Garmin n㉨vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
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Product Description

The Garmin n㉨vi 360 GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant is a GPS navigator, personal translator, multi-media entertainer and tour guide all wrapped into one. In addition to all the advanced features of the Garmin n㉨vi 350 -- including automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice directions, an MP3 player and audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, and much more -- this pocket-sized personal travel assistant comes with hands-free Bluetooth wireless technology, making it the hands-down go-anywhere travel companion.

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The n㉨vi 360 comes with hands-free bluetooth wireles technology. See side view.

Browse your stored pictures with an easy-to-use JPEG viewer.

The device sports a handy MP3 player, letting you play songs stored on SD memory cards.
Make Hands-Free Calls
The n㉨vi 360 integrates wireless technology with a microphone and speaker that lets you make hands-free mobile phone calls using your compatible Bluetooth-enabled phone. Simply dial numbers with the n㉨vi's touch screen keypad to place a call, and to answer calls, just tap the screen and speak directly into its built-in microphone.

In addition, you can easily look-up and dial numbers from your personalized phone book or from your phone's call history log. Don't know the phone number for your destination? Simply find and dial it from n㉨vi's database of more than six million points of interest -- including hotels, restaurants, stores, and attractions.

Navigation and Entertainment with Ease
For starters, the n㉨vi 360 includes a high-sensitivity integrated GPS receiver that offers exceptional performance and reception. The unit's flip-up antenna includes an MCX-type connector for optional external GPS antenna connection. Preloaded software features maps of Europe or North America, and it includes automatic routing, 2D or 3D map perspective, turn-by-turn voice directions that speak street names, and a fingertip touch screen interface -- making navigation as easy as it gets.

But navigation is just the beginning. Like the n㉨vi 350, the n㉨vi 360 also includes many entertainment and travel tools including an MP3 player, audio book player, JPEG picture viewer, travel alarm, and currency converters.

The n㉨vi 360 features a bright, 2.8 x 2.1-inch TFT display with white backlight for easy readability. At 3.87 x 2.91 x 0.87-inches (WxHxD) and just 5.1 ounces, the unit is small enough to be placed on the dashboard with the included suction mount, or into your pocket for easy transportability. The unit also features Garmin Lock -- an advanced anti-theft feature that disables the unit from performing any functions until you type in a specific four-digit PIN or take the unit to a predetermined location. A built-in lithium ion battery will give you up to eight hours of power, and an included 12/24 volt adapter cable will let you run the navigator off your vehicle's power. An AC battery charger is also included.

A built-in Travel Kit that includes sample MP3s and audio books will get you started with entertainment, and with the unit's SD memory card expansion slot you can add optional software, such as language and travel guides. A USB port is also included for loading and updating data.

What's in the Box
Gamin n㉨vi 360, Preloaded City Navigator NT North America or Europe (full coverage), vehicle suction cup mount, AC charger, 12/24 volt adapter cable, dashboard disk, USB interface cable, carrying case, owner's manual, and quick reference guide.

Which n㉨vi is Best for You?

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Included Maps
Directions in
Real Street


FM Transmitter
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car stereo

Cont. U.S.,
Hawaii, and
Puerto Rico

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n㉨vi 200 2.8 x 2.1

6 million +


n㉨vi 200w 3.81 x 2.25

6 million +


n㉨vi 250 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million +


n㉨vi 250w 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million +


n㉨vi 260 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million + check


n㉨vi 270 2.8 x 2.1
check check check 6 million +


n㉨vi 350 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million + check check

Photos, MP3s

n㉨vi 360 2.8 x 2.1
check check
6 million + check check
check Photos, MP3s

n㉨vi 370 2.8 x 2.1 check check check 6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s

n㉨vi 650 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check check

Photos, MP3s

n㉨vi 660
3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check
n㉨vi 670
3.81 x 2.25
check check check 6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check
n㉨vi 680 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check
n㉨vi 750
3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
Photos, MP3s check check
n㉨vi 760 3.81 x 2.25
check check
6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check check
n㉨vi 770 3.81 x 2.25
check check check 6 million + check
check check Photos, MP3s check check
  • Bluetooth wireless technology, built-in microphone, and speaker for hands-free calls with compatible phones
  • MP3 player with pre-loaded sample songs and audio books, JPEG picture viewer, travel alarm, and currency converters
  • 2D or 3D views; pre-loaded with most recent Navteq-driven maps for United States, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada
  • Turn-by-turn directions with actual street names; real-time traffic and weather info
  • Super-bright 2.8 x 2.1-inch sunlight-readable color screen
Customer Reviews:
  • Nuvi does the trick for a GPS newbie
    You can see all of the extensive, hyperdetailed reviews. I won't write another one of those.

    What I will say is that I received my Nuvi 360 yesterday, and I love it already. The design is excellent and the UI is terrific, even (especially?) for someone like yours truly who has very little patience for user manuals.

    My initial hesitation about buying a GPS unit was something along the lines of "I know where I'm going around here. And I have a road atlas when I don't." What I wasn't anticipating was how much my love of maps and topology and points of interest in the world around me would be fed by a GPS unit. I have always loved staring at maps and following roads and learning names of mountains, parks, wilderness areas, and so on. My grandfather apparently had the same fascination. For example, I have driven by one particular section of Seattle hundreds if not thousands of times. I had no idea that little neighborhood/area was named. Was knowing the name crucial to my ability to get around? Nope. Is it interesting nonetheless to know the name? Absolutely.

    I can also see how the Nuvi will make me more likely to strike out into the countryside, exploring new areas that aren't well documented on even the Thomas Guide. Hooray!

    I will add that my nine-year-old daughter is positively enamored with the Nuvi already. She's selecting the vehicle to use, changing its colors, looking at the splash screen choices, fascinated by being able to tell the direction our car is pointed at any given moment, and so on. We've been discussing how the Nuvi works in relation to satellites, what satellites are, and so on. A great teaching tool and excellent for those who are visually oriented!

    I'm not one to order one of every gadget released. However, I will say that this will most likely end up on a list one day of my best technology purchases ever. It's practical, fun, portable, affordable, and tremendously useful....more info
  • "Upgraded" from the 350
    Upgraded from the 350 to the 360 solely for the BT functionality in June 2008. Sorry to say the BT did not work well and many times I'd switch off the BT because the speaker would distort and or there were frequent drop outs. In addition I have trouble hearing the directions with the window open or even the stereo on at a low volume. My speaker isn't loud enough for directions, but distorts when all the way up during a BT call. I have the 360 mounted to the top of my dash. I've used the 360 with a Sony W300i phone and a BB curve. Same issues with both. Callers had a lot of difficulty understanding me. I also noticed subsequent to the latest firm/software upgrade that the unit is slower and not as accurate. In retrospect I should have stayed with the 350. The BT call quality was so poor that I ended up buying a new BT stereo with separate mic. Should have stayed with the 350....more info
  • Why was the 360 discontinued?
    I just bought the Nuvi 360 for $3 more than the 260 on Amazon. With the addition of bluetooth handsfree and MP3 support, it was a no brainer. My question is why was this model discontinued, and not the 260? Does anyone know?
    ...more info
  • High price of upgrades
    First, when I went to the Garmin website to check for upgrade, it said that I had to register to see if I was eligible for a free upgrade. So I registered and guess what, I wasn't eligible for any free upgrades. It seems to me, little more than a trick to get people to register.

    Second, the high price of upgrades. After paying $170, I now find out that I have to pay another $70 to upgrade the maps. They are charging me for the same information that Google gives away for free.

    If I had realized the high price to to keep the Garmin current, I would have done more research and possibly made a different purchase, ...more info
  • garmin nuvi 360
    Great value for the price. I needed text-to-speech so I would not have to take my eyes off the road. This gps works great. I only wish that the volume could be made to go louder than it does as I don't think it can be heard clearly over the car radio....more info
  • Loved this so much we bought a second one!
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Text-To-Speech

    This GPS is so easy to use and makes traveling so stress free. We should have bought one long ago. We liked ours so much, we bought a second one for our son for Christmas. The only thing is that the price went down $25 since we bought the second GPS one month ago. I guess we should have waited......more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I purchased the Garmin nuvi 360 last year for my mom and stepdad for Christmas. They absolutely love it. In the past year, it has not given them bogus directions once. It connects to the satellite quickly (a lot fast than my nuvi 260W). It also came with the a/c charger and a case, so I didn't have to buy them separately. I did buy the Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount for n체vi Series and StreetPilot C5XX Series GPS Navigators (C530, C550, and C580) for them so they wouldn't have to attach the Garmin to the window or dash and it would be easy to move from one car to the other.
    The price has also dropped dramatically in the last year so I decided to buy one for my son for Christmas this year....more info
  • Very Good Indeed
    The Garmin n체vi 360 is an excellent product. I used to have a StreetPilot C330 and upgraded to this one, so i'm not new when it comes to Garmin GPS navigator.

    Excellent software and features, usability and design.

    Low speaker volume on Text-to-speech voices....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I think that the Garmin Nuvi 360 is one of the best GPS buys available since it incorporates bluetooth cellphone linkage so you can receive calls and talk hands free through the Nuvi 360. Although it doesn't give you the most efficient route just like all other GPS units, it does provide you reliable directions and also tons of information on gas stations, restaurants and other necessary options during travel....more info
  • NUVI should be your only consideration
    This is my second purchase of a Nuvi 360. It's a great unit for the money. Besides giving great directions with text-to-speech, the bluetooth handsfree feature is better than most accessories you can buy from ATT or Verizon. The handsfree feature works so well, I couldn't tell that it was being used. It's just as clear as if you have the phone to your ear (no echo or speakerphone tunnel sounds) ....more info
  • For the most part, it works great...
    This product is for the most part just like all the other GPS's on the market. They work just fine for the most park but tend to have some quirks. For instance, sometimes there is a delay with the voice prompt of when to turn - but usually only a few seconds behind - and sometimes it gives screwball directions to a destination. But other then that I am very happy with the product and I doubt that I, or anyone else, could do better. ...more info
  • nuvi 3.5 review
    The brand is great and I trust it a lot. This model has lower volume than a lot others. Not sure what that flab at the back is for. There is no volume scorll along the side like the ol' school ones. I gave my girl this one because it calls the street names, but it whispers even at max volume....more info
  • Big Help
    This model is a great combination of good price and user friendliness. It comes in handy more than I would have expected, and I love having it around. The quality is very good-no need to buy a really expensive model. It tells you where you need to go. The first time I used it, though, I was on some new streets that it didn't have programmed on it, yet. That has been the only problem with it so far, but I love it....more info
  • Useful GPS but could not figure to mount
    We are satisfied with the GPS. Good deal for the price!
    But could not mount yet, with the parts got in package.
    The ball of suction cup unit does not fit in the circular slot at all.
    I dont know if we are missing anything?
    If anybody could mount this unit, please help....more info
  • Nuvi 360: Why it is one of the top five navigators?
    This is the second Nuvi 360 that I've bought in one year; and, despite the time difference, I couldn't find more bang for my buck than this model.
    1. Price on Amazon had dropped from $320.00 to $199.99.
    2. Only Garmin at this price with Bluetooth Connectivity.
    3. Speaks Street names and warns you of an upcoming turn twice.
    4. Finds many retail stores; and, with a BT enabled phone allows you to find not only the location, but also call the store directly from the unit.
    5. Screen real estate is large enough to see details, yet still the unit fits in your pocket.

    With so many navigators out there, its hard to figure out which one is best. For my money, this Garmin Nuvi has all the features one needs to be safe (and on time) when driving both familiar and unfamiliar roads....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 Review
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Bluetooth and Text-to-Speech

    This GPS navigator is a wonderful product and a value for money buy. Even though most new cars come equipped with a GPS navigator, this one is still worth having. Its handy, with all necessary GPS navigator functions like Favorite Locations, Text-to-speech and wide array of search points.

    It comes with all peripherals needed like the 12/24 volt car charger, USB charger and a nice case.

    All in all highly recommended for anyone looking for a quality product in ecomomical price range. Amazon is the place to buy your new Garmin nuvi!...more info
  • Better than I Thought, Great Product!!
    This thing is really something, I really didn't need it, I just wanted it! It doesn't always map out the shortest way, but either does Mapquest. I would have given it "5 stars", but the bluetooth sometimes forgets to pair with my phone...more info
  • My first GPS~~Looks like I got the BEST!
    This is a great GPS system. It comes with everything you could possibly want. Text to Speach, Bluetooth capable, carry case so you don't leave it in the car. If you do leave it it has an anti theft password you can use and then stickers for your window telling would be thefts to pass this one by. You get the A/C addapter, the car adapter, USB cable, Dash mount window mount, CD Rom and even a free coupon for an audio book to listen to in the car.

    Some more expensive units don't come with everything you need. You find out when you get it home that it can only be on when the car is running and you have no other way to charge it. The screen is quite clear and easy to read. No need to get a 4.3 size this is really quite perfect, infact larger would be more of a distraction.

    You get screen savers also, how cool. There are different voices to choose to talk to you. Some have complained about the volume but you can adjust it easliy. The touch screen programing is so simple and the letters are big enough if you have larger hands you are not pressing two letters at the same time.

    I tried it just coming home from church and it wanted me to take another route than I had planned I just went on my way and she said reaculating and in 1 sec she had my way planned. You can zoom in and out what type of view you want.

    This is fine unit and I cannot wait to take it on a trip. Oh you can also get chips to update it for vacations like Europe and the like....more info
  • Love my Nuvi
    My cousin gave this to me as a gift, and I love it. Tells me where to go and even which side of the road. Colors are bright and clear, volume is great. I've even used the bluetooth and it uploads all the contacts from my iPhone. I also use it for geocaching and can upload cache pages with all the details. I'm buying one for my daughter next....more info
  • Had for 3 years
    I have had the Nuvi 360 for over 3 years and I love it more now than when I first purchased it. I normally do not write reviews, but when a company gets something right, you want to let people know. I do not want to rehash everything that has already been said. I just purchased the 2009 Garmin map update for North America. Some people may not need the map update, the older maps seem to do the trick most of the time. The old roads are normally still going to be their. But I travel a lot for my company, so I need to find newer business addresses. Anyway the update was flawless and the update also includes a updated POI list. When I use to go out of town on a business trip, I would always dread looking on mapquest or a regular map to find something. Finding a business is half the battle for me. When I arrive in another city, I set the Hotel I am staying in as a favorite place. I know I can just take off in any direction and have confidence it can get me back to where I need to be. A lot of times, I will just ride around with no address inputted in my Garmin. So, when I get tired of looking around, the hotel if just a couple of pushes away on the Garmin. It is now closing in on 2009, I see alot of cars now having other GPS units that are not Garmins. I guess they do not know how easy a Garmin is to use. The Garmin 360 had trouble with the bluetooth conecting to my phone when I first purchaed it. But they quickly came out with a firmware update that fixed the problem....more info
  • Garmin 360
    I had a Garmin 200 and it worked very well. I bought the 360 as a upgrade. Once again Garmin makes a great product. The only down side of the 360 is the speaker. Quite hard to hear. The other downside is the 360 has a tendency to "lockup" and you have to reset it. Not a big deal but a little annoying...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    I am not a tech person. When it comes to computers I'm old school and prefer the old ways. Yet I see the advantages modern technology has to offer. I borrowed a Garmin nuvi from my friend when I went to drop off my daughter at UF in Gainesville. It was so 'user friendly' and convenient to track stores and restaurants that I was hooked for life. I came back from the trip and bought three of them. Now my married son has one and my older daughter. I even asked my UF daughter if she would like one when she goes bike riding around the city. She said it wouldn't be practical. How would she hook it up? Was it weather resistant? I think we're unto something here. If your company would offer one for bikers/walkers at an affordable college price, I'm game to buy it.
    I went to Sea World this past summer on vacation and they have their own GPS for inside the park. I told my UF daughter to tell UF about designing one for their campus. I don't think she mentioned it to them. Think how handy for parent orientations/workshops/seminars/conferences, that are always going on there or anywhere. If you patent my idea, please let me in on the interest.
    To say the least I am very pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • Very good GPS
    I have a Tom Tom in one car and a Sanyo in another. By far this Garmin is the best of the three....more info
  • Best Garmin for under $200.00
    I've been "kicking tires" when it comes to GPS units for a couple years. In the last few months I've seen the prices dropping to where even the casual user such as myself couldn't resist finally taking the plunge. Although new models from Garmin have recently arrived and this NUVI 360 is listed as "discontinued" on Garmins site, you will find that for the money that just made this the smart choice. With it's text-to-speech, bluetooth, MP3 capability, plus the fact that ALL the essential cables are in the box ,what else do you need? Unless you decide you can't live without the widescreen (your supposed to be watching the road not the Garmin anyway), keep the $100.00 upcharge in your pocket. The unit performs flawlessly and even when I purposely take a wrong turn,it quickly replots the route and gets you back on course. If I were to "nitpick" my only complaint would be that it only has 1 speaker instead of 2 like its higher priced cousins. This is only a bother when someone calls me and I use its Bluetooth capabilities to talk hands free. Although everyone says I sound fine on their end, its a bit muffled to listen to when I try and hear their words coming through. If it weren't for that , I would have given it 5 stars. Considering this unit was bringing close to $900.00 retail when first released in 2006 , this is a steal! Compare this model to Garmins comparible new releases and you'll be pulling the trigger on this one like I did. The only other suggestion would be to buy the Beanbag mount, it keeps the unit securely on the dash and within reach while at the same time keeping that "break in to my car" circle off the windshield that alert thieves there is something in your car they'd time is all you have, don't use Amazon's free super saver shipping. It takes 7-10 days and you can walk to their warehouse and pick it up faster. Grab this unit before its sold out!!...more info
  • great product
    I got this for my husband as he travels a lot for his work. He loves it. We found it was the last model and it wasn't been produced any longer, but that doesn't bother him. He uses it every day and thinks it is the greatest. No problems with anything about it. I would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this 1 month before. So far it didn't give me any issues. It works excellent. Also its blue tooth and text to speech feature is very nice....more info
  • A few flaws but still good
    There is plenty to like about this model. The text-to-speech alone is enough recommend it. Adding customer POI's was relatively easy. I also liked the customizable vehicle icon and voices. My main complaint involves the quality of the bluetooth feature. People on the other end of my call were often unable to understand me and said they heard a lot of static. Plugging it into the car's aux port helped on my end, but the mic leaves something to be desired.

    All in all, I would highly recommend this model, especially given its price....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS
    I purchased Garmin Nuvi 360 3.5" GPS from Amazon a month back. This GPS is really small sleek and good. All the features are good like Navigation, Bluetooth and MP3 player.

    The only thing i didn't like is that when you Power ON the GPS it will take couple of minutes to accquire satelite signals. Rest is all ok....more info
  • Fairly ok
    It arrived earlier then I expected which was great! Now comes time to use it - There are times the Garmin will tell you to turn at the last minute and by then it's too late to turn. Another instance was it kept telling me a certain place was on the right side of the road, I kept driving by the area until I realized its not on the right but on the left. It doesn't give detour unless you're completely off the original road so it can recalculate where you are.

    My advise - learn to read map or take a print out of the direction to use as a back up...more info
  • Poor device from Garmin :(
    I was very disappointed with this product for 3 specific reasons. I had a Garmin device prior to this one that I loved.

    First, this device worked *once*, after which it would only simulate routes. I turned it off and on, reset the device, and still couldn't get it to navigate for me.

    Secondly, the text entry input is not qwerty, it's alphabetical, which makes it extremely difficult to type in Anything.

    Third, I'm used to being able to see the history of what I've searched for, which is very useful.

    Overall, I didn't use the device very much because I got too frustrated with it. What I recommend is to make SURE you test a device in store before ordering one. ...more info
  • Had to send it back
    The map was just flat wrong!!! And it would repeat the same thing over and over. I would suggest for the money you get a cheaper one. I now have the Garmin 270 and it's working fabulous!...more info
  • Great full-featured auto GPS
    This nuvi 360 is a "discontinued" GPS unit, but has all of the good features. Garmin will, after registering online, allow a free download of the 2009 map version....making this a great bargain.

    The wide screen GPS units are impressive, but I do not need the wide width to show roads way off to the left or right. I need to see where I am going........UP. The wider screen units seem to be rather useless to me.

    I have used it in town and on some very remote National Forest Service 4X4 roads and have been amazed. The map has the roads numbered (the forest road number signs are sorely missing out in the National Forests).

    Great little unit. Like all GPS units, it does not always "know" of the best or latest routes, but will get you there....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    The Garmin nuvi 360 would be a good product except the speaker volume is extremely weak. The only way the speaker can be heard is stopped and no other noise nearby. This is with the speaker volume turned to maximum. Adding an external speaker does not help unless the external speaker is amplified. ...more info
  • All We Need
    The 360 is perfect for me. The Bluetooth capabilities make it nice and easy to make handsfree phone calls. Also love the option of plugging up the MP3 player to the vehicle's audio system. I thought the 3.5 screen would be too small but it's very easy to see. I would have liked to have had the arm that holds the GPS longer to be able to keep the GPS out of the sun. The sun can make it hard to view the screen and I think if the arm was longer I could have it lower to remedy that. For the price, it's a great buy....more info
  • Terrific Product
    I don't know what took me so long to buy a GPS. This is the most terrific device on the planet. (OK, a slight exageration.) I read a lot of reviews for the different brands and finally settled on a Garmin. And then I had to decide on which model! For me, the 3.5 screen is sufficiently large enough. It is easy to use, although I suspect it does a lot more than I realize, as I've only had it less than a month. Having this GPS is just like having a person sitting next to me reading a map and constantly giving me directions. For people like me, with no sense of direction, this is the most wonderful device imaginable. No more wrestling with maps, or trying to figure out which way is north or east, or how far it is to my destination. And you don't have to panic if you hit an unexpected roadblock or you take a wrong turn - because it instantly recalculates your route immediately!!! I love the feature that lets you find gas stations and restaurants nearby at whatever point you are in your travel. I have tried the GPS on several trips varying from 1 1/2 to 3 hours, in preparation to a longer trip in a few weeks. I am constantly amazed at how well it works, even though there were a few glitches. For instance, it directed me to take a left hand turn on a one-way street going the wrong way! I elected to keep going straight and my garmin instantly recalculated my route, and got me to my destination go. This model has a bluetooth feature which will come in handy when I upgrade my phone. One of my friends just bought a Garmin and as she travels for a living she would have liked the Garmin that responds to speech. Also, the Nuvi 360 will allow one programmable detour which works fine for my needs. Anyone who travels alot would probably appreciate the models that allow for multiple programmable stops. If you don't have one, buy a GPS! They are amazing!...more info
  • Garmin 360
    Excellent and extremely portable device. I've used it several times on short and long trips and it works very well. The device is bright and easy to read, the speech to text is clear and precise. The bluetooth sync up with your wireless phone is a bit flaky out of the box, however it works flawlessly after you get the latest update from Garmin's website.
    The POIs are extensive and I often use my Garmin to find restaurants on the weekends. All in all a great portable device I plan on using for a long time....more info
  • SImple, easy to use
    I bought the Garmin 360 GPS as the endless road map, getting sick of buying folding maps all the time. After reading several reviews, I decided this unit is right for my intended use. It is simple to operate, logical in operational setup, and most of all, fast on re-calculation of routes.
    My opinion, for first time users and folks that don't want to spend a small fortune on devices of this kind, I would suggest the Garmin 360 is a very good place to start....more info
  • Garmin nuvi360
    recently i purchased Garmin nuvi360 GPS with blue-tooth and text to speach facility and it works great.I was looking for a GPS which comes in the price range of $180 to $250 with text to speach lane by lane direction and blue-tooth and even it has MP3 player as well.
    So i strongly recommend people to go for it if they want a GPS within medium price and great features.
    Dilip...more info
  • Awesome product
    This product was worth every penny. Great deal and I love the product.
    Only thing that this product could improve is in the area of picking up satellites faster when you start up the system. Other than that, this is a MUST BUY!...more info
  • Very satisfied customer
    We are low-to-medium users of GPS and wanted a basic device which was user-friendly and robust (at the cost of advanced options like multi-point routing etc).

    I bought the nuvi primarily for three things : a) longer battery life compared to the tomtom, b) its text-to-speech and c) bluetooth connectivity.

    I have been very satisfied with the first two, especially the text-to-speech. Driving around in downtown, we have found calling out streetnames (rather than take 'next' turn etc.) to be extremely useful since I never have to look at the screen.

    Often since we share two cars, we forget to take the charging cable from one of the cars but the long battery life (6 hours) has been a life saver in this regard.

    The bluetooth connectivity has been a bit flaky but that is primarily due to the Palm Centro which seems to have an incredibly bad Bluetooth stack which freezes the phone often. However, when it does connect, it works like a charm and the voice etc. are very clear.

    All in all, very satisfied with this product....more info
  • Accurate
    It is good and accurate and price that no one can beat. I recommand to everyone....more info
  • NUVI Saved me in Chicago!
    OK, so I live in Alaska, and I'm not used to traffic or lots of highways. The NUVI saved time, headaches and gasoline! is great and I'm going to order another one for my other car. I have a Prius with full navigation; yeh, right....Toyota claims that they do not have the software for Alaska yet, so after spending $600 on the upgrade NAV package, I had to buy a Garmin. If you don't have some sort of GPS and you travel, these days, you are a fool not to have one. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! Very easy to operate...I never read the book on it, as it is very user friendly. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great item
    I am so glad I purchased this GPS, I don't know how I ever went anywhere without one. Saves time printing maps before my trip. Bright, easy to read screen. Loud (adjustable) voice, easy to understand. I have had problems finding a just wasn't on the map. I guess if you have the exact address and not the business name you wouldn't have a problem. Overall, very happy with this purchase. Great price, too. I did some research before the purchase....more info
  • Great Value!!
    Love this Garmin! Has everything I want and need in a GPS. The only feature it doesn't have is the inability to listen to the instructions through my stereo but that wasn't important to me. Love the ability to use the Garmin as a hands free cell phone. This is the best $219.99 I ever spent!!!
    Brad B
    MA...more info
  • GPS Review
    I ordered the Garmin 360. It is great. I can load my audio books and listen as I drive. ...more info
  • Outdated maps & poor Bluetooth
    Drove on some CA roads that I know have been around for over 3 years. But GPS showed me driving on "dirt".

    Main reason for picking this unit was for the Bluetooth. But was volume was very choppy.

    Returned it right away...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    working good so far. the only problem i have had is that the blue tooth will not pair with my current cell phone. Check the garmin site for compatible cell phones....more info
  • I love the Garmin Nuvi 360!
    I love the Garmin Nuvi 360 and so does my girlfriend. That's why I bought another for her as a Christmas gift....more info
  • I liked the product, but...
    I liked the way the product worked. I've heard from others that have purchased this product and they said it is getting slower. I purchased this product a month away and I returned it to the Garmin company for a replacement....more info
  • OK, but with some limitations
    As a GPS if works fine, like any other Garmin GPS. But if you are buying it because it has bluetooth you might find incompatibilities with some phones. It is not compatible with IPHONE and it also blocked my Sony phone....more info
  • Nuvi 360
    When I ordered the nuvi didn't know what to expect. Pleasantly surprised,it works wonderfully out of the box. Only complaint I have is the backroads function is not as accurate as I expected it to be. If it is to be used for freeway and quickest route a wonderful tool to have....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 350
    I was really pumped when I read all the specs and features about this item. I was excited when it came.there are not any real bad things that I can say about this except for it keeps making me re-pair my bluetooth.thats annoying when your ready to make calls. other than that it works just fine. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS in small portable package
    This is a great device for portable navigation. The menu system is easy to use with an easy to read display. The size of the device makes it very portable. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I love it, easy to use, can fit in my pocket when walking around, makes getting yhere much less stressfull....more info
  • My experience with the Garmin 360.
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Bluetooth and Text-to-Speech
    Ok, I'm ready to talk about it now!!! I'm being a little dramatic, only to try and grab your attention, but I was so excited when I first got this unit, I could hardly wait to write a review, but I decided to wait till I'd read the entire owners manual, and really used this little guy for a few weeks. I think I can talk fairly intellegently about it now that I have some "real world" experience under my belt.
    Before I get into some detail and pros and cons about the unit, I realize that many of you, like me, are reading these reviews in order to try and make a decision on which one to buy. I really felt I did my homework on this one, and after reading many reviews about some Magellan products, Tom tom, and especially the Garmin 760 and other Garmin units, I finally decided to get this baby. The "decision maker" for me on this unit was partly the price, partly the scary things I read about the blue tooth issues, in relation to noise, radio reception, etc. but probably the most important aspect of all this review thing for me was all the GOOD REVIEWS, I seemed to read about the 360, and how well the bare bones features like GPS NAVIGATION, seemed to be touted in a positive sense. You know, I like bells and whistles too, but when it comes right down to it, for me the "main deal" for me about a GPS unit is: How well does it find my location, without a bunch of problems, and I'm happy to say, that I'm about 98% satisfied with this unit. (I'll tell you about the other 2% in a minute).
    I'd say that I'm a pretty "techey", kind of guy, but I think I'm still keeping a perspective when I say that "right out of the box", I was able to just about set it to a destination, and go for it. After saying that, (for all you "instruction manual", haters, I'd still have to say, read them anyway. You'll be glad you did. I learned a lot of other info that helps me tremendously from the owners manual. Might I add, that another part of the "deal maker" for me was that they actually included a CD rom with the owners manual on it, a lether carring case, a "real" car charger, "real" AC charger, (for home), and a USB cable to charge it from my computer or download the latest version of maps from Garmin FOR FREE, within the first 30 days of ownership, and a suction cup. Try that with some of the other units!!!!!!!! Ok, that being said, I fired this sucker up, and low and belhold,,, it actually led me to my destination in style.
    Ok, now let's get down to brass tacks. I'm not gonna say much more about the picture download feature, the MP3 stuff, or any of that stuff, because to me, I mainly bought this unit to find a location, but I did listen to a few of the "pre-loaded" music clips and like one of the other reviewers said: Make no mistake, this isn't a "stereo system", unless you run it into an amplifier and bigger speakers, where it might do a decent job, which, by the way, is one possible way to eleviate, that "small speaker syndrom" that every one of these units that I've ever used seems to have. Hey, folks, lets face it. Your not gonna have a boom box sound with a teeny, tiny speaker on a small GPS unit, HOWEVER, the real blessing here for all of you is there is a headphone output, that could possibly be sent to some kind of amplifier and bigger speakers to enhance the sound. I'll leave it at that on this issue.
    In the real world, I cranked up the volume to the top end and if you roll up your windows, you can hear that "sexy", Australian lady, tell you directions, but even if it's a hot day, there's still the "printed word" on the unit, telling you to "turn left on Main St." or where ever, and by the way, this feature of telling you the street where to turn, as far as I'm concerned is a "must have feature". She's not gonna always tell you 3 blocks ahead of time, but if you pay attention, she or the text does a pretty good job of directing you when and where to turn.
    As far as "typing in" the City, Street, number, etc. I had a little issue on part of this but I think I found a way around the problem. Here's the problem: When you type in the city or street name, sometimes the "computer" as it were, puts the names in front of you, that are possiblilities, but sometimes the possiblilities aren't your city or street, your looking for. The way I found "around this", and listen closely here: Before you type in the "full name" of the street or city and hit the "done" button, just type in part of the name, and hit done. By doing that, the unit gives you more choices to choose from and so far every time I've done this, I could find the street or city I was looking for. I think this is poor engineering on Garmin's part, but at least this is kind of a "work around on this problem".
    I went to a parking lot down the steet and programed in a "point of interest" or something to that respect (sorry, I'm not precise on this, but read the manual, and you'll find how to do it). Once I did this, I was able to find the little "flag" they give you to find where I parked my car, probably within 20 feet. Not to bad, considering, they don't even "tout" this in the "ad" on this unit.
    Kind of "wrapping this thing up", here, I'd like to see a little more "robust" POI list, but you might be able to download a bigger POI list from Garmin. One more negative for me was that they don't seem to include a "zip code" feature on this unit, (where you can find the city and area by zip code, but another work around on this is that you can find a map of the area you want, and literally with your finger slide the map to exactly where your looking to go and zoom in on that area too. On e last feature that I like is that it can save a pretty big list (maybe 500) of addresses and/or destinations that you've previously been to, and with the "spell feature", you can narrow that down to what your looking for.
    All in all, I'd have to say that this "bad boy" really kicks butt, and does what it says it will do and then some. I'm very pleased with the clear consice visual readout, the audio information to back all that up, and the fact that 98% of the time it takes me right to the house I'm trying to deliver too. (Oh, by the way, I'm a delivery driver, by trade).
    ...more info
  • Very useful and worth every penny of the purchase
    I bought it for my road trip from California to Washington and it worked like a charm. Its boot time is relatively fast and the software is very intuitive and easy to use.

    The only downside was that it doesn't have good reception in high building area; the processing became slow and a teeny bit inaccurate when I used it in Seattle downtown (hence minus 1 star, although it should be just 1/2 or maybe 1/8). However, in the end I managed to arrive at my destination without much difficulty.

    The package came with all equipment needed to use in a car, so I don't need to buy more. For $199, I don't think it can get better than Garmin n체vi 360. It's not an overstatement to say that it exceeded my expectation. ...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    This product is easy to use and is very user friendly. The display is large enough to see while driving and the voice commands are usually far enough in advance to not miss turns....more info
  • Good Product
    Easy to configure.

    Routing / re-routing features are great. Voice prompts help a lot when you are driving.

    Update to get latest maps: Its free! Nice thing is Garmin provides 2009 maps update for free. You will need to create a free login on their website and follow directions to register product. Takes two hours to download and update your nuvi 360, but its all automatic, all you need to do is plugin the nuvi with USB cord and connect it to your computer. Download itself takes the longest time.

    Syncs with bluetooth phone with ease: i have a samsung phone, can see last dialed calls / phonebook immedly after pairing up the phone. Was able to make / receive phone calls with ease.

    SD Card feature is nice.

    Don't order by USPS delivery which is free (Super saving). They are crappy, its worth spending a little more money and get one of the other shipping options. My box was mis-routed by USPS, then got delivered with no notification, was opened and stuff was moved around with Garmin box open. USPS has no regrets for poor customer service. They just don't care....more info
  • Best GPS I've Owned
    I've owned 3 portable GPS units and this is by far the best.

    My first GPS was an older model of the Garmin 360 which can only be likened to a CRT monitor. At the time, this was standard. It was an excellent device and I loved the different voice settings as well as ease of use.

    I made the mistake of selling this GPS for a Navigon 5100. While it was much more portable, had free traffic reports, and a slew of "goodies" so to speak, I had a lot of problems with the unit. It took an extremely long time to load, the touch screen was virtually unusuable (a huge problem of course) as I would almost have to use my pinky in order to enter addresses, and the user interface was horrible to say the least. While it did provide good directions and the routes were easy to read, the disadvantages listed above outweighed the few advantages.

    Several models later, I decided to sell the 5100 and return to Garmin. I have never been happier. The unit is small, light, loads fast, I can get my beloved british accent back and it also includes a bluetooth feature which allows me to link it to my phone for hands free calls. A HUGE plus in areas that have illegalized the use of cell phones while driving. Take this into account that I drive a stick shift, and need the use of both my hands especially while driving through traffic and the maze of DC.

    If this is your first unit, buy it. It's simple, straight forward, easy to use and I could not recommend a better GPS! ...more info
  • Nuvi 360 with TTS and U.S. map
    What can I say about this all-rounder? Sold my Nuvi 310 for this set with TTS, Bluetooth and built-in U.S./Canada maps. Coupled this with a free MY/SG maps - it has been my trusty tool to navigate to places I have never been before. It works seamlessly with my Sony Ericsson phone with its Bluetooth, even callers are not aware I'm using GPS to talk to them. Choosing faster time routing, it brings me to my destination in quickest time and most of time, shorter routes. Fast start-up (remember to remove lock-password and do not choose destination first before getting signals), Easy to use and best of all, the maps are available for most of countries, unlike some cheap GPS where need to use proprietry maps. Durable and mounting it into car is easy. Will be using it for tour in HK soon. :) Next will be to purchase Europe map, then I'll have most of the world's maps in my 3.5" pocket size GPS!! ...more info
  • performance and ease to operate
    Garmin n체vi 350 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Bluetooth and Text-to-Speech this product could be easier to use if explanations were clearer. Performance is made difficult because of too many steps necessary to use properly....more info
  • Great unit. Mount sucks(or doesn't)
    The cons:
    The mount is absolutely horrible. It doesn't stay in place. The unit actually fell off as I was driving. Why do I need to get the beanbag mount? I have a sirius sat radio and it's mount is perfect.

    The POI search is noticeably slower than my Mio. It took a long time to search "national zoo" and the wait cursor didn't go away.

    The pros:
    The GPS is fantastic. I powered the unit on and it locked on to the sat signal inside my house. Drove up to the national zoo on the weekend and the directions from Connecticut Ave to Ashburn were pretty good(Although, it did make me take 10 inner streets).

    The bluetooth paired up with my HTC mogul as soon as I enabled the bluetooth option. The menu is misleading. When you get to the bluetooth setting for the first time, the enabled option is selected by default. This may lead you to believe that it's already enabled. You need to save the settings to enable it. Either that or I did something wrong.

    If you have the mini-USB cable plugged in, as soon as you switch off your car, the unit will power down after a 30 second "switch to battery?" option. For people who have owned a lot of GPS units, this may not seem like a big deal. I've only owned a Mio before and this feature was lacking.

    p.s. I got it for 217$ last week and it's already 199$!! Amazon, how about a refund?

    p.p.s Who the heck listens to MP3 music on their GPS?...more info
  • Good deal
    I consider this as a good deal since the cost of the same device in our country is much higher, in addition it is very user friendly and easy to use....more info
  • A time saver
    This unit is awesome, it's packed with features and with the Traffic module we purchased separately it's a real time saver. The Bluetooth is way better than the one I was using and I don't have to have anything in my ear while I drive. If you are looking for a good mid priced GPS I would highly recommend this one....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 gps
    I was dissapointed in the 360. I couldn't connect to it with bluetooth. It wasn't able to get us to all the houses we were looking for during house hunting, although I think some of that is related to new neighborhoods not on the map yet. Not intuitive enough. I tried the Tomtom Go 720 it wasn't any better although I liked the screen graphics better and the options....more info
  • Discontinued, but a great device
    I purchased this device in 2007 for $399.00. I am so disappointed that it is already down to $199.00. Anyway, before purchasing this device, taking a trip was very stressful. I would have to memorize the directions and hope I would get there safely. With this device, getting somewhere wasn't a problem UNTIL last weekend.

    Last weekend, I tried to input a street and the Garmin refused to let me do it. When I arrived at the address, I saved it and the Garmin refused to reference the address when I tried to go back to the address.

    When I called Garmin, they said that they couldn't pull up the address either. This wouldn't be so upsetting if the lady, who was with me, did not have problems finding the address because she was using a Tom-Tom.

    At first, when Tom-Tom people raved about their unit--I blew them off. I am starting to hear more and more that the Tom-Tom people don't have the issues that Garmin refuses to correct.

    Overall, I love my unit though for IN CITY driving - for cities on the edge or new subdivisions, the unit's reliability is unpredictable.

    PROS: Serves as a great car stereo due to the MP3 player
    Great directions INSIDE a major city

    CONS: Many subdivisions from the last 5 years are missing from the unit
    Will tell you something is on the wrong side of the road
    Will have you turning into people's houses instead of a street

    Great buy if you want a basic GPS and MP3 player!
    ...more info
  • Misleading advertising
    Returned the unit because I assumed text-to-speech meant the street names would be spoken. I was wrong or the term is misleading. Also, the window attachment did not stay in place....more info
  • Great unit
    First, a caveat. This is my first GPS of this type (I have a Garvin hand-held for hiking.) That said, I love this unit. I just completed a 4500 mile three week trip from Kentucky to Colorado and Utah and back, and then from Kentucky to Washington DC and back. The unit worked flawlessly. Very accurate and very convenient. I used the "bean bag" mount which I find very suitable. Unlike some reviews I've read I had no trouble with it sliding on the dash. But then I usually don't take curves at 90 mph.

    I was amazed at the accuracy and completeness of the information. The unit works hard to keep you on track. If you leave the route for any reason--even to get gas or a sandwich, it immediately recalculates and provides directions to get you back on track. Its library of data is extensive, accurate and useful. At times I was not sure my Nuvi was giving me good information, but in all 4500 miles it did not fail me once. The turn by turn directions with accurate street names and accompanying printed directions are great

    When I ordered it I was concerned that the screen size might be too small. I did not find that a problem at all, and very much like the smaller size because I can just clip it off the mount and slip it in my pocket when I leave the car. The screen is big enough and "Miss Nuvi's" voice is pleasant and clear.

    One message I have for Garvin, though. The software was obviously written by a golf fanatic. At one point in the middle of Kansas the screen showed four golf courses within ten miles. There was seldom a time when at least one golf course was not on the screen. But they do not show rest stops or medical facilities. Now I like to play a round of golf occasionally, but when I'm driving down the Interstate I typically need rest areas with a whole lot more urgency than I need golf courses. I see no need to have golf courses scrolling down the screen almost constantly at the expense of more practical and universaly sought sites. Rest areas and medical facilities are not listed in the "places" library either, but golf courses are. I find that strange and annoying. Surely in Nuvi's six million attractions library there's room for something as universally appreciated as rest areas.

    But the convenience and accuracy of the Nuvi outweighs the inconveniences of too many golf courses and not enough pit stops. I highly recommend it. It will get you there.

    ...more info
  • Great Product - Used it for over an year
    I have it for over an year now and its an absolutly wonderful product. Super sleek and easy to take away from one car to another. excellent reception, can even catch signal in Manhatten. On the down side, though finding location from address is most accurate, the POI database not. Although i do not use POI much, but whenever i tried to use it never took me to the right place. ...more info
  • nuvi 360 35 inch
    i have bought nuvi 360 from amazon!i higly recommend this unit to anyone.i am very happy wiht my choice in the nuvi 360/ hope this helps. it is a great value for the maney. vitaly new york!...more info
  • very user friendly
    I purchased this GPS unit mainly to use on a trip that we are planning out west. However, I have found that it is extremely user friendly and I have used it frequently to find things like the closest gas station or a particular store to shop in. I also found my way around stuck traffic with ease. Just type in your destination and viola, you are there. I am not a techno queen and have found this unit to be very easy to use. It has many features, but i have not tried them yet. would recommend...more info
  • Excellent GPS Navigator
    This is an excellent all around GPS with many fine features for an affordable price.

    The only thing I would (and did) change about this device is the volume of the voices used to give you directions. It was very difficult to hear the voices even at the unit's highest volume level. After doing some research online I was able to find instructions on how to edit the voice files and thereby increase the volume. I've done this for all the voices on the GPS I use and they sound much louder now. I recommend that everyone make such changes if they feel moderately comfortable with computers.

    All in all, the voice issue was relatively small and I managed to fix it so I will enthusiastically give this unit 5 stars!...more info
  • Refurbished model a great deal
    Purchased refurbished from DigitechDeals--I was very impressed with the quality of the product. Arrived quickly. Looks new. Came with last year's maps but was able to download new 2009 maps for free automatically. My only complaint is that I bought this particular model for the text-to-speech capability, and there is only one voice option for "American English." Other than that, I am very pleased. It seems to direct me in logical ways--no unnecessary U-turns, etc....more info
  • A good Companion
    This Garmin Nuvi is really a very helpful tool.There is lot more than just navigation.Found it accurate.
    I highly recomend this product with such a low price....more info
  • Great GPS unit; clever mount has poor quality
    I got the 360 based on experience with my wife's 660. I was going away on a stateside assignment in the military and quickly got tired of not knowing where I was going in the new state.

    The 360 is basically the 660 but without widescreen or the traffic receiver, the latter of which you have to pay a subscription for and is only useful if you commute on major roadways. The 360 screen is the same height as the 660 screen, just narrower. I really don't find there to be any big advantage with the extra width and I kind of like that the unit is smaller when carrying it or shoving it in the glovebox. For the record my wife prefers the widescreen, but that's all she's ever used.

    Enough glowing words have been written about both units that I won't heap on more, but I have to say that the Nuvi mounting system leaves a lot to be desired.

    On my wife's 660 the mount broke at the cup part of the cup/ball attachment point within a few short weeks. In its defense, my wife is not terribly mechanically inclined and for a while thought that you had to detach the unit at this mechanism. (Actually there is a quite ingenious little tab you can see in the picture of the unit where your thumb pushes in the tab on the bottom while your other four fingers sit on the top and the unit slides right out of the mount, easy as pie.) Still, I don't think the ball joint should have broken so easily.

    We chalked it up to her misunderstanding, but now I've had the 360 for barely a month and the mount (pretty much identical to the 660 mount as far as I can tell) broke in a spot where it definitely should not have. You can see in the picture that the suction cup and mounting arm articulate around a silver metal tab on either side of the suction cup. The part of the suction cup that the metal tab rides in cracked on both sides simultaneously from no more than average swiveling of the unit up and down to achieve the proper viewing angle as I installed it each time getting into the car.

    Now I am researching buying a new mount. Disturbingly, I am finding numerous postings saying that the suction cup (of the replacement mounts, at least) has a bad tendency to weld to the glass in hot sun, never to come off without destroying the suction cup beyond any future use and leaving a good amount of rubber stuck to the window that requires extensive razor scraping to remove.

    Not sure what I am going to do; go with a Garmin replacement suction mount, a Garmin beanbag mount, or an aftermarket version.

    To recap, I am very happy with the 360 (and my wife's 660 for that matter) but I am very UNhappy with the mounts on either one....more info
  • Garmin GPS 360 - Perfect GPS For Anyone!
    I received my Garmin 360 GPS today. I had ordered it on Thursday so it turns out a four day wait on shipping, including the weekend. I am always amazed by Amazon's speeding shipping logistics.

    On to the GPS unit....

    This product is perfect for my price range (at the time, it was $214, initially selling for $1000 MSRP in 2006). The GPS has everything I am looking for as far as an addition to my vehicle.

    1) Blue tooth support with my Blackberry 8330
    2) Ability to connect the GPS with one single auxiliary cord to my auxiliary input in my car
    3) Lots of customizable settings so that it works for me
    4) Upgradeable maps
    5) Point of interest additions (Garmin, along with a nice google search can produce several sites and uploads for free)
    6) Aesthetically pleasing
    7) Text to speech (states the street name, not just the distance)

    1) I had to buy the auxiliary cable separately, but I had no problem doing so

    I was deciding back and forth between the 3.5" or the 4.3". Let me tell you that this unit is so perfect with 3.5" that it is not worth the extra $100 or so. It really incorporates a good viewing and I can zoom in or out to my liking. I was able to tweak the settings without the use of the manual, as it is extremely user friendly. The manual that comes with the unit is very summarized, however it comes with a CD that has the full manual with every option for your reading enjoyment.

    I recommend this GPS to anyone that is looking for a cost effective, yet top of the line GPS. Honestly, I don't have any reason to buy a GPS for more than this price....more info
  • Great gadget...would like written manual
    My Garmin Nuvi works very well -- when I don't make stupid mistakes. I feel I would KNOW what to do if I had a well-written manual in the glove compartment (as a writer, I would be happy to take this assignment on!). The small "cheat sheet" is not detailed enough and the online information is not useful when you're speeding down a highway with a massive construction project under way.

    My only objection to the unit is that in a metropolitan area, you have to be VERY careful to input the correct subub. A generic "Atlanta, Chicago or NY" will not work. However, I understand the same is true for all GPS devices.

    I like the size and weight and convenience of my Garmin. It is large enough to easily view and small enough for my purse. The precise voice gives me instructions when I am approaching an upcoming turn....more info
  • pretty much as expected
    I got this after selling my couple year old PDA gpa that I never used. That thing had the annoying feature of every time the battery died, it unloaded ALL The maps you had loaded in thru the computer. completely beyond aggravation and didn't want to deal with it.

    I had tried other garmin nuvis and found them easy to use and what I had expected from a GPS.I had the option to get it built in to my newer car, but with the rate of people breaking in and ripping them out of the dash, I felt more comfortable with a removeable one that I can also bring on journeys in other peoples cars.(or lend it to a person who has no idea where they're going).

    I absolutely love that while you're out you can find the nearest target, sephora, grocery store. You can just look up a store by alphabetical order and most likely it'll have one in the system that will work for you. The text-to-speech was as expected and something specific I was looking for was that it said the actual street, not just "turn left if 50 feet". Now it says "turn left in 50 feet on Main Street". The only things I would change is certain things in needs to be more specific about. I sometimes find myself responding to it being like "well, it would have been nice if you had mentioned..." and right now I cant think of a specific incident, only that sometimes I could have used more of a "coming up, look, it's coming up!!" warning or detailed instruction. But heck, it's a machine that gives you directions, so it's pretty great. I also chose this model for the bluetooth feature. I'd never used it before on anything else, but I find it super that when my cell rings, the GPS rings. I don't have to fumble for my phone, I just hit "answer" or "ignore" on the GPS. People say it sounds like I'm in a tunnel when talking to them and that theres a bit of an echo, but for just quick hi, bye kinda things and no long conversations, its perfect. You shouldnt be talking while driving whether it's hands free or not.

    I will also note that if you have an AUX jack on your radio(which I use for my IPOD) if you're really nervous about not knowing where you're going,you can plug it into the GPS and the sound comes thru your speakers, so you can control the loudness if you're really just like "I have no clue where I'm going, I want to concentrate on where I'm going and nothing else. GPS, speak to me". You obviously cant listen to the radio when it's like this, so it doesnt interject thru the radio or anything, its just silence when the gps is not speaking.(if you want it to interject, I think thats a feature on the more expensive models that it goes thru your speakers all the time).

    I think it has anything you could really need for mild-to-moderate use, not exactly sure what the more expensive models hold, but this one seems to cover a bit of everything without paying an extremely expensive price.
    Great little GPS, I'd definitely buy it again....more info
  • Does everything it's supposed to do.
    It is very intuitive to use. I love the text to speech function. It reads out the name of the street instead of just giving the distance before a turn. A very useful feature! My samsung A507 cell phone has no trouble syncing with this bluetooth device. It has a more than adequate volume level. The language translator is basic but good. I have not used the mp3 player function. Displaying jpegs via sd card slot was good as well if a touch slow (just nitpicking). I highly recommend this product! ...more info
  • worth buy..
    overall itz a worth buy...bluetooth is worries in picking up phone while driving...we liked it......more info
  • Ordered another one!
    Love it! Ordered another one for my father because he borrowed mine and loves it also! ...more info
  • written
    Not only is this product excellent, but the personal assistance at NUVI is outstanding. All products should be made like this and the technical assistance and support is professional, courteous and very, very helpful.

    Hats off to NUVI!...more info
  • Garmin 360
    I absolutely love my Garmin. Easy to program and operate. I wouldn't leave home without it. ...more info
  • Great Device
    I've had this for about a month now and it works great. One problem I had is that the description wasn't clear about whether or not it comes with the car charger. I ended up buying one to go with it and it turned out I didn't need it, so I returned it to Amazon. The screen is very easy to read. It has a low profile and sits right on my car windshield where I can see it well. I love the lock out feature. It comes with little decals that say "Garmin Lock" on them and you put them in your window. Once you put in the pin#, no one can use your GPS except for you. If it gets stolen, it's useless. All GPS devices should have this so the thieves know to stay away. I also like the little carry case that came with it. You can also choose female or male for your voice. My old GPS was female only. The only other problem I had with it is that it took me to an old location of a restaurant that had moved about a year ago. Luckily it only moved down the street. So after some asking around, we finally found our way there. I have not tried the bluetooth yet....more info
  • Not bad, not great
    I bought this as a higher end replacement for a 2xx series Garmin GPS that I had. I was it had BlueTooth for use as a speakerphone, TTS, etc. and jumped on it. It will sometimes add 30 minutes to my trip thinking one route is better than another when it's significantly worse. The BT speakerphone, well, it sucks. It doesn't work very well, the speaker is too quiet and and callers could barely hear me. ...more info
  • Great GPS but the product age shows
    Over the years I've had the opportunity to use GPS products from multiple manufacturers like Garmin, Magellan, Tom-Tom & Navigon....even though the Gamin NuVI 360 is a great GPS product, it was developed a couple of years back and in today's world the age shows.

    Here what I like:

    1) Great routing! - The NuVI definitely does the best job with routing from point A to B.

    2) Bluetooth Phone integration - This is something that really comes handy, especially when you are traveling alone....this is better than bluetooth headsets since you get to see the name/number of the person calling you before you accept/reject the call. Making calls is also a piece of cake with Phonebook integration. Bluetooth was the primary reason why I selected this model.

    3) Text to Speech - One of the most necessary things when you are out on the road!

    4) Awesome POI database - You'll get just about any place of interest on this product....the database is waaaaay better than the other GPS products in the market. And with Bluetooth integration, you can directly call up a POI on-the-go.

    5) Great Garmin Support - Garmin probably has the best support system, with the support site giving regular product updates & softwares.

    What I DO NOT like:

    1) Zip based address search not supported. This is available in almost all other modern products. At times you do not know the name of the city, you just have the address zip code....that wouldn't work here.

    2) Context based text entry not supported. Once you have selected the city, other products like the Magellan will highlight just those characters on screen that would make up the next character of a valid street name in the selected city. Comes in really handy when you are trying to quickly enter an address. Not supported in the NuVI 360

    3) Next turn direction indicator not shown on screen. Even though you'll get the direction after a click, while driving, it makes a big difference to get to see this all the time

    4) Speed Limit not shown - The Navigon always shows the speed limit on the current road on screen. The NuVI knows internally what the speed limit is (try using the "simulation" mode, the simulated car will always travel at, or near, the valid speed limit for that road). However, this DOES NOT come up on screen and there's no way you'll get that information.

    5) Navigon's "Reality View" is an awesome help on highway bifurcations. Not available on any of the other products.

    Overall the NuVI 360 is a great "old" product. Good to see that Garmin has withdrawn it from the market....more info
  • Great GPS
    Awesome GPS!!! Garmin has the easiest to use and most accurate GPS systems, and this model is a great price for having the text to speech feature (announcing road names). My only complaint is the lack of a paper manual, because when you first get it you are so excited to use it and just go to your car with it to set up. However, setup and use are relatively easy and the accuracy and search features are right on....more info
  • The 360 has been a good first GPS Navigator
    This was the first GPS navigator that I've owned, I've had it for about 18 months now and I'll probably use it for another 4-5 years before I upgrade. I researched this a lot before I bought, comparing it to TomTom and Magellen's offerings. At the time they just didn't seem to have the feature set or map capabilities that Nuvi 360 had. That may have changed.

    I keep discovering more nice operational features every time I take it on a long trip. Mostly by accident, although I've surfed some GPS forums and found a few nice bits of info.

    1. Very good display, but my next will be bigger. Still I'd want the replacement to fit in my shirt pocket nearly as nicely as Nuvi does.
    2. Works very well with BlueTooth on my Blackberry Curve AFTER Garmin released the bug fix for it. No distortion. I use this a lot more than I thought I would.
    3. MP3 player is nice, but I've only used it on one trip where I was trying to reduce the amount of individual devices I was taking.
    4. Locking suction cup window mount works the best of any I've ever used. Only fallen off the windshield twice in over 12,000 highway miles.
    5. Touch screen works well, even with my "fat fingers".
    6. I like that it's smart enough to know what time the sun rises and sets and changes the display colors from day to night, although it's not smart enough to know when it's crossed timezones and reset the clock or arrival time.
    7. I like being able to download free "points of interest" from and install them using Garmin's free downloadable software.
    8. The ability to plug in an SD card to expand the memory has come in handy more than once. My SD card currently has a half dozen family photos and some MP3's.
    9. Relatively inexpensive map updates. [...]for the very expensive Alpine OEM Navi that came in my 2005 Honda Pilot. I'll never update the Pilot!

    1. All text-to-speech navigators have this problem, it has no etiquette when it comes to announcing directions! :) She just blurts them out no matter what else is going on at the time and tries to talk over the human beings in the car. This is typically met with the rowdier passengers asking "What's the b***** saying now???" And I haven't found any quick way to get her to repeat what she just said.
    2. Some maps are badly out of date. In 1983 a huge mudslide wiped out part of Highway 6 near Thistle, Utah. Twenty-five years later (!) Nuvi still thinks it's there and recalculates over and over as you drive the "new" two mile stretch. Also, there was supposed to be an Arby's in a very empty field near Cheyenne, Wyoming.
    3. No way to teach it a shortcut.
    4. I think some speed limits have been changed on I-90 in New York since Nuvi got updated. This summer I was traveling 5-10 mph faster than the posted 65 Mph speed limit and Nuvi kept adding time to my final arrival time. This didn't happen anywhere else. Usually my arrival time decreased.
    5. It would be nice to be able to select what 6 things are displayed on the page that shows Overall Avg, Moving Avg, Max Speed, etc. I flip back and forth between it and the map page to see how much distance I have left vs projected arrival time.
    6. I wish there was an option to show you just gas/food/lodging, etc. that are close to your projected forward path only, and not include the places you passed 2 miles back. Someday I might want to turn around and drive back 19 miles to a McDonalds, :) but mostly I want to know where the next one is coming up.
    7. I wish the keyboard screen was QWERTY instead of ABCDE.

    All in all it's been a good little helper and better than 98% of the time it gets us where we want to go in the most efficient manner.

    [...]....more info
  • A Winner for the Directionally Challenged
    I have had this Garmin nuvi 360 since February of '08 and have used the device on several trips since. I live in Illinois and have used the unit on local trips and long trips to Missouri, Kentucky, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Tennessee. First, let me say that I researched GPS units prior to purchasing this one. I went to the local stores and read on line reviews to help with the decision. I decided what features and price range worked best for me and chose this model.

    The 360 has the features I wanted in a GPS and the Amazon price saved me around $100 over Best Buy. The 3 1/2 inch screen is easily viewed in day and night modes and maneuvering from one menu to another is easy. I really like the way the unit announces directions and street names (Text-to-Speech) and appreciate being able to concentrate on driving, especially in city traffic, instead of on the map. The attention tone feature is also nice. This function sounds a chime immediately before an announcement so if you're visiting or listening to radio/stereo you can be ready to listen. The menu is packed full of locations organized in different categories. I like being able to look for gas stations, restaurants and stores while on the road. The built in Bluetooth was a main reason I got the 360. I particularly appreciate being able to make phone calls from the device. My wife and I used the Bluetooth several times on vacation to call hotels/stores while on the road. While I like the Bluetooth, I had complaints from several people on the receiving end of the conversation who said I sounded like I was in a tin can. They also complained of feed back. Perhaps the tin can affect is from cabin noise and distance from the unit. The feed back was probably a volume issue. I needed the volume set higher to hear directions but then the phone calls were really loud. I turned down the Garmin's volume a couple of notches during calls. I have found the Garmin's maps to be detailed and accurate for the most part. Although the screen of the Garmin cannot show a map like you see in a road atlas, you can scroll the map in order to look ahead on your route.

    As I mentioned above I have used the Garmin on several trips over a period of several months. I won't detail all of those trips but will say that the nuvi generally did an outstanding job on the highway and in the city. There have been instances where the unit took me to a place or street that had changed or the GPS got confused and kept telling me to turn when common sense, experience and maps dictated differently. The latter happened once when driving through Atlanta on the way to FL and again when we were within a few miles of an Army base. The vast majority of the time, however, the unit has performed quite well and rare errors in navigating were my fault and not the 360's.

    I do advise to keep map software updated. I updated the 360's map software prior to summer vacation driving and noticed a difference. I also want to include a warning: husbands beware. The first long trip on which I used the Garmin was to my mother-in-law's house in KY. Please note, I am directionally challenged, my wife is not. If you are traveling to your wife's childhood home and follow the GPS instead of your wife's directions you may encounter marital strife. Even though I keep the 360 set on "Fastest Route" most of the time and we went straight to her mother's house, my wife said there was a better, quicker way. I explained that I was following the Garmin for the sake of science but that didn't quite wash. Interestingly, on a return trip to the same place a few months later after I had updated the maps, the 360 used the route my wife suggested the first time.

    I do like this product but there is a learning period and I like directions. Garmin doesn't include the full manual with this unit. Instead, they include a quick guide. The full manual can be read on the computer but if you want a hard copy you'll have to print the 67 page manual yourself.

    Finally, a comment which is not specific to this Garmin product. I purchased Fodor's North America from Garmin for this nuvi's Travel Kit and have been disappointed. While I have used the extra, I haven't found the guide to be quite as helpful as I expected in locating and describing sites. ...more info
  • Excellent deal
    This was my first GPS, and I am pretty please with it. used it for about 4 weeks. Used it from Cedar Rapids,IA to Dallas,Tx and from Dallas,TX to Florida. worked pretty well and reliable. Good images & maps....more info
  • it was in great condition
    I really haven't use it for long, but it's great . the blue tooth is wonderful...more info
  • Great product for the price
    Great product for the price...has everything you need pretty much in a gps...bluetooth, navigation...could use a traffic thing though and sometimes the directions aren't always 100% correct...more info
  • Easy to use!
    Really great product! Easy to use once you get the hang of it. Takes a minute for it to get a signal but overall highly recommended!...more info
  • Great product
    I purchased this Nuvi as a birthday present for my boyfriend. He could hardly find his way out of a paper bag, until I gave him this. It really is great. It is as accurate as can be expected. However, on about the third day of use, after being fully charged, we used it and it quit. We didn't know what was wrong because there was no warning for the battery, and it wasn't on low, it just stopped working. This was unfortunate because we really didn't know where we were going and didn't take the charger. We made it home and charged it, and it seems to be fine now. The mount that it comes with isn't the best, either. We live in Florida, so I realize the conditions are a bit more extreme than in other places.

    great screen size
    loud volume
    accurate directions
    great features (including the bluetooth)

    random battery failure
    faulty windshield attachment device

    Overall, we would totally recommend the Nuvi 360 to others. Though, Garmin's discontinued policy is a bit strange. ...more info
  • Solid GPS unit
    I bought the Nuvi 360 and immediately downloaded the 2009 maps on Garmin, which are free for 1 month. The unit has proven to be very solid, despite having a few hiccups. Moving from Florida to New Jersey has allowed me the time to see the unit in action.

    The Nuvi 360 is a very solid GPS unit despite not always finding the quickest route to one's destination. The bluetooth has worked very well and the unit overall has served my needs......

    For the money, the Nuvi 360 is a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a GPS unit....more info
  • Single design flaw is a deal-breaker
    I've been using the nuvi360 for about 8 months now, and while it's been a lifesaver, it hasn't done anything that any other GPS could do. My biggest problem is that the screen is polarized 90 degrees off axis. If you're using polarized glasses the screen is black. I've driven about 3500 miles this summer and had to use the thing at a goofy 45 degree angle and tip my head just so I could see the screen. The only reason I didn't return it is because it was a gift.

    This is a major engineering blunder in the screen fabrication. There are tons of alternatives out there. Get one of those instead....more info
  • a good purchase
    This is one of the best things I have ever bought. I love it. It's very accurate. I love that it has bluetooth, I can call and receives call from the device. When I sync my phone with device it copied my phone book. The only thing about this (which is not a big deal) is that the semulated car never gets to the finish line. I like this GPS and it's better than the other one I have tried....more info
  • Great Navigator for a Cross Country Road Trip
    Overall, very satisfied with this GPS and its features, well worth the relative price would have given 4.5 stars if available. I purchased this GPS just days before a roadtrip across the states. Using for more than 4200 miles along the trip I learned many of its uses and limitations. First though, setup is quite intuitive and easy to master, I spent just minutes configuring the setup without instructions. However, after registering online, I found that new firmware and software was available for my unit. I spent a few hours downloading everything to my computer and uploading it to the the unit. Garmin's customer support is great but you have to wait for long periods on hold. The database is huge and takes a computer with significant harddrive space (about 10GB) to load. The database still isn't perfect (few misnamed fuel stations and out of business restaurants) but it worked quite well throughout the trip. The popup antenna quickly acquires satellites no matter the location. The Sirf technology is very accurate and will calculate if you are off route in just seconds. It will always put you on the fastest or shortest route. However, it will not allow you calculate a scenic route. Overall it was a very comforting item to have at night or when driving to an area where we didn't have a detailed map. The Bluetooth feature is great, not only to answer calls but to call numbers in the database automatically. The speaker is a bit tinny but overall works well. I have not used the MP3 player or the Book Reader. I've tried other friends GPS navigators (Tom Tom One and Garmin 260) and just wasn't satisfied with the performance or the database features. This GPS navigator works very well and we are glad we got it....more info
  • nuvi 360
    This is a great product. The voice commands with street names is extremely helpful. Would recommend updating the maps right away. Highly recommend product and GARMIN company. GARMIN International technical support was great when I had trouble downloading on my 10 year old computer - they talked me through the process step by step....more info
  • Best in class!
    Recently, I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 260 for my mother who is technologically challenged at best. She picked it right up and used it! I then started shopping for a GPS for myself. I knew that I wanted a Garmin, but I wanted bluetooth as well. I did some research and found the Nuvi 360 at the top of every list. How right the reviews are!!! I love mine... and get I was talking via the bluetooth speaker to my dad and he said it sounded better than any headset and maybe better than the phone itself! The bluetooth is a very nice feature. I had no problems pairing it with my iPhone which I was worried about. The text-to-speech is great and the voice interface is very clear. All and all a great product for the money!...more info
  • Great mobile GPS and Bluetooth system
    I got a Garmin Nuvi 360 for my birthday from my husband. I needed a Bluetooth handsfree system for my car because of California Law. Instead of just getting the bluetooth, we looked at the Garmin to have both bluetooth and navigation.

    * easy to set up
    * hooks up to my laptop PC and the internet, easy to upgrade map from the internet, but does take some time to download
    * like the size of it, can keep in my purse
    * like the directions and the maps
    * gives voice directions
    * touch screen interface
    * Bluetooth - hooked up to my iPhone. When I first tried it, it kept on disconnecting repetitively for no reason. I finally went online and got an upgrade to the iPhone software and that fixed the problem! now it pairs and connects seamlessly as soon as the Nuvi is turned on.
    * seems to have all the updated restaurants!

    * wish it had a QWERTY keyboard instead of alphabetical
    * bluetooth speaker - I wish it can be a little louder because road noise drowns it out sometimes. On the other end, people say it has an echo quality.
    * need to get another piece of hardware to use the traffic updates feature
    ...more info
  • Garmen GPS nuvi 360
    Very Pleased. Working right out of the box--hardest part was updating the maps online, if I had to do it again I would buy the disk to do the updating, even with a high speed DSL it was very time consuming.

    Like the ease of use, works well here in Texa. If I had it to do again, I might buy the larger screen size. All in All a very good product...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    I like the Nuvi 360 very much. The only problem I had was the maps were old and I had to download the 2009 maps and that took awhile on my computer. People are not aware of what year is available. I just happened to look on the Garmin website and saw the new maps. Maybe your company can have the maps downloaded before you sell it....more info
  • Excellent choice and purchase
    So glad to order this Garmin product. Exactly meets our needs and performs beyond expectations. Would have paid more for more functions, but found they were not necessary. This product has already got me out of several situations of being lost in a nearby town and and also consistently and very accurately figured out the correct drive times to various destinations, despite road conditions. Wonderful functions, beautiful maps, lots of great functions and intuitively easy to use.
    Wonderful product!...more info
  • Great GPS
    This GPS works great. The announcements by street name is a big plus over previous GPSs. I have used it on several trips now and found it to be quite reliable, easily recalculates routes when needed. It also does a good job of determining your new location (ex: use it to get to airport in point A, fly across country to point B, it will determine that you are in point B now in under 5 minutes). I have used other GPS units that take a very long time, 30 minutes or more to make this determination. I would like to volume to be a little louder or have the speaker in the front. But this is not a big enough problem from my recommending it to others. I would buy the unit again....more info
  • Great GPS Good Price
    I took my new Garmin NUVI 360 on my trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to Yellowstone. It worked great for most of the time even in very remote areas. I also got a GPS on my rental car but Garmin NUVI 360 outperform all the time. One limitation on GPS in general is that you have to have the exact street address in order to search for the best route. Without the street address, it is very hard to use the GPS function between different states. For example, I could not ask the GPS to pick a route for me from SLC to Yellowstone since I did not have the a street address of Yellowstone in Wyoming. Yet, once I was in Wyoming, I could use the "Attraction" function to look for Yellowstone. So, for cross country or states trip and you don't really have the street address of your destination, it will be helpful to print out a route from the internet first.
    ...more info
  • Never wander again
    I can only say that the Garmin 360 exceeded my expectations. There are clearly other products out there and I took the time to review them and settled on the Garmin. The naming of the upcoming street is a real plus. The overall package of features on the 360 Nuvi was just right for my intended use. The smaller screen is offset by the turn-by-turn voice feature which names the streets and indicates L or R turn....more info
  • Love this thing
    Awsome product. It took about 30 mins to really figure this thing out but once I did it really works great. I love that you can bypass construction and it recalculates your route automatically. The bluetooth is awesome for hands free mobile. The website is great for all of your questions like "how do you get the thing to say the street names instead of turn left in 100 ft". Just change the voice and it says the street names. The thing fits right in my front pocket when I'm not in the car. I haven't quite figured out how to navigate on foot that well. I tried it once and it was a little difficult to follow. Overall I am completely satisfied....more info
  • Distorted Sound
    I own a Garmin Street Pilot C340 which has worked quite well for me in the past year and a half. I decided that I wanted a GPS that had a hands-free Bluetooth capability and because of the price, decided to get the Nuvi 360.

    I found that the interface was very easy to use and similar to the Street Pilot. The directions worked great and initially I was very pleased with the purchase. Garmin really does a great job with their ease of use.

    After connecting the Nuvi with my iPhone (which was easy) I was excited to put the Bluetooth to the test. Sadly, while talking through the Nuvi, the people on the other end sounded more like Charlie Brown's teacher than a normal person. It was virtually impossible to hear as the voices on the other end were so distorted. I certainly did not expect it to be crystal clear (because of the speaker size) but did expect that I could understand the conversation.

    Due to my reason for buying this, I am going to send this back and hang on to my StreetPilot for a while. I noticed that some more expensive Nuvi models have wireless FM receivers, allowing you to talk through your car speaker. I'll wait until those go down in price and then try one of those!...more info
  • cryptic instructions, where is cust support?
    Had my Garmin 360 a couple weeks, and the suction cup keeps falling off the windshield, dumping the whole thing on the floor. So I decided to go to the Garmin web site to see if I can get a new suction cup. Somehow I end up downloading a new map.
    Well, thats fine - I'd like the latest map. So, about an hour later (totally tying up my PC) it's downloaded and ready to install the update. Now the install window is asking for my product code that comes with the "Install disk". I don't know what they mean by the "install disk", there was no such disk - there is a CD with the owner's manual - but it has no "product code" on it. What is the stupid "product code"? All I find in the plethora of paper that came with this unit is a serial number, a registration code, and an unlock code. None of these worked in the update install. This is very frustrating and I can't find a number for customer support.
    Anyway, hence the 2 stars....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS
    Great! Love the text-to-speech feature. Compact; fits in my purse. Works unplugged long enough for most trips. I just sit it on the dash or console. Get one!...more info
  • Great functionality, poor support
    I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 360 from Amazon in March 2007 and my wife and I have used it extensively for a year and a half. I have tried other GPS devices such as a Loox which I purchased for our second car. I would say that the Garmin is about the best unit out there in terms of its ease of use and functionality. It's easy to find addresses and points of interest, the speaking feature works pretty well (less a few mispronunciations here and there), and it has pretty good battery life.

    As others have mentioned, the Bluetooth speakerphone feature is overrated and I would advise skipping it unless you have a compelling need. It's handy for dialing up a business such as a restaurant while you're navigating there (assuming you own a bluetooth phone), but honestly how often do you need to do that? Maybe it's good for a restaurant reviewer who eats out seven days a week. Plus, I have found that my cell phone's speaker is clearer than that of the Nuvi 360.

    Now when it comes to updating the maps, you will need to pay Garmin $60. I consider this a rather steep price and I think they should charge more like $20. Furthermore, and more serious than that, is the infamous power switch problem. If you search on the web for "Garmin Nuvi power switch" you will discover a lot of irate Garmin owners with units that won't power on because of stiff power switches. Apparently it's a design defect. When our power switch started getting hard to use, I emailed customer support and was told that it would cost $199 to repair it (no, I'm not kidding) because it was out of warranty. When I wrote back and informed them that this appeared to be a common problem, and so maybe they could consider it a warranty repair, they wrote back and said no.

