D-Link DSD-150 SecureSpot Internet Security Adapter
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Product Description

To combat the alarming number of annoying and potentially disastrous security breaches to the home or small office, D-Link brings you the first desktop Internet Security Device (ISD) that provides multi-tiered protection for all networked PCs against viruses, spam, spyware, pop-ups, hackers and other privacy invasions while operating under a single integrated, easy-to-use web-based control center.

D-Link SecureSpot performs multiple security functions with a single plug-and-play device and a web-hosted control center, putting an end to the need for consumers to select, buy, and integrate disparate stand-alone firewalls, pop-up blockers, reporting applications, content and spam filters and antivirus protection. SecureSpot consolidates firewall, antivirus, intrusion detection, content filtering, pop-up and spyware killers into one small device. Powered by BSecure Technologies, all product functions operate under one Web-managed system that provides protection for the home or small office network and attached Windows or OSX-based computers. D-Link SecureSpot is designed to make users' personal choices in content filtering easier, safer, more reliable and faster - it will not slow down Internet traffic. Support for all Windows 98 and higher operating systems, and MacintoshOSX 10.3 and 10.4

  • Protects your home network from viruses, worms, and other online security threats
  • Prevents your child from downloading and installing unwanted applications
  • Provides an easy-to-use, web-based control panel for setup
  • Includes network protection, firewall, virus protection, spyware protection, identity protection, pop-up blocker and more
  • Palm-size box is compact and convenient
Customer Reviews:
  • OK w/ minor issues
    The DSD is a great alternative than installing software on every PC in your home. Installation of DSD is relativly easy and configuration screen is easy to navigate. One down side is that every PC needs a client application that is pushed down from the DSD and can accomodate only 4 PC's on your network. More Pc's can be added for an extra fee. Client crashed with blue screen on 2 of my PC's when client was installed. Still it filters out objectionable content when configured on your network transparently without client. Though you have no reporting options without client....more info
  • Not without faults, it's a viable option to Norton Internet Security
    Let me start by saying that I was a former user of Norton Internet Security products since 2000 through 2008. Norton did everything possible to make me increasingly hate their product, so I finally determined to find an alternative.

    The DSD-150 filtering is a viable alternative. Installing was easy to do -- plug it in between your modem and router. You have different ways of installing it based upon what you're trying to do. If you have an untrusty child, there is a way to install this product that will cause networked PCs to either use the filter or not have Internet access, but I'd say that if you have an untrusty child, they shouldn't have Internet access at all -- no solution is foolproof, including this one.

    Once installed, access to the little black box is done by the bsecure.com website (click on a systray icon and you'll be prompted to enter a password for your bsecure.com account). From there, you have control over the firewall, pop-up blocker, spam filter, and parent controls (website filtering).

    The Good:
    - It filters the whole network. If friends come over to your home, they are governed by the same filtering when they use your WiFi.
    - It filters reasonably well. I haven't tried to intentionally poke through it's filters, but they seem to work well enough given the limited testing I do. That said, be sure to set Google to strict filtering to avoid easily accessed, cached porn.
    - There are lots of filtering categories to turn on/off, so filtering is pretty flexible. You can add sites to bypass the filters.
    - It doesn't seem to slow down my computer the way Norton did. Norton was *awful*.
    - It gets its website updates and antivirus updates automatically without the horrible "LiveUpdate" program that Norton uses.
    - The antivirus protection is optional, but if you use it, it can be installed on up to 4 PCs. Nice.

    The bad:
    - The user interface for the bsecure.com website is really awful and not intuitive at all. It will take time to know where you need to go, and what you need to do to make changes
    - It can be complicated, especially if you're tying Windows user accounts to profiles set-up on bsecure.com to give different filtering experiences to different users in your home. It can be done, just not real easily.
    - You only have 4 user profiles that you can create. I wish I could have much more than that, at least so every person in our house can have different filtering settings based upon their age and trustworthiness.
    - It seems to do quirky things like, after saving new settings, it sends me back to the logon page.
    - It has a horrible way of executing some setting changes where you first 'Save' them, and then you must 'Apply' them using a hard-to-miss button that appears on the interface. Stupid!
    - It's expensive to renew the service. I contacted D-Link support and it's about $79 to renew the filtering and antivirus service for one year.
    - There is very limited ways of doing anything with the antivirus software that's loaded to your PCs. On a disconnected laptop, you can either turn-on or turn-off the A/V program, but nothing much else.

    The ugly:
    - Version 2.0 of SecureSpot does appear to have at least one bug that is significant. Another Amazon reviewer reported having to shutdown/restart his whole network after web browsing became strangely very slow. I had that problem today, about one month after I installed the product. Download speed was normal for my DSL connection, but upload speed was one-tenth of what it should be. I tried different computers on my network, same result. After powering down my router, DSD-150 and modem (leaving everything off for a few minutes) and re-powering everything again, all was well again. The modem and router are years-old and never had this problem, so it's very likely the DSD-150 is at fault.
    - I use virtual hard disks (VMWare and Virtual PC). While using VM Player and a virtual hard disk, the antivirus software thought the virtual hard disk was malware, and quarantined it. When I released it from the quarantine, the virtual disk got corrupted irrecoverably. Worse, I can't find a way of telling the antivirus program to not scan any of my virtual hard disks. This is very, very bad.

