Streetwise SSS300 Strobe Wireless Security System
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Product Description

The Strobe Security System is a complete wireless security system for your home or office that you can install in only minutes. This system provides you and your family with the same security and peace of mind found in professionally installed security systems but at a fraction of the cost. It guards your home or office using a motion sensor and two other devices that can alert you if a protected window or sliding glass door is opened or broken. The motion detector can detect motion from up to 30 feet away. If not disarmed by the owner using one of the two included remote controls, it will respond with an ear piercing alarm and flashing light. The flashing light is built-in to the top of the motion detector and has a switch on the side that can be used to keep the light on continuously for emergency lighting during a power outage. The glass break sensors will detect the vibration caused from someone attempting to break in through a window. You can adjust its sensitivity, turn it off, or cause the alarm to sound instantly or after a delay. You can also plug a magnetic contact sensor into the side of the glass break sensor to detect the opening of a door or window. This dual level of security is very important in protecting sliding glass doors. A burglar will be detected if he attempts to break the glass or if he attempts to pry the door open. The system includes a wireless, external siren which can be mounted on the outside your home or business. If the motion detector, the glass break sensor, or the magnetic contact detects an intruder it will send a signal (RF) to the external siren that will also respond with an ear piercing siren and flashing light. With siren sounding and lights flashing both inside and outside your home or business, the burglar will be scared off and those in the area will be alerted to the attempted burglary. The system also includes a lightweight remote panic alarm that can be attached to a key chain or worn around the neck. This can be used