    Now, for $199 you can buy a comparable GPS (we paid over $400 for this unit way back when). Obviously I wasn't about to send them this kind of money to fix a factory defect. Words to the wise--unless Garmin has fixed this problem, I would consider some of the alternatives....more info
  • Never works when needed
    My Garmin Nuvi was working fine for an year and stopped acquiring the satellites whenever I want to use it. I upgraded the software to 4.7 and it started showing wrong time. It neither shows the maps nor does not show time. Waste of money....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Great product, I had a Nuvi 350 before and it had issues. It was stolen so I replaced with this one, the 360. Much better and much faster at locating satellites. Also not as many issues with the keyboard. I would highly recommend this to anyone that travels often....more info
  • good to go
    it is small and easy to use. signal is always good no matter that you are under the gorge or on the top of the mountain...more info
  • Garmin 360 nuvi GPS unit
    I purchase my Garmin 360 nuvi a few weeks ago and I took a trip to a small place in the mountains of Tennessee. I was surprised to witness all of the short cuts that I took and ended up at the address that I had selected. I have had the unit to come loose from the windshield a couple of times and luckly it did not break. I have since order a mount that sets on the dash. I have been very pleased with it's performance. I looked a some other units that were older models but feel that I made the best choice....more info
  • An Absolute Must Have
    I am not usually into toys, but I have forever taking off for a destination without really knowing where I'm going. I borrowed my son's Garmin for a trip and just loved it. (I had previously purchased the Street Pilot which I found too bulky). This model is easy to walk around. I find the directions good 80% of time. I wish they would give you option to take route with mostly freeways or surface streets, They do allow detours so you can change the route. I love the bluetooth capability that pairs with my need for handsfree device, and the microphone has excellent volume (easy to hear as a receiver and sender). I also really love I can find restaurants in the area as well as other pertinent sites. I got a case, and 2 chargers (AC/DC outlet and auto), and dashboard mounting paraphrenalia with the device. This is a great GPS....more info
  • Excellent product
    It is an excellent product. There is no need to buy expensive nuvi 760, it serves the purpose for going from point A to B. Screen is bright and big enough. I dont think one should be paying premium cost for big screen. Voice is loud and clear there is no need to sync with FM radio. It also has detour option for adding stop just as nuvi 760. Bluetooth is excellent.

    Only thing I didnt like is that Garmin didnt supply proper attachment for dashboard. One has to stick the plate on dashboard.

    I am happy with the product....more info
  • Maps Not Complete
    After much research I purchased teh Garmin 360, but I am sad to say that I am not as pleased as I had hoped. Even after the free update, the maps do not pick up many streets that have been existing for many years. On a recent trip from Indianpolis to Cincinnati, the unit sent me in the entirely wrong direction away from Cincinnati. Thank goodness I knew where I was going and made a correction.

    The spoken name of the street works very well....more info
  • garmin 360
    excellent product does everything I need it to and them some well worth the money. I recommend the garmin nuvi 360 to everyone.
    ...more info
  • One of the best GPS EVER PERIOD.
    From speech to navi this thing works very good i kid u not a must buy for those who likes to travel or just to explore the city,but i tell u one thing u will not get LOST so go out and travel without fear....more info
  • This IS your father's GPS device
    I did a lot of research before I bought my Garmin nuvi 360, and I'm pretty sure that it's the best portable, GPS-dedicated device on the market at this price point. I like it. It's small, light, bright, sufficiently loud, easy to learn, and it's never gotten me stuck on the wrong end of a dark and dangerous blind alley at midnight. It even does fairly well in San Francisco, where streets are more like tiny, curvy capillaries than big veins or arteries. If you're determined to buy a portable GPS come heck or high water, stop reading, buy this one, and rest easy that you've made a sensible decision.

    Having said that, I think that the reviews here are a smidge on the happy-happy side. I'm really glad that people love their Garmins, but I have to wonder...compared to what? If the comparison is with being lost, I give it 5 stars. If the comparison is with with Rand McNally, a hastily-printed Mapquest map, or your friend's distracted phone directions("Uh, you'll see a red building on the,'s white but it has a red ROOF,'ll know it when you see it, really"), ditto. If the comparison is with other portable GPS devices, then I say four stars, three cheers, and happy driving.

    If the comparison is with what OUGHT to be, however (As in, if you visited Amazon review pages to see if it's worth buying a Garmin GPS at all, not whether you should buy a Garmin GIVEN THAT you've already decided to buy a GPS device), I have to knock one big star down and point out some areas of improvement for the good, hardworking folks at Garmin:

    First, I'm not convinced that a dedicated-GPS device should take 10 minutes to find a satellite. If my cell phone can pinpoint my location in 5 seconds, shouldn't the Garmin be able to compete within an order of magnitude....or even two? All too frequently, however, I have to "trick" the Garmin into finding my location by plugging it in (if it's not already plugged in), unplugging it (if it is), or rebooting it entirely. Second, the ABCD alphabetic keyboard is far less convenient than a QWERTY keyboard, and I don't see an option to switch. Third, the feature that allows one to type in the name of a shop or restaurant and be directed directly toward it without going through the intermediate step of entering the address has worked for me approximately 1 out of 10 times. Ten percent isn't a great hit rate, and when I got to 10 I just stopped trying. I'm sure this is one of the more difficult features, as shop names change frequently and cities have a high density of urban retailers. But basically, unless my goal is to track down the nearest Big Mac or bucket o' Colonel's special recipe (infrequent), then this feature isn't helping me get to my dinner any faster. :) Fifth (am I really up to 5 already?), I have to point out that the design of the Garmin is nice, but underwhelming. Yes, it's small and light and silver, but...? Has anyone seen the iPhone lately? I'm not suggesting that the Garmin match Apple's gorgeous design standards or that they hire a designer from Herman Miller, a Koolhaus apprentice, a MOMA artist, or that guy who designs cool stuff for Target, but I bet they could do better if they tried. The Garmin is to what portable GPS devices could be as your mother's first home computer was to today's sleek designs. Lastly, the windshield mount that it comes with is pretty cheesy. Mine falls off a lot, and I've had to order a new mounting to avoid holding this in my lap while I drive.

    In all, not a bad product and I'd buy it again, but it came out of the box feeling like Old Technology. It's only truly impressive if you don't have other options, and with iPhone and Google maps (and who knows what else) sighting down the personal navigation market, I have an uncomfortable feeling that my 250 dollar Garmin will be donated to Goodwill before the decade is out. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I have been very pleased with the purchase of my Garmin. The Bluetooth options is awesome and works like a charm. I have downloaded one upgrade without any issues. This GPS has never let us down, and has been a lifesaver and timesaver on many short and long trips. Thanks Garmin and Amazon....more info
  • Garmin NUVI 360
    I bought this for my husband and he absolutley loves it. I don't like to travel far and I found using this and going the distance I have no problem or fear of being to far away from home or getting lost. We showed this product to a couple of our freinds and they immediately put their orders in for one. We liked it so much we bought 3 more for our kids for Christmas! ...more info
  • My Garmin nuvi 360
    I am still learning how to use my garmin nuvi 360, however, so far I am very pleased with it. It has been a life saver as I travel to unknown areas. My 82 years old mom is amazed by it! She loves it too!!...more info
  • convenient and almost indispensible
    The Nuvi 360 is very easy to use, and very helpful. The bluetooth feature is a very helpful convenience, even tho the sound quality is not high quality, but good enough for telephone use. The maps are clear, and the menus are easy to follow....more info
  • More than a Gps device
    Slim and pocketabl, this GPS is not just for driving directions but also connected by bluetooth to my smartphone for hands free driving. The nice bright screen works well with maps, but also is handy as picture viewer for my jpg images. (The screen is certainly larger than my camera's. I used a 2 gb SD card I had lying around). I started an Audible acoount and the audiobook transferred smoothly to the device. I appreciate being able to bookmark the place that I stopped at for easy restarting. I also tranferred some podcasts to the Nuvi and it did fairly well as an MP3 player.

    Pros: Bright screen, Smooth map movemnent while driving, reasonably accurate directions. Great for audible, podcasts and jpgs. Standard mini USB plug for power (same as my smartphone) Street names are pronounced in a recognizable fashion. Pocketable. Fairly reasonable battery life. Snappy rerouting when off course.

    Cons: Pokey boot sequence. Needs to have unit's antenna(?) swiveled open in the back for GPS navigation. Didn't pair nicely with my wife's Treo...more info
  • Affordable and effective GPS
    I used to have a Garmin iquee3600, which served its purpose but took a really long time to receive the signal of our position. I switched to the Garmin 360 when the price dropped to just $212 on Amazon.

    1) The blue-tooth connection capability is great for using the GPS unit as a handsfree device instead of fiddling with earpieces when driving.
    2) The unit can call out to restaurants and make reservations whilst you're driving on the road, which is so convenient if you're the sort who likes to make last minute decisions about where to go and still wanna call ahead to book a table where you eat.
    3) The signal search is swift, no more than 2-3 seconds on any road. The only time it wasn't able to was when I'm still in the carport, but once I pull out and am seconds on the road, the signal locks on and I'm all set.
    4) I love the touch sensitivity and the design of the interface. The tones made whenever you touch the screen is pretty cute and makes you feel like it's all fun and games.

    1) It's not as fast as the iquee3600 to capture a new place you wanna go. The iquee3600 is a PDA, so it practically lists the entire 6 million places of interests/food places etc immediately and narrows it down as you key in the name of the place. That is a feature I miss on the Garmin 360. The Garmin 360 tries to pull out data really slow, between 3-10 seconds depending on how far the place is from where I'm currently located. Most times, it wasn't able to pull our the data that I want in comparison to my iquee 3600, but I use both units side by side, so if I'm looking for a new place, I'll find the address on the iquee3600 and then key it in to the Garmin 360.
    2) It doesn't come with a bean-bag, so you'll have to buy it separate if your state (I'm in California) doesn't allow wind-shield mounts. I just use it on my iquee 3600's bean bag with a bit a sticky tac and clever wiring of the unit onto the bag.

    Overall, it's an awesome unit and totally deserving of the 5 stars rating. Anyone looking to get one should really consider the Garmin 360. ...more info
  • Excellent performer - experience of a novice
    This is my first GPS unit and I am pleasantly surprised. After I received the Nuvi 360 I updated the software and maps to the current versions. The process (really the maps) took some time, but was completed without any problem.
    I am just back from a visit to New York City and New Jersey, the unit worked flawlessly and performed beyond my expectations. I experienced no problems with the loss of satellites while driving between the tall buildings in Manhattan. The 360's navigation accuracy is surprising. I was impressed as it even continued to navigate and give directions while in the Holland and other tunnels (without satellites). It was great to be reminded of what to do when you get out at the other end of the tunnel. (I assume it is storing the information in memory before you enter into the tunnel)
    As a novice I had my preconceived ideas of GPS, i.e. only useful to get to a destination. The other functions I considered unnecessary if not useless. Was I wrong? In addition to getting me to where I wanted to be very satisfactorily, I will share my experience with some of the other functions:
    * Shortcuts - I am glad I have read the manual before the time. I used the suggested "shortcuts" all the time.
    * The speaker volume was adequate and I had it for the most part at about 쩐 of its capacity.
    * The trip information page is interesting, but it is not essential. Nonetheless, as it is there, why not?
    * Trip and preview page - Used it often to get a better understanding of what was ahead. It is an essential function.
    * Next turn page - Used it often to get a better view of what is coming and to confirm instructions. It is an essential function.
    * Text to speech - I under estimated its value. It is very helpful, especially in a city like NY, to have the street names spoken. That way I could listen and concentrate and keep my eyes on the road and traffic around me. Based on my experience it is essential and I will not consider a model without this capability.
    * After using it I appreciate how well the "Go to" has been designed. The POI information is not only convenient, I found it very useful. For instance, to refill the rental before I dropped it at the airport I could locate a gas station near the airport, enter it as a "via point" and get to the drop off area in the least amount of time. The battle to look for a gas station near the airport is now of the past and I will always use this function in the future.
    * Bluetooth - A function I considered unnecessary. Yet, I used it all the time.
    * MP3, Audio Books, FM, etc. I have not used it and still consider it gimmicks. However, it may just be that I will change my mind again once I have.
    As I am traveling often and, hence, am renting cars, it must be convenient to carry the Nuvi with me. Therefore, the "size of a set of cards" of the smaller screen Nuvi 360 is very convenient. I never found the screen uncomfortable or too small. I don't know what the bigger screen Nuvis are like; however, as I am going to have it with me ALL THE TIME in the future, I prefer the smaller format.
    I also bought the Nuvi "Portable Friction Mount Part Number: 010-10908-00". What a useful and innovative product. It is an excellent accessory and I have no intention to ever install the suction cup mount that comes standard. If you travel in many different cars this is a must have.
    In summary, I have no experience with other GPS systems (Magellan, TomTom, etc.) or Nuvi models, but am very satisfied with the 360. In fact, it will in the future always travel with me. The only question I have is: How did I in the past get along without one?

    An update - after more experience

    In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to test the Nuvi 360 in different locations. I flew to Nashville, TN to visit the Center Hill dam and looked at property around the Old Hickory Lake including Henderson. I then flew to Florida where I visited the Tampa/St Petersburg/Clearwater areas on the Gulf coast, Ocala, Orlando inland and the Merit Island/Cocoa Beach areas on the east coast. From Tampa I flew to San Francisco to visit Oakland and Concord.

    In summary the Nuvi 360 performed spectacular at all locations. Having read many of the reviews I gave particular attention to some of the criticisms. Here are my experiences:
    * I never had a problem with satellite reception, nor did I have to wait "long" for it to connect on startup. (Some reviews mentions 10 minutes. I don't know their locations, but it never happened to me.)
    * The Nuvi was always accurate and took me straight to my destinations.
    * The POI information was very handy, accurate and useful. I used it all the time to get to my hotel, find a gas station and to decide where to eat. The data base is really good.
    * However, once you have a detour/"via point" programmed, it is not easy to change it. It happened a few times that I had a gas station in as a "via point" on my way to my hotel. Later I decided to go eat first and then go for gas, or to go directly to my destination to fill up later. I had to "stop"/cancel the whole trip, lose the destination, and reprogram it from the start. Garmin customer support says there is no other way. However, I would love to know if there is anyone who has a workaround for this limitation.
    * I added a 4 GB SDHC memory card to use the Nuvi as a MP3 player. It works well and is a benefit. Although I am not a music fanatic it allows me to download interesting programs and discussions to listen to while driving. It makes the long trips more bearable. Having the Nuvi coordinating the interaction between my cell phone (blue tooth), MP3 and driving directions is very convenient. I have to confess that I changed my opinion and, although not essential, I am very glad that the MP3 feature is available on the Nuvi 360.
    * I added a "dubbing" or MP3 stereo connection cable to my standard travelling accessories. Playing through the car's radio improves the sound significantly on long trips (and for use as a MP3 player). For short trips, in my opinion, the Nuvi's sound is good enough and not worth the effort. I added to my car rental "profile" that my rental car should have a MP3 accessory connection on its radio.
    * I tried to create a GPX waypoint and saved it on the SD memory card. Unfortunately, Garmin's information on this topic is very flimsy. Although I succeeded I am not comfortable that I did it right or on how to edit and manage the file I created. I wish they could post better instructions on their website.
    * Talking about Garmin, apparently the current software for the 360 is version 4.7 and not 4.6 as stated on the Garmin website. I received an e-mail from Garmin Technical Support stating that version 4.6 is the current update for the 660, but the update for the 360 is 4.7.
    * The arrival estimates (ETA) of the Nuvi were amazingly accurate. When I was able to maintain the speed limits I consistently arrived at my destination on the time estimated by the Nuvi when I started the trip. Of course, if I had traffic delays it adjusted the ETA accordingly.
    * I have the Nuvi on "Shortest Time" as criteria to calculate the route. It seems that it considers the speed limits on various possible roads and logically puts one on a route where the allowable speed limits are higher (Although it is a longer route the higher speed limits should in theory get you to your destination sooner.). Consequently, it will select main streets rather than smaller and sometimes "better" backstreets. I developed a workaround for this issue that works for me. If I steer to the route that I know from experience is a "better" route it will assume that I made a wrong turn and will automatically recalculate and direct me back to the "less desirable" mathematically faster route. However, if I hit "Recalculate" it will reprogram and as a rule put me on the "better" backstreet route I know. Only once did I have to hit "Recalculate" twice before it established the route that I know from experience to be the "best" route. Personally I think that is pretty good and I have confidence to trust the Nuvi when I am at unfamiliar locations. I don't know what the results will be if one chooses "Shortest Distance" as the calculating criteria. As I have confidence in and am satisfied with the current results I will leave it on shortest time and just hit "Recalculate" if I suspect that, or want to check if there is a better route.
    * Usually the rental car company is situated in a parking garage at the airport. If one, while in the parking garage, program the Nuvi to your destination it will unsuccessfully attempt to find satellites. Should you not get out of the facility into the open fast enough it will ask if you are under cover. An irritation I encountered is that if you dare to say "yes" it turns off the antenna and will not turn it on again automatically to find the satellites when you actually get into the open. One has to reboot the unit and reprogram the route over again. That can be dangerous if, on exit from the parking garage, you find yourself in traffic at a strange location. My workaround for the moment is to not turn it on until I am in a position where it can find satellites. However, I will keep on testing potential workarounds as I consider it important to have the route programmed and ready before I start driving.
    * Another problem I experienced was on arrival in San Francisco from Tampa. On leaving the rental car facility at San Francisco airport the Nuvi (recognizing that the satellites locations were not as it calculated) asked if I was hundreds of miles away from my previous location. I said yes and it cleverly and expeditiously established my new location. However, when I "spelled" my city to go to as Concord it would find every city with the name Concord in almost every other State but the one in California. I repeated the process a few times with the same result. After a few minutes, somehow, suddenly, there Concord, CA was offered.

    In summary and after hours and many miles of use at many different locations, I must still give it the highest rating. I am very satisfied and can recommend it strongly. For a person who travels a lot, the Nuvi 360 GPS is one of the best innovations you can have. The very high ratings of so many users are for a good reason.

    ...more info
  • Nice unit. Vol should get louder.
    Had a Garmin Ique3600 palm based unit before this, so that is what I judge against. Nuvi has 3d view which is nice, but kind of cartoony compared to a standard 2d overhead view. 2d can be selected also on the Nuvi. I use 3d and then slide to drag the map and it switches to a 2d overhead view complete with distance scale (that is missing on the 3d view because the distances are not linear).
    - Likes:
    -New map (allowed 2gig download of version 2009 maps no problem)
    -Suction cup is solid mount.
    -Power cord connects to MOUNT, not unit like the newer 200 Nuvi units.
    -Easy to remove and reinstall to mount with one hand. Tomtom XL one mount stinks.
    -Easy to get to volume and brightness control
    -Phone Bluetooth works great with a Motorola Razor 3v. Pulls contact and last called, ect from the phone to the unit.
    -Point of interests can easily 1 button dial a hotel or restaurant when bluetooth is connected to phone. (Find location and press DIAL button to ask for reservations etc.)
    -Very sensitive antenna.
    -Accurate time estimates (250 mile trip off 5 minutes from intial Est! Tomtom XLone off by HOURS!
    -Routing takes more side roads than the Ique ever did.
    -Volume should be louder. Wife has a convertible Mustang GT and all the way up there is NO WAY the phone option is loud enough. Even in a Caravan it is JUST loud enough cranked all the way up. The Tomtom XL1 is much louder, but has limits of its own.

    Overall good replacement for the Ique3600, but wish the volume was louder and the routing more like the Ique way. (Phone thing rocks though!)
    ...more info
  • Instead of 360, get the 660 instead for brighter screen and bluetooth.
    I initially got the 360 because I got 650 for my daughter earlier. However I found that 360 is not very bright compared to 650. So I returned and got 660 for my wife. My new LG Dare phone does not yet bluetooth with the GPS device, but once that is up and running the usefulness can be appreciated by dialling POI (point of interest) straight from the screen of 660. THE UNIT IS VERY RELIABLE AND DEPENDABLE. Thats my friend is the bottom line. If you want to save money and dont care for the bluetooth on the GPS, go for the 650 instead....more info
  • Not perfect but a Big Help
    This product has been a savior when trying to get around town. It has directed me down a few dead-end streets that probably show as going through on the maps. My only real complaint is the the window holder that came with the unit broke on the first hot day, now I'm propping it up in the ash tray. ...more info
  • Garmin nvi 360
    Did some research before purchasing this unit. Turned out to be the right decision. Easy to use and has all the features I needed. To date I have only one complaint. After entering my home address I am advised that there is no such address. When being directed back to the road I live on, the directions take me 10 miles out of the way in a half circular route. Not sure what to blame for that. No other complaints. ...more info
  • Excellent
    I recently moved to a new city and did not know the layout of where things were. I made a go at printing down maps and direction from google and the likes but somehow driving and looking at a piece of paper often led to a few scary moments, in came the nuvi 360. Right off the bat the ability to program the directions and have the direction spoken to you as well as shown on a map made my getting around a simple feat. The garmin was simple and intuitive making it easy to understand and to use. Added to this was the food, gas feature which pointed the nearest gas station or your favorite eatery from your present location. I definetly recommend this product to anyone interested....more info
  • Great GPS!
    After doing a lot of research around the internet, I bought this model. (It was between this one and the same model without the bluetooth option. I went with the bluetooth option thinking I would use my cell phone with it and be a safer driver, but don't use it.)

    As far as how it does what it is supposed to do - get you there with great directions - it is flawless. We drove from Massachusetts to Myrtle Beach, then Orlando and then back to Massachusetts - and this thing made the trip easy!

    The display is bright and easy to see, the menus are easy to use and finding points of interest is a breeze. It was great when we needed to find a place to stay for the night, for example. We asked it to show us the hotels close to where we were while on I-95 near Washington, called three (phone numbers are right on the screen) and ended up getting a great 'last minute' deal at a Clarion Suites. A $250 room for $89. This Garmin will pay for itself in no time!

    The mounting bracket is easy to take on and off the windshield, and is rock solid when attached. Even the way they designed how the wires attach to it and your car's power outlet show a lot of thought. The wire is attached to the mounting bracket, on the back of it, so it hangs with little fuss.

    The battery seems to last a long time on a charge as well. The choice of voices and vehicle icons are fun - we settled on Jack from the U.S. and the vacation station wagon. Text to speech is fun as well, as it actually reads the names of places you add to it's memory. Instead of 'Home', for example, I have it actually say our family's name and then the word residence - it does it perfectly.

    This unit is the best in it's price class!

    I'm not using the bluetooth option yet, because the first time I tried it to call home from the car my wife said it was hard to understand me (although I could hear her just fine). I haven't taken the time since then to see if I could tweak it. It dies, however, know that I am in the car with my phone in my pocket without having to do a thing - so I know bluetooth works.

    Buy this one!!
    ...more info
  • Excellent GPS

    -Bluetooth: I debated whether or not to get this unit or one of the lower ones with no bluetooth, but for the price difference (from my research it was only around a $40 difference), I decided to go with the bluetooth. I had heard all kinds of things about pairing problems and address books not being sent, but it has worked flawlessly with my Blackberry (Pearl 8130). The unit's speaker is clear and loud enough for talking on it as your hands free unit, and it's so nice to be able to see who's calling without digging around in your pocket when your phone rings. Definitely worth it.

    -Navigation: I don't have a lot of experience with other GPS units so I can't compare, but this gets me where I need to go pretty darn well. There seems to be an affinity with this (and all GPS/mapquest/navigation aids) with "county routes", I don't know about anyone else but in the tri-state area, CR's are incredibly easy to get lost on, and generally most people know county routes by other names (i.e. call it "Ringwood Ave", don't call it CR-511 I have no idea what that is). But this is ok because the screen is so clear on where you have to turn, and the text-to-speech does a wonderful job of making sure you know which way you're going to be turning. There was an area in North Jersey that is an absolute cluster [expletive deleted] of construction cones and roads diverted onto off ramps and god knows what else, and this did a flawless job of getting me through it painlessly. This unit also does a fantastically quick job of getting you on the right path again if you miss a turn. Obviously the most important factor in a GPS unit, and this does an A+ job.

    Ease of use/utility: Plug it in, turn it on, type in an address and press go. Doesn't get easier than that! I also love the small size, fits right into my pocket. I can use it to find my way around, find restaurants or movie theaters locally, and then dial them right from the Garmin and make reservations or get show times! I love this feature. Navigation is the most important factor, but this little gem does that great, and more.


    Finding a satellite signal: Luckily, this hasn't been a problem when I really was relying on it to find where I was going, but a lot of times when I have it on driving around an area I know, when it's first starting up, it takes a long time to find a signal, even on perfectly sunny days. It's to the point where I'm driving for ten minutes and it says "trouble finding signal" and then asks me what day it is and whether or not I'm indoors or have moved 1,000 miles away since my last use. The times this doesn't happen, it finds a signal almost instantaneously, and sometimes it's not quite ten minutes, but this happens more often than I had expected given all the reviews I read about how quickly it finds a signal.

    Windshield mount: After having it about a month, this has stopped working for the most part. The mount will stick, and then fall off after a little while. This is fairly annoying since it's the only mount I really feel like using (the suction one costs extra and is kind of unsightly, and the dashboard mount it comes with is more permanent).


    Music player/speaker: The music player is pretty cool, I have an SD disk in there with about a half a gig worth of music. The problem is, out of the box, this is impossible to use as a music player. Unlike the bluetooth phone which only is hard to hear if you're going 70 with the windows open, this sound quality is so poor with the internal speaker you won't be using it instead of your ipod or your cd player any time soon. With that said, a lot of new cars have AUX inputs in their cars, so all you need is a 3.5mm wire and you plug it right into the headphone jack, and then you've music through your car's stereo system. Not only that, you also would then get your GPS and phone through your stereo system. Not bad. If you don't have an AUX in, but you have a custom stereo, you can just get some standard Audio cables, plug 'em into the back of your stereo and accomplish the same thing. It's also neat that if you're playing music and using it to navigate, it will pause the music to issue voice directions, then resume where you left off in the song. It also does a nice job of not completely screwing you up if you don't know where you're going and you get a phone call on it. Click Answer or Ignore and it goes right back to the map. Nice. BUT, if you don't have an easy way of getting this hooked through your car's stereo system, the music player is kind of useless.


    Really, this is a great little unit. It does it's main function extremely well, and even though the speaker isn't the greatest, there are ways around that and there is real integration here with music, navigation and phone in one. If it weren't for some problems with sometimes getting a signal, and if the windshield mount wasn't largely dysfunctional, this would be an easy 5 star product. But even with those negative, this is an easy recommendation, it's more than worth the money now that the price has come down so much. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    Been using the Nuvi 360 (my first GPS) for several weeks now. I travel all over the U.S. and am impressed with its accuracy and POI in both cities and the boondocks. Initially, I had difficulty connecting my Blackberry Pearl to the 360, but one email to Garmin's famed Customer Service gave me an answer within 24 hours that solved the problem. I paid $239 at Beach Camera....more info
  • not as great as i thought it would be...
    ok so its definitely better than my previous gps (garmin nuvi 200) but not extremely happy with it. first off when i get a call via bluetooth, the voice doesnt come back on once my call disconnects. i emailed garmin and was given a link to upgrade something but i havent had the chance to try it yet. also, i used it for a trip to Ikea in Paramus, NJ. It was closed on Sundays so we went to the Ikea in Elizabeth and i could swear it took me thru every side street to get there! ARGH! Also, when it recalculates, it seems to make you flip a u-turn and try again instead of just re-routing you completely. on the other hand, it has come in handy for a couple other trips. the bluetooth is convenient, hopefully that link will fix my problem. ...more info
  • should have bought this sooner
    I cant live without my Garmin-I take it everywhere. I travel quite a bit for my job and I enjoy the fact that it is portable and light and can fit into my handbag. I recommend to all to get the beanbag for it as the suction plate doesnt hold....more info
  • Another win for Garmin!
    I received the Nuvi 360 as a gift from someone who felt I wouldn't buy it for myself. I have used various Garmin e-trex products over the years for navigation in the woods. I have been using GPS for about 18 years, mostly during my Forest Service Career. I live in Montana and did not think I'd need a "street navigator". As it turns out, I was called out on a Fire Assignment at 5am and did not have time to look at maps. I stuck the Nuvi on my windshield and typed in the address. I'd never tried it before. The Nuvi navigated me to the exact location (400 miles away), in faster time than the dispatchers had estimated. I am very impressed with the clarity of the screen, as well as the quality of the bluetooth. I had no problem initiating the bluetooth and all it's features with my LG-8350 cell. The antenna acquired the satellites very quickly and I never lost the signal. As I stated, I have used GPS units for a long time and Garmin has consistently provided the best products. I will stick with Garmin as long as they keep up the excellent work. Now, to replace my E-trex......more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    this is realy great...only one thing i lost in finding very new address...or I should say address of new community was not in map data.....more info
  • updated maps still not up to snuff
    The Garmin is a great unit, however we live in a rural area and the maps are very out of date. Roads that had been closed for 30 years are still listed as viable options. Also some roads are not named correctly anymore due to highway reconstruction. Hey garmin, how about a wiki site for updated roads that the users can use and update on their own....more info
  • Not perfect, but pretty close
    I got this GPS right as I moved to Hawaii. It has been a huge help getting around the island smoothly. A lot of the roads here on Oahu just change names suddenly and this product can seem a little confusing because of it. I haven't used it on the mainland, but I imagine it would work even better there. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking at a GPS. I have a handheld Garmin eTrex, so I already liked the company. And the price on is so much cheaper than what's out there in a lot of stores I looked at. I saved well over $100. Great product. Great investment if you hate getting lost and asking for directions....more info
  • decent product
    Well this is a handy gadget and surely lets you avoid pulling over to ask fordirections. I wanted the device to give me alternate route but it was adamant and did not give the alternate route though it would be a faster route. You have to first look the maps on a computer and not totally depend on the GPS. The bluetooth isa good feature but the speaker sound is not good enough to hear while driving on a freeway.The basic ones will still servethe purpose.
    ...more info
  • I LOVE my Garmin Nuvi 360!!!!
    I LOVE MY GARMIN NUVI 360!!!! From the moment I opened it the Nuvi has been my constant companion.

    It has saved me considerable gas as it finds either the fastest or shortest way for me to get wherever I'm going. When you're set in your ways about a particular route you could be wasting gas (which I was doing almost daily) and with gas prices being what they are anything that'll save gas consumption is ok with me. Every day has been an adventure with my Nuvi.

    I took a 300+ mile road trip with complete confidence that it would get me there, around the area and back. The friend I took with me doesn't normally drive and used the Nuvi for the first time with no problems. The screen is easy to see both in daylight and at night. At dusk it automatically goes to the night setting. That is SO cool.

    I live in NY so talking on the phone is a no-no. The Bluetooth feature makes it easy for me to talk, answer a call or make a call. I like loud music so the Nuvi makes it easy for me to see my incoming calls. I do plan to upgrade eventually to a Nuvi model that can go through my car radio. I'm gonna have to upgrade my radio too at that point (smile).

    I love the fact that I can search for a restaurant based on what I feel like having: American, BBQ, Spanish, French, and Italian etc...or search for shopping locations, movie theatre locations or SO much more.

    It is easy to set up and take down. I attach it to my windshield using the suction cup so it is easy for me to see and to input info. The only thing missing for me is the ability to change the ABC keyboard to QWERTY but that alone isn't enough to diminish my rating.

    I have not yet tapped all of the potential of this Nuvi and I look forward to trying.

    I will say again that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Garmin Nuvi 360!!!!...more info
  • overall great product
    Overall it is a great product, which takes you wherever you wanna be.

    Many pros, which so many people already said.

    Some cons:
    1, the time to acquire signals can be very long sometimes.
    2, I hope there is an arrow on the screen, which shows the direction of next turn.
    3, recalculation is a little slow, which may be frustrating when roads are very close in some areas.

    I would recommend this to people....more info
  • Fantastic product...leads me all the way.
    So after quite a bit of research I bought the Nuvi 360 as a birthday gift to wife says I'm too picky for her to chose a GPS for me (she knows me pretty well). No disappointments here!
    Got it fast, just in time for our summer vacation trip to east Tennessee. It took us straight to the cabin on the lake, and was accurate both in directions and time of arrival. It's amusing how the voice sounds agitated when it says "recalculating" as you make a different turn than directed (we pulled off at an exit to do some shopping before continuing on our way). But once on our way again it was right on track. I've tested it a couple of times and found a couple of small glitches in my hometown (population 13,000). One was a dead-end street the Nuvi thought continued to another street a block away. No big far as I'm concerned that's to be expected. They can't know everything. Got to test out the "Detour" function with all the highway construction in Knoxville. The Nuvi found the next closest route and moved us right back on track.
    The bluetooth connection is good. Linked it to my wife's Samsung cell phone and pulled her address book right up on the screen. Call connections are typically no worse than normal cell service although there can be some distortion at higher volume levels (it's not a hi-fi system so don't expect it to be). Got an SD card and put a ton of mp3's on it so my wife and I can listen to "our" music while the kids watch a DVD on the minivan's system. Again, not a hi-fi system so don't expect fantastic sound from its single speaker, but it is clear and loud enough for the kids to gripe at us to turn it down so they can hear their movie.
    All the connections and attachments you need are there so you can use it right out of the box, and there are also a lot of great free downloads even the kids think are cool, like different vehicles to choose from. To keep them from arguing I had to let the kids take turns choosing whether we would be the eagle or the fire truck or the stock car on each trip. Overall a great purchase I would highly recommend. ...more info
  • super product
    This is a super GPS unit . It has every thing that you could want and more.We use this Garmin when we travel both in cars and on foot with confidence in getting where we want to go in the best way.Its bluetooth capabilities put it over the top for a great GPS unit....more info
  • Great functionality for the price!
    This product was just what we wanted and at the best price around. We tried out the bluetooth function and was able to talk to friends like it was a speakerphone. The only downfall to the bluetooth was the text messages, they didn't come over on the GPS like we felt it should. It is great how you can customize the GPS to have the voice you enjoy hearing and the car/truck/motorcycle you prefer to display. Directions are up to date and has gotten my husband exactly where he needed to go several times already.

    I would suggest this product to anyone and will likely buy another one for my parents for Christmas!...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 Portable GPS
    Great product. Easy to use. The only downside is that the battery does not last very long....more info
  • Great GPS for affordable price
    I purchased the Nuvi 360 to navigate the unknown roads of central California for work. The GPS functionality of the 360 is great provided you set the system up properly. You can avoid or allow certain parameters for the travel (highways, toll roads, u-turns, etc) which make travel convenient. I made several left turns to get turned around to find out that I had clicked to avoid u-turns. The maps are installed so there are no downloads needed. Several locations that are under construction in CA allow the system to tell me to return to the right road or that it is recalculating the route. Overall, great GPS for the money. It has other features as Bluetooth capabilities, MP3 player, and picture viewer. None of these features will meet most users expectation. I have used the Bluetooth for my cell phone with extremely poor results.
    Even with the downsides to the Nuvi 360, I would definitely purchase another and recommend it to others....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    I bought 3 of these for my children before embarking on a long family vacation to the mountains of Tennessee (from Texas). They loved them. They came in very handy as we traveled along the highways. We were able to find gas when we needed it, food when we were hungry and never got lost. The only issue at all is that sometimes the GPS wouldn't show a route that we saw on the Atlas that looked to be the shorter distance(only in small town areas). A minor issue compared to the overall usefulness.
    I would recommend anyone traveling with it to have an Atlas in the car as an adjunct reference. Also, the Atlas shows the bigger picture of the surrounding areas.
    The sound quality with the Bluetooth was very good also.
    As it's quite portable, we were also able to use it on a walking excursion. Make sure your battery is fully charged if you use it away from the car.
    I bought the 350 for myself as I really didn't need a bluetooth, and I'm just as happy with it.
    Once again, I used one of my $25 gift receipts from my Amazon Visa card and was able to save $$, plus got Super Saver Free shipping. A great buy!!
    It's very user friendly, touch screen, graphics are great. Sound quality is good and easily understood. It gives you a choice of different languages. We love it!!...more info
  • I like this GPS
    My last GPS (Garmin street pilot) was stolen so I bought the nuvi 360. It works great. It finds satelites much quicker. I don't use the bluetooth often but that also seems to work well. I recommend this GPS....more info
  • Nice Unit
    This is the first GPS I have used, and the product lived up to the reviews. I had read that the units were being shipped with the 2009 maps installed, but this was not the case, however the update was free at the Garmin website after registering the unit. Be warned though, even with a high speed connection the update does take several hours to complete. Also, Amazon recommends a couple of products that you dont need to purchase seperatly. They recommend buying the auto charging cord, and a carrying case, both of these things came with the unit in the box....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    This is my third Garmin GPS. I bought the Garmin brand again because I was really happy with the two previous units. I do love this model's streamlined shape and the fact that it speaks the directions with street names. My short experience with it, however, makes me believe it is not as accurate as my two previous models. It also doesn't seem to hold a charge the way it should. I discharged the unit totally and then charged it for two full days. It didn't make any difference. It's still fairly new, so I will continue to use it and keep an eye on it. ...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    I bought 2 of these. One to keep for myself and the other was for a gift. I love the nuvi 360~it is so user friendly and the compact size is perfect to travel with!!...more info
  • Excellent product, great directions, bluetooth okay
    I figured I was getting a good product, but I never expected to be so surprised at how REALLY good this one is. It's very easy to use, and the screen is plenty bright to be seen even in the sun. It's about the size of a pack of cards, making it very easy to travel with - you don't feel like you're lugging it along with you, it just tucks away.

    We took this on a trip from Central Illinois to Kentucky, including several stops and detours along the way. The directions were very good, and in the one instance where a road no longer went through when Garmin thought it did, the device recalculated the correct route in seconds. It was equally good when we hit a detour on the way back home. I pressed the Detour button, and immediately had a new, very efficient route that only added three minutes to the total estimated time.

    The Points of Interest feature works well. It helped us find several restaurants and parks that we wouldn't have known about otherwise. It obviously doesn't know about *everything*, but it is still very helpful. When searching for POI's, you can look for locations near where you are at the time, along your route, near your destination, or near a different city. The POI's are also very nicely categorized so you can quickly find exactly what you're after.

    You can store locations in a "Favorites" list. These and other locations (such as but not limited to the POI's) can be inserted as "waypoints" on the way to your main destination, which is a nice feature.

    The most helpful feature is how much time the device gives you to make your next turn. You get about a mile on the Interstate, which is generally plenty of time even in heavy traffic. Unfortunately this time is cut down when you're driving in town, and sometimes you don't get enough notice to make the turn on time. However, the device compensates for this somewhat by giving directions such as "In .3 miles turn right on Main Street, then turn left." In that case you at least know what you're going to have to do next and can be ready to do it quickly if you need to.

    I also like that it tells you which side of the interstate your exit will be on. It will even tell you when you need to "keep left" or "keep right," so often you don't even need to watch the highway signs.

    The text-to-speech feature works well and provides audible directions that are loud enough to hear easily even over an older vehicle that has a lot of road and wind noise.

    Accuracy on the open road is usually about 9 or 10 feet, which is shorter than most cars and therefore plenty good.

    The device will tell you what time you can expect to reach your destination, which is very accurate. It tallies the amount of time you've spent driving and the time you've spent stopped. It also tells your current speed, your average moving speed, and your overall average speed including time stopped.

    As far as the "extra" features go, the MP3 player is remarkably full-featured (browse by album, artist, etc.) and easy to use. The speaker isn't really good enough to get great sound, but it's nice if there's nothing good on the radio. The bluetooth feature is also pretty good, although not outstanding. I can hear callers well, and they can hear and understand me okay, but they do hear some background noise. (I don't know how you'd avoid that in a moving car.)

    There are a couple features that I'm not sure are mentioned in the owner's manual that are worth pointing out:

    1.) From the menu screen, you can tap the GPS signal strength icon for a report of current positioning accuracy

    2.) While traveling to a destination, you can tap the "Turn In..." icon at the lower right to have the next turn read to you, or to scroll through the rest of the directions for the trip with a map and mileage and time estimates for each step.

    3.) You can get a short list of remaining turns by tapping the green bar at the top of the map that displays the current information.

    4.) Tap the "Estimated Time" button in the lower left to pull up your current speed, average speed, distance driven, etc.

    I am highly satisfied with this unit. I can't imagine going back to traveling without it. This makes trips so easy....more info
  • easy to use
    I actually bought this GPS for my son after already buying a 660 for myself last year. This is my second GPS, the first being a Lowrance iWay 500C. After having both, I can honestly say this is easier to use and is much easier to update. It finds almost every address I enter, and I have had no problems with the NUVI. ...more info
  • Garmin 360 has shortcomings
    We just concluded a 6,400 mile road trip with our new Garmin 360. Sometimes it worked great and sometimes it didn't. On several occasions it told us to turn when there was no road on which to turn, including three times when we were driving along a large body of water and would have driven into the water if we had attempted a turn. It also did not alert us to road constructions or detours. Also, it frequently told us to turn one direction, when it was obvious that we needed to go the opposite direction. We were within an hour's drive of a famous National Park and when we spelled the name of the park, it did not recognize it. Also, a few times it gave us a route, along with an arrival time, but when we used a map to drive a different route, it said "recalculating" and showed an arrival time much earlier than the one it had recommended(i.e.,even though we had programmed our unit to select the quickest routes, its recommended routes took much longer than the ones that we devised.)...more info
  • It does everything that is listed
    I bought it Feb 08. I used in it in Washington DC the first week in March. It was dead on and provided better directions than those my company provided. It has met all my needs. Functions and navigation through the menus are self-evident.
    I have used it many times and on several long and short trips this year. It is Excellent!
    There are 2 things that aren't perfect: it doesn't have Boise sound and you need to flip up the antenna to get it to seach for satellites. With the antenna down, you pretend you are traveling. (Design feature)
    BTW: I didn't read the instruction book. I didn't need to.

    My wife-unit was dubious when it came in the mail. On our first outing with the NUVI, she named it. Once a woman names an inatimate object, she will keep it. The wife-unit still will not admit I choose well.
    Along that line:
    My wife is a "Flashing 12" and can only operate the base functions. She won't follow my directions. Of course, women never listen to their husband's instructions. That is a design flaw in the human female and not in the NUVI.

    The default female voice reminds my wife of the Harry Mudd's wife from Star Trek, origal series. My wife named our NUVI "Stella." Trekies will understand.

    In short, I am exceptionally pleased with every aspect of it.
    ...more info
  • GARMIN 360
    It's a little confusing to use, but over all is nice to have. Especially if you're going to places you've neve been before. ...more info
  • Useful
    I have used it a few times and have found the Nuvi 360 to be very useful. The audio could be more loud, especially when the radio is on in the background. I have not used the bluetooth feature. ...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Bluetooth and Text-to-Speech
    I have been using a Garminc330. I loved it except for the slow startup. My wife has claimed it so I purchased a nuvi360 for me. When I regeristered the unit I found out it was elgible for the map update. Set aside a very long time for the down load and updating process. The down load can take a couple of hours depending on your internet connection speed. The update process will take about an hour of intermittent work. The unit has a much faster startup, recalculation time is good, text to speech is appreciated. Volume could be a little louder. Where there are multiple exits/roads close together it is a bit confusing which one to take by comparing the screen to the roadway. The only real gripes are that the screen is not as bright as the c330 at max. brightness. It can be difficult to read in strong sunlight. The second gripe is I picked the 360 for the bluetooth and then find out from the web site that the ATT TILT is not supported YET. I like the smaller size and I will be purchasing the European maps for the 360 for my trip around Europe in Sept. Should be interesting listening to the pronunciations of the different landmarks and roads as I drive and walk various cities.

    Pete...more info
  • Great gift!
    My daughters and I purchased the Garmin 360 GPS as a gift for my husband's 60th birthday. He absolutely loves it! It's his brand new toy and he loves the bluetooth feature that allows him handfree phone access.
    He took it on our vacation to Puerto Rico a few weeks ago and after he got the kinks out of it(the pronunciation of the streets) it worked like a charm. As he put it "It was worth every penny we paid for it on that trip alone". He bragged to all his friends about how much it helped him on our trip to P.R.
    Great purchase and great deal....more info
  • Garmin 360 .Great Value / Fair Price
    Wanted the bluetooth capabilty with clarity for both incoming and outgoing..It's been great. Occasionally loose the phone bluetooth so I have to resync.Overall a great choice...more info
  • Garmin 360
    My Garmin 350 works fine. However, my Garmin 360 volume is too low at it's highest setting and the bluetooth feature, the microphone, does not work well - people can not hear me....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    The Nurvi 360 is very complete GPS and Travel Guide equipment, easy to operate through menus and touch screen system, LCD screen provides excellent visualization and finally has outstanding design, weight and size. Nevertheless I had bad experience since my Nurvi 360 is not reading the SD cards. I went to Garmi representative office in Brazil, where I live, and where I received excellency in attention and technical support. They checked my SD cards electronically in the computer check list and other compatible Nurvi 360 devices. SDs worked perfectly but actually my Nurvi 360 is not working for SD reading functions. I informed Amazon who promptly provided perfect support to replace the equipment. I continue to trust in Garmin brand and want to believe it happened as "exception of exception" or third digit defect rate from their total quality control.
    ...more info
  • Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator
    The Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator was my first venture with a basic GPS device, having recently traveled with someone using both an expensive Garmin model (>$700) and a very inexpensive Holux unit (<$60). Although the expensive Garmin unit offered a vast array of options and impressive image quality, I was also impressed with the basic navigational functions of the inexpensive unit. So I split the difference and bought a low-mid entry level device with bluetooth capability. I am very satisfied with the service that the Garmin nuvi 360 provides ... simple, accurate navigational assistance. The bluetooth option is straight forward and syncing with my LG phone was simple enough ... however, after a couple of days I decided that the quality of using the Garmin nuvi 360 as a hands-free cell phone intermediate was really not what I needed. Again, the Garmin nuvi 360 does what I was looking for in a GPS device ... simple, accurate directions. As a Macintosh OS user, it is also encouraging to see that Garmin has initiated an active participation in developing accessory software for updating, annotation and customizing your GPS device's content. Be sure to check out the Garmin Bobcat (transfer waypoints, tracks, routes from Mac to Garmin device), Garmin POI Loader (load custom points of interest in your Garmin device), and Garmin Communicator Plugin software applications for the Mac....more info
  • Will get you there!!
    I have been waiting for a GPS for a long time and was debating to get a plug in for my cell phone or buy a GPS unit itself. Finally, I got Garmon Nuvi 360 and I am really happy with it. Garmin knows what they are doing and is a great unit.
    * Pros
    - Reads out street names (will really help when driving in downtowns with streets close by)
    - Play MP3 audio
    - Bluetooth

    * Cons
    - None noticied so far

    Let me tell you why I think this is good -
    After waiting and debating for a GPS, finalyy I bought Megallan before going on a trip to Wisonsin. I was not really happy with it and had issues while setting it up and was shutting down on me. It could be just that unit. Next day morning, I returned and got a harmon Kardon before hitting the road. I used it to my trip and I am not impressed with it. They really have old data and sometimes it tells you to merge on to highways from no where. I should say I was lost while GPS was onboard. Anyways, then I went and got Garmin and worked like a charm :)...more info
  • Awkward and hard to use...
    Naturally, I wanted to give this a great review as I received it as a gift and didn't want to trash something I didn't have to pay for. But here's my user experience so far...

    On the four road trips tested so far, I've had problems each time. In each case I wasn't the driver. I sat in the passenger seat while my wife drove, and I attempted to use the navigator to find the quickest route. And in each case, I tested the Garmin without a full street address. (...Because this is the purpose of a navigator, right? To help you out when you can't just easily Google an address and have it tell you the full route?)

    In each case, I would get a combination of "address not found" ... or a confusing time attempting to even find the location. The menus don't assume you can get to a place unless you know the street address beginning with the house number. Also, if you're looking for an Apple store in another city, it might get hung up wanting to take you instead to an Apple store that might be within 2 miles, and possibly tell you that no other store in that chain exists, even within 10 miles. In a highly populated area like Los Angeles/SFV, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    In more than one case, it took SO long to find a satellite signal that we actually got there before the navigator could keep up!!! Absolutely ridiculous. I can hardly imagine myself sitting in my car, waiting 20 minutes before driving somewhere while I wait for the thing to sync up with my actual coordinates. And no, I have no intention of multi-tasking at that level while I drive. It's already illegal since July 1st to hold a mobile phone while driving, need I say more.

    In short, it has been easier to use the VZNavigator in my wife's cellphone (a paid service at $10/month) than to intuit a route using this Garmin. I use tech all day long (yes, I'm a computer geek) and I found nothing in the CD-R based user manuals to suggest that I was doing much of anything wrong in my attempts to figure out this product.

    For me, this disappointment seems to outweigh most of its benefits, which many of the other reviewers have already pointed out....more info
  • this gps is awesome!!
    This is my first portable GPS and I was concerned about how user friendly it would be and if the Bluetooth really would be acceptable.
    I purchased this for a trip I was taking and wasn't really optimistic about it.
    This is the most awesome electronic gadget I have bought in a long time. It is truly amazing. I will never travel without it, it saved us from getting lost numerous times. I really wanted to see if the Bluetooth would work well with my Palm Centro, because I have used numerous earphones and have never really had great reception. The Bluetooth worked great. The sound was clear and loud. It is the best handsfree device I have ever had. It is definitely worth the extra money to get the Bluetooth Nuvi...more info

    ...more info
  • So freakin cool !!!
    What's not to love about now having a young gorgeous strapping Australian man telling you where to go?

    Oh and all the tech'y stuff works....more info
  • Great companion for any road trip
    We just took a week-long road trip from Austin to Estes Park in Colorado and the nuvi had been an indispensable gadget for us:

    1) The routing algorithm is excellent. The Nuvi gave us a different route than that from Google maps and I was skeptical at first since it asked us to go thorugh some smaller state highways from Austin to Amarillo. However, the route turned out to be faster since there're less traffic on those roads.
    2) With a 7-month old in the car, we had to stop from time to time to change diapers. With the Nuvi, we could always find the nearest gas station or fast food restaurant using the POIs without having to worry about getting lost.
    3) The altitude feature is interesing when we're driving through the Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. The altitude defines what's the surrounding ecosystem and we could always check our altitude on the Nuvi.

    A couple of improvements will make the Nuvi even better:
    1) When we're leaving Amarillo and heading towards New Mexico, we're trying to look for McDonald's and all the top locations listed on the screen were in Amarillo. I wish there's a way to narrow down the choices of POIs by which direction the car is traveling.
    2) Time zone change is not automatic. The nuvi should be smart to figure out we're crossing from Central Time to Mountain Time and adjust the arrival time accordingly.

    Anyhow, given the price of the Nuvi 360, it's an awesome GPS....more info
  • nuvi 360
    compact. It will take you where you want to go. Short set up time, easy programming. Portable, can take it out of car and walk around town or country.

    Was looking for a small affordable GPS, have two other Garmins and have been extremely satisfied with their service. Got one for the boat way back in 1995, had to send it back one time for service, but has been a very good unit. Hope this one turns out as durable....more info
  • good GPS
    So far it fits the requirments I needed. The best thing is it has shopping menu which contains all kinds of stores address. Basically as long as you know the name of the store, you can go there. Also it is the same for gas station. But I have to say it's not updated so well. Once I want to find the nearest shell station because I'm almost ran out of oil. But the addresses is wrong, TWICE. I'm very close to call someone towing my car that day. So if you want to go to some gas station, go online to confirm first.
    Other things are really good. Especially when you know the accurate address of the position you want to go. There are so many similar addresses with slight differences aroung. Like south, north, Dr, Blvd, or just different city. It's very confusing when you just look though the paper map. The only thing you need to be careful is that don't enter the wrong name.
    You definitely need one....more info
  • Great Bang for your buck!
    After comparing several GPS products, I settled for this one, mainly because it tells you the street names. Often, there are more than one street to turn on to in the same intersection, and to hear "turn left on Elm Street", instead of just "turn left" (WHICH LEFT???) is really of great benefit. I have been using it now for several weeks, and I would not want to miss it anymore!...more info
  • Awesome, but...
    Awesome in every way, but a little slow to initialize. However, I live directly in downtown so the buildings may interfere with the signal. ...more info
  • Great product
    I love this thing! I read all the reviews before buying it so I would know what to expect. It got me to most everywhere I needed to go or right in the area of it. I think with anything you buy it will never be perfect in every single way but this is pretty darn close plus tells you the street name. It gets you prepared for a turn and tells you when to turn and I LOVE the whole recalculation if you go a different way or cant get over to make a turn. I read some reviews that talked about it not being loud enough but I didnt have any problem with it at all even with the music on and two LOUD children in the back. I dont blare my music as high as it will go so I guess maybe that might be a bit of a problem, but If thats the case I would suggest to just turn your music off when you get close to your turn. It lets you know how many miles you have until your next turn and even lets you know which lane to stay in when there is alot of confusing turn offs like Atlanta.( its say something like " in point 4 miles stay left or in point 4 miles stay right") VERY VERY helpful.It gives you a few warnings before you have to turn or stay left or right. I read some reveiws that said the suction mount was no good. I had no problem with it. I like it very much actually. It sets perfect on the window where If I need to I can glance at it or mess with it or whatever. I had no problems mounting it. It stays put. I leave the mount up all the time. I live in Georgia and sun beams down on the mount but it is still up there and ready when I put the Garmin up. I bought the bluetooth for my husband when he get back from Iraq so I dont have a comment on that yet. I went to garmin to register my product and they gave me a free map upgrade which even with that there was a couple it was a bit off on but got me close. :-)But has been far more right then wrong. There are far more good things about this GPS than bad so It was a good buy for me. The size is also perfect. I thought maybe since the screen was smaller you might accidently hit the wrong thing on the screen but it is just perfect. My Favorite thing about it is telling you where all the food,hotels and fuel is in the area and how far away each one is plus gives you the number if you need it. GREAT for areas you dont know so just having that is well worth it all. Or if your not sure how to spell somewhere you want to go then type what you do know and it will give you everthing in the area that has those letters and what your looking for is sure to be on the list. Comes with everything you need - mount,USB for upgrades or charging it by computer,car charger and wall charger. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    This sucker is awesome. We have the nuvi 750 in our SUV and purchased this one for our car. I like this one better than the 750. It's the perfect size, easy to use, the bluetooth works great, and the price is right. The nuvi 360, unlike the nuvi 750, allows you to turn off the "safe mode" which allows your passenger to make corrections while you are driving; this is a very nice and convienient option. Simply put, I love it. Great decision buying it and believe me I looked at them all. If you want the larger screen but with all the options, go with the nuvi 760, otherwise, if size doesn't matter, this one does it all. ...more info
  • Garmin 360
    Garmin Nuvi 360. Great product lives up to its' name. The GOOD: Excellent detail and bright display even in car with sunglasses on. Very good resolution, battery life is everything they tel you. Detailed maps are incredibly accurate and the unit is just the right size for take-n-go. Because the unit is so compact, there's no need to "hide" this in your car every time you get out. The leather case it comes with is the perfect size to take with you.
    The BADS: volume control is cumbersome at best. you have to leave the map/screen you are viewing just to turn volume up or down. very poorly designed if you ask me. The other bad, Garmin map updates are the worst in the world to have to deal with. When I received my unit, it had 2008 2009 maps are available. Garmin will ship you out a CD of 2009 maps for free (within 3 months of your purchase) with their 2.5 gig "reload" for a quick $10 spot. (Yes, they are making a profit off of shipping and handling after you just purchased their product) If you choose to go on line and download the file, it's 2.5 gig (~4 hour download on most cable and dsl services). All in all, I'm far more impressed with the great unit than I am frustrated with the couple of gotcha's. If I lost this unit tomorrow would I buy the same one...YES. Don't let my editorial comments about the profit off of S&H sway you away from this unit.....Again, it's an awesome buy for $224.00 If you pay less...great...It's worth every penny of what I paid for it.
    Strong BUY recommendation!
    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 review
    An overall well designed product that I would strongly recommend to other potential users. The module is compact, of the right size for mobility, lightweight and easy to use. It's touch screen interface is simple to use with good colour scheme and contrasts. It is worth mentioning that the GPS unit can be charged using the USB cable (that links to your computer) , a 12V car charger and also wall charger .......all of these are included in the box. ...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    The Garmin nuvi 360 is a great product, it calls out aproaching street names,which is what I wanted. The screen is a little small but is clear and fits my needs,you really can't watch screen while driving,so its not a big deal. For the money it,s ok....more info
  • Excellent GPS device
    I bought this for a Father's Day gift but managed to play around with it some before I gave it away. If you're looking for a reasonably inexpensive NUVI, this is a great buy. You see why Garmin is pretty much regarded as the best in the biz! My only complaint was that I could never get the Bluetooth to stay in sync with either my RAZR phone or my dad's Blackberry. Each time one of the devices was turned off, you'd have to go through the whole process of re-syncing the NUVI with the phone. So basically I paid about 25-bucks extra for a feature (vs. the Nuvi 350) that might not ever be used....because my dad is not tech-savvy enough to do that over and over again. It could be we weren't doing something quite right and troubleshooting the issue could have solved it. But I was hoping it would just work, which was not the case.

    All the other features are I might just be buying the Nuvi 350 for myself, and then stick with an earpiece bluetooth device, which you can pick up pretty inexpensively now....more info
  • Nuvi 360 is Simple to Use
    This is my first GPS. After a decent amount of research, I found Garmin received high marks from most people and magazines. This unit is compact (being a Nuvi) and extremely user friendly. I have elderly relatives in the market for a GPS, and am perfectly comfortable in recommending the Garmin Nuvi 360 to them.

    If I have any complaint, it's that I was "sure" the 360 spoke street names, which turns out not to be the case. Otherwise, this unit is pretty darned accurate, has a vivid display, easy-to-understand vocab, and seems to be all my family needs in a portable GPS....more info
  • Top flight
    This is all anyone could ask for in a GPS. I bought it because my daughter bought one, demonstrated it to me and recommended it highly. I'm truly happy with it....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    We bought this Garmin last month before a long trip from FL to VT with stops in Ashville, NC, Long Island, NY, Yorktown Heights, NY and CT. It never failed to get us where we wanted to go. (New York traffic is tough.)The screen is small and hard to see if in direct sunlight, but I, as navigator and not driving, often handheld it when crucial turns were coming up. It came with every attachment you will need and we set it up right out of the box.
    Very pleased with this unit and would certainly recommend it....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    I like this very much. I took this one for my vacation a couple of weeks back. No more printed maps with me. Maps are accurate and satellite connection is good. I have some concernt about the Dash board mount. It is not holding on very well. The MP3 player is good.
    I was able to download the latest 2008 MAP for free and install it. Took about 4 hours to all this.

    Over all satisfied with the purchase....more info
  • good product, canada map is not updated
    Just bought the product for my Banff trip. Even though I updated the map, I found that the road info and POI is not updated. In general it is a good product....more info
  • Excellent price with Bluetooth
    I travel a lot for work all around the country. I always print out the directions from one of the travel web sites. I found that driving in a strange place trying to read the print outs sometimes got a little hairy.

    One trip, a major accident in Indianapolis between me and the airport and I nearly missed the last flight home. Not Good. So time to get a gps navigator.
    I chose this unit because from what I could tell it was the lowest priced Garmin unit with bluetooth compatibility.

    For the most part the directions have been right on target. However once she directed me past where I needed to be and told me to make a left into a harbor. I back tracked and found the location. Right side of road - just a few hundred feet back.

    I think its hysterical how annoyed the unit sounds when she says "recalculating" when I've strayed from the prescribed route.

    I've named her Endora.

    Completely worth the money - you don't need the $500+ unit if all you're going to use it for is basic directions....more info
  • found it useful
    Helped us very much during our vacation to california. no printout of maps to carry..Still waiting to explore the bluetooth feature....more info
  • love it
    I would personally recommend this product,easy to use,reliable,inexpendsive,my old Tom Tom 510 cost double but no compare to this one.....!...more info
  • love it
    great thing. my only gripe: not so great at catching a signal when I'm walking around (i.e. not in the car). but I'm usually driving, so it's not really a pressing problem....more info
  • A real time saver!
    I love this Garmin. We've only had it for about a month but it's already helped us find fun, summertime hang outs that other people had told us were hard to find. And it's so small that I can put it in my purse or my husband can keep it in his pocket. We've also downloaded different cars (like a Chipotle burrito!), different voices, and used the points of interest feature as well. It's a great tool, very intuitive to use, and has kept us from wandering around lost. How did I get by without one so long? I also recommend the friction dashboard mount - now we can use it in any car. ...more info
  • great gps
    I have had this for a year and love it. I strongly recommend getting the black bean bag dash mount which is much superior to the included windshield mount. The only objection I have is that you have to pay around $75.00 to get the annual map updates. The maps are generally up to date, but you will find that new roads don't get on the map as quick as they should....more info
  • An excellent product
    Got this product a little over a month and a half ago. Just love it

    The WOW:
    - Received the product way early of the 7 days that Amazon had estimated
    - Received a credit of approx $10 when prices came down within 30 days of my purchase. Just called Amazon Customer Service and they readily adjusted the price and gave me a credit.
    - Garmin Nuvi 360 is an excellent product. No more paper maps for my frequent road trips (though I do carry a map book all the time in my vehicle as a backup. You never know when you'll need it)

    Why Garmin Nuvi 360:
    - Excellent reviews. After reading a large number of reviews of GPS products by major manufacturers, I decided on Garmin.
    - I Wanted an unobtrusive instrument that will not distract. I felt 3.5 inch screen size was the right size. It also fits easily in your pocket.
    - It has the map of USA (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada.
    - It has Text to Speech
    - Has Bluetooth connectivity
    - Though I was not very interested in the traffic update, with an optional attachment this can provide the updates

    The Product:
    - Easy to operate. Started using it right out of the box.
    - Quick lock in of satellites so you can start navigating quickly
    - Calculates directions in a jiffy (Shortest route, faster time, off road). If you deviate from your planned route, it recalculates your route immeditely. Also you have a detour button after you calculate the map which allows you to calculate alternate route.
    - The screen is extremely clear and crisp. You can see the map very clearly even during a bright day. It automatically adjusts for evening / night. You can adjust the lighting and the sound volume.
    - The screen is very sensitive to touch and responds immediately
    - The voice is clear and you can understand the street names easily
    - Extensive database of POI with phone numbers (though slow to find places if you type in the name. I guess the algorithm to search the database must be slow. Also I tried calling a movie theater using the phone number from the database, but the phone number seems to have changed)
    - Easily synced up my bluetooth phone to make and receive calls for handsfree operation
    - Has vehicle mode, pedestrian mode, and several other modes. Tested both Vehicle mode and Pedestrian mode.
    Vehicle mode worked perfectly and took you from point A to Point B without a hitch. Tested route deviation and it calcultes new route immedietely. We Used the unit for a trip to Niagara Falls from CT and not once did we get lost and this is coming from a guy who gets lost easily in a parking lot.
    I thought pedestrian mode a great way of travellng on foot and discovering a lot about new places that you would miss out if you were driving. But I found it a bit cumbersome to carry a gps with its antenna sticking out. An inbuilt antenna would have made far more sense. Also, it does not read out street names in this mode. I guess you have eough time to look at the street names since you are walking. I purposely deviated from my charted course. It did not recalculate the route. The only thing it did was announce my destination when I reached it.
    - It provides a dashboard with information like max speed traveled, time and distance traveled, waiting time, arrival time at destination etc.
    - You can also see the comlpete route from starting point to destination just like you would see your route on printed paper

    Added features
    - You can listen to MP3 music
    - View photos
    - listen to audio books
    - Has a calculator and currency converter

    Great bonus
    - One time free update of maps from

    Finally, got a flat, round disk as part of the kit; could never figure out what it was. Any idea as to what it is used for?...more info
  • Good Value
    I think this product does what it says it will do. It seems very reliable so far (2 weeks) and the bluetooth works great with my phone....more info
  • Wow! a beautiful product!
    Works like a charm in my car.
    Pros: Great maps/navigation (haven't found many issues, though would like to have a facility to route yourself by touching a specific road/route)
    - pairs with the bluetooth phones so easily without any issues; speaker quality is good (and the microphone works well too)
    - good mp3 music play (using an sd card)
    Great travel companion!
    Update: the navigation really compares well with the 1000+ $ navigation systems in luxury cars such as Lexus/Acura almost (doesn't have real time traffic data feed etc.., but for the price you pay you get a lot)

    ...more info
  • Overall a great item; some glitches to be aware of
    We recently took a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and, having never been there before, had no idea where anything was. So we used our navigator a lot. Easy to use, map is clear, good verbal directions and loud enough speakers to hear directions. Plugged in Mexican Food and it found several restaurants in the area and told how far each was from where we were, etc.
    Occasionally it was off a little -- e.g., to hotel it said turn left and hotel would be on left, but actually it was turn left and hotel was on right. Also, one place we wanted to go it showed us and directed us to it, but the place was no longer there. But, overall, it was accurate 98 percent of the time and was a huge help in a city we had no clue about. Good bargain for the price.
    We have just gotten bluetooth phones and have not had a chance to use them with this unit, so can't comment on that....more info
  • Garmin 360 GPS
    I bought this GPS only two days before My daughter and I went on a ten day college road trip to the East coast. This GPS was a life saver. We loved it. I was able to use it in Canada, Michigan, NY, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinios. We also used it for food and gas locations as well as some university locations. It is terrific. The best investment I made....more info
  • Love this GPS!
    Purchased this as a gift for my husband prior to us taking a road trip. I had done my research and found this to be one of the higher rated products. Couldn't believe the great price. No complaints-it is easy to use, attaches to the windsheild on first try, got us to each of our destinations without a problem. Love that it told us our estimated time of arrival, so we could call ahead and say when to expect us....more info
  • I wish it would take me where I wanted to go.
    I bought the Garmin 360 because a friend had the 350 and loved it. The 360's preset maps were worthless and I couldn't justify spending more money for maps. Roads that have been around for over 10 years didn't show up so the directions i got were very round-about. The bluetooth worked great if you were parked, but talking while driving was next to impossible. I returned my unit and since then there have certainly been times that I wish I had it as I drove aimlessly through Greesboro, NC. So for now I will use MapQuest and hope I don't get lost. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    So far we really like the 360. It is really easy to use and we like the features. We used it on a recent vacation to a large city we were a little disappointed with the limited availability of restaurants. It only gave us choices out a little over a mile. I know most people don't want to scroll through lists and lists, but we were looking for choices further away. Otherwise we like the navigation....more info
  • Very handy device
    I purchased this unit last month, after borrowing a Nuvi 350 from my in-laws a few times. I decided I liked the features of the Nuvi 350 but also wanted the bluetooth option, so I ordered the Nuvi 360. The GPS unit works great - very accurate in getting you where you need to go. It is super convenient when traveling in unfamiliar territory and you need to find a hotel, gas station, area attractions, etc. The bluetooth option shows both the address and phone number of the business, and if your phone is hooked up through bluetooth you can dial the number with the push of a button. Depending on how quiet your vehicle is, it can sometimes be difficult to hear phone calls through the bluetooth feature, but I haven't used it enough yet to know if that will be annoying or not....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I love this navigator! I originally purchased another brand and returned it the following day because it was hard to program. Right out of the box this one was easy to put an address in and go! It is capable of doing so many things. I am getting a bluetooth compatable phone to use it in the car with it. My friend has the same navigator and the bluetooth feature works great! Enjoy and get to where you want to go easily!...more info
  • Great GPS
    We've had absolutely no problems with this unit, and as an added bonus, the Bluetooth connection is almost flawless--better than any bluetooth we've tried, and we've tried many. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I bought this Nuvi 360 for my husband for Father's Day, and he's been enjoying it ever since. I was going to get a cheaper model without the bluetooth option, but am very glad I spent the little extra money to get that upgrade! Normally my phone is in my purse and now I don't have to rush to dig it out while I'm in the car..all I have to do is answer Nuvi. Voice quality on both ends is very good. We own a business and do pretty much driving to customer's houses in the boonies, and so far it's been right every time.

    We've recommended this Nuvi to a few other people and they've bought the same model. Buy it at Amazon, it's been a much better value here!...more info
  • Plesantly Surprised
    My first GPS device came with a 2000 Honda van, which at the time was pretty slick even though it was a $2,000 option. Eight years later, the Garmin Nuvi 360, at $221.00, was wonderful surprise for a recent trip to the mountains. The Features of Interest proved to be a very helpful tool. Whether you're looking for drug stores, gas stations or food, if you can spell part of it, the 360 will find it and put you in the driveway. I put a 2G SD card in it and loaded it with MP3 music and sermons for my wife to listen to during the drive with a set of NC headphones we already had. The maps seem to be up to date and the accuracy is amazing. Our cell phones were not compatible with the Nuvi 360 yet.. but the bluetooth option was not that big of a deal for us. The only thing you have to watch, is the Nuvi 360 will guide you off the major Interstate highways to take the shortest route, so just need know the general route you want to drive and stick with it and let the Nuvi take care of the details once off of the interstate. The Nuvi 360 will recalculate as necessary. It only took about 5-10 minutes out of the box, to get the device operational and start programming all of our vacation addresses in "My Favorites", prior to leaving the house. In just seconds, you can pick your next destination. The travel info is great, different languages & accents, current speed, average and max speeds, stop time & arrival time were fun to track. The screen is a little small, but after using it for a month, the smaller size on the windshield is probably a good thing. It was easily attached to the windshield and can be removed /loaned out to friends in seconds. All in all, the Garmin Nuvi 360 is very easy to use (touch screen) and highly recommended for all ...more info
  • How did we live without it?
    I bought this for my husband for his birthday, and was unsure whether he would appreciate it. He loved it after he'd used it just once. It is easy to "navigate" through the menus, and it has bluetooth capability for handsfree speakerphone use. The ONLY reason I gave it a 4 star instead of 5 star rating is because we noticed the software was not current, and the update was $70 at Target. He thought it was ridiculous that the software wasn't updated automatically upon activation of the product, at least the first time it was used, and was annoyed that he'd have to update the 2006 software....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    This product exceeded my expectations. It's easy to operate, compact, and I don't think I'll ever leave home without it!. Also, it was very easy to register at the Garmin web site and download the update (offered free with this purchase)....more info
  • Perfect
    It is exceptional piece with nice navigation. I bought it because I trust garmin and they have lived upto their expections. Highly recommended!...more info
  • GPS
    this product is awesome!!! i used the garmin nuvi 360 for my road trip grom austin, texas to albuquerque, new mexico. it did not give me any problem, the signal is very good. plus the added bonus was the mp3 player. i bought a 4gb sd card and downloaded my songs and played it on my garmin. this product is small yet big in features. great GPS!!!...more info
  • Easy to use GPS
    This is my first GPS and I love it. I was going to buy a bigger one since I was afraid of not being able to see it clearly, but that was not an issue.

    Easy to use
    Clear screens
    Go battery life
    Easy to update

    The voices could be slightly louder ( I have hearing Issues), but if the radio is off I can hear the directions clearly.
    ...more info
  • Great product. Very accurate-fast rerouting.
    This nuvi is a great buy at a great price. I've had a Magellan and Tom-Tom, but the Garmin brand surpasses all other GPS systems in accuracy and usefulness. I live in California where we have the new hands-free cell law, so the Blue-tooth systems comes in handy and works well....more info
  • could`nt be better
    every thing that i expeced it to be the garmin nuvi 360 is to me the best on the market....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I recently ordered this GPS system for my daughter as she has moved to a new city--Washington DC, and it has proven to be one of the best things I could have given to her. It's an excellent product, of course--well made, durable and accurate. The screen images are sharp and easy to see, even when driving.

    What really impressed me are the various modes that you can use, like the walking mode. There is also an "off trail" mode. The walking mode came in very handy and was helpful for negotiating DC by foot, which can be quite confusing and can be hard to negotiate for a person new to the area. The pocket sized Nuvi gives great directions onscreen, and with an earbud you can hear them, also. I highly recommend this handy device.

    The only thing that confused her briefly was that the antenna had to be raised for it to work, probably because the Garmin GPS that we have doesn't have that feature. She couldn't figure out why the Garmin was insisting that she was in Kansas City...

    I also was impressed with the speedy delivery we got for the Nuvi from Amazon. I ordered it with my account, but had it sent to Washington DC with absolutely no problem. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS with Bluetooth capabilities
    I would definitely buy again.

    Excellent graphics...remarkable accuracy...Bluetooth is easy to set up and use....form factor looks good against instrument panel....more info
  • Happy With Garmin Nuvi 360
    like the size and ease of the gps. the battery life could be a bit longer and the maps could be a bit more up to date. gps sometimes sends me TO a location one way and returning FROM same location another ... still learning the ins and outs of it. :)) the blue tooth is nice on the phone on my end but the other person says not so good, but then it's all about me!! LOL...more info
  • A must have GPS
    I bought this unit for the added feature of the bluetooth. I read the prior reviews and decided if most phones have worked so far mine should work too. My Sanyo Katana linked up quick with no reading from the manual. But not all of the features are available (text messaging). But I do like the fact it pulled my address book into the unit, so when I am at a stop, I can bring up the address book and select the number. So my phone can stay in my pocket the entire time. There is a safety on the phone that will not let you pull up the address book while driving. I was going to disable but then I noticed I wasn't paying attention to the road. So at the next stop, I tried it again and the unit let me pull up the address book.
    Sound quality is good. But I have a noisy truck and have to turn the volume all the way up. I did connect it to the aux jack on the stereo and it works great. Or you can just put in a set of head phones and even greater clarity. In a car you may not have this issue.
    Now the GPS unit. It is not my 1st unit. This is the fastest on I have seen. Probably because it is the newest. Maps look clear and great. Street names are clear and understandable. I like if you are just cruising with the map on that as you drive faster the map zooms out and as you slow or come to a stop the map zooms in. All done automatically. Great feature.
    Fault. Why did I give it a 4 instead of a 5. My wife says she hears herself in an echo over the blue tooth. Others have not repeated this and I am under the impression it is my wife's phone. I have an audible account for my books, and during a recent call I assumed the book would pause while I was on the call. it did not and as with all audible books, rewinding is a pain in the butt.
    Finally, what I would like to see added is a trip save feature. Thus when you make trips on back roads that you know are quicker due to traffic, trains, tolls, etc. you can just pull it up and go.