    This isn't the best solution out there, but I don't know what the best solution out there is. If D-Link/Bsecure could create a user-friendly interface and fix their bugs, it has the potential of being a 5-star solution. As it is, it's better than my experience with Norton Internet Security, but it still doesn't satisfy my needs or expectations. I'll look again at other options once my one-year service nears expiration....more info
  • It is ful of bugs

    I could never get this device running properly and numerous calls to the help line did not solve the problem. Overall, I would not bother with this product.
    ...more info
  • Trash. False advertising.
    This product does not perform as advertised. In all the manufacturer's advertising, they mention how it doesn't require you to modify all your systems and that you "Simply plug in between your broadband modem and router", but that is a LIE. This product requires that you install their software onto EACH system on your network. The only reason for this device to exist is so that you do NOT need to install software. There is NO technical reason why the parental controls and reporting features should require software to be installed....more info
  • something you should know
    I bought this product from the market place via Amazon.com and when I installed it I found out that it was not fully compatible with my mac but the information given is that it can be used with a mac or a pc.
    It took a very long time to get this problem fixed and the DSD-150 returned. But one other problem is that the web site for this product has not been changed yet. I am sure that it would do a fine job with a pc.
    RT...more info
  • Good web content filtering Device/Service
    Onece setup correctly, it does what it supposed to do. Its gives you more choices to select different catagary than linksys parental control service I used before. I did not install thin client so I cannot comment on antivirus/spyware protection feature.

    In case you have difficulty in initial setup, go to you web browser and type "", an login screen will poped up asking your username and password. Use "admin" as username and leave password filed blank and click "login". Once you are there, you can activiate your device. One important thing is that you must upgrade your firmware. Firmware upgrade must be done one step at a time, from 1.01 to 1.02 then to 2.00. In case your web content filtering is not workiing, go to and check the "info" screen. If ISP ip address and DNS server address are, then dsd-150 will not connect to bsecure server. To solve this problem, power down your router, dsd-150, then power up dsd-150, wait about 20 seconds, power up your router. This is to make sure you dsd-150 get the ISP provided ip address and DNS address dynamically assigned to you by your ISP. Bsecure provide a web site: www.filtertestpage.com where you can test whether dsd-150 can connect to bsecure server. ...more info
  • just what I was looking for
    I would have given it more than 5 stars. I've been looking for a hardware web filter and this appears to be it. Granted its only been up for a day but so far it has met my needs perfectly (see update below). I can't comment on the other features but for web filtering it appears to work just as advertised. Note, to use the web filter you DO NOT have to install the software thin client, a big plus. I'm guessing most of the negative reviews here are because of the client software, so don't install it!

    Installation was a snap. Be sure to download the latest firmware. The setup page did not come up the first time like it said, but a reboot of the box fixed that. The normal browsing appears to be just as fast as before. For blocked sites, I particulary liked the fact that it blocked searches of porn type words before the search engine could return any results. This stops your kids from finding an obscure site that might not be blocked.

    I can't believe this product is not more widely known. D-Link should be marketing this thing as only a filter... there are plenty of parents who are concerned about their kids on the internet. This beats any software package hands down. Rarely does a product so inexpensive deliver the goods like this one.

    1 Month Update: I've had the unit installed for over a month and so far still works perfectly (as a web filter). I have not had to reset the box as others have noted. Still ecstatic I found something so inexpensive that works so well!

    6 Month update: The device still works great. I have discovered one glitch, every 1-2 months, the web browsing gets very slow. It takes a power off/on cycle of the DSD-150 to fix. Also, be sure to leave it powered off for at least 1 min, if shorter, the filtering function is disabled when it comes up.
    ...more info
  • Using it for over 1 year successfully!
    In late 2006, I searched for a good parental control system that stores it rules from server-side, not local. This was the best option I found, and it requires no client-side software to filter porn and other bad neighborhood web sites.

    I have been using this product for over one year and am quite satisfy with the results. With four kids, we need to assure pornography would not enter the home.

    It is not perfect, but I have pretty average kids, not hackers. I can say that it blocks almost all porn, even porn banner ads frequently found on gaming sites.

    You do need to understand how it works and how to tweak it. I fully block myspace.com, images.google.com, video.google.com, youtube.com, and a few other sites that have not made themselves kid-friendly. Maybe this is extreme, but I need assurance that the kids have safe surfing, and it seemed that these sites always displayed porn through the filter. Mainly because inaapropriate images and videos are hard to filter on the beforementioned sites. As well, there are good family-friendly alternatives to these sites.

    Also, I review the logs to see what violations there were. I found a few violations from my folks. . .good grief. It is a good thing that the filter works for everyone who goes through our internet. It keeps the older ones honest as well.

    Additionally, I use Windows Vista Parental Controls for extra measure. Between the two parental controls, I could not get to one porn site as hard as I tried. I also go into the Google "preferences" and select "use strict filtering" to eliminate explicit text and images. So, this product is not an end all, just a component of the overall strategy.

    I do not use any of the client-side software because I only needed server-side internet filtering, plus the software was not Vista friendly.

    I would like to see some improvements, though:

    1. The log does not sort or filter, and it has no alerting system when a violation occurs.
    2. Vista support with better client applications
    3. Ability to block entire countries
    4. Internet Explorer addin that can instantly add a site to the block list

    A Securespot 2.0 router has been released for 2008. Because of the success with this product, I will most likely upgrade to the new system.

    *** Update after upgrading from the DSD150 to the 625 router with securespot 2.0 ***

    This upgrade was a total goof! They changed so much from the DSD-150 to the 625 router that the company had to totally delete my old account with all its custom settings. Also, the client software has to be uninstalled!

    The new router configuration lacks some of the features of the DSD. I am still mixed whether I should have stayed with the DSD 150.

    At this point, I would not buy the DSD 150, though. It is better to have the technology embedded in the router. Outside of that, the product still deserves 5 stars for being one of the only filter solutions that really works well for our needs.

