than the HP, and the quality is the equivalent of a made for commercial unit.

    I would have liked another color printer, but have decided to stick with a laser printer for home office use, given the frequency pf cartridge changes and the ridiculous price of HP colorjet cartridge replacements.

    If you're looking for a multi-function laserjet printer that is well contructed and performs as advertised, you can't go wrong with the Brother MFC-8870dw....more info
  • Excellent Laser Printer Combo
    Solid performance long term with the Brother MFC line as we have used one for years. This one offers wireless printing as well as wired network printing. Easy setup for either networking. Multitasking is a strong point with this product as you can scan while it is printing set a fax to go while receiving another. As with all Laser printers warming up is a little slow but very quick when it gets going....more info
  • Great multi-function machine
    This Brother MFC-8870dw 30ppm Wireless Network Multifunction Laser Printer with Duplex Printing, Copying, Scanning and Faxing,is a veritable workhorse. My staff like the speed of the quick scan and memory features. This is the 3rd Brother unit that we have purchased this year as we have expanded.
    ...more info
  • The (almost) perfect Multi-function printer!
    This was my third Brother MFC printer. I was trying to replace my current MFC9600 that has been been excellent for more than 5 years. I wanted the duplex functionality, the better print quality, as well as the some of the additional features.

    And you better believe it, this machine is IT! Faster faxing, faster and better quality scanning, faster copying and printing, better quality prints and copies, and many more very beneficial features that I really liked. being technically savvy, it was a breeze setting it up as a wireless printer without using the Brother wizard in the CD. So, after a quick setup, I was able to complete all my tasks wirelessly...

    I was very pleased with my purchase. Everything was actually perfect until I tried printing on an envelope. The first time I printed on an envelope, the result was a completely wrinkled envelope. Then I tried again, and same result. I thought that I could survive with a wrinkled envelope anyway. So, a week later, I tried again. This time, I kept getting the message "Check Paper Size". After a few calls to customer service, the problem was still not resolved. So, I decided to return it to the store.

    Printing on an envelope is a show stopper for me! However, I will check back again after a few months. Hopefully Brother will fix this issue so I can buy this printer again.

    Yes! I have to admit it! Except for the envelope issue, this is the best printer on the market. ...more info
  • No warnings on the box - but good enough!
    Oh how I wanted this, I like brother printers - and a wireless one that supports OS9 OSX, and Windows too, USB, wireless, or ethernet - wowee! Then I opened the box, does not do wireless with OS9. Oh well, then I plugged it in and every UPS in my office chimed and the lights flickered when I turn it on. Yep, even plugged straight into the wall, this room heater uses 9.1 Amps, and I bet 11 when it first powers up. So, this just won't work in an average home office - we have 15 amp lines - a few computers, a TV, a radio, a light, and that can add up to 7 amps - add this fax machine and pop a breaker. I never got a chance to test it, but it sure sounds good. If you have a 20-amp circuit, or can dedicate a 15-amp circuit to it, I'm sure it's a great machine.

    Well, I tried it again, put it downstairs in a room with no other computers and
    tried the wireless option. Ok, I'm keeping it! On my main wireless laptop, it
    works great, my other wireless laptop - in the same room as the monster
    Brother MFC - it works for one time, then stopped working. So I used a
    USB cable on that one. My 3 other OSX machines in other rooms work great
    printing to it wirelessly, so, most of my computers can print, scan, and fax,
    wirelessly to this beast. So, I'm going to keep it, as it sucks less than an
    amp when it sleeps, and it copies and faxes and scans - wireless access,
    really well. I think it was the hassle of returning it that made me try again.
    And the laptop that won't print wirelessly to it, well, PCs are PCs, some
    don't work for some reason, it's an older laptop, my workhorse one works
    fine. ...more info