    For the price and the bluetooth feature, I recommend this unit to all.

    Happy GPSing...more info
  • The perfect gift!
    I have been looking for a GPS that had a lot of features for an affordable price. This one has it all. I bought it for my boyfriend because he is very picky when it comes to electronics. Luckily I know him well, because he loves it. It does everything. He uses the bluetooth to call me and it is cool. Not perfect, but good enough. Especially now that it is illegal to drive and use your phone....more info
  • Awsome!!
    Does evryhing like it,s supposed to do and very well. I would buy another one...more info
  • Garmin 360 Nuvi
    3rd week of use - travelling around MidWest and SouthCentral U.S.. A few map glitches (on way to Chicago from Detroit - a detour through Ann Arbor? (unit does not have travel/construction alerts so this was just a glitch). If you travel through different time zones, be careful - unit does not auto-adjust when you cross over, so your arrival time is stated in the time zone that you left. Per Garmin, the technology patent for changing the time zone over is owned by cell phone companies? And I thought one couldn't patent the obvious! Overall good little unit - like how compact it is. Haven't used bluetooth or Mp3 features....can't imagine using MP3 ever since audio would be less than stellar (don't have FM transmitter)....more info
  • Great GPS!!!
    I bought the Garmin nuvi 260 for my husband for father's day. He absolutely loves it! He said he could not be happier. He takes it everywhere he goes.....thumbs up!!!...more info
  • Bad out of the box, Horrible customer service.
    We researched these very closely before deciding on the Garmin 360.

    We were majorly disappointed. Ours not only didn't hold the bluetooth connection, it failed at the basics. We contacted Garmin. After nearly an hour on hold we were told to try downloading an update for the firmware, another for the bluetooth function, and yet another for the map. Overall we spent over 4 hours on-line with the updates. The map alone took over 2 hours even though we have a high-speed connection.

    The unit then started to work - sort of. We took it on a trip to Washington DC. There it often took 15 minutes or longer to find satellites on a clear day. I even tried holding the unit out the window while parked.

    We tried using it to find restaurants on two occassions. It's updated map took us to two office buildings instead. Later we tried to use it to find a Walmart that was in Alexandria VA. There we found another office building where the Walmart was supposed to be. Clearly the updated maps have issues.

    The bluetooth problem got worse, connecting then disconnecting every few seconds. We gave up and turned the bluetooth feature off. The volume on the speakerphone was so low when it did work that you couldn't use it while driving anyway. Road noise made it impossible to hear what the other party was saying even with the volume up full.

    We tried it around our home town and it often would tell us to turn right verbally when the map showed a left turn. We hope the unit we got was defective, at least we hope it's our particular unit and not typical of Garmin's product. Reading the other reviews, we're not so sure.

    We contacted Garmin again and arranged for a replacement. Just getting a response took a couple of days. We're still waiting for the replacement unit to arrive. I just found out it takes Garmin 10 to 14 business days to process returns on their end. Add shipping time in both directions and you can wait nearly a month for a replacement. One of the three customer service reps I spoke to recommended returning new Garmin products to place where you bought them rather than dealing with warranty service. I have a better solution. Buy another brand.

    When we contacted customer service via email they asked us for the same information we had already provided in their on-line form in order to get a return authorization. We then had to send the bad one back at our own expense. A little warning here. Garmin doesn't tell you, but for some reason returns sent via the post office takes an extra 10 days to get there. That's what one customer service rep claimed at least. They want you to use UPS or Fedex instead.

    It's bad enough when the quality control is not the best, but if you are unfortunate enough to get a lemon, don't expect too much in the way of customer service. We have now dealt with three agents. One honestly seemed to want to help, but left out information that would have sped up getting a replacement. Another seemed to do everything in her power to slow the process down. The third actualy was a bit hostile and lectured me about my choice of a shipping method and my choice of vendor instead of trying to help solve the problem on their end. The third actually refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor.

    I'm sure Garmin once made a good product. I'm also sure that their customer service may have been good at one time. For anyone considering them now I'd like to make some suggestions:

    1. Buy local from a vendor that will take it back if you get one that is bad out of the box. Maybe pressure from the retailers will force them to resolve issues at the factory.

    2. Don't attempt any upgrades. It could void the warranty and you'll be stuck dealing with their crappy service. If you're buying a new unit it should work out of the box without having to go on-line for updates.

    3. If a model is in short supply it might be a danger signal. They might be having manufacturing issues causing the shortage. My guess is that with the 360 you will soon see thouands of reconditioned units on sale due to the large percentage of defective units. Two of the reps I spoke to told me that 360 replacement units are in very short supply. I did ask if I could upgrade to a different model and was told that I could not.

    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • Excellent acquisition
    This GPS is the best. I had a JVC and it loses the signal very often, specially in big cities like Chicago. This Garmin is great. The bluetooth connection to use with my bluetooth-enable phone makes things easier, because I can answer to the calls without touch the phone and looking away from the road. My only really minor complaint is about the sound volume that it is somehow low. Driving with the windows open, you can hear the turn-by-turn directions as a wisper, but nothing that will make me change my mind. It is a great product ! And specially because I found an excellent deal at
    Definetly I recomended it !...more info
  • Not that great if you are not familiar with the roads.
    I'm new to the country and I bought a garmin (out of all the reviews I read) and it's not that all that's cracked up to be. Yes the computation may give you the best route, the best time, etc. However, during use it's not that helpful in some parts. When I have to exit to the right and then stay on the left lane after 200 ft and then switch to another lane, it only gives me the instruction "turn right on ramp" then when the road splits after a few feet it will suddenly say "stay on left and keep left" and by that time, I'm already on the wrong lane. For a fair review, yes it's good. But for someone like me who's not even familiar with any of the roads here, I would get a tomtom. A tomtom system would definitely guide you and tell you to keep left or keep right way ahead of time. My co-worker had a tomtom and it was good as well telling us ahead of time on which lane to stay on....more info
  • Exceptional Quality & Value
    We bought this item as complete novices before beginning vacation. It was always stressful before having to worry about one of us navigating during long driving trips. This time, it was a breeze. I love the fact that this model gives actual street and exit names not just numbers or turn in X-amount of feet/yards. The voice option is clear. For those who need visual, the screen is very clear and it is easy to pinpoint where you are at any given time. I was surprised by how much we relied on the "arrival time" and how long the trip took. It even gave us average speed, highest speed, and various other trip information. It did everything we wanted it to do. It wasn't complicated to use or to set-up. It was easy to get started. We were using it within minutes. It goes everywhere with us now. We couldn't be happier with it. The POI's are extensive, though, some are dated. Do check before you make a long trek to a specific restaurant or retail establishment just to make sure it hasn't closed. Otherwise, it is very concise and gets you where you need to go. I'm sure we haven't used all the features yet, but will over time. For the money, this is an excellent quality product, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Fairly Nice Garmin Unit
    This thing has most or all of the main GPS features you could want. The bluetooth speakerphone is excellent as well. I would say the only con is the actual size of the screen (it is pretty small). Overall, five star review....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I've only used it a couple of times so far, but it's pretty great! one of my first trips trying it out, (just a local drive that I already knew), I screwed up the address I typed in, but it was amazing how many times it tried to correct me when I missed turns that would've brought me to the address I actually typed in. That's good to know for the future.

    only 4 stars, since I haven't had a chance to use it more :)...more info
  • slow response, good when it works
    slow response time and very slow to catch sattellites, sometimes very furstrating. when it does, it works great....more info
  • Good, but missing a lot of new roads
    I love having this, but in our area there is a lot of new developement and we have found that it does not recognize a lot of newer streets. I didn't think this would be a big deal, but there have been several times that we had to go back to Mapquest to look something up because our unit didn't acknowledge it. Otherwise it has been a life saver. I LOVE the fact that it announces street names instead of the "turn left in 200 ft" that older models say. With a car full of kids, I need to know exactly what road I am looking for. Overall, it is good. Glad we paid more to get the road announcement, just wish it was a little more updated....more info
  • Worth the hype and every penny !!!
    I recently bought the Nuvi 360 and have been using it for about a week, so far the Nuvi has been great. It is quick to catch onto satellites and the best part of it, if you happen to change your route or miss the turn, it recalculates a new route so fast that you will have time to make the next turn. The best part of it all, Garmin gave me a free update to the 2009 map software when you register online. It is 2Gb to download, so I guess you can pay an extra $7 to get it shipped by DVD.
    I am really glad I went with the 360 over the 350. The bluetooth function is an icing on the cake. I liked the loud, clear voice on speaker. But if your fone is a bit far from the device, there is a lot of static (about a foot). One thing I have to complain about is the battery life. Garmin advises you to always connect it to a power cord. Its sometime annoying/ugly to have wires running from ur dash to your windshield. With brand new batteries, they would go for 1-1 1/2 hrs I only wish they lasted longer. I guess that should be enough if you are in a quick commute mode. Overall an excellent product and I would definitely recommend anyone to go with this cheaper nuvi than the expensive ones....more info
  • Useful Tool
    The Nuvi 360 has been great in guiding me to my destinations. I bought a 260 for my boyfriend earlier this year and he really liked it. Of course now that he's seen mine, he wants mine. I decided that with all my traveling to get one for myself and the 360 was going for less than what I paid for the 260 earlier this year. Oh well... The ability to take the GPS with me has been a plus. I can program the addresses into the unit before I go and it's ready to use when I arrive. I found the Nuvi was pretty intuitive to use. Didn't take long to figure out the basic functions.

    I haven't used the bluetooth speakerphone function yet as it doesn't support my cell phone. Once I get the drivers, I intend to test that function. Nor have I used the MP3 player function - why bother when I have my radio. I'm just not into an all in one toy. I wanted a GPS first and foremost.

    The only pet peeve that I have about the 360 is the antenna flap. It's a bit annoying to have to flip out the antenna and I've found that it also limits the positions that the Nuvi can be placed. But, on the flip side, there are only so many positions for the unit anyway. I do see the antenna as a problem as it could break off. However, I am happy with my purchase so far.

    Update (10/7/2008): It's still a useful tool. The one problem I've encountered is the bluetooth function. I can't get it to synch with my Samsung cell phone....more info
  • Good Product
    As a cab driver its not that great as it will choose streets that take longer to travel and not the back streets as I believe it should since it has a "Taxi" option. Dont bother with the blue tooth, the speaker is so small its to hard to hear from both sides of the conversation. I still give this a 4 star rating as it has saved me a ton of time looking on maps for streets im not familiar with. I recommend getting one with out the bluetooth and mp3 or picture viewer get the basic and the Garmin Nuvi is a fantastic choice. A very accurate product, I highly recommend it....more info
  • Love my nuvi 360!
    So this is very easy to use, user friendly, and very reliable. It's packed with features like the mp3 player, audiobook player, bluetooth functionality, etc. You can download different types of vehicles to be reflected on your screen. You can choose the voice dialect,in terms of someone from a different country, whether they're male or female, etc....I use this around town and take it with me on out of town trips as well. It's the best. I can find where I need to go without needing maps, calling information or stopping for info. I also love that when it locates where you're looking for, it displays the address and the telephone number, so you never need to use the yellow pages, or dial 411 when needing to call a business. This product is awesome, filled with numerous features and worth the investment. ...more info
  • Garmin 360
    We purchased this product for a road trip vacation. I fell in love with it immediately. I used it around town before we left to get used to the controls. Although the routes were sometimes different than what I normally take, they were accurate. When we took a short trip to Florida and wanted to find a buffet, I just pressed food in my Garmin and it gave me a list of all restaurants nearby!. Also comes in handy when trying to find fuel. With todays fuel prices, I like to have choices as to where to buy. Our road trip is coming up next week. Two weeks driving through Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. I'll check back in after vacation. But all in all I love this product. Kudos to Amazon for excellent customer service as usual!...more info
  • GPS with Cool Features
    In-built blue tooth works very good. GPS is pretty accurate, used it to drive from NJ to Atlanta, GA, did not hiccup once. Announces street names and the charge holds pretty good. The only con i found is the the connector that charges GPS is bit awkward, you would need to remove the GPS from the windshield before you can connect. Overall i am happy with the purchase....more info
  • Invaluable traveling companion
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 was invaluable to us when we traveled to Canada, especially with the French street names in Montreal and Quebec City. User friendly, just play around with it to learn its features. BE sure Jill talks to you and tells you the street names (not just "turn left"). This feature is not on the less expensive models and definitely worth the extra money for the Nuvi 360. We bought it new on Amazon and the box included all the accessories - dashmount, UBS cable, car charger, wall outlet charger. The description didn't identify anything as included, so we ordered the car charger; had to return it and pay postage to do so! But the product is terrific....more info
  • one of the best Garmin products, BUT
    i gave the Garmin Nuvi 360 2 stars to capture your attention, i think this gadget deserves above 5 stars. its great and reliable and maps are rich with info. only 2 problems. if you have big hands and fingers then don't buy this item cuz the screen is small and you will end up zooming in and out just to make sure you save locations right. The other thing is, most devices when specifying "support SD" thy sometimes support MMC cards too, but not the garmin.

    other than that GOOO FOR IT! its fantastic ...more info
  • Easy to use and practical
    We visited someone's house on a hill in the night for the first time. It could be hard to get there and return. It was hard to see anything in the dark. Totally depended on the GPS unit, the trip was an easy one....more info
  • Not as Good as the StreetPilot
    Let me start off by saying I bought this after a Bad experience with the TomTom 720 (That review floats around here elsewhere) I own a Street Pilot C330 Garmin which has been Great and in fact I just recently upgraded the maps for it.

    I bought this to upgrade from the C330 for work. My job requires travelling throughout the State, So a GPS is almost a necessity or at least it beats reading maps.

    I wanted this mainly for the Bluetooth phone connection. Personally I'm the type that doesn't need all the bells & whistles they attach to these things these days. I don't need or want an MP3 player, A Currency convertor or a Dictionary etc..Just a GPS that gets me where I'm going, But I have to say the Bluetooth appealed to me.

    So after my Bad experience with the TomTom, I went back to Garmin.

    What I like:

    It's Small and Garmin has stayed with the same type mounting bracket as the street pilot series, The power is feed to the bracket and then into the GPS - This allows your bracket to always stay mounted as you dismount the GPS to take inside the house or hide in the car to prevent theft.

    The Garmin GPS's in general are very easy to use and get around in the various menus, In the Fact I think compared to the TomTom, Garmin has them beat when it couples to navigating around in your navigation device. In Short, They are very easy to get up and running right out of the box.

    What I don't like:

    The Speaker is mounted in the back of the unit, So it basically talks to your windshield, On the C330 Street pilot, it has 2 speakers mounted on the side of the unit and is much louder. I'm the type that likes to listen to the radio when I drive and I'm here to tell you, With this unit, it's one or the other. The C330 allows both. So in other words what I'm saying is, You better enjoy just You and the Nuvi GPS as you drive cause you won't be able to hear the directions with any other distractions present. And that's with the volume at max.

    The Volume control is menu driven whereas on the C330 it is a knob mounted on the side to give instant access. Trust me this comes in handy when someone calls on the cell phone. It's not hard to access the volume control on the Nuvi, just not as convenient as the C330. Garmin StreetPilot c330 3.5-Inch Portable GPS Navigator (Factory-Refurbished)

    Too many other apps included. It's not that big of a deal, It just aggravates me. Like a Cell Phone, I just want a Phone that I can store Numbers and Make Calls. I don't need Cameras, Text Msg etc..Guess at 44 I'm Old School.

    As a Side Note, I've never bothered to use the Bluetooth, a Friend has a C550 Garmin that has Bluetooth and it doesn't sound good, Plus some other posts here say the same. So my original intent was null and void. Some day I'll try it and see how well it works, If it's worthwhile I'll update the post.

    ...more info
  • Best friend in travelling.....
    Very nice little gadget and great price at the Amazon. I wanted to make sure at least all north American maps are in the system since we do take vacations to Canada. Pre-installed map was 2006 inversion so it took several hours for my computer to upload and install 2009 version which was free of charge. It was just long and tedious process to register online and upload, however simple. Anyways, with its new map, everything seeems very accurate. And love the points of interest function. I don't even have to knoww the address to specific things. For example, I love in a town which has 8 or 9 elementary schools and don't know where all of them are but with this function, I just have to look up school name under community and I get directions and phone number, also.
    I love the Bluetooth function also. It's not $400~500 bluetooth car kit so there is little static but I don't want to spend that much money. Once I locked my phone with the Nuvi, it down loaded all my list my numbers and as soon as I'm near my car, it automatically tunes with my phone. With NJ law to prohibiting holding my phone to ear while driving, this is great little thing for quick incoming calls. But I will admit that it's not so great if you want to be on the phone to chat for awhile.
    I love the voice function which says the real name of the street as to "turn right in 400m" which could be confusing at times. Nuvi 360 inicludes all the functions and maps that I wanted with the right price. I'm very happy with this purchase and will recomment to anyone....more info
  • Excellent price and great GPS
    I really like this brand and model after much research. The blue tooth feature came in very handy while traveling and looking for hotels....more info
  • Pretty good
    It does its job. 'Shorter distance' is ridiculous.
    Generally ok, but not wow'd....more info
  • even better than I hoped
    this garmin is SO easy to use. you've GOT to remember to put out the antenna though--otherwise it's not helpful at all. it has lots of search functions and gives great directions. I especially like the restaurant feature.

    we found that the voices other than the "american" ones seem to be a little softer, so having an australian garmin wasn't possible. :( the bluetooth feature is excellent and it's compact enough to fit in your pocket which is nice, too. overall, we really like it, find it very simple and accurate, and think it was WELL worth the money. ...more info
  • 2 stars as i am not AS lost anymore
    this unit is expensive and does not deliver as i expected. i am unsure as to why it takes FOREVER to find satellite reception, and this really impacts on its usefulness. maybe it is because i live in NYC?? as far as updating it. i have used to computers- mac and PC platform, connected to the garmin website and no luck. this was VERY frustrating. so overall, not a good purchase, and definitely at risk for finding a new home on the side of the highway one day....more info
  • Best GPS for US !!!
    After reading over 80 reviews, researching for over a year, considering Magellan and Tom-Tom as well, considering c580, nuvis 350, 360, 370 and 660, I finally zeroed in on 360. Reasons, which might help you as well, are
    1) The map source. I read somewhere that Yahoo, Google, Garmin and Magellan all subscribe to Navteq for maps. Since I have used both Yahoo and Google, my choice narrowed down to Garmin and Magellan. Navteq is said to be superior to the map source used by Tom Tom.
    2) The choice of Garmin was next, coz of the +ve reviews from owners. Often we worry about the higher price, but there is no big %age hike in a Garmin, in terms of features. When you buy a GPS, that is it.. you dont keep buying another.
    3) It is well known that you do not leave your GPS on visible to potential burglars. The c series are bulky so is not easy to carry it everywhere. The 360 easily slips into a regular trouser pocket.
    4) Next - price and size. The 300 series are lesser priced compared to 600 series. And with the right selection, you get same set of features in 300 series, with 3" screen. Check out the Amazon comparision chart. It is the best on the internet
    5) So that left me with 350-370. 350 does not have blue tooth. My 360 has excellent blue tooth. It pairs with mine or my wife's cell phone within a 10 metre distance. As soon as it pairs, it downloads the phone book. And you can pair more than 1 phone. So while you drive, you can receive calls on the GPS. Especially, in California you are supposed to use hands-free options, this is very good. If you pair your GPS and phone, you can call to your destination. Like you want to find the nearest Pizza Hut, you just touch the screen and the 360 will use your phone to call. The GPS has a speakerphone.
    6) So that left me with 360 370. I figured I may not want to use the GPS in Europe, and so saved about $100 by finally going for the 360.

    I did not want the FM transmitter option, because I dont see much use of it. Also the traffic ahead option, was not required, because it requires a subscription.

    It is a very satisfying product.

    Important Note for California Users

    In May 2008, a new law was passed to allow GPS on windshield, either on the left bottom 7" square corner or right bottom 7" square corner. Check with your DMV website for exact specs. So you cannot legally put the GPS in the center of the windshield as I would have liked to.. The product comes with a dashboard disc, on which you can use the mount. However, the disc cannot be removed like the suction of the mount. So look for dashboard bean bag. Amazon is again your best bet...more info
  • The Garmin Nuvi 360 is awesome!!!!
    We recently took a trip to Los Angeles and rented a car. We've used the one's that are available in the rental cars in the past, but found them too difficult to use. The Garmin Nuvi 360 is easy to learn and got us around the city perfectly!! The directions are clear and the voice quality is easy to understand. Its portability is a big plus. I also recommend purchasing the bean bag that is designed specifically for this model. It's a bit heavy to tote, but keeps it in place on the dashboard of any car. The one that comes with the Garmin falls off the windshield too easily and is outlawed in California and some other states....more info
  • Good but not great
    I got this unit mainly for the Bluetooth and turn-by-turn voice commands. Unfortunately, this is where the 360 let me down. I have to put the volume at MAX to hear the audio OK (not great but OK). The Bluetooth connection works fine but if I leave the volume at MAX (to hear voice commands) and then when I get a call the person on the other end hears an "echo" of their own voice. When I turn down the volume to get rid of the echo, people still complain of noise in the background to the point of not being able to carry a conversation (driving 60mph with AC on med - 93 degrees F outside). One thing I find strange is that on several occasions when I make a round trip from my home, the return trip directions are quite different from the directions it suggests to get to there (destination) which in one case added 50 miles to the return trip. In the 360's defense, this issue may not be unique to just this model but may occur with other brands/models. Over all I am satisfied with the unit but the question I ask myself is "If I had to do it again, would I buy the Garmin nuvi 360?" My answer (unfortunately for those reading this review) is "I don't know if I would or not". I just can't give the Garmin nuvi 360 a resounding recommendation.
    ...more info
  • Great Gadget!
    The price I paid was a Very good Price; the delivery was Fast and Free!!!
    I have used the GPS a few times and it is amazing how well it works, plus it answers my cell phone via Bluetooth, and if you are looking for a particular shop or a Deli, click click and there it is...really slick!
    I bought it for my wife's car as she is "directionally challenged," but I may just get one for myself, as a "Boy Toy!"...more info
  • Great Buy!!
    I just moved and have had an easy transition into a new city thanks to the Garmin nuvi 360. I'm really happy I went with a model that spoke actual street names and had Bluetooth capabilities. My only complaint is that the nuvi 360 doesn't know when roads are under construction so I have to create my own detours at times. Overall, I'm very happy with the Garmin brand and would recommend the nuvi 360 to anyone!...more info
  • Greatest B-day Gift Ever!
    I have been researching GPS systems for a long time. Waiting for the price to come down, waiting for the systems to have better technology. I bought the 360 and all of the features are great. It tells you the exact road to turn on and zooms in when you turn. If you miss a turn it recalculates a new direction in seconds. If you know how to get to the city but not every street when you get there it will change to your route and then zoom in on the streets when you get close to them. It will list all restaurants and gas stations close to you along with telephone number. The features are accurate, quick and very easy to use. Haven't had a single problem yet....more info
  • Great GPS
    All it is advertised to be, this GPS is compact but powerful. I love the blue tooth technology as I hate wearing an ear device. It has tons of features. Very competitive price, too...more info
  • garmin gps
    Very happy with my new toy, shame I can't get the weather on demand though, but still very happy...more info
  • garmin nuvi 360
    Overall very pleased with this product. My only issue has been, a few wrong directions out of my own immediate area. I would and have recommended it to others....more info
  • We love it!
    Purchased as a father's day gift for my husband who travels for work. It has changed his life, and he loves it. I enjoy using it too. It's user friendly-no manual required! We've given up on Mapquest and love being able to locate nearby restaurants, etc. when we are in unfamiliar places. This is a great gadget. I'm not sure that we needed some of the extra features (bluetooth), but it might come in handy some day and for the extra few dollars it seemed like a good choice!...more info
  • Good device
    Good little GPS system for the price. Very user friendly right out of the box. Bluetooth is a plus I didn't think I'd use but has been pretty handy. It does take a while to update from the website and my maps still don't have all the newer roads I travel but it corrects itself pretty quick. The search by category is another handy feature....more info
  • Garmin n체vi 360
    I think this is great product, fast re-calculation, millions of POIs, many languages. I've tried to confuse but immediately finds an alternative ways. I think bluetooth option give a great driving comfort.

    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • nuvi 360 as good as it gets
    Great product for the money..beat every price on the web. There was a cheaper price but beware of their hidden costs.
    Nuvi is easily usable and has a map upgrade for 2008 included. My daughter loves it. I am buying another for myself. The bluetooth is great ....but watch where the stereo speakers are under the unit.
    Voice is clear and the direction correction should you miss a turn because of traffic is superb and automatic! I will buy another one at least!...more info
  • garmin 360 gps
    bought the nuvi 360. everything worked fine, including the bluetooth hands free function. somewhere along the linge, i lost the ability to use the bluetooth feature. i believe it to be after i downloaded laatest update. otherwise, the unit performs as advertized. garmin does need to come up with solutions on bluetooth compatibility......more info
  • Better than expected.
    Very happy with this unit. The gps functions are super if you remember to put up the antenna (duh). The voice directions are clear and helpful. The points of interest will help find various things but before driving to them, things like restaurants should be called on phone as some may be out of business, which is not Garmins fault. The speakerphone functions works better with my bluetooth phone than my Jabra bluetooth and is great when driving. It even downloands my phonebook to the gps via the bluetooth automatically. Touchscreen works well. No complaints at all. ...more info
  • no good unit/ has 2006 maps sold as 2008 maps
    we went on a trip from dayton, ohio to apex, nc this is my 9th trip to apex i used garmin older gps in my other trips, this trip i took the new unit i was surprised it took me on the state route.

    we went to nc to jacksonville florida than to atlanta GA, I was very not happy with the unit, always wants me to take to the state route, the worst part its a old unit of 2006 map sold in 2008, this piss me off.

    ...more info
  • garmin nuvi 360
    I love it. Just purchased my second one. It's easy to use, usually gives you the best route, occasionally can't locate the street, but overall a great, portable GPS....more info
  • This is a great tool
    I have been using this product for a few months now, and so far it has worked flawlessly.

    I am not much of a writer, but I will try to make my point briefly:

    1) Compared to many other GPS devices, this one is lighter with a larger screen area for its price range. The size is also pretty convenient, goes into the pocket.

    2) It connects with the satellite pretty quickly, I have seen units take much longer to connect. The maximum time this one has ever taken was 2 minutes. Also once connected it seems to be "hooked" to the satellite pretty steadily.

    3) Compatibility with Google maps is a great great feature that all of you will love.

    4) The bluetooth connectivity allows it to be used as a handsfree device while in the car, and pretty easy to find a place and call it, all in the same place. (Never have to scramble for your cellphone and type the number from your GPS screen)

    5) Battery life is good, and it charges up pretty quickly too.

    The downside:

    I didn't care for the suction cup stand that came with the product. It was awkward to attach it on the windshield(Note that in CA it is also illegal to attach a device on your windshield). Plus it tended to come off on bumpy roads sometimes.

    So I bought the variable friction based holder that sits on the dashboard. It's manufactured by Garmin too, and I bought it for about 27 bucks from Amazon. That thing works perfectly and sits like a rock even on the hardest of bumps.

    On the whole, this device is a joy to use, and will more than compensate for the price you pay....more info
  • Great Product!
    This GPS works great! I've had it now for about a month and am very happy with the functionality. It locks in to the sattelites very quickly. The map view is easy to understand and the arrows on the map showing the turns to make as they are comming up allow you to know exactly what's comming up. The spoken street names are excellent and a must have. You don't even need to look at the screen....just listen and you will be told exactly what street to turn on with plenty of time to make the turn. It also recalculates the route very quickly as soon as you go off the set route. I actually compared the functionality of this to a built in GPS on a brand new SUV one of my friends just bought and this blows the 2000 dollar built in unit away. The blue tooth is also a great feature although sometimes it doesn't automatically detect the phone. In that case, I have shut it off and turned it back on and it has detected the phone every time. The speakers are a little weak but definitley do the job as long as your windows are not down when driving. The other feature that it lacks is mutiple via points on your route. You can insert one via point and that's all. That could make it a little difficult if you are plotting a trip and you are going in and out of a busy city. I tried plotting a trip in and out of NYC and I was able to work around it. The worst case if you have multiple points (bridges tunnels) you want to go through is that you have to program the via points in to your favorites and insert them as you pass the one that's programmed in. Not that big of a deal since chances are you won't need more than 2 via points to get the GPS to plot the exact route that you want. Just make sure that you plot everything out at home in simulation mode before using it for a long trip so you can view the route it's going to send you through. You can then play around with it by inserting different via points. None of the negatives were a surprise since I bought this unit based on all the reviews on Amazon and Consumer reports. The benefits of this unit's overall functionality definitley outweigh the features it lacks. Overall, I'm very happy with this GPS!...more info
  • Great product
    Excellent system. Gets me where I want to go. Quickly finds alternative routes....more info
  • Great product
    This product is a great asset to anyone who travels, and the bluetooth feature works great. The only negative I have is with Garmin on downloading new maps, seems to be impossible and the customer support stinks....more info
  • good buy
    I have a unit installed in my other car. This unit is not as easy to follow but definitely worth the money...more info
  • does the job most of the time.
    I live in NYC (manhattan) where there are tons of skyskrapers of course and it has alot of problems getting a satellite signal usually.. Takes over 15 minutes to get a conection IF it can even get one.
    At most I will ever have is 2 bars..

    Once I travel to outside of the manhattan like New Jersey or to an outer borough it works fine for the most part. Manhattan itself is really easy and one doesnt really need a GPS as its a grid.

    I would say it has alot of problem in high building areas..
    They really need to make it more sensitive the antenna...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Its good but the sound clarity is not as good as Garmin Street Pilot. It would be good, if Garmin increases the sound quality. Apart from the sound, everything is good...

    ...more info
  • Very Usefull!
    I bought this for a trip on the Eastern coast. It worked great, especially with the ability to give you phone numbers with the locations of interest such as hotels, restraunts, and stores. Which is helpfull to make hotel reservations at the last minute. Or call ahead to see if any rooms are available, or if a restraunt is still open at night.

    I wish I had this device a few years ago! Directions are quick to load, and to re-route if a turn is missed, or you just deviate from the suggested route. If you are taking pictures also, with the sd card slot, you can preview pictures a little better than with just the screen on the camera.

    Several things to mention though. I would recomend getting one with a fm transmitter IF you plan on using the audio book option, mp3 player, or would like to hear directions a little louder. Or you might be able to get a fm modulator to use with it. I would liked to have gotten the traffic option but wouldn't use it much where I live, although if you are doing alot of city or interstate driving I would deffinitly advise you look into it.

    My only complaint that made me not give 5 stars was the bluetooth. It seems to not work at times. when it does work, it works very well though. I have yet to check for a software upgrade from garmin though at this time.

    One thing I would liked to have seen, would be rest stops on the map. Too many times I dind't see the sign and drove past them. I dont know if they, or what is located on the mapping upgrade software though.

    I would recomend the garmin nuvi 360 to anyone looking at a gps system....more info
  • Great GPS for the Price
    Bought my first gps after reviewing many others and it hasn't let me down so far. Have only used couple of times but both times it worked well and even found us a shorter way to a park we didn't know about. Easy to setup and I like the voice turn-by-turn directions although they startled me since I wasn't used to it. Only downfall was that a few of the directions were pointed out right on top of the exit. Luckily we knew where we were going.

    Download & install of latest 2009 map was free, which was great. But really slow since it's such a huge file. And it's still missing a couple of addresses and 1 POI we know have existed for some time. We're planning a roadtrip in July and 3 of the 6 addresses were there. Oddly enough 1 is a hotel in Indianapolis. But we plugged in the address manually and it was able to map the directions.

    Was able to easily sync up my tmobile shadow with bluetooth and very cool to see my phonebook listed in the gps. And the shadow is not even listed as a compatible phone. Couldn't sync up with my wife's tmobile samsung but my phone has all the phone numbers so it was ok. Haven't tried to call anyone so no opinion on sound quality.

    Size is nice. Would have liked bigger screen, but I do like that I can put this in my pocket and not notice it as much.

    Overall I do not regret this purchase at all!...more info
  • Great price, GREAT product!
    I purchased this Garmin Nuvi 360 for my husbands birthday. He loves it! Very easy to operate and the spoken street names are great. I would highly recommend this product and this seller!...more info
  • Gramin Nuvi 360
    Was new to the Chicago, Illinois area and needed to get around for interviews and everday errands. Researched various GPS' and decided on Garmin. Made a great choice! I love it! Had a little difficulty downloading the updated maps. I especially like the Bluetooth and car charging features. However, I don't care for the window suction cup. The cup fell off while I was driving. Bought a bean-bag dash board mount for $20. Works like a dream!...more info
  • Good Value for the Price !
    I bought the Nuvi 360 specifically to help me navigate my way during a recent trip to the San Francisco Bay area. This was my first experience with a GPS navigation system and I was so excited with the purchase that I did not take any maps/directions to guide my way from the SF international airport to my hotel in Oakland (30 minutes drive). The Nuvi 360 performed beyond my expectations and helped navigate through the streets of SF with precise verbal and visual directions.
    I used the Nuvi quite extensively over the next couple of days. There were occassions when the Nuvi 360 had trouble acquiring the satellite signal (took ~10 minutes to access). It was a little unnerving since I had already started driving in the dark on a remote narrow rural road and there was no safe way to pull over.
    I love the other features like adding a stop to the route, storing favorite locations etc. I have not tried the hands free calling features using the Bluetooth technology. I am still playing with the product and getting to know the features.
    Great product for the price ! ...more info
  • Problems with the Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS with Bluetooth
    The GPS keeps taking me to the wrong route, despite being on the fastest time setting and even when there is barely any traffic on the freeway. Although this may be alright when you know the route but that really frustrates me.

    While traveling on a regular route, it directs me to take an exit which is actually the correct route but once I take that exit it starts recalculating for no apparent reason and directs me to another route then when I reset the GPS it re-directs me back to the route I was originally on taking me on and off the freeway when I can actually go straight to reach the destination.

    If you miss an exit, it recalculates and bring me back on the freeway and no detecting an alternative route to destination.

    I'm not sure if it is just the GPS I bought was defected or it happens to all of the GPS for 360....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Great product; delivered ontime by the store. The bluetooth function is awesome. I use the speaker function frequently. Definitely a good buy for those that are looking for a GPS system. ...more info
  • Great everywhere but in the sticks
    I bought my 360 about a month ago. Me and the wife used it to visit her cousin on the southside of kansas city,and it worked great! toook us right to thier house even though the street was kinda starnge in how it stopped and then started a block down the road, very impressed. Used the POIs to find a resturant and the search function worked great to find places based on name if you don't know the address.

    One thing i have noticed that is bad is the routing in rural areas. For some reason where i live it thinks there are like 5 connectors to the interstate on a 1 mile stretch near my house, and when visiting some family friends, it though their house was .5 miles from where it is.

    Overall, if you are in areas with well defined roads that aren't out in the middle BFE, it works great. Haven't used the bluetoth yet, but plan on soon when i get a new phone. Also the Australian voice seems to be the easiest to hear, but volume could be higher....more info
  • Best on market for money
    This is the second Garmin 360 I've purchased (this one for my daughter away at collage). The size is wonderful, small enought to put in your in your pocket and not be bothered by it. The screen is very good; only in the brightest direct light from above does it wash out (easily corrected with 1" aluminum hood I've taped to the top of the unit to shade the screen from above). The bluetooth provides excellent hands free support with the unit (tested with Moto Razor, Blackberry Curv & iPhone). The MP3 player performs well, iave used with 2GB & 4GB SD cards and ALSO with 8 & 16GB SDHC cards; the latter suprized me as it was NOT documented to support SDHC but it does. Battery life wo/MP3 is about 4-5 hrs, with MP3 about 3-4; so your going to need to plug it in for any long drives. But for around town use a single charge will probably get you there and back. For the Amazon price (<$240) I feel this is the best GPS w/MP3 & Bluetooth on the market. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I miss the Palm features of my Garmin i3600, but the 360...which I'm just learning...has a bigger screen, better voice directions and the maps are built in. I think I'll like it a lot....more info
  • Good features overall except for some disappointing performance
    Got this unit for a while. In general it is handy and very user friendly, loaded with POIs and add-on features as indicated by the tech details and others' reviews. Trying to be concise here and will not mention pros again. Would like to provide my comments by comparing it with the Magellan Maestro 3100, which I purchased a few months ago at less than half the price of this Garmin. Purchased this one for my wife because that Magellan does not have text-to-speech(TTS). However, after test drive, we determined that she uses the Magellan.
    Please do not get me wrong by comparing these two different brands/prices. I have limited experience using various GPS and these two have about the same form factor and similar basic features in terms of guiding functioning. So it should be reasonable to put them shoulder to shoulder.

    Major issues with this unit (assuming the performance of my unit is normal) that one may need to consider before buying:

    1) Slow start-up. At open outside and clear weather, it takes nearly 1 min to lock up the satellite signal, vs. less than 30 seconds for the Magellan.

    2) Even when driving on the route, it frequently prompts "re-calculating... blah-bla". This is confusing sometimes. Found later that it gives such prompt whenever there are continuous exits or turns close to each other. And this is the same prompt when we get off the route! That means we have to read the map to confirm we are taking the correct maneuver. On the other hand, after each correct maneuver, no sound or voice to confirm it(unlike the Magellan).

    3) Voice prompts come out late. On highway, it is usually about 0.4 miles or less before the exit. Be careful when driving in heavy traffic using this unit. And at map/drive view, the next maneuver displayed at the bottom of the screen has only the name of the street which you will turn on to, but without LEFT or RIGHT indicator. You have to click that to enter next screen to see maneuvers. Not good design for local driving.

    4) Voice prompts contain no prediction on the following maneuver that comes up close afterwards. The Magellan usually says: In 0.2 mile, make a right turn followed by a left turn ... Such feature is quite useful for local driving and even beats TTS in many cases as we experienced.

    Have no comment on those features (blue tooth, mp3 player... ) other than guiding so far. Maybe all together those additional features worth the 120 dollars on top of the guiding performance compared with my Magellan. Otherwise I rated this unit no more than 3 stars.

    ...more info
  • Perfect if it were bigger...
    This GPS has more than you would ever need in a GPS if only it were a widescreen. If you buy a GPS, buy one with a "W" next to the number and you're golden. Otherwise I would have given this 5 stars. How did we ever get by without GPS's??...more info
  • Pretty nice unit at a decent price point
    I bought this gps recently, I've had a few weeks to play with it and overall I find it a pretty good device with a decent price point.

    Mine came from amazon with the 2008 maps, after registering/updating the firmware (firmware is separately/freely updatable via the garmin webupdater) I was able to download and install the 2009 map set (about 2 gig download). It installed with no issues, tho it did take some time. I recommend doing it over night. You have a limited time to finish the download, and of course future/other map sets cost additional money.

    The built in maps and POI's seem to be fairly accurate, as does the navigation routes. I settled on the 'emergency' vehicle which seems to give the best balance of speed vs shortest distance.

    Lack of being able to add more than 1 additional waypoint is a disappointment, albeit I knew this before buying.

    The mp3 player is very simplistic and has an apparently un-documented limit of ~1000 tracks. It also can be finicky about large embedded album art or malformed/corrupted tags causing the device to simply shut off.

    The bluetooth connected to my older motorola phone (v551) with no problems, but I am disappointed that the gps does not have the profiles for using bluetooth headsets directly with gps (ie for mp3 playback etc). The range seems quite good, as I've left the unit on in my drive way and had my cell ring in the house while it was still connected via bluetooth so I had to manually disco to make/receive calls while not in the car.

    There is a headphone out plug, so you can use any normal wired headphones and the sound quality seems fairly decent. No external volume control can make it annoying if mp3 volume or external noise varies alot.

    I bought a 8 gig memory card and it works fine (aside from problematic mp3's as noted above).

    Battery life seems to be around 6ish hours with backlight on, but you can configure it to turn it off after some time.

    It is small enough to fit in your front/back pockets, although I would be very cautious about sitting on it as it seems somewhat fragile.

    I really wish that it had a lanyard loop so that I could attach a carry strap to it like most phones/mp3 players. The case itself, being smooth plastic, may lend itself to being easily dropped.

    The included accessories were a small wall brick charger, a usb connector/charger, a car charger cord, a vaccuum suction mount and a dash mount sticky pad (although I wouldn't really recommend using the sticky pad).

    This is my first gps, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I find it relatively easy to use, although I wish it had a qwerty option and the antenna did not shut off the gps function when closed (it goes into simulator mode).

    I use the garmin lock, which either requires entering a 4 digit pin or being at your 'home' location (you have to be able to get the sats locked on tho).

    There is an annoying press "OK" to continue warning/disclaimer, but I am going assume that most/all units have that 'safety feature' nowadays.

    Overall, so far, a good device and I would recommend it to most people....more info
  • Should you buy a Garmin 360?
    Click off of this review and go to another one because when I get excited I don't know when to stop writing. Do I love this little sweetie? Let me count the ways. But first understand that I was so concerned about making a mistake (since I am new to GPS things)that I actually read all eight hundred and some reviews on this and hundreds on other brands and models. I would say that I (retired) spent a good ten hours research on this. After realizing that the sheer number of people who took the time to comment and the high accolades they gave the 360 overall, it was apparant that I needed to buy one and take the chance.

    First of all, I googled the thing and they took me to Amazon to get the best buy. Amazon is most often the best buy on small electronics for me. Then, I went to eBay and found they could do no better. For Amazon got and filled the order and I nearly got the thing delivered on my porch before I hit the send botton for the order, lol.

    I opened the box that was huge because of all the protective packing, and found the little baby, already charged and raring to tell me where to go. I will admit that I ran to my car and took some trips around my area (gas is so cheap) and though it took a couple of funny ways to get to where I wanted to go, it was obviously the fastest way and that is how the default setting is on the baby.

    After supper, I did the right thing and went to the instruction manual (on CD) and then went to the Garmin support site and upgraded all the software that I would need. Yes, it took a little while to decide what I wanted to do but that is part of the learning process. Since I wanted to
    use my Bluetooth cell phone in the car thru the 360, I upgraded that part of the software.

    Then I left my new bride watching TV and I took my toy to bed to learn how to use it. The next day, I downloaded two wonderful business books into the Audible Book Player. Garmin gives you a site to go to in order to get two free books. You have to sign up and then cancel, of course but that is no biggie. I then downloaded about a hundred of my favorite photographs of my family, my dogs, my deceased wife, my new wife, and my friends. At the age of 69, I am going back to work and will be away from home and this will really be nice to look at, and while the music is playing. I now need to learn to download some of my terrible karaoke songs on the mp3 player. By the way, some folks complained about the speaker quality on this sweetheart. Give me a break, the quality is absolutely terrific when you consider the speakers are about one inch diameter. What do they want, egg in thier beer? Anyway, the 360 has a stereo mini jack for ear buds, for the folks who must hear better than this old man.

    Next, I will admit that I did need a couple of hours to get the Bluetooth phone of mine to talk to the baby. Well, now it won't shut it. I was in the basement and listening to a book when the thing stopped playing and a call came in. I was too far away for it to work but I was impressed that it tried to work. Another thing that blows me away is that the 360 (also known as "baby, sweetie, etc.)" is that when one is driving and listening to the MP3 playing music and a call comes in, or, the sweet little Aussie inside the thing wants to tell you to be prepared to turn, it changes to the call or the GPS gal telling giving you instuctions. OMG.

    Today I took it to my bike trail, where I cycle 17 miles a day, and then set the navigation setting to "Off Road" and told it the name of the town ahead. It showed the old train track, AND the nearby roads. This thing is so wonderful, I oughta send another $229.

    Finally, and this finished it for me, I was playing with the thing on the trail while biking and it suddenly warned me that what I was doing was dangerous. I don't remember how it was worried, but it cracked me up.

    So while I would like to write for hours on this, I must leave you time to read others. But, unless your wife is the jealous kind that will get upset when you get all mushy from hearing the sweet Aussie woman in the thing, get one. But until you examine every possible setting and used it a few days, don't get negative on it. Most of all, do the update, (free) of the software, and learn to recognize the three icons on the right side of the "home" screen. They are, a wrench, a speaker, and a phone. Hope this helps. Jim...more info
  • I was lost but now am found
    very impressed with how easy it is to use. Finding places to eat with phone numbers, fuel and lodging frees up time and makes traveling easier.The acuracy of letting me know to turn before I get there is great. However, I found 3 down sides. 1st. Even with clean glass when the windshiels warms up the suction cup does not like to stick well. 2nd. I found that going from point A to B it likes to take main roads even when there are shorter back roads available, and some side roads are not listed even with the 2009 updated map. 3rd. It tells you you have arrived at some addresses 1/4 mile before the actual address entered. Even with the down sides I love using it when going places I have never been and am thinking of getting one for my wife. I wish the 360 came in wide screen....more info
  • good product
    I have a tomtom one too, and it is nice that this Garmin 360 says the street names. But I could program the Tomtom faster. You always have to spell out the City with the Garmin, Tomtom will give you the last few citys that you programed so you can just pick from the list. They both have an occasional glitch in maping but I could not be without one. Good Product ...more info
  • Outstanding
    Exactly as advertised, and as reviewed by most others. I had to do a firmware update to get it to work with my Blackberry Pearl 8130 (prior to that it would connect/disconnect constantly), but once I did it worked the first time and ever since.

    Tech support was also great - relatively short wait time, and very helpful when I got someone. First rate product and company.

    Aks...more info
  • lacks some detail
    I bought this product because of the nice reviews it had. I am disappointed. My husband has a TomTom One(a much cheaper product) and his device has much more planning options- like navigate to recent destination, points of interest near current position, along route and near destination. It's also easier to put in a new address since it recognizes the street names much faster - it pulls a list only after you type 2 letters. On the display the TomTom (unlike Garmin) also shows how many more miles you have left to destination, current speed and time - these are nice features I don't want missing. Both Garmin and TomTom have estimated arrival time and distance to next turn. The only thing I like about the Garmin is the text to speech but that's pretty much it. I wouldn't buy it again. ...more info
  • Nuvi 660

    The bluetooth is great. Entering addresses is easy. The female voice could be softer and seems to get upset if you alter her route. The traffic alert which is on trial can cause some havic. I do not think I would subscribe to that. I have a three year old Magellan also. I like the ability to choose your route preference at time of input. Overall I like the Garmin Nuvi. The more familiar you become with all of the features, the more you will enjoy it. Love the bluetooth. If you can live with the smaller screen of the 360, I would recommend it for $100 less....more info
  • Overall good, GREAT for the price
    I am replacing my 3-yr old Street Pilot 2720 (whose screen will no longer calibrate and is unusable for navigation) with this Nuvi 360 and find myself a little wanting. For the price, I shouldn't argue. I starts up fast, calculates fast, is nice and small, the bluetooth is cool, and only cost a couple hundred bucks. Still,there are some nice-to-haves that are missing from this unit that I was used to having in my big and bulky 2720. I am used to being able to user define the display fields on the screen, see my speed when navigating to a point, have the screen auto downscale as I approach turn points, tends to hop down the road, the menus are a less intuitive, and the e-keyboard is not as responsive (it thinks between button presses a bit) and cannot be set to querty layout. Most of this is a training issue that will be overcome with time, but at first blush, these shortcomings are a bit annoying.

    Again, for the price, this is a great unit! And as always, AMAZON rocks. Great price and FAST delivery (paid for 3 day, got it is less than 36 hours)....more info
  • Great so far!
    I have yet to use the MP3 or photo function, but have used everything else. I have been extremely pleased with this-I have yet to look at any directions or a manual. I was able to pull it out of the box, turn it on and go. The interface is extremely logical and easy to navigate (no pun intended). It has guided me throughout California and Chicago easily.

    The bluetooth works well, though for sound quality it can't compete with bluetooth routed through a cars' stereo. It works well in a pinch though, especially in rental cars.

    4 stars instead of 5 because the battery life is questionable. Keep the car charger handy. I haven't had it long enough to give an "average", but it's certainly going to be less than 5 hours. I'm also a little concerned that the maps need to be updated-but that's laziness on my part-I'm sure if I contacted Garmin I could get an update if one is available.

    There are a million nav choices out there-so far I think I made the right choice....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 (awesome)
    I have never owned a GPS device until purchasing the Garmin nuvi 360. We have only had it a month now and can't believe we have lived without one for this long. Our daughters play on a traveling competition volleyball league and therefore we are on the road a lot. I can not tell you about all of the functions of this device, but it has been perfect for an amateur GPS user. We just returned from Wisconsin to Northern Kentucky and it did great taking us around all the closed roads due to flooding. Very easy to follow screens and directions as you travel. Awesome device!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi Review
    Good pricing and pack and delivery well executed. Great product. I have used it across the country and it works well. Bluetooth can sometimes be erratic with certain phones. All the accessory features like POI and search are excellent from function and user friendliness. ...more info
  • GPS Garmin
    My husband got thie for his birthday, best gift ever, loud and clear even with car music on, and clear directions, it was nice having on our vacation being out of town and still getting to all the fun spots in the area!...more info
  • Almost perfect
    Pros: The unit is easy to use and intuitive; instructions are clear; fast startup and satellite acquisition; driving directions are accurate (with one exception noted below); text to speech is quite an improvement over older Garmin without it; mount is easy to use and holds unit well; screen is bright enough in harsh sun; Bluetooth is very easy to setup and use is virtually automatic; Bluetooth sound quality is good; computer interface is flawless; capacity is large enough to store all maps of North America; interface with computer program used with older Garmin unit was flawless.

    Cons: Did find a major driving direction problem going through Atlanta, Georgia where unit provided wrong information on Northbound freeway direction through a section of I-75/85 that has not changed in forty years; text to speech is a little funky. For instance, reading the abbreviation for Drive (Dr) as "Doctor", and reading the state abbreviation for Georgia (GA) phonetically. I have not used it in too many areas with limited familiarity, so this has been more entertaining than troublesome; volume for text to speech is too low at the highest setting. Would love to see feature such that one could easily search a destination city for hotels...without being there.

    I have not tested the data storage card capabilities. The 'books on tape' feature is a delightful surprise, but has not been put to the test.

    Overall, while there have been a few unanticipated challenges, I found the unit to exceed my expectations. I would recommend it to others as a good unit for the cost. ...more info
  • Second purchase for this model
    I bought this Garmin Nuvi model 360 for my wife so she could be compliant with the new cell phone law for drivers in Calif. We liked it so much I bought one for Father's Day and gave it to old Dad....more info
  • Great Garmin, exceptional price
    Garmin Nuvi 360. I did allot of research on GPS units before purchasing this one. For instance; in Consumer Reports, this one was rated in the top 5, and the other four were about twice as expensive. The other four were also Garmins, I think .

    I have been using this unit for about a month. I have tested it by going to places that I am familiar with. It will definitely get you there, now it might go a different way than you would, but in a place that you don't know... really doesn't matter as long as you get there.

    The Garmin Nuvi 350 is exactly the same as the 360, but for a bit more you get bluetooth with the 360. Bluetooth works very well, provided you have a cell phone that it will work with. vEry easy to set up.

    Traffic monitoring is extra, some units it is included, this one requires a subscription. I have not found a need for the subscription. I guess if I had to get to a meeting during rush hour or in heavy construction.

    It does give you an estimate of when you should reach your destination, and constantly updates that.

    I like all the travel features it has, which to me are many. Language translator, currency converter, etc. It has preprogrammed locations. For instance, I am in a new city and want to eat. I can go to locations and find out what is around and how far away. Does the same thing for any city services or other retail locations that you might look for when traveling.(banks, Atm, hospital, convenience stores, library, gas stations...)

    Overall, I think this is really a great unit at half the cost of others with some of the same features. No it is not widescreen, but the screen is still large enough to see, and follow. You can choose from different voices/accents for the talking guide. Although it is not setup to preview the voice. So the first time you hear it, is when your on your way. The lighting of the unit can be set for day or night or auto.

    The only real downside that I don't like: the battery life. It is not very long, and if you use WAAS, it is even shorter. The unit that I bought on Amazon came with a charger for the outlet and one for the car, so as long as you have the car charger, battery life really isn't an issue.

    It comes with USA maps and others, but not Europe. I figured if I went to Europe, I would buy them just before I left, so that they are as current as possible.

    I recommend this unit. I travel frequently, sometimes to places I kinda know, but it comes in handy when I am looking for a restaurant or library, post office etc. If I am going to a new place, like a big city, you won't know how you managed before without it.

    On all Garmins, if you want to add maps, like to Europe it will cost extra, you can download them on the Garmin site or order a cd. The Garmin site is really good for researching all their units. [...]

    That's about it....:) Happy traveling!...more info
  • Never lost
    The Garmin GPS has been such a wonderful product for us and our family, that we bought another one last month. Not only does it provide drivers with good directions, telling where to turn, estimating the time of arrival, allowing for alternate routes, and allowing the customer to personalize preferences (like avoiding highways or toll roads), but the Points of Interest has a wealth of information.

    Stores, restaurants, community centers, parks, automotive services can be looked up and the unit provides an address and phone number. So, you can look up a restaurant and call to make a reservation before venturing over. Having a phone number is quite valuable to me.

    Another positive is that it is mobile so it can be used outside the vehicle or moved from vehicle to vehicle quite easily.

    One negative that I find is that even the maps on the new Garmin isn't as updated as it should be. I believe that the road maps and POAs should be current when you purchase it. Our new Garmin doesn't recognize some streets that have been in place for a number of years. I'll have to go on the web site to see how it can be updated. I believe that it should have been more current when I purchased it. Hopefully, it will be an easy fix.

    ...more info
  • It's a Foolsproof GPS
    Yes, anyone can handle it, very easy to handle, you can go wherever you want even without reading much from it's owner manual in case of people who never had a GPS, and the posibility of carrying music files in mp3 to listen through your car's sound eq. is great, is another thing less you need to carry with you: Your iPod. And the traveler's guide it has with language tips is very helpful whenever you are in a country with a language you
    don't speak.

    I'm very glad with my N체vi 360. ...more info
  • Works great
    Has information listed that I didn't expect to find. Very easy to use. I like the choice of voices, etc....more info
    Excellent product. I love it. I use it wherever I go. Its great. It tells me where I can find the cheapest gas in my area. I don't even have to look at it, it tells me every turn I have to make in advance. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Outstanding product.

    Easy to use, accurate, shirt-pocket sized. I have used it on unfamiliary city streets (Boston) and back country roads (Virginia). It worked well in both locations. The "take it with you" capability is a real plus, although I have not tried to use it to find the car in a massive parking lot.

    More expensive models transmit the audio through the auto's radio, and that might be useful in high noise situations. ...more info
  • Love The Garmin GPS
    We took our Garmin with us to Virginia and used it everywhere we ventured to. It was very handy in Washington D.C.. Very easy to operate and understand. Don't leave home without one!...more info
  • Not a good GPS
    Garmin n체vi 360 comes with lot of problems,
    1. For new GPS we need to upgrade the software
    2. Bluetooth is not working properly
    etc......more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent top-rated GPS unit, very intuitive menus. Do not even need to read the manual. If you register with Garmin, then 2009 map updates are free (limited time offer). Very sensitive Sirfstar III receiver, can pick up GPS signals indoors. Older GPS units would lose the signal amongst tall buildings or trees. Price at Amazon is outstanding....more info
  • EASY TO USE!!!
    I am very happy with the Garmin Nuvi and it is worth the price, ALL THE WAY!!! It is very easy to use and all maps are installed and ready to be seen. I even got to change my "little" car to a "pink" princess one. Yes, of course there are many more to choose from. I LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • great product for the money
    GPS Nuvi 360 works terrific - used on my trip to the Berkshires in Stockbridge Massachusetts - made good time and didn't get lost made good time - would definitely recommend this product. Amazon shipment was prompt received a few days sooner....more info
  • Good product
    Good product; performs GPS functions very well.
    On the minus side:
    - If you have polarized sunglasses, the screen will be hard to see
    - The speaker is not the best when using bluetooth

    ...more info
  • Worth the money
    Sometime a little bit slow to acquire the signal, and might be 5-10 feet off when it comes to turns, but proven to be extremely helpful!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Excellent product! Does everything I ask. I use it with three different vehicles, including a motorcycle. Easy to use, and the display is easy to see. I even got it at a great price through Amazon. ...more info
  • Good sleek product
    This is a good sleek little device with clear directions. The device conveneintly fits inside the shirt or trouser pocket and has all that you could ask for in a GPS. The negatives are: BlueTooth Audio is not very clear and I have had an instance when it has taken me through longer/slower routes. The next time around it did take me through the shorter route, but I am still puzzled about why it took me through the longer route that one time....more info
  • Amazing little thing!!!
    I recently bought a Garmin Nuvi 360 and absolutely love it! Its is very easy to use, accurate, acquires satellites quickly and the Bluetooth is loud and clear! My friends have the 350 and wish they got the 360 for the text tto speech and Bluetooth... YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!

    Thanks...more info
  • fun 360 to go, easy and accurate
    only con I feel is POI system has not been so great and need to be upgraded!...more info
  • Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

    Volume too low...more info
  • Great Product
    I have been very happy with Garmin 360 GPS since I purchased it. It is quick, clear, friendly, and precise as you drive around and it tells you the way. The features that I like the most are that it tells you the street names and secondly it tells you precisely when to make the turns left or right. No confusion at all. I have found it to be a very useful GPS at the right price. I like it and I am glad that I bought it. It was easy to order through and was delivered on the day as promised. I was again happy with the service....more info
  • Excellent GPS
    I had a Garmin i3, which was OK, but I wanted to upgrade to a GPS that included spoken street names. The nuvi 360 has that, plus it has Bluetooth that links with my BlackBerry for hands free phone operation in my truck. It works very well, and I am very satisfied. I also bought the friction dash mount, so everything can be completely removed from view. Good stuff....more info
  • Great GPS System!!!
    Works great for directions!!! Even has an mp3 player and can connect to my phone for handsfree calling! It is very portable and the battery life is great. I've had no qualms with this product and have driven across the country with it!...more info
  • NUVI 360
    This is one little EXCELLENT GPS for the money! It is right on the money with its directions and the bluetooth works perfectly with my Verizon, LG VX-5300 phone that is not even on Garmins list of compatible phones. The MP3 player is an added benefit. Although I am sure you will want to get some sort of adapter inorder to hook it up through your car stereo speakers (otherwise it will play its music through the ONE, little speaker on the back of the unit, thus sounding like a "transister" radio!). If you're on vacation, and you have an SD card digital camera, you can even take out the card, insert it in the NUVI, and view your photos on the larger screen, and impress your girlfriend! I was deciding between the NUVI 200, 260, 350 and 360. I eliminated the 200 out because it doesn't speak the street names as you drive (doesnt have "text to speach"). I eliminated the 350 because for a little more $, you can get the blue-tooth version (the 360) wich I think is also a tad newer). So, it came down to the NUVI 260 and NUVI 360. Hard decision. I would of went with the 260 (Newer unit, built-in antenna, larger button-pads) but I liked the bluetooth and MP3 player of the 360. Plus, I've read good things about the 360's satelite-receiving-antenna (sirf III). So, naturally, being an "electronics junkie", I went with the NUVI 360. Especially because at one time, it was almost a thousand dollars!! I would of given it 5 stars if it had one more additional feature: You CAN NOT set an address of a place you would like to visit on vacation somewhere in the country or Canada, and visualize the "virtual" drive, or "SIMUALTE" it. VERY frustrating. The newer 200-series nuvi units have this feature (although I think they are not as good), the 300-series units do not. You can get pretty close to off-setting your home location in order to pre-view/simulate a virtual drive/navigation situation, but for the most part, when you type in "yes" to the "simulate this drive?" question, it ignores all of the work you just typed in and goes right back to wherever your actual home is. Oh well... It is still the MOST recomended unit out there for the money! 4 stars!! :)...more info
  • Accurate helpfull GPS
    Now I can go eveywhere and I'll never feel lost. Fast, handy device
    acquire satellite easily, I recommend it for all my colleagues, have fun...more info
  • What was I thinking?
    Hard to believe I actually thought I didn't need one of these GPS devices. What a time AND gas-saver. With gas prices going up seemingly every day, this won't take long to pay for itself by avoiding the fuel wasted from trying to locate someone or a business. And after some research, Amazon was the best place to get one. Gotta be one of the wisest purchase decisions I've made in a long time....more info
  • Pretty darn good
    I'm very happy with my Nuvi 360. The directions are good, the "detour" feature has been helpful, and I like that I'm able to link up my Blackberry Pearl to it through Bluetooth (easy setup). On the whole, a little device that's got a lot of good features and is a great value for the money....more info
  • Excellent
    after a few learner's faults used it in my recent trip to Vermont & Quebec and it was a boon to go around...more info
  • Excellent GPS!!!
    Wonderful product. I bought it at the end of May 2008 and Garmin gave me a FREE upgrade to the 2009 maps.

    I had problems staying connected to my Blackberry 8830 via Bluetooth, but the lastest firmware upgrade fixed the problem.

    Overall GREAT Product!!!!...more info
  • Amazon is great !!
    I had bought this item from They took whole 2 weeks and didnt ship my item. I went for Amazon and order was in place on 7th day.
    Moreover, Amazon did price correction when Price dropped by [...] in two weeks... I am extremely happy with Amazon.

    Nuvi 360 is awesome product. I love it !! My other friends who has StreetPilot cry for long up-time, cloudy weather etc. This one acquires Satellite just in seconds !! Perfect !!
    ...more info
  • Great GPS
    Everything was great. Good service and it came quickly., The ability to sync with cell phone is a feature we wanted. It was given as a gift and they were estatic. LD...more info
  • Love it, but......
    I wish I hadn't spent the extra money for Bluetooth. Everyone complains that they can't hear me, and they hear their own voices echoing back at them, which is very distracting. I love the GPS part, however. It does seem to have a little trouble with detours, and if you go past where it told you your next turn should be, it has trouble catching up with you, especially if you're in an urban area, where there are lots of side streets. For long trips, though, it works very well. I especially like that it gives you an ETA. The voices are great, but if you choose British English for the language, it mispronounces a lot of the names. Regardless of your voice choice (I like Australian Lee), choosing American English as the lanquage works better for pronunciation....more info
    Once you get this you will never need a magellan again. I would guess that it is 95 to 99 percent accurate. A better product I have never found. The price is right and the quality is great. I love it....more info
  • Garmin did it right!
    The Garmin Nuvi is the best GPS/MP3/Audible/Bluetooth combination out there. The implementation is intuitive and easy. The playback of audibles or mp3's is automatically paused when directions for the GPS are required or an incoming call is being routed through the Bluetooth. Perfect! ...more info
  • Slick device, well worth it...
    I was considering both the Nuvi 250 and the Nuvi 350 before I settled on the Nuvi 360. I actually bought the 250 but returned it. The 250 is a fine device, but for the $60-$100 price difference between most of the the 200 series models and the 300 series models, I think going with the 300 series is well worth it.

    Practically, there are a few important differences. On the 300 series, the voice navigation will pronounce the names of the streets (i.e. "turn left onto laurel canyon ave.") whereas the 200 series only shows the street names on the screen and instead says things like "turn right in point two miles"). The 300 series also features an external antena mounted to the unit, whereas the 200 series antena is internal. The 300 series also can receive power from the windshield mounting bracket, so you can leave the bracket plugged into your car's cig. lighter and you never need to unplug or replug the Nuvi. The 300 series plays MP3's, and includes a headphone jack for that purpose. In addition, the menus are slightly better, but not significantly so,a nd their are a few additional features like one touch navigation to your home location.

    The other main difference is what comes in the box. The 300 series includes a leatherette carying case, car charger, a/c adapter, USB data cable for connecting to your PC, and a windshield/dashboard mounting kit. The 200 series includes only (slightly different) mounting kit and car charger.

    In addition, this particular model, the Nuvi 360, includes bluetooth to allow the unit to integrate with your cell phone, and it does this very nicely. The Nuvi can be used as a speakerphone in conjunction with your cell phone, it can dial the phone (including dialing the numbers of locations stored in its database), it can sync with your phone's phone directory so you can dial your own numbers from the Nuvi, it can send text messages from the nuvi (composed with the Nuvi onscreen keyboard, quite a bit better than composing messages on your phone's keypad) and you can also read text messages on the Nuvi's screen - it will even attempt to read the messages aloud for you, though the results I've observed so far with this are hit and miss....more info
  • Nuvi 360
    This is my first gps and I have no complaints. It works great and I feel a little safer not trying to follow printed directions while I'm driving. The bluetooth works great as well. I only wish my Nextel phone would allow me to download the phone book so I know who is calling.

    I also love that I can save my customer's names, addresses and phone numbers in my favorite places so that when I'm in an area I can see who lives close by and get there quick....more info
  • well worth the money
    After reading many reviews I decided to buy the Nuvi 360 and have found some things that could be better but overall a great piece of technology. I wasn't really sure if I would use it locally but the first day we got it it took us to the airport on a new route that we liked. I used it today to go across town to a lecture and it found a great route with shortest distance activated and saved me time and I went down streets I wouldn't have considered before. We took a trip to New Orleans and it helped us find different places with ease. The size of the 360 makes it easy for traveling as you just put it in your pocket and take it on the plane or where ever. Took a walk and put it on pedestrian and it measured the exact distance I walked 1.66 miles and at 3.2 mph. I put the antenna straight up and put it in my back pocket and no problem.

    If you're on the highway and have the windows open it is difficult to hear and I don't think they could put a speaker in there that you could hear.

    I really love the windshield mount - works great for me. I was going to buy the bean bag mount but didn't need too - at least so far. It clips on and off the mount very easily.

    When I was traveling on a divided city street it seemed to get confused but overall only a few incidences like that.

    I love the fucntion where you can find restaurants or entertainment or whatever. It shows you how far everything is away from you. I'm having my wife use it and she picked it up fairly easily.

    Overall this is a great product and size does make a difference and the smaller in this case is the better imo as the ease of portability is important. The screen is bright but seems a bit weak in direct sunlight but overall very good. The volume control should be on the main screen or on a physical dial - I just leave it on max most of the time.

    I did download the 2009 maps and it takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours with broad band.

    The 360 has been more useful and fun to use than I expected. There are some things that could be better but overall this is well worth the money.
    ...more info
  • Ok, but it seems to always choose the longest route
    I bought this for my boyfriend's birthday, thinking it would be an awesome gift. The bluetooth feature is great. The directions though, seem to be not as accurate. We took it around on routes that we knew and it always takes us the longer and most complicated route, instead of the easy ways we know. We are still to view some of the features, but to be honest, I expected more. It is a good deal for the price, although my advice is do your homework and ask someone for advice before buying a GPS....more info
  • Great Easy to Use GPS
    This is the first gps that i have ever owned. Very easy to use, awesome features such as finding restaurants or shopping locations near you. When it's fully charged, the battery lasts for a couple of hours so you don't have to plug it into the car charger. Used it for about a month now, and it's given me accurate directions every time. I love this gps unit! Only negative thing i could say is that the mp3 portion of it sucks, the speakers are way too small. ...more info
  • Customer dissatisfaction.
    My Garmin Nuvi 360 arrived promptly as expected. However, the unit had no maps loaded when it was received. I found out that I was entitled to download the map set directly from Garmin. Although I have attempted to do so, I have been totally unsuccessful. I acknowledge I am not very computer competent but I odered a device which I expected to be operational as it was received. As it is, the unit sits, worthles, in the shipping package.

    I am involved in a volunteer program for which I purchased the Garmin unit. To say I am dissappointed isa great understatement. I purched the unit to use it, not to have it occupying space. What I want is to k now where I can get my problem resolved. I would like to hear from Amazon regarding the resolution of this issue.

    Thank you.

    Ken Biccum...more info
  • What's wrong with bluetooth and how to fix it
    There is little I can say about this item that hasn't been said. Excellent functionality. Great design and user interface. Extremely reliable and precise directions. Altogether, it's a great device for the money, and I am delighted with the purchase.

    So, my biggest problem, and everybody else's, has been that bluetooth pairing was very shaky, and then stopped altogether after a few weeks. I used Garmin's webupdater to ensure that I had the latest firmware, and still no luck with bluetooth. The bluetooth function would "hang" when enabled, and then would shut itself off again. After about a month of bluetooth uselessness, I found a fix page at fixya: Long story short, (1) update the firmware with web updater. This won't fix a thing at first. (2) Reboot. (3) Get to the screen with the faux speedometer, hold your finger on the speedometer for about five seconds, and you'll get into an engineering menu. (5) Go through the screens until you get to the bluetooth engineering menu. There is a button there to force a bluetooth update. Press it, let it do its thing, and you'll probably be good. It worked for me, and now I am delighted with the bluetooth function. To purchase a similar hands-free device from the manufacturer of my car, I would have spent more than I spent to buy this device with the same functionality and, of course, the GPS navigator. I'm a little miffed that Garmin hasn't done a better job publicizing the fix for this bluetooth problem, which appears to be exceedingly common, but fixed is fixed, and the device works wonderfully....more info
  • A Great GPS to have
    Take a bit time to arrive, but it is worth the wait. Very nice product!...more info
  • great gps!!!!!!!!
    I previously had a Lowrance iWay 350c before the nuvi 360. Although there are things I miss, like the ability to customize the display; the nuvi is more accurate and the bluetooth is great. The POI database is pretty current and it is nice being able to call businesses with the bluetooth. The nuvi 360 is a consumer reports best buy in the June issue. The text to speech is really nice because I rarely have to look at the screen. I highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for an accurate, easy to use, compact gps....more info
  • Good buy
    This product is good for the money spent on it. Lacks some features of the more expensive models, but gets the job done and fits in the budget....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 GPS navigator
    It was all it was described to be and delivered on time. I'm very satisfied....more info
  • You can't lose or get lost
    I have owned several different types of GPS units since they were available. I owned the ones you connect to a notebook computer, ones connected to a PDA as well as several stand alone units like the Nuvi 360. This is not an entry class or top of the line unit but offers pretty much what you will need in today's modern world driving. The Nuvi 360 offers bluetooth connectivity to your cellular phone (which must be bluetooth capable) as well as giving you turn by turn prompts annoucing the street names. The Nuvi 360 also offers you live traffic alerts with an optional antenna (about $180.00 or so) which offers 16 months of free traffic alerts. The Nvui 360 also allows you to use secure digital media where you can store mp3 music or photos. The built in speaker is not the greatest but it is enough to use the Nuvi 360 as your speaker phone when connected to your bluetooth cellular phone as well as for the turn by turn prompts. You can buy a FM transmitter and connect it to your Nuvi 360 to play through your car's speakers to truly enjoy your mp3 music or better quality of your phone calls. This units comes with everything you need to either afix it to your windsheild or on your dash. If you don't want all the bells and whislers the Nuvi 360 is ideal for getting you around town. Perfect for road trips especially when you don't know the area. The user interface is simple, powerful, perfect to search for shops, gas stations, points of interest and many more. It is worth the investment....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a fantastic product---exactly as advertised. It worked nearly flawlessly on our recent trip to Florida. Just purchased the beanbag attachment which allows it to sit comfortably on the dashboard, even during turns and short stops. Couldn't be happier!...more info
  • Love it!
    I'm a service tech in the Chicago area & purchased this unit based on it's features, reviews & price. I was getting tired of looking at a map between calls all day. It's easy to use without reading the instructions. Out of the box this unit has performed flawlessly. I'm discovering shorter routes & saving time.

    This unit has more extras in the box than some of the later models. Leather case, AC adapter for home, longer battery life & manual on CD-ROM. The window mount has an adapter so when you plug in the Nuvi it connects automatically with the car charger.

    Even though my cell phone wasn't on the Garmin list of supported devices the Bluetooth connects with my Sprint Blackberry 8703e. The phone book isn't supported but It makes & receives calls fine. You don't need the models with the bigger screens unless you have vision problems. This screen size provides all the info you need. Voice prompts with street names are clear.

    When it was delivered, it did not have the latest map update but I registered it with Garmin on the web & downloaded the 2009 update for free. All roads present & accounted for now! I'm not too keen on the flip up antenna but it acquires satellites better than the ones with the internal antenna.