    If they come out with a new, updated model of this DSD, it would be a good choice. But because this product is too dated now, I would not buy the DSD-150, I would buy the D-Link 625 Router.

    ...more info
  • D-Link Security Adapter
    Product is great, only complaint is that it does not filter chat. Wish the log was more detailed...more info
  • Works great! You have to work with it, not against it.
    I read a lot of the one-star reviews and it seems that they fall into one of two categories:

    1) Slow performance.
    2) Buggy software.

    The slow performance is easy to fix, a bit of pain but easy to fix. Whenever I notice that internet related access is slow, I power down the unit for about 7 seconds. That solves the problem. Should I be doing this every couple of weeks? NO! But it's the price to pay to protect my kids from what's out there.

    As far as the buggy software goes, very easy. I don't use it. Period.

    I admit that it's not the perfect unit out there but for the price it is what it is....more info
  • Painful for network security veteran
    I have been a Cisco CCNA for almost 10 years now and deal with enterprise class proxy devices. This device does NOT deliver on all counts. I mainly got this for parental controls since the Linksys WRT54GS no longer has parental control subscriptions available. This device and subscription fee is over priced, should offer just filtering for less $$$.

    It is a royal pain to set up until you realize that you MUST install the thin client on a Windows device to get it working. For a layered security posture at home, it's decent. The throughput improved back to expected levels. This type of device is what the market needs, but immature. Definitely apply the firmware 2.0 FIRST.

    For durable network-level content filtering recommended. That's it....more info
  • Equal to nothing
    The device either blocks too much or nearly nothing; it is too difficult to configure. Since it is an obvious device between our fios cable and the router, my son simply removed it when I wasn't home. His excuse was that he couldn't go to some legitimate sites for his homework.

    I found an alternative solution called iBoss, which has the functions built in within the router itself. It works better, and no one can remove it to bypass the filter since it is built in....more info
  • Very good but you have to work within it's limits
    I have the DSD-150 running with a network and HP MediaSmart Server. It did not block the server within my network, but it's Windows Home Server software based.

    The other 3 computers I have are beyond a switch on a wired network and were not seen during the install, however, I run AVG's free anti-virus instead of the Thin Client that is bundled with the Securespot. The device will still block their computers from seeing undesirable websites, and serve as a firewall. I called tech support concerning this issue of computers beyond the switch, and they gave me two answers: 1) wait for new firmware and 2) No problem with a switch, just download the thin client and it will work as advertised. I was pleased enough with the current configuration I was running that I never did install the thin client on the other computers wired in the network. Very soon, I will be attempting to load the Securespot thin client onto a wireless Vista-based laptop. We'll see how that goes....more info
  • Reasonable as a transparent proxy filter.... but buggy
    If you're looking for an internet content filter, this one may work for you. It's fairly effective at it's filtering, but it is far from perfect. Mine has to be reset (cycle power) daily or so to keep it going fast. The manufacturer claims that this can be avoided by disabling logging, but I've already done that. Frustrating, but a decent deal for the price. Only includes one year of service....more info
  • Sounds Great - Works Poor
    PROS: Great Web interface
    CONS: Brings your home network to a crawl.

    This product might work well if you ar using it on one computer. I hooked this up to my home network and It took forever to access a webpage. The traffic was being scanned so hard that it reduced performance on my network. I bought one for me and my friend but we both had to stop using the product because it wasn't allowing changes to propogate. We spent most of our time accessing the websight from other networks to make changes. I can't recommend this with any type of confidence....more info
  • Blocks you from own LAN computers.
    I got this thinking I will not have to have a viruse and spyware running and slowing down my computer. The CD that came with it would not run. I had to download the install it. I chated on line to find that and found I had to update the unit 1st. I did. It blocked me from getting to my NAS on my LAN! They help me with a setting and that fixed that. But it blocked me from going to Web pages on my LAN NAS server running under Linux. Like naslite-2. They ending up saying "we don't support Linux" naslite-2 runs under Linux and they have that in a list of things. I got made and returned the unit! It was then hard to get my computer back how it was before I installed this.

    It blocked you from computers on your own LAN! That is junk! Just think if Windows said they did not support Linux just because you can't connet to them.

    -Raymond Day...more info
  • didn't work for me
    I was unable to get this the dsd150 to work for me. After several calls to dlink, uploading firmware, and a few hours of effort, I was unable to set-up and register the unit. I don't know if this is because I am using an new imac, but it does say mac compatible. I returned the unit. ...more info
  • Totally worthless, at least for Mac OS X
    I was very excited to use this device, as I've found software based products to slow my computers.

    When installing, the CD doesn't even have any mac software, only for PC. When I called tech support because it said to run CD before installing the device the tech support person wasn't even sure it was supported for Mac - it's on the box I told him (strike 1)

    Once the device installed, the interface would not work with safari - I couldn't even activate it because the web pages would not load - I could see the choices on the left side, but pages would not load when I clicked on them. I was able to use a PC laptop I had on my network to get it activated (strike 2)

    After this, the device kept intermittantly telling me that I had too many users and that I should delete them, even though I only had 2 computers hooked up. Several options described in the manual for user control would not show up on the web interface as well. I tried Firefox as well as Safari as well as my PC laptop running I.E. 7 - none would fix the problem. I spent over an hour with (clueless) tech support trying to get it to work and despite promise of 2nd level tech support to call me "right back" after 48 hours of waiting for a call that never came that was strike 3.