    This model is fun to use & definitely worth the $!...more info
  • User friendly - never get lost again
    This is the fourth Garmin GPS we have purchased. They keep getting better and easier to use. This one is actually a gift for my son-in-law but is like the NUVI 350 we purchased last year. You don't even need to read the manual to learn how to use it. There are so many features we like about our NUVI and haven't come up with any negatives. It is small and easy to put in your purse or pocket to mark waypoints when you are walking. We especially like the feature that shows hotels when you are traveling. We drove out to the west coast last year and were able to make reservations with the information given on the NUVI. We also were able to research restaurants and other places of interest. It is impossible to list all the features here in this review. Buy one, I don't think you will regret it....more info
  • Garmin 360 used for professional travel
    The Garmin 360 is a good GPS unit, but in the first week of use it did not recognize my hotel street address (840 Chesterfield Parkway West) but did recognize the street by name when I was driving on it. A day later, it did not recognize the street address of a Post Office in Morse Mill, Missouri. Altogether, in the first week of use the Garmin did not locate three destinations. To its credit, it located all the rest of the places I needed to go in the few weeks I have owned it.

    What is boils down to is that those of us who need to find directions to places we have never been before, who work all over the United States and territories, need to use a combination of GPS, maps, and Mapquest, and that will get us to where we need to be, hopefully without traveling on a road with a blown-out bridge.

    It is difficult to get Mapquest to find a route that works best, but Mapquest currently has information about freeways under construction (such as a portion of 64 in St. Louis, Missouri) and provides alternate routes accordingly, but the GPS unit I have does not.

    But, in all fairness, I have not yet mastered the GPS unit, meaning I have not figured out every workaround with respect to making it do what I need to have it do.

    The 360 is preferred over the 260 (or whatever the less expensive version is), and I prefer Garmin over Tom Tom. I also do not feel that the higher number iterations of the Garmin are necessary, unless you want all the extra bells and whistles that are added on to the GPS capability.

    I am yet to learn how to download new maps into the Garmin, via the computer, which other people have told me is possible. That should be interesting, and that might improve the Garmin's operation. I hope the new maps include updating information.

    I am disappointed in Amazon for not making it clear that I did not need to buy a seperate power cord for the car. Now I have two power cords. The point being, I found out after the fact that the power cord in the accessory package (dash mount) is for the 260, which is less expensive but does not come with a power cord. A power cord for vehicle power is included with the 360.

    No matter the product, take the time to read the fine print and you will only spend what you need to spend.

    ...more info
  • Super Machine
    This is the 4th Garmin product I have purchased and it's the best buy I've ever made. Been using the nuvi for three weeks now and it never fails to amaze me, what'a machine. It would be a great buy at twice the price. In my mind, Garmin is tops.........
    Leroy...more info
  • garmin 360
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Nav igator I researched most gps units to find the best product for my money. I was very elated when I found this unit at a very reasonable price on amazon. I have used this unit for three trips to areas where I knew little about. I am shocked at the exactness of this unit and how easy it is to use. Hurray for garmin, and thanks to amazon. I give both of you five thumbs up. Charlie-Aston,Pa....more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    I was looking for a dependable, inexpensive nav unit with a small footprint, and the nuvi 360 has delivered on all of the above. The route plotting is fast and logical, with a minimum of complicated left-right-lefts on side streets. I have not experimented yet with some of the more advanced features, such as Bluetooth and loading POIs, but if you're looking for a basic, easy-to-use GPS system, you won't go wrong with the nuvi 360....more info
  • garmin 360 is great
    The Garmin 360 is easy to use and very portable. There are predefined categories to easily find hospitals, etc.. or you can just click on the map in a general area that you are headed and press "Go".

    The size is fine because I tend to listen to the directions while driving rather than look at the screen. It can plug into the aux jack of the car stereo (with a cable from radio shack), and it has a wall charger in addition to the car charger for use without a cigarette lighter.

    The only changes I would make is to be able to do bluetooth to the car stereo to hear directions through the stereo speakers or to a bluetooth headset while hiking or biking. The other nice thing would be a volume control on the outside of the unit (like the streetpilot). Lastly, it would be great to use it without extending the antenna.

    I would highly recommend this unit and the 350 to a friend.

    ...more info
  • Garmin 360
    Very cool item. I rode with a friend that had one (a 350) and after that I said "I need to get me one of these"! Works very well and can even do handsfree cell phone through it. The speakers aren't very good so if I bought another on I would look to get one with the FM tramsmitter to send the sound through the radio speakers. I think that would be better but the unit does everything else I need. The price was great at a little over $225.00...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi nice
    This is my Garmin Nuvi 360 is my "personal" first GPS and I'm impressed overall. The bluetooth feature is really great to be able to talk hands free through the GPS. My father-in-law has a Magellan and says that my bluetooth sounds clearer than his does. The downside to this unit is that it takes a little while for the maps to load and acquire satellites. Also, the latest updates aren't quite up to date as we found recently as it showed us off in the grass when we were still on a US highway that was finished within the last year. Overall, however, I would recommend this unit to anyone in the market for one! ...more info
  • Didn't work well at all
    I don't know if I just got a faulty product, but it didn't work very well for me at all. It always would say "acquiring satelites" I did all the work arounds they reccomended and it kept doing it. It would work for a little while and then it would freeze and go to acquiring satelites, in the meantime I would have no idea where I was going. You can restart it and sometimes it will pick it up sometimes it won't. I was very disappointed, I sent it back. I may get the 350 everyone I know that has that one likes it....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    Just took a trip to Portland, OR and the GPS worked fine. A couple times it tried to get me lost but I knew the correct route and it recalculated and got back on track when I didn't use it's directions. Hope this doesn't happen where I really don't know my way around.Bought this one because of the Audio Books capabilities. Never saw anywhere, not on Amazon's product description or any of the reviews I read, that a monthly subscription was needed to download books to it. This is very disappointing, I am still trying to figure out a way around this since my library has audio books that can be downloaded for free....more info
  • wish there are more Routing Options
    I was looking for GPS because I always get lost when I go to new places. I choose nuvi360 because it had good reviews. (decided to get this instead of 350 just because it was cheaper at that time)
    Anyway, I drove to chicago area once with this and even though I got lost couple times (I needed adjusting time to follow the voice direction)I was confident that I could find the way, which was huge relieve for me.
    Downside was there are only 2 routing options, shortest time and distance. Because I wanted to avoid toll roads, I set it for shortest distance, which made me to drive country road for long minutes and apparently I could drive highway instead. Then in chicago, it makes me to ride toll roads whenever possible. I wish I have checked Routing Option feature before I purchased.
    Overall, good with easy to use, display and voice options, not so good with routing options.

    By the way, I purchased "Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount for N체vi Series and StreetPilot I Series, C530, C550 and C580 GPS Navigators" because I don't like suction idea and some reviewer suggested that. This works perfect with nuvi360 !

    ========== correction ---several days after my 1st review.
    I just found "Avoidances" options which was including 'Toll Roads'.
    So I gave 3 stars before, but want to change to 4, then.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I recently bought the Garmin Nuvi 360 and love it. I have tried several other GPS's and this one is great and you can't beat the current price!
    ...more info
  • easy
    This product really does provide travel convenience with ease of use. The restaurant and points of interest menus are top notch. We were able to plug and play straight from the package....more info
  • Good Value But Bring A Map
    We were planning a driving trip from South Carolina to Vermont with several stops along the way. It seemed to be a good time to invest in a GPS unit and after reading several reviews, here and elsewhere, decided upon the Garmin nuvi 360. Overall, it is a capable, reasonably priced unit. Lightweight, easy to use, and decent directions, both audio and visual. The database of locations was also satisfactory, although not completely up-to-date. It listed a grocery store that had moved two years ago, although this was in a very small community.

    Beware: GPS mapping systems are imperfect. Near major cities, the Garmin directed us to exit an interstate to local roads in order to connect to another interstate. The more practical route would be to stay on the first interstate until the exit for the connecting interstate. It also had a preference for going through cities rather than on a circumferential route, which often would have been faster by avoiding traffic. I have since learned that these quirks are common among GPS devices, including the built-in units. I had obtained driving directions for the trip from Google Maps, which also had some odd choices of routes near major cities. The Garmin was very good in steering us along local roads to a destination within a town. It sometimes would identify a route by street name rather than highway number, which would have been more accurate and easier to identify,

    So with any GPS device, trust but verify - with a good printed road map, particularly for travel on major highways....more info
  • Great price, easy to use, screen is easy to veiw
    First, I bought a Garmin 350 for my Prius was not goiong to pay the extra $2,000 for the factory nav system. Garmin 350 and 360 work better than the factory built in models and Garmins recalculate faster. Liked the 350 so much I bought 2 Garmin 360s, one for my truck and one for my daughter. My truck did not have the built in bluetooth, and now it has nav and bluetooth- no more maps taking up taking space and no more bluetooth hanging off my ear.

    Garmin 360 all the great qualities of the Garmin 350 plus bluetooth and at $230 !!

    Greatest thing is -- you can use it right out of the box without having to read pages and pages of instructions

    Probably the best investment you can get if you travel anywhere at. all. ...more info
  • NUVI360 review
    Great product, easy to use, intuitive and helpful right out of the box. most impressive was how easy it was to find the nearest gas station, or restaurant while traveling. The only thing I wasn't 100% happy with, was that the battery life could be better. The write ups said to expect about 8 hours, I got just better than half that. I've not yet used the bluetooth feature....more info
  • Garvin nuvi 360
    Well, I actually bought this for a friend who was a little less "demanding" than I, and wanted a good but basic unit. (I already have the 680 myself, as I wanted a wider screen & the traffic capabilities). Another friend has this 360 unit and has nothing but good to say about it, so I played with hers and recommended it. We all purchased the "optional" friction dash mount, which I consider a "must have", and with that addition, this is just about a perfect little package. I actually think Garmin should include that add'l mount "in the box", what with the high theft rate of window suction-mounted units (even if the unit itself is hidden or removed, because tell-tale signs remain). Also, there are several states nearby in which windshield suction mounts are illegal.

    Before buying my Nuvi, I bought a Magellan, tried it out for 2 days, and returned it as quickly as I could drive to the store. NO COMPARISON! The Garmin models have responsive touch-screens, are easy to see, and are more reliable. ...more info
  • Great product
    This product is amazing. Haven't had any trouble using or mounting it. Sometimes the satellite signals are lost creating bit of an inconvenience. I have also seen cases where it didn't speak up at some turns where it was supposed to. I thought the signal is lost, but that wasn't the case. Sometimes the map seemed to contain wrong street address, not sure if it was due to not having the updated map....more info
  • garmin nuvi 360 - Not up to my expectations
    1. The feature says, it speaks the street names. But mine doesn't
    2. My fingers are too big to use the touch pad. May be I need a bigger one with large keys.
    3. Hangs many times. Had to restart.
    4. Not very user friendly
    5. Had used TomTom before this and felt TomTom is much better than Garmin

    Except for accuracy, i hate this device

    ...more info
  • Works fantastic
    Works great every trip I take. POI's are great too, no matter where I am I know I can find the nearest gas station or restaurant if need be. Very satisfied with it....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 - AWESOME!
    Best navigation system for its value. Great Features. Point of destination time accuracy is accurate.Easy to use features. Definetly a BUY!...more info
  • 10 Stars for Garmin 360
    No more missed turns, no more freaking out about getting lost. I researched every GPS made, all brands, styles, etc., and thank goodness I had the good sense to buy the Garmin nuvi 360. You simply touch the screen and type in where you want to go. I prefer the "map" setting so I can see the street names as they are approaching. I highly recommend this product, and so far, have convinced two other people to get theirs quick. Oh, one more thing.....this model, from Amazon, is the CHEAPEST price online!...more info
  • Garmin vs Magellan
    My first GPS was a refurbished Magellan. First mistake, it was refurbished, second it was a Magellan. The unit was large and not user friendly. The Garmin is compact, user friendly, intuitive and a pleasure to use. I have owned this only a short period of time, but am very satisfied and glad that I chose this product. ...more info
  • sleek, user-friendly, great deal!
    Have had it for about a month. Easy to use with the finger tap-activated menu, very portable and sleek-looking, and clear turn-by-turn direction with street names. Good sized screen. Haven't tried Bluetooth function yet so can't review. But so far, happy with the purchase. Arrived in perfect mint condition. Got it for a great deal from Beach Camera at $226....more info
  • Great device!
    Received this as a gift and it works great! We used it on a recent family trip to Florida - loved the bluetooth capabilities...we used it to find our resturant of choice and call ahead for seating! Screen is easy to read and the system is easy for anyone to use. Love it....more info
  • Cool interface, handy device!
    VERY easy to use - this is my new favorite gadget! The bluetooth / speakers are a bit weak, as some reviewers have mentioned, hence the 4 stars.

    But, overall, the interface is great and intuitive and the size is just right. The windshield mount is great, worked well enough for me, so no need to buy any additional accessories.

    Good stuff!...more info
  • Great unit. Great Price
    This is my third Garmin purchase. I had purchased 2 nuvi 350. One for myself and a second for my daughter. Now a Nuvi 360 for my son. These units are outstanding. I would have purchased a third 350, but at the time Amazon was offering the 360 for less than the 350 and it had more features.
    Bluetooth being the main difference between the models. The most important feature these units offer is the ability to speak street names. This allows the driver to keep eyes up on the road looking for street signs instead of trying to see a map. Do not let the small screen fool you. There is really no need for the larger screen as mentioned above your eyes should be on the road. I find the smaller unit a plus, given the increase in smash and grab attacks on GPS units, this unit fits easily into you pocket or a ladies purse. The small size also allows for easy mounting in place other than your front windshield. In all 3 of our cars the units are mounted down in the floor console using included disk and still receive a great signal with accuracy in the 12ft range. This makes concealing the units easier. The small size and long battery life also make it a good portable unit when walking in a city(set to "walking" to get shortest route).
    Set up is easy and there are more than enough POI. The POI often include phone numbers, which when traveling is a great feature.
    Like anything there are a few things that could be better. Saved locations now appear in list based on your location with saved location nearest to furthest. It would be nice to be able to sort by other ways (i.e.: alphabetical). The suction cup mount does not hold up well if you leave it on your windshield. 2 days in the summer and it was melted to the glass, another reason to consider a different mounting location.
    Map updates are reasonable, especially when compared to the built in unit from car makers. Firmware/software upgrades are fast and easy on Garmin's web site.
    All in all I think this unit offers everything you will need. The price is great on Amazon. My first unit was $500 and the last was half that.
    ...more info
  • Good GPS....I will deem it as smart investment
    I recieved my GPS from Amazon Today. Used it little bit to try it....and I am luving it..this is the first time I used bluetooth handsfree was crystal clear....and GPS directions are good so far....I will say it is one of the best models in market based on my 1 day experience and my friends feedback who have used this one for few months....more info
  • Great Item!!
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 is very user freindly. This is the first "High Tech" device I've purchased. It does everything it says it can. I was impressed with the ease of use, daylite and night time mode. I even set up the blutooth feature myself. This is not a toy, but it sure is a lot of fun. Hope this helps you to make an informed decision.......more info
  • Great Device
    A ton of people have reviewed this device and almost all of them are effusive in their praise. I'll add to that majority opinion by agreeing that this is a great GPS device. However, I think the Bluetooth integration is what really makes it stand apart.

    Searching for and being able to call a POI (Point of Interest) is great. Need a hotel nearby? Just do an intuitive POI search and then click call. You can get directions and be calling for availability/reservations in one easy process. Got an incoming call coming in? See the caller ID on the GPS without having to look down at your phone. Answer with one touch and carry on the conversation via the speaker phone.

    That does bring up the one (and only!) complaint I have. The speaker on the speakerphone is not the greatest... it makes coherent conversations a challenge. I think it's more of an indictment with speakerphones in general, and not really a flaw with the nuvi 360... and I have found there is a nice "transfer audio" function that will route the audio to my phone for more traditional usage.

    I've been very happy with this device and cannot recommend it more highly....more info
  • nuvi360 review
    This is a nice one to have but some time this doesn't give you the quickest way. Some of the places are not correct. I don't know whoose fault it is for eg: home depot on milton ave, camillus NY is no where near garmin says. ...more info
  • great product for great price!
    Most other reviews are spot on about how good this GPS is. I looked around for it on other websites before purchasing it. Amazon had the best price. I also found out that if you register your GPS with Garmin online then they let you download the 2009 map for free!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 is perfect for someone who travels. It is compact making it easy to pack without losing its features. It offers Bluetooth, music, audio books, etc. The only downfall is that it takes a few minutes sometimes to find the satellite. ...more info
  • Solid performance, good value
    This is my second GPS. I had a Garmin Street Pilot I5 before this one and liked it fine, but when my mother recieved a Garmin Street Pilot C340 for Christmas, I tried it, and then I hated my I5. I then began shopping for a new GPS. I'll admit a bias for Garmin, mostly based on what I've read and friends recomendations, but also from my positive experience with my I5. I was really looking for a Nuvi 350 and based on how I use my 360, the 350 would have been just fine. The only reason I bought the Nuvi 360 was that it was priced about $25 less than the 350 at the time I bought it. The 360 offers Bluetooth connectivity that isn't available on the 350. I have enabled the Bluetooth on my Nuvi and on my cellphone and at first I was very excited at the capabilities of the system. But since then I don't use the Bluetooth because it is only usable in my vehicle at lower speeds. I drive a 2005 Ford F-150 and generally when I'm over about 35 mph, I have a hard time using the Nuvi as a hands free device because of wind and road noise. I noticed it actually does a better job when mounted to the windshield rather than dash mounting it with the included disk, because the speaker seems to need to be reflected off the windshield so that you can hear it more clearly. Overall though, the unit performs without many flaws and I can recommend it to anyone. I would not buy this unit because of the Bluetooth capabilities, but I would highly recommend this unit (or a Nuvi 350) as a good general purpose GPS navigator. It is very easy to operate, it is much more visible than my I5 and the touch screen is so much easier to use!...more info
  • it is great
    It is great for travlling, however,sometimes the routine it provides is not the best nearest way....more info
  • Navigation made easy
    We purchased a Nuvi 360 prior to taking a 7 1/2 week road trip south. I did all the driving and my wife did the navigating. Her job was made quite easy because of the Nuvi. This thing is easy to operate and understand. One of the greatest assets is that it took us through large cities without any problems. It tells you to stay left or right, so it keeps you in the correct turn lanes. Locating fuel stations, restaurants, RV parks, etc. was also very helpful. This is the only auotmotive gps that I own. (I use a Garmin handheld gps for hunting) We were satisfied enough with this unit that we bought another one for our Son.
    It's a great value for the price paid....more info
  • Great Product!
    Product worked great right out of the box! I've used it on a number of occasions already and believe it was a good investment....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS NavigatorThis is an excellent unit once you learn how best to use it. We have a place on the console so we don't mount it to the window which is bothersome as you have to be careful to remove any mark the suction cup leaves when you stow it to deter theft. We have found that using i9t between major destinations/way points is not desireable because if you deeviate from the route it starts spitting out instructions re: how to geet back on track. Once we approach an urban area and prepare to leave the major traveled route we turn it on, program the destination and it does a great job. Turn directions by street/road name is very important since "turn left at the next intersection" is grossly inadequate especially when intersections are close together. The unit comes with a carry case for the unit but it dooes not hold the cords, window mount, etc. so we purchased a camcorder case at Radio Shack that holds everything in a nice compact case that protects it well so we just stow the whole thing in the trunk. It's a theft magnet (high value on the resale market because it's one of the latest gadgets so leaving it in sight is an easy way to get a broken window and a lost GPS - while they're siphoning your gas....more info
  • Garmin 360 Nuvi
    Love this thing, despite the fact that "turn" sometimes means simply "veer" on a 4-lane road. Have not tested it in a major city or long trip but expect it to shine....more info
  • Never Get Lost Again (almost)
    The Nuvi 360 is an awesome device. I was in Des Moines a few weeks ago and with one exception it worked flawlessly. (The road was too new I guess).

    Pros: It has many voice prompts and a very clear screen. Setup is easy but to add POIs you have to use their kludgy Garmin program.

    Cons: Can not for the life of me get it to connect to my bluetooth cell phone. It connects then disconnects. Not sure which device is to blame but the phone works with my headset and even my stereo in the car...

    Overall the is a top pick and I would buy it again in a heartbeat!!...more info
  • Geographically Challenged People
    This is the best investment I have made in a long time. I am geographically challenged in many ways ... not a very good sense of direction. Also, when I travel to new cities (or even different parts of cities I know), which is a lot, I can always find what I am looking for. I don't have to ask the hotel conciege for directions/recommendations any more ... we can select our own places! And, we can find our way there. And when you make an incorrect run, it "recalculates" your route. LOVE IT....more info
  • Pleasant Surprise
    I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 360 about a month ago and have found it to be extremely helpful. Its very easy to learn the basics and very convenient to store. I'v had some trouble getting it to stay attached to the windshield (probably operator error) but it works fine in froom the passenger seat.

    I don't use all its features but the basics have done better than expected for me....more info
  • Garmin gps system
    I am very pleased with this item.It works like a charm.Easy to useand abig help in finding locations.Thank you....more info
  • great value
    im a courier and use this about 10 hrs day. has been a great companion so far. great routes , great maps , great sat receiver, snappy interface, great bluetooth , and display of map is so good I dont even use text to speech ( I prefer to listen to radio)

    comes with ac charger and leather case to protect screen . weird that you dont even get these with the more pricy nuvi 750 .

    cant go wrong with 360 ! If you want a bigger screen go with the 650/660 !

    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • garmin nuvi bluetooth
    my son is having a difficult time coordinating the bluetooth with his bluetooth phone and devices, it came to his home well packaged and in good condition, although later than expected...more info
  • Garmin is the best
    I upgraded from a Garmin c320 to the Nuvi 360. I love the garmin software (I've had friends with Magellan and TomTom and the interface on the Garmin seems the best). My main reason for upgrading was the bluetooth, speech to text, and smaller form factor (much easier to put in the suitcase to take on vaction). Highly recommended....more info
  • Maps can be deceiving on this unit
    This is my second Garmin, first Nuvi. The routes this Nuvi takes you can be deceiving. Yesterday, it wanted to take the back route from Sacramento to Modesto California. This is the second time this unit has taken a less direct route to a location for me. My daughter is happier with the Tom Tom....more info
  • Almost essential.
    This Garmin Nuvi 360 is amazing. We used it to pick out a route from Canada to Florida, used it to find places in Florida for two months, and used it all the way along the eastern U.S.A. coast to Montreal then back up to our home in Thunder Bay Ontario, with numerous side trips. The savings in gas due to efficient navigation probably paid for the unit. It also directed us to the nearest gas stations, retail outlets, service centres and restaurants.
    We love it....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I have had an opportunity to see this in action before I purchased one of my own. I was impressed with the ease of operation and the exact directions given to get to a pre-determined destination. Since my purchase I have had an opportunity to use mine and was not disappointed in its effectiveness. If you do any travelling to cities or destinations with which you aren't familiar, I strongly recommend one of these to take along. This thing works and works well. I am very satisfied with my purchase and see me using it any time I travel. ...more info
  • Great Tool for Visitors to the USA
    I ordered the Garmin n체vi 360 from Amazon, a day before I left Malaysia for my son's graduation in Malibu. After reading a number of reviews, the Garmin n체vi 360 seems to be the model that provided all the necessary tools that I needed and was one of the best values.

    The product arrived to my son's address the same day my flight arrives into LAX. Rented a car from the airport, picked up the Garmin from my son in Malibu and immediately I was using the Garmin without the need to read the manual. Mind you, this is the frist time I've ever use a GPS. The Garmin was very intuitive and extremely user-friendly. It performed more than I expected from a GPS.

    From Malibu, our family went for a road-trip to Northern California, covering Yosemite, San Francisco, Sonoma and Napa Valley. The Garmin gave me a great deal of confidence the whole 1,600 miles of driving.

    During the trip, whenever we needed to look for food, the faithful Garmin will point out numerous suggestions around the area we were passing thru. When we wanted Chinese, we got numerous choices and when we wanted something quick, it gave us many great suggestions. In fact, we discover one of the best sushi restaurants with the Garmin.

    The Garmin also lead us straight to our hotels, shopping malls, places of interest, etc... stress free. I don't have to worry about getting lost or turning into the wrong exit. Even if I did, it will quickly recalculate my route and get me back on track again. What a great help!

    I'm now back in Malaysia... happy and so glad I had my Garmin with me during my holiday in California. Can't imagine how the trip would be without it. My Garmin has now become my faithful companion for all my travelling adventures.
    ...more info
  • Very Nice Unit for the Price
    This unit has done everything I wanted it to with no problems. The bluetooth is a nice feature and easy to use. POI's are good and if what you want is not there it's not hard to put it in. All in all this does all it advertises....more info
  • Good map, so-so navigation, bad loactions.
    The map of this one is quite good enough, accurate. The navigation is not very sensitive, doesn't aware me in the right time, a little earlier or later. The locations are bad. I live in NJ, when I entered "Sam's club", after 5 min search to wait, got only 1 result in PA....more info
  • Disappointing
    I bought this for the bluetooth feature only to find that all three of my phones are not compatible with the nuvi 360. There is a list at garmins web site that lists all of the compatable phones. I'd rate the gps and directions at a 7, not the best, just OK....more info
  • Garmin 360 Handy Tool
    I recently purchased the Garmin 360 portable navigator and it arrived ahead of schedule which was great since I was going out of town on business. I am glad I had it on my trip because otherwise I would have been lost several times. It is easy to set up and to program. Also it synced easily with my cell phone and works great as a handsfree device. I did find out that sometimes there are multiple same name and numbered streets in a city and therefore you need the zip code also. Also sometimes the device tells you to turn at the very last second which I would prefer that it always give ample warning. All in All for a first time purchase and just learning the ropes on how to navigate the Garmin 360 it is well worth the money, especially since I got a great price/deal thru ...more info
  • traveling
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
    It works great and does everything it is supposed to do. I just wish that I could store more addresses than it does....more info
  • Excellent Savings
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS NavigatorAmazon SAVED me over $150.00 on the purchase of this GPS model by Garmin. Also, in addition to the savings I received, the product was shipped to me in a very timely manner. The unit itself is extremely efficient and a REAL time/life saver for my outside sales position. I can't imagine going back to the old way of navigating. From now on I will check out Amazon BEFORE buying electronics anywhere else!...more info
  • Love it
    just the right size. would be a plus if no need to flip out the antena....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Another great product from Garmin. The GPS works without a flaw and the telephone connection is very good, good sound and good sending. Well pleased...more info
  • You will never be lost again.
    I fill safe were every I go now. I never fill lost. I have bought a nuvi 360 for each of my daughter-in-laws. The most important feature about this nuvi over the others is that it says the name of the streets. My friends have nuvis that just tell you to turn left or right. It gets confussing because your are not sure which street to turn on. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    It's my first GPS and I love it! It's gotten me in and out of major cities I don't know at all. It recalculates very quickly which is helpful for those who are bound to take a few wrong turns. It speaks loudly and clearly. I was worried it might be too small but it's actually a great size.
    My cons (none of which are extremely detrimental to its use): It's really easy to hear people on Bluetooth but most people say I sound fairly distant but if you talk loud enough it works. When I've played with it on routes I already know it doesn't necessarily take the fastest or simplest route. I figure when I'm in areas I don't know at all, I don't particularly care how it gets me there as long as it gets me there. I don't think the battery life is as long as advertised but that's what the car charger is for. Overall, a great product and I would definately recommend it for anyone looking for a basic GPS. ...more info
  • Great GPS
    This is a great GPS. I've used it nearly every day since buying it 3 weeks ago and we've had no problems at all. I would definitely recommend it, especially at this price. ...more info
  • happy with this nuvi
    aside from being user friendly, the main thing i was looking for when purchasing a gps was the "street names" capability. very helpful instead of the "turn right then keep left" old systems which was very confusing.
    the bluetooth capability is also very useful when you really need to use the phone hands-free. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I love this item. I travel a lot with my job and this is so helpful and easy to use. I can find my hotel from the airport with no problem and even provides me with places to eat. I recommended this item to a co-worker who travels also....more info
  • First GPS and love it!
    This is my first GPS and I must say it was very easy to use. I did read the online manual, as that is what I always do. :) I cannot compare it to any others, but after reading many reviews and finding it for a great price on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. We couldn't be happier!! We feel like we made a very good choice. The screen is bright and easy to read. I like the size. We had considered the nuvi 650 an 660 because of the larger screen. We decided against it because we felt it would be too large to carry if we wanted to bring it with us in our purse or pocket. We have found that we don't really look at the maps on the screen. We just listen to the voice commands. Using it in this way, we do not need the larger screen.

    The interface is very easy to use. We like that you don't have to wait until the unit announces the next direction. Simply touch the bottom right corner of the screen and you will hear the directions for your next turn. I like that I can know well ahead of time if I need to be on the right or left. If you don't touch the bottom right corner, the unit will announce the direction about a mile to a half mile away. In heavy traffic, that could be a little late. The main reason I was looking at this model was because it announces street names. We like knowing that we are interpretting the unit's directions correctly.

    The satellite reception is amazing. You can keep it on the car seat next to you or on the console and it still works. I was told it would need to be on the dashboard to get satelite reception. It even works in my house at night. I was a few feet away from a window and it still worked well.

    One thing I wish I had the ability to do was alphabetize "My Favorites." It lists your favorites by proximity to where you currently are. I would just like to be able to toggle to alphabetical order. I would also like a keyboard that was a QWERTY keyboard, or again, at least the ability to toggle to one. If it exists, I haven't figured out how to do it.

    We recently used our nuvi 360 on a roadtrip out East and the unit performed flawlessly. We were pleased on our way home that it recognized that you could not turn left on a particular main road. It directed us correctly.

    I have also found Garmin Customer Support to be excellent. I have emailed them on several occasions. The website says to expect an answer in three days. I have always heard back within 24 hours.

    I have nothing to compare this unit to, but I must say that after reading about them for 6 months I feel we made a great choice....more info
  • Best of Breed, but...
    I am just a couple of weeks into owning my Nuvi and I haven't really bonded with it yet, or tried all of the features (like the bluetooth) but I do have a few words.

    First off, I am convinced that the Nuvi is the best choice among the current crop of GPS navigator devices. In my two major trips with the device it has served me well.

    The unit is well constructed, nicely designed, and the software is very well thought out, especially in the critical area of being useable with minimal brain and visual attention while driving.

    I am happy with my choice to go for the 3.5 inch screen over one of the wide-screen variants. I fly to a destination and then use my Nuvi for the 'last 50 miles' car part of my trip; the smaller size means it is easier to pack and carry.

    I also like the accessories you get with it (GREAT windshield mount and very adequate case). Overall it has the feeling of a real quality device.

    The two small gripes I have seem to be true of most of the current crop of GPS navigator devices:

    1. Streets often have many names and the one it chooses (and can search on) may not make any sense to you. For example, US Highway 1 in Princeton NJ is known to ost humans in the area and on the web as US Highway 1. To search for an address on that road in the Nuvi you must also know the name Brunswick Pike. Or, another example; near my house in Minneapolis one of the major streets is called Hennepin Avenue. That is the only name anyone ever calls it. When the Nuvi speaks its name it is County Road 20.

    2. This is a special purpose GPS device, not a general purpose GPS device. I have a MUCH older Garmin that is a general purpose GPS and I miss some of those features on the Nuvi. One small example; the Nuvi can't save a track log as far as I can tell. It's also not very good if you want to use it for hiking....more info
  • great gps
    The Garmin nuvi 360 is very accurate and easy to use. The only flaw I found was the "voice", pronunciation is not very good. It is hard to understand some of the street names. That is a small thing for a great gps with bluetooth at a very reasonable price....more info
  • pam
    Have no problems with the GPS, It is very useful for me finding address. The problems faced:
    1. While finding an address with the function SPELL( Example WALMART).. Some of the address are wrong, I feel there might be a WALMART before which is currently nomore.

    2. The adhesive disk to mount on the dash is useless, it never sticks.....more info
  • Oh Where Oh Where has my GPS gone...
    I bought this GPS after my Magellan was stolen. I thought I would upgrade to one that said street names. This unit is good, but I liked the ease of the Magellan better. This is a great unit and I am glad that I have it, but the other was easier to enter information. I do like the ease of connecting it to the computer. There are many good features this unit has that I like. I would buy it again....more info
  • 98.5% perfect....amazing device
    This device is simply great. Incredible value for a GPS + Bluetooth device - paying $2000 for GPS and $250 for BT installed in car is lunacy in my book because this device is better and you can walk/bike with it as well. Paired easily with wife's LG and my SE. (the SE also uploaded the address book, LG did not). only 98.5% perfect because no device is, but this is the closest I have ever seen anything come to perfection... I can ramble on and on but the bottom line is - get this.
    Also - consider where you want to install this - we have it in the left bottom corner of windshield (where the registration sticker is - fits just right - the wide screen would have forced a higher mount......more info
    The Garmin nuvi 360 is amazing! I live in Atlanta and it is incredibly accurate. It's never gotten me lost and has already saved me on numerous occasions....more info
  • Great buy!
    A must have if you travel alot or just to find your way around the area. ...more info
  • Great functionality
    I had a TomTom ONE 3rd edition before, and I couldn't stand it. Sold the TomTom and bought this Garmin 360.
    Here is what was key for me that the TomTom lacked:
    1. Autozoom feature was horrible. Garmin lets you set your zoom level and it remembers it. For longer distance trips, I like to have the zoom set futher out than usual. However, TomTom will zoom back to it's setting in 30s. The zoom was so close that I could see the next exit before it would appear on the Tomtom
    2. Automatic on/off with car power. This feature is a must-have for car navi. Why can't TomTom get this right?
    3. Automatic day/night mode. TomTom does not have this feature. It is very nice that most things on the Garmin is automatic.

    Bluetooth is a plus. I was skeptical at first (the cost up for bluetooth), but it's worth every penny. I have a manual transmission, and not having to hook up my hands-free is great. I no longer have to take my mobile phone out of my pocket when I drive.

    I also found that this Garmin navigates "better" and gives better directions than the TomTom. But that could just be in the area I live in. Text-to-speech is a cool bonus....more info
  • garmin nuvi 360 review / great amazing gps system
    I'm really pleased with this gps as the price was right. It is easy to use and the fun part about the gps is the different languages you can have programed in the unit. Currently have the AUSTRLIAN language programmed in and it is fun to hear the accent on familiar street and road names. So far the directions have been right on. Will use the blue tooth faature for the cell phone when i get a bluetooth for my phone. As with all gps units some directions may be a little off , but not bad overall. You just have to remember to update the software every year with all the changes. Looking forward to travelling with the gps this summer on vacations as it will be extremely helpfull. Once again a great unit as GARMIN is the best gps units on the market today....more info
  • BUY IT DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST
    really good. awsome bluetooth feature. ive tested other gps units which gave me a headache but this one finds everything so quickly. i type in 2 letters of address name and it automatically finds the correct address.


    this is definately worth whatever extra $$$ over the other brands...more info
  • Recent purchase of Garmin 360
    Before I receeived the item, price went down on Amazon, I informed Amazon. They took no responsibility other that to tell me to conatact Beach Camera. I contacted Beach Camera. There was no reponse from Beach Camera. What a customer service!...more info
  • Meets my expectation
    Overall Im satisfied with the product and the seller. The GPS unit arrived on time. The directions were clear and the text-to-message feature help. I didnt encounter any problem with the bluetooth functionality either. My only complaint is the battery life. I fully charge the unit and drove from Philly to Boston, and the GPS died down before I got there. Luckily I brought the car charger....more info
  • Disappointed by small screen
    I like the Garmin nuvi series. I find myself driving quite a bit (I live in Pennsylvania) and the navigation system is effective. Maps appear to be up to date and directions are generally clear. When typing in locations, the nuvi has (so far) found the location almost every time.

    My complaint is the small screen. Based on the configuration of my car, the device is far away from where I sit and I find it hard to see the maps. In addition, the small touch screen is hard to use and requires decent manual dexterity.

    I recommend the nuvi technology, but advise others to spring for the extra money for a larger screen. Even an extra inch would make a significant difference in usability....more info
  • The End of the Road for Garmin's New Products
    The nuvi 360 is THE last Garmin product I intend to own. Garmin - three strikes and you're out: 1) dim display, 2) outdated maps, 3) poor quality. But wait, there's more: 4) severely limited routing preferences, 5) poor reliability, 6) illogical routing, 7) weak POI search capability, 8) poor mp3 player implementation, 9) WAAS does not work, and 10) behind the competition. There you have it, a top 10 list of why this loyal Garmin user is giving up. It's a sad day. I really liked my GPS V and Quest. But Garmin dumbed down the interface and gave up the features I liked when they started putting out the current generation street pilot, zumo, and nuvi. What Garmin does well is customer support, but if the devices were any good I would not need to be contacting customer service for warranty replacement. My last street pilot was replaced several times before I gave up. It is a sad note when you have to keep a map and compass in the car just because you never know when a Garmin GPS may not work!...more info
  • Garmin
    The item was a fantastic value, and I mean fantastic. Way below anyone elses sale price. My only complaint was that the shipper missed the ship date by about a week. That wasn't good.
    Otherwise, way to go Amazon and Beach Camera for a great value. Thanks....more info
  • WOW!
    This product is amazing. I was not expecting the bluetooth phone quality to be any good but i was wrong, the quality is perfect. I live in san antonio, tx and the satellite signal never drops. It fits in the palm of my hand. My fingers are a bit bigger than most and it is still very easy to type on it. I know it is not a very big deal but you can change the car symbol on the map to an arrow or a monster truck both blue like the car which i thought was pretty cool. The battery last forever. It is good for at least 8 hours. And the points of interest are great, it has a list of all the restaurants, gas station, and hotels in my area. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Works great. Maps of new subdivisions not updated (not on MapQuest either though). Has a nasty habit of locking up the cell phone partnered with it. Have to remove batteries to unlock. Problem is becoming less frequent with more use. Have not found a cause....more info
  • Garmin n체vi 360
    This is one of the best GPS I have used. I have used a lot of different GPS but i found very convienient to use this GPS.This n체vi 360 looks very handy and small, full of great features. First, it offers you accurate GPS navigation, so you'll be able to get wherever you're going easily. But it also features Bluetooth technology, an MP3 player and more.In a nutshell go for it!!

    ...more info
  • Love It
    I just bought this Garmin and got it about 4 weeks ago. I hadn't had a chance to use it but my sister-in-law was going to the L.A. area for a two-week vacation. She took it with her and said it was the greatest thing. It got her everywhere she needed to go and quickly. Then, she flew from CA to Chicago. She said she used it all over Chicago. It got her where she wanted to go quickly and without any problems. She loved the MP3 player feature and Audible Book feature. My brother is a big book reader so that part was great for him. She drove back from Chicago to home (Springfield, MO). She liked the screen size.

    I started using it after she got home just around town. I pretty much know my way around but it's fun to have. The one problem I have is it has to have a little moisture to stick better to the windshield. It's fallen off while I was driving 2 different times. It's very accurate and gives plenty of warning for turns. I love the Bluetooth compatability. I use it with my phone which makes me a less dangerous driver. Very cool! I would highly recommend to anyone. We are planning a trip to CA in just a few months and are renting a car. It costs $12/day or more to rent a GPS. We're going to be there 9 days so we would have paid almost half of what we paid for our system and we get to keep it. Much better deal! Buy it!...more info
  • The Best GPS IS
    Have been testing several GPS Units. I will not go in to the TOM TOM's too much as it is a good product but not as 'user friendly' and quite a bit more expensive then others.

    Magellan or Garmin you ask?

    Magellan would win if not for such poor customer service. As with any electronic's, good customer support is a must. Garmin wins hands down in that area which is what tips the scale in the final vote.

    Both are excellent. I have tested several models of both. The low end models are similar to the upper end, except as you go up you get more features and more POI's. So, I will stick with the mid to upper end as it covers the lower models as well.

    I do like the Magellan User Interface better then the Garmin, although both are quite user friendly and either can be figured out right out of the box, without the need of a manual.

    Some have said the Garmin does not have split-screen mode. Not true. While magellans is better as it comes on automatically at every turn, I simply tap on the garmin, bottom right brings up the split screen. You do have to tap back, unlike the Magellan which is all auto....the garmin to go back to full-screen. So Garmin does have this feature, although magellans is better.

    Magellan in full screen mode tells you the name of the road you are on at the bottom and the name of your next turn on the top. Very Nice! The Garmin only tells you your next turn, not the road you are on. This can be solved by going to a different screen that spells out your route road by road rather then seeing the map...which is fine. I may even like the LIST ROUTE better then the MAP ROUTE. Most use the map route obviously, but it can be distracting just like looking at any paper map would be. If I want to go from here to there I have no problem not looking at a cluttered map(you can adjust how much clutter/detail is on the map...but it is still a map) and instead seeing a nice colorfill list of simply the road names and distance to each and distance you'll be on each. As you make each turn it scrolls the road you just left off the screen and the road you are now on appears at the top with upcoming roads below. You can toggle up or down to see what roads you WERE on and which roads you WILL be on. In fact, I probably used that interface 60% of the time as I just found it too easy.

    No multi-point Routing on the garmins is a bit baffling. Why would ANY GPS unit not have multi-point routing? It is one of the most used features in navigation, especially commercially. On the garmin, to do multi-point routing is a few more steps and minutes. Rather then set up one route with your 1 - 500 stops along the route, on the garmin you would simply set a route for each of the stops. So, if you have 5 stops to make, on magellan you set one route with each stop. On the garmin you set 5 routes. One for each stop.

    Magellan gives you better choices as far as routing preferances and the intelli-spell function is terrific.

    The bluetooth was better on the garmin. Magellans was OK but the garmin was far superior in that area. Excellent feature. Didnt like Magellans but garmins was great. It paired easily with every phone I had. It instantly took all the info off the phone. The speaker and voice was great. The voice dialing worked flawlessly unless I had the tunes turned up too high. When talking I could almost whisper and the other party could here me fine. Very loud, which is good for noisy situations, but under normal conditions you'll want to turn the volume way down. The bluetooth on the garmin was absolutely excellent..many features that actually work...easy to figure out and amazing how quckly it "turned in to whichever phone" I selcted to pair it read everyting..not just addresses...but your call lists, Text messages, pics.....whatever was on your phone you'll have it on the garmin....

    Both have interesting 'extras', such as mp3 player, audiobooks and etc.....depends on your taste as to which you will prefer.

    The WHERE AM I NOW is great on the magellan. 1 tap and it gives you ALL info as to where you are. The garmin merely gives you the lat and long. coordinates which is pretty useless to most people. The magellan will give you the exact same lat and long coordinates, as well as street name, closest intersection and from there you can ask it for closest phone, or anything....

    Both give decent voice directions. Cant say I liked either one better. I did like the fact the magellan gives you a bit more warning as to an upcoming turn. Enough warning so you will not zip past the turn. The garmins tell you plenty soon enough as to your next turn, but if you then space out you wont hear another alert until you are very close to having to make the turn and on a couple of occassions I missed a turn with the garmins because when it said to turn I was going to fast to slam on the brakes and make the turn. This shouldnt be too much of a problem as long as you are paying attention, as you should be when driving.

    Both were put thru RIGOROUS "Re-Routing" tests. The magellan when first turned on picks up the sats pretty quick. The garmin takes longer. But when first starting the unit does it really matter if one takes 9 seconds and one takes 16 seconds? Nope! What does matter is holding the Sat signal and quickly re-routing after a missed turn. Both units did well. A strong enough signal on both so that it really doesnt matter where it is...on your lap...anywhere you want it...and it will hold the signal just fine. Both recaculate well after a missed turn. Although as with all GPS units, the routes and recalculations may be different. What matters is that both will get you where you need to be, albeit by different routes. I never had either unit take me far out of the way when recalculating after a missed turn and both recalculated pretty quickly and after I rigorously kept missing turns on purpose doing everything I could to "trick them up"..."freeze them" and etc....and both worked very freezing issues on either and both just kept re-routing me after every missed turn, again albeit by different routes.

    Far better battery life on the garmin. On average I was getting 8 - 10 hours on the fully charged garmin to about 4 on the magellan.

    Both units are very small (either the 3.5" or the 4.5") and easily portable and as I said above, the signal is so good on both you truly can stick it anywhere you want. I myself do not like it on the windshield or the dash and both units can easily be put elsewhere.

    The garmin truly is a "personal assistant". Navigation and so much more. As is the magellan.

    Some complained they didnt like the fact the garmin had to be toggled to a different screen to change the volume. Nope. Tap the on/off button and up pops the volume and brightness control.

    Was hoping to expand more on some other subjects but must run for now. I will try to update this later.

    However, the end result is this. Both units worked fine. neither malfunctioned (2 or 3 models of both magellan and garmin) and both did what they were supposed to. I did like some of the features on the magellan better, except for the bluetooth which was awesome on the garmin, and I guess if magellan had better customer service then I would likely go with the magellan unless the bluetooth was that important in which case I would go with the garmin. In the end though...although I did like some of the features on the magellan better, the garmin is still a wonderful product and since I have no intention of going thru the outsourced to India NIGHTMARE that is called "Magellan Customer Service", The Garmin Wins. I know I have a great quality product that does OH SO VERY MUCH and does it all very well (I have been using the garmin as my blutooth connection/mp3 player and much much more at my office desk rather then my wireless ear thingy and PDA.....IT's AWESOME and you can turn the GPS OFF to get many, many hours on the battery, although it does come with car charger, in home ac charger and usb, which magellan doesnt) and IF there is a problem, I know Garmin will be a breeze and to me that is a key....IF something does go wrong it will be a nightmare with magellan as compared to garmin.

    Both units are great. Some better features on the magellan, but the excellent blueooth and customer service will earn Garmin my $$'s over the magellan. The nuvi 360 or 660 are great for the $$'s.

    Feel free to contact me if you have detailed questions about GPS Units.

    ...more info
  • Love it
    I bought one (new) for my niece for her graduation, and bought one for myself. I went to many different stores to price them, and Amazon was cheapest! There is a site on the web that is selling this for $700!!!
    I don't know how I ever got along without it. It's amazing and I still haven't even read the owner's guide, so I'm sure there is much more functionality than what I've seen so far.
    Easy to use!!...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    Very user friendly. Interface and graphics are excellent. The touch screen sometimes does not take the input, however....more info
    I bought this GPS about a month ago and I LOVE it! The seller shipped it out quickly and the GPS was in excellent brand new condtion. I use my GPS daily and I LOVE it! It is very easy to use and the bluetooth feature is great too. although i was told the bluetooth sounds a little like your in a bathroom with some echos but other than that great GPS. this was very much worth the money. only one down fall, i was directed three different ways to get to home from work three days in a row. but otherwise no complaints!...more info
  • Nice GPS Excellent Seller
    Ordered my Garmin 360 on the evening of the 7th of April, shipped out the very next morning on the 8th. Recieved my gps on the morning of the 11th. Great job BEACH CAMERA your service was beyond my expectations. Product was what I expected and the fast delivery was definitely a major plus. I will definitely look to shop at your site in the future....more info
  • Excellent!!!!
    This is a Great GPS! I have always wanted one but, just did not know which one. I did know that I wanted a Garmin. The actual Garmin I wanted was the Garmin 660 but did not really think I needed all the bells and whistles so I bought the 360 and I is the one that fit my needs. I also have to thank Amazon. Ordered it, and 2 days later it was at the house .I would highly recommend purchasing it here.
    Patrick...more info
  • Best bang for the buck
    This GPS functions as expected and as everyone else had promised in their reviews. I went with Garmin because it offered the spoken street names. This feature is invaluable. I didn't think I would care very much but now that I drive with it frequently I realize that's more important than seeing the maps. It's so good I don't always put the unit on the windshield. I often leave it near the shift selector and just listen to the voice prompts.

    Get this model before they stop making/selling it. It's a bargain and you'll be very happy. I'm not sure of how necessary a widescreen is, but you'll be very happy with this one for sure....more info
  • Value +
    I bought the Garmin 360 after my first GPS a ViaMichelin 930 locked up on me. I had bought my Dad a Garmin C340 last year, because he is 90 and the Garmins have GO HOME button that would lead him home from anywhere with the one touch.

    I wasn't really planning on buying a new GPS. I carry 2 cell phones. One for work and my personal one. My friends and family call me on my Palm 680. I carry my work phone on my belt and the Palm in my pocket. It is a problem to be driving and have to dig in my pocket with seat beat on and catch a call without being a threat to other drivers.

    When I saw the Garmin 360 at the price offered I jumped at it. Getting my Palm phone working with the 360 was easier than connecting my bluetooth ear piece. The clarity is great. I now carry it and use it as a speaker phone now at places I wouldn't be able to hear the speakerphone of my Palm.

    Amazon, Ebay, and Tiger Direct are my vendors of choice, because I've never had a bad experience and I expect alot. I bought this through Amazon's featured vendor that day - Electronica Direct. If you search Amazon for this unit you will find a variety of prices. It is hard to believe I got all this unit has to offer for the price.

    The Garmin 360 is the best value out there if you want bluetooth. The Garmin interface is so easy to learn. The Nuvi series is small and the mount is much nicer than the C series. It is not just a GPS but a travel assistant.

    The base nuvi 360 has text for speech, MP3 player, Audible Book Player, Picture Viewer, World Clock, Currency Converter, Measurement Converter and Calculator. There are lots of options you can add later.

    The base 360 comes with all the cables you need. It has both the DC and AC charger cables and the USB cable.

    The only time I used my old GPS was when I was going somewhere I didn't already know the closest intersection. I use this everytime I get in the car because of the bluetooth. I don't get that many calls on my cellphone but it is dangerous to have to go digging for my phone when I'm driving.

    It is also nice to be able to call someone by dialing the number from the GPS touchscreen and talk handsfree. I have trouble hearing a cell phone when I hold it close to my ear. I can easily hear calls and the quality of the call is better than my Palm phone, people tell me I come in clear.

    I use the standard windshield mount and I first mounted it in the center of the windshield, but had to reach to pick up calls or use the touchscreen for anything. It works great just left of the steering wheel.

    The 360 is a 3.5 inch screen. It is smaller than my first GPS, but it is adequate and doesn't obstruct the view much. It is hard to find anything about the 360 to list as a con. It has so much more than the other GPS units in it's class. I've had it long enough to know I would not be happy with anything I've seen at almost double the cost.

    Look at the Garmin 360 before you buy any GPS. ...more info
  • Great Product as always
    Garmin has the corner on the market with GPS and Amazon has the corner on the market for price. So combine the two and it's a win all the way around. The only constructive criticism I could give Garmin is that I wish they would send this with a back to hold all the accessories. It does come with a nice case for the Garmin proper but all the cords and dash mount parts have to be stashed in the glove box loose. Other than that it's great....more info
  • GPS Yes - Hands Free Cell NO!

    Well, its only day one and of the two places I asked it to take me it got both wrong. Well, OK I'll let it slide this time maybe old data maybe bad hair day. Overall the GPS function does what it says it does.

    The bluetooth and my iPhone are another story. It was almost comical. I bought the thing to save my life on the road so I can do hands free cell calls, and the exact opposite happened. I'm driving down the road and things are blinking and beeping and disconnecting and not pairing and calls dropping and more beeping and then swerve a little then brake stop in the midst of beeping and chirping. It may work for 1/2 a phone call, but then just assume the worst and you won't be disappointed. Basically there is no bluetooth hands free anything. Even if you duct tape them together,they can't find each other or stay in contact for longer than 2 minutes.

    SOOOO given there really is no bluetooth, just buy a cheaper GPS only version and call it a day.

    ...more info
  • good enough for me
    this gardget almost got all I can possibly ask for. several cons though, like no qwerty keyboard, can't remember recently entered state/city, can't adjust music/TTS voice seprately, etc. but other than that it's perfect. I like to put it at the top of my windshield, next to the rear mirror, easy to read and operate. and for me 3.5" is enough, actually I listen to TTS direction much more than I look at the screen. I've used 200W before, the wide screen doesn't help much....more info
  • nuvi-360
    I love this nuvi-360. infact this is my first GPS still it is more than accurate. gives peace of mind. worth buying....more info
  • Garmin GPS
    I highly recommend this product. As other models may be a little less expensive, the Garmin will always connect and be ready for use no matter what the weather; cheaper models may not. The lithium ion battery is great and I seldomly need to charge this unit. This model is very "intelligent" where you only need to type in a couple of letters of the street address before it will display the prompt. The prices are falling on these units, now is a good time to purchase one. ...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    User friendly. Easy to use right out of the box. We have unit in a cupholder on console of our vehicle and it finds satellites in no time at all. Linked to my bluetooth phone easily and brings up all info from my phone for hands free operation. When it finds a location for you like a store or whatever it displays the phone number and you just touch screen it and it dials that location for you hands free.

    Yesterday we were in an city area near Tampa, Florida we were not familiar with and we looked at a map of how to return to the interstate. I then touched "Home" on the Garmin and it lead us down the shortest, most direct route to the interstate from our location. With our map we would have never picked that route, but it was the best route.

    Unit announces streets by name, a very good feature you do not get on cheaper models.

    An amazing piece of technolegy, I would recommend to all travelers.

    ...more info
  • Performed as Promised
    My Garmin performed as promised. No surprises. I turned it on and it worked right out of the box. The voice commands are a must in a GPS. Pay the extra money to get the street names pronounced. It makes a big difference on freeways with multiple exits close together.
    The Garmin was a little pricy, but I think it was worth the money.

    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    A good friend of mine received the Nuvi 360 for Christmas. He showed it to me and I was pretty impressed, not only the features but the compact size also.

    I researched all the Portable Nav. units on the web and ended up at Amazon. At first I couldn't believe the price, I paid $284 for the Nuvi 360. Other places want a lot more for the same unit.

    No other store or website offered a better price.

    The Nuvi 360 is loaded with features, the best besides the Navigation is the Blue tooth capability. I followed the directions in the manual and in a few minutes my cell phone was linked with the Nuvi including my phone book. It's a nice option while driving and the phone rings and the Nuvi picks up the call. Truly hands free calls while driving.

    If you're thinking of a Nuvi and your cellphone is blue tooth capable, get the 360, if that's not attractive to you, the Nuvi 350 is just as good. Fantastic quality and Amazon has the best price......more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    I love this product. It does a lot more than I wanted but now I can't live without it. The fact that I can answer my cell phone without picking up and see it as a caller ID is fantastic.....The cheapest place around too!!!!!! Good going. I will be looking for another one in the very near future.
    Thanks...more info
  • Great Price and Excellent GPS
    This was my first portable GPS. The price was great for the features. The only issues I have found with this product is the satallite connection is slow at times in rural areas, and it is not compatiable with my cell phone. It would be nice to get directions to just a city without having to input an address.. it may be possible and I have not figured it out
    All in all.. I am pleased!!...more info
  • Nice Features @ Right Price
    I've had the Nuvi 360 for a couple of months, and I'm extremely pleased. The BT is a nice feature that comes in handy for long conference calls when your BT headset is out of juice.

    My favorite things about this unit are (in order of importance to me):

    - The navigation is fantastic! We just returned from a trip to Gatlinburg, TN, where hollars and unmarked mountain roads abound. We took my wife's Sienna w/ factory nav, and I brought the Nuvi for kicks. The Nuvi found every road, every turn, etc.. Her Sienna's nav was all but useless once off the main drag.

    - The adaptability for hardwiring. I had no intention of dragging my GPS unit in and out of my car every day, and I'm not a big fan of cords draped across my dash. So, once hardwired, I needed the unit to turn itself off when the motor/external power cut off (like a charm) and it needs to pop in and out of its mounting easily (without me having to unhook a plug). The Nuvi 360 passed all tests and looks/works great!

    - The user interface. This one's a breeze, intuitive & flexible.

    I purchased for about $260, and I'm thrilled!...more info
  • better travel
    The Garmin 360 is everything we read about it and more tedious printing directions on the computer..easy to use and fun for the family..we used it this easter for college visits and it took us to locations we programmed in easier traveled routes...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    The Nuvi 360 is amazing. I had a Magellan Roadmate before. It was not intuitive and had old data and no data on places of interest. Also the Magellan customer service was horrible. I had to get Amazon involved to resolve a warranty issue with Magellan. The Nuvi is significantly easier to use and is very intuitive....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    This unit is very easy to use. It is not necessary to spend much time reading the manual in order to use it. It is also so compact that it is easy to carry while on foot. ...more info
  • Great GPS with a lackluster interface
    I have owned this GPS for about 6 months now and my wife hates it. I put up with it because the maps and routing engine is better than our previous TomTom Go 300.

    The bluetooth phone dialing works well for me and my wife, however we have to disable bluetooth in order to use it while planning a trip (I'll get back to this later).

    The software for Mac OS X works well. I can't seem to use any USB cable with this device. I have to use the one included in the box for some reason.

    The MP3 player works well and has come in handy on long trips, giving us music and directions as needed.

    So why three stars? Because I wanted to give it two stars, but felt that I was being to harsh on the UI. The biggest problem with this device is the abominably pathetic user interface (UI). For starters there is no audible alert for low power. The visual cue is not enough. Leaving is plugged in is ok by my standards, but is unforgivable by my wife's standards. I don't blame her. What kind of device shuts off without warning (no that once every so often indicator that comes is not enough).

    The power indicator problem is only the beginning of the Nuvi's clumsy. The main "Menu" key is a hard target to hit while driving and while not driving. Disconnecting a phone requires more button presses than I care to hit. On my phone I can drop the nuvi faster, except that I have to either fish it out of my pocket or go find where put it down.

    Entering addresses is a pain. Choose "Menu", then choose "Where to?", then choose "Address", then choose / enter state, then choose the city, and then choose the street and then choose the number. At each stage the autocompletion is PATHETIC. To top it off, yesterday, I went to Lahaska, PA. Trying to enter in an "Address", the city was not found. However entering a "City" as a destination did turn up Lahaska, PA!!!

    At the bottom of the main menu are options for detour (in orange) and stop (in red). Can someone explain to me why those two options are so prominently placed (1 step after the main menu), but entering in an address is not (2 steps after the main menu)? The positioning is horrible. I have accidently touched them while holding the unit.

    Scrolling around the map is fun, except when the device decides that where you touched, you are trying to make that your destination. This is extremely annoying when you are scrolling, and it flips the screen to the "Go" screen and you hit "Go" because you are still scrolling.

    This is a good device. The scrolling and battery problems really frustrate us. Had I known that the UI was this annoying, I might not have bought it. It almost makes me want to pull out my TomTom Go 300 to compare the two UIs....more info
  • Small and good GPS device
    Its my first GPS device so I do not compare it to others but its working really fine with me :)...more info
  • Garbage!!!
    I bought this product base on the high reviews I saw here but have been so dissapointed from the first time I used it. My God it has not been accurate at least once and all it knows what to say is "In 1.(whatever miles" or so it doesn't tell you to keep right or left like others that I have seen and is always wrong and if that's not enough it actually get's confuse too!!! It has the image of the car on the map going round & round like it can't find is destination and a question mark starts blinking on the screen. Do I really need that to happen for the price I paid for it. I don't need no object to get me lost I can do that myself. This product is "GARBAGE" just don't buy it you better off trying to figure out how to get places by yourself because if you get lost at least it won't cost you the price of this piece of garbage....more info
  • An Amazing GPS System
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 is the perfect GPS system for the buy. It maps out perfectly and has quick response time. A lot of people complain that it wants you to turn around or go back to your original route. There is a DETOUR button and if you don't follow the course it tells you and you know a shortcut, then it will do that. The bluetooth function is actually quite useful. I know sometimes when I go to lunch I'll search in the food section, pick Asian, and if I want to go to one of my favorite places I'll type it in, and it gives me the closest location with a number. If your phone is hooked up, you can call it over the speaker phone, which is surprisingly loud and clear.

    I recommend this product highly and give it 5 Stars. ...more info
  • Excellent Purchase
    Overall great GPS system. Easy to use, find destinations, and navigate through menus. Unit never has a problem acquiring satellites and links fast on start up. I didn't think turn by turn directions were that important, but after using this product, it is an absolute must. Spend the extra money to have the unit speak street names, exits, and such. Unit is very spot on when it comes to travel time. Usually estimates within a few minutes, even on long trips, less lunch breaks and such.

    Only small gripes are some minor missing POI's and street updating issues. But I imagine all GPS units have these issues. I guess that is what map updates are for.

    All in all a great unit. Would definitely buy again....more info
  • Great Unit
    I love it! We have a 350 and 360, both identical except the Bluetooth on this one which I haven't even used yet. Occasional glitches with directions, but I'm sure they all have that. I love the voice activation, wouldn't settle for not having it. Absolutely invest in the dash-mounted holder, for the windshield one, well, it seems to work well at first, then, not so much - and trust me, it's not fun to see your nice Garmin falling, especially when driving. ...more info
  • Kinda pricy
    Has led me in the worng direction more than once and it has ALL the updates....more info
  • Great little device
    I bought the Garmin 360 since I travel a lot throughout New England and I think it is great. Perfect? Not quite, but.... I also bought the 350 for my daughter to drive across country and she is also very happy with hers.

    Pro's - Easy to use, great directions, good extra features, recalculates quickly when you prefer another route or make a wrong turn, usually finds satellites quickly (took a while on one occasion).

    Con's - takes a while to start up, the window connector seems to fall off occasionally (not sure why).

    The bottomline is that this is a wonderful aid to getting around in unfamiliar places, tracking mileage and speed and projecting arrival time to a destination. It is useful in finding gas stations and restaurants and quickly becomes something you do not want to do without.

    After reading many reviews about other devices and people's experiences with them, I selected the Garmin and am very happy I did. Hearing about how it helped my daughter find her way across the USA with many stops in places that were not exactly a straight line to CA, I would recommend it to anyone.

    Great device. Thanks Garmin....more info
  • Garmin 360 FABULOUS!
    We purchased the Gamin nuvi 360 after deciding to take some post retirement is unbelievable! How does it all work?! Coming back to Illinois from Florida, we hit some terrible weather south of Indianapolis--rain, ice, sleet, snow--and traffic was backed up for miles. We approached an area where traffic (what was visible) was backed up for miles. We entered "detour" into our Garmin and 20 minutes later it had navigated us on the other side of Indianapolis and we were on our way. We would not have been able to figure out the detour without it and will NEVER travel again without it. Besides it's wondrous navigational capabilities it has some fun graphics (change the type of car displayed) downloaded free from the Garmin site; you can download music to a memory card (purchased separately) and it becomes an MP3; hungry? It not only indicates restaurants in the area you're in, but classifies them by type; and then you can sync your compatible cell phone via Bluetooth for additional convenience & safety! If you can find this model, buy it!...more info
  • Don't know how I lived without it
    I have had the opportunity to test this GPS in New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. I don't know how I got by without it, especially at night in remote areas. While a Magellan fan for archaeology, Garmin's Nuvi 360 visual/voice navigation and satellite acquisition is excellent, however a bit slow on startup. While the screen is small (I use bifocals)it can be carried in the pocket. The bluetooth cell connection takes care of all 'hands on the wheel' issues. Problems: glare in the sunny western states is an annoying problem. I use the 'beanbag' mount but would rather have the unit closer to my eyes. In addition, after about 4 months of use the voice circuitry failed but Garmin issued an RMA and I am awaiting my replacement unit. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS Not so Great Bluetooth
    As a GPS unit this one is top notch. No issues what so ever getting around. Maps are as good as can be expected and the options you are given allow you to customize to find what is right for you. My only disappointment is that the Bluetooth hands free feature doesn't pick up sound very well. Every call I have tried to make with the unit has resulted in the person on the other end asking me if I am in a tunnel. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great navigation has everything you could possibly need...and then some (bluetooth, MP3). WE did a lot of research...Garmin has the best GPS systems...and no one beats the prices on Amazon...not even close. We had it within the week that we ordered it, as well. It was a perfect every aspect....more info
  • Don't throw away your paper maps
    I really like my Garmin 360. It is easy to use, works the way I expected it to, and I was not disappointed in it

    The only problem I have with it, is the maps are a 1 to 1 1/2 years out of date. I have done the latest upgrade. On their website they have a large selection of map. I find their titles and their descriptions very confusing. And they appear to be quite expensive.

    I wish there were a way I could download Google Maps into it or at least be able to edit existing maps in it....more info
  • Great GPS System!
    My husband & I both own Garmin Nuvi 360's & we both love it! I've had mine for a couple of months now and it has already saved me from becoming lost several times - so in my mind it's already paid for itself!

    The great things about the Nuvi 360 are:

    *You can easily see & hear where you need to turn next

    *It's compact enough to fit inside your purse or pocket, yet large enough to view the map easily

    *It's blue-tooth enabled - and if your cell phone allows for voice recognition, you can actually make & answer calls by just speaking the name of the person you want to reach - I especailly like this feature!

    *Its design is logical, so you don't have to fumble around with the buttons trying to figure out how to get to the area you want - it all makes perfect sense.

    *If you come to a detour & have to turn, the Nuvi will automatically recalculate what you need to do to get to your destination (this function has been amazingly helpful for me!)

    The one downfall that we have found is that when a road is a "paper road" (shown on maps as going all the way through to another road, when in reality it doesn't), the Nuvi assumes that the maps are correct - but this doesn't happen very often.

    Overall, I would highly recommend the Nuvi 360 - it's light, compact & very functional! Plus, at these prices, you really can't go wrong!

    ...more info
  • nuvi 360
    I have not used the nuvi 360 gps that much to give it a fair review, but it is easy to use and inter addresses and other things. In the next few months I will know more about it. I did notice that it will tell you to turn and not give you the street or road name and I did down load the latest info from the web site....more info
  • very pleased
    I am very pleased with my second Garmin GPS. We find them very helpful, easy to use, and very reasonably priced on Amazon. The only comment would be the bluetooth is fair, especially in our not expensive car that is a little loud. But the base utility is dependable, well built, and always comes through. Excellent product....more info
  • Garmin 360 Nuvi GPS
    I've had the Garmin nuvi 360 for almost a month now and I am completely satisfied with it. I purchased this item after "almost" purchasing the Magellan 4250. In fact, I had gone as far as downloading the Magellan's owner's manual that's how close I was to purchasing it. But after reading a few (make that lots) more reviews I went with the Garmin.

    I went with the 360 over other Garmin models because of the Bluetooth feature; little did I know that I would get so much use out of it this soon. (Find a restaurant or retail store with the GPS search feature, the phone number pops up and the large green "dial" button makes it oh so simple to make reservations, check hours, order a pizza etc.)

    After you marry up your phone with the Garmin you'll be pleased to see that your address book can be displayed on the GPS screen without any additional inputting. Select a name and it will dial the number for you. When you get calls to your phone it will show who it is based on how you have it labeled in your phone's address book. You then have the option to "answer or ignore." It will also let you listen to messages that have been text'd to your phone.

    I also highly suggest combining it with the Garmin bean bag dash mount....more info
  • One of the best, but irritating weaknesses
    Garmin still makes a very poor in-car power adapter, the one in the 360 failed after only four months. I spliced in one from a Motorola (one piece as opposed to the Garmin multi-piece apprach) so no more problems. As numerous reviewers note the routing has bizarre habits of turing on and off major highways. That happens in the US, Germany, France, UK, Italy and Slovenia. Bad thinking, and sometimes a major hassle. In spite of that this is still a very good unit, but with saved routes eliminated, the routing problem recurs every trip. I have upgraded, although still to another Garmin. Will the 670 have the same problems? I hope not....more info
  • Outstanding GPS
    This GPS has it all and it is extremely user friendly. Great battery life and excellent options. It is a keeper!...more info
  • Extremely helpful and easy to use
    I recently ordered the Garmin Nuvi 360 and have really enjoyed it. I live in Boston and do not drive very much so I am not extremely familiar with a lot of the roads. When I use the Nuvi, I have a good idea of how long it will take me to get some where and I also do not need to worry about trying to find a sign that often is not there. I have been raving about this to friends and would highly recommend this to everyone. I have also found the following stand to be very helpful.
    Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard Mount for N체vi Series and StreetPilot I Series, C530, C550 and C580 GPS Navigators

    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    This navigation system is great! It is very easy to navigate. If you are not good with electronics this is the GPS to buy. Excellent system. Would highly recommend it....more info
  • Does the job
    Very happy with Nuvi 360-- It does the job. Also found the bluetooth cellphone connection to work well (unlike some other reviewers). Only down side is screen size, but then it might not easily fit in your shirt pocket (a definite plus for me)....more info
  • Extremely Accurate
    Recently, I went to Orlando FL to search for a house to rent. I purchased the Nuvi 360 prior to leaving. It's directions from home to Orlando were easy to follow and right on the mark. It's real value was when we got to Orlando. Touch hotels and it gives you a list to select from with directions. The same for restaurants. The neighborhood we were looking in was as large as most towns. The nuvi directed us to each address (at least 45 homes) with complete accuracy. As a matter of fact, the realtor showing us the properties decided to follow us rather than calling her office for directions. In my construction business it has been an invaluable tool in getting directions to jobs I am bidding on.
    Everyone should have one of these. ...more info
  • Dosen't work well in big cities
    I used it for my travel to NYC and Boston during the past 4 days. It helped me get to places but I only give it 2 out of 5 point because it's supposed to do better.
    The worst thing with it is it doesn't direct you when you are on "unhighlighted" roads, which you're frequently on when you make stops. You have to find your way to the highlighted ways. I don't like it.
    Also, it often got confused in cities and gave wrong direction because it didn't know which road I were on.
    Another reminder, don't trust the dining places it provides, so outdated.
    It's an OK device but you can expect better. Even the gps system in my cell phone can do better....more info
  • Garmin GPS Nuvi 360
    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MODEL. Even grabs satelites in garages & under bridges. Easy to set up, brite, good volume. Can stick it lo on the windshield without blocking traffic. Amazon's price beat the big box stores by hundreds....more info
  • I liked Nuvi garmin 360
    I strongly feel its a very gud GPS available in the market and it has nice features like saving your locations built in bluetooth map accuracy and small size and user friendly interface i think if you are planning to have a GPS this is the one that i would definitely recomend to any body .if you think you want to give a gift to some one i think garmin nuvi 360 is not a bad choice

    Vinayak Sharma ...more info
  • Really good system.
    As others have noted the Nuvi's Bluetooth is probably its weakest point. I purchased an external microphone which helps, but callers still complain about an echo issue. Although turning the volume way down helps, it doesn't compeletly resolve the problem and then hearing on the GPS end is difficult. Still, I appreciate the convenience and safety aspect of the handsfree and will continue to try and tweak it's performance with mic placement, etc. It syncs easily with phone and even picks up all of your phone numbers. The GPS itself is great but I would prefer that it give the best route instead of every route it discovers along the way. It is intuitive and very easy to use right out of the box. The battery life is good although I ususally leave mine plugged in so that it will automatically come on when the car is started. I would definately recommend the Nuvi 360 as long as your expectations are not high with the Bluetooth....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I love this. I don't know what I would do without it. I can't even find my way to places that I [used to] know how to get to anymore. I started out with the Magellan and traded it in so I could get the phone bluetooth address book with this one- and people told me that the phone sound quality was better when I tried them out. There are some features on the Magellan that I miss (like just hitting "exclude" if I want to avoid a certain road because I know it will be busy... and that the home button is only one tap away- on the Garmin, you have to tap into favorites before you can hit "home"). But those are minor.

    I drive a new(ish) Camry that is pretty quiet, but is still too loud to talk on bluetooth when going more than 35ish. If it is raining, it is just too noisy for other people to hear me, so I don't even use the bluetooth. But I did like that it will pull up your whole address book from your phone (the Magellan didn't).

    Overall it is a great product, finds satellites quickly and does the job. I use it in and around Boston, NJ and everywhere between. Although it usually takes me a route that I am not used to, and sometimes has me go a different way 'there' and a different way 'back'- I never get lost. Magellan vs Garmin?? I did a lot of research and tried them both- I say buy whatever is on sale....more info
  • Nuvi 360 Great
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

    This is the first GPS unit I've bought and used. I read the reviews on this product and I am not the least bit disappointed. Having the street names read on directions is a really nice feature and the accuracy is right on. The Bluetooth feature for "points-of-interest" is also something that makes it well worth the money. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who knows little or nothing about GPS and doesn't want to waste his money on a lesser unit only to find out he should have bought something better....more info
  • The Garmin 360 Rocks!
    This product works exactly as advertised. The blue tooth functions perfectly and the mapping is extraordinarily accurate. Easy to install is an understatement. For those who don't like the's a direction thing, not an IPOD!...more info
  • Great GPS
    This is my third Garmin GPS. It works great, easy to use, looks good and easy to carry with you when you are on foot. It could use more American English voice selections. The one available is not easily understood and (ha) sounds disgusted when it must reroute. Good GPS for the money....more info
  • DO NOT BUY !!!!!!!
    I bought this and in one day I am returning it. I have a Magellan 3000T which I bought a year ago. The slot where the power cord plugs into broke on the unit so I needed to replace it. With the remaining battery charge I put the Megellan and The Garmin NUVI 360 to a competition. I typed in the exact address of where I like to vacation in the Garmin it says NO MATCHES FOUND, I tried inputting the address a different way, same message. I also tried the points of interest feature trying to find a resturant that I was going to go to this weekend in the Poconos that some friends told me about. The Garmin kept saying NO MATCHES FOUND, the Magellan found it no problem! There is a Bar-BQ place I like to eat at in North Carolina Bubba's. The Magellan found Bubba's from here to California in seconds, the Garmin is still looking. The only feature I found that I like is the Bluetooth. Which I just found out the Magellan 6000T has. Guess what I am buying.......more info
  • Pretty Decent GPS
    This would be a great GPS if: The route calculations weren't weird at times and if the maps were a bit more up to date.
    The routing is sometimes less than wonderful, it will take you off the best route, or fastest, or whatever preference you use. Some of the mapping is several years out of date. I have found this to be true of several brands of GSP units I have used, but it just seems that I need to go places Garmin hasn't updated in quite a while. The last update (Feb 08) of the firmware pretty much killed the bluetooth usefulness. I had to take it back to an earlier version to get it to work with any of my cell phones/Blackberry....more info
  • If you're looking for a Good GPS, this is the ONE
    As a person who loves to browse the net, i am a type of person that before buying an item, i used the net to check which is the best that has a good ratings, price, etc.