    Maybe this device works well for a PC based network, I'm not sure, but for anyone running a Mac I would advise you save your money. I sent mine back. I'm disgusted it's this hard to find decent filtering for a home network and frankly I'm about ready to drop $1500 on a barracuda hardware unit designed for business and be done with it....more info
  • A must buy for parents with children.
    This product is not only very easy to install but it also allows you to easily maintain an open wireless network and still restricting certain content. If you fell that you need to specify additional restrictions for younger children then just load the thin client, create a profile on the web sites using the template for age groups or customs each computers restriction. (Login profiles can also be created). Very easy to update and maintain once installed, children don't even know that the secure spot is loaded on their computers. The schedule for virus and spyware scan is very flexible and updates automatically. The webpage is very user friendly and the setup wizard also provides quick setup for the majority of the configurable setting. This is a great substitute to the Belkin Parent controls once offered on the N1 Router. ...more info
  • Great web filtering, less than stellar av/security client
    I purchased this product in of hopes gaining centralized security management for home network, replacing TrendMicro Security Suite that was due to expire in a few months.

    The DSD-150 has great web filtering, including creating profiles with different filter settings based on the user or the computer (or both). In addition to the web filtering, it has the ability to block unsavory applications. It also includes a very configurable firewall. One nice feature of the filter is that in addition to blocking web sites, it will also block search engine results that include blocked sites.

    While the software on the device (filter & firewall) were great, the thin client that provides the desktop security was sorely lacking. The thin client uses McAfee's VirusScan TC (thin client), it does the basic job of a virus scanner and with the latest update of the device it purportedly includes spyware protection. However it lacks some important features found is most other security suite software. It does not scan email for viruses, it will likely catch a virus attachment once the attachment is created but if your email program uses a single mailbox file the mailbox may be corrupted when the antivirus "disinfects" the file, which in this case is the mailbox file. The thin client does not include phishing protection. The website indicates that this is part of the SPAM filter, but it's actually a byproduct of the SPAM filter. True phishing protection occurs at the browser level. The SPAM filter only supports POP3 email accounts, it cannot filter IMAP4 or webmail. In addition to these important yet missing security features, it lacks some basic features such as the ability to exclude files or folder from resident scanning, the ability to scan a folder or file by right clicking in Windows Explorer.

    The device costs $99 and $79 to renew annually. Most security suite vendors now offer 3 user versions that include all of the same features (albeit not quite as extensive web filtering) for about the same price or less. If the desktop security/antivirus portion of the DSD-150 was on par with competing security products this would be a perfectly acceptable price.

    If you don't mind paying $99 for a really good, easily managed web filter for your entire home network then the DSD-150 is a great idea. However, if your looking for a complete security package look elsewere or expect to spend extra for an additional security product. If the antivirus, phishing and spam features were brought up to the level of competing products, or if the DSD-150 was available as a web filtering device only at a lower price it would be it would a great deal.

    BSecure and DLink... are you listening?...more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this only for the parental control feature and have no plans to use the thin clients, virus protection, etc. I gave up on Norton Internet Security's Parental Control because my 16-year old son who has been able to find many bad sites Norton was not blocking. I have two desktop PC's with a wireless router, and two college daughters who drop in from time to time with their wireless laptops.

    I am very pleased with this solution because:
    -- I can administer parental control for all of my PC's from one location.
    -- SecureSpot's blocking of offensive material is much better than Norton's
    -- The The ability to block individual sites and allow individual sites is easy to administer

    When I hooked it up it did not work right away and I was looking at a hung Internet Explorer screen. I was concerned that it might be trying to update the firmware and as I've heard horror stories about interrupting firmware upgrades, I called D-Link's help desk. I talked to a very nice, not-in-a-hurry customer service rep. He didn't share my concern about interrupting a firmware upgrade, so we powered the SecureSpot down and started over. This time I got a screen right away asking if I wanted to upgrade the firmware. With him on the phone, I attempted a firmware upgrade 4-5 times with it failing each time. My firmware version was 1.0 and the latest is 2.0 with 2-3 versions in between. Finally he suggested that I upgrade the firmware one version at a time rather than all the way from 1.0 to 2.0. Weirdly, that's what the problem was. So I upgraded it one version at a time. Who could have known that?

    From that point on, I could have figured the rest out on my own. However, I spent a total of 1 1/4 hrs on the phone with the rep because he kept suggesting that I do things that I didn't really want to do. There was an "Activate" hyperlink early in the process. I kept suggesting to him that I should click on that and he kept telling me to try other things. After trying many things at his request that didn't make sense to me, I ignored him and clicked on "activate" and everything worked. He didn't seem to have any idea what the screens were like that I was looking at. When I told him I did not want to install the thin clients, that really threw him for a loop. He said it couldn't be used that way and installing the thin clients was mandatory. I refused to do it. He told me to call back in on Monday and speak to a 2nd level support person. I didn't need to do that, as it's working great for me now, with no thin clients.

    My experience, like others, was that the startup documentation was weak, setup took awhile and tried my patience, but it's working very well and this is a fantastic product for a home network!
    ...more info
  • Great Concept Poorly Executed
    As many reviewers, I was attracted to this product both for the content filtering for my kids and to try to contain the spiraling costs of antivirus software for all the systems in my house. Unlike several reviewers I did understand there was a$79/Yr renewal fee, it was still cheaper than the $60/yr/machine cost Symantec was charging. Now on to the review.

    The spam filter is pretty much worthless, turned if off the 2nd day after installing the product.
    The pop-up blocker really is redundant and not needed with IE/Google/Yahoo all having the same functionality and work better. Problem was, I could not turn it off despite disabling it in the management console. A call to tech support, always friendly seldom helpful, advised me I would need to go disable the add-on in IE on all of my systems.. 5 as of now... arg....
    The content filtering has been an on going battle. As another reviewer noted, it frequently looses it's mind and blocks almost everything. It seems to completely ignore the content settings in the management console. I have spent so many hours on the phone with tech support over this issue they know my kids by name and I now feel compelled to send them a Christmas card. My last round with tech support was after upgrading the thin client to 2.0, a move I hoped would solve some of the erratic behaviors, but not.. After the upgrade the profile for my youngest daughter was being blocked from the Disney web site???, Microsoft, and Google. After an hour on phone with tech support, during one of the numerous "can you hold while I check with tech staff" I decided to grab the laptop and try her account there to see if it exhibited the same problems. The problem disappeared.. The tech figured it was because I had logged into her account on two systems at the same time??? Today, Easter, it is blocking searches for "pictures of Easter Eggs" labeling the content as "unstable". Guess it might be worried one of the pictures of the eggs may fall and break. Now on to the firewall.

    Until recently I had not fussed with the FW, having a wireless router behind the D-Link appliance I did not care much. This was until I switched my phone service over to Vonage...I had configured the D-Link for use with Vonage, they actually have a default config to set up for use with Vonage. Thought everything was great. That was until I started getting a lot of calls to my cell from my kid's friends. I soon realized that Vonage was forwarding the calls from my home phone to the cell because it thought my network was down. I.E. Vonage was not seeing the phone adaptor and figured my cable modem was down. I had my suspicions that it was a firewall issue, but thought it might be my wireless router because the D-Link already had the setting for Vonage configured. I decided to move the Vonage adaptor in front everything and connect it directly to the modem, then the D-Link and finally the wireless router.. not... the D-Link would not accept the DHCP configuration from the Vonage adaptor. That foiled I move the D-Link back to the front followed by Vonage and then the wireless router.. Still had same problems. I finally disable the firewall in the D-Link, problem solved.
    So in summary, I have disabled the spam,pop-up and firewall features of this device. The content filtering is buggy. The only feature I have not had a problem with as of yet is the antivirus.. At this point I am very close to removing it entirely save for the antivirus costs.
    With masters in software engineering and over 20 years in the industry, I have to say I am very disappointed that D-Link would release a product with this level of immaturity
    ...more info
  • It works so well I cannot use any computer
    I had great hopes for this device. When I installed it on the network it locked me out of every computer. I could do nothing until it was removed. Customer support told me it would not work with my DSL modem. However, there are thousands of these modems in use, so it should work. I wished it worked....more info
  • Not bad but could be better
    I am a network engineer and have had issues with this device since I got it. In theory, it is a great product, because it does everything that you want for network protection. However, in practice, it has issues working with other devices besides PCs, like VPN, an XBOX using XBox Live, or a Voice over IP phone like vonage. I have worked with their support people and they have been very helpful, but I think it is a design issue and not a setup issue.

    Anyway my recommendation for most users, if you do not have any of the other devices I mentioned, is get it it is a great product, for those who do have the other devices, get if you have the time and energy to spen trying to get it to work with everything you have....more info
  • Great concept - poor implementation
    I've been in the software industry for 25 years and this is one of the worse hardware/software products I have seen for home users.
    While the support team has been fine, there is only so much they can do. I have been trying to use the product since the day it shipped. It has been a struggle. Slow performance, iconsistent application of changes. Version 2 of the firmware and software is shipping now - it is better. I suggest waiting for the next model and/or version 3 of the firmware. This is allow them to improve the user experience and increase the number of servers/bandwidth at their company. Hopefully competition will enter the market and the market will drive improvement.
    ...more info
  • D link does not support this product
    I purchased the secure spot 6 months ago because the Internet Security Software was bringing my computer to a halt. It initially worked as promised ubt would often lose it's mind and block everything. A reboot of the device corrected the problem but was difficult to accomplish and my wife and son had to get me everytime it happened.
    However last week the device said there was a new client and firmware available and I performed the update. First tech support had to walk me through the update as it involved stopping servies deleting files and rebooting. The readme said nothing of this and chatting with tech support while rebootng is difficult.
    After the upgrade the client crashed every time someone logged in and the internet was locked out until the computer was rebooted. Turns out the cilent NO LONGER supports fast user switching and D-link does not know why so we are supposed to log on and off every time we access the computer. This change shows the lack of understanding and support D-link has for their own products and how this internet protection racket has gotten out of control. Symantec says I should buy another gig of RAM if their software slows the computer down. Insane.

    Anyway I do not recommend buying this product as the client may be updated in the futue and stop supporting windows or somethine stupid like that....more info
  • Great device
    With 7 kids, 6 computers, various PocketPCs with WiFi in my home (and an assortment of other internet-enabled devices), it's been next to impossible to monitor everthing that trickles in (it's mostly kids' friends and "accidents" that we worry about). For a couple of years I've relied on an MSN "software only" account to handle content filtering--with lots of problems. The other hardware solution that I've messed with (based on a dedicated linux system) might be fine for some, but require too much fiddling with.

    This little box has replaced MSN, seems faster, and costs less. I can manage it from work which is nice for the occasional call I'll get from home that something appropriate is getting blocked.

    Even though it comes with licenses for just 4 computers, many of the features (including content management) work against ALL of my computers--even without loading a client. I only bother with the client on the older kids' computers.

    I highly recommend this device!...more info
  • SecureSpot Household of Unhappiness
    D-Link's SecureSpot is a nice concept. However in daily household use, multiple bugs caused me to abandon this product.

    Specific problems included Internet Explorer reporting errors with the SecureSpot add-in; randomly locking my wife's PC out of Yahoo mail; locking my son out of ebay; intermitent inability to control scheduling of AntiVirus scans.