    I was narrowed down to Garmin 200W and the 360. And i was about to buy the 200w because of its 4.3inches and the price [...]. But when i double check Garmin 360 (ratings, functionalities & price).

    RATINGS - pretty good and almost 5 stars with good feedbacks.

    FUNCTIONALITIES - everything i need, specially the voice saying the streets name (no need to look for the screen), POI (point of interest)is very cool, specially when i was in the middle of nowhere need to get to (food, bank etc) so easy to use. Bluetooth was ok too very clear. And in my line of work, i need to track down the mileage i've done and the estimated time of arrival was cool also so you can call your client and tell them approximate time of your arrival.


    Overall, i am very very happy with this item. As i am new to LA, this GPS helps a lot to my work. Very fast recalculating, getting satellite signal etc....more info
  • Awesome!!!
    Short review. This product is all around awesome. Very easy to use and very poweful in finding you where you want to go......more info
  • Rapid re-calculation, automatic bluetooth connection
    I have seen some of my friends Garmin (older)models in the past. None has the instant route re-calculation of Garmin Nuvi 360. The bluetooth is crystal clear and easy to use. Only drawback is the outdated POI's, some of them don't exist and have not been updated in the last 2 years....more info
  • In Simple Words........
    Researched for over a year now, tried (borrowed)a variety of gps, finally made my choice on this Nuvi 360. After buying?....completely as expected to be the top notch among its group. Only place where it loses.....multi routing !....I would just feed the multi routing places to my favorites, simple solution !!...except this is just superb and being my first gps, I don't think I will upgrade sooner. features discussed below:

    Text to speech: you need it, otherwise you will have to keep your head up to see the name signs of every street.

    POIs: more than sufficient, big road trip undertaken, completely satisfied. Added custom POIs from POI uploader.. :)

    Bluetooth: I would not say anything, let it be a surprise...your phone can stay away from your eyes, and you wudn't miss it. Call POIs, call your phone directory....anything !

    Network: Superb, it survived under Boston's tunnel. Recalculating is fast, make sure you have the correct options ON, like I have my U-turn on.

    MP3: apart from filling it completely with custom vehicles, POIs, Pictures...I still have around 550 MBs free in the GPS (not on SD card).

    Pictures: full screen, nice clarity but these MP3s and pictures are just secondary issues in any GPS.

    Day to night auto brightness: Perfect, same as with any other competing GPS.

    Updating: online updating is so easy, a little computing is required though. Garmin makes things simpler.

    Dimensions: small like any other digital camera....light, piece of cheesecake.

    There are more, but all the major functions are covered I feel.

    I know what I wanted, what I gained and what I lost. But compared to what I have now, I am just :) do your research and get what suits you....more info
  • Excellent GPS!
    I've had the Nuvi 360 since november of last year and I am really happy with it. Although I have not used other gps units I was drawn to this one by both the really outstanding reviews, and amazon's price (all department stores were selling this with a $100 markup over amazon at the time, Ridiculous!) First, what I liked: size, it is no bigger than a deck of cards; I can easily carry it in the pocket of my jacket when I leave the car in sketchier looking neighborhoods. The interface is easy to understand and navigate, and the verbal instructions are usually easy to comprehend. The maps I think are great, it has only led me astray once in over 3 months in Los Angeles! The bluetooth capability I only used a couple of times (my cell didnt have this capability but my friend's did) and it worked well. I liked the idea of being able to dial places such as movie theaters, restaurants directly through this unit. Why not 5 stars, I'm picky, and it did have a few cons. During bright mornings it is difficult to see the map on the screen so if you are visual this might be annoying, however as long as one pays attention to the audio directions this is not too bad. Also what others are saying about the low volume is true. If you find yourself on the freeway in an old uninsulated vehicle it is difficult to hear. I got around this by connecting a stereo cable from the unit's output into the input on my car deck. This served a dual purpose, one I can hear directions through my car's speakers and two, I can also listen to the mp3's at the same time. The internal speaker works well for city driving and audio books at home. My last gripe with this unit is that once I input an address the only way to get back to the main menu is by hitting the back button until I am back to the main menu (which you have to do about a half dozen times). Does anyone know if there's another way around this? I must have skipped over this on the user's manual....more info
  • Perfect for all travels.
    I have travelled with this product all over different states on the east coast and it never failed.Good buy.I love it....more info
  • I love my Nuvi!
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 is everything and more. It's very easy to use, has a perfect sized screen, yet it's small enough to put in my purse. I highly recommend this, especially for techniphobes like me. Very user friendly....more info
  • Wow! How good can it get?
    I love this GPS! How often does a product actually meet it's claims. I would highly recommend it to anyone traveling in the USA or Canada....more info
  • I get lost just so my Nuvi can take me back home!
    Love the Nuvi .... love it! Only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because the system won't connect with my bluetooth enabled samsung phone....more info
  • GPS
    Excellent product, does everything specified well. Languages supported are excellent. hands free car phone setup flawless and easy. Very satisfied with overall performance. Would recommend to others....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 is a piece of cake
    Easy to use. Hands free bluetooth enables you to place and receive calls while driving. Easy to sync with cell phone. It comes with digital locking capabilities, so if stollen, the thief cannot use it without returning it to Garmin for unlocking. I highly recommend this GPS device....more info
  • Well worth the money
    I can't believe I waited this long to get one. It makes traveling so much easier. The text to speach feaure is a great aid. While concentrating on the road, you do not have to constantly check the monitor because it speaks the street names and the distance to the pertinent street. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvii 360, excellent product
    I brought this product directly from amazon and i saved a lot of money, it was brand new, and in an untouched shape when it arrived me. the shipping was fast and reasonable, and i am very happy with Amazon's dealing, As always.
    The product is user friendly, uptodate, and easy to use for dumb heads like me, and i liked the Australian Lee's voice for the guide, hehehe!!!...more info
  • Garmin GPS
    Great price and product. Fast delivery by sender. Easy to use and compact. Can be used in car or carried in purse. Language translation a real plus. Would recommend over more expensive model....more info
  • Worth every penny
    After reading the reviews for the NUVI 360 I decided to purchase it. I have not been dissapointed. It is the best thing since slice bread. The screen is small but easy to read and the voice is clear and I have yet to get lost. I really do not know how I lived without this thing. I've had it for three months now and even took it with me to Puerto Rico without any problems -- eventhough the POI database for Puerto Rico is very small. Nevertheless, the POI for the US is expansive and accurate. The suction cup is strong and does not fall off the windshield, the battery life lasts about two hours and charges easily. The Bluetooth is fantastic, it is user friendly and quickly recognizes for cell phone. All in all this is a great product and for the price and features, it does not get better.
    ...more info
  • this is a must buy
    This is the 2nd one we have bought within the last year. We gave the 1st one to our kids. Everone must have one these.It great on the road and in the city. And it is easy to work. CeCe and Mike ...more info
  • good guide
    It is easy to use. It can be placed in the cup holder of the car instead of windshield. Because it announces instruction to make turns so I do not have to look at it while driving.

    The electronic map inside is not 100% complete and never will be, so if you type in a street address and it returns different address you need to be very careful because that means there is no this address in their map and it may lead you to the street address they show on the screen which may be different from your destination.

    This GPS is a great tool to have. It provides convenience and safety....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Works great, very much more user friendly than previous models. They improve with each model....more info
  • Ace GPS. terrific for the price...
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

    "Can't think how I lived without it... I love reading maps, but one can't navigate AND drive at the same time. The N체vi makes driving to unfamiliar locations a delight. One feature I'd like that perhaps Garmin could develop: make it possible to copy addresses straight to the N체vi from one's PC. Also, I'd have appreciated clearer labeling of each item in the box and what it was supposed to be for. As for setting the N체vi up, you actually don't need to download the full manual CD, as, with the brief foldout instructions and a little nous you can guess pretty much how to work it. I admit that I've not got around to using the bluetooth yet, in fact don't know why I chose the 360 over the 350, except that the difference in price was MINUSCULE! Anyway, part from my minor whinges above, I love my N체vi!...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    Sweet gps works great...but, speaker not quite loud enough and bluetooth pretty much useless without external speaker. But as i bought this to be a gps not a phone, is it fine for my needs. Price was great and nowhere did i see refurb or reman, but packaging was a bit suspect.

    tsd...more info
  • Thank god for this thing
    I have to say it is an absolute lifesaver. My girlfriend is horrible at directions, scares me to death to drive with her. Bought this puppy and it took over my job as a navigator, thank god. The unit itself is great. The touch screen is responsive, great resolution, has bluetooth connectivity, plays mp3s and has a slideshow. I recommend getting the fm transmitter though if your car is not bluetooth compatible. ALSO!!!!!!!! [If you park in a garage disregard this] Make sure to take this puppy inside the house WITH THE CRADLE! Smash and grabs for these things are inevitable. I left the cradle on the car window with the unit in the house, had my car broken into by some a-hole who thought he had a payday. The jerk ended up taking off with the cradle and I ended up with a smashed window. This has also happened to a few of my other friends as well. ...more info
  • NUVI 350
    very good product to me, but i find only one problem
    When you aproach the turn going about 60km
    the nuvi does not prepare you to make your turn on time ,in other words is to slow.
    On the contrary, on the highway notifyes you very good.
    For example it talks to you before you exit the highway on the second km
    and after on the first kh and then tells you to exit again wich is very good .But not good in the city.In Boston i got completely lost.
    Anyway in general i like the nuvi but it has some problems.
    G RISKA ONT CANADA ...more info
  • Love it!!!!
    I have owned and used GPS's in the past. After looking into this one; I decided to give it a try. I LOVE IT. The previous GPS I owned dropped me off over 1/2 mile from my own house. This one brings me to the door. I'm learning something new everytime I use it. I wouldn't trade this one in for anything....more info
  • Poor satellite reception
    The product is so bad and I am extremely disappointed....I went through many reviews and comparisons and bought this product.
    Satellite reception is the biggest problem and I experience the problem all the time. Some of my friends who bought the box at the same time also have similar issues....more info
  • Great Personal GPS
    This is my first GPS device. I use them all the time. The description and what they say it's going to do, it does it, and more. It's perfect size to carry with you, put on a motorcycle or bike and of course to put it up in your window of your car. No other I have used I could of done all 3 with. It's super fast if you accidentally go off course and super responsive to upcoming turns. Not like TOM TOM where it tells you to turn after you past it. I'm moving to a new town where there is tons of new development and I had no problem finding the hotel when it was just build 6 months ago. Plus, I had a job interview at a brand new industrial park and it found it with no problem. It's great on my motorcycle too. I bought a separate assembly to hook it up.
    One and only problem I had with it in over 80 hrs using it already is sometimes when you go onto the highway it might highlight the highway both ways, but I know what way I have to go and plus the voice tells you. Just don't understand why it has to highlight the road both ways. That's it actually. Really like where you can see your mph, trip set, avg. speed, trip time, etc. Tons of extra stuff for vacationing. I loved the AAA. So easy to find a gas station, stores, mall etc. I literally couldn't of picked a better GPS device. ...more info
  • Worth the money, does the job.
    I bought this GPS for approx 160$. Its small, light and easy to use. It's perfect for long trips and when you get lost cos you get off the wrong exit!
    ...more info
  • Awesome! Easy to use!
    All good, nothing bad.. Has little spots (restaurants, etc) that you would never expect it to have....more info
  • Beware Polarized Sunglasses
    I'd rate this GPS with 5 stars. The maps are great, and the "manual" is only a few pages but the interface is so good you rarely need to read the larger PDF manual included on the CD. My big complaint is the screen is unreadable with my polarized sunglasses. I might think this is bad orientation with the sunglasses except I can read my cell phone, my laptop screen, and the maximum glare reduction in the car is with the glasses oriented normally. The 360 is the odd thing out. So to read the screen I either must take off the glasses or turn my head nearly 90 degrees while I'm driving through interstate interchanges, both awkward. I'm not sure if they designed it this way or if it's a flaw in manufacturing. In any case think carefully if you want to use the device in sunlight and wear sunglasses....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    I bought the nuvi 360 to take on a trip to Maui last week and was pleasantly surprised how well it helped me to navigate the island. I am doing some additional traveling in the next few months and anticipate it will be a great travel partner! Love it!...more info
  • No Subsitute for OEM NAV
    I'd heard so much about Garmin and portable GPS units from friends and in the press that when I bought a new car, I skipped the GPS option and bought the Garmin 360. This is a poor substitute compared to the Gen 5 Toyota/Lexus NAV system (which, granted, costs more) that I have in my other vehicle.
    Complaints: 1) Boot is super s--l--o--w. I don't want to be entering directions while I'm driving, but I don't want to sit in the driveway and wait for the Garmin to finally load its maps. The NAV in my Lexus lights up instantly.
    2) Dirt roads & driveways. I'm constantly being advised to turn into a road that has a locked gate whenever I'm in a rural area. I prefer paved roads, but the Garmin doesn't seem to know the difference.
    3) It gets confused at times. The NAV in my Lexus is linked to both the GPS satellite system and the vehicle's odometer and has a direction sensor - this means that the OEM NAV can better approximate my position than a system that relies solely on satellites.
    4) Pronunciation. I understand it is a computer synthesized voice, but I can barely comprehend a lot of the street names the Garmin unit mispronounces. What is the value added from spoken names when you can't understand them? Overall, the voice is rather unpleasant.
    5) "Recalculating." The Garmin unit is always relcalculating and announces this. The OEM NAV in my other vehicle indicates on the screen that it is recalculating, but doesn't announce this, and is much less sensitive to minor deviations in route (say, parking across the street, etc.).
    6. POIs aren't very complete. I need to make sure I have the street address for a destination, because the store or business I'm looking for often can't be found in the Garmin through the menu system, even when it has been at the site for several years.
    I could go on, but instead I will mention a few positives.
    1. Portable - actually this could be a negative because it makes it a target for thieves, but the Garmin unit is very light and easily portable.
    2. The Bluetooth was easy to set up and sounds just great. The OEM system has a leg-up here as well, because it is integrated into the car's audio system, but I was pleased with the ease of use and sound quality of the Bluetooth on this unit.
    In sum, if you are weighing OEM vs. Garmin, I would advise you to pick an OEM NAV system, at least based on my experience with the system found on Newer Lexus and Toyota vehicles. ...more info
  • Garmin is Great
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas....we have used it on several trips to various big cities. It got us exactly where we wanted to go with ease. It is extremely easy to use. I love it!!...more info
  • Our NUVI 360
    Highly recommend this product. Pretty accurate with both verbal and map directions and street names. Used it already six times and it has not lost us yet. It is sure nice to not have to stop and read a map!!! Although if you are looking for a GPS unit that has all the bells and whistles this is not for you. It's Bluetooth works great and the hotels and restraunts already in the GPS is a great thing to. Overall I think you will be pleasantly surprised how handy this little gadet is. Travel might actually be alittle more fun now....more info
  • good device!
    i have use it for about 1 month. I just want to say that it's a good GPS, but only one thing inconvenient is the screen's a little small. If you try to look at it, you may lose control. The ship is fast, and Fedex doesn't work on Monday, so if you order on weekend, your order'll come on Tuesday. They also require your signature. ...more info
  • Worth purchasing
    As J. R. R. Tolkien famously said, "Not all those who wander are lost." With the Garmin you can wander all over the place and not get lost.

    Buy it; you'll like it.

    ...more info
  • Excellent and user friendly
    I borrowed a friend's Garmin Nuvi 360 a few months ago for a long trip to Florida and back and I swore I'd never drive without a GPS again.
    Despite having no manual, my girlfriend and I found it easy to figure out and use for its basic purpose of finding directions.
    Then, while driving home along an unfamiliar highway at night, we suddenly needed a pharmacy and we also found it equally easy to find the nearest one just minutes off the next exit.

    Upon returning, I bought my own Nuvi 360 as soon as I could (I got the best price from Amazon) and chose the unit with the bluetooth feature which is also indispensible.

    I get a lot of calls on my cell while driving but no longer have to fish out my bluetooth earpiece and look to see who is calling. After pairing the Nuvi to the cell phone, the Nuvi has my entire phonebook in it and now when I get a call, the screen shows who is calling and I just tap the screen to answer. I can also dial by tapping my screen. More than that, when driving and searching for a restaurant, store or other destination, the screen shows my where it is and gives the phone number PLUS it gives me the option (by tapping the phone ICON) to dial ahead for reservations or ask about hours, etc.

    The ONLY caveat about this (and all other GPS units) is that you sometimes have to override the directions. The unit figures out the most direct route and figures what it thinks is the fastest but sometimes it makes a wierd choice like directing me off the highway too soon to go in locla traffic when I know I can stay on the highway a few more exits and get there faster. From speaking to others, this is just the way it is with these GPS units. However, once you vary from the path the unit tells you to take, it quickly recalculates and gets you there the way you knew was best.

    Good luck !!...more info
  • Great GPS
    We got the Garmin Nuvi 360 gps for about a week now. The item works great. Although the charge didn't hold really long, around 2 hours or a little over. So make sure you keep it charge. Lot of people thought this device couldn't be used when plug the car charger to it. Actually you can, you have to use the attachment that attached to the back of the device, notice there also a hole where you can plug in your charger. Once you use that, you can use it while charging the device.

    We couldn't get the blue tooth working at first. We went to the Garmin web site and get the latest firmware from them and we got it to work like a charm. They got this software called WebUpdater, once you run that with your device, it will make sure you have everything up to date on your GPS.


    ...more info
  • can't even locate my destination in Detroit!
    I just got it today, and i got sike out from reading all these great reviews. In about two week, i am am planning on going to detroit for somthing important, then.. i typed in the adress, over and over again, ( yes i spelt it right, in fact triple check" All it came up was no match, no match... it is a big let-down. Plus, that manual, HA! that wasn't even a manual, 2 pages long, you call that a manual. it doens't explain anything.Even a CD player has 20 pages! Man i was fooled. ...more info
  • 360 Garmin Nuvi also see my review on Nuvi 660
    I purchassed this for my wife. She liked the 360 and I liked the 660 Nuvi so we both got the one we liked.

    The features are the same except for the screen size and weight and purchase price.

    The wife likes the smaller size and weight for carrying around in purse or pocket.

    We both like the Nuvis features for bluetooth, your cell phone address book comes up on the Nuvi and you can receive or send calls.

    The day and night screen can be brightened or dimmed with the press of a button and the volumn works the same way.

    You can have 3-D or 2-D screen mode by touching the screen and back to 3-D pressing the back button.

    You can add or remove detail to the screen.

    Maps are updated at the Garmin web site and you can add maps of lakes or Europian street maps as needed.

    We both enjoy the Garmin Nuvi it met and exceeded our expectations, be sure to purchase the dash friction mount for the Nuvi so you can take the navagator any place and use in any vehicle. Also read my review on the Garnin Nuvi 660.

    Tim...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi very satisfactory
    Set up was easy, instructions were helpful.
    Mounted on the dash since the windshield was too far to reach.
    Love the bluetooth capability that provides for hands-free phone operation with our existing cellphones.
    Came equipped with all needed accessories....more info
  • the 360 is great
    this unit is one of the best gps i have ever had and the blue tooth for hands free in car works great and is easy to set up on your car phone also it so great my wife bought one for geocahhing with the grandkids...more info
  • Garmin 360
    Very nice unit. I bought it for my wife. She loves the bluetooth phone and caller ID. Directions have been nearly perfect. Highly recommended....more info
  • Good so far, but needs some fine tuning.
    I've only owned this for a couple of days, so I am still trying to get adjusted to it's performance. Yesterday, when using it to get to a Walmart that is nearest to where my son is taking a SL class, the GPS went a little whacko?! It took a long while to acquire a signal, then when it finally did, the street was not the one I was on at all!!

    It happened twice yesterday....before this, it worked fine, go figure.
    I'll have to keep using it and see if all the quirks work themselves out, or maybe I just need to figure out how to use the thing!

    My cell phone isn't compatible, so can't try the Bluetooth feature, fine wtih me, I didn't buy it for this anyway.

    I'll update again next week, we're taking a ski trip to Iowa, I'll see how great the directions it gives us and let you all know!...more info
  • Exceeded my Expectations
    When I purchased the product a few negative comments from other reviewers led me to believe I might be somewhat disappointed. Price and features prompted me to proceed and I am very glad I did. The performance of the unit has been excellent and even exceeded my expectations. It paired flawlessly and easily with my BlackBerry. People I talk to frequently have noted the Bluetooth hands-free call quality is actually better than the handset. So far, I have had no complaints with caller voice quality or volume, which leads me to believe that is probably more a function of the service than the unit itself. The maps are great and have made getting around LA and Orange County a breeze -- I highly recommend this unit!...more info
    This thing gives poor directions in my area (northern VA). it'll say something is on the left, or to turn left, when it should be right. Then, when I miss the turn because of this, it either DOES NOT recalculate, or recalculates TOO LATE so I always make U-Turns. It's USELESS. The mp3 player feature is lame, the sound quality is worse than laptop speakers. The bluetooth worked for about a week, and it was pretty cool. Now it does not work anymore, when I want to connect to blue tooth, it says 'connecting' or something like that for several minutes and everything gets stuck, I have to restart the thing. It will forever be condemned to my glovebox from now on. What a WASTE OF MONEY!!!...more info
  • Outstanding as a navigational device
    I don't know what I would do without my Nuvi. I use to get sick to my stomach when I had to go somewhere. Just the thoughts about getting lost would guarentee I would. I am so directionally challenged that my friends would make fun of me all the time.

    I like the portability. I chose this over the 660, because it easily fits into a coat pocket. When I visit my friends out of state I take this with me so that we can travel around. They love it too and 7 of my friends have purchased based on my recommendation.

    I love the easy to use features. Nice to always be able to find the nearest Starbucks or gas station.

    The only reason that I can not give this 5 stars since the bluetooth is not consistent. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It is great that you are able to call a place to see if it is still open, but I just wish it would work more consistently....more info
  • not bad
    i cant say good but its not bad.

    NAVIGON 7100 is easyer then Garmin n체vi 360.
    NAVIGON 7100 is simple then Garmin n체vi 360.
    NAVIGON 7100 look is also good then Garmin n체vi 360.
    The only thing is good in Garmin n체vi 360 is its MP3 player and Image viewer.
    But NAVIGON 7100 perfect for every one who is new with gps then Garmin n체vi 360.

    My 1st choice is NAVIGON 7100. This all are my personal review GARMIN dont fell bad. ...more info
  • Garmin 360
    Great GPS System. Just a few minor things that I have found with this particular unit. It takes a looong time to charge fully, and I feel as though the battery life is not that great considering the length of time it takes to charge. In addition, sometimes it takes longer than what I think it should to find satelites. Regardless, I love it and would buy it again if I had to. ...more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    I had only used a GPS unit twice before purchasing the Nuvi 360. Prior to this we did all of our navigation using online mapping services (Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and MapQuest) by doing the legwork in advance and printing our directions. I wanted something that could accomplish the same purpose, but do it while out in the car. We've found the Nuvi to be at least as accurate as any of those online services.

    The POI database is sufficient. You have to keep in mind that an Internet search is searching a live, real-time database that is constantly being updated. The POI DB in any GPS is an archive. It is also limited by the parameters by which it was created. It is not a live Google search, but more like a big Google search that was done when the POI DB was created and then saved to the unit.

    I have found the user interface (UI) to be extremely intuitive. Most of the features can be figured out by just tinkering with it. Even the most technologically challenged individuals (ie- my wife) will have an easy time using the Nuvi. You cannot hurt it by tinkering with the UI. Even if someone got a bunch of settings all messed up and couldn't "fix" it there's a reset button on the back. Press it and start over. It's really that simple... except for the Garmin lock. Don't forget your password or you are in deep doo-doo. In that situation you'd have to actually send the unit back to Garmin to be unlocked.

    - bright, easy-to-read display
    - Very fast recalculate (~2-3 sec typical)
    - very substantial POI database
    - TTS voice is easy to understand. Not perfect, but it's a microchip for Pete's sake. Give her a break.
    - Bluetooth works perfectly (Moto E815)
    - Windshield suction mount works flawlessly
    - Auto power supply is integrated into the WS mount so when you set the Nuvi in the mount it is automatically connected to the car's power. Very nice!
    - Too many really nice UI features to mention here
    - Voice directions continue to function even if you are "browsing" a menu option while it is navigating. This is awesome b/c you don't risk missing a vital command while "tinkering"
    - If you don't follow its instructions this one doesn't keep trying to just get you to u-turn and get back on the original path. It will actually re-route you based on current position and trajectory.
    - Bluetooth allows me to find a POI and touch the "Call" button on-screen and it dials the establishment on my cell automatically. I love that!
    - Includes: WS Mount, USB Comm/Charge cable, A/C Charger, Auto Cig. Charger, nice Leather carry case.

    - Cannot navigate to a City, ST like Google Maps can do for time estimates or to just get you into town. It requires an actual address.
    - Would like to see regular POI DB updates via the Web.
    - Being my 1st GPS I really don't have anything to compare it to but I have not had a single issue with it so far.

    I whole-heartedly recommend this product to anyone!!!


    I've been using this unit now for about 6 months and it has performed flawlessly for me. One must understand that when you are constantly making detailed comparisons between a dynamic world and a static database there WILL BE discrepancies.

    I like the fact that it seems to be quite intelligent in it's approach to route recalculations most of the time. Like older, and cheaper, units it doesn't simply try to put you back on it's original course. When you miss a turn it dictated to you, either intentionally because you chose to, or inadvertently because you missed a turn, it recalculates the route as if it were doing it for the 1st time from that location and so chooses what it considers the best route between where you are and where you want to go.

    If I were doing it over now the only thing I'd change is to get the unit with the FW transmitter for mp3 playback through the radio and the 4.3" screen. Only because bigger is better. ;-)...more info
  • excellent
    took this on a recent trip to florida, NJ and san diego. it worked great in every place. i connected the bluetooth to my iphone after i downloaded a software update from garmin website. it works very well.
    for the price - cannot be beat....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi
    This is a really great little GPS device but I think that the speaker needs to be a bit larger. When using the Bluetooth function in the car with my cell phone I find the sound to be difficult to hear. Other than that though, this is the second Garmin that we've owned and they are phenomenal at getting you where you want to go....more info
  • The Garmin did what it advertised it would!
    The Garmin 360 works perfectly and saves a great deal of time (and gas) getting from point A to point B. The product is easy to program and the detail is excellent. I totally recommend this GPS system....more info
  • Great device.
    It does a wonderful job of recalculating routes when you miss an exit or turn. Driving in Northern Virgina, it isn't always possible to move between lanes since folks don't tend to be very considerate around DC. As soon as the unit detected I had passed an exit, it took seconds to recalculate the route and keep me on track. Since the interstate was at a standstill, I hit the detour button and it directed me onto side streets and saved me almost an hour of sitting in traffic.
    The bluetooth worked great with my phone and actually pulled my contact information. The text to voice is very nice as well. It's fun to program in odd names for destinations and hear the GPS read them back (my personal favorite was "Funky Robot Place")....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    Good service ,I received everything as I expected . Thank you.Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    I love the NUVI 360 except for the poor speaker quality. I own a Toyota Tacoma Truck, and the road noise from my vehicle causes me to have to turn the volume up on the NUVI 360 to the highest level. Even at the highest level of volume, it is hard for me to hear (and I am not hard of hearing). I immagine if I had a high end luxury car, the road noise wouldn't be an issue.

    The other complaint I have about the volume is that the voice broadcasted over the speaker is very distorted when the Volume is up high. Wheather it be the unit telling me which turn to make next, or the voice of a person I am talking to by phone via the blue tooth function of the NUVI.

    I have zero complaints about the navigation functionality of the NUVI 360. This is my first GPS unit, and I am blown away at how easy it was to learn how to use this thing. I am very happy at how accurate the NUVI is able to guide me through complex freeway interchanges, and busy city streets. I don't know how I ever did my job without it.

    ...more info
  • Never lost again!
    I will never be lost again nor will i have to ask for direction from locals who don't know where they live.
    Thanks, garmin...more info
  • Great navigation poor bluetooth
    I love my nuvi 360, however everyone that I talk to using the bluetooth says I sound like an alien (outer space type!) It is easy to use and the graphics are good and with one exception I traveled half way across the US with no false moves. Pretty impressive for small towns and large ones too....more info
  • My opinion of the 360
    I bought the 360 for my husband's birthday. He didn't want it, said he'd never use it, so I use it in my car. Then, I took it to LA on vacation and now he's named her "Peggy Sue". We could not have made it around LA and Orange County without her. Technically I wish she would give a little more notice when telling us to turn right on the freeway when you have to move over 4 lanes (they drive VERY fast in LA), but we love her now and she will go with us everywhere from now on. VERY HAPPY! Oh - we also bought the weighted holder since it is illegal to attach the GPS to the windshield....more info
  • Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
    Bought as Christmas gift. But have had Garmin experience. I own a few GPS units. Easy to set up & get going. I haven't had any problems. Just wish you could adjust voice volume. I would buy again....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    Following recommendations that stated the n체vi 350 was the best for the price, I visited Best Buy with a gift card from my kids for Christmas. Best Buy was not willing to match prices with anything on line and could not come within $50 of the online price for the 350. So, surfing the web, I came across the n체vi 360 on sale at Amazon. The price for the 360 was still less than what I could get for the 350 at Best Buy! The upgrade included Bluetooth for hands free calling. But, I read that it did not work with somebody's Blackberry (that's what I have). Figuring that I would probably have the n체vi longer than the Blackberry, I went ahead with the purchase. Glad I did. My version of the Blackberry seamlessly connected to the unit, uploading the phone list, and allowing the hands free operation. You can scroll the list, tap a number, and you're connected. I had read that the speaker was weak and the user had to grab their phones to hear the caller. Perhaps they were in a noisy SUV. In my Outback, which has a noisy environment, I found the speaker adequate. I also read that the units sometimes tell you of an upcoming turn too late. Not so with this n체vi. It seems to take into account speed and warns me in plenty of time to prepare for the turn.

    The first time I used it, I did so on a familiar trip out of town. Coming out of a store enroute, I found I had a near flat tire (slow leak) and needed assistance. Had I called AAA I would have waited hours and lost much time. I tapped the n체vi's button for Service Stations and found that I had passed the nearest one 4 miles back. Tapping once again, it lead me right to the station's front door! I lost about a half hour in travel time overall. In time and cost, I feel it nearly paid for itself the first time out! Just an aside, using the unit, I discovered that my car's speedometer reads about 4 mph over my actual speed! A number of nice features.

    The unit is almost self explanatory. Pretty intuitive. It does, however, have some features that require a little knowledge--such as tapping certain parts of the screen produce certain information.

    The reason for the 4 stars versus 5 stars is not any fault of this specific product. GPS units, in general, need to clarify the input of their directions. For one, after laughing at a relative who headed in the wrong direction for nearly an hour before realizing that she must have punched in something incorrectly, I caught myself in a similar situation the first time I actually relied on the unit without previous knowledge of the area. It is very easy to redirect your intentions while touching or moving the unit and inadvertently touching the screen. Secondly, I find that many of the fine details, like when you are maneuvering near your destination, are incorrect. It is amazing that all of these streets are cataloged in the maps. But, many smaller streets, ramps, etc. have been added or changed (in the last 5 years) and the unit's maps have not kept up. It would be nice if user's had a way to help update the map info with a third party verification system.

    Overall, having fun with my n체vi....more info
  • Great Features, Great Price
    This is the most user-friendly GPS out there. It finds the satellites faster and doesn't loose them like other models. It re-routes your directions within seconds if you miss your turn, so you don't miss the next opportunity to get back on course. The battery life is excellent, so if you're going on a short vacation, you don't need to bother taking the charger with you....more info
  • Great Product
    I did a lot of research before I bought this product, for months and the Garmin 360 and we don't always have great cell phone service in some area's but the Garmin seems to work great so far I have not had any problems. It is easy to use and easy to figure out how to use all the features. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great Navigator / Terrific Price!
    Tending to be more of an old school type, I really had not thought much about purchasing a GPS navigation system for travel. Paper maps were good enough, but with a big trip coming up, I decided to do some research on GPS units. I settled on the Garmin nuvi 360, as it had the functionality and features I would utilize the most. Prices have come down quite a bit, so it was quite nice to get the unit for just under $300.

    I was amazed how user friendly the unit is with its colorful touch screen and menu system. I programmed in the stops along the way for the trip, had it look for restaurants and hotels, and even had it synched to my cell phone via BlueTooth within a matter of minutes, less than 30 minutes tops. The one thing I did notice driving around town locally was that the unit prefers main roads, and does not always plan the shortest most efficient route. But, it factors in the route changes while driving and recalculates quickly when making a deviation. Awsome unit at a terrific price! ...more info
  • Love it!
    This GPS delivers as advertised. Love the touch screen and text-to-speech function. Blue tooth is a plus when driving but sound can be better. All in all a great product with a lot of cool features. Would definitely recommend this to a friend....more info
  • Don't do this at home
    Generally, I like the Garmin n체vi 360 enough that I bought a couple for my parents and my aunt and uncle.

    Moreover, through an accident, I discovered that it is quite robust. Soon after purchasing my own n체vi, I took it with me for an unanticipated swim. I'll spare you the embarrassing details. But water obviously penetrated the inside of the device; water was visible behind the screen. I let it sit for a few days while I pondered what to do. A couple weeks later, I decided that, having little to lose, I would bake it. Yes, you read that correctly. I put it in my oven on the lowest temperature possible, 170쨘F, for an hour or so. Water remained behind the display, but progress was apparent. I repeated this process a few times, when my scheduled allowed, until no more water was visible behind the display ... and then maybe one more time for good measure. After charging the device for a couple hours, I turned it on ... and ... IT WORKS.

    Why don't I give it 5 stars? Hmmm ... the smallish display does not really bother me. I find that I look at the map very little. While navigating, the audible signals are of primary value. I do, however, think that the user interface (software) leaves a bit to be desired....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 Navigator
    This tool is every bit as good as advertised, and maybe a little bit better. Performance is amazing. When unit is forced to recalculate it does so with amazing speed. It performs well on the mount, of cousre, but it can be used simply lying on the front seat, as long as it can see the sky. This was a good purchase....more info
  • Love, love, love it!
    My fiance and I had purchased a Mio, which was stolen from our vehicle a few months after we had gotten it. So I purchased the Garmin nuvi for him as a wedding gift, and wow - what a difference! The Garmin is so user friendly! It is definitely great for road trips. We went to Maine for our honeymoon and were able to take the local roads to really see the sights without getting lost. We also have used it to take detours when in terrible traffic jams, which has shaved hours off of our travel time. This unit does not come with traffic updates, but if you pair it with your iPhone, it works great in metropolitan area traffic jams. Just find out where the traffic jam is and ask your nuvi to find a detour. The bluetooth works great, especially when looking up points of interest. We have found restaurants with the nuvi and then called them to make reservations just by touching the screen. We really do love it! The only negative, which is very minor, is the external antenna. ...more info
  • Just plain great
    I had trusted Garmin from my time a decade ago in the marine business. Newer technology is unbelievable. Good quality graphics, screen visibility day and nightime. Accurate and easy to use. Included suction mount is great. I ordered a second one to mount in second vehicle.

    Unit fits right in pocket. Very conveinient.

    MP3 player works, but nothing to rave about. Audible player is very nice.

    ...more info
  • is not the 7th marvel,but is OK
    This is my 4th or 5th GPS, it is very good itemthe only problem whit it is that is little hard to save places that they are in another city or state for instance you can't save places like corners(interseccions)or places that you can find moving the cursor.The glass braket is too wear after 2 weeks that can be brokefor the sun(if you live in the car).My general opinion this is a good GPS...more info
  • Great Product
    This Unit is more than what I expected. The description does not do it any justice. The maps are excellent and up to date. I would recommend this Garmin to anyone who ask. The neat thing about this is that it has a webupdater that you can update you maps and other features that are on it. They also have a feature on the website where you can pick from an assortment of different vehicle types and colors for your map. This Garmin is pretty much a accurate as they say it is. Once again I highly recommend this product to anybody who is looking for a GPS Unit....more info
  • Go With Garmin
    There are LOTS of different considerations to make when choosing a GPS, and they can radically alter the cost. Screen size, included maps, expansion slots, touch screen, battery life, bluetooth support, etc. Touch screen is mandatory, and most all new units have this. That said, I am here to tell you what the most important factor, aside from touch screen, is - software. It's all about the software more than even the size of the screen. That's why it's gotta be Garmin.

    Garmin has the best software around. My unit came with Maps 2008 (the latest version). Those that have older Garmins can purchase the 2008 maps from Garmin rather than buying a new unit. The software is easy to use, intuitive, upgradeable, and pretty accurate. Of course, there are always going to be places that it has difficulty finding and construction that it has difficulty routing through. *I* have difficulty following detour signs around ROAD CLOSED areas (miss one lousy sign, and it's off to Albaquerque). It's never going to be perfect, but Garmin's definately the best out there.

    The nuvi 360 has some slick features. The 360's map covers all of North America. For those of us with close access to Canada, this is massively useful. It covers Mexico, too, as anyone that can picture "North America" in their head would guess (it's not the one with Brazil). The nuvi 370 includes Europe as well for a little extra money.

    The GPS routes the information, shows the path on the map, and starts telling you which way to go using whatever voice/language you choose. I like Australian Karen, and there are quite a few other choices like Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, Portugese (several types), Polish, Russian, Slovak, Thai, Swedish, British, French, Canadian, French Canadian, etc. There's more than I listed there. Not all of them have choices for different voices.

    Planning/Entering a route is simple as eating pie. You key in the information with the touch screen. It's geobase is good enough that usually putting in 4 to 6 characters of the steet/city name pops up a list of only two or three locations that could possibly match (kind of like autocomplete in the internet browser). That's nice when typing it all in by hand. You can save the location as a "Favorite" for easy access later.

    The GPS also has a listing of food, attractions, fuel, lodging, shopping, parking, community, cities, hospitals, transit, and auto services. You can select from a list of pre-defined locations. The unit is capable of loading lists from the internet (like National Parks, etc), and that does require some Internet saavy and computer software installation to get going. I simply followed the instructions and I was off and running. What's already in there is pretty good, though.

    What's nice is that it has the ability to connect to a cell phone via bluetooth (must be supported by the cell phone). I followed my phones instructions for connecting to a bluetooth device, and I was off and running again. You can call a place by bringing it up and touching the phone number. Great for restaurant call aheads or immediate lodging needs as we all know not everything goes as planned. I suppose this is a good a time as any to mention that you can use the GPS to answer your bluetooth phone calls, handsfree, once it's connected. It has built in speakers and a microphone for this.

    It's possible to view your location on the map without entering a route at all. This doesn't seem useful at first, but let me explain what's too cool about it. My very first time out I charged the unit, threw it in the car, and took off (clueless as how to operate it). It showed my location on the map and direction I was headed and my relative speed (which is neat until you realize that there's a similar contraption IN YOUR DASHBOARD). However, at the very top of the screen, it listed the next cross street I was coming to! It even showed the rinky dink streets that have names but look like they just go into a mall or housing complex or nowhere at all. Hey, now that's useful. I've driven through DC housing complexes and small town backwoods horse paths (I did attend Ohio U) where I couldn't find street names (they were stricken from all the books, but that doesn't cover geobases, oddly). Also great for rainy/snowy weather driving.

    Geocaching fans will be happy to know that you can route by coordinates. Just grab some gear, plug in some long floating point numbers, and off you go. It has several format choices if you prefer some OTHER system (like British National Grid). The internet also offers downloadable POI (points of interest) for geocaching.

    The unit has a "Travel Package" which includes an mp3 player, an audio book reader, an image viewer, a currency converter, a world clock, a measurement converter, and a few other "demo" items. I like the mp3 player for the car as I don't have one already, but it's great to have along for geocaching or storing family pictures. Those that like audio books in the car will be pleased as well. There's about 1GB of storage on the device (the maps and programs take up about 1GB of space). Not too shabby.

    I get great battery life out of my unit. Not using bluetooth certainly increases battery life, but I'd say at least four hours before I need to charge it. It comes with a mounting kit, ac charger, USB connection device (and charger), and car charger. The mouting kit and car charger allow the unit to have continuous power, so battery life becomes meaningless. Installation was snap together intuitive. I mounted my unit in partially in front of the temperature gauge on the left side of my car's instrument panel. It's slightly shaded, easily viewable/touchable (since I look down to check my speed/fuel constantly, anyway). I can still see my temperature gauge if I try. I bought a static cling screen protector off of Ebay to shield the screen from my grubby fingers, but that's really all that I needed. You might want a sturdier case to store the unit, but the one that comes with is acceptible. The unit takes SD cards, just in case its current features aren't enough. Put songs, pictures, audio books, travel guides, etc on an SD card and swap things around.

    "Off and running" is what the Garmin experience is all about for me. I have the direction sense of a cucumber, and I consider the unit to be my second brain (others may consider it to be my first). I always have to plan ahead with Streets and Trips or Google maps to figure out where I am going, and I print a proximity map or two just in case I get lost. It's a pain for me and anyone else that needs something immediately. I've gained a freedom others had naturally. Now if I want to travel, I can just up and go (running is optional)....more info
  • Great GPS device for your college bound student
    I bought this device for my college bound student. He will be attending college in a major city where he has never lived. This device works in a car or as a portable unit. You can even use it as a pedestrian. Easy functionality. Great screen displays! I already owned a PDA based GPS device and this device made me envious I didn't have one of these instead....more info

    This is a must have gadget for anyone who has ever been lost. You put in the address and in a couple of seconds you know how far away it is, length of time to get there, and best of all...EXACT directions.

    This particular model has all the bells and whistles. My husband deserves nothing less after 25 years of begging him to "just stop somewhere and ask for directions", and his reply, "I thought YOU knew where we were going", has made for some heated discussions about whether we would be traveling together in the same vehicle!

    Map Quest is good, but bad, when you're trying to drive and read directions at the same time, especially at night! This talks right out loud with clear directions, nice soothing voice, so now we are truly "Happily Married"....more info
  • nuvo 360 very good
    i bought the nuvo 360 just after Christmas. so far it's performed very well. it links great with my bluetooth phone making handsfree talking easy on the road. i've only found a couple of mistakes in directions and those were in areas with a ton of one way streets and lots of parking lots. the maps are up to date. my only concern is that the screen has frozen up a couple of times. however, the reset button works great and i haven't (fingers crossed) lost any data. I did take the time to dump all the foreign language info to free up memory. would definitely recommend....more info
  • awesome gps
    I bought this gps for my husband. It works really well. We don't have any complaints about it. If you are looking for a gps you should consider this model. It isn't that expensive and it has a lot of nice features on it. ...more info
  • I love this product.
    I love this product. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a gps. The bluetooth is very good and the navigation get me to the places I need to be. ...more info
  • Our new garmin is super!
    WE've had our new Garmin now for about three weeks...still lots to learn BUT we have our bluetooth hands free phone connection to it and LOVE that.
    It is a really easy unit to use and for the most part, the directions are clear and I have been "saved" from being lost quite a few times already!.
    ...more info
  • garmin
    The garmin nuiv 360 is a great gps unit. Bluetooth capability works perfect. Very satisfied....more info
  • Garmin NUVI 360
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator The maps are very up to date with the most recent streets, nowever the bluetooth feather is not good, the person on the other end gets a lot of feed back making it hard to understand what is being said....more info
  • Great product overall. Some tweaks to make 5 stars
    Purchased this 360 unit in December 2007, used it in NY and then took it on a trip to Florida.

    Purchase Process

    Purchased from Digitech Deals. No sooner had I purchased it (and before I received it) TomTom started selling their "One" for $150 down from $250 for the holiday rush. Garmin knocked about $50-$100 off their range. After several emails I was able to work a 'deal' with Digitech for a credit. Amazon is possibly better when it comes to "price protection" when you buy from them but you may have to pay a little more. Probably a good investment. So bottom line...cost was $325 plus shipping. Much better than retail.

    Garmin or TomTom?

    The TomTom One does not have the text to voice feature (does not speak street names. Instead says turn lefy in 1 mile)and that's one reason I went for the Garmin. The second is that TomTom shipped a bunch of faulty units around the holidays (see feedback from TOmTOm users in December)and did not recall them from stores, preferring to wait until we consumers received them. While by all accounts they did an admirable job of replacing those units once reported by the customers, they really should have recalled them direct from the retail stores in the first place and not make consumers troubleshoot the issue and go through the hassle of return authorizations and all that entails. Especially since a lot of people purchased them for a Christmas present for their loved one. Imagine their faces when they got the "screen of death". Perhaps it was corporate greed to pad the numbers for the year end at the consumers expense. Who knows. Call me a cynic. Either way they lost a lot of their goodwill. Shame since they have a cool product.

    Nuvi Unit Pros

    1. It works. It works right out of the box. Easy to use. User guide not needed. I won't comment on its accuracy as it comes down to the maps and chipset each company uses. Clearly they all make mistakes from time to time but I don't think any vendor has a clear advantage or their competition would be out of business.
    2. It speaks the street name. There is some debate as to how important that feature is. I think its important when you're driving in an area where there are several turns close together. It also means you don't have to concentrate as much.
    3. The Points of Interest feature is fantastic. En route simply ask it for directions to the nearest restaurant, bar, tourist attraction, entertainment venue, etc. It will show you the closest and the direction from your current position. Pick the one that does not take you too far out of your way and it will insert it as a "way point", take you there first, and then continue on to your final destination. Zoom out and it shows you a map of the new route compared to the previous direct route so you can confirm you're not going way off track. I was driving from Fort Lauderdale to Fort Myers and had time to kill before my flight so I asked it to direct me to the nearest Casino. I proceeded to win the cost of the unit playing Texas Holdem'. So it paid for itself in a way. Now if I had lost or missed my flight that would be another story!
    4. Bluetooth feature lets you synch up your phone address book and make/take calls on the road. A really neat feature is if you decide to go to a new restaurant you can select it and start driving. The Nuvi shows lets you call them and make a reservation without having to know the address or the phone number.
    5. A key feature of all these devices is how they attach to the windscreen. This one works perfectly. Great design. To anyone who has difficulty I suggest you clean the screen as per instructions (this is the only part of the user guide you really need!). Then it sticks like glue (and is actually not easy to remove!) p.s. If the window is freezing it will fall off but that's just physics 101.
    6. Really portable and comes with a nice case.
    7. Easily zoom in and out the view and then holds the setting you selected without reverting to default and some others do.
    9. Option to check upcoming turns.
    9. Shows your ETA so you can tell your friends when you will arrive!

    ....and the few Cons

    1. Should have an option "Make most use of highways" since it sometimes takes the shortest route via smaller roads which is not always the fastest
    2. Sound volume needs to be at or close to max to listen to directions when driving at speeds which create normal road sound(unless you're driving a Rolls Royce). Then if someone calls you have to reduce the volume to avoid sound distortion, and then turn it back up again when the call is over. Garmin needs to invest in this as it takes away from an otherwise very nice Bluetooth feature.
    3. Need to add a QWERTY keyboard layout option to speed up data entry

    There are some other features like calculators, currency converters, and the like that will probably never be used. All in all this unit is great value. Go for it! ...more info
  • product never worked
    I ordered the garmin nuvi 360 as a christmas gift for a friend from digitech deals. The first time I received the box, the recharger and some items were outside the polybags. It looked used. I explained my situation and I was sent another one. This time everything seemed like it was new except when it was charged and ready to go, it never worked. For two days it never acquired the satellite connection. It kept on asking if I was outdoors and if it was March 2007. The date and the time were both off. I ordered this device because I read only great reviews on this product. I can't even review this item b/c it never worked. I ended up returning the whole thing and getting a full refund. I was not satisfied with the online purchase....more info
  • gps!!
    Tried out several but went w/ Garmin despite the smaller screen than the TomTom. Very helpful when traveling & looking for lodging or food in a new area! Very nice & easy to use right out of the box....more info
  • nuvi cool
    I love this product!
    There is nothing like
    finding new directions to your
    regular travels.

    Great!...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    So far so good, Bluetooth needed updating through the Garmin website but was easy to do. Quick download all was needed....more info
  • Awesome Purchase!
    How did I ever live without this? This unit is simply fantastic! I highly recommend this product and will be buying another one for my wife's car......more info
  • Great product and service
    I found this product to be great and more than expected. The service was great and even recieved it faster than expected. ...more info
  • Garmin 360
    The product came brand new, and was delivered in a timely manner. It was a great experience.

    Thanks!...more info
  • Generally ok
    Garmin nuvi 360 is generally ok. Except that it can sometimes take a longer route to reach a destination for no reason.
    The suction cup is defective. It can't stick to the windshield at all....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    After spending a year fumbling around with Mapopolis on a Smartphone, the Nuvi 360 is extremely well designed and easy to use. This is the most intuitive GPS I have seen so far. Its very easy to find locations...just key in a few letters and it shows you all the matching address or places of interest. The Bluetooth phone interface also works very well. I highly recommend the 360....more info
  • Can't Get Lost!
    This product was a Christmas present for my daughter-in-law. She travels extensively over 600 square miles. When she uses this device, she can't get lost....more info
  • The Garmin Nuvi 360 is GREAT!!!
    This little thing is incredible! I have used it non-stop since I got it and it has been a life saver. Stuck in traffic? Just hit reroute. Need a restaurant? Look one up. It does everything. I would definately recomend this item!!!...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    I purchased the Garmin nuvi 360 about a month ago and I have found it to be an over-all excellent purchase. It needed to be updated via Garmin's website as soon as I started using it and it still doesn't have every location or address that I've tried, but it is definetly a great navigational tool. I also purchased the portable friction mount system with the initial order and that has turned out to be a really good decision as well. I feel that it gives me the option of mobility within my vehicle and not leave a circular mark for thieves to look for. ...more info
  • Great Product
    A great product... easy to use right out of the box. We've used it in Mass and Florida, and it works beautifully. The bluetooth for the phone is easy to use and remarkably clear. The text to speech for directions makes driving in unfamiliar territory easier and safer.

    We highly recommend it, and would buy another one if the need presented itself.
    ...more info
  • This is awesome!
    I'll keep this review short and sweet. I bought this Nuvi for my hubby for Christmas and he's been using it ever since. He loves it (I love it too). It's an excellent model for a "cheap" price. It looks sleek and can easily pop in its leather case for when you leave your car. I'd definitly recomend it! ...more info
  • awesome
    I purchased the nuvi 360 for my wife, who calls me for directions....constantly. right out of the box this thing works like a champ. And I dont get the phone calls. .."i am lost" we love this thing...more info
  • Must have Garmin!!!
    This is an exceptional little gadget that is a must have. For those that travel at all....this little guy is awesome. I've taken it from my home in PA to multiple states with me on business trips and as soon as i'm out of the terminal, I hop in my rental car, enter my destination address and it leads me to where I need to go. I happen to love the points of interest option....I can always find a Starbucks!! The display is very easy to read, this is a turn on and go unit unlike previous Garmin's that i've had. The bluetooth phone is really quite cool though it is also annoying if you have a blackberry with a pswd as the Garmin will constantly tell you it's not connected with the phone until you accept the request. Minor detail for those of us with Blackberries but.....other than that this is an awesome GPS that does everything I need it to do. This is the 4th GPS that i've owned and i'm thrilled with it. Another easy purchase with a great product....more info
  • Easy to use
    I love this GPS! Garmin has done a great job to make a user friendly device that has great capabilities in such a small package. I really like the fact that I can use this in my car as well as a portable GPS. The menus are easy to navigate. The windshield mount works great once you get the hang of it. I'm buying another one for my wife to have too. I'd recommend this product to anyone. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!...more info
  • garmin 360
    good GPS, additional features nice, like the 3-D view/different from installed unit in my other car, just wish it had an auto shut off option if no movement detected...I end up leaving it on sometimes when I get out of the car.........more info
  • Awesome Product
    The Garmin 360 is simple to operate and use. It gives you the street names and it re-routes if a street is blocked or closed. The bluetooth feature is the best. The price from Amazon was the best price anywhere! ...more info
  • Needs some Work yet
    First thing that needs to be noted is that I never compared or tested this unit against any other manufacturer.
    My first use was to test it locally. I tried to search for the local Best Buy. Just 2 miles down the road. It never found it. Not a problem since it is a newer building. But it never found the one on the other side of town that has been around for a number of years. It stead it sent me 60 miles away. Then I use it to find a place out of town that I knew where I was going. Directions were good until I got close. Then it told me to turn left just ahead when I knew that I needed to turn right in a couple of miles. I continued my route and then it picked up the correct route. It DID work on another occasion when visiting an unknown town but it took me on side country roads instead of keeping me on the highway. It may have been the setting I had it on of closest route or fastest route. So, like I said it needs some work. I DO like the voice directions and the street name with voice.
    Now for the blue tooth. DO NOT BUY THIS UNIT FOR ITS BLUETOOTH!! Nobody can hear you and in order for you to hear them you must turn the volume up high. Then the volume is so high that it transmits back to the person on the other end, that can't hear you anyway. Purchase the 250, 260 or 350. Save some cash....more info
  • Garmin 360 - Aewsome unit!!!
    Great GPS system! Got it for my husband and he loves the new toy. The bluetooth feature was a great added feature. Would definitely recommend this product. The unit comes with a car charger and car mount so you need not by those items separately....more info
  • GPS Choices
    I compared several different manufacturers and models before settling on the Garmin Nuvi 360. The deciding factors for me were the value for the features. The 3.5" screen is large enough to make navigation of screens simple, yet not as costly as the larger screens. Do to the 'Text to Voice' feature I didn't feel that a larger screen was necessary for the purpose of visually following a map or looking for a street name. 'Text to Voice' is a necessary feature that I highly recommend. Without 'Text to Voice' you will undoubtedly find yourself wondering which next right do I take, because there are two right next to each other. 'Text to Voice' informs you of the street name along with the direction and time to turn; therefore, you have no need to reference the map on the display to try and determine where to turn while continuing to drive.

    I haven't used the hands free 'Blue-Tooth' feature yet, but with many states adopting the restrictions on cell phones while driving, I feel it's a must have feature.

    The built in address identification helps simplify and save entry time too. I was impressed with how well the nuvi identified the address ( as rural as it was) we were entering and saved us the time typing. Additionally, the business directory is very helpful.

    In a nutshell, spend the money wisely on features such as 'Text to Speech', hands free 'Blue-Tooth' calling, and quick re-routing rather than on a larger screen which doesn't provide as much value.

    We didn't have a need for subscription based services so they were not considered during the decision making....more info
  • Good product
    I used the GPS as a tool in the car and it is very good in function as a GPS, as well it is good during driving to make calls safely, listen to music and viewing pictures. I like it...more info
  • Replaced the Garmin StreetPilot c330 with this
    I had previously bought the Garmin StreetPilot c330. After using it for a week, I returned it because it's didn't have Text to Speech, so it didn't tell me street names while I was driving. It was so hard to look down and see what street I was to turn onto. I am SO happy about my new Nuvi 360. The TTS (Text to Speech) is indispensable. Now I don't have to look at the device while driving, just listen. And I don't miss the side volume knob at all, just a simple click of the power button brings up the volume/brightness feature.

    However, I don't use the bluetooth feature. Synching it up with my phone is a waste of time because it's hard to be heard when I use hands free calling. It's not a big deal, I love the other features so much it's worth it.

    Another great feature is the size. I didn't think it mattered, but I just slip the GPS in my pocket or jacket pocket when I get out of the car.

    Overall, I highly recommend this unit. Maybe don't bother with the bluetooth feature, but it's not much more expensive so whichever you choose.


    UPDATE MARCH !8, 2008:

    This thing is still great. We love it! ...more info
  • Garmin 360 NUVI
    I chose the NUVI 360 because it has the Bluetooth capability. When driving it is easy to call thru the GPS to your contact. No other accesories needed. You can add addresses or places in your phone book and everything is easily accesible.
    A very fine piece of modern day equiptment.It could have been a bit wider and the attachment for the dash could have been stronger. I'm sure there is an adhesive to fix this problem....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 GPS
    I purchased this product as a gift for my wife. We have recently moved to a new city, and the Garmin is an excellent tool for her to use to get familiar with the area. She also loves the Bluetooth functionality that is built in. The turn-by-turn directions and touch screen are very easy to use, and the maps are very detailed. We have not taken advantage of the real-time traffic updates, but it's good to know the ability is there if we want it. I would definitly recommend this product to anyone who is considering getting a GPS system....more info
  • Love it!
    Got a great deal on this through Amazon and love it! Very light, portable, easy to read, easy to use, with a clear screen. Phone interface is great, although the speaker is not amazing. Voice directions are a must and the range is wonderful. No problems with satellite tracking or alternative routes.

    Great product!...more info
  • Love my Garmin!!!!!
    Best Investment Ever. I will never be lost again. A Must buy if you travel....more info
  • Excellent
    I purchased this product as a gift and I've gotten more use out of it. I've never used such a simple electronic device....more info
  • Amazing product
    This is a great product. I bought it to use it over the holidays as I was planning to drive around the NY and Washington area and it saved me lot of time and effort. It recalculates almost instantly. The only problem I had was in areas where roads were densely connected in the NY area and it is hard to locate your position. But I guess any GPS would have had a hard time in such places. It is definitely a great buy and my driving has just become much much more simpler. ...more info
  • My husband loooooooooves his new toy...
    I bought the nuvi360 for my husband for christmas and he loves it. Finally, a gift that he truly enjoys. He has been playing with it, learning its features and a kid in a candy shop. He hasn't taken it out yet but he is going on a business trip in the next few days and he is looking forward to using it. All and all, it is a great GPS that has lots of bells and whistles and didn't cost and arm and a leg....more info
  • Nuvi 360
    Does everything as advertised. Unlike the Garmin 76 CS I have as a back up for my boat the Nuvi is very intuitive and I was able to use it right out of the box without a manual. Good product....more info
  • Cat's Meow
    Our new Garmin nuvi is an absolute dream. Men never ask for directions, of course not, we have Garmin! It is a magnificent travel companion and travel near or travel far it will find you food, hotels and just about anything you need on the road. We love it....more info
  • Amazing little device
    I bought the Garmin for my wife, at her request, and we both are very impressed. The unit is easy to use and powerful. Now I just need one for myself. ...more info
  • Get it for the Bluetooth!
    The 360 is very cool! I am so addicted to using this. I am really excited to have the bluetooth capability... Before I had this, I would have to fish through my pants pocket trying to find my phone, or I would have to wear the bluetooth headset 24/7, neither of which I really liked. Now, with this I just get a pop-up on my garmin with caller ID, and I can click accept and simply begin to talk... VERY COOL!...more info
  • nice GPS, Except bluetooth
    This is one of the best for the price, I looked at almost all of them and then decided on this one, I like esp. for the bluetooth capabilities, unfortunatly the bluetooth is garbage, all the person I called hears is themselves echoing (Its not my phone or theirs, I've called from different phones etc etc)Garmin has no clue about this and I am not the only one with the same problem, I goggled it.
    So get the Garmin 350 instead and buy a different bluetooth if you need it....more info
  • Awesome thing!
    This thing is great. We just moved to a new town and this has helped us find new restaurants, stores and to not get lost. It's easy to use, accurate and no too expensive. ...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    Compact, feature rich GPS. I've used this local in-state and on a ski trip north.
    - slow startup when initially powered on
    - would like zip code entry option
    - top volume setting could be higher (road noise & music can drown out)

    Product recommended....more info
  • Very nice portable a great price.
    Last year, reviewers stated that this GPS was a "must buy"...and that was when it listed for three times it's current I decided to try it out after my previous portable was stolen...and I am extremely happy. Here are some highlights:

    - Very attractive SMALL case with decent size screen. One hard button for power...that also allows single and double-clicking for quick access to brightness/volume and the MP3 player. Yes, the MP3 player.

    - Other external case features: External USB-style port for power or connecting to your PC; SD card slot; Flip up antenna that supports several different angles (GPS is disabled when the antenna is not unfolded); Jack for external antenna; headphone jack.

    - A suction cup windshield mount with a plug for the power cable...and electrical contacts that mate with the unit when you place it in the mount. Very nice feature that obviates the need to manually connect/disconnect a power cable when you install/remove the device from the mount...and you should remove it when your vehicle is unattended...unless you like spending your morning vacuuming broken glass out of your car. Grrrr.

    - Very attractive UI. Stylish and optimized for fat fingers. No stylus needed (or included)...and the menus are well laid out and really make operating this unit a breeze...whether you are entering an address or searching for a configuration setting.

    - Nice looking anti-aliased maps...with three views (north facing, direction facing, and 3D)...and selectable vehicle icons...and selectable degrees of detail.

    - Excellent POI database. I was able to find POIs in this database that were not present in any other portable or integrated system that I had tried. For example, my daughter's private high school has been at its current location for decades, yet this was the first unit of any that I have tested that knew its location. BTW, the POI database includes phone numbers...that can be dialed by clicking if you have paired the unit with a Bluetooth phone.

    - Very nice phone least with my phone, including access to the address book. The caller will, however, know that you are on a speaker phone...but hey, you are in your perhaps they should you can get back to driving. ;-) Okay, granted, that's a stretch.

    - Good routing with rapid recalculation...but it only presents one route (not a choice of routes). It does feature a "detour" button if you would like it to get off of the current road...and it will get you off the road pretty much at the next turn. Thus far, this feature has not worked all that well for me since it seems to want to detour me to the next major route rather than viable side roads. BTW, the unit LOVES highways when route selection mode is set to "fastest"...and it periodically makes some fairly bizarre "get on the highway" choices in that mode. I have since reconfigured my unit to use the "shortest" route to avoid some of those issues while driving around town...but the routing is still very good in either mode.

    - You can adjust the unit's settings to specify transportation mode (e.g., car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian) so it can better optimize your routing.

    - Nice "text-to-speech" option for voice, so you can hear "turn left in 500 feet on elm street" instead of "turn left in 500 feet"

    - Includes a bunch of features of questionable utility, including a picture viewer, an MP3 player (which also reads the audible book format), calculator, currency converter, unit converter, language converter...and the option of purchasing additional travel guides from Garmin.

    - Can be mounted as a drive in Windows simply by connecting the USB cable. When connected in this manner, you can use Garmin's excellent PC-based utility to automatically update the unit nearly effortlessly. You can also view the directory structure and add/delete files, including MP3s, books, pictures, and custom vehicle icons. The internal storage seems fairly generous, but you can also store media an SD card if you need more room or flexibility.

    - Can be configured to automatically invert the display colors at sunset...based (presumably) on the current date and your present location...and it seems to do a great job of deciding when to do it...unlike my last unit, which blinded me for some time before it finally decided that it was dark.

    - Automatically turns on when in the mount and the car is started...and auto turns off after a countdown (which you can interrupt) when you turn off your ignition.

    - Not very customizable. Seriously. The unit does have a range of settings that can be adjusted, but far less than my last GPS. Don't like the map color? Oh well. My last unit supported about ten map color schemes...although, granted, most were garish. My last unit also had "sliders" for highway and urban road preference. This unit simply has checkboxes to avoid various types of features. In general, I was surprised by the lack of customization options for routing, map display, POIs, etc...but not enough to turn me off to this otherwise incredibly elegant unit.

    - Keyboard layout is not querty. Not bad for entering search info since it presents options for matched locations/addresses/POIS as you type...but its lack of a "shift" key can be annoying at times when you are trying to override its automatic switching between upper and lowercase when naming "favorites." BTW, it reads the location name that you have typed when you arrive...and it automatically interprets state abbreviations for some it will interpret the roman numeral VI as Virgin Islands...which almost made us crash while laughing...since it was part of the name of a Catholic School that we were driving to. :-)

    - It doesn't crash. May seem like an odd thing to mention, but perhaps not if you ever owned a NavMan GPS. I began to think that the "illegal operation" dialog was my home icon.

    I could go on and on, but what really matters is that it is a joy to use and it routes very well. If reviewers thought it was worth over $900 last year, it's pretty much a steal now. Personally, I can't see spending more given how quickly this technology advances...and how quickly they tend to fly off dashboards in the dead of night.
    ...more info
  • Useless for non-mapped countries and off road use
    I bought this unit for use in Ecuador. Central and South American countries are very basically sketched in the base map. I have owned a Garmin Rino 530 for 3 years, and throughout all my travels through Ecuador I have compiled a very useful database of tracks and routes, which helped me drive through complicated uncharted road shortcuts, important routes, walks, etc...

    Though the Rino is a very handy piece of equipment, it is too heavy for dashboard mount and the screen too small for practical use in a car, especially in a bumpy 4-wheel drive. I was attracted to the N체vi 360 because of the large, clear screen and the Bluetooth feature. I was not aware, and it was not noted anywhere in the features list that it did not support tracks.

    I have tried to use it, but the car icon is always off the marked roads, and orientation based only on waypoints is too hard and imprecise.

    Unfortunately, in spite of all the other cute features, this is yet another gadget to go to the gadget drawer and stay there forever.

    large, sharp screen. Bluetooth. Internal speaker. Good battery life.

    NO Route tracking. Useless for countries without a comprehensive road map or off-road use....more info
  • Garmin nuvi
    The Garmin nuvi 360 was offered at a very good price. It was also delivered in excellent condition and in very good time.

    Sincerely Beverley Robbins...more info
  • garmin nuvi 360 navigator
    The item was shipped quickly and the product was as described. I would recommend this item to anyone looking for a navigation system....more info
  • Garmin nuvi360
    I purchased this item as a Christmas present for my husband. We take trips and he's always saying we need better directions. We have enjoyed the Garmin and have come to rely on it extensively. It gives us a peace of mind when traveling. The ease of using it to find so much information at your fingertips is a plus for us. I'd recommend it to anyone....more info
  • works like a charm
    worked perfectly right out of the box, not like the others that needed 15-30 min to acclimate to my area. this model, i believe, is the first level that will talk you through including the voiced name of each street needed both before you get to the turn and at the turn. and it was the best price by far of any web site i could find- about $100 cheaper than the circity and besbuy places. enjoy...more info
  • gps
    its a good product, but when i updated the software the map seemed to be out of date and also it comes with the DC power adapter even though it does not say that in the description; so dont buy a DC power adapter.

    overall its a good buy, but it could be a little better...more info
  • Very good purchase
    The Nuvi 360 is a great product! The zoom in and out features are great! The street names are accurate and helpful. The only drawback is that it does not have all locations accurate. I was unable to locate a particular department store in Columbus, OH, which has been there for over 5 years. Also, when I followed its directions to a local car wash, I ended up in a caldesack. Directions to specific addresses that I've entered manually have always been accurate. ...more info
  • Garmin 360
    I gave my husband the Garmin nuvi 360 as a gift. He is absolutely thrilled with it. He used the one at work but soon discovered it had even more capabilities. Easy to use and very acurate. Step by step direction to your destination. It's also great when you need to find a favorite restaurant close by. Highly recomended....more info
  • This unit is great!
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 is really a great unit! I'm not sure how I lived without it before, I totally depend on it whenever I go anywhere. Sometimes to the extent that it drives my wife crazy, but thats another story! At least it stops the "why don't you stop and ask someone how to get there"! Comon, guys don't do that, so its perfect! I do suggest buying the external antenna though, I did have some problems with it finding a satellite at times but with the external antenna it usually finds them before I get out of the garage! Additionally we used it up in the NC mountains and it worked flawlessly, even when the satellite radio went out of range! The antenna is a bit of additional work but still worth the effort with the much better connectivity to the satellite. If you order it from Garmin after you get the unit you get a discount. Its the GA 25MCX low profile GPS Antenna. I find that the MP3 player is good, even better if you have an input to your car/truck stereo. I haven't tried the bluetooth much, but what I have done seems ok. I'll work on that in later travels. Anyway, get one, you will love it!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    This is a great product. I purchased one last Christmas for my daughter and she says it is the best gift she has ever received. So this year I purchased one for my wife for Christmas. It is easy to use and compact enough to fit in a purse or shirt pocket....more info
    I cannot be more pleased with your service regarding my purchase of this item. It was a holiday gift.

    The Garmin Nuvi 360 is very easy to use and the recipient is happy with it.

    I originally ordered elsewhere on Dec 1, my order was completely lost and never processed. When I realized on Dec 15 what took place, I ordered from Amazon and each step of the way the order was handled in the fastest and most professional manner. Arrival was swift, and we recommend you highly!...more info
  • Excellent GPS for the price
    This GPS system has all the critical functionality of more expensive GPS systems:

    - text-to-voice
    - bluetooth
    - MP3 player
    - great database of POI

    One of the most convienent functions of this GPS, is the bluetooth connection. The entire address book on your cell phone is uploaded to the GPS system and the phone can be fully run through the touch-screen. The sound quality of the GPS is excellent as well.

    I have had the GPS for over 3 weeks now and I have no negative comments to make on this unit....more info
  • Nice GPS
    This is my second garmin. I also own a Nuvi 660. The only noticeable difference with this GPS is that the screen size is a little smaller although quite adequate. Other than that, I do not notice any difference between this and the 660.

    GPS works well. Garmin appears to be a little slower with map updates but that is the only downside. I live in a new neighborhood and the TomTom has our neighborhood on their GPS devices before Garmin. This is only a minor issue. Otherwise, I have absolutely no complaints on the Garmin....more info
  • Love it
    Love it love it love it!!!! What more can I say...

    The only negative is that bluetooth disconnects frequently...but that might be my phone....more info
  • Good GPS
    For the most part it is a very solid GPS. The handsfree calling makes it much simpler to find phone numbers plus it includes numbers for all the POI (Points Of Interest). The microphone does not work very well though, it is very hard to here on the other end if called through the GPS. It is still a neat feature if only for the number look up of POIs. There are a couple of quirks with the software, but Garmin made it easy enough to update. The only very annoying quirk is not being able to specify a different location to search when looking up phone numbers.

    Everything else works very well. The automatic auto-rerouting is very very nice, and probably my single favorite feature. If you miss a turn, after about 5 seconds it figures out how to get back on course.

    Overall, I would pick it out again....more info
  • Another fabulous Garmin
    My first Garmin was a Streetpilot 2720 and I bought the 360 as a gift for my gal. She loves it. The bluetooth phone integration is very cool but the fidelity suffers and we get an echo sometimes. Overall the layout and size are fine, and the auto color change at dusk works much better than the dimming on my pilot....more info
  • Good GPS but some dissapointments
    I was having some problems with my Garmin iQue 3600, so I decided to order the Nuvi 360. It was a well built unit, quick to lock into the satellites and select a route. I was excited by the integrated Bluetooth, but those I spoke to over the mobile/bluetooth connection complained about the high noise level. Also, the 360 does have text to speech, but I found, at least in my area of NJ, that it often called out the Route number and not the street name, so this feature was not as useful as it might be. I ended up finding a fix for my iQue, and returned the 360 and will wait to see what the next iteration of GPS design has to offer....more info
  • Where am I? Where am I going?
    This is the most fun you can add to your car trips. This talking GPS device synchs with my bluetooth phone and acts as a speakerphone. The USB computer cable connection seemlessly attached to my WindowsXP computer and I was able to transfer MP3's, pictures, and easily download firmware/software updates directly from Garmin's website right to the device.

    The funniest thing I can say about this device is how annoyed the computer voice sounds when you vary from a prescribed route. "She" says 'recalculating', but it's the way she says it, like you upset her precious directions.

    Anway, if you buy this or any GPS don't forget to get tech savvy and download the latest maps when they become available using your USB cable. A new route was just cut near my house and it hasn't been included in the map yet, so I heard alot of 'recalculating' while I was testing the device out. But it was interesting to see that it knew that I was driving over water and grass even though the new road was not shown where grass and water has been recently covered over.

    Trying around town was also fun, the map is almost exact to your position, it knows within about 10-100 feet when the bridge ramp you are on becomes water and then becomes dry land again. And you can watch the digital display show you the street names you are passing or coming up to (in most cases) within seconds as your car passes them.

    Another neat feature for me was how I was able to use my finger on the map to move the map (similar to how you move the map with your mouse on Google Maps). This allows me to see outside an area if there is not enough local detail. It kinda lets me canvass an area from my start or end point if I need to be familiar with the other streets not included in my route.

    If you are traveling anywhere outside of the US, you will need to purchase pre-loaded SD memory cards with whichever country you are traveling to. They are sold by Garmin online and by other retailers (Somewhere in the less than $70 range per country - your price may vary). Mexico and Canada are extra, North America is included.