    A poorly built product.
    ...more info
  • You won't be disappointed - This product works!
    I supervise 13 Computer Field Engineers and have worked in the computer support industry for more than 24 years. I have seen many products come and go; few are as impressive as Securespot
    Simply put, this product does what it is designed to do and does it very well.
    The basic setup is simple but don't let that fool you; there are features I have yet to implement (I have only had it for less than 24 hours).
    I recommend this solution to anyone that wants to take control of the internet back. My 14 year old son recently was a victim of a "porn storm". He is a devout Christian boy and was very concerned of what he had seen; though only seconds on the screen he won't forget for a long time.
    I tested Securespot on his computer this morning (10/18/06) and though I cannot say that this product is 100% effective it is 99.9%. I am certain he will not be subject to another incident like before again.
    On top of the internet site control, this product also does the other stuff that takes 3 or more pieces of software to handle. It is less intrusive than any of the "internet" security/AV/Anit-Spam/Anti-spyware/etc" programs.
    To say that I am impressed is an understatement. We are quick to point out when something doesn't work, D-Link and Bsecure deserve recognition of a product well done.
    ...more info
  • dsd150
    After using this product for about a month, I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend this product to my family and friends....more info
  • Definitely a good product! Customer service outstanding!
    I've been using my SecureSpot since May 15th 2006 (right after launch)

    I was reading some of the bad reviews about this product, and I don't agree with any of them. Looks like people want everything perfect right off the bat!

    Remember this is the first and only application like this out there for the home user right now, and it far exceeds any other software based applications. And with each update to the firmware and software it keeps getting better.

    You can't just plug it in accept the defaults and expect it to work perfectly you have to tweak (especially the firewall) the settings, because everybody's home network setup is different. And that is where the excellent and I mean "EXCELLENT" customer service comes in to guide you through this process.

    For my dollar there is nothing better, and if you take the time to learn the device and how it works there is probably nothing better for your dollar either. ...more info
  • Another D-Link disappointment
    Well, I guess I should have read the reviews and listened first. I have worked my way through numerous D-Link products and should know better by now. They are as buggy as you can get. It seems to me that they follow the Bill Gates method of testing - sell it and have you figure out the bugs for them, then lo and behold, a service pack!

    The "up and running" in 5 minutes is a joke. Installing it, plugging it in following the instructions is easy - what they don't tell you, and I defy you to find anything in the FAQ, help section, or in fact anywhere.... is the settings of the myriad of options that come with the software.

    Of course the problem I had, is after installing it, it efficently and very quickly disconnected me from the web and guess what? You need the web to set up the device - now thats a dilemma! So, I use my company laptop to go online and work through the instructions as best I can and finally limp along and get connected. Now, if any of you have a Dlink product there is a master URL to connect to the device 168.192. etc, but for this one, the phone help guy had to call me back with because they don't have it listed in their documentation either!

    It took a few hours of stepping though each of the pull down menus and options to guess what to put against each selection - again no instructions anywhere. A quick hint, DO NOT use it if you have downloaded the explorer 7 beta from Microsoft - it doesn't work. I had to uninstall it and reset my kids computer to IE6 to get it running again. It fools you into thinking it works though. I only found out when one of my kids was caught viewing inappropriate material at 3 in the morning. This surprised me because I had set the options to both prevent this content and also disable her logging in at that time!

    Now another issue I have found is that it keeps asking me to download additional clients. I have them installed on all my computers - you are allowed a max of 4 - and I only have 4 computers so I was good to go - or so I thought!! It keeps asking for more licenses. When you download one, it restarts you computer - and then asks again. So, I have disabled that function now.

    So,let's get the online chat going to walk through this issue - I clicked on the link from the home page, get a guy called "John D" online and then get left hanging for 30 minutes. Twice. Enough.

    I give in - I don't have the time or the energy to sort this thing out. It MAY be good when they get it working, have online help working, have instructions written etc etc.

    If you have it working, as some reviewers have, then I am pleased for you. I for one, will continue looking for a decent internet content management tool .... any ideas?
    ...more info
  • Network Security Solution!!!!
    The magic box is a DSD-150 device from D-Link. It is an internet protection box that provides spam, AV, Spyware, ADWare, and more, in onc small package. At first I was skeptical that the cigarette box sized gadget could do anything when I got it. I was expecting a router sized device, seems "size really does not matter in this case". It is small, really the size of a Canadian cigarette box ( they have 25 smokes not 20) so it is a little wider than the US version.

    The first 3 days, I wanted to pack it up and send it back. It is designed to sit between your Cable/DSL Terminal Adapter (also know as a modem but mis-named and irritates me off. Modems take analog signals and convert them to digital, Terminal Adapters are all digital as is this device and all cable "modems" and DSL "modems", ok enough of that.) The support from D-Link needs some help! They don't know what is up with this product and should, it is too good to leave to first level support! When I finally got to level 3 of support, things changed. I was treated well and they knew what they were talking about. From there is went almost smoothly, I have fixed IP addressing and the default assumes PPPoE. If you have PPPoE it will install and work perfectly, if not, call support.

    This gizmo provides, parental control, spam blocking, popup blocking, AV (Anti-Virus) and other features that are great. If you have more than one computer in your home network, it is a deal. It supports up to 4 computers for its about $100 price and you can add up to 10.
    ...more info
  • DLINK Securespot Rocks!
    Let me start by saying that I am a father of two very Internet savvy kids. I purchased the DLink Securespot from my local CompUSA on July 17, 2006. As of today I have had it up and running for about 4 weeks with my SBC/AT&T DSL service. I love it! It was easy to install and it performs as advertised. The support teams have been terrific, as I have made a few requests for future updates that they are considering.

    I think every responsible parent should buy this product immediately, regardless of your computer knowledge. So many families are unaware of how to actually protect their kids from the ugliness of the Internet. In many cases the kids actually know more about the computer than the parents. The DLink Securespot is a simple to use yet powerful solution for protecting your family. What a true blessing. Thank you DLink and Bsecure! ***** FIVE STARS *****

    Background: About 5 years ago I realized that I was going to have to work very hard to protect my kids as the Internet was beginning to show its ugly side. The good stuff was great, but the X-Rated stuff had to be blocked. I originally purchased a hardware router appliance that offered a limited number of IP addresses and provided a content filter that had an annual subscription fee. It worked well with one or two PC's, but then I bought more PC's and a couple of DVRs that needed to get to the Internet for weekly TV listing updates. Because I now have (4) PC's and (2) DVRs and a Slingbox (nifty TV thing) and a Wireless AP, I ran out of IP addresses. I constantly had to dump IP addresses and reboot the router. That went on for about 2 years. I hated it, but I had no other alternative. There was no other "Hardware" solution on the market that offered content filtering the way we had become accustomed. Not to mention the hassle of having to update the Virus Software on (4) machines. Over the years I had purchased McAfee twice, but couldn't justify the annual subscriptions for (4) machines. I had turned to AVG for virus protection. It was fine, but all of my machines had infections in the vault that I couldn't remove. That doesn't include the Adware, SpyBot and Spyware Doctor apps that I had to run constantly to keep all (4) machines running. I didn't have the time to keep up. I was drowning in upkeep.

    The Scoop: The product out of the box will cover up to (4) machines for 1yr, more precisely (4) MAC addresses. This means that the hardware and all of the software updates are free for 1yr. The subscription after the first year to cover (4) machines is approx $80.00 per/year. Additional systems beyond the standard (4) can be purchased too. To cover (4) machines on the Virus Protection alone for 1yr is a bargain, the rest is gravy.

    The Best Features: The Virus Protection software is up and running on all (4) systems and they are all updated regularly with little to no personal interaction. I tend to tinker with it manually to make sure it's working. I'm beginning to relax now that it has proven itself. The Content Filtering is extremely powerful and yet very flexible. The options listing for the content filtering is a lot more detailed than the product that I had before. The Reporting feature is probably one of the best things about the whole product. I have the ability to login to a secure website from home or work or anywhere, and see what sites have been visited and how many times. There is also an optional limit to how many times a site can be blocked before the machine has to be rebooted. There is also a parental password override for any blocked site, so if a site is blocked you can enter the bypass password and the site will come right up. The Spam blocking seems to be working very well as I get no more SPAM in my Outlook - No SPAM is a very good thing. The Spyware (Immunizing) needs some work, but I'm confident that future updates will resolve these deficiencies soon.

    Installation Tips: Out of the box you'll need to go to the DLink website and download the latest Firmware update. Install the Firmware Update right away. Do not proceed with the installation instructions until after this has been successfully accomplished. If you have a wireless router already you'll be in great shape, but if you don't already have a newer model, I would recommend the DLink DI-634M Wireless 108G MIMO router. This will cover your home needs perfectly. I only had an Access Point before and had to buy a new router to complete the installation. I was initially a little disappointed with the added expense, but the newer technology has increased my coverage area tremendously. I am very pleased with the much needed upgrade. Once the firmware update has been accomplished you will have NO problems following the easy to follow instructions that come in the package. What a breeze! ...more info
  • Great idea, poor implementation
    I agree with the majority... I foolishly bought two of these (one for home and one for work.) The performance when downloading emails is poor, much slower than malware protection software. Customer support is good, although there still is no fix right now for allowing my daughter to download from iTunes.
    The two features I think are great, is that the local client cannot be removed without a password and my son cannot get around the parental controls using a proxy server. What is being sold appears to be a prototype rather than something sufficiently robust for the consumer market....more info
  • Great Filter
    I bought a Secure Spot box to use on my home network. I have both a PC and a Mac. It works great on both. Having a 7 year old who is very computer literate already, caused me to get something that would keep him from unintentionally going to sites that I'd rather him not go to, as he is very www.(whatever word comes to mind).com happy. I had a little trouble at the beginning with setup, but the online chat technical support was a breeze and the support person was able to help me troubleshoot quickly. I'd buy it for the filter alone. Having peace of mind while my family is on the Internet, is worth the price of of the suite. I will be renewing my subscription to the service next year. ...more info
  • It works for my home network
    It really has made my life easy regarding the managing of my little 3 PC home network. Hit a few bumps on the way, but wound up with a product that runs on auto pilot keeping my network (and my family) secure from the worries of the Internet....more info
  • money not well spent
    what a huge big waste of money, securespot conflicts with my existing firewall and it made me lose important non spam e-mails. Total garbage, and the anti-virus software that it comes with is not even name brand protection who the hell is bsecure technologies?

    I thought the idea of this was really cool and that i could get rid of all my slow norton software but thats a total lie. I'm just going to upgrade to Norton 2007 at least i wont lose important e-mails....more info
  • A diamond.. (almost) in the rough..
    The concept of not having to futz with antivirus apps and firewall settings and updates and subscriptions etc etc for every PC in your house is very appealing to me. Unburden your PCs, let this box be the police for your system.. So understand that I -want- this box to be a success.

    Yes, it has some rough edges. D-Link IS actively issuing firmware updates, and yes, it does block pop ups, known advertising sources, it does a great job of filtering what types of websites and files you wish to be available, and yes, it does permit specific port allow/block options.