    The device is really small. So you can walk around any major metropolitan area (like New York City or Los Angeles) and it will still tell you when to turn to get to your destination. Just remember, it won't know you are on foot and might ask you to walk where the sidewalk doesn't go. Just take the diversion to get back on your path and hear her nag you 'recalculating'.

    PS: Only says recalculating when you veer off prescribed route.

    PPS: Gets a little lost in shopping centers. This is because shopping centers are large tracts of land and are not mapped by road mapping companies, so the GPS sees them as just a destination, not a driveway and parking stalls.

    PPPS: Prior to my buying this, my parents bought a MUCH more expensive model and drove from NY to FL. They put restaurant locations, sightseeing attractions and other locations in. Upon arriving to FL, they said that the device worked great, took them places they would have never found on themselves, gave them great diversions where it knew there was traffic (extra feature). In my opinion though, the larger screen and higher price were not worth it. You really can't watch a GPS and drive, just let it talk, get a normal screen size like the 360 and it will serve you just the same for half the price.

    N-Joy!...more info
  • NUVI 360
    I gave this NUVI 360 as a Christmas gift. I have never received so many thanks....more info
  • Fantastic!!!!
    The best present from Santa..

    This unit is easy to use and makes travel so much easier. The blue tooth works great and makes it easy to place and receive calls with a touch of a finger. The first time I received a call in the car we were wondering where the ringing was coming from and when I answered it and was able to talk without the distraction of fooling with my cell phone or putting down my beer (didn't spill a drop) at 95 miles per hour it was great and the whole family could join in the conversation as well.

    The only problem that I have is to try to figure out how to add music to the sd card, can't seem to convert cd's to mp3's, but I'll get some tech help on that, then I will be able to enjoy my nuvi that much more!

    Thanks Garmin for making such a user friendly product and thanks Amazon for the great price! Oh yea and the FAST service too.

    P.S. Just joking about the beer and speeding...hehehe
    ...more info
  • Wow!
    Christmas gift for hubby. He LOVES it and we took it on a road trip across country. Works great and I'm wondering how we lived without a GPS before.

    Nice extras like the ability to pair with your cell phone although sometimes the sound quality when talking on the phone could be better. Overall extremely satisfied!...more info
  • Very good price
    Amazon had an outstanding price for this product. It is wonderful and very helpful !...more info
  • convenient easy to handle
    easy to handle after updating all the maps. it is so convenient to sit and relax the drive without guiding my husband.

    ...more info
  • Great gadget - works wonderfully
    Gave this as a christmas gift to my boyfriend. He LOVES it. He asked for a TomTom. After reviewing all the GPS systems on consumer reports and sizing up what was important and not important - I settled on this one. Specifically because it is very lightweight, accuracy is excellent and it is a good screen size. ...more info
  • Fun to play with; good travel assistant
    I bought this for my husband, but I'm the navigator. This proved to be priceless during a recent trip in a rainstorm. The voice warning us of upcoming turns, and then the turns themselves were godsends. We would never have made it to the address, in the dark, out in the middle of nowhere. The nuvi 360 has some flaws, e.g., it doesn't have new subdivisions entered, even those that are a year old. Correcting mistakes should be easier. A printed manual should come with the unit instead of just the DVD manual. But the voice telling us to turn tops any downsides to this product....more info
  • Sooo much better than paper maps
    I just got back from 10 days in Virginia and the Garmin was invaluable. Finding your way around in a totally strange place is usually rather difficult, but with this GPS it was a breeze. Easy to understand directions with plenty of time to change lanes for freeways exits. The bluetooth really helped, too. Love the hands free talking. I can't say enough good things about the Garmin Nuvi 360. I'm buying another one for my daughter. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS Navigator
    This was so much more than we even thought. We can find a place to eat, a place to sleep, different kinds of eating places, just get off the exit and it gives us step by step instructions to find where we are going. We have used it in places we knew where we were and took different routes to see how it would react and it re directed itself and us to a new route to get to where we wanted to go. Also places where we didn't know where we were going, it took us right to where we wanted to go. This has so much good information in it we can't elaborate in this short space. The best part, we could use it right out of the box since we are both technically challanged. The instruction book is very good too so people can understand exactly how to use it. We are looking forward to retiring in a couple of years and going West with this. It will really get a try out then. We try to get lost and can't with it.
    It is a lot of fun. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This device was an awesome purchase. I did all the homework, consumer reports, electronic magazines etc... The device worked perfectly and easily right out of the box. No real nead to read manual as the screen icons and instructions are very intuitive. Works better than I ever would have expected. Recommend this to anyone, especially when you consider how much you get for the price....more info
  • very impressive
    The Garmin nuvi does what I bought it for very well. It also has features that such as the point of interest data base and the trip computer that make the device even more useful. It has features available to purchase, that if the need arose, would be a great addition. The blue-tooth feature for us was worth the extra money paid over the Garmin 350's price. For the price, it has a lot to offer....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 GPS
    Very happy with this model. It's working beautifully. I did find it a bit awkward though that the owner's manual was only on CD. I printed one to take to the car to use while I set it up....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    We really like the Garmin nuvi 360. It's a great tool and takes the stress and hassle out of finding routes around delays or just finding your way to a new place. ...more info
  • Garmin 360 nuvi
    Garmin n체vi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator

    this product is awesome
    love the voice prompts
    having some issues with the bluetooth, but other than that no complaints
    very intelligent in guessing where you want to go
    the function to select nearby businesses is great, very thorough...more info
  • Almost perfect
    The Nuvi 360 is as close to perfect as any product I have ever bought. It has guided me to my destination without fail many times since I acquired it. Sometimes, it takes me on an unexpected route to a known destination that proves to be quicker -- go figure!! My only beef is the alphabetic keyboard -- I would greatly appreciate the option of selecting a QWERTY keyboard....more info
  • Nuvi 360 is GREAT
    I purchased this item for my husband for Christmas. I did about 10 hours of research on the different brands and definitely chose the right one. My husband said this is the best present he ever received. We took it on the plane with us and it was really cool to see our speed, altitude, and where we were while flying. Amazon (TigerDirect) also had the best price to be found....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    Better than expected. Opened the box and was all ready to go. Very easy to navigate. I am usually challenged by todays electronics but this was not the case with the Garmin. I can't imagine myself ever getting lost again. I love the bluetooth phone hook up too. Works very well. I also saved between $50 and $80 by using Amazon. Very happy about that....more info
  • Great Product! Love it!
    The unit is great! Much faster than the older Garmin models in locating a signal and re-routing. The bluetooth makes it possible to use your phone without a headset. The phone book also is easily transferred to the unit. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I bought the 360 for my husband for Christmas. We have found that it's extremely easy to use and program. It's very user friendly. The only problem that we have found is that it's not compatable with our Sprint phones. If you're buying it for the Bluetooth option check out Garmin's website first to make sure that it's compatable with your phone. Otherwise it's a great product....more info
  • Nearly Perfect
    This Garmin has great sensitivity. It does not need to be on the dash to get a good signal. Garmin should have included the ability for more "way or via" points. One is not enough....more info
  • a little disappointing
    for the most part this is a great item. the blue tooth feature works great, display, easy to use, etc. the problem is that i work from my car and travel everywhere so i need it to be 100% reliable. there have been three issues since i bought it. #1 - the spedometer is about 4 mph delayed which shows roads coming up on the screen that i already passed. #2 - i was in a condominium complex in westchester which has been there for at least 5 - 10 years and the roads were not displayed. #3 - a couple of times that i entered an address, it did not have the correct town but it came up as a neighboring town.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    This has been a great product. I was able to use it the day it came in the mail. Easy set up, just charge and go. I still need to set up my bluetooth and want to learn more about some of the other features. Also, this garmin saved me a lot of time when doing some last minute Christmas shopping. I was looking for a specific DVD set box and the first 2 stores were sold out. So I typed the store name and my Garmin pulled up 10 more stores, with addresses, phone numbers and how many miles they were from my current location. I was able to call each store one-by-one to see if they had it in stock and finally found one that had just gotten one returned. So this thing saved me money, because I didn't have to call information. It's like having a compact phone book with you at all times. My only gripe is that the directions have wanted to take me the long way around and if I had not known where I was, I would have been taken the direction with more lights and more traffic. Since this is still new, I will reserve judgement for now. Maybe if I download the latest map software, it will help. We shall see. But overall, I have been very happy. ...more info
  • The Garmin 360 is excellent.
    Performs great. We love the automatic re-calculate function when we intentionally change our route. Easy to use. Accurate and up to date....more info
  • Beware buying from seller Douglas Carnahan
    I ordered a Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS unit as a Christmas gift from Douglas Carnahan, a seller of Garmin units who has an Amazon "store". Not only did he not ship the product as promised, he also did not answer 2 emails of mine and one from Amazon.

    Not being able to fill an order is understandable. That happens. Not replying to a customer's emails or to Amazon's is not understandable - or acceptable - for a seller desiring to stay in business.

    I wanted to warn others looking for GPS units....more info
  • Handsfree audio poor. Could be a lot easier to use.
    I expected this Nuvi generation to be a lot more intuitive than it is. I am a relatively high-tech user, and find the logic and screens too confusing to change some settings while driving, even after owning it for several months. Most features technically work as described, but not always the way you expect. I gave this 2 stars because I expected to be really impressed. I'm thinking of giving this unit to one of my children, who have lesser requirements GPS-wise.

    The audio quality of the bluetooth handsfree is so poor I don't use that feature. Before I stopped using the handsfree, the unit would sometimes automatically connect with my Treo phone, but sometimes it wouldn't, so I had to check it every time I got in the car.

    Another problem is that the volume control is for the entire unit. You can't turn off the speaker for the GPS function separately from the phone. If you have turned off the GPS "voice" and are getting directions visually off the screen, when a call comes in, you have to turn the volume back up on the speaker to use the phone handsfree. If you forget, the person on the other end can hear you, but you can't hear them.

    The screen is very bright. I find myself having to adjust it to the prevailing light conditions as they change. The screen seems to reset to the defaults each time it's turned on.

    This is my second GPS, the first was a Streetpilot i3. All GPS units are only as good as the maps and logic. From the reviews I've read, Garmin is supposed to have the best maps and logic. If this is the best, I don't need to try the rest. In congested areas like the Northeast US, Garmin's logic only takes you the fastest route about 50% of the time, because places like NY, NJ and CT always have unpredictable traffic. I haven't seen how this works when you have the optional FM traffic receiver, but that would depend on how good the traffic info is.

    New construction can take more than 2 years to show up on Garmin's maps, but it may be just as bad for the other GPS companies. I've driven the entire east coast of the US in the last year using my older Garmin GPS, with the latest updates, which cost $75. On Garmin's maps, some Washington DC beltway construction and the Ravenel Bridge in Charleston SC (opened July 2005) confuse the unit.

    They give you a cute slipcase for the GPS, but nothing for the suction mount & cable, so if you are traveling you need another case or bag. I would have preferred one case with two pockets.

    One feature I will look for on my next GPS is the ability to pre-program and save specific routes, and have the GPS guide you. This would be useful when you want to take an alternate route that parallels the route the GPS logic would take (say, a parkway), and then use the GPS for local roads at the end of the trip.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    Purchased this as a gift after shopping at Best Buy and Circuit City for the same thing. Amazon's price was the best by far and it had several features (i.e. bluetooth, MP3 capable, and it plugs in to your home computer for updates) that make this a great value for the money....more info
  • Like it,so far
    Only used the product a few times but like it so far. Have not had a chance to try out the bluetooth functionality yet. ...more info
  • Speaker stinks
    The Speaker in the unit is hardly efficient. It's tiny and distorted especially with the blue tooth set up. It's not loud enough when traveling at high speeds.
    I owned the Tom Tom and that has the best speaker out of all of them, and gets louder and lower depending on your speed which I see now is a great feature. (However, I'm not recommending the tom tom either)
    The navigation part of garmin is very good. Touch screen very responsive. But they spent money on mp3 and picture viewer when they should have just focus on the reason people are buying this thing.... the navigation. It may have well not had text to speech because you can't hear it most of the time anyway. I'm now looking for a powered external speaker, but I feel if we buy the more expensive unit for text to voice, you should be able to use it as such.
    ...more info
  • The Nuvi 370 is a Better Deal -- and Tips on Using
    Received this for Christmas -- I was thinking of trying to return it and upgrade to a Nuvi 370 instead, but decided now that I have it in hand, it's not worth the hassle. But for new purchasers, a price difference of about $75-110 on Amazon (varies daily with the unit prices) buys the 370 that includes European maps that cost $209 on Amazon, plus one of the FM traffic receivers (built into the cigarette-lighter power cord) that costs at least $120 on Amazon. So that's almost $330 worth of upgrades for $75-110. If you think you might *ever* use the European maps or the traffic service, I'd suggest buying the 370 to begin with. The upgrades cost so much individually that it is likely to discourage you from buying them later.

    Speaking of prices, the "list" prices shown on Amazon are greatly exaggerated. For instance, the MSRP for the Nuvi 360 shown on the Garmin website is $589.27, not the $964.99 that Amazon claims. I noticed similar exaggeration of other Garmin list prices on the Amazon site.

    As for the unit's performance -- Like most people, if I know the area well, the suggested routes often seem less than optimal, but if you don't know the area, it will eventually get you to where you are going. It proved easier to to set target addresses than I expected (this is my first GPS), and there are ways to simply point to a location to set the destination (or a "via" point along your desired route) if the exact address is unknown by you or the mapping software. (This would have helped some other reviewers.) The estimated arrival times are pretty accurate, though of course they change if you hit slow traffic or other delays. It's fun to use, and will certainly be helpful in getting to new places.

    A shortcoming of the "points of interest" (POI) feature: it only lists the 50 closest items in any category, and sometimes they're fairly trivial, so there can be times when important places are left out. For instance, when listing museums and cultural sites in Philadelphia, the list did not include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, one of the city's two really major museums, because it was a few tenths of a mile further from the nominal "center" of the city than the first 50 items listed -- most of which were second- or third-rate touristy exhibits. It came right up, however, when I *searched* POIs for the word "art" (as opposed to just asking for a list).

    The whole POI field is just developing, however -- in a few years much more sophisticated lists will probably be available.

    One feature that I thought would be useful for GPS units after having one in a rental car is the ability to review the unit's whole planned route at the outset, to see if you agree with its basic approach. Turns out you can do that easily with the Nuvi 360 and 370: when the first (or next) part of the route is displayed, tap the green header bar at the top of the screen, which normally shows what the current instruction is. That brings up a turn-by-turn list of all the steps that you can scroll through to see how the Nuvi will be routing you. While that list is displayed, if you then tap the "map" button at the bottom of the screen, a zoomed-out view of the whole route will be displayed. If you do this part-way through your drive, the instructions and map will just be from your current location forward.

    When using in hand-held mode, the battery life was not impressive (a few hours), but I noticed later that Bluetooth was enabled, and I believe that uses a fair amount of power because it's always searching for other devices, so I'll have to test the battery life again at some point. But clearly these units will not work for serious campers or all-day hikers without some way of recharging them.

    Update 1/7/08

    The product page now sports a nice comparison chart that it didn't have when I wrote my first review (above) -- I spotted one error: Multi-point routing. The table indicates that only 600-series and 700-series Nuvis can do this: they may make it easier, but the 360 and 370 can do it too. After you've entered your ultimate destination, if you press the "Menu" button at the bottom of the map view, and then select "Where to go" again, you can enter a destination along the way (even out of the way), and the Nuvi will then ask if you want to add that location as a "way point" along your route. If you say "yes" it will recalculate a revised route tat goes first to the intermediate location. I don't know if there is a limit to how many way-points you can add.

    Note that the 360 DOES include Canada in its maps: one geography-challenged reviewer commented that it "includes North America but Canada and Mexico are extra". (Poor Canada -- the Rodney Dangerfield of the Americas! Whether Mexico should be counted as North America or Central America seems to be an an area of ambiguity among geographers and marketers.)


    As other reviewers have commented, the screen is very readable.
    Sound is acceptable for for the Nuvi's synthetic voices but I can't imagine trying to listen to music through the internal speaker. With a headset or plugging it into the car stereo it might be OK. The same, I think, for audio books -- not sure I could take several hours of continuous narration through the internal speaker.

    Memory & Media Functions -- There is 1GB internal, half of which is used by the US & Canada maps, leaving only 0.5 GB for storing various media -- picutres, MP3s, audio book, etc. (Before adding an SD card.) So while the media-player functionality is nice, it's really no competition for a true media player. Downloading MP3 files via the USB cable struck me as very slow, but since I don't have an iPod or anything I don't really have a comparison. One CD (already stored as MP3 files on my hard drive) took about 8-10 minutes to download.

    Bluetooth -- I can't see any reason to want this. Evidently some people like it for dialing by using the 360's touch screen rather than their phone (???), but the sound quality of using the Nuvi as a speakerphone is going to be lousy -- both the speaker and the microphone, which will be very far away from your mouth (thus picking up lots of car noise) if it's on the dashboard or windshield. So if you don't need maps of Canada, the 350 avoids this unnecessary Bluetooth expense.

    Mounts (speaking of dash/windshield) -- my girlfriend went ahead and bought me the beanbag dash mount with the 360, based on people's complaints here about the suction cups. It works very well. However, I think a lot of people may have had problems getting it to stick to the dash because they weren't using the little mounting disc that comes in the box. That's got a self-adhesive ring on the back to stick to the dash, and then the top provides a glassy-smooth surface for the suction cup to grab. I wasn't able to pull them apart without risking breakage, so that method of using the suction cup seems very strong to me. Another reviewer provided the solution for the windshield -- wipe the suction cup with alcohol. But I'm sticking with the beanbag because it makes it easy to transfer the GPS between vehicles.


    Issues Attributable to the Navteq Geographic Databse:

    Many of the problems I (and other reviewers) have noticed are deficiencies in the Navteq geo-database, and as such aren't really within Garmin's control. For instance, I gave it the street address listed on the website of a Circuit City store in a suburb of Washington DC that I'd never been to before. (It was one of only two stores in the whole area that still had in stock a digital picture frame I wanted.) Turns out the address is within a relatively new complex of access-roads and parking areas connected with a new Metro station, and *no* mapping application I've found gives the correct location. The Nuvi had me driving around in circles in a residential development (actually just 1/2 or 1/4 mile from the store, but on the other side of a big tract of undeveloped land), and the Mapquest map on the store's own web page was also completely wrong.

    It knows the location of my house in DC within a few feet, but it was off by almost a block (about 10-12 houses) in knowing where my dad's house was in Durham, NC. It was about the same amount off for a barbecue restaurant I stopped at on my drive home from NC last night -- which was a problem since it took me up the wrong side of a block that the restaurant was sort of in the middle of. I just followed my gut and drove across the unpaved parking area that made up most of the block, behind another restaurant, and then found the one I was looking for.

    Based on my problems with routing to the Circuit City and the restaurant, my conclusion is that "tricky" places for PEOPLE will also be tricky for any GPS to find.

    Issues Attributable to Garmin's Routing Algorithms:

    Garmin's algorithms also need refining, however. For instance, as I was driving down to NC I took the HOV (carpool/express) lanes on I-395 and I-95 southbound out of Washington. For nearly 30 miles (until I passed the last exit before the HOV lanes ended), the Nuvi kept telling me to get off at each exit and switch over to the regular lanes. Interestingly, it DID know that I was on the express/HOV lanes because it knew exactly where each of the exits was -- it just DID NOT want me to use those lanes! After I passed the last exit from the HOV lanes before they merged with the rest of I-95, the Nuvi finally said, "Stay on the I-95 HOV lane"!

    On the return trip northward the Nuvi behaved similarly except that once I was inside the Washington "Beltway" it immediately recognized that I was in the HOV/carpool lanes and told me to carry on.

    The device sometimes says "turn" when it means "go straight" -- particularly if the road's name changes at an intersection, but that's not too confusing once you get used to it.

    I also noticed what a few other reviewers have commented on -- the device sometimes says "LEFT" when it means "RIGHT". That can be less than helpful if someone is really depending on the unit to guide them. When I got off I-85 in Durham the Nuvi told me to turn left, even though I knew I needed to turn right. I turned right anyway, expecting the Nuvi to say, "Recalculating" -- but it didn't! The map in fact showed that I did what it wanted -- it just plain mis-spoke. I think that may have also been part of the problem in finding the barbeque restaurant -- doing what it initially said as I got off the highway sent the Nuvi ito a fit of recalculating.

    It also occasionally makes very strange route choices. For instance, instead of taking the exit from I-85 directly onto the road I wanted, the Nuvi initially told me to take the PREVIOUS exit, then drive along a street parallel to the Interstate, and ThEN turn onto the street I wanted. Huh?

    (But that might be related to the LEFT/RIGHT dyslexia: if the Nuvi had in mind the intersection where it ORIGINALLY wanted me to turn onto my road, that would in fact have been to the left of where I actually got off the interstate.)

    The map-data problems above will probably remain for another couple of years until the market and the mapping products mature some more -- and perhaps the mapping companies figure out a way for users to report errors. (They can have millions of free road-scouts if they want.) The algorithm problems will also remain a while, until Garmin does a thorough re-vamp of their algorithms to make them interpret maps more like a PERSON would.


    The Nuvi 360 offers some features that make it a lot of fun to use while driving even if you don't need directions. My favorite is the information screen that appears if you touch the lower-left of the screen while the driving map is being displayed. (If a route has been programmed, the lower left normally displays an estimated time of arrival (ETA). If no route is programmed, it shows your average speed over the past 30 seconds or minute.)

    That screen shows the total distance travelled, time travelling vs. time stopped, average speed while driving and total average speed including stops. After every slowdown in traffic I amused myself by trying to get the average travelling speed back above 70 mph.

    Bonus: Speedometer calibration. I was able to confirm my suspicion that my Honda Accord's speedometer reads high. I'd noticed that whenever I drove the Accord the trafic seemed to be moving faster than when I drove other cars, and wondered if it was speedometer error. By using the information screen while driving at different highway speeds I could confirm that the speedometer was consistently reading about 4 mph high at 70 mph.

    Another moderately useful feature is the real-time POI lists mentioned above -- it's worth noting that they can become way-points in your route just by selecting them and pressing "Go" while your main route is already programmed and running....more info
  • Garmon nuvi 360
    Beautiful product and very good in navigation. I would recommend this item to everyone.

    The nice thing about this is that it can adjust to a route if you deter from the original directions....more info
  • Feature Complete Model!!
    GARMIN 360 is feature complete.Its excellent navigation, Point of interests, reception quality is enhanced by Blue tooth feature.Once synchronised with blue tooth enabled mobile one can receive calls from GPS itself.most interesting thing about this connectivity is you can find dialled calls, missed calls, placed calls, telephone directory and other mobile menu's in GPS.Its like you have Touch screen interface for your mobile.its truely worth it !! ...more info
  • more info required
    this unit works well. would like to see more info on rest areas put on the maps when driving the interstates. also would like to to be able to scroll down the maps to see what is coming up. also not much to do when you make an error in programming but exit and start over.
    micro soft streets and trips has much better planning for trips and this does not have the ability to do this.
    it does work well and is fairly accurate....more info

    ...more info
  • Just Right
    Ideal for type traveling I do. I like the idea of having blue tooth connection with my phone. A printed manual would help a novice get off to a faster start....more info
  • Nuvi 360 Comments and TomTom Comparison
    After extensive research, I bought the Nuvi 360 as a gift for my spouse. The Nuvi 360 is similar to the Nuvi 350 except with the addition of Bluetooth. I chose the Nuvi 360 due to the smaller size and Bluetooth option. With the unit constantly plugged into the car charger, there is no need for separately remembering to charge the Bluetooth earpiece and the point of interests can be dialed up immediately via the unit. The other surprise was the Nuvi 360 can access the addressbook of Blackberries (8700 and 8703) for dialing up contacts.

    The quality of the map is excellent and user interface is simple/intuitive. We also received a TomTom ONE and frankly, I like the Nuvi much more - the TomTom shows my residence as nonexistent whereas the Garmin shows the streets updated through a little over a year ago. I live in a new development that has existed for 5 years. TomTom showed nothing - this is the most current map update...

    The TomTom is amazing in terms of the options to customize the unit (different colors for the maps, night colors, different voices, etc.), but frankly the options are mind boggling and often times confusing given how many updates the TomTom Home software has undergone. The constant updates and exchanges between the TomTom unit and the computer took forever (I do have cable modem). I also do not like the interface and menu, submenus, etc.

    Garmin is more expensive, but Garmin's experience is clearly an advantage and worked right out of the box. There was one software update which took a few minutes to download and install.

    Hope this helps someone deciding to buy a GPS unit....more info
  • GPS Grmn nuvi 360
    I think it gets the job done, but there are many issues:
    1) The mount is not flexable either one. And the one I brought as an extra
    2) Directions, unless you know the the specfic address you have to become very creative and it gets frustrating. For example if you do not know the address of the Empire state building, it's not easy to get. Another one I was looking for a flea market in NJ and it couldn't fine it. Where Map quest had no problem. I wanted a local park whicH I have been using for years, it could not fine it, unless I know the # and street name.

    I think for the money the NUVI 360 does not do the job. If it has problems in the tri-state area, what would happen if I got on the road.
    It's possible that there might be easy ways of getting the correct locations, but my experience showed me that you really have to be creative and hope and guess when using the NUVI 360.

    This machine to get a better rating needs to become more user friendly.

    ...more info
  • Garmin NUVI 360
    It tells you the street names to turn onto & it's small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. The screen adjusts well for day or nighttime driving. The hands-free phone capabilities are great! Has an echo when you use it for phone use but people tell me that they can still hear what I'm saying easily enough if you're close enough to it as you speak. The NUVI can sometimes even improve upon my best routes to get where I'm going. It does make mistakes, although I haven't found any that could not be corrected. After all, it's only as good as the maps that are in it & it does remember routes that you took it on as it protested. It will begin to take you your preferred way, after that, time & time again....more info
  • Great Product
    Great product. Accurate maps. Recalculates quickly when you deviate from the set route. Announces what lanes to be in and gives plenty of warning to cross traffic and get where you need to be. We highly recommend the Garmin nuvi 360....more info
  • LOVED IT!!!!!
    I purchased this GPS unit for myself and I love it. I've used it frequently in the past few weeks and it works for me....more info
  • Garmin has terrible customer support!
    I bought the 2008 North America map update from Garmin for my Garmin StreetPilot GPS in August and was never able to install it. I kept getting an error message "The product key you have entered has already been assigned to a different Garmin GPS" The 8-digit "product key code" on the sticker which came with the disc was evidently not enough to unlock the disk. After 5 calls to customer service and 4 emails they finally acknowledge that they sent me the wrong disk - it had been assigned to 3 different unlock codes, so the maps could not be unlocked and loaded onto my GPS. This is another example of software protection run amok. It took 3 calls to customer service before they even gave me the 25 digit unlock code. If they are so concerned about security, they should send someone out to my house to load the new maps. Each time I called customer service, I had to wait on hold for 30-45 minutes to speak to a representative only to be told that they need to transfer me to the software division which was another 20-30 minute wait. The tech support in software has no direct line so each call took over 1 hour. When I sent a detailed email message to their customer support, I got an email telling me to call the 800 number. I am NEVER buying another Garmin device. I will wait until Apple makes a GPS....more info
  • Compact and Easy to Use
    I bought this for my wife who is not technically savvy. Within minutes, I had her talking hands free connected wirelessly using bluetooth on her cell phone with her favorite restaurant making a reservation and all the while navigating to the same location.

    I researched and used various brands and navigation systems in stores and found that Garmin units were most user friendly by the way the menus are setup. There are several cheaper models that are available by Garmin that provide the same navigation features, but I chose this one for it's compact size and bluetooth connection option that other models do not.

    If you are looking for a unit that provides up to date traffic updates, note that this unit requires an additional antenna to be purchased that can be costly. Also, it requires a monthly subscription in order to receive the updates for each individual metro city. You can research the available cities that provide traffic updates and the antenna requirements at I do not live in a large metropolitan area so the lack of traffic updates was not a big negative for me.

    Overall, I highly recommend this unit if only for the reason that my wife and I no longer argue about directions....more info
  • Bought as a gift, Now I want one!
    This GPS system is really awesome. I bought two, one for my dad and one for my mom. My mom, who was a bit directionally challenged loves it! Instead of just saying "turn in 500 ft," it says the exact street to turn on. It gives plenty of warning ahead of time and automatically reroutes when one misses the turn. You can change the voices to speak other languages or you can have australian, american, or british english in a male or female voice. There are plenty of extras as well, such as setting spots where there are red light cameras or speed limits, there are tons of hot spots to find restaurants, entertainment, gas stations, hotels, and every other thing you would want. You also can update it every year or every couple of years with the software that Garmin puts out each year with updated roads and hotspots. Additionally, you can buy extra little add ons to the system. It is also completely portable and you can change the system to work for a car, bus, pedestrian, biker, etc. It fits right into a purse or pocket so it can be carried around and not left in the car where it will be potentially stolen. You also can buy software to navigate other countires, therefore its portability pays off if you travel a lot. Great system! I want one now!...more info
  • Gets it wrong quite a bit
    I've had my 360 Nuvi for a couple of weeks now and although I intend to use it mostly for out of town use where I don't know the area at all, I tested it out on familiar streets near home and was surprised to find that it didn't seem to know about a few of my most local streets (and these are NOT new streets!). One time I was coming home, and I just had it on the "map" function approaching a 4 way junction near my house. I was to go straight, however the map showed the junction as a T only. As I drove up the branch it said didn't exist, the pointer was in no-man's land. It stayed like this until I reached my house a couple of minutes later.

    On a separate occasion, I set it to lead me to a destination I know, and it had no knowledge of one smallish street I always take which is a very obvious short cut.

    Finally, another trip we made recently, LA to an address near Palm Springs just north of Palm Springs - the direct way is Interstate 10 pretty much all the way - I have no idea why it was trying to make me take I-15 South when we got to that junction. I really wonder what would have happened had I followed it without knowing better. After it said "recalculating" as I disobeyed it, it tried a couple of times to still steer us back onto I-15, then gave up and announced that I should proceed another 48 miles on I-10, after which it got the rest of the trip 100% correct. I found this a bit troubling somehow.

    These incidents have given me pause to think that although it's neat, it's not foolproof. I'm an old fashioned map guy at heart, and can't imagine blindly relying on this without looking at a map for the big picture. In general though I think it's an amazing package and great value.

    ...more info
  • ......Awesome but needs QWERTY Keyboard
    I would have given 5 stars if it had QWERTY keyboard. I agree with all 4 and 5 star reviews.

    Feedback - Please add Video players to GPS. Kids will have lots of fun.

    ...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360 sets the standard
    The Garmin nuvi 360 is an excellent and easy gps navigation system to use.It is the standard by which other systems are rated. Ease of use is the key for someone like me, who refuses to read the manual. Sure it would be good to have a lot of state of the art features but not for the extra cost. This device does every thing you need and keeps it simple....more info
  • GARMIN 360 3.5 INCH
  • WOW Life just got easier....
    I drive alot for work and pleasure and have used maps and map quest for years and thought I was pretty good at getting around. Not. This makes life much easier especially when in areas that I don't usually drive to very often. Works great and you can mute the voice that tells you that she is recalculating if you get off course. As much as I might hate to admit it this is a great time saving device....more info
  • Excellent product
    I picked up two of these units for my twin daughters. Both consider themselves to be technically and geograpically challenged. Both were facile with the units within an hour. Apart from being easy to master, the volume, picture clarity and cueing algorithm made the units very useful even when driving conditions required the full attention of the driver. They and I could not be more pleased....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS
    This is a great product for those that hate asking for directions! I've used it several times already and the only draw back is that it doesn't speak the street name when you need to turn; it speaks the distance to drive before the turn and then tells you to turn when you get to the intersection. The bluetooth capability is awesome for handsfree cell phone use! Clear as a bell!...more info
  • Worth every penny!
    Once you buy this product, you never want to be without it! I can only think of one complaint and that is the suction cup doesn't stick to the window when it's cold. One of my favorite features is the ability to download and listen to audio books (and the navigation still tells you where to turn while listening to the book.) It's awesome!...more info
  • Awesome product
    This product is absolutely great. It has been a lifesaver, though i still use directions as back up from yahoo or google, but overall this product is fabulous. the bluetooth feature is great. oh and whoever cant afford an iphone, get this. Why??? because, thanks to the SD Memory Card, i can listen to my music while driving, and also use my phone via the bluetooth connection, and also be navigated to wherever i need to go. this product is great....more info
  • Great product, great price - a good buy.
    I reviewed many of these user reviews before purchasing this unit. I compared a lot of different makes/models and am very pleased with the performance of the unit. The text-to-speech capabilities are good (sometimes "the voice" is a bit difficult to make out, but overall its acceptable. My favorite function, and the reason I purchased this unit versus the wider-screen version was the bluetooth capability which works wonderfully with both my Blackberry and Motorola cell phones. The suction cup mount is very effective and I had no trouble installing it. This was a great buy for the price - the performance has been terrific....more info
  • I am very happy with this purchase.
    In my opinion Garmin nuvi 360 is worth to purchase. It works real good as I expected....more info
  • Never lost
    Recently a route I travel on occasion was closed and I needed to take a detour. This was great, I had no problems finding where I was going with the Garmin guiding me. I like this so much better than the built in GPS in my husband's vehicle. His doesn't seem to show the smaller streets. No problem with my Garmin!...more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    Excellent. I also own GPS built into car and nuvi 680. nuvi 360 is a smaller version of nuvi 680. Pronunciation of woman speaker could be improved. Doesn't re-calculate as fast as units built into our cars....more info
  • nuvi 360
    This product has been everything I expected, and has worked will in directing me to destinations. Have not used for MP3 songs, or as hands-free cel phone yet, but intend to use those features, too. Volume has been fine, and input to the GPS for addresses has been easy....more info
  • Awesome Purchase
    This Garmin is fantastic. It has saved my butt a few times trying to find places. The bluetooth for the phone is a joke though, the mic and the speaker are too close together so you can't really use it well. Also, there is no low battery warning, when its dead, it just shuts off, even in the middle of a trip. Acquires locations well, even in the middle of boston in the buildings. It was worth the expense....more info
    Out of the box it was ready to go. Easy to use and I like the turn by turn voice street name feature, it allows me to watch for street sign instead of looking at the system. The system respone quickly to recaluate your route if you miss a turn. The $300 price is higher than I wanted to pay but I felt that the feature on the 360 was worth the extra money. I use the securety feature (pin and secure location)and both of them work great. I also enjoy the fact that I can take it with me on business trips. ...more info
  • I should have gotten one sooner.
    Not much to say other than I took this on one trip and it is outstanding. Small and easy to use. Redirected me when I missed the turn.

    Easy to call up restaurants and hotels.... even the phone numbers were listed. I am sure most GSP units are the same but this one is nice and small and easy to use.

    If your looking for a unit, you definitely have to have one that announces the street names. This way you don't even have to look at the map making it a bit safer.

    I looked at the wide screen ones but I think they just take up more room if you want to put it in your pocket. The NUVI 350 would be just as good but I found the prices to be almost identical so for the extra $ I got bluetooth.

    ...more info
  • Nuvi 360..FANTASTIC
    Purchased the Nuvi 360 last month..GREAT....bluetooth clear, directions right on, voice commands and directions are clear and accurate.
    List of favorites is fantastic....Stole for 329$.WOW!!!!!...more info
  • Performed as advertised
    I was looking for a user friendly and accurate GPS with bluetooth capabilities at a value price. It was ready to use out of the box. The quick reference guide and the user friendly menu screen were sufficient to get me started. Later I did have to call the support center and I liked that I didn't have to go through a number of prompts to get someone or supply purchase information. How to do route simulation on the 360 was not obvious (the antenna has to be down). Also I like that the 3 power cords (computer, DC and AC) are included. I've used it on familiar routes and got a different route from what I normally traveled because I had it set on fastest route and indeed their route was faster!...more info
  • Garmin is Incredible
    This thing is unbelieveable!! I take it along even when I know where I'm going just to show off for my friends. It is really perfect! I only wish I had this GPS all the times I've been totally lost while driving...well, I guess if I had it I wouldn't be lost. In short I LOVE IT!!!...more info
  • Garmin n체vi 360
    Before I settled on the Garmin. I used a GPS in a rental car. I've used both the Nuvi and Street Pilot. I looked at TomTom and Magellan and in my opinion the Nuvi is much easier and user friendly than the others. While TomTom has the where am I feature, I wish Garmin had, I decided Garmin was the unit I would go with. While I don't care for the suction cup mount that comes with the unit, the unit itself is easy to use. For the price if you can find it on sale, it is a best buy. For the price, I would have hoped to get the Garmin carrying bag with it and I would like to see the sandbag dash mount come with it as a choice/option upon purchase instead of an addition expense, but the Nuvi 360 I purchased meets my expectations. ...more info
  • Great unit for the price
    The Nuvi 360 is a great unit for the money. The only problem I am having is entering favorite locations, it keeps reverting back to my home location for some reason. Otherwise it is a great traveling companion....more info
  • Greatest Invention ever.
    This is probably the greatest invention in history, maybe second to the pill. All I have to do is drive anywhere I want without having a clue where I'm going and then press, 'Go Home.' If I'm driving in the middle of a state, I press 'food' and it shows me the restaurants in order of the closest to me.

    There is a Magellan in my rental car and this nuvi 360 blows it away! Every penny spent on this Garmin is worth it. I can even fit it in my dress shirt pocket. ...more info
  • Good but not great
    This is my first GPS and I find it to be very useful, but I also find it to be very anoying. I used this device to find directions to a property about 300 miles away and it got me there perfectly. However, when I returned to home from the same place 300 miles away, it took me a completely different route which ended up going through every backroad it could find. It took me an extra hour and a half and a bottle of dramamine (from car sickness going through winding mountain roads) to get home. OK, so after this I tried a few reality checks and found the stupid machine kept trying to force me on its prefered routes even when I new of much shorter direct routes. And yes I do know about the settings for shortest distance or shortest travel time and I did test using both settings. My finding revealed that it does not alway or even typically give the best route. However, it does always get you to the destination. So it is good, but not great.

    As for the windshield mounting device, I love it. I read many complaints about it and can not find any reason people would not like it. I figure it may be because the manufacturer wants you to spend more money on the friction mounting system, but don't do it. The windshiled mounting device works great, atleast on my Toyota Tundra Truck.

    I hope this helps....more info
  • better than magellan
    I have also Magellan GPS , garmin is better than magellan. It doesn't freeze , re-calculation is very quick , it is worth the money......more info
  • Garmin nuvi 360
    I am very happy with Amazon's service and I love my new GPS. The only problem, I'm still learning how to use all the features. Thank you. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 ok, but wont knock your socks off
    I got this for my wife so that she wouldnt have to mapquest for every place she went. Generally works ok, but some directions are just wrong. She was told by unit to go west where two interstates meet in Nashville and then it promptly told her to get off the highway and go the other direction...a mistake that took 5-10 minutes to backtrack from. The zoom in/out is a little tedious to use...takes too long to find the right magnification to be most useful. Battery life ok. Picks up satellite signal well. Maximum volume could be a bit louder. Certainly small and convenient in size. I love some of the trip statistics it makes available. All in all, would recommend, but you still need to have a brain and look at the map rather than relying on the mindless directions provided verbally....more info
  • garmin 360
    the garmin 360 has it all. blue tooth mp3 player, voice to text. the garmin software is by far superior to everyone else. i will be getting another one soon for the other vehicle. amazon prices are definatly better than stores!! we saved almost $200!...more info
  • Having one would have saved some disagreements
    After traveling 3700 miles along the Eastern Seaboard I learned about and bought a Garmin 360 through Amazon, my favorite shopping sute. Now we never need to worry about what the highway signs say we just "listen to Jack" and he tells us exactly when to turn and how to go! ...more info
  • Very disapointed
    I have been using this product over the past month. I bought this for when I travel, but I have been testing the directions around where I live (within 100 miles) where I know the routes I should take already. It has caused me to have concern about using it on the road. About 50% of the time it has given me directions that made no sense and in one case was in the opposite direction from where I was headed. I now fear relying on this device when I travel to areas I am not knowledgeable. My experience with the Hertz rental car systems has been completely different. The Magellean systems also seems easier to use.

    The product comes with only a small pamphlet for user documentation. Very inadequate for such a complex device.

    Finally, this may have come with old map data. They advertise other North American maps on the web site for an additional charge of about $140. The web site description was inadequate for me to determine if the new maps would improve the device performance to justify the added cost. On the other hand, why didn't this system come with the latest maps? I wouldn't mind paying for upgrades down the road, but not right when I purchase it,

    Overall I find the Garmin Nuvi very disappointing and overrated.

    ...more info
  • Stop being lost!!!
    It took awhile to learn how to use it effectively and actually we are still learning. We found if one of us "played" with it while going around to familiar places we got better at using it to unfamiliar places. It has been a great help here at the holiday season and we can't wait to wonder farther away from home....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Excellent in every aspect. The only detail is that it takes from one to two seconds, depending the speed you are going, to correlate with the map on the device. Otherwise is excellent. ...more info
  • Have made 4 trips now and this thing is amazing
    I have found the 360 easy to use and after 4 trips I am amazed. I have used the bluetooth and it works good. Have used the locations option to find a good place to eat - worked great. Would recommend the 360 for sure.
    ...more info
  • This is a dream GPS and Bluetooth is a must
    Hello, I am writing to let those buyers that are still deciding whether they should get a 350 or 360 with bluetooth. GET THE 360 with bluetooth. The GPS part is a dream and we all know it, based on tons of feedbacks here so I am not going attempt to bore you. This is the best GPS there is on the planet. Now, back to the bluetooth side. This is by far the most convenient feature that I find myself using, even more than using the GPS itself around my home town.

    After you paired your phone with the 360, every time you get into the car you automatically have the best speaker phone to use safely while driving. The speaker is very loud and crystal clear. The wonderful thing is my callers don't know that I am using a speaker phone. They think I am talking to them normally which is great. They hear me super clear and clean.

    When some one calls me, I get a caller ID displays on the Garmin, allowing me to ignore or take the call. My phone address books is accessible via the Garmin and I can dial any one or any POI. Essentially, you have a walking city phone book in the palm of your hand.

    Say you find a restaurant you want to call, just one click on the Garmin 360 and it will dial the number straight and route the call through. Well, you may think that you can certainly get my phone out and dial the number yourself; well, you can do that but if you're driving and trying to do all that is just dangerous and so not needed with bluetooth technology. Why make things so hard on yourself? Another thing is when you're in your car, most conversations will be short so it is perfect (I actually talked on the speaker for almost 1/2 hour with great pleasure). If you want to have a more private conversation, just route the conversation back to the phone via the Garmin interface.

    For those that already has the Garmin 350 with no bluetooth, you have the best GPS there, but I would strongly recommend selling it or donating it to charity :) and get the bluetooth version of this already AWESOME unit. Please I was one of those who was trying to taught me out of buying the 360 and how I don't need bluetooth. Trust me! this will make you use your GPS much much more. Isn't that the point of buying anything? is to actually put it to good use. I hope this helps and remember this is only my humble opinion. Thank you for reading....more info
  • Just perfect for my use
    It does it all, much better than my previous Magellan 700 series. For me the blue tooth works perfect as well. Pairs up with my cell [LG cu-500] at about 30 feet from the car and communication is very good. I have it mounted just behind the steering wheel and in that position people hear me better than when I'm on my cell phone. The back ground noise is low and I can hear the other party quite well. When you mount it close like I did, you don't need the larger unit [Garmin 650 and up sizes] I've got two of them, too bad I paid about $80 too much for both. Just great units though!...more info
  • works as advertised
    This product worked flawlesly straight out of the box. Knowing local "back roads", its ability to recalcullate the route based on route changes in-route is amazing.

    On two occasions the system informed me that I was arriving "at my location on the right" when it was actially "on the left". Ohter than that, I am extremely satisfied with the product....more info
  • garmin gps
    Great! happy to have it, great price too.
    I have had no complaints about it so far....more info
  • not lost anymore
    Very good and very accurate. It's also very easy to use and gets me to where I am going without much trouble....more info
  • Good but not perfect
    I owned a Magellan 760 and after two years it refused to power up. I called Magellan and encounted some truly horrendous tech support. I was eventually told that most probably the problem was with the cradle so I ordered a new one. After waiting two weeks, I decided to cancel the order and purchase a Garmin 360. Of course, although I was assured that the order was cancelled, it wasn't and I received the cradle so now I have two GPS units! Anyway, back to my Garmin. It is very small. It took a bit of getting used to on my part because I was used to a larger screen. If small screens are not for you, you might consider the 600 series. However, it is nice to have a unit that is so portable. You can easily slip it into a pocked and take it on vacation. We are going to Hawaii in a few months and I'll be taking my Garmin with me. It picks up a satellite signal quickly and I really appreciate its detailed voice prompts. You don't have to spend time looking at the screen to figure out when you are going to be making a turn. You just need to listen to the voice prompts. However, the Garmin, like most GPS systems, is far from perfect. The suction mount is worthless. It keeps falling off my windshild and I have ordered a standing holder for the base of my dashboard. Had to purchase this for my Magellan as well as I had the same problem with the GPS falling down. Also, like so many GPS systems, it does not always give the best route. By that I mean that it will give a route that no local would dream of taking. Today, I was traveling into Manhattan and entered an address for NY, NY. It routed me to the right address, wrong boro - ended up in Brooklyn, NY! I actually had to enter Manhattan as the city in order to get to my destination. Also, the Garmin got very confused in Manhattn. This is not limited to Garmin - my Magellan experienced the same problem. I suppose the skyscrapers somehow impede the satellite signal????? At one point my Garmin wanted me to take the bridge back to Brooklyn when my final destination was Manhattan and I was in Manhattan! Kept recalculating the route but eventually (I ignored the instructions to get on the Brooklyn Bridge) it did get me to my destination. All in all, the Garmin works very nicely in most areas. The voice prompt is clear, the screen is easy to read and it is super easy to enter your destination. The touch screen is very sensitive and you really don't even need to read the manual to figure out how to use the unit - it really is that easy. If you are making several stops along the way, you can enter them all at once although I have yet to use this feature. I have not used the Bluetooth yet but my son has and says it works well.
    UPDATE: I purchased a mount for the dashboard - good investment Also, I am now using the bluetooth feature. I was impressed, it worked very well. Of course, anyone in the car can hear the conversation so you need to warn the individual on the other line that they are on a speakerphone....more info
  • Great Product
    I have used this product for 4 months in AZ, CA, OH, FL, IL, and AL. It has been great. I no longer worry about getting lost on business trips. I use it around town to get around road construction. I have also used the MP3 player for audio books. I highly recommend this product. If you live in a city with traffic service you can add that to this GPS with an optional antenna. The hands free bluetooth phone is also handy....more info
  • Shipping was via DHL and it stunk
    Great product but next day shipping with DHL took over a week to get. So don't bother to pay extra for quick shipping because it doesn't work!!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 - perfect!
    This is my first GPS unit. Garmin Nuvi 360 comes with up-to-date v2008 map, text-to-speech, case, mount, wall and mobile power cord and usb cable. It has everything you would need plus mp3 and bluetooth-capable. The menu system is user-friendly. Its text to speech actually pronounces the highway numbers as one-o-one for HWY 101 instead of one hundred and one, as a friend noted on another branded gps unit.
    Locating nearby points of interest, e.g. restaurants and malls, and saving favorite locations are also easily accomplished.
    A GPS unit is a must-have especially when driving to unfamiliar locations.
    I bought the nuvi friction mount because CA law prohibits usage of windshield mount. It keeps the unit stable. I read about the vent-mount and also wonder how easily it could be removed from the vent to hide the unit....more info
  • disapointted
    I got my Nuvi 360, it worked well for a couple of weeks , but the sound (voice) went out and now all I have is the visual, then you realized how much you need the voice, specially when driving alone.
    I'm on a job with lots of driving and I have not time to return the Nuvi, so for now I hate the damm thing, I think that for this price the quality sould be better.
    So I'm very disapointted and I want my money back, don't buy it.
    alberto...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Easy to read screen and accurate directions. This units portability is a real plus when traveling and using rental cars. Plays MP3's but most folks would find the sound quality inadequate. Bluetooth phone connection is easy to set up and use but I get some complaints from people that I call that it breaks up on them. It even reads text messages to me! On balance a great feature and much safer than holding a cell phone. My previous GPS was a Magellan Roadmate 700. After a month of using the Garmin Nuvi 360 I think the Nuvi has several advantages although they are both competent devices....more info
  • Very well engineered which is refreshing today
    I just got my Nuvi 360 and I must say it deserves the high reviews it is getting. This is one of the first pieces of electronics gear I have picked up in a long time that is intuitive to use and is well engineered. Mine came with the most current maps and firmware already loaded.
    The only criticism I can find in the short time I have been using this are these: and they are minor considering the current price.

    #1. Even though the maps are the most current level - in the new area I live in NW of Des Moines, it doesn't know a lot of the newer streets. Not a big deal as I know where I'm going here. This is a problem with all GPS software - the maps are always behind the roads being built.

    #2. The speaker distorts a bit on it's highest level. I realize it is a very small speaker - but for the most part it works good for it's size.

    #3. I agree that the Bluetooth could use some improvement. It does sound scratchy and people on the other end constantly hear an echo. Once again this isn't a deal breaker for me. Since this was only a couple of bucks more than the 350 model - I consider it icing on the cake.

    #4. I agree a QWERTY keyboard for input would be a much better input device. Once again, not a big deal, but I'm surprised they didn't go this route.

    #5. I would like to see the ability to reorder your phone list by last name instead of first name in the Blue Tooth software.

    #6. Getting at some menu items should be quicker. Sometimes you have to go through 3-4 menu items to find what you are looking for. An example of this is seeing how long a trip is by mileage.

    #7. I'd like to have the option of setting more than one way point. I know this is on the newer 700 series models now.

    For the money this thing is selling for now - it's a steal. I can live with the small faults it has for the low price it is currently selling for. I'm most amazed at how well this thing locks onto the Sattelites.
    I was locked from the inside middle of my home!

    Some people have complained about the build quality. I think it is very well built and the size is just right. I wouldn't want it any bigger. I'm impressed with the extras it comes with including a carrying case, AC + DC adapters, and multiple mounting kits. The picture viewer and audio book capabilities are very nice and you get two free downloads within the first month.

    Bravo Garmin for a very well engineered and easy to use product. ...more info
  • Shipping
    I ordered a Garmin Nuvi 360 on Nov 23--Amazon said item would be shipped on Nov 26. When no e-mail notice of shipment arrived, I called Customer Service the morning of the 26th-they said- Item will ship today. I called later in the day-they said-I see the item being scanned and put on to the truck. No e-mail. Went on-line Tuesday Nov 27th-checked Status of order--seems Amazon decided to change the shipping date estimate to either the 29th or 30th. Called Customer Service, their response was-so sorry, was a mistake by the Fulfillment Center, customer service offered to refund my shipping charge-$3.49 -big deal-told them to keep it. Asked them to let me speak to Fulfillment Center--seems these people are a special breed-they cannot be contacted by phone-only e-mail and only by Customer Service--the customer cannot speak to these chosen individuals. Customer Service sends them an e-mail-they do not even bother to respond. So the customer is basically screwed and at the sole mercy of the Fulfillment Center. Customer Service could give a care about the customer. Beware about making a purchase from info
  • Nuvi 360 GPS - A Must Have!
    I purchased the Nuvi 360 as a gift, but have been able to observe it's functionality. By far, the best gift purchase and the recipient is equally as satisfied. The features are easy to use and the set up is to remove it from the box and mount the bracket in the car. It's just as easy to remove it and take it with you. Every feature is user friendly and this model has the MP3 player, which is a wonderful addition. The only difference between the 350 and 360, is the bluetooth capability. I bought this model only because of the bluetooth and found that to be the ONLY feature that I can't boast about. But I haven't found a gadget yet, that isn't connected to your phone that offers good sound quality. For the driver/talker, the feature is great. For the listener, the feature is all bad. It sounds like they are in the trunk while talking. I would save the extra cash and go with the Nuvi 350. I vote this type (portable) of GPS as outstanding and everyone should have one. ...more info
  • Great product!
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 replaced my Garmin 330 whose scren started, after 14 monthes, freezing. Rebooting didn't help. I viewed this misfortune as an excuse to buy a vastly improved product, with features I would have paid to enjoy. These features include a non-glare screen, which eliminates a great problem with the 330; voice recognition, which eliminates a measure of uncertainty in using the 330; bluetooth, which solves a serious problem I had when driving through "hands-free" states; shirt pocket size, making it easy to secure when making a few stops - it goes with me, in my pocket; the ease with which I can set a present location as a favorite, helps with places with vague addresses, like flea markets.
    While the only GPSs I've ever used are the 330 and the Nuvi 360, reviews seem to indicate that the 350 and 360 are superior to other products on the market. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Preferred over Escalade Nav
    With a 3rd child on the way I was somewhat forced to go from my Escalade to a Suburban since my wife needed a new vehicle to support our growing family. Her Trailblazer just wasn't up to the task of holding 3 car seats. So, I volunteered to let her take my Escalade and we traded the Trailblazer off on a Suburban (Escalade is the Tahoe sized version). Anyway, none of that matters really except that my Escalade had the factory navigation system in it and the Suburban did not, which led me to my search.

    Background out of the way, my search landed me with the Garmin nuvi 350. Being a gadget guru I soon realized (even before it had arrived) that I made a mistake. Not because the 350 was a poor choice or inferior in quality, but because it was lacking Bluetooth technology. Having grown accustomed to this greatness I quickly purchased a 360 (only difference is Bluetooth capability) and put the 350 up for sale.

    I stand corrected, it seems there is one more difference. The nuvi 350 supports up to a 2GB SD card while the nuvi 360 supports up to a 4GB SD card.

    I'm not a newcomer to GPS or even navigation systems, but I'm no expert either. What I've used in the past are devices such as paper maps, Garmin eTrex, Garmin 12, Lowrance iWay 350c, the factory nav of my Escalade and now the wonderful nuvi line. My thoughts on the nuvi versus anything I've used in the past are nothing but positive. Even on the rare occasion I think I find a flaw I soon realize why they did it that way and I'm in awe of it's mastery. One example I found when I was comparing side by side the nuvi to my factory navigation, I saw that the factory nav showed more street names when going down the highway I take to work daily. At first I was kind of bummed the nuvi wasn't up to this task, however what I realized is that the nuvi does show the street names at lower speeds. My personal preference soon changed to how the nuvi works. When going down the highway I don't need to know every street name which would quickly crowd my display, I only need to see the major exits which show up perfectly. It's small details like that which seem to separate the nuvi from anything else I've tried.

    It just works.

    Earlier I mentioned that I'm a gadget guru... well, part of this is having to mess with every feature and accessory. I haven't yet tried the traffic antenna as my area is not covered, however it's on my list anyway. What I have done however is hardwire the headphone jack to my Suburban's audio system and purchased the microphone (reviewed as well). This combination has greatly increased the value of my nuvi 360 to the point where I feel I have a solid hand free setup and golden navigation unit in one awesome package.

    I'm 100% sold on this model, and if I needed another navigation unit tomorrow I wouldn't hesitate in the least to buy another.

    Points of Interest database is excellent, using it is simple and efficient. Customization is minimal (other than the vehicles you can download), but I find I don't really want to customize it much. The only thing I wish it had was an option to set a default at startup, I always have to choose one of the options where it would be nice to just have it default to map view for example.

    Why 4 stars?

    It's rare that any product is 100% perfect, although the nuvi certainly comes close, and who knows... the more I use it the more I feel it may deserve a 5, I just know Garmin will amaze me with future releases and perhaps updated firmware that amaze me with an already unbeatable product at this level.


    Most definitely....more info
  • Amazon Rocks!
    1 - I bought the 360 ~ 15 days ago and the price changed twice. I simply wrote Amazon asking them to match and they did so without question! Sweet!

    2 - I tested two different models / brand names before this and the 360 rules over all.

    3 - If I had a complaint to air, it is that the bluetooth is scratchy at best. (Depending on where it is placed) But works as advertised!

    4 - The unit is amazing! Great reception, great battary life, awesome accessories, easy to update, & out of the box simplicty is a plus!

    5 - The only needless function to me is the MP3 (in car) but might be a plus while walking.

    You can not go wrong with the 360. (As of 11/2007)

    Ahead of its time - Enjoy = )...more info
  • No Complaints except mounting.
    I am glad I bought this unit. Having street names announced is more helpful than I anticipated. California law will not allow windshield mounting, wisely deciding that having to fumble around with it or have inconvenient mounting is good for emergency room business. Besides, we have so few important legislative issues here. I just order friction mount and am hopeful. I am glad I can find my way home now. Seriously, think about the features before you buy. Little things may make a big difference....more info
  • We Got A Good One
    Sometimes you make a purchase of something your not familiar with and later regret your purchase and wish you had bought a different model. Not so with the Garmin Nuvi 360. We hit the mother load with this little baby.
    I give it an A+ for all features except blue tooth. I don't use it because everyone complains when I'm using it. I think it works better with some phones. Mine is an LG from Verizon.
    It amazes me how much info. they can pack in the little thing.
    Final words- NO REGRETS...more info
  • yes it is great, but here is why it sucks
    don't get me wrong, this is a great product. the following works well:

    - works out of the box
    - mp3 player
    - bluetooth phone sync is perfect, even got my addressbook (500+ names) out of the blackberry in a few seconds

    here is why it sucks:

    you have to search for things by category, say i'm at a lake and want to search for nearby marina, i type in marina, it doesn't find zilch. if i knew exactly what i wanted, why would i need a gps with points of interest?

    same goes for many other 'points of interests' as they are called, so all in all i ended up using google maps on my blackberry to find things, entering the exact address on the nuvi and then going there. this pretty much beats the point of having a gps for me....more info
  • Even better than the 350
    We had the Nuvi 350 (stolen) and replaced it with the 360. We liked both models, but the upgrade is significant and worthwhile: the 360 has bluetooth as well as destinations with phone numbers. It not only gets you to your destination, it finds the business and dials the number for you... Wow, now THAT is useful! ...more info
  • Great with a few minor complaints
    I have bought two 360's, one for my wife and one for me and will buy a third (as a replacement), so I'm a fan and I would recommend a Nuvi over any other competing product hands down. However, that doesn't mean there aren't issues:

    A few plusses and minuses:

    1) There is no better product on the market for GPS and the rest of them are toys by comparison. The interface is so wonderful that it's the GPS equivalent of the iPhone. There are minor issues but they're not worth discussing. I could write pages on how wonderful the interface is, but everyone else has done the product justice already.

    2) The 360 is the size to buy unless you are vision impaired. It is small and thin and light and you can stick it in a pocket.

    3) Maybe it's silly but I really like the audio book and mp3 feature. I use it constantly.

    4) The Europe software is awesome. Travelling with a Nuvi in Europe is unbelievably less stressful. I've covered every country and it's wonderful. I would ask that they buy some database of tourist attractions because I ended up programming most of my own. And yes, eastern europe is twitchy and limited but it's still much better than paper maps. I used it all over Moscow and St Petersburgh and it was fine.

    5) The usb charging is wonderful and some phones like smartphones share charging plugs limiting the number of cords you have to carry. The clamps, and connectors are well designed, and easy to work with. THe use of SD cards for map data rather than relying on PC connections is great. The abilty to store mp3's and audiobooks on SD cards is useful. I carry a set of SD cards and this means I dont need to carry a separate unit while travelling.

    1) The web site is awful, uninformative, and customer-unfriendly. The mandatory registration is awful to use, and confusing. In the support area, they clearly want to protect themselves from customers rather than explaining clearly what they can and cannot do for customers. They make it far too hard to contact them. Whoever does their web site thinks far too much like they are talking to their distributor channel and is entirely ignorant of their customers. For example, they bundle all customers and products together and treat them the same even though the products, while having similar functions are for very different customers with different skill levels.

    2) The product is fairly fragile. It is complicated technology, and it is not housed in protective shells, and breaks easily. I have broken the screen on one by dropping it on a (thinly) carpeted floor in a restaurant, and broken the audio output plug on another unit simply by keeping the earphones plugged in and wrapping the cord around the unit. There are too many reports of gps antenna problems as well. So the units are reasonably fragile given their intended purpose and their fairly high price tag.

    3) Given their fragility their customer service is in the obvious position of having customers who break the unit try to blame the product, and the company is trying to evade responsibility for when the product fails during reasonable use. This is why customers are often unhappy with product support: because the product is actually fragile, the company will not say that the product is fragile, and then must dance with customers to find out if they can reasonably replace it or not. Instead, they should simply be honest with customers using the reason that it is advanced technology that is fragile, or they should change the housing and antenna and connectors so that they are less fragile. Anyway, that's the problem with support. THey don't want to talk to you. They have a reason why they don't talk to you - they're afraid to. They are not sophisticated in how they manage customers either on their web site or via the phone, and they are that way because they have too much channel influcence and not enough consumer orientation. They should hire a new VP of customer service from a major brand like Nike or Apple. (No I don't have any inside knowledge, I simply run one of the country's larger consultancies on such things).

    4) The satellite reception and triangulation is still wanting and sometimes frustrating. The reception in cities, where it is actually hardest to navigate, and where you have the least reaction time as a driver is terrible. In New York, San Francisco, Chicago and even Pittsburgh, you can wait for ten minutes or more before the unit acquires sattelites and can give you directions, even if you seek out an open space like a small park. I stood in the shopping district in Chicago waving the unit in the air for twenty minutes acting like Verizon's "can you hear me now?" character trying to acquire sattelites so I could find the restaurant for my next meeting. Since this is NOT anywhere as bad a problem if you leave the unit running as it is if you turn it off and on again, there is a problem with the approach they're using. This is also a problem at airports, where you've rented a car and have to throw the unit up on the dashboard or hold it out a window for ten minutes waiting for it to acquire satellites before you can put it somewhere more visible and use it. As a person who is busy travelling, thats an issue. Unfortunately, the way around the problem is to leave it on all the time which the battery won't tolerate. I don't know where they're getting their batter life estimates from but if you use the thing much, the battery burns down in more like two or three hours than what's advertised. And there isn't a switch to kill the video in order to preserve battery life. (And no, don't add yet another button combination to the power button. It's like tapping out morse code as it is.)

    5) The speaker is weak and distorts too easily. I end up driving with an earphone almost all the time. There is a tradeoff here in engineering terms, because if you make it much louder it's a power drain. While they've put Bluetooth in the unit, it's pointless because you can't hear the other person, the speaker distorts too easily at low volume (which is a bad product decision because better speakers are available), despite the fact that the microphone does work reasonably well. I have a Jaguar, a Porche and a Ferrari. They represent the full range of internal sound levels. The Jaguar is almost perfectly quiet, but the audio is still underpowered in that environment. (I won't even talk about how pointless it is in the Ferrari.) The unit's speaker is on the back, facing away from you. So if you hold the thing, or lay it down on cloth like a seat, you have to turn it up, which then puts the speaker into distortion mode. This product design choice relies on relection to improve the sound quality, and I undestand preserving the front of the device for screen only. But just putting a better speaker inside and facing it forward or even downward would be a better answer. "We have the technology" to make a seventies pop culture reference.

    6) Response time given the weakness of the antenna is a problem. It looks like they wrote the software without changing the lead time on directions to reflect the driver's speed and frequency of turns. Driving around the UK for example, with the twisting little roads is difficult because unit does not give you notice in time for the turns. Once you get down to a lower number of sattelites, especially in London, the thing becomes effectively useless. Nothing is more annoying than having the cutely accented narrator tell you to turn right fourty feet after you've passed the turn.

    7) The voice software isn't smart enough to recognize "St Albans Street" as "Saint Albans Street". It needs to smarten up regarding common abbreviations.

    8) The foreign language software, for phrases and such, is so bad that it would be better not to include it. Really. It's terrible. And it is totally unsuited for the user interface. I mean, who has twenty minutes to look up how to ask for lunch?

    So, whomever is in charge of the software for the product should get a promotion and bonuses. Whoever is in charge of product engineering, purchasing and manufacturing should get a talking to, and should work harder. Whoever is in charge of customer service should get demoted. Whoever is charge of the web site should be fired, and with predudice. I wonder, that since this sequence of problems is the OPPOSITE of what is difficult in product development, how this can happen in a company unless it's a senior management problem in the first place. Customer service is easy to get right. Software is almost impossible. Engineering is something the Japanese usually get right day in and day out, but American companies can't seem to: American engineers are too often rewarded for being cunning, and not for being wise, and that is the feeling I get when using the product. Hardware development tried to be cunning not wise.

    And I also get the feeling that the executive management is unwisely cheap and still does not realize how great a product they have on their hands, and what to do about it. As it stands, a competitor with brains could improve on the software and engineering. So why not take advantage of the one thing that a competitor cannot so easily steal: the loyalty of customers who truly depend on the product, by making customer service the company's core competency?

    ...more info
  • This GPS is Great!
    We bought the Garmin 360 through Amazon and we could not be happier. The price was very good, the shipping was prompt and free, and the product is wonderful. We recently took a trip to downtown Atlanta to see a concert and the Garmin took us right to the Fox Theater with no problems. The Garmin paid for itself with just that one trip. This GPS is very user-friendly and the battery life is very good. The 360 is small enough to put in your pocket when you leave your car and yet has a very good size viewing screen. The text to voice feature is our favorite perk. Garmin is well worth your consideration....more info
  • I'm glad that I choose Garmin branded GPS
    My family had a trip to Toronto couple months ago. Because of the trip, I purchased a GPS (Garmin nuvi 360). Since we went there in 2 vehicles, we borrowed a Tomtom One from our friends for the 2nd car. The nuvi 360 was the main GPS we were using on the trip, because I hv 2 coworkers who purchased Garmin branded GPS, and both of them are very much satisfied with their Garmin GPS! The tomtom One for us was just a backup GPS in case the 2nd car of us got lost on the way. So, I had the chance to compare nuvi 360 and Tomtom One. When we went from one destination to another, we inputted the address on both GPS. It seems to me that the route on both GPS getting to the same destination is different, time is different too. But I don't think it's a big deal, as there was usually only couple minutes time difference. But, in one instance, we tried to get to a hotel in Toronto, my nuvi 360 has no problem to locate the hotel. However, the Tomtom One couldn't recognize/ find the street the hotel locates, that means we weren't able to locate the hotel on the TomTom One. It turned out that we needed to look at the route shown on nuvi 360, and looked at the second-to-the-last step on the route to get the street name of the intersection. And then inputted that street name on TomTom One to find the route. I'm glad that I purchased Nuvi 360, instead of TomTom brand's GPS. I highly recommended Garmin to all my friends and coworkers, who are seeking to buy a GPS. Even though TomTom branded GPS, in general, is cheaper than Garmin branded GPS. But, I don't regret that I choose to spend $100+ more on getting my nuvi GPS. ...more info
  • Best travel-mate
    This product is so accurate that it save me a lot of preparation time for my trips....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 review
    Few of my friends are using Garmin nuvi series product, i thought of buying the same brand for my use also and i was going through the option for bluetooth option and NUVI 360 is doing a good job in terms of handsfree calling and accessing my phone directory.

    Also some time i use MP3 player in NUVI which i generally connect to my Car audio-in jack so that my i can listen the mp3 through my car stereo, i am getting some background noise when i connect the Car charger to NUVI 360 otherwise the audio quality is good. This might be the filtering issue with the car charger but i am not sure how to resolve this issue.

    Overall i like this product still the pricing is high.
    ...more info
  • Good GPS with cool features
    This is a great product. i recommend it. But it is priced high in amazon....more info
  • Garmin 360 - Get the 350
    I purchased the Garmin 360 earlier this year. I decided to opt for the blue tooth technology and thought the hands free feature sounded great. The problem was it was difficult to hear and people complained when I used it. I purchased a remote microphone and that did not help. It is a great idea, it just did not work.

    The unit was recently stolen and I decided to stop trying to make the Blue tooth work and replaced it with the 350 which I will rate with five stars.

    The rest of the features are fantastic. It is well worth getting. I have used it across the country and have been amazed at how helpful it has been. When I took it on a family ski trip to Utah, we had trouble deciding where to go for diner. Well, we simply fired up the 360 and asked about restaurants and got a whole list. The local restaurants are hard to select, but it was great to find the national chains like Applebees etc. After that trip, even my wife was sold. The unit was also great for exploring - I did not have to worry about getting lost. If I wanted to take a right, I did. If I missed my left, who cared. Lot's less travel stress!

    The best feature - I don't have to ask for directions, Garmin simply gives them to me. My manliness has not been compromised!
    ...more info
  • And They Lived Happily Ever After
    I and many members of my family are cursed with a terrible sense of direction. On one family vacation we were on our way from Virginia to North Carolina and we were an hour into Tennessee before my mother finally realized that there was a problem. So you can imagine that this condition is more of a curse than an inconvenience. The Nuvi 360 is the cure. the interface is intuitive and simple. the instructions are clear and spoken. i have only one complaint. its bluetooth option is not compatible with my phone. but considering that i have crossed several state lines during a recent trip and not been lost once i would say that the bluetooth is a small price to pay. ...more info
  • not update info
    Garmin Nuvi 360 Personal Trave
    I read too many positive review on this product. Just got one at Amazon 2 weeks ago. First thing to check is the restaurants in my neighbourhood. Very disappointed ... several closed for years are still showing up ... several opened over 2 years are not there. I am scare to rely on this toy now ...

    updated 10/30/07
    Recently I drove in Houston, I could not find the hotel opened there over a year. However, after I input the full address, it directed me exactly to the place. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This product was everything I hoped it would be. It finds routes that i never would have known about. I definitely like the turns being announced with the street names. It makes things so much easier....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    This product is simply fantastic. We've made two trips depending entirely on the Nuvi 360 and it put us right at the front door of the address we entered. I never missed a turn since the Muvi 360 alerted me ahead of time when I was to make the turn. This is a great gift for family or friends. Never want to be without it on any trip. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 - Thumbs Up!
    I have a built-in GPS in my car at home and purchased this to use with rental cars when I am out of town. I found the unit much more accurate and user freindly than the GPS's the car rental places use. I have used it on two trips since I purchased it, New Orleans & Akron/Cleveland. The screen is small, but easy to read. It has a nice cover to store the unit in and is compact enough to put in your bag or hide out of sight under the seat or in the glove compartment when the car is parked. My only complaint is that it tells you the time you should arrive somewhere, not how long it is going to take to arrive at your destintation. I have not used it as an MP3 player or for hands free calling, but by judging from the voice clarity & speaker from the GPS, it will be monotone and hollow. I don't expect it to sound like a high end speaker, so it works for fine for me. I do like being able to select a destination by entering the phone number, I have that feature on my automobile's GPS, but I know that several GPS's don't use it. It makes finding a hotel that is on a "new" road very convenient, it also usually faster than entering street address. When searching a for a restaurant or a store, it gives you the nearest locations along with their phone numbers. It is nice to be able to call ahead to see if they have what you need. I also purchased portable friction mount for it, that also works great and stays in place. Overall, I like the unit....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket GPS Navigator
    This is the Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread
    The greatest gadget I've ever purchased. While on the road one doesn't have to worry about taking printed instructions with them from Mapquest or others and then having to pull off the road in order to see what you next move is or worse yet trying to read the instructions while the vehicle is in motion. The audio instructions from the GPS let you know beforehand where you should go and if by some chance you miss something you get recalculated directions immediately. No more stopping to ask for directions or getting lost. All the additional features included on the Nuvi 360 make this a must have for anyone that spends time on the road. Well worth the price....more info
  • Nice Package
    Like most "Tech" products these days the Users Manual could be improved. Voice quality is very good. I would like to see an Emergency Facilities (Hospital) feature added. Overall, very good device....more info
  • Excellent Toy
    I did a lot of shopping, review reading and comparing. I don't have the expertise to know if the 360 is "the best", however I will say that for the modest price paid to Amazon for this item, it has exceeded my expectations in all categories. The mapping is up to date, the speed at which it functions more than keeps up with me, the blue tooth works perfectly with my blackberry. I also purchased the accessory microphone for the hands free. In looking for a new car someday in the near future I will be looking for one without a navi system just so I can continue to use this one! ...more info
  • Takes the worry away from all Drivers
    The Garmin 360 from day-one has been a asset for me, especially since I am now a senior citizen.
    The 360 has work perfectly right out of the box.
    In the past I would get very uneasy when driving to a location I was not familiar with, but now I look forward to it with this unit. My wife no longer has to try and read a map for me as I drive down the highway passing my exit ramp before she could find it on the map.
    This unit is great also when you are traveling by airlines, because it will fit in your pockets, carry on, or suitcases. It is very portable.
    All in All my opinion of this unit is a 5 star unit.
    ...more info
  • GPS
    love it! you don't have to even look at it because it can talk to you. It reminds you ahead of time of turns; very concise. Already let other family members borrow it; and they just love it, too. With the touch of a finger and it tells you were places are, with address, phone number, and of course directions. Even if you don't travel a lot; but live in a larger city - you don't have to get lost and will find every place immediately. I have not tried the blue tooth yet; but I like it that it has the memory slot. We went to Florida on vacation and it was a savior when we had a rental car, it knew exactly where we were and how to get out of the airport. Nothing was easier than to find "attractions" or "movie theaters" close by; but even when it's further away, you still can search for it with directions. As I said: just love it!...more info
  • garvulous!
    I actually upgraded to the 360 after receiving the 350 as a gift. both are excellent handheld gps devices, but one small feature that I think most people fail to notice about the 360 is that it offers a bluetooth connection to your cellular phone, providing most users with a hands free speaker phone and touchscreen access to their phonebook and caller id features on the nuvi. this was reason enough to upgrade, and despite is somewhat 'limited' compatability I still think worth the bump in price. I have a more obscure asia-only phone model, which is why im willing to say that compatability is only a minor flaw. my LG phone still connects, but does not offer the full features some other US models might. otherwise, money well spent in my oppinion. the vehicle navigation portion of the device is great, and has saved me 9 times out of 10, both in the car and on my motorcycle. its small enough to carry around for walking use in new cities, but was not able to find a signal when I took it to manhattan. ...more info
  • Love it!
    NO more trying to drive and read printed directions again! I love this even when I am traveling in areas that I am familiar. Several times I have found myself sitting in traffic on Route 3 (Boston/Cape Cod), I know that I can get off at an earlier exit but not exactly sure what to do when I get off, no worries any longer, I just turn on my Nuvi 360 and it leads me the right way. I love that it is small enough to carry in my purse. I Highly recommend this!...more info
  • Great Service-Great Product
    Product was sent out the same day the order was placed and received 2 days later. Could not ask for better service!

    Have had previous experience with this product and as expected this unit did not disappoint. Would recommend any Garmin product as everything works as advertised....more info
  • Performed as advertised
    The item arrived in advance of target date. Worked right out of the box. Have not set up the blue tooth with phone...Very useful.. clear verbal direction. Meets all my expectations... ...more info
  • Very Pleased with my Nuvi 360
    I've had my 360 for a few weeks now & have been testing it out in the Atlanta area. So far, I am very pleased with the features and functionality. I was considering the Nuvi 660, but was not sure if I needed the larger screen. Now that I have this, I am certain that I do not need anything larger. I love the Bluetooth feature, however, it would be nice if there was an override on the volume button for the Bluetooth...I find that I like to mute the device for everyday travel, but that mutes the Bluetooth as well which is not ideal for incoming calls. Regardless, the device is great! I have found several new routes to take in Atlanta that I didn't even know existed. There are a few times that it directs you in ways that just doesn't make sense (ie: using an off-ramp unnecessarily or directing to make a turn when it's really just a bend at an intersection) so this could cause some confusion if you are not familiar with the streets, hence the real reason why a GPS is needed. So far I am a very big fan of this device....more info
  • Awesome device!
    I'm a little late in rating this product, but I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas last year and he loves it. It's a great GPS and we get so much use out of it. It's great getting us where we need to go, great for looking up gas stations, shopping, places to eat when on the road, etc. Worth every penny!...more info
  • Never Get Lost Again...
    When I recently bought the Garmin Nuvi 360 Global Positioning System (GPS), I was overjoyed to find a device that could perform all the navigational duties for me. I know I should be ashamed for admitting that, but my sense of direction is too lousy for false pride.

    Garmin has been developing GPS technology for 18 years and though it's not their most recent model, based on various reviews, the 360 model seemed to fit most of my needs. One thing that immediately impressed me about my new toy was its portable size. Weighing less than a pound and with dimensions measuring 3.9 x .9 x 2.9 inches, it can fit in your pocket or on the dashboard of your car. The bright touch tone color screen - viewable even in sunlight - measures 3.5" diagonally, taking up most of the device's real estate; and yet the Nuvi 360 still sports a power button located on top, a flip-up antenna, an SD expansion slot on the side, headphone jack, mini USB connector and a microphone and speaker to accommodate hands-free phone calling with its Bluetooth technology (more on that later).

    The interface couldn't be more user friendly. The bright backlit display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels responds to the lightest touch. Big readable fonts with three main menus take you into submenus that allow you to configure the system to your personal preferences or to fine tune your navigational search.

    The best way I can describe how this GPS operates is to run through the steps.

    1. Power it on and touch the "Where To" tab

    2. Type in the address you'd like to reach.

    3. Voice activated directions including actual street names will guide you turn by turn with a reminder usually one mile before direction change and one more when approaching a turn or exit at 500 feet.

    That's it. I've gone to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Upstate New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Rhode Island and Connecticut without once consulting Mapquest or Google Maps. The GPS technology and map directions have always been accurate. The navigation logic is in the receiver's high sensitivity WAAS technology. After some research, I found that WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) technology is the most advanced of its kind out there, owing to a network of ground stations and satellites that obtain and fine tune signals to achieve a pinpoint accuracy within 3 meters. Best of all, once the technology is built into the device, it's free and there are no monthly subscriptions or fees! This also explains its high up-front price, whose cost if you amortize over a period of say, two or three years, doesn't seem pretty steep, especially if you tend to use it as often as possible.

    With all machines, you shouldn't trust them wholeheartedly (although this one comes pretty damn close). I know I'm contradicting myself, but I will say that it's a little foolhardy not to back up your directions with some other web-based mapping software. There are times when satellite reception is temporarily lost due to a long tunnel, but I never had reception issues on say, a cloudy day or rainy night. If you know where you're going, I wouldn't recommend using the GPS because awareness of surroundings will always trump technology. Case in point: driving up to my parents' house in New Rochelle, I know I can zoom straight up 95 North and get off at Exit 16. My Garmin always instructs me to begin on 95 North, then inexplicably tells me to detour onto the Hutchinson River Parkway North, only to get back on 95 North. It's a circuitous route and I'm not sure why it does that. Nonetheless, I ignore the step and the device always recalculates for me to continue on 95 North to my desired exit.

    With no outside controls, virtually everything on the Nuvi 360 is operated by the touchscreen. This includes the volume control, which, while audible, should not be set to maximum as the sound begins to reverberate and scratch. You can search for various points of interest (POI) such as food, lodging, fuel, nearby parking garages, hospitals, shopping, entertainment, etc. In addition to these specific categories there's an especially handy feature called "Spell Name" whereby you can access Nuvi's database of more than six million points of interest by simply typing the name of any establishment. Nuvi generates a list of names from the device's physical location, with the nearest at the top of the list to the farthest as you scroll down. It's a fantastic tool especially when you don't have internet access handy.

    The "Swiss Army" features, as I call them, include an MP3 player, travel alarm, jpeg slideshow viewer, currency converter, world clock and calculator - all neat features to have, although I haven't had occasion to use any of them. The Bluetooth technology, however, is a great, convenient extra. Just sync it with a compatible cell phone and you can talk hands-free while you drive. The sound quality is the same as the voice activated directions, so be sure to set it just below the max.

    The device's portability allows you to move it from car to car, which is what I intend to do when I go to Arizona later this week (the Nuvi comes with pre-loaded maps of the North American continent, plus Hawaii). You can also change the mode from "vehicle" to "pedestrian" so a walk or a hike with this in hand will never get you lost.

    Included in the package is a vehicle suction cup mount, AC charger, 12/24-volt adapter cable, dashboard disk, USB cable, carrying case, quick reference guide and a user's manual. Out of the box, the Nuvi is already charged. After placing the suction cup mount to my windshield, I snapped the device into place and it was ready to go. The AC charger allows the device to stay constantly charged, but even without it, the Nuvi lasts for a good 3 - 4 hours.

    Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS is replete with many features and its navigational accuracy is nonpareil. I'll say it with no shame or discernible compunction: I'm all for machines that do my thinking for me. It really speaks to my lazy side while satisfying the gadget geek inside me. Get one if you have the extra cash and do a lot of driving/sightseeing....more info
  • Below expectation, unfortunately.
    Bought this after reading the overwhelming positive comments here. The most annoying problem is it takes a while to get satellite connection either in open space or urban setup. Sometimes up to around 5 minutes. Another thing I don't like is this NAV often does "recalculation" just in front of intersection, accordingly, ended up taking a wrong way and took more time than should have been time to time. MY unit is broken?...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 Review
    I love my Garmin Nuvi 360. It's small enough to fit in my purse and besides using it as a GPS, I also use it as I would a phone book. I'm able to locate restaurants and gas stations near my current location. Once it's fully charged I can use the Garmin without plugging in the adapter (on shorter trips). It's not 100% accurate but fairly close. It's a good idea to also check directions for long trips via MapQuest or Yahoo Maps. When using the Bluetooth feature (hands-free phone), the clarity through the speakers on the GPS is not the greatest but sufficient. Overall, it's a good buy and easy to use. ...more info
  • Garmin Vs Magellan

    I have owned many GPS, my take.

    Garmin is slick looking, light and user-friendly, Bluetooth has bad speaker quality ended up not even using, mic, friends instantly said were are you turn it off, all GPS will have map issues, if its Navteq then its going to be wrong on Magellan and or Garmin. Great battery life, very portable. Fun add-ons free, change car to Santa Sleigh.

    #1 issue, no street prompt, huge!!!! Recent trip to LA was hard, had to keep looking at screen and hitting details. I've always been especially fond of the way Magellan announces upcoming turns - they are the only GPS that offers a incredibly accurate "bing-bong" sound right before the turn. The key word there is ACCURATE. Yes, Garmin has an upcoming turn tone, but more often than not, it's too early or too late to be effective. Magellan gets it right every time. It's a no brainier GPS!

    With the above I can say that on Magellan's you never get lost or even have a gut feeling that is this the turn, with the 360 I am always thinking this must be the turn, so I say this missing feature is huge!

    I would recommend the 360 but please don't rule out Magellan, just because they don't look as slick or have great advertising doesn't mean they aren't designed very well, if I had to drive someone to an unknown hospital would pick a Magellan with street name prompt vs. a Garmin without.

    Again if you see reviews about incarnate maps it would be that way on a comparable GPS.

    Quality, cigarette lighter plug is lose on a few cars I have been in so its the lighter not the car. ...more info
  • awesome
    1) very intuitive and user friendly
    2) bluetooth is very useful. I use it with blackberry pearl.
    3) nice and small, fits into your pocket.

    1) sometimes takes ridiculous amount of time to acquire satellites
    2) i upgraded bluetooth software, unfortunately on both the blackberry and nuvi at the same time and now connection drops sometimes. I hope they'll figure it out and give a fix soon. still gets a 5 star from me....more info
  • Perfection
    Used this for a trip from NJ to Niagara falls .Not even once it failed to give accurate directions !!!. It does its duty with 99.99% Perfection which is very important for a GPS since either you fully trust your unit or take direction printouts NOT BOTH which will be a mess. Thatz the reason why i dumped my previous Garmin Ique M3 which was good but Nuvi scores way ahead of the older one in terms of Reliability , Accuracy and Speedy recalculation.Another plus point of Nuvi is that the antenna is very powerful that it captures the signals even if you place it inside the car in the glove box below the audio unit .
    -Ve points - My anchor unit does nt hold firmly with the windshield and keeps falling every hour which is a pain !!. i dont know whether its fault with my unit or its the same for other units as well.Another minus point is many of the POIs are outdated . I badly needed a gas station when in Niagara and searched for 5 gas stations shown by nuvi and all the addresses were wrong !!!
    Any way the unit does its intended purpose ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.would recommend to anyone who looks for a reliable unit.
    ...more info
  • Navigation System in Any Car You Own/Drive

    - Add Navigation to any car you'll ever own/rent/drive saving thousands of dollars.

    - Excellent Navigation - Miss an Exit, Automatically Recalculates within Seconds.

    - Bluetooth Enabled - Find A Restaraunt - Click the Call Button - Make a Reservation - Get Directions.

    - MP3 - Accepts 1GB SD Card to fit 200+ songs - Pauses Music when giving Directions or When a Call comes in.

    - Custom POI's (Points of Interest) - You can download POI's from the web and load them on your NUVI - For example, I love Panera and found a Nation Wide list on-line - Loaded it - Now whenever I'm near a Panera, it's displayed on the screen.


    - Some locations are out of date...more info
  • Fast and fairly accurate
    I like this unit very much, it has so many neat feature, I personally like the Bluetoot. It reboot fairly fast finding an address is a easy and accurate. I would of give it 5 star if the route choices where more user frindly. This unit has 3 option for route choice.
    1) Fastest time, 2)Shortest distance and 3) off road ???
    1)Fates time, will always try to take you through the highway, which not necessary always the fastest route.
    2) Shortest Distance, Choices of route is iffy
    buying a separate traffic report unit is another negative thing about this unit. thinking of this almost making me feel like want to give it 3 star :)...more info
  • NUVI 360 Worth Every $$
    Had the Nuvi 350 and just returned a NUVI 680. The 360 is BETTER than the 680 in so far as the Traffic hookup works anywhere you travel and provides excellent information (the MSN service on the 680 was AWFUL). Great product, Great price....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 the BEST!
    Delivered right on time from Beach Camera and took it on our trip. Made finding our way around Hilton Head, SC much easier than our last visit. Now, I can't leave home with it!!...more info
  • Best purchace I ever made!
    I bought this item as a gift for my husband. He just loves it. He can't stop raving about it. It is a very useful tool. It's features are outstanding. Now I want one. We don't argue anymore when we get lost, because we never get lost now!!!
    Best thing I ever purchased. I recomend this product 100% to everyone....more info
  • Great GPS
    Have used my new GPS Nuvi 360 several times. I like it because it tells me the name of the road or street where I need to turn. It also has my phone and phone book in the GPS so I can talk handsfree without using my phone. I did have to buy another suction device to use with this GPS. The one that came with it was not reliable. It fell off the windshield and didn't stay on the dashboard. I have a van with a very big windshield design and the device that comes with it was not working well with my type of van. ...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    We bought this right before a road trip and it was the best purchase I have made in a long time. It was simple to use and was an invaluable tool on our trip. Not only did it provide easy fast accurate driving directions it provided easy access to hotels and other sites. The best part was the we didn't have to fumble with maps and we never had a fight about getting lost!...more info
  • Extremely easy to use! Even my wife agrees!
    That pretty much sums it up. I bought this for my wife, who is somewhat technically challenged. All I have to say is that this thing is amazingly simple to use and extremely accurate.

    I have had a built-in nav on my Cadilac CTS since 2003 and for me it's been great. The problem with it is that it is very difficult to use. The Nuvi 360 is much, much, much easier and at least as accurate.

    Here are some key things that I really like about this thing, especially over my built-in one:

    1. It speaks street names (not just highways) and destinations. I even typed the name of a destination that just opened so it wasn't in the map and it actually said the name when I got there! (I knew the address and wanted to add it to "My Favorites")

    2. Bluetooth is very nice. I didn't think I would use this, but it is way too cool. If I want to call home, I can touch two buttons, and it'll call home. It can even pass my voice dial destinations to my Motorola phone, for hand's free dialing. It also downloads my entire Razr phone book so I can select from the screen. Audio quality is very good.

    3. It's small and portable. I threw it in my laptop bag for a trip to San Francisco. (Yes, I may have to get "another" one for my wife.) Works great for walking as well as driving. By the way, it clocked the plane at 565 mph. Get a window seat if you want to try this.

    4. Maps are easily updated. Garmin's current policy is to release updates every 18 months. There's a free POI updater that you can download with many 3rd party POI's that you can populate. Many are free, some are subscription based. There's even ones that tell you where the speed limit camera's are so you can be alerted as you approach them. Speaking of this, you can download "tour guides" that will take you through a tour of a city complete with audio! There's a lot of potential there...

    5. Very easy interface. As it gets close to recognizing what you are trying to type, a list pops up. What takes me 2-3 minutes on my CTS, takes 20 seconds on this thing. Like I said, my wife loves it.

    I can go on and on, but these are my favorite things. I don't care for the MP3 player. It sounds nice, but I have an iPod. Same with the Jpeg viewer. (Why would I want to look at pictures while driving??)

    The window suction cup mount that came with it, works good for us. It's powerful and has a little lever on which makes it easy. I may consider the friction bean bag for car rentals, etc.

    One more note: I chose this over the 660, not because of price, because of size.
    ...more info
  • Almost perfect..
    I held off on a GPS for a long time because of the constant slide in prices and increase in features. Finally I could not pass up this 360 model when I saw it with its pricing. It has been everything I dreamed of, and more! Reasonably priced. Easy to navigate touch-screen. Small and portable to move between cars (a 2nd windshield mount would be best, but I suffer bravely). A great looking screen, which is very clear and doesn't smudge from fnger-prints. This nuvi allows you to zoom or pull back the map view, and automatically does this depending on your speed (higher level view at higher speeds). It also has your next turn on a banner across the top and counts down the distance. It gives estimated time of arrival in a corner so you know if you are running on schedule. Average speed, and current direction are on there too and you can change various views and displays.
    There are many options/settings, like choosing if you are in a car, or walking, if you want it to use u-turns to redirect you or dirt roads, etc.. I was in a rural area of ND driving around some farm country and it had everything on its map.
    I could hardly believe all the info packed in with the locations. Nearby parking lots, restaurants, hospitals, etc.. -With phone numbers! And if linked to your phone with Bluetooth, just hit the button on the screen to dial.
    The battery lasts a long time, compared to many other electronics I have. You also have the option of having the screen dim during time between instructions to save on the battery life.
    The voices are really well done, and while I loved the British Emily at first, I now spend all my time with Jill. The female voices are easier for me to hear, and with other noises and distractions, I found it easier to have an American accent for me to catch the directions over the radio and other voices in the car.
    The Bluetooth works great! I have a blackberry (a couple years old)and the addresses loaded with no trouble once I changed a Bluetooth option on the BB device to show the synced nuvi as 'trusted'.
    The idea mentioned earlier of connecting to the stereo aux port is appealing, but I have not had the determination for that. I did get a 2gig card, and started to load some songs. Then it dawned on me that converting my iTunes-purchased songs to mp3, does not remove the copy protection which prevents transfer to another device. I know Apple is slowly changing that with their iTunes plus. Not Garmin's fault, and not why I bought the nuvi anyway.
    Subscribing to the silent FM signal (broadcast by clearchannel in many areas) with live traffic updates to the nuvi was not worth it for me, plus I don't need an antenna strung up in my car. A cool idea though, and I would have bit if I was in a free-service area.
    My few and very minor grievances were that photos were slow, the GPS twice got confused by frontage roads parallel to a main road, and twice had to be reset after I started driving before it had its satellite bearings. Until recently my biggest complaint was that I didn't get enough opportunity to go places I was not familiar with. If someone blurted the whereabouts of an unknown location I was travelling to, I berated them to tears, or wanted to anyway. GPS joy thieves is what they are.
    Anyhoo, the missing star. I live in the Twin Cities, and the 35w bridge over the Mississippi went down. I don't use it regularly, so it was over a month before I connected my nuvi to my PC thinking I would update my maps hoping Garmin had made the change. As another reviewer noted, you cannot tell the device to avoid or prefer a route. I also have a trip coming up and wanted the latest entries to use this in my rental car. Turns out the mapping software is now updated to the 2008 version, and I am fresh out of luck on updating my 2007 mapping software I got less than 6-months earlier. The update is 80 bucks and they want to ship me cd-rom via a tortoise or something. Ah well, nothing is perfect....more info
  • Mostly great
    Only complain is that sometimes it takes too long to capture the coordinates when you are starting it up. Otherwise it has been a great way to find my way around both at home or when traveling....more info
  • great product
    I really enjoy my Garmin Nuvi 360. Just came back from South Carolina and it made the trip so much easier. Try it, you'll like it....more info
  • Excellent, small, portable GPS; updates too expensive
    I've had this Nuvi 360 since Dec, 2006. It really works well. I carried it with me to DC. Even on foot it was terrific. It knew where all the restaurants and points of interest were and faithfully navigated us around the ancient horse paths of the Virginia/DC area. Believe me, when you pop out of an underground Metro station in the middle of the night and have no idea where you are or which direction to head off in, the ol' Garmin was there.

    It's so small it easily fits in a pocket. The built-in battery lasts reasonably long. In the car, the 12-Volt adapter allows the unit to stay on indefinitely. You can select which accent and which gender you want the voice prompts to speak. Australian "Bruce," American "Jill" and a host of other combinations. All very fun. The voice prompts are the best. You really don't need to look at the thing while driving because it's uncanny in telling you what to do when you need to do it. It is amazingly accurate: something like 20 feet. It takes you right to the destination driveway.

    It acquires the sats quickly and doesn't get flustered if you violate its recommendation and go in a different route. It just says, "recalculating" and finds another route for you. None of this "make a U-turn, bonehead!" It gives you enough time to make the turns, too. Also, it displays how far it is until the next turn. Very nice. No need to worry if you've missed it.

    If you are planning on going to Europe, buy the unit that comes preloaded with both US and Europe maps as purchasing the Europe maps after the fact will really jump the cost unnecessarily.

    I haven't used the Bluetooth capability yet but might later...after I get a Bluetooth phone.

    The display is quite viewable in daylight and very bright at night, though it can be set to auto-dim at sundown so it's not too bright at night. You can touch the screen and scroll the map under your finger much like Google Maps can, to preview your route if desired. It shows coordinates and you can save them as destinations if desired, even if the location doesn't have an official street address. It is an MP3 player and can display photos and play Audible books on tape. When you are using the MP3 or Audible features, it pauses the file playing back to announce directions, then returns to the file without losing any of the MP3 file or book info. Very nice.

    At extra cost, it has the ability to add foreign language dictionaries which can verbally speak phrases and words to you. You can also add Travel Guides and other software via the SD chip slot.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with this device. It's accurate, fast, functional and small.

    The one thing that doesn't work is the windshield suction mount. It broke before I even used it once. The plastic loops on the suction cup that receive the ball arm's hinge pin are too thin and fragile and broke with just a little normal hinge adjustment.

    I recommend the model 010-10908-00 friction mount that looks like a bean bag with a ball arm sticking up. I made something similar by taking an unneeded 1/4" thick mousepad and epoxying a couple of small 1" x 1" angle brackets to the pad to hold the ball arm that I salvaged from the broken suction cup mount.

    A friction mount is interchangeable with multiple vehicles, doesn't slide around on the dash and allows complete and rapid removal and/or hiding to avoid theft. Plus, you don't have to glue a disk to the dash for the suction cup to attach to.

    UPDATE 10-22-07:
    The 360 works well enough; better than most. It should: Five point three bills should deliver one heck of a map!

    I've had it since Dec 2006...less than one year. Today I get an offer from Garmin to update my North American map software for a mere point seven bills. That's AFTER the five point three bills I already sunk into this little electronic gizmo.

    I heard Garmin has a one year free map update policy, but their website won't let me do it. Not cool. The cost of the unit has already fallen significantly from what I originally paid and now they want more to get it current, within a year of purchase. Not cool at all. Also, impossible to contact by email. Garmin website is in a permanent loop back to itself when clicking on the "contact by email" option. Otherwise, it's call and wait on hold between certain times. Not cool again.

    Then a friend says how well his Verizon GPS works on his wireless phone. I look into that. Verizon offers a full time GPS cost and a single use option for under three bucks per use.

    For what I have wasted on this Garmin--over five bills and counting upward forever with their unfriendly updates--that's a whole heck of a lot of one-time Verizon uses with what will be the most updated, most accurate database. After all, no one's going to beat the phone company with accurate phone numbers and addresses.

    If I hadn't already bought into the Garmin ripoff, I'd definitely go with Verizon's phone based GPS: the phone will always be with you when you need it instead of in the glove compartment in the other car.

    And it most likely won't get stolen. It's a darned pain to have to put the Garmin away after each use so some cretin won't bash in a window to steal a very, very expensive toy that could just as easily fit inside a phone.

    Go with the phone....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Love the GPS. It works even when I'm sitting in my living room. Only thing I'm disappointed with number (lack) of Points of Interest. I wish also that there was a way to edit the installed maps but I guess you can't have everything in life....more info
  • GPS Navigation
    I have been using this since last Christmas. I will never go back to paper directions. I even started using it for some trips that I have been making for years and it showed me better routes on several of them. It saved me 20 minutes on a 90 minute trip that I have been making for years. If you get 1 trust it even when you think you know the best way to get somewhere. You will find it has better routes many times. It is not perfect but it always gets you where you want to go....more info
  • Excellent product (Garmin nuvi 360)
    This is a wonderful thing to have. If you are looking for several addresses daily, like myself, or traveling, it talks to you and tells you where to turn and also has viewing for local shopping, restaurants, gas stations and lodging among other things. I would be lost without it. The only negative thing I can say about this is that the mounting device falls off occasionally and you have to re-stick it. You can also get a piece of velcro and stick it to the windshield that way....more info
  • Excellent
    I spent some time researching GPSs and Garmin nailed it by far. The Nuvi 360 live up to my expectations and more. It's plug and play, right out of the box. The pocket feature is very handy, I took it downtown NY and had no problems while walking around town. The POIs is awesome. Connected to a blue tooth phone and you are hands free. This works well also.
    The only downside is the battery life seems to be shorter than what is claimed.
    ...more info
  • Best gadget since sliced bread
    Used the Nuvi 360 on a couple of road trips in the US. Which it preformed flawlessly. Just returned from a trip to Eastern Europe with the 360. It picked up signal right alway with no problems. We brought along michelin maps direction to our Hotels as back up. The 360 was way more detailed, if we went solely by the Michelin directions I'd still be lost. Some of the Citys and or Hotel address were not in the software, that's when the Michelin maps actully helped. But over all that thing was our life line. The POI's where excellent as well when paired with a Frommers guide book. My only regret is I should of waited for the 370, because after buying the Europe SD Card I could of got the 370...Oh Well it's only money ...more info
  • Finders keepers
    I love this machine. Had 2 Tom Toms, both malfunctioned. this garmin is terrific and they sent me free new maps upgrade. worth the money!!...more info
  • How did I live without it?
    I can't say enough about this system! It's my first so I really have nothing to compare it to, however, I can't see it getting much better than this. I have used it many times, and even to places I'd been before, and learned new, faster ways to get there! I also like the fact that it has so many options (different voices, ways to display the maps, even the type of car, truck or bike that's shown on the monitor. If you're thinking about getting a nav system, this is the one!! ...more info
  • Great
    The product was in excellent condition, shipping was in the promised time frame, I had no problems at all....more info
  • Great GPS!
    I read many reviews on GPS units in preparation for a family trip we were taking and opted to purchase the Nuvi 360. I couldn't be happier. While driving through North Carolina at 4:30am and looking for a hotel, the Nuvi 360 was a blessing! I touched "lodging" and it gave me hotels in the area, touched the hotel, which brought me to the address and phone number and then touched "call" and it put me through to the hotel to check availability! The bluetooth worked without a hitch. The only drawback is that when someone calls you on your cell, you are on speakerphone through the Nuvi until you can navigate to the screen to send the call to your phone. One day I was on the patio and called my daughter and the call was routed through the Nuvi 360 which was in the kitchen, broadcasting her saying, "Hello? hello?"

    When my husband opted to leave the suggested route to circumvent traffic around the George Washington Bridge, the Nuvi 360 kept trying to get us back to the "chosen" route, which was a little annoying but only temporarily.

    Once we reached our destination and settled in, the Nuvi 360 was indispensable for getting around in an unfamiliar town. I used the "food" feature to find places to eat and did not run into the problem others have had where the restaurant had gone out of business.

    I found it helpful on vacation that you can type in "Wal Mart" and the Nuvi 360 searches the area for the nearest Wal Marts and gives you a list. Very disappointing that the closest Dunkin' Donuts was 358 miles away during a long drive one night, lol.

    On the way home, there was an accident in South Carolina that shut the highway down for a period of time. Traffic was backed up for miles. I touched "detour" and it took us off the highway, around the traffic and back onto I-95 beyond the tie-up.

    I also purchased the Garmin Friction Mount which sat on our dashboard (Chevy Suburban) and never moved an inch. It was great. We would take it down and put it in the console when we reached our destinations and put it back up on the dash when on the road again. No tell-tale sign of a GPS on our window.

    We've only had this unit for a couple of weeks and I doubt I'll be using it around my home town, but it certainly makes trips to unfamiliar areas much more enjoyable. ...more info
  • overall good device
    Overall I have been pleased by this device. My needs were a multifunctional GPS that also had a bluetooth unit. As for the GPS itself, it is easy to use, intuitive and directs better than my other car unit (built in with car purchase). It is quite accurate and we used it on a trip recently to Canada without any problems at all.

    As for the bluetooth, it is quite "tinny" sounding and is not as good as I would have hoped for. Perhaps this is not due to the unit itself, but all portable GPS units may have this limitation as the speaker(s) are small.

    Anyway, I have been pleased with the device and would recommend its purchase to anyone in need of a solid GPS that is easy to use and has good features....more info
  • Great product
    I am very happy with this GPS navigator so far. I like the fact that you can enter multiple destinations and the unit will guide you to each one. I also like that you can look up various points of interest- either by category or by name. The one thing that I wish worked better is when your course comes to a detour, one can push detour and the route will recalculate. However if the road is detoured for several miles, it will keep recalculating to try to guide you back onto the same road. I know that the maps that are loaded do not have every detour programmed into them, nor could they. But it would be helpful if you could somehow manually program in detours so the unit wouldn't keep trying to route you through those roads....more info
  • Excellent buy for your money
    The Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS system is great system for your money. First, the GPS works pretty accurate. It gives you two options on your destination, best time and shortest route. The best time option gives you the shortest time arrival and the shortest route gives you the shortest route arrival. Shortest time is set by default.

    I like the bluetooth feature which allows hands free connection to my cell phone while driving. There is also a output jack which allows for auxiliary input to your car stereo to listen to mp3 songs.

    Check it out for yourself. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • GREAT TOOL!!!!
    This has been one of the best purchases ever. It saves time, energy, helps you drive safer (since you are not looking at a huge map while you are driving) and it has kept my husband and I from several arguments about which way to go!!! Instead of arguing we now rave about this great little asset that has been worth every penny!!

    The only thing I regret is that we haven't gotten one earlier!

    Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator with Maps for North America...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Love it but have just a few things I would like to change. Doesn't have enough compatible phones for Verizon to use with Bluetooth and it took me a while to get used to the short amount of time it gives you to announce a turn. Sometimes within two tenths of a mile. If you're in traffic, that's not enough time to change lanes. Also, my address is about 9 months old and isn't listed when I enter it on the GPS....more info
  • The best gift ever!
    I bought this for my husband as a birthday gift. He continues to say how it is the best gift ever. He has always had a poor sense of direction and tends to get lost easily. This GPS makes his life easy. It is easy to use, lightweight and compact. He travels frequently for business. The 360 is convenient to travel with, especially with the travel cover case that comes with it. He has not tried the integrated bluetooth yet with his Blackberry, but I imagine he will soon.

    His only complaint is that when he travels to the west coast it takes a few minutes to locate the satellite. But after that, it works great. In fact, he says that this GPS is easier to use than the factory installed one in our car....more info
  • The best purchase I have made in a long time!
    I have been using my Garmin for a couple of months and absolutely love it! The only change I would make is that they should use route numbers along with street names. We have found that sometimes there are no street names visible....more info
  • Absolutely stellar product
    This is my first GPS (apart from using them in rental cars) and I have to say that Garmin hit the ball out of the park. My kids keep changing the voice to a woman with an Australian accent...very funny dealing with "roundabouts" and so forth...the accuracy is fantastic and the voice instructions are excellent...most of the time, i don't need to look at it....more info
  • overall a good product, a few disappointments
    Overall I like the Nuvi, but I am on my 7th year as a road-warrior and have always used Hertz Neverlost (Magellan) GPS systems in my rental cars. I think part of my problem is trying to compare the handheld GPS to a DVD-based GPS system and am expecting too much in the handheld.

    Great touchscreen, Perfect "pocketable" size, good sound, voice direction commands usually come before the turn you need to make (which is nice, and not always the case with voice GPS systems), easy to mark favorite locations

    It does not always pick the best routes. I played with it a lot around my local area and it tried to take me out of my way on several occasions (in the worst case, getting off a straight road I was on, talking sort of a circular detour, and getting right back on the original road just further down the line. I don't care how you try to explain it, that route is neither the fastest nor shortest route available), Traffic add-on module probably not worth it for most people, bluetooth functionality probably not worth paying extra for, battery life is less than I would like (only a few hours), satellite acquisition generally works quickly, but when it doesn't, it takes a while for it to recover, even in large metro areas (San Francisco, being one) outside on clear days, typing layout is abc, not qwerty (there may be a setting to change that, but I haven't found it,at this point)

    ...more info
  • Don't leave home without it!
    I had been researching various portable navigation systems for a while and because of the price and options, decided to purchase the Garmin Nuvi 360. I was traveling out of town to Tulsa on business and not being totally familiar with the area wanted it in time for my trip. I was very pleased that the Garmin was delivered timely and that it was so easy to use. My co-workers that were on the trip with me were amazed at the accuracy and ease of use. They've vowed not to take another trip without one. We traveled around the city as if we had a clue as to where we were going. In addition to the great driving instructions (the map, as well as the verbal and written instructions)I really liked having the other options -- where to find restaurants, stores, etc.

    Because it is portable, it was a snap to transfer over to my husband's vehicle. He went to Houston and navigated around without any problems. He even tried to "confuse" it and was impressed how it recalculated the route and told him accurately how to get back to the correct route.

    The bottomline is this...I absolutely love it and highly recommend it....more info
  • A lot of product in a small package
    I have had my Nuvi 360 about 6 weeks and so far I love it! Initially I got the Nuvi 350 as a company gift and traded it in for the 360 because I wanted the Bluetooth feature. Once connected using the car stereo hands free calls in the car are great. Using the Nuvi's speaker while driving was not a good experience, the speaker is simply too small and call quality was not good. Once I had it connected to the car stereo the experience was totally different enjoyable and productive.

    This is my third Garmin GPS in 8 years; all have been great products and did exactly what Garmin said they did. Each has been better than the last. The Nuvi is by far the easiest to use, lightest, and most feature packed. Initially I did not think I would use the MP3 portion however I find this more convenient while in the car than I thought. I am also planning a couple of airplane trips and plan on using this rather than my IPod.

    The suction mount has worked perfectly and has not come off once. The POI feature is great and is ideal for going on trips or just finding out more about where you live.

    I also added the GTM-12 FM Traffic Receiver; this is very useful to locate traffic problems. If you live in or plan to visit areas that are prone to traffic delays I would recommend this however check to see there is coverage first in those areas before you buy.

    Overall the Nuvi is easy to use and fun. Highly recommended....more info
  • Paid for itself
    Stuck in traffic.. no problem. just take the exit and the device recalculates the distance. Just one month of use and it has already paid for itself....more info
  • Awesome Nav.
    It's simple and works great. Garmin couldn't be more user friendly.

    Only Flaws:
    It's weird, if I change voice accents, I get slightly different directions.
    The suction mount isn't quite as good on my old Garmin Street Pilot.
    Subways/Trains/Overpasses above will make you lose reception in a second.

    Not a 4 out of 5 but I would still highly recommend this to family/friends/and strangers like you.

    If not this one, at least get a Garmin over the other competitors. Most user friendly, I've seen the other ones...not as quality as Garmin's line....more info
  • Great Product but the accessories need improvement
    I have had the Garmin Nuvi 360 for five months and have enjoyed using it in my travels. I find that the estimated time of arrival is always within a minute or two unless you run into traffic where it continues to recalculate. I often use it even when I know where I am going to be able to tell clients when I will arrive. It has helped me multiple times when I have had to detour from my main route. It recalculates quickly and keeps me going in the right direction. I do find that it has trouble finding the satelites if you turn it off in one place and back on in another.

    Previous reviews stated that the volume of the speaker was too low and I would agree. Maximum volume is need to be able to hear the audio books, map directions or bluetooth if there is much noise in the car. That makes using the bluetooth difficult in my car. I have enjoyed the audio books very much and look forward to traveling and listening to them. It is much better than carrying that many cds.

    It has been very helpful in locating points of interest (though I had to update my map to the 2008 edition that came out in July 2007 to get the most current list).

    My main concern is with the accessories that came with it. Both my window mount and my car charger broke and are being replaced under warranty. The person I spoke with at Garmin was very helpful and arranged to ship me the parts right away. Be careful removing the charger from the car plug, mine popped the end off just pulling it out. The window mount pivot was tight and cracked one side trying to tilt it to a better angle of view. Both are being replaced under warranty. I purchased the bean bag dash mount and found it to be better than mounting on the window....more info
  • worked for several months
    I purchased this in March and when it worked it was great. But now by August it is broken. I have spent part of the time out of the country so my Nuvi 360 has been sitting on my desk unused. Today I needed it and it can't connect and find the Sat signal. It asks if I am indoors while I am in my car and then asks if I am more than 100 miles from where I used it last. Well that became true as I drove and it still could not capture a signal. I hope the turnaround is fast on the repair!

    ...more info
  • Loving GPS!
    This is my first GPS system so i don't have very much to compare it on, only got it in yesterday but so far i love it.

    -Price, i really think this unit is a good deal priced around $300, i think $400 is a bit much, and i think those who payed a grand is outrageous. I almost gave it four stars because of this but we're rating the item not the price.

    The Good:
    -Bluetooth: This was the reason i got the 360 and not the 350, my phone wasn't on the compatibility list but i still thought it would be possible to link and it is. I have the Verizon Chocolate LG 8500, which is pretty common so if you're on the fence about getting this system because your chocolate might not work just get it. It's great to have calls come through and not have to deal with your phone, it's difficult to go through your address book through the nuvi if you are driving but you can do it on your phone and it will transfer to the nuvi. The POI numbers are great it's like a mini phonebook.
    -Design: Very lightweight and portable, at first it looked a little cheaper than i expected, it looked like it could have been a happy meal toy but once you boot it up, mount it in your car and get going it's great.
    -The Navigation: Calculates position very quickly, lets you know your route very clearly, in other words it will say "Head straight 4.4 miles on Smith street then turn right on davidson" or something like that, it usually gives you another notification about .2 miles before the turn, and directly when you get to the turn it's almost impossible to miss and even if you do it will recalculate and get you back on track.
    -Mount: If you are unsure about the window mount try it before buying the other mount. The Nuvi also comes with a dashboard option but its harder to remove, the window one stays in place well and can be moved easily, personally i mounted mine towards the top of my windshield so its out of the way and i can just look up for easy access, i drive an eclipse so the front of the window is a little too low and pushed back to do it there.

    Overall im still getting used to the device but i've seen enough to know that it is a great product that does what it promises, i've never had a GPS system before but always wanted one. The main thing for me is if this thing can last me at least a year and preferabbly two without ridiculous upgrades then it will be a great product. $400 for two years i can handle, but anything less isn't that good. I'll update with any problems i have....more info
  • gets raves
    I bought this for my husband, who is a construction estimator and spends his days going from site to site all over the Bay Area. He has used this thing constantly since he got it, and he loves it. It gives him more mental "down time" so he can think about other things, listen to an audiobook, or mentally work out details of his work while he lets the Garmin guide him. Oh, and he likes messing with the voices. Great product....more info
  • Works great!!!
    This is my third garmin and just love it. I keep moving up and no trouble selling my used one....more info
  • Nuvi 360 great
    This product has done everything I wanted it to and then some. It has worked getting me to business appointments. It worked as we walked all over San Francisco. I was surprised that it will even be able to convert Icelandic Krona into US$ for an upcoming trip...more info
  • Great product garmin
    I bought this on August 9th and had fun with this over the weekend. I am a cab driver so i get to use this a lot in new orleans, here the the pros and cons.
    Pros: Very quick signal and best route possible. Great and easy to use very easy. Mp3 is great bluetooth is great and the speaker are better than what i expect fra small device like this. Bluetooth connects very fast with most phones. Up to date maps and once i bought this i downloaded the software for free which is good. and a bonus amazon coustmer service is even greater. Very slick style and small enough to be your pda.
    Cons: The winshield mount is not good at all every time you put it on 5 minutes later it will fall down. Battery is not good it is below average to say the least. On the bluetooth you can use this as a phone for ever thing besides text messages. If you live in a city with a lot of foriegn street names like in new orleans we have a lot of french names it does not pronounce the street to your liking but all the english names are the best pronounced in this.
    I will update tonce i get to use this for a little while....more info
  • Excellent product -- even though backordered -- still received sooner than listed
    Excellent product. It wasn't listed as being on backorder when we initially ordered it. Did receive an email with the backorder status which is good and the product arrived sooner than the updated date given.

    Would have given this order a 5 if not for the backorder....more info
  • Handy and mostly accurate
    I recently moved to a large city and have found the Nuvi to be indispensable and a great stress reliever when trying to find a restaurant, store, office, etc., especially during heavy traffic.

    This is my first GPS, although I've used a StreetPilot before with rental cars. The Nuvi is much lighter and has a brighter screen than the StreetPilot's I've used.

    The vast majority of addresses and locations I've tried to find are in the database and the Nuvi gives great directions and routing information. On only a couple of occasions has it been unable to find a location. Also, on occasion it has trouble navigating some of the insanely designed, spaghetti bowl freeway interchanges and ramps in the city, but for the most part, gets them right. The only other issue is if the store or office you are looking for is in a large shopping center, it will take you to the shopping center entrance then it's up to you to find your destination from there.

    Those were minor inconveniences compared to some of the successful navigations. Once, I drove to a remote recreational spot and had to make a 25 mile detour on winding backroads through the Texas Hill Country due to the main road being flooded out and the Nuvi guided me unerringly to my destination. Good boy!

    I haven't used the bluetooth or MP3 features and probably never will.

    Sometimes, I take the Nuvi with me on hikes. It's not a cross country navigator but it will show your location relative to any local road network. Just be sure to mute it so the Nuvi doesn't announce directions from your pocket.

    Finally, I travel on business from time to time and I anticipate that I'll be bringing the Nuvi with me the next time I go to a city with which I'm unfamiliar. The same goes with vacations, of course.

    Overall, I rate my purchase of the Nuvi as one of my best investments ever. It works wonderfully well for the most part and has met my expectations. ...more info
  • Navigator
    I had this item a couple of months before I finally got around to using it. My job have me on the road quite a bit, over the years I have developed a mental nitch for directions. The instructions were pretty simple in setting up the device, after loading my reference point I hit the road. I am impress with it and I would recommend it to anyone buying a pocket navigator. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 perfection
    I am sos glad i bought this gps. It is worth it's weight in gold. It is flawless and has helped me get around so well in places I didn't know. The touch screen is great, the turn by turn is right on cue, everyone should have one....more info
  • Excellent value GPS
    This GPS exceeds the performance and functionality of built in car GPS in every way. I don't know how car manufacturers can cntinue to charge more than two and a half thousand dollars for the option....more info
  • Nuvi 360
    I have used the product quite a few times since purchasing. It works fine and very user friendly. The screen can be hard to see in direct sunlight, but you can adjust it so that the image is viewable.

    Very happy with it....more info
  • Confused with this product.
    Sometimes it find the signal very fast!BUT something it will never find it even i was walking.

    Once it finds the signal, it works perfectly, some local restaurant, business, very very good product....more info
  • I Love My Garmin
    I purchased a Garmin Nuvi 360 as a Christmas present for my husband.

    We recently moved and I was unfamiliar with the area. I kept getting lost so I borrowed my husband's Garmim. I fell in love with it and purchased my own. I now have the confidence to travel anywhere and know that I will get to my destination and home again.

    I love my Garmin!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    The product is a birthday gift for my daughter. She loves it. The choice was easy as my husband and his sons all have this model. They highly recommended it. It is wonderful, as advertised, delivery was prompt and we are truly pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Nuvi 360
    Excellent product...easily fits into pocket or purse....speaks clearly......easily moves from vehicle to vehicle......battery also helpful for short trips in town where you don't want to plug it in......I had trouble getting address on interstate HWY.....any hints?.....very helpful at night or through complex freeway systems.....overall great product.........fred ...more info
  • Good but be sure of your data entry
    I have enjoyed having this unit, it worked great in Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA and points in between. But it stunk in Miami. I am not sure why the difference, but several times the unit thought an address was somewhere else. I used mapquest print outs to check the unit.

    Part of the problem appears to be duplication of street numbers. So, in areas were multiple cities are close by and use the same numbering scheme, enter the city in - don't the unit choose for you The unit might also change from SW to NW or vice versa.

    The points of interest database, the primary reason I selected this model, is handy. Need a pharmacy in a strange town? A few touches to the screen and it will give you 20.

    When everything works right, these units are simply amazing. But the accuracy of the database seems to vary. I would not assume the unit is always right. ...more info
  • Useful Navigator
    Eccellent product and very easy to use. My job requires freq travel and printing directions are not effective. With this new navigator, I am able to make better travel plan and less rush to go from point A to point B. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi
    This piece of equipment lives up to all the hype! It is very user friendly and has been a tremendous help!...more info
  • Nice
    This is the first vehicle navigator I owned. I use to have to go to google maps to find my way around if there was an address that I was unsure how to get to. No more. This device I would not do without now. I used it a few times to navigate to addresses I could not find. It's very convenient. It guides you along all the way to your destination point. Good purchase...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Wonderful. It gets you to where you want to go and the time you arrive is right on the money. The Bluetooth feature is terrific...more info
  • Needs better routing capabilities
    Very nice little gadget, easy to see, decent voice prompts. Routing with only one waypoint to manipulate the route is quite inadequate for anyone with an idea which roads are better in reality. For this much money they could let the user control and save routes.
    Also, quite a few bugs exist in the map data, though most have been relatively minor in actually getting to the destinations....more info
  • Using the Garmin Nuvi 360
    While I really like this GPS unit, I have to admit it is not as user friendly as it could be. Once I get it (accidently thru trial and error), I would love a better menu and interface with a human being. Nonetheless, I still give 4 out of 5 stars, and would recommend it....more info
  • Badmaximo
    My first foray in the use of the GPS and it is doing a marvelous job. there are a few hiccups in using this product. one is the maps are not up to date. another is it shows my home 2 blocks away from where its located. (just a note Google maps do the same thing) one other thing is that it does not guide you using the most logical route. That being said I can say that it has got me to the proper location every time I've used it. I got it for work as a general contractor and Savannah has so many small named streets that I would spend too much time trying to find them, but the garmin gets me where I need to be with a minimum of fuss. I also love the blue tooth hands free phone. It is a great convenience. I have not used the MP3 function since my car has this function built in. All this being said I would recommend this unit for anyone needing a GPS. It has enough bells and whistles to make most anyone happy....more info
  • Great Navigator - Bluetooth Not so much
    The navigation portion of the device, which is really what matters, is dead on. Very accurate, nice features, and it finds the places you are looking for. However, like most GPS systems if you know the area you can pick a better route but in many cases it picks the route I would have picked. If you are lost you can trust it to get you there though.

    The downsides?

    The volume is controlled through the screen. An external control would be nice.

    The Bluetooth phone connection needs work. While it works as advertised, you can tell you are on a bluetooth connection. The volume is also not consistent with the navigation's volume. If you have the volume for the GPS set at say 7/10, it is just about right but when a call comes in, hold on to the wheel and try not to wreck because it will be LOUD.

    In the end, I'd buy it again....more info
  • Nuvi
    This was the first GPS system i purchsed, however my dad also has a garmin, but he has a streetpilot. His was more money (he purchased it through garmin direct) but mine has more features and is smaller and more lightweight.

    I love the Garmin Nuvi 360. I can take it anywhere, its so small and compact. Sometimes it has a hard time finding the satellite, so I find shutting it off and turning it back on helps a lot. If it takes a long time to find your wishful destination, try typing it in a different way. I tried to find a local school, so i typed in the name of it. It could not find it, but when i used the search by tool, i searched by schools (or something like that) and it was able to find the destination i was looking for.

    sometimes it takes me a longer way to my destination than it needs to, like getting off an exit to get to my house, it tells me to turn left when i normally go straight. i would ignore it, and it recalculates with no problems. but i did once follow the way it told me to, and now it never tells me to turn left. i think it figured out by me taking the route it suggested that it was not the fasted route.

    i think this is a perfect buy for someone who is looking for an inexpensive but reliable device. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket GPS Navigator
    I love it and don't know how I got along with out before. It is easy to use and so far there has only been one street I couldn't get it to find. In Charleston, SC it did give me a number of restaurants that were out of business, so I have learned to call them first. As far as directions it is awesome. I want to do some up grading such as traffic control to re-route for accidents and rush hour. This was a great investment. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great item except bluetooth doesn't function well.
    If I could do it over I would buy Nuvi350 w/o blue tooth option. This would save ~$100. It's not worth paying extra when this feature is not great quality. There's echo and noise in calls....more info
  • Great piece of technology!
    I have had limited experience with previous GPS systems. The BMW iDrive navigation system is relatively primitive compared to the Garmin Nuvi 360. Unlike the BMW iDrive system, the Nuvi 360 helps locate food, lodging and entertainment locations regionally (a great feature) The Bluetooth works flawlessly with my Motorola cell phone, but took awhile to download the phone book. Have yet to use the flash memory expansion slot, photo, features. Would recommend based on my recent 500 mile vacation. My only criticism: I wish the Nuvi can download my address book from my Mac....more info
  • Very useful tool
    I am happy with my new GPS. It is almost perfect. On 100 tries he will get the correct location and solution in 98 cases. Pretty impresive....more info
  • Garmin 360 is HELPFUL!!
    Good directions, if you miss a turn it recalculates for you & walks you through "the fix". Positioning on dash is important in bright sunlight, be careful when sticking the mount if not in bright light. N Timm...more info
  • I would add an item to the Nuvi 350 and others
    I made a error in listing as Nuvi 360, it is Nuvi 350
    I ordered by phone and was told my Nuvi 350 would come with v.9 map version; it arrived with v.8. I also would recommmend to the manufacturer they make some kind of plastic hood that clips on to the unit to prevent glare and easier viewing. I believe this would be simple to do for all the Garmin gps units and add to its selling points. ...more info
  • Great catch!
    This GPS navigation system from Garmin is the best I have ever tried or used. it has alot of features that you'd never imagine something that small could have that much equiped. with the bluetooth connectivity where you can pickup calls and use the built in speakers just made it for me. over all, worth every penny....more info
  • awesome product!
    I love my Garmin! The good thing about it, is that I feel confident going anywhere. I was always afraid of going traveling out of my comfort zone, but at this point there are no worries on my behalf.
    I don't know what took me so long to get it, and now I go everywhere with it.
    I would give this product 10 stars rating if it were possible, for I have gotten a 100% satisfaction from it.
    Don't delay and invest in something you won't regret purchasing.
    Me & My Garmin ...more info
  • Good device overall but some glitches for me
    I have owned the Nuvi360 for about two months and use it frequently. The pros are that it's easy to use out of the box with minimal reading of instructions and it does the job of getting you from point a to point b pretty well. Since this is the first GPS I've used (other than a Magellan in a rental car), I don't know if my gripes are universal to other units, but here they are. When the unit is fully charged, it works fine with or without the cable but otherwise, when you program a destination, the screen says "navigating" and just stays there. It doesn't say you need to charge the battery or plug it in . . . you have to figure that out yourself (since you can't see the battery charge icon from the "navigating" screen). So I just use the cable all the time now, unless I'm sure it's fully charged. The verbal alert to make turns is short --- .2 tenths of a mile. The screen for inserting the destination state and city is not clear . . . I had to play around with it to figure out how to insert each. Inserting the street address information is clear though. When you're on the narrative direction screen, if you hit the button at the bottom that says 'map' you think it will take you back to the direction map, but instead it takes you to the general map of the area in which you're located --- not too helpful. You have to hit the 'back' button to go to the actual map direction screen. All roads are described by CR - (county road) number; not street name. So, for instance, if you're expecting to turn right on Main Street, it will direct you to "turn right on CR-123" (assuming it's a county road, which, it turns out, most roads are). This may be true of all GPS's but it's kind of hard to get used to.
    Some of the other screen prompts are also not as intuitive as they could be but after you've used it for a few weeks, you get used to it.

    I've stored a few pictures on it and it was easy to load; the mp3/music sound is bad, as you would expect, so I wouldn't buy it thinking you can substitute it for an MP3 player -- maybe loading audio books would be ok, but I listened to a few tunes and it was pretty dismal.

    Overall, for the price, this is a good unit. It's especially helpful if you have a passenger with you to look at it and alert you of upcoming turns, etc. The more you use it the better you'll like it....more info
  • Great product!
    The Nuvi 360 is better than I had expected! It gives good directions and enough lead time to be prepared to get off at the correct exit. If you don't have a need for a hands free phone, you would be better served with the Nuvi 350. Exact same item without the blackberry capability....more info
    This item ..I've named mine JACK..he's the best!! I use it daily for the MULTI functions it offers..things I never even thought about, and once you get the hang of this little device ..I can tell you it's better than a cel phone!!!...more info
  • Nifty Little Helper
    We debated between ourselves about which model to buy. We knew we wanted a Garmin, having owned a couple over the years. My husband wanted the larger screen, but for our use, we couldn't justify the increased price.
    She does a very good job of navigation, although we don't always agree with her choice of directions. ;) We can't seem to retrain her, though.
    The Bluetooth connection is a wonderful tool, enabling us to use our cellphone hands-free, and very clearly. We're glad we chose it....more info
  • gli
    Absolutely fantastic! I loved.It is very useful to me.
    shipping is wonderful too.
    Just the bluetooth didin't match my cell phone,so still work on it.
    ...more info
  • Country roads and corn fields
    Set on (Route Preference)Shorter Distance when out in the country (Midwest) and you will drive through farmers' fields and dirt roads. If you miss a turn you may be directed to make a u-turn a mile down the road or a recalulated route of three right turns and then be told "There is a better route." Be sure to tap that icon and yes to the better route. In the Cities it is great. Found that there are some new (but that new, 151N) major road improvements/extentions that are not in the map file. This was found during a road trip in the Dubque, IA; Galena, IL; Madison, WI areas. Added 7/21/07: With the help of Garmin Customer Service I was able to update the map file to 2008 N. America NT. Need a resturant? Do a drive by...can't tell if its a greasy spoon or fine dining. Major fast problem. It would be great to have some type of rating..AAA or $ $$, $$$ to give us a clue.
    I had fun with the 2 American voices, Jill is a little bossie, Jack seems OK, the Aussies, Karen and Lee are very polite. There must be 40 choices, you may be able learn a new language while driving down the road.
    Bluetooth works on my Samsung C417 which was not listed as compatible. Took it to the second AT&T store and a Tech made it work, first didn't even try, except to try to sell me a $249 phone. MP3 works fine with ear piece/headphones, poor through built-in speaker.
    Took it out while on a plane to use MP3, then requested current position and it gave me 9600 foot alitude and speed of 613 mph as we desended to land! Made me smile....more info
  • A great tool for travel.
    Absolutely fantastic!
    Gets me to my destination without the use of cumbersome maps!
    Love it!...more info
  • A really great purchase!
    This has to be one of the most satisfying purchases I've made in a long time. This unit functions so intuitively that the manual is rarely needed. I've had it for about 1 month and I LIKE it! I purchased an 8 GB SD card and loaded it with 6 GB of MP3 music. I plug a cassette adapter into the side of the unit to play thru my car's sounds great. The voice guidance for the GPS is so good that the display is almost not needed! The bluetooth function paired with my cellphone and works flawlessly. All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with this GPS....more info
  • Garmin is cool
    I used it for a trip that I new the directions and it was amazing.I am looking forward to using it on trips! I was always bad with directions and I really think this was made for me....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
  • the reviews say it all. This is fantastic!!!Order Information
    I just got this for my boyfriend for his birthday and we are both crazy about it!!! Now I want one for myself!! it is soooo easy to use and is really fun to find resaurants and any other store or address you need. I will not write a long review because the reviews already written tell the whole story. I will sum it up to say, If you buy this you will love it. it is worth the money and it will be your new favorite toy. I can not say one bad thing about it. We even get recpetion without attaching it to the windshield. we just lay it in the tray on the console. Dont bother to buy the auto charger because it comes with one already.
    You will love this GPS....more info
  • More than a GPS
    I bought the Nuvi 360 after considerable review. The unit has lived up to the rave reviews I based my purchase on. Have been using the unit for a month now and it continues to impress. From finding and dialing phone numbers for stores and restaurants, to navigating routes on the fly, to hands free phone calls, this unit is a real assistant in the car. The screen size is just right for being able to navigate yet not obscuring view out the front window. My wife who was a little hesistant at first now wants to know why we didn't get 2. Using the touchscreen and selecting the "where to" is very intuitive. Recommend this to my friends and family. Don't think I could give it up now that I have come to depend on the help it provides on unknown roads and routing around traffic jams. GREAT PRODUCT. I bought the stock after using it for a week and seeing how the all the garmin products I reviewed prior to purchase seem to stand apart from the pack.
    ...more info
  • It actually does what it is suppose to
    I have to admit that when I bought this GPS that I did not feel I could blindly trust the routes it set out for me; so when I first got it I only asked it to take me places I already knew how to get to. I was amazed that it took me to my destination every single time. After a few of those trips I took the plunge and had it guide me to a location I had never been to, about 1.5 hours away from my house...I was a nervous wreck. I was still a bit weary so just in case I printed Google maps directions and kept them in my glove compartment as back-up. I was nervous the entire drive wondering if I was going the correct direction. The Garmin was great about guiding me and warning me when a turn was coming and what exit to get off of. Again with amazement and a little of of relief it worked again! I have had the Garmin for a few months now and have learned to trust it completely and it has not failed me yet. At the beginning it was sort of like having a stranger lead you through NYC Time Square blindfolded and having to trust them to take care of you, but now I know that I can trust my Garmin.

    One thing that I wish it would do is allow me to change some of the routes a bit. When I went to places I knew I noticed that the Garmin gave the most direct route, but I knew of a few short cuts and would go off the path of their suggestion. The good thing is that within seconds of leaving their suggested path it adjusts and re-routes the directions for you. Actually, in some cases I actually learned of some better paths to places I knew based on their suggestions, but I still wish you could adjust it sometimes just in case I don't want to go via the expressway or things like that.

    In conclusion, I love it! It syncs with my phones address book, it acts as a speaker phone when people call, it does all the GPS stuff it promises to. Completely suggest it, super easy to use...I don't know how I could live without it now....more info
  • Great Device
    The 360 was my first GPS, and I am very impressed. The maps have been very accurate so far, and the directions have been perfect. I bought the 360 over the 350 to get bluetooth, but I was disappointed to find it did not sync with my phone (ATT BlackJack). The battery life, so far, was less than 4 hours. I am hoping I simply did not fully charge before that trip.

    The mounting system works fine, and I was skeptical about how well the suction cup would hold. It is a very compact unit, but it is very readable. It will fit in your shirt pocket.

    The voice directions work well. (I think I hear a hint of disgust in the female voice that announces "recalculating" when you stray from the plotted course.)

    All in all, this is a whole lot better than looking at the fold out map while traveling down the interstate.
    ...more info
  • Everything I Hoped It Would Be
    I bought the nuvi 360 for my wife. She is both technology averse and directionally challenged. Originally, she didn't like the idea of a gps, but after I promised to teach her (without raising my voice) how to use it, she reluctantly agreed to the purchase.

    When the nuvi arrived, I played with it for about 10 minutes, and decided to just install it in my wifes Beetle. I showed my wife how to turn it on, and pointed out the pretty umbrella, I'd set up for the startup screen - that's it, end of training.

    I told her to just play with it some and then I'd answer any questions she had. She was navigating, saving locations to her favorites, and exploring the stored locations - all on her own - in no time.
    After giving her about a week to get used to navigating, I sync'd her Razr to the nuvi via bluetooth.

    Again, making, and receiving phone calls was dead easy, no training required. Now she is 100% sold on her nuvi. She uses it all the time.

    Having a product that helps you navigate around this old world -while talking hands-free on the phone - is great. Having a product that allows you to do that intuitively is truly a marvel!

    The only reason the nuvi didn't get a full 5 stars from me is the mounting mechanism hasn't worked out so well. My wife has a Beetle, so mounting the nuvi on the windshield makes it too far away. The suction cup won't adhere to the Beetle's rounded and textured dash. The adhesive disk, worked well for awhile, but the adhesive gave out after only a couple of weeks - probably due to the summer sun (although her Beetle lives in our garage most of the time). I'm thinking about checking out aftermarket mounting devices, but would have prefered to have the mounting solution come with the nuvi, given the pricetag....more info
  • In-Freaking-Credible
    It's amazing what this product does. It's even better than I thought. I just moved to a new town and didn't know the area at all. This got me around the city with ease. Also the many 7 hour trips I took while moving went by quick using the Audible player. It's amazing....more info
  • Wonderful item
    Very Very good at what it does. Bluetooth works well. Very easy to learn. I recommend it to everyone...more info
  • Great GPS Navigator
    Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant
    Great GPS! My wife has a built in GPS in her car but I wanted one for use in rental cars and my own car. It is compact and easy to pack. The interface is very intuitive. The blue tooth linked easily with my cell phone. Its guidance system works great. I really like mine....more info
  • Nuvi 350 vs 360 vs Tom Tom One - software version (v8 vs v9 maps)
    I purchased the Nuvi versus the Tom Tom One because of the speech-to-text recognition that announces "turn left on Fillmore Avenue in once-quarter mile" versus "turn left in one-quarter mile." Its a subtle difference, but in a crowded city or suburb with rapid-fire streets the signage announcement keeps you from looking at the screen to see if you're turning on the correct street (Nuvi 350 is $78 more than the TT1 at this writing). I upgraded to the Nuvi 360 for bluetooth which is cool, but probably not worth the extra $50 for me). The interface is simple, the windshield mount extremely well designed, and the overall package exceptional.

    However I am returning the unit simply because it came with v8 of maps, and v9 will be out very shortly (weeks) - with a $75 price tag to upgrade bringing the overall cost to over $500. Garmin tech support is non-committal whether they will upgrade recent v8 purchases. Apparently, some Nuvi 360 units are shipping with v9, so its available somewhere.

    Overall, total thumbs-up on this product, I just want to hold-off a wee bit.

    UPDATE - I've had this for 2-weeks and used it on a 1500 mile road trip. And I just returned it due to aging map software that will be renewed soon (Garmin: "could be weeks, could be months"). Garmin doesn't commit on whether they will offer a free upgrade to recent Nuvi buyers (they do for recently released version of European maps).

    The TTS feature is great, and Karen is hot (the Australian female voice). A few weird routes (a very circuitous route Oakland California was a little scary), but overall, very effective....more info
  • GREAT but practice with it locally first
    I also considered a Tom-Tom but on the strength of the product reviews bought a Garmin Nuvi 360 after agreeing to pick up my nephew in NYC on my recent KS>VA>DC>NYC>VT>KS 4000+ mile trip (from which I've just returned). I practiced using it a month locally before hand (which was very helpful). It has far more strengths than weaknesses.
    WEAKNESSES: Maps are not 100% accurate (maybe 99.99%): it directed me to drive a local street from which a bridge was removed 10+ years ago. It won't guide me to the local Lowe's home imprvmt store I've entered but instead to a house 8 blocks away on the same street. Its navigating formula heavily favors main streets/hiways so instead of taking me my usual shortest way home from the grocery store 6 blocks away, it directs me on a route over twice that distance using wider, more popular streets. When strong sunlight floods the windshield, I improvised a hood around the 360 to be able to view the screen. Garmin's customer service 800 # is so busy, I've been unable to get through.
    STRENGTHS: Despite minor flaws, it removes 99.9% of the dread and frustration experienced in navigating alone through cities and unfamiliar places. You can depart from any directed route (the voice says "RECALCULATING" and immediately gives new directions to your goal). Several times I saw huge traffic snarls ahead from accidents/construction on both city & rural interstates but Nuvi let me confidently dart off on a side route and "wing it" fully trusting that my Nuvi would quickly find a route around the blockage. That saved hours and made me fully appreciate the man in the current (2007)TV ad who says "I love you" to the female voice in his Nuvi. The bundled windshield mount worked flawlessly on my Honda Accord. While some minor improvements will be made in future models, just as it is, I commend it highly. Wonderful, enormously useful product....more info
  • Just as the advert said
    It worked straight from the box ... my NUVI360 was set up and running within minutes.

    Most of the features are intuitive, and I had no problem in connecting to my PC to add MP3 tunes to the unit. The bluetooth features are just a big plus too.

    The internal battery adds another dimension to getting out and about, as well as making planning trips before getting into the car so much easier.

    No hesitation in recommending this product....more info
  • Nuvi 360
    I am very happy with it. Bluetooth works excellent.
    We travelled to Niagara Falls & Toronto and nuvi 360 did a perfect job.
    I would higly recommend....more info
  • Reliable & easy to use
    Very easy to use and reliable, every bit as good as the review says. Had it for about 2 months and have used it extensively; however have not used any of the bluetooth features. There were a few rare mapping errors which is not the fault of the gps - such as a road reroute that is not in the current map. Otherwise it is flawless. Text to speech is good but can be improved by an earlier or quicker announcement of the upcoming turns. However there is always the onscreen next turn available as a backup. A mute button would be nice for a quick volume turn down during a cell call.
    I am planning to buy a couple more for the other members of my family.

    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS
    This satellite navigator is exactly what I wanted. It's anti reflective screen is excellent in the Florida sun. Also it is small enough, weighs very little and is slim enough to slip into my pocket to take into work. A good buy. The only thing is I wish I could have afforded to buy the larger screen one! ...more info
  • One of the best purchases I have ever made
    I purchased my Nuvi 360 six weeks ago and I have to say without a doubt it's one of the most useful purchases I have ever made. I absolutely hate driving in a car but since I purchased the Nuvi 360 I have found I can't wait to drive somewhere....anywhere! The accuracy of the Nuvi has been close to perfect. The directions have been perfect. I travel every week and one of the many reasons I love this product is I can easily pack the Nuvi in my luggage and then attach it in the rental car at the city I am going to. This is a huge advantage to buying a new car with a navigation system preinstalled as you are forced to leave the preinstalled unit in the car. Also, updating a preinstalled system is not as simple as the Nuvi. If you do purchase a Nuvi, I highly suggest connecting the Nuvi to the sound system in your car as the speaker is small in the Nuvi and while I had no problem hearing the voice prompts through the small speaker, the MP3 sounds very weak unless it is going through a more powerful sound system. Also, the voice prompts sound a lot better through your radio/sound system. If you have a newer car you should have an auxiliary plug/outlet somewhere on your radio and all you need to do is go to Radio Shack and buy the cable that one end plugs into the auxiliary outlet of your sound system and the other end plugs into the outlet on the Nuvi. One other praise I will give the Nuvi is it actually is very secure when attached to your windshield with the included suction device. I have never had much luck with suction devices as far as really attaching a unit to my windshield and staying in place for more than 2 minutes. With my Nuvi it stays firmly in place until I remove it. I did purchase an after market device that is made for the Nuvi that fits into one of my cup holders on a stand and makes the Nuvi alittle more accessible when I am driving. One thing I wish Garmin had included with the Nuvi was an attachment to hold the Nuvi on my belt at times when I am carrying it while traveling or when I want to use the Nuvi when walking in a large city. This is a great product and well worth the money. You won't regret buying it....I promise!...more info
  • Experiential viewpoint towards the Nuvi 360 - no specs, just my observations.
    Experiential viewpoint towards the Nuvi 360...
    Driving from Phila to Chicago with a few stops in between was easily managed using only the Nuvi. We drove the entire round trip without a map and without website print outs. I have never drove in Chicago before this trip. If you have ever attempted driving in Chicago, you know it is not easy for non natives: it's like driving on a 1970's circa disorderly circled, multilane Mexican road. We were navigating through 16 lanes of a crisscrossed high/byway system with many of those lanes randomly under construction. You also have to contend with the typical aggressive city drivers: very few give an inch, you have to take it. Doing this with the Nuvi was like having an astute local expert in the front seat guiding every move. Each of those moves was done with uncanny precision and perfection. We used the detour feature several times to get around a few long road blocks. Our constant comments were, "I love this device", "I can't believe that", "Cool", "Wow", etc... I personally hope it takes the rest of America a few decades to catch on so the detour feature retains its value ;-)

    The windshield mount
    Many people have complained about the windshield mount slips. We did not have any problems with the mount.

    What I don't know about the Nuvi 360.
    How long will it last. How accurate is it in smaller towns (There was 1 consistent misguide to a hotel in Michigan).

    Would I buy this device again?
    If I lost it today, I would immediately buy a new one. Until the Acura navigation comes down in price, I will always own a Garmin navigational unit. I now rely 100% on this device when driving in unknown territory: Thank you Garmin!
    ...more info
  • Does the job, even better than expected
    Just came from my first out of town visit with the Garmin Nuvi 360 in tow. There is nothing else to say but great product. There were a couple of ambigious directions but still got to where we were going. "Recalculating".

    The interface is so intuitive you only need the manual for some of the special features such as upgrading software or such. But getting from point A to B is as easy as opening the box and turning it on.

    Also I tested the Bluetooth feature and it worked flawlessly after a couple of attempts to set it up. Overall, I really could not find anything bad with this product. I do believe you have to have the common sense that it will not be absolutely perfect so you will not panic when the directions use some creativity. However, for the most part the Nuvi 360 can't be beat.

    PS: get this with your Nuvi. It is exactly what you are looking for. Garmin Portable Friction Mount for Nuvi, StreetPilot I Series & C530, C550 (010-10908-00)...more info
  • They're not perfect, but very cool.... none the less.
    It boots up quick, it's very accurate on positioning. I really like this device. I don't know if the points of interests will ever catch up to the ever changing world we live in. If they do that better, then this device will be perfect. I,m thinking if they had adaptive logic and uplink capabilities..............more info
  • Great Great Great...these things have come a long way!
    I am very satisfied with my 360. I used to use an IPAQ with the GPS module. This is by far more superior. My only complaint is that the Bluetooth speakerphone isnt that great. Not real good speaker, and others complain about the quality of my voice.

    Anyhow, this is a great purchase, and Amazon had the best price anywhere.

    You won't be disappointed with this.

    ...more info
  • It works ..perfect
    Beautiful little gadget . Works out of the box .
    Was a gift and they loved it . Very user friendly interface , does take a while to get used to someone explaining directions to you , but once you get used to it , it;s a breeze .
    Used it for a road trip to a camping site , worked beautifully .

    Bluetooth connection wa easy too , automatically synced up the phonebook .The phonecalls show up very clearly on the screen , you can answer or ignore . I wish they had a choice of ringtones , the one they have is pretty boring .


    As they say , nothing is perfect , this comes pretty close ...more info
  • Great Gadget - Too Few User Options
    5 Stars for the gps device itself. It's a great little gadget.

    3 Stars overall due to downsizing by Garmin of the user interface.


    Has SIRF III (1st generation?) so GPS reception is fairly solid even
    when under moderate tree cover. Actually I've maintained GPS
    functionality even when the signal bars were down into the red.

    Seems really accurate as far as GPS location, etc... And I'm not
    using the WAAS feature.

    Very compact and very portable (wallet size).

    You can see your saved favorites (usually just the icons) on the map at
    all times regardless of zoom level (at least when free roaming). I am referring
    to saved favorites, not custom POI's.


    Have noticed that the Nuvi 360 has problems aquiring the satellites when
    the car is already moving (but only occasionally).

    Routing, quite honestly, is awful. My pet monkey (if I had one)
    could pick a better route than this device. I just moved to
    Los Angeles, and I have a better idea (in most cases) about how
    to get to where I'm going than the GPS does - once the Nuvi shows
    me where my destination is at.

    No user options to set route preference between Freeway, major
    road, and minor road. Just shortest route or fastest route, avoid
    toll roads, unpaved, etc...

    Beware the built in location database. When I first arrived in LA,
    the Nuvi helped me look up and go to a few places when I needed
    to... then it routed me to a Best Buy that doesn't exist (It turns out
    the real Best Buy's aren't even in the Nuvi's database. I did not
    know this at the time.).

    Major Con (almost a deal breaker):

    I personally hate the automatic zoom feature.

    When allowing the Garmin to route you to a destination, it
    zooms in to a certain preset map resolution when driving,
    regardless of where you personally set the map resolution
    just a minute before. The Garmin basically won't let you
    set your own zoom level. It will just keep overriding it and resetting
    the zoom level to it's own built in preference for speed and road type.
    Note: This only occurs when routing to a destination. The autozoom
    function is disabled if using the GPS as a free roaming device - as I now do.

    *And Garmin has eliminated the menu function that allowed you to
    turn the autozoom feature off entirely.*

    But despite the three stars, I still kept it and am using it.

    At least it works and the map is accurate. It really helped out when
    we had the fire in Griffith Park and Los Feliz Blvd was shut down. I
    would have gotten lost without this little gadget telling me exactly
    where I was on the map.

    And besides, this series of GPS's are the only ones you can slip
    into your pocket and take with you like a wallet.