    So it does a lot of good things. There IS a learning curve; if you want just to plug it in and go, well, you'll be disappointed. But I love my little black gizmo, knowing that it's on duty, it controls which PCs can access the web (and what they can do) and at what time(s) of day. And it does have antivirus etc to help ward off the bad guys.

    Its not perfect, but I'm willing to work with Dlink to see it get even better. For now, I have to say, it's doing what I expected, but some glitches in the user interface are a nuisance.. and those issues seem to be being worked on by Dlink.

    By the way -- I've had nothing but excellent support from their live 'chat-room' type of tech support.. a nice change from so many other places where they do all they can to prevent you from reaching tech support.

    I like this box. It ain't perfect.. but its evolving, and while I'm pleased with it today, I'm expecting to be very happy with it as some of the rough edges are fixed. If you have no patience, don't buy it... yet. Otherwise, it'll help those who don't mind dinking with settings in their fight to control the internet addiction of our kids!...more info
    I'm so angry right now that i'm actually wasting my time to write a review about this bozo system. It's such a scam first off i didn't know that i had to continue to pay $100 per year to use this box after i already paid $100 to buy it, and if i don't want to pay the $100 next year i have to throw the thing away. They neglect to say that on the packaging and everything else on the internet.

    I had a ton of problems trying to set it up, nothing worked took me about an hour and a half to get it working and when i did the popup blocker wasnt even working! firefox caught all of the popups...i thought this thing was supposed to catch them?

    The spam protection doesnt work with IMAP, and the virus protection software slows down my computer. this thing is total crap i'm so pissed!...more info
  • very unsatisfied
    im surprised dlink is shipping this, the product is very buggy looks like they rushed it to market and it's not finished. I had a lot of problems with the antivirus software that it installs and it doesnt work as good as Norton 2006, it kept freezing up my computer everytime i would download a file bigger than 4MB.

    Not only that it slowed down my home network, my latency while playing games sucked while i had this plugged in had to unplug it.

    Overall i'm unsatisfied definitely sending this back to amazon today. very surprised that dlink would release a product like this without thoroughly testing it ...more info
  • doesn't work as advertised
    thing sucks the big one! bought it and i'm returning it. I don't know where to start the junk email protection outright doesn't work - kept blocking emails from my wife - there is no way to easily train it when it makes mistakes, and most annoying of all i a lot of problems installing it on my bell south PPPoE DSL.

    I'm surprised D-Link is even selling this usually i'm a big fan of D-Link stuff...more info
  • One device does it all
    After years of spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours to protect my home office computers from the web, someone does care. I thought it was too good to be true, until I opened up the box and plugged in this little black beauty. After the simple registration process, Parental Controls where up and running. After installing a small Thin Client on the computers AV was ready. Funny thing is it took me longer to uninstall all of the software I had installed on one computer then it took me to set up all the computers on my network. If you are looking to save time and money on protecting your small network then this device does it all. But if you enjoy spending money and hours installing and updating your security software then stick with the other option....more info
  • As promised
    This little guy is doing exactly as promised. I'm mainly using it for the parental controls, as it allows me to regulate access from any pc on my network without having to install *any* software on the computers (to get the antivirus and I think the popup blocker you need to install the the thin client, but for the firewall, parental control and I think some of the other things you don't need to install *anything* - note that they don't tell you this straight out, but if you look through DLink's support pages, it's all there).

    I can't confirm the problems with tech support below, I had a problem where my unit wasn't updating - I emailed tech support and got a phone call (!!) back the next day. I spent about an hour on the phone with some very knowledgeable guy who was most assuredly American and we eventually got things sorted out (I know this is unusual, I figure I got lucky here).

    Note that the 4 pc limit is for machines that you want to configure individually; if you set "client security" to low, you get the parental controls & firewall for as many PCs as your network can handle (each PC then defaults to your "local network profile") There are other (free) hardware or software solutions for firewalls, but having the parental stuff w/o having to install & configure a software package on each machine is *majorly* cool. There are four desktops and multiple laptops hanging around my house, this way I know that nobody's going to get any surfing surprises on any of the machines.

    Four stars instead of five because the parental stuff is pretty aggressive, I've had to spend a lot of time fine tuning it. But I suppose that's better than the opposite....more info
  • Not ready for prime time
    I purchased this primarily for the content filtering, but also to provide security software for my home netowrk. The content filtering works OK once the options are set, but the web configuration interface is buggy and took multiple attempts to save the configuration. One nice thing is that the content filtering works without loading the client software.

    The client software, which provides the Antivirus features among other things, is buggy. I constantly prompts me to reactivate my device. The Antivirus, firewall and other security features aren't quite up to the standard of regular standalone applications.

    Hopefully in the future, updates will improve this product. For now, unless you're specifically looking for home network content filtering, I'd hold off of buying this product....more info
  • Great Concept - less than great support
    I give this 2 stars for the potential --

    Had high expectations for this product. Hooked up in a flash -- registered the device - in a snap. Went to setup controls - would not connect - attempted over several HOURS with support - took forever to get to a higher support level - then was disconnected twice and had to start all over again (this with a case #).
    After dealing with their overseas outsourced support, I would be hardpressed to buy another D-Link product.
    Follow up - support did call back later that evening - I had given up - the next day another techie friend came by - discovered the problem (my firewall blocked it) - balance went fairly smoothly. Not perfect by any means - but a begining. Will report in a few weeks to see how it works in the real world, plus how the upgrades/upgrades are....more info
  • Doesn't work with dsl
    The package says it works with dsl , but it does not. Calling tech support is no help, they will just tell its a new product and are not familiar with it. Called tech support again this was told I need to call belkin , the maker of my router, for help. This is too much of a hassle, its going back tomorrow....more info