    3 Stars because I can't/won't use it for routing to my destination and
    there are no user options to significantly improve the routing capability
    so that I can/will use it....more info
  • NUVI 360
    I am very pleased with the item. I left Clearwater Fl and went to Redwood New York and found the NUVI to be a great item. I knew a different route from I 90 to US 17 to Rt 66 to I 81 and when I left the route that the NUVI wanted me to take it readily identified my changes and adapten to the new route. I highly recommed it to everyone, in fact have had 2 more people to purchase one....more info
  • Lons distance trip
    Great navigation tool- we flew to Minnesota to drive a vehicle back to Maine. The Nuvi helped route us thru some difficult traffic such as in Chicago which had some major construction going on...Love it! ...more info
  • Very useful
    Even though the maps are obsolete (at least 3 years behind what is happening now) and sometimes you have to make a decision on the spot (roads do change in 3 years), it's an useful instrument (most of the streets are still the same). Especially if you are travelling alone or through areas that you don't know... it's a must have. ...more info
  • I love it, I love it.
    I must say that my garmin nuvi 360 is so much more than I expected. It is so accurate and it get's me where I need to go all the time. Thanks for
    making that product.

    C Joseph....more info
  • What a great product!
    I bought the nuvi 360 after I briefly used a friend's portable Tom Tom. I had been previously using the "portable" magellan with the gigantic crane arm/suction mount that didn't work without being plugged in. The magellan was a good navigator, but I wanted something portable, compact. This device is great just as a navigator, but the best feature and what makes it worth the price is the hands free bluetooth feature. Works great with my phone, can dial from the screen, shows the caller ID (number only) on screen, will automatically dial numbers from any POI in the device...This nuvi is very lightweight and the built in mp3 player with the navigator on makes it great to carry on exercise walks, runs or bike rides as it will give you your position, average speed, direction, time of travel (including standstill time), max speed ALL while playing your favorite mp3s which you can play right off of any size SD card (you can use the built in speaker, or headphones...the stereo sounds great on headphones). The small suction mount makes it easy to move from car to car. Awesome, buy it, you won't regret it....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant (Purchased on 05/03/2007)
    The product comed preloaded with the US/Canada/Puerto Rico database. I use it daily just to dicover how little i know the town where I live and things that I did not even know existed. It'size is perfect to even carry it on your pocket or briefcase. I only have good things to say about this little wonder. The only limitation I found was that the additional memory card for a different country (spain) lacks the database to perform as well as in the US, and perhaps that a screen which is 1 inch larger may make it easier to see the info. ...more info
  • Works great out of the box!
    This came recommended by a freind - and it measured up to my expectations. The Bluetooth is really cool. Love the ease of use of the touch screen. The windshield mount isn't perfected yet....more info
  • Why You Would Want To Buy *This* GPS
    I love my Nuvi - it is so groovy.

    I owned a top of the line Garmin handheld GPS. It was great, but the screen was small and the user interface was cumbersome.

    Nuvi's are personal travel assistants. They are aimed at pedestrian or auto travelers. The 360 has the same great radio as the highend handhelds and the same great maps. But it has a touchscreen and is easy to read. It does MP3s and pictures swell. It has lots of other fun features.

    Why pick a 360 over a 660? Size. The 360 fits in my shirt pocket. I carry when I am walking around a strange city. The 660 is bigger, which in a car would be nice. However I use my 360 in the car just fine.

    One "feature" is that the receiver shuts off when the antenna is folded down, to save power. However I often like it to leave it on when I am walking or jogging, to keep track of my travel speed walking. So I attached small binder clip over the antenna to keep it open just a little when it is in my pocket.

    Also, I use inexpensive plastic screen protectors to protect the screen. (Available through Amazon.) I have used PDAs for over 10 years and these REALLY help to keep the screen from getting damaged....more info
  • gps 360 garmin
    I can believe it ,i always feel safe when i drive on road,highway and everywhere that i want to come,look like have real people beside me to guide to the rightplace that i want.thank you 360 garmin.
    paul pham....more info
  • Really easy to use
    This is my first GPS and I love having a GPS. It's like when I first got my E-Z Pass: I wonder why I didn't get one sooner!

    This is so easy to use, I have only read the manual to make sure I didn't forget anything when I hooked it up to my car. I was able to tell it to take me somewhere after powering it up for the first time and I was up and navigating. I did spend time later to find out more features and customizing it just by pressing things on the screen.

    There are a whole lot of things I like about the nuvi. Since other reviewers have already talked about them (and you can find out even more about the features on Garmin's site), I'll just list my favorites: text-to-speech (TTS) saying street names, colored 3D view (water is blue, parks are green, etc), points of interest (POI) with address and phone numbers as well as direction and distance from current location, real-time driving statistics (avg MPH, ETA, time stopped, etc), one press operation for the next direction and it automatically goes back to the map, way point insertion via map.

    I did wonder whether the bluetooth functionality was worth it since my phone already has a speaker phone function. But I am really glad I got the 360 instead of the 350. If nothing else, it's like having a heads-up caller ID. It also directly accesses my address book on my Blackberry 7105t. So I can receive and make calls without taking my phone out of its holster (which is sometimes a hassle with the seatbelt buckle/jacket/coat in the way). I have my nuvi connected to my stereo via a cassette adapter so I can clearly hear the caller. For privacy, the 360 allows you to send the call back to your phone but it requires three presses on the screen which is a bit inconvenient.

    Now for the things I don't like so much:

    * Many times, the person on the other side of the call has trouble hearing me. I've ordered the external microphone which will hopefully take care of this.

    * The MP3 player works well, but my MP3 files are much louder than the navigation audio. This pretty much makes the MP3 player useless to me while navigating since I would either have to listen to the music much louder than I want or struggle to hear the navigation audio. I've sent Garmin a request to make this adjustable.

    * The data is outdated even if "new". I guess this is not specific to Garmin and is the nature of the beast, but I've gotten wrong directions and been taken to places (POI) that no longer exist because the data is basically two years old. Even though they update once a year ($75 each update), by the time a consumer gets it, the data is already closer to two years old. For example, the newest data was released on April 2006 but it wasn't shipped until September 2006. And just because it was released on April 2006, I don't think it means everything was up to date at that time. But that's just conjecture on my part. What I do know is, it lists stores/restaurants in my area that I know were no longer in business way before April 2006. I think some of them even closed in 2005 but they are still listed in my nuvi.

    * It's not perfect. It didn't know about a concrete barrier so it kept telling me to go through it. It was trying to get me to go through a private road once. Sometimes the route isn't the best.

    Even with its flaws, I am glad I bought the 360 as it has given me a greater sense of adventure and security that I will not get totally lost. Instead of spending minutes looking on the web for directions where to go, I just make sure I have the address before I walk to the car. In a 10-day period recently, I drove to a wedding in NJ, to a vacation in NC (Outer Banks) and back to a wedding locally in VA. The nuvi got me to all three places without getting lost once, while some of my friends got lost to some of those places (but they didn't have any GPS).

    Here's my thoughts after 6 months of use:

    I still love it!

    Garmin was generous and gave everyone who bought a nuvi by a cutoff date the 2008 update free. It was easy to upgrade although it did take a few hours to complete. Getting more up-to-date info is definitely a big plus. I wish they would update twice a year (at half the cost each time, of course).

    Garmin said they cannot do anything about the MP3 problem I emailed them about. They're not even sure they will incorporate it in future models. It's a shame since it's not practical for me to use the MP3 function while navigating with the way it is now.

    The external microphone helped but I think the real problem is me plugging in the Nuvi output to my tape player. Now, when someone calls, I make sure it's not playing through my tape player and I've gotten less complaints from callers about echoes or not being able to hear me.

    The Detour function seems to help a lot when there's a big delay when you're in a major highway. It does a good job of getting you to a different way which has been avoiding the delay most of the time. Note: I do not have the traffic service so it's just re-directing you.
    ...more info
  • nuvi 360
    Product is very intuitive. Three minor issues:
    . GPS is a bit confuse when first starting it in non-moving vehicle, you need a sense of whether you need to go west, north or east/west
    . I have not yet found a way to find a POI when driving if I want that POI to be in abut 30 miles, next to an exit and I do not know the name of the next city coming up
    . In rural areas,the GPS probably estimates the location of a specific street number and can be incorrect

    Overall however, it is really great and we use it all the time. It has been very helpful in major metro areas and I would strongly recommend it to anybody looking for a GPS...more info
  • Wins hands down over the Sony
    Use this all the time with cell phone for hands-free talk. Works great! Used to own a Sony GPS but this is far superior. When one misses a turn, (I did it with both just to see what would happen) this one never skips a beat, just refigures the route and tells the next place one can turn to get to ones destination. It will continue refiguring as long as one misses the turns. One can choose either a male or female voice. A nice feature. I like the ease of putting in the destination address. FAR superior to the Sony in that department! I am in love with this product! Since I have absolutely no sense of direction, this has been a Godsend!...more info
  • Garmin...very nice
    $440 is definitely a lot of money, but Garmin Nuvi 360 is worth it. It is an awesome GPS navigator. Not only it will tell you directions, but it has tons of other features. Navigation itself is pretty good. I bought it few weeks ago, but already drove almost 900 miles with it, and never had any problems. It is pretty accurate and extremely easy to use.

    What makes it even better is MP3 player, the so8und quality is very good, much better of what I expected. Also picture viewer is a very neat thing. Another very nice feature is of course bluetooth. When I am driving I almost always listening to music, and I never can hear my phone ringing, but with Nuvi it shows on the screen if someone is calling me, very nice.

    Bottom line is, it is a lot of money, but if you can afford it, it is a must have, especially if you are as bad with directions as I am....more info
  • Good product
    This product is awesome. Worth the money, the product is very intuitive. I havent tried the bluetooth aspect of it because my car is bluetooth....more info
  • easy to follow direction
    The garmin gps is very easy to use and has a lot of features more than I thought. Looking for a gas station, bank, restaurant or any other places you want to go is just a matter of programming your gps and it is very easy to do so.I really recommend this to anybody....more info
  • Simply the Best
    I have owned the Garmin Nuvi 360 for about one month now and I am still amazed at the performance of this little gem. I am impressed with the amount of information that can be packed in such a small package. It has worked flawlessly. The speed in which it acquires the satalite signal is impressive. The map which is included in the software is more than adequate, however the price of additional maps if needed for other countries is excessive....more info
  • One of my best purchases
    This is one of the greatest investments I have made in a while. I recently moved from Mississippi to Pennsylvania and this GPS has made getting used to the town very simple. It will find restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, bars, and so much more. Forget getting lost. As soon as you make a wrong turn (which can only result from you not paying attention) the GPS automatically recalculates your route. If you are in heavy traffic, just hit detour on the screen and it will find a different route for you. This thing is amazing and I highly recommend it for its ease of use and usefulness....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    I normally use Street Atlas on a laptop for GPS directions when traveling.
    However my daughter has a Mac and can't use Street Atlas so I purchased this product. Before she used it, I experimented with it. I found that it had fewer options to plan a trip than Street Atlas does and I found it more difficult to find alternate routes. It seems to allow only one via.
    When she went to use it, we were not able to get it attached by the suction cup either to the windshield or to the dashboard mount.
    We are going to Europe and I look forward to trying the language translation ability and the directions in Italy but have not yet purchased them.
    She found it helpful on her trip although it did route her into a parking lot.
    I gave it three stars but it's on the high end of three.
    ...more info
  • Great lttle machine, but...
    Easy to use right out-of-the-box! Good battery life and great size. I've used it locally and long distances and it has always gotten me there, although sometimes it doesn't take the shortest route. If I was asked what needs to be improved on the 360 it would be to update the POI's...It has some places that are no longer open and doesn't have newer establishments. #2 - the bluetooth is not worth the extra $50. The voice quality and volume are low.

    IMOHO...Get the'll have a great little GPS unit and save $50!...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 exceptional product
    I am not prone to writing reviews nor do I pretend to be an electronics aficionado but this device deserves the highest rating on all levels. It is simplistic to use without even reading the manual. The response time if you go off course is almost immediate, with a quick reroute. I cannot discuss POI's and whether every restaurant or gas station the US is in the device; I will leave that to those individuals who require the concierge functions of this device to comment on such, but be that as it may, if you need a device to get you where you want to go this is the device. I have owned two other portable GPS devices 1 was a PDA that was supposed to function as a GPS, it was so complicated to use that by the time it would take to program in your destination you would have arrived there. The 2nd device was an Iway350, it was easier to program than the PDA but had many failings, first it took an inordinately long time to locate the satellites, I live in South Florida so there is no interference from tall buildings as one might have in NYC. Second areas (towns and streets)that have been well established, for many years, are not in its data base. Off course response time can take minutes to recalculate, the machine locks up frequently; I even had to send the Iway350 back to be unlocked and reprogrammed with the newest version of their software which was to no avail. As these devices are not inexpensive one should learn from the experience of others, this is truly a phenomenal device at a reasonable cost.
    ...more info
  • Almost perfect!
    Only problem I have is with suction cup - it doesn't hold this unit for long.
    ...more info
  • Love it.
    Have had the 360 about 6 months now. Just love it. No problems. Works exactly as advertised. Easy to use. Screen has very bright colors maps. Talks to you, "In 200 ft turn right on Maple St.", etc. Got photos stored on it. Now downloading audio books and listening to them as I drive. Also bring it in my house and listen. Battery, car hook up, or house electric. Best product I have bought in awhile....more info
  • Maps not current.
    MAPS OUTDATED, HARD TO PROGRAM MULITIPLE destinations in to route. It looks for first turn instead of alternate faster routes. I like the size and carrying case. The voice is terrible. I tend to look at a map and plan route rather than relying on this. I am a realtor....more info
    I love my Garmin Nuvi 360- I just wish I would have had it months ago! It's wonderful. I enjoy every minute of it, the touch screen is easy, setup is easy, everything it so easy. I really didn't even have to read the manual that much, but my boyfriend made me. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Best thing to spend your money on
  • Use in Germany
    I just used Nuvi 360 for 2 weeks in Germany. It put me in front of every address with no problems what so ever. I have to give it the highest rating.
    George...more info
  • Passing Grade
    I like everything about the Nuvi360 so far, except the map. And It just happened to be the most important thing and the reason for these devices. I was in Dallas last week, and it could not find a Papasitos restuarant that has been there for the last 10 years. Routing is also weird. Intead of suggesting one turn, it tries to take me through a subdivision with bunch of turns.

    As a prevous user of other GPSes, I found the map disappointing. So I am still trying to decide if I will keep it.

    Other than that, everything else is wonderful. Screen is clear and sharp, comes with a nice set of tools. Bluetooth function works perfectly and took no time to set up with my Blackberry. Nav software is super easy to use, adding your own POI is simple.

    I will update this once I know more about the unit.


    Well, the GPS's going back to Amazon today. I must have a bad one because it seems to take longer to sync with the sattelites. Yesterday it would not sync until 10 minutes into the ride.

    After a few weeks of use, my opinon is the same. The device is great, probably among the best, but the map is very disappointing. It could not find the Lexus dealer. I used to have a cheaper GPS that used TeleAtlas map and the map was much better. Don't believe it when people said TeleAtlas is developed by a Europpean company. NavTeq map, which Garmin used, is not as complete. That explains the weird routing on the Garmin.

    Anyway, it's too bad. I really like the Nuvi 360. But there is no point if I am not satisfied with the map....more info
  • Quickly becomes indispensible.
    Our first gps was the Garmin Nuvi 660. We added a Nuvi 360 for a second car, although the devices easily move from car to car, because we often use the two cars separately for days at a time.

    Now, we've purchased a second 360 for another car.

    The Nuvi series is functional, intuitive, responsive, and versatile. Supremely portable, useful devices that deliver what they advertise. Quite apart from the excellent navigation functions, we've enjoyed the MP3/Audible Books/bluetooth features a lot more than we ever expected to.

    And Amazon's prices are usually comparable to or superior to the online discounters (be sure to account for shipping!)...more info
  • Works as advertised but....
    I like it overall. I think it's beats the socks off of its competitors out there. So, I won't go into too much positive details on this. Instead, I'll just mention some negative things so that the future buyer knows what's up. First, the speakers on this model is tiny. So the voice instructions come out quite distorted during highway speeds because you have to raise the volume up. (mine is on the 1 notch down from max setting) And forget about driving with your windows down. Second, the windshield mount is excellent. Dash mount is good if you are installing it on a level surface. Nowadays, however, not many things on the car are "level". So the windshield option may be the only way. Testing out the bluetooth phone feature, which works relatively well, I found that the microphone on the unit isn't very sensitive in picking up voice. So the person listening to your voice has a hard time.
    I have no other faults for this thing. It's worth every dime. I would go with thing over the more expensive model. The other features likse FM transmitter and traffic info. really don't work very well, IMO....more info
  • Easy Traveler
    The basic nagivator features on the Nuvi are quick and easy. I bought mine for vacation travel as well, and it performed beautifully in Italy with the additional maps I purchased. We also used it to walk to the various sights in Rome, but be careful if you're on foot - Nuvi assumes you're in a car, so it avoids taking you down one-way streets. This can make for a longer route sometimes. I also bought the additional Language Pack but wasn't so thrilled with it's awkward and frustrating lack of words and phrases. We managed better with a phrase book....more info
  • Great graphics, easy to use.
    This product is terrific. Other than a few crazy ivans it's pulled on occassion, it's accurate, easy to use, fast and easily readable.

    I had factory installed nav system on my last car, and the Garmin Nuvi is by far a better system with more options, and it's portability can't be beat....more info
    The Garmin Nuvi has been the coolest gadget I have bought online.
    It has been a wonderful driving experience with Garmin Nuvi 360 model and
    the bluetooth feature has only enhanced its utility value.
    I will strongly recommend ppl to buy this GPS.

    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant
    Very easy to use! ...more info
  • Never lost again.
    This is a wonderful product. I use it all the time and it works great. It's something I should've gotten a long time ago. Everything about it is so easy to use and plenty of neat features. ...more info
  • Great navigation, sound not enough
    Great navigation, don't really use much of the other features. The bluetooth is convenient, but since I don't use this everyday, it's not so practical. I one complaint I have is that the sound is not loud enough. If the radio is on, it is sometimes difficult to hear when a turn is coming up.
    All is all though, I've been very happy with it.
    ...more info
  • You will not be disappointed
    I purchased this for my daughter, who is a college student. She loves it.

    Immediately after the purchase, we took a trip to the San Francisco area.
    It worked well every where except downtown SF. The reviews I read said that this model worked well in Manhattan. So, I expected it to work in SF. It could not locate some major streets. In fairness, I should say that I tested it in only one area of the downtown.

    The voice directions are very clear and easy to follow. The screen is bright and visible in bright day light. The blue tooth connection for the cell phone worked well.

    I wish it came with a belt clip.
    I was afraid of dropping it while walking through downtown.

    If I needed another one, I will buy this again....more info
  • Device 5 stars, suction holder 3
    GPS device unbelievable! I couldn't ask for a more responsive and accurate device. 'time to destination' 95% accurate (could account for red lights a bit better though), trip recalculation takes seconds (if you've ever used VZ Navigator you know how long this can take). The only downside has been the suction mount has had trouble staying on when consistently moving from one (rental) car to another. Other than that, 5 bold stars...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    Everything one could want in getting you where ever you want or need to go!...more info
  • Worthless
    List of problems:
    Online update failed. Still will not update.
    Saved coordinates at Oxford Valley Mall in PA and proceeded to NY. When returning via the saved coordinates, I was taken 80 miles away from the coordinates. This cost me 3 hours and 160 miles total return trip.
    One time, on another long road trip, it behaved as if I had avoid highways selected. I didn't know any better so I kept following the directions. Eventually I realized something was wrong as no avoidances were set and I was clearly taking the 'scenic route'. I had to do a restore and then directions adjusted. This cost me several hours in time as well. I would have been better off using a map and my instincts rather than relying on electronic equipment that does not function as advertised.
    I am extremely disatisfied with the performance of this product and require a replacement or repair.
    Also, the window mount easily broke on one side while being adjusted. Now, the nav would just hang limp, so I have to hold it in my lap. Overall, this has been a very frustrating experience and for the money I paid for it, I expect much, much more than a glorified 2.5" map that gives bad directions.
    ...more info
  • All that you can ask from a GPS
    Garmin Nuvi 360 Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator and Personal Travel Assistant

    This product is just great! Works when you need it. Since its portable you can get directions even when walking around. It did make mistakes when I was driving around in Austin, TX. But worked like a charm in other places. The bluetooth worked with my phone and is just sweet! If you have music running the Nuvi360 pauses it when a call comes through or if it has to announce the directions. If you are using your phone via bluetooth the volume reduces and the directions are announced. This product is well designed and just rocks....more info
  • unbelievable
    i bought the nuvi to use on a trip to Arizona. the nuvi directed me to every place i wanted to go without an error. it was especially useful in Tucson which is pretty spread out. i know find i use it quite a bit at home to find better directions than what i know and to find new places. this makes mapquest obsolite....more info
  • It's just OK , not so great as I have thought
    This Nuvi360 is just Ok, not so great I have thought. Slow recalculatings and it has sometimes directed to a wrong way or totally wrong direction. Need to be reset in order to get back normal mode.
    ...more info
  • Garmin sets the standard
    Garmin sets the standard for GPS systems. The Garmin nuvi 360 is my 6th Garmin---four of them were for aviation---one for camping---this one for road travel. The 360 is simple to operate and very compact. I highly recommend the Garmin 360. By the way, Garmin really backs there GPS's....more info
  • expectatons
    I have to admit that I hesitated when it was time to click on the "purchase item" button, not being sure of the cost/benefit outcome........ THIS PRODUCT HAS FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS, and I would purchase it again, in a heartbeat...more info
  • Love it
    I bought this product as a birthday present for my husband. He loves it. Graphics are clear, routes are on target and he can play MP3 on it. Routes are clearly labelled. I use it to share digital pictures when on vacation. I shopped around online and in stores and found this price to be the best even with 2 day shipping costs included. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi
    Easy to use, but somewhat erratic. I recently used it to go to an address that I've been to many times before, and know how to get to, and it showed me another route that shaved about 5 miles off the 75 mile trip. But for the return home, the initial route ploted by the GPS was the longer route; which I ignored and backtracked the shorter way. If you want to use the Nuvi to listen to books, I would suggest you get the more expensive model that works with your car stereo as the speaker in this model is fine for getting directions, but that's about it....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    This is an excellent product. Very easy to use and set up is a breeze. It would have been nice if the company provided a grill mount along with the dashboard mount. The non changeable battery is also a drawback. I was quite surprised by the suggestion in the instruction manual that once the battery has expired its useful lifespan, it needs to be disposed off properly. Which means that the unit has to disposed of since the battery is non-removable. Kind of expensive if you ask me, to have to change the device rather than the battery. I wonder why the engineers who developed this incredible device could not think of a removable lithium ion battery just like in cell phones. ...more info
  • life made easier
    Great portable GPS unit.
    Excellent coverage - I have traveled in remote areas of West Virginia and this unit has not steered me wrong once. Detour functioned well the one time I used it in South Florida to get around a major traffic backup on I 95 near Ft Lauderdale.
    Very good functionality - user friendly and intuitive controls. Garmin needs to fully develop and integrate real route planning (multiple stops) into its units though. Points of interest are generally good but really highlight the chain stores not the mom and pops and local businesses. Phone numbers would be a nice addition as well.
    Battery life is really good.
    ...more info
  • I love this GPS
    my husband bought a gps and he is really happy about it he likes it very much , it is very easy to used ,it is so easy , i recomand this to everybody becouse , you could never get lost unless you dont hear the voice ,and now that i remember you could put a women voice or a man voice ,you could download music from the computer ,it is cool it is super cool you all should have this....more info
  • Too few options
    The Nuvi 360 was another milepost on my journey to find a GPS unit with all the features I want. In the end I took it back, because it gives too few options, expecially when editing the routes it creates.

    The 360 was a very zippy unit, grabbing satellite aquisition fairly fast and calculated routes quickly. The redraw on the map while scrolling is pretty slow, however. In all, I was pretty happy with the response of the unit.

    The problem comes after you've created your route. You might be one of those people who are more than content to just take the route the GPS unit gives you, and be happy with it.

    However, I live in a big city, and lack the FM traffic feature. So, when I make a route, there are definitely roads I like to avoid, that have construction, would be just too busy at that time of day, ect, ect. With other GPS units I have used, it's a simple matter to bring up the street itinerary and exclude portions that will slow you down. You cannot do this with the Nuvi, however. Yes, you can exclude highways or only use highways or whatnot. But this isn't enough for me, I need the ability to exclude certain portions. The route calculation for this unit is pretty good, but not perfect enough to have me always not wanting to edit where it wants to take me. You can recalculate the route, but generally it only gives two or so different ways to go, and I'm still wishing I could make changes.

    So if you're like me and wish to occasionally get deep and dirty with route editing, don't get a Nuvi. The other thing was the small screen in comparison with the 4" plus screened units that are being released these days for less money. Looking at the Nuvi compared to these units is like trying to read directions from a postage stamp. Also, the sound is very low, even at top volume setting.

    Me, I'm still wandering the GPS market....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360
    A recent long car trip proved the worth of my new GPS unit. It easily navigated us through and around major cities and back roads between them. I would say the maps and information in the Garmin are not as up to date as one would like. we found several roads and intersections that had been rebuilt and revised since the Garmin maps were created. Several restaurants were some years out of date and were closed or changed names. The unit worked perfectly, was pretty easy to use and understand and the out of date maps were seldom if ever a big problem. All in all, a good buy. ...more info
  • Poor after sales service by Garmin
    The unit I purchased would lock up the screen. Garmin did not provide any solution. Thanks to Amazon, they were very professional and offered a replacement of the product. They were very prompt in shipping the replacement even before they received the defective unit back. Thanks to info
  • traveling grampa/gramma
    We truly enjoy going places now more than ever. The size of this GPS is great, it slips into my purse or my husbands shirt pocket. It might be only us, but the only trouble we have had so far is being able to put in a RT # to travel, or the shortest route...other gps do have this option,
    I do like the fact that you can get all kinds of info about a city while traveling, we just did the east coast, from maine to florida. great investment.
    ...more info
  • lost in a parking lot
    My nuvi has changed my life on 2 counts. I can actually navigate myself on road trips and it has offered me new confidence to my previously electronically challenged state.
    This little device is so easy to program and I no longer get lost in a parking lot.
    I will soon have the opportunity to allow it to navigate me (with a map upgrade) through multiple stops on a upcoming business trip to Australia.
    You cannot go wrong!...more info
  • Excellent product
    The Nuvi tells you the street names which really makes a difference.
    The touch-screen makes it easier to use than other models with buttons.
    I have recently used a Magellan in a rented car and I was really happy that I had spent more to get my Nuvi.

    The only negative point of the Nuvi is that the screen scratches easily.
    ...more info
  • Doesnot worth the price
    I got this product 2 months back. When I search for FedEx n Paja johns it never showed me the address. FedEx it shows branch 500 miles from here.. Can get a better GPS with same features for lesser price. I spent $530 on this peice, its a waste...more info
  • Nuvi 360 recommendation
    There's not much I can add to the other glowing reviews. There's just a couple of things I wanted to mention that I thought would be helpful. 1. For those concerned about mounting the Nuvi 360 with the windshield mount....I purchased from Amazon a friction mount that is designed specifically for the Nuvi series. It is easy to use, very stable, and needs no extra kits or anything. It mounts directly to the Nuvi and makes the Nuvi even more portable--easy to move not only to other cars, but also to easily take off the dash and hide out of sight. Garmin Portable Friction Mount for Nuvi and StreetPilot C Series (010-10908-00) 2. The bluetooth connection has worked amazingly well for me. I hear everything very clearly and more importantly, those on the other end also can hear me very well. They have had no complaints about the quality of sound at all. I'm using a Motorola Razor and it paired easily and the download of the phone book is such a time-saver! It was worth the extra $50 for the bluetooth feature over the Nuvi 350. 3. Oh, and it navigates really well, too!...more info
  • A versatile GPS
    This GPS is quite useful. There are some surprising uses, like finding food when visiting friends or a bank while traveling. If you are rough on things be careful with the connector that holds the car charger to the back (it will break if you don't release it before trying to remove the GPS). Note the price on these has dropped rapidly, and if you need traffic the once with MSN service might be a better value (when the price comes down)....more info
  • Very please so far
    We just got our Nuvi and so far , so good. It is small and compact, good speaker. The screen picture is great. It was a toss up between this is and the 350 - the only differenct being bluetooth. Since we happen to have one of the phones compatible we got the 360 - not much price difference between the two either. If you don't have a compatible bluetooth phone go with the 350 to save a few bucks. We looked at a lot of GPS systems and really disliked the ones that were bulky , the Nuvi is sleek and small, very nice product. ...more info
  • Excellent GPS Device
    I purchased this Nuvi 360 from Amazon after extensive research and comparison to comparable products, specifically the Tom Tom 910 at the forefront of my research. Unfortunately, my first Nuvi 360 arrived DOA from Amazon but they were very quick to issue a replacement and took the non-working device with absolutely no hassle! This GPS device has been pretty darn accurate with only a minor level of inaccuracy at a particularly tricky intersection. I would say that it is probably 98%-99% accurate with finding and directing from my experience but the recalculation is very quick and will correct promptly if a mistake is made. Portability, form, function and ease of use are all synonymous with the Gamin Nuvi 360. In addition, Gamin support has been excellent with any questions I have had with the various optional maps available. I am even using this product with a Mac and it has performed outstandingly considering Gamin has been slow to the table with a designated Mac interface for the Mapsource software.
    Intel based Macintosh +Parallels VM Software +Garmin Nuvi = Trouble free Navigation mapping. I purchased this to support our standard automobile maps used during North American road trips but was elated to discover that this will also be a plus while traveling abroad overseas when used with the optional European Maps. Don't walk but run and get one of these devices, as it is a tremendous navigational tool!!...more info
  • Nice product but unusable in a car
    A frustrating product. The hard stuff - Sat acquisition, POI database - it does very well. It fails on the simple stuff: getting $1 plastic parts to work. There is no way to mount it; Windshield mounts are illegal in Calif and regardless this mount does not stick, is hard to get the 360 to attach to, and is rumored to not stand up to sun very well. I bought the friction "sand bag" adapter and the 360 does not even fit. I am very disappointed.

    P.S. a UI flaw - if you wonder why you are not hearing street names, use/google English (TTS)...more info
  • Nuvi 360 Excellent Performer
    I'm one of the earliest baby boomers and not so familiar with all the modern electronics so when I decided to take a chance and rely solely on the written reviews and ordered the nuvi 360 I was hoping it was all that they said. I am not at all dissapointed!!! It works wonderfully. But the best part is that you don't have to be a genius to operate it. It's simple and so easy "a caveman can do it." The holder that attaches to the windshield is strong and secure, the screen is large enough and bright, and the volumes is more than adequate for the normal ear.
    I turned it on, let it do it's thing, typed in an address for a new customer way out in the boonies of New Hampshire, got into my car in Massachusetts, and it told me exactly what to do from my driveway on, and I arrived on schedule with no incident. My Verizon phone works fine through the bluetooth option, (except for the address book being big deal), but the speaker phone is loud and clear etc. This is one modern gadget I can live with and even enjoy!!...more info
  • Great choice
    We got the Nuvi after being hopelessly lost leaving Newport, RI on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I have been a long time user of the NeverLost whenever I rent from Hertz. So far, I found the Nuvi just as intuitive but I missed the option to select quickest route vs. most frequent used highway, etc.

    ...more info
  • A great buy...
    Everything that i expected in a GPS was found in the Nuvi 360. I wasn't sure if i wanted the bluetooth functionality, but decided to go ahead and splurge the few extra dollars. That turned out to be a good decision since its very handy. Though the GPS takes about 2 to 3 minutes in acquiring the satellites, i've never lost the signal. Sometimes when i'm on the road above the Holland tunnel, it thinks i'm in the tunnel. But then i just ignore it's directions, and then it recalculates & comes up with the right directions. Otherwise, the directions it gives are very accurate and has taken me safely through unknown territories :) For those who are thinking about getting a GPS for the first time, i would recommend this one as it's one of the best ones out there in this price range.
    Accurate tracking (most of the time)
    Good voice clarity & volume
    Bright & easy to see screen, even in sunlight
    Hands free dialing
    MP3, Photo viewer, Language Translations, etc (though i don't use these)

    Takes a few minutes to acquire satellites (don't know how it compares to other brands in this aspect)
    Makes mistakes sometimes (like how i described above)

    But overall, it's a great buy & would strongly recommend to anyone......more info
  • A Really Fine Product
    Although the Garmin Nuvi 360 doesn't always go where I think it should, it gets me there. And if I stray off the path it wants to send me on, it recalculates quickly, almost as if it knows where I want to go.

    I bought the friction mount Garmin Portable Friction Mount for Garmin GPS Units (010-10306-00) which I like better than having it stuck on the windshield or rather permanently on the dashboard.

    Oh yes, you can pair it with your bluetooth-enabled phone and make and receive calls. Very cool.

    Most of the reviews for the model 350 have already said what I have to say, so there's not much to add. You do get a free Audible book (two "small" ones or one big one) which you can listen to if while you travel. You are required to sign up for a trial Audible membership, but after you've downloaded your book, you can cancel on-line. (I bought Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything which I had already read, but want to re-visit). A Short History of Nearly Everything

    In sum, the Nuvi 360 is one of the coolest "toys" I've ever owned. Just don't let it distract you too much. You won't be able to take your eyes off it, even though it speaks very well on its own. (P.S. My wife and I agree that "Jack" is an easier voice to understand than "Jill".
    ...more info
  • Great GPS
    Wanted to buy the nuvi-350 but got hooked on to this for the bluetooth functionality. Great help for handsfree talking on the out of the box. Apart from the intial slow load times of satellites sometimes,I have not had any other issue with this GPS.Strongly recommend...more info
  • Love the Nuvi
    I bought this in anticipation of a trip to North Carolina, a state I was not at all familiar with. The setup was amazingly simple, i.e. you just turn it on, choose a language, let it locate the satellites, and put in your destination. It calculates the rest. A great product, I just wish it were waterproof so that I could use it on the motorcycle....more info
  • Glad to have purchased it
    This was far the costliest buy I did on Amazon. Product was delivered on time and in mint condition. I am new to the US and I am glad I bought the Garmin 360. Very easy to get started, I could figure it all in 15 mins and comes pre-installed with maps. So really no configuring to do other than synchronize the blue tooth with your phone. Another advantage is the size, small enough to carry in your pocket.

    All in all a good buy, worth the money.
    ...more info
  • descent product
    Very handy indeed. I have been using this navigator since a month now and I can't imagine travelling anywhere without this on me. Only problem I can find is some of the Voice Assistance (tts) appears to break up or sounds kinda shaky. Otherwise 5 stars. ...more info
  • excellant with just one major flaw
  • Garmin NUVI 369 GPS
    I am very pleased with the purchase and operation of the Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS. My business involves locating and travelling to homes within several nearby cities and towns and the Garmin has been infallible. I was somewhat skeptical of the use of a touch screen but am a believer now. This GPS unit is much easier to use than the factory built in GPS in my Jeep Grand Grand Cherokee. One of the main reasons I purchased this unit was the Bluetooth function for use with my cell phone. Pairing was quick and easy and works very well. The only minor area for improvement is the speaker volume which sometimes makes it a little difficult to hear a caller or the verbal directions. I use this GPS in my truck and Jeep Wrangler which both have significant road noise. I suspect the volume would not be a concern when using the unit in a car which has much less road noise. I would highly recommend consideration of this GPS unit if you are in the market for a moderately priced portable GPS....more info
  • 360 Pocket GPS
    It works well most of the places but it often makes mistaks when I was in remote area....more info
  • Easy to use!!
    I bought my unit one week ago and i did not read the instruction manual yet and I could use all the advertised features and more.... very small easy install in the car it already loaded with many restuarants and shops (I'm living in Kuwait).

    I liked it

    ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought this so I could stop renting the NeverLost system from Hertz, and have found it to be absolutely excellent. Easy to use interface, the text-to-speech system generally pronounces street and place names well, and it's easy to find places of interest (like restaurants, hotels, etc) near your current location, along your current route, or near your destination. In addition, it's a small unit (although the screen size is fine), so it's easy to carry if you're walking around an unfamiliar town, rather than driving.

    Fully recommended....more info
  • Awesome
    I was deciding between this model and the newer widescreen version with built in FM transmitter. This one was less expensive and more portable than the other, I don't miss the extra screen space and I don't think I would use the FM transmitter capabilities. So this product is 5 stars for me....more info
  • Best Navigator on the Planet
    We purchased this product for our son at his new car auto dealership. It is a superior product and better than any other navigator we have in our cars...including our new Bentley. It is intuative, easy to use and has extensive features. It worked right out the box, is used continually every day and has never failed....more info
  • Great gift for the wife
    I gave this to my wife as her birthday present, initially she didn't see the need for it, after a few weeks the advantages of having it handly quickly became apparent to her. Now she says is a wonderful gift. The size is perfect for portability, good resolution, voice directions are good, bluetooth is somewhat decent, have not played with the bluetooth too much, however the few instances we used it, we had to speak loud and clear so we could be understood in the other end....more info
  • This is one COOL TOY
    I recieved the Garmin NUVI 360 as a birthday gift and I must say this is one cool toy. As a traveling mechanic, I go from one jobsite to another and trying to find an address using a map is difficult at best! Never having used a navigation system before, I thought they where expensive and troublesome to use, Boy was I wrong. This this is kick A--!! I still make wrong turn, but it corrects automatically, and WOW, I can go anywhere from anywhere.

    Now, the good and bad about the Garmin NUVI 360. The good is that the unit is compact, easy to use and is user friendly. The sounds are easy to hear and understand, and can be repeated as often as needed. The customer service dept. was friendly when there was a problem and very easy to deal with.
    The area's that need improving are the short battery life when not pluged in. They say 4-8 hours, I say about 3 hours if your lucky- No big deal in my case. Another problem I had was with the poor quailty of the car charger, I broke mine unwrapping it and had to purchase a replacement from a chain store until Garmin could ship out a free replacement (they have been redesigned since then and I was shipped a new design- Much better). Also the cost of additional items from Garmin if you want to move the unit from car to car (work van to vacation car)- the mounting disc and mounting base are pretty expensive. The sound quailty of the bluetooth phone option is not great but it does work. The map could be a little easier to understand but I think that is a mapping problem and not a Garmin problem- It may happen with all the units.

    Over all, I could see this as a GREAT gift for anyone, and everyone would be thrilled to get one. I would and have recommended this unit to my friends and family and my uncle purchased one and a friend purchased one. DON'T LEAVE HOME WITH-OUT IT!!...more info
  • Nuvi 360
    This product works flawlessly. Very easy to use with the touch screen display. We used it on a recent trip to Colorado. We used it to find our lodging, meals and even a movie theatre. Directions are accurate and clear. I am using the Nuvi 360 for work and travel. ...more info
  • Absolutely fantastic
    I bought this GPS for me, after buying a 350 for my wife! I absolutely love the bluetooth integration--POI dial, phonebook dial, manual dial--it's all there, and very intuitive. This is an extremely handy portable GPS unit that is perfect for finding ANYTHING. Buy one TODAY!!!...more info
  • Not so great this time
    I usually get pretty good products from amazon. But this time I am in bad luck. There is obviously something wrong of this product - I can't turn it on after taking it for a test drive after one hour. I thought it was because the battery was low. As I was unwrapping the cable in the car to charge the battery, something fell off. I looked closer, the tip of the cable was broken! I was on a small street of SF, and I had no sense of direction. Boy, it took me long time to figure out how to get out of there without GPS as I could not turn on the thing. I was not happy about that. It was good that amazon refunded the money to me, but I still have to pay a shipping fee of $18.00 which is not refunded.
    Lesson learned: always test your product thoroughly within 30 days of purchase....more info
  • Good to own it
    This is a very sleek model and all the features of this are really useful and functioning very well....more info
  • garmin nuvi 360
    This product accurately shows your location and cross streets as you drive. It's nice that it actually tells you street names in it's instructions rather than how may feet. I have used the included Bluetooth and it it an excelent added safety feature not to be holding your phone when driving. ...more info
  • Can't be without my Garmin 360
    I bought this product for my daughter for the holidays. She and her family recently moved to Richmond and was having a difficult time manuvering about the city. I researched every brand and every model. This model, the 360, provided me with a substantial monitor, had Blue Tooth accessibility, as well as the ability to subscribe to a Traffic Alert program. My daughter can't thank me enough, and is constantly telling me this is the best present ever. The map has never been wrong, and she loves the restaurant feature. She also likes the fact it is compact and fits nicely in her purse when away from her car. Her friend liked my daughter's Garmin so much she had our boyfriend go out and buy her one. The product is addicting!...more info
  • Solid Choice
    After using this GPS product for about 1 month, I would say it's helpfulness is about 95 percent. An illogial choice still occurs 5 percent of the time: the illegal turn, less-than-optimum route, known traffic bottlenecks not avoided, etc.

    The pronoucement of turns in advance is one of the most useful features. Of course if you truly don't know where you are going, then you just have to trust the device

    Easy to install and remove from windshield mount. I mounted lower left front windshield, which works well....more info
  • Search feature is great
    Just in checking it out I typed in Hospital. It quickly provided names and distances to nearby hospitals. One more click and it provided directions. Also works for places like McDonalds. Very nice when traveling away from home....more info
  • GREAT, must have!
    The Nuvi 360 is great and has showed me faster routes on my day to day drives. Little bit of an issue with the battery when it is on the brightest setting, but that can be fixed by diming it a little. Other than that it is fantastic and much cheaper to buy on Amazon than at Best Buy or places like that....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    It took me months of reviews and research before deciding on this unit. I wanted the Bluetooth otherwise I would have purchased the Nuvi 350. It is a real neat unit and it has been a wonderful time saver. I have lived in my town for the past 15 years and did not know that other routes existed until I hooked up my Nuvi 360. I am finding different (some shorter) routes and back roads circumventing my normal daily main roads. The Nuvi 360 is well designed and well made and it does everything it says it will. Although it is not waterproof it will be attached to my motorcycle for my numerous trips this spring thru the fall. Please check out the Garmin website and register your unit and for fellow motorcycle riders download the motorcycle icons for swithing from the car to your ride. I strongly recommend this unit. ...more info
  • I've found the one
    The prices are finally coming down on this amazing device! After trying out a few GPSs, this is the one.

    Loads up fast. Great car kit. Maps are preloaded and SD slot is free to use. MP3 player- can listen while navigating. Can sync with computer. Bluetooth is compatible with my cell phone. I couldn't get it to work with TomTom. Touch screen is great. Maps are nice- accurate. Portability is nice. Don't know how long battery power lasts because I haven't taken it out of the car very often. I recommend this one!...more info
  • Simply not as good as the 340C
    After owning the 340c for a year, I was happy to upgrade to a "more complete" auto product, and passed my orig Garmin to another family member.

    Everything else you've read about the high quality and user-friendliness of all Garmin products is completely true...and I'd recommend all of them for any GPS purposes. But the "Personal Travel Assistant" unique features are not up to the GPS standard.

    I just returned my Nuvi 360 - for two reasons:
    1) The speaker is simply not good enough to listen to MP3 or AudibleBook in a car going over 30 MPH. (Toyota Camry LX) Garmin could fix this with any earphone jack - so I could connect to my car stereo. Why didn't they do this in the first place -- I would also want this feature for walking down the street...why force everyone within earshot to have to listen to my music/book?
    2) The quality of the screen image is lower with this Garmin than with the less expensive 340c - by a considerable margin. Washed out is how I'd describe it....probably rate it higher had I not been spoiled by the 340c.

    As I've said, the Nuvi has lots of capability, just not as usable as I hoped when I "upgraded" -- now, how do I talk my family member into giving back that 340c -- probably won't happen.
    ...more info
  • I love my Nuvi 360
    Very easy to use touch screen, accurate directions, clear voice demands that say the name of the streets. I'm very satisfied with my Nuvi 360....more info
  • Nuvi 360 Rocks
    This is my 2nd Garmin Nav system. This is thin enough to put in my jacket when I get off the plane and into a car In moments I have my British girl in the box telling me exactly where to go and it is much easier than the my previous nav. Routes and state hiways have always been an issue, not anymore. I like the various choices I can make to set it the way I prefer.
    Plus the blue tooth is GREAT! I bought my daughter the 330 for her birthday after I owned the 27?? Street Pilot buying the Nuvi was the smartest purchase for a road warrior. Window mount could be a bit stronger....more info
  • NUVI 360 Garmin
    I have been very impressed with the operation of the product. It is exactly what I wanted and has performed to my expectations. So far I have been very pleased with the Garmin GPS and look forward to a long and productive relationship. It has made travleing much easier as I do not have any problems finding the locations that my job requires me to go to in the everyday performance of my duties....more info
  • Great for traveling salesman.
    So far with three months use this GPS has done well by me. I travel a lot in Ohio and Michigan for sales and it has found every location I have asked. It's also been handy for finding gas stations and places to eat. The only problem is that I can't hear the caller on the phone when I use the Bluetooth phone link feature and not at all when on the highway. Since I don't use the Bluetooth I could have selected a less expsive GPS but these units are larger in size where the Nuvi 360 is thinner and more compact....more info
  • Best Bang for the Bucks
    First off, I'm a gadget freak, and I looked exhaustively for the best deal on the Net. I was pleased to find the best deal incl. shipping from Amazon. Second, this little gadget has everything that the much-more expensive Nuvi 660 has, except phone capability. But I already have a phone. The screen is large enough to easily follow while driving, but the entire unit can slip into my jeans pocket. The maps even have little country dirt roads on them and, get this, some roads that haven't even been built yet in my hometown. I take this when cycling and motorcycling as well. It's going to be great for years to come....more info
  • Gotta love it!!
    Boy has this opened up a new life for me-one who is directionally challenged....more info
  • A killer app on the level of TiVo
    We purchased this device after my wife had gotten lost while using Yahoo! Maps on a business trip late at night. We have since used the our Nuvi several times (although not as much as most people, since we live in NYC and don't drive much).

    Most recently, we used our Nuvi to go on a long weekend to the Hudson Valley. Had we not had a GPS device, we would have had to print a dozen or more maps from Yahoo! - to the Inn, from the Inn to Dinner, back to the Inn, Inn to the winery for a tasting, back to the Inn, and on and on. Instead, all I did was look up a few of our destinations before the trip started, enter them as favorites and off we went! It made the trip and driving absolutely stress free, especially with some tricky turns in one of the towns, and locating a restaurant that was so set back from the street, we never would have found it otherwise.

    My wife calls GPS the 'next killer app' and she compares it to TiVo - there isn't a better compliment in my mind.

    Many people complain that their GPS device doesn't always give them the best route and I agree. However, NOTHING will ever beat local knowledge. I don't rely on my Nuvi when I am near home (although I do keep it on in case it finds a better route, like it did to the Queens Costco). I need my Nuvi when I don't know where I am or where I am going, and in that case, I don't care if it isn't the most effecient route, as long as it is a correct route. That is something the Nuvi has never let me down on.

    UPDATE DECEMBER 2007: now that I've been using the Nuvi for several months, I still love it and can't imagine not have GPS. However, there are a few features that other manufacturers support that aren't supported by the Nuvi. For example, the Magellen devices have two great features:
    1) More control over the detour function. When detouring with the Nuvi, you don't have any control over the distance of road it will detour you around. I believe Magellen allows you indicate the distance the detour should last before putting you back on the road (great if you know there is traffic for 2 more miles). Very often, I hit detour on the Nuvi and it takes me a completely different route, when all I wanted to do was avoid a couple of miles of traffic due to an accident (even with the traffic service, this doesn't work well on the Nuvi)
    2) Multi-point routing (or multiple via points). This allows you to enter several intermediate destinations and the device will calculate the most effecient route to hit all points. Great when doing sightseeing type of things (or visiting wineries!)

    At the time I purchsed the Nuvi, the Magellen devices were larger and more unwieldy, with buttons all around the face. However, Magellen has recently introduced a line that appears to be closer to the Nuvi form factor. I can't compare to the TomTom, as I didn't do much research on that brand when I was looking originally, since I wanted Navteq maps.
    ...more info
  • Excellent GPS
    I have used this product to travel to destinations in other states and locations within. It has proven to be a very reliable tool. I would strongly recommend it to travelers....more info
  • GarminNuvi 360
    Have always believed Garmin to be the best in GPS tech., this proved it.I'm using it every day in my business (For direction and to remind me where I've be.Only problem is battery time is limited when using in GPS mode.So take along Charger. ...more info
  • Good First GPS Experience
    I am so far very pleased with Garmin Nuvi 360. This is my first experience with a GPS, so my expectations may be a lttle unrealistic. Mostly it has performed very well. However, I have a few nits to pick. One is that there is no way way for me to make a permanent routing correction. The unit wants me to make a series of turns when I leave my house that, due to a limited line of sight at one point, is far more dangerous than the way I like to go. So, every time I program the GPS at home, I have to listen to it say "recalculating" over and over until I find my way back onto the machine's preferred shortest route. Also, in downtown Atlanta the unit thought I was on side-streets when I was on I-75, and in North Georgia it sent me first up a two-track driveway in the middle of the night, then directed me right through the center of a ramshackle house. (It's a good thing it was so ramshackle, or I'd never have made it past the living room. Presumably it's in such rough shape because all of us Garmin users keep driving through it.)

    I also wish the internal batteries were good for 8-10 hours, so that I could use it on long motorbike trips without the hassle of routing power to my handlebars. I also wish that the antenna arrangements were different, so that I could velcro the GPS unit to the bike. Mounting this kind of thing on a bike is a major pain, and on mine more so than most. Garmin could, I beleive, make it easier via better design. I also believe that the adhesive-backed surface mount should have been included for free, along with the suction-cup mount. In not including this accessory, Garmin is being greedy. (You must also buy the adhesive mount in order to use the optional bean-bag "friction" type mount; beware!) This kind of petty greed is not a good way to make long-term friends or build brand loyalty.

    I don't own a blue-tooth phone, so haven't played with that aspect yet. It's my next scheduled upgrade.

    Mostly, I like my GPS. becasue of my lack of exposure to other makes and models, I may be under-rating it at four stars. ...more info
  • Great device
    This is my first GPS and I am not disappointed. All the positive comments in the reviews swayed me to purchase this. I can say that they were all true. However, I'm not convinced the bluetooth feature was worth it for me. As another reviewer noted, if you have a bluetooth headset, the value of a bluetooth speaker phone is questionable. I had no problems pairing this unit with my Verizon Blackberry 7130e....more info
  • awsome
    Great gps, the only one I ever wanted, and the only one I will ever buy. easy to use,very understandable, In my book, its the best....more info
  • Great Product
    The Nuvi 360 is a great piece of electronic gear. Within minutes of receiving it I installed it in my truck and had it working. My wife and I made a 1200 mile trip the next weekend and the Nuvi didn't miss a beat. Great directions. Great map views. The database is filled with restaurants, hotels, and gas stations which are easy to find using addresses or names.
    It is very easy to navigate around in the Nuvi using the touch screen. The only aspect of the Nuvi that I think should be different is it should have a replacable battery just like our cell phones. Of course, this may be a design to force you to buy another unit when the battery goes out....more info
  • Awesome product
    This is a great navigational device. The directions are right on. The mount works great along with the charger. Voice commands are loud and clear and the screen is very visible. Easy to navigate through the different features. There is one main problem with this unit. The microphone for the bluetooth feature works like crap. Do not buy this unit for this feature. I can hear the people talking to me, but they cannot hear me 60% of the time. This is not a result of bad reception on my phone either, I checked. I would recommend though....more info
  • U can't get lost
    i just recently bought the 360 and love it! easy to use and set up. have no complaints excepts the bluetooth is hard to hear out of the speakers but who cares anyways! overall the nuvi 360 is the way to go!!!...more info
  • It does its job, but...
    As compact, portable navigation device, it does what it suppose to. But it doesn't alway give fastest route. It wants to take shortest distace via local. I tried to change setting to give me better route, but so far unsuccessful....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I first used a GPS device while visiting my brother in Ohio, since he was working I spent the days driving around by myself... well needless to say I got lost my first day out and needed to call him to get directions back to his place. The next day he loaned me his Garmin GPS PDA unit, and from there on I drove until I got lost. All I needed to do was hit the Home selection and it took me there. Overall the Nuvi 360 is much easier to use, and does not need to be connected to an external speaker unit like the PDA unit did. The voice instructions come through loud and clear, and the screen display is highly visible in all lighting conditions. Although I will rarely use these features, it is nice to be able to listen to MP3's and play Audio Books along with various other little features such as the picture viewer, conversion calculator, World Clock, and more. What I really like about the Nuvi 360 is the Bluetooth which enables me to use my mobile phone hands-free. This is one great little device that really does the job and is worth every penny. And if anyone has doubts about being able to figure out how to use this little gem, have no FEAR! The computer literate will rarely need the manual, and the newbie will only need it for familiarization. If you know how to pair a Bluetooth Device, you got the hardest part down....more info
  • Wish I Had One
    I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 360 pocket vehicle navigator for my daughter (age 21). It was/is easy to use and required very little effort to go from "box to in-use!" My daughter plans to work an internship this summer in another city, and this system will be invaluable to her. A perfect gift! Wish I had one! ...more info
  • Amazing Product and You CAN use the MP3 Player
    This product is great. I'm not going to waste your time rehashing what others have already said. The GPS works well and you should buy this product primarily for this reason.

    However, many have asked why the need for an MP3 player. I agree that playing the MP3 player through the peakers of the NUVI is a stupid idea. But, If you have the NUVI hooked into your car speakers IT WORKS GREAT.

    How do you do that? Well, I went to radio shack and bought a cable that has RCA on one end (RED & WHITE) and a headphone jack on the other. I hooked the RCA plugs into the back of my car stereo and hooked the headphone jack to the NUVI. Now I listen to my directions and MP3's through my car stereo. This is not that hard to do. Go to a car installation place and ask them to do it for you. The cable at Radio Shack is $10.

    Alternatively, if you have a tape deck you can buy those tapes with a headphone jack and hook that to the nuvi headphone jack.

    Why this is great:
    1. The nuvi plays your songs and pauses them for directions. After the directions are given it resumes the song. So, if your listening to your stereo, you will never miss a direction again

    2. If you recieve a phone call it pauses the song and when you end the phone call it resumes the song.

    Try it out....well worth it :)

    HOSA CMR206 Stereo Mini Male to RCA Y-Cable - 6 Feet

    This is the cable I used. I connected one end to the AUX port on my car stereo and the other in the headphone jack of the NUVI.

    If you have a tape player, you can use this :Philips USA PH-62050 CD/MP3/MD-To-Cassette Adapter.

    Revised Feb. 26th, 2006

    I should mention that the NUVI comes with 500MB of free space. The mapping software takes up 1.5GB. So, if you plan to use this as an MP3 player, buy an SD card....more info
  • Really Terrific
    I had never owned a GPS unit before, but on a shuttle trip to the airport the driver had a Garmin unit, and I was surprised to find that even from a couple rows back I could still see the screen clearly. So I did a little research and got the Nuvi 360 for two reasons in particular: (1) it reads street names aloud, and (2) the Bluetooth connection to the phone (here in California, it's about to become state law that drivers must use a hands-free device with their cellphones, and I didn't have one).

    It doesn't take long to learn that probably any GPS unit is going to have certain problems. For example, with LA's horrible freeway traffic I have the Nuvi set to avoid freeways; but certain streets that I consider surface roads are considered highways by the Nuvi (Santa Monica Blvd. is part of Route 66, for example). The better I know the area I'm driving in, the more often I see how the Nuvi isn't terribly smart about finding a really optimal route. But of course that's the sort of situation where I don't really need a GPS unit because I already know my way around; and if I don't know my way around, I don't much care if my route isn't optimal, so long as it gets me there.

    What I really love is how simple it is. The screen is easy to read, and the Bluetooth connection works wonderfully--once the cellphone is paired with the Nuvi, they simply find each other without your having to do anything ever again. It's easy to unhook the Nuvi and stash it in the glove compartment or wherever, out of sight; and I connect it even for short trips to familiar destinations, just for the Bluetooth connection. I don't really use it to find points of interest, though I'm happy to find that my local grocery store is in there, and so was Universal when I had to go to a concert.

    One night I took a drive and deliberately got myself lost, then told the Nuvi to get me home. It had no trouble at all, and that did it: now I'm a confirmed GPS lover, and am happy to recommend this lovely little device to anyone....more info
  • Nuvi is a lifesaver
    I travel extensively in the car and in many states. At night my vision is not that great. My nuvi is clear, easy to hear and it reads books to me during my long drives. I used to get lost all the time. Now my son wants to take it everywhere because he thinks it is so cool. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 is TOPS!
    Highly recommend this very easy to use and understand GPS unit. Directs you to where ever you may need to go close or far from home, business, hotels, etc.......more info
  • some mistake at "non-popular" place
    We had this unit for the past a few months. With our recent moving and house buying trips, it has been a great help. once you are used to it hard to go without.
    However we still have our maps in the car, for just in case.
    A few times we found that the GPS is off by a few hunderd yard on the street address. It is quite trouble some at night, so we have to get out of the car and double check. Still this is much better than without the GPS. These place are not always out of no where. One in the SF bay area, one in east bay near hayway, couple times arround lake tahoe.
    Some of the street name has been changed for at least five years, but the unit still give you the old name. can be confusing while you are driving on the freeway and try to exit. ( there is one major one in San jose has this problem)
    The bluetooth does not work with all the phones. Our Sony works just fine, but with the LG phone, it cannot pull up the phone book. Minor issues.
    Otherwise we are very happy with the unit. ...more info
  • The Perfect Navigator
    I have been using the navigator for five weeks so far and I think it worth every penny I paid for it. Here are the pros:

    Ease of use: it takes less than 30 seconds to enter a destination, and about 20 more seconds to display the direction and get started. Simple, and easy to follow menue

    Accuracy: I had no problem getting wrong direction or outdated routes. It even gave me some short cuts to my house I never knew about it before.

    Screen: Very clear detailed screen under any condition. It is better at night but I can see well also under the haze of the sun. Instead of searching for street name sign, you can look at the map on screen instead.

    Clear and timely voice command.

    Its light weight and small size do not take away any of its powerful functions. It can fits into a shirt pocket.

    Cons: The blue tooth function is not reliable. My phone can't detect the device. It could be the phone not the navigator.

    Overall, before buying the more expensive navigator for $800 or more, you should seriously consider Nuvi360

    ...more info
  • Excellent companion on any travel
    This was one of the best products that I have purchased. I had gone with family on a trip to Pittsburgh from Boston. I have to really work hard to find a fault with this piece. With the SD card (that can be used on the available slot), I was able to load 1 GB worth of songs for the whole trip. The blue tooth provided a hands free speaker phone that never dropped the connection and we could use the huge database to find hotels, book tables, save time in all aspects. There was not a single feature that we have not used. I is sleek and fits in my shirt pocket. So I can carry it with me wherever I go and not worry about it being in the car. We tested the different modes of route finding like avoid tolls, avoid highways and each time, we were happy with the result. Overall, I would recommend this product as a must have for any journey to a less familiar place....more info
  • Good service and competitive price
    I am very pleased with the Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS purchased from Amazon a while back. The price was competitive and the delivery service was outstanding....more info
  • Very functional GPS
    Have had this for a couple of weeks now. Am very happy with the performance.
    -Very handy, can fit into a coat pocket.
    -Easy to use
    -Nice bright screen
    -The Bluetooth functionality works well and pairs quickly with the phones, my wife and I use.
    Minor issues:
    -Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes extra to find the sats.
    -The map did not show up all the small roads on a recent drive. That drive was thru the mountains so I can live without some minor roads not turning up....more info
  • Great product, poor shipping
    I paid extra for expedited delivery. Product was shipped ground UPS and arrived 8 days later. Money was refunded. Product arrived in excellent condition....more info
  • almost perfect
    I just received my Nuvi 360. The unit is almost perfect. I was able to use it immediately. I love the fact that it recharges when plugged into a computer usb port, that's one less charger cable I need to carry with me. the charger also works with my Motorolz Razr phone, again one less thing to have to find or carry. All in all excellent, highly recommended. ...more info
  • Great but with shortcomings
    I just moved to a new city and HATE being lost. So, i bought this Nuvi to help me. I love the screen, easy to view in the day time and night time. The maps are very clear. The womans voice is easy to understand and i do like that the street names are announced not just stated as "the next intersection" as other GPS's do.

    I am frustrated though at the reliability of this unit. Being new to the city, i would type in the GAP for instance, the nuvi tells me to drive 10 miles and the address is for an abandoned mall ( over two years abandoned). This has happened to me many times when i use the search function by name. Somehow, the satellites need updating. THere is no way for me to remove this erroneous address nor is there a way for me to add an address.

    oftentimes, this unit simply misses locations while using the search. I was looking for the closest health club to my house, i typed in Ballys and the closest the Nuvi said was 7 miles away. When i looked online at Ballys's website, there was a gym two miles from my house which has been open for 5 years. you would think the satellites would be updated.....

    So, if you are using this and entering addresses......this gadget is great. If you want to use this to search for businesses....this gadget is not so great. I am told that the garmins have the most data points loaded compared to other units.......i want a little more reliability...more info
  • Will buy again!
    Bought the 360 the week it came out and loved it. Took it on a trip to New Zealand last month where it worked great (NZ maps seemed a bit pricey) till it was stolen from a rental car with defective door locks. (I should have been in my pocket).
    I was going to replace it with the 660 till I saw the reviews here about the fm modulator. I'll get another 360 instead and am delighted to see that the price is close to half of what it cost to be 'first on my block' when it first came out....more info
  • My first GPS unit and it does the job
    The street maps are very accurate on what roads do it exist. It is also knows which roads are one way so it doesn't send you the wrong way down a one way street. I bought this product because I moved to a new city (Atlanta) and didn't know where anything is. Because Atlanta is rapidly growing it doesn't show many of the new stores that opened within the last year (I think most GPS systems have that problem). It takes awhile to find the satellites when it is foggy and sometimes when starting it it will freeze and not realize you have moved location. It doesn't take into account the Atlanta traffic and the stop lights not being synchronized so in city traffic its estimated time of arrival is way off.

    It's maps are easy to use and tell you where bodies of water, parks, etc are so you can know that you are crossing a river (and may have to pay a toll before you do). It also tells you what rolls are toll roads. It also tells you what side of the highway your exit will be on. You can also save your favorite locations which is great if you are heading to your favorite places from another direction. It's great on long trips because you can really accurately figure out the time it will take you to get there. ...more info
  • This thing is great
    Thsi is one of those purchases you make that you wonder why you didnt have this several years before.

    We just moved to a new city and don't know our way around. This device has made our lives so much easier and has saved so much time. I am terrible with directions and often become a 'frustrated' driver when I lose my way. This thing has made driving so much more pleasurable and I have recommended this to many people now.

    The other nice thing about this device is its Bluetooth feature. It makes handsfree talking so simple. The sound and mic quality arent the best but its not that bad at all.

    Navagation: this thing is pretty much spot on! Thsi thing has nto led us off track once. This thing always has perfect directions. The spellign guide finds almost any place you are looking for in its directory.
    ...more info
  • Almost perfect - a marriage saver - 4쩍 stars!
    This is definately a wonderful tool, functionally complete with only a few trivial improvements to make it absolutely PERFECT. For reference I will compare it to the TomTom One with Bluetooth, which has almost exactly the same dimensions and feature set. I used the Tomtom One for a week until it failed to distinguish between 3 oblique right turns.

    Notable differences include
    1. Garmin Nuvi 360 announces streets by NAME, so that when looking at a funny intersection with two oblique right turns (like spokes in a wheel)
    a. Garmin says, "turn right on Street X" while
    b. Tom Tom sahys,"turn right and then stay right"
    This feature makes the Garmin so very much better than the TomTom even though the TomTom seems to be more user friendly with less compromises.
    You can stop reading this now and buy the 350/360 ...

    2. Garmin has A-Z keypad, but
    TomTom let's you toggle between A-Z keyboard OR QWERTY keyboard
    (I really wish Garmin had Qwerty)

    3. Pocket size?
    A. The Garmin has a fold up antenna, but TomTom's is internal.
    This means you can put TomTom in your shirt pocket as you walk or hike,
    but Garmin will not fit, otherwise they have the same dimensions
    B. On the other hand, when Garmin's antenna is closed, GPS is off, perhaps saving battery, letting it still function as a map and a yellow pages. Garmin says their battery life is longer, I can't say yet.

    4. TomTom has a screen that shows relative satellite position, signal strength and coverage. How cool, but with that info, now what?

    5. Bluetooth (not on 350 but on 360) works fine even on the emasculated Verizon phones. TomTom too Dorothy. You can not use VZ's "say a command" feature.
    6. Yellow pages ...well not "Yellow" but "Business Directory".
    When stationary Garmin lists the results of your search in order of closes proximity indicated by 1.2 mi NE, 1.9 mi SW, 2.2 mi NW. But these compass indicators turn to relative arrows, up, down, left, and at 45 degree angles. This is another marriage saver. My wife wanted to visit 3 ethnic shopping centers in Los Angeles, a town so very foreign to me. The Garmin found them so quickly and painlessly that my wife's hate of the $550 purchase turned to joy. We have named this Nuvi 360 "Wife #2"... the worst thing it has ever said is "recalculating..." ... it says it the 7th time just a patiently as it did the first time. Don't get a ticket driving aimlessly around your neighborhood trying to confuse it.

    I highly recommend that whatever you choose that you ALWAYs take 5-10 minutes no matter what kind of hurry you're in, to park and run through your trip on the map first, understand the major junctions BEFORE turning the key. These things do MAKE MISTAKES, and always will make mistakes because
    A. obsolete maps and mispelled street and business names are provided by 3rd parties, ...these require YOU to think.
    B. Overcast, overgrown and canopied roads can distort satellite line of sight

    When new, it's a good idea to see how it handles a familiar route.
    In my case, each day on the familiar route leaving work, both Garmin and TomTom told me to take a non-existant right turn over a near-vertical canyon wall.
    This gave me a great feeling of superiority since I knew better, but what would happen to me if this happened when out of town or in Europe in the dark? Therefore do not relinquish your mind to the's no substitute for human intellect.

    **NUVI** 350/360 is hands down the best ONLY because of the ability to speak the NAMES of each street... with just a few humorous and perplexing mispronunciations... (Wateridge becomes Wait-idge) and compression of words, swallowing some final cost $550 on Amazon in Dec 06

    TomTom One - nearly equivalent EXCEPT for the text to speech feature above. TomTom's development team showed finer attention to detail with more friendly configuration options. It cost $350 at Staples.
    The Garmin (and maybe the Tomtom?) can act as a Removable Hard Drive plugged into your PC's USB port. It plays MP3s, even shows Album art, and has screensaver applications. When the human voice speaks the ...more info
  • This is great tool for traveling and fun too
    Having stepped from the Stone Age with an 8 year old Garmin to a Nuvi360 is certainly an eye opening experience. The 360, with its touch screen for all info access, is easy and fun to use.

    It can be easily read with a quick glance in both bright sunlight and cloudy conditions. With sunglasses, screen visibility is somewhat limited. However, this is the only negative feature I have found so far.

    The display maps are easy to see and follow and can be quickly adjusted by zooming in or out. The 360 was easy to program for trips (reading the manual makes it even quicker) and easy to follow instructions were provided en route.

    It proved invaluable for finding restaurants, stores and fuel stations on a recent 900 mile road trip with about 98% accuracy. A quick food and store were no longer at their site. However, this may only require an update to the unit.

    This is a great product.
    ...more info
  • This is a highly recommended product
    I purchased this product for my directionally challenged husband. This is absolutlely fantastic and incredibly accurate. My husband who loves gadgets, especially electronic, finds this to be a great tool to use. We have the Garmin Nuvi 360 and cannot believe how accurate it is, even in very rural areas. It works in cities, suburbs and country. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Very satisfied: accurate maps but somewhat outdated POI
    Having lived with the Nuvi 360 for 3 months, I can state that it is quite user friendly and very compact in size. It's ability to pick up GPS signals from indoors (as long as you are near a window) is quite surprising. Also good is its PIN security feature that should deter theft.

    Some minor complaints:

    No option to re-organize your favorite locations according to alphabetical order. It lists only according to distance from present locale. An easily correctable software problem.

    Mediocre link up with a bluetooth cell phone. None of the stored phone numbers are available for hands-free dialing. Hence the value of this feature is significantly compromised. You should save your money and buy the Nuvi 350 instead.

    Phone numbers from the POI list have a +1 added to them thereby causing my cell phone to reject it as an international phone call. It's inconvenient and/or hard to delete this extra number. This annoying feature may reflect Garmin's European roots....more info
  • Bad luck to get a defeated one
    With the so many good reviews and so high rate, I bought one during thanksgiving. It first lost signal every few minutes and need to reset the unit. After I upgraded the software, and it works fine just 30% of time. Occasionally, it went crazy and while I drove on a highway, it showed I drove on a nearby side road and consistantly ask me to drive on highlighted route. I reture it to Costco and thanks to their return policy, I didn't lose any thing. Just suspicious, if Garmin ship their defeated product to Costco, because they have the lowest price.
    While it works fine, it is pretty nice device and should be very useful. That is why I give it a 3 star....more info
  • Address Finding & User Interface Rocks :-) POI is POS!!!!!
    Very easy to use, fast and accurate! The address database seems up-to-date. It found our house & we are in a very new sub division (not still accessible from google maps!)

    The point of interest listing however needs to be updated badly! We could not find 3 out of the 4 businesses that we looked up by category (they had closed down!) and found none of the ones that we looked up by name & know exist!

    ...more info
  • Wonderful little gadget!
    We decided to get a GPS after being spoiled by borrowing my Mom's $1000 "monster" Garmin on pretty much every road trip we took. Not wanting (or needing for that matter) a model quite at that price level, I started looking at the Nuvi's and the smaller Streetpilots.

    Having a unit that spoke street names was a must for us, as I was not always good at judging when to turn in "point two miles". :) This unit does a pretty good job pronouncing streets which leaves your mind free to worry about your driving. The map view is super easy to read also.

    One of the neat features: As you see it has an MP3 player built in. We took a chance and tried it with our FM Transmitter (the generic kind that just plugs with a headphone jack) and it worked great! It pauses the music whenever it talks so you can turn the volume up and not miss turns.

    My only little beef with the unit are the internal speakers. As nice as it is to have them built in, instead of attached to a power plug like other models, they're on the back side of the unit which faces your windshield. If you're listening to the radio or talking with someone in the car, you've got to have the volume cranked up all the way to hear since it projects away from you. Not real bright on the design end - but it's a small unit, & I guess you suffer a little function for sleekness. Still easy to listen to, don't get me wrong, but would have made much more sense to have speakers on the front or side of the unit.

    Over all, you'll LOVE this thing. We do. It's so nice to have a tiny unit like this that just pops right out of the holder (no cords and mess) slides into a little PDA like case and goes with you everywhere!...more info
  • Lost in Nashville - NOT!
    I received the Garmin Nuvi 360 about a week before a trip to Nashville, TN. Did not get lost once. I was able to locate some great resturants and navigate around the city. At this time, I haven't used some of the other features (MP3, bluetooth, and books) but will get there soon. Easy to use and lots of fun....more info
  • Great out-of-box experience...
    So we've been using the alpine car nav prior to purchasing this and wasn't sure it would be as good. My wife get's lost a lot and she loves the nav in our other car, which isn't her daily commuter. To put the native gps nav in her car was going to be 2K+, so I decided to roll the dice on this unit for her Christmas present and all I can say is this thing, hands down, beats our alpine nav! Maps, UI, POI, everything about it.

    UI is very intuitive, great features, maps, poi, and set-up are all flawless. My wife configured it all herself in less than an hour. The only concern I had was a guy said it couldn't find his POI in Santa Clara, which is where I'm from. But it found all our favorite places around our place, plus more. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Excellent little device!
    This is a great GPS device. Accurate and easy to use, with a ton of nifty bells and whistles. I do question it's choice of route sometimes, but it always gets me where I'm going. The bluetooth is nice too. You can be traveling down the highway, look for the nearest hotel, call it, check for vacancy, and redirect your route to the hotel in question. All from the Nuvi. My Nuvi....WhoooHooo!...more info
  • Home, James!
    Yes, his name is James and I'll never be lost again.

    I have no idea how I survived before James, my Nuvi, came into my life. No more running out of gas because I couldn't find a gas station. No more panicking trying to figure out what direction I was heading. He even estimates when I should arrive.

    Sometimes his choices are a bit odd (I never went THAT way before!), but he always gets me there.

    I'll never drive alone again....more info
  • Nuvi 360
    The product is very good. The maps for streets and directions work well. I would like to see a topo map system for the unit for off road use....more info
  • Delivers as promised
    Excellent first impression and consistent performance thereafter. Had this for about a month, but I've already traveled with it and relied on it to get me to meetings in places I have never been. Much better than trying to rent a car with one because you can store locations.

    All the features including bluetooth work.

    There have been a few new places it couldn't find due to the fact they were not on its database, but that's understandable....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS
    This is possibly the best product I've ever purchased for the money. I work in production agriculture and have to navigate to various ranches and the Garmin Nuvi 360 will actually show me the roads that are not County paved roads. Very fast startup, and accurate. On the downside, it does plan routes that I would not normally take, but it recalulates very quickly. If I ever had to buy another GPS, this would be the one I prefer.

    ...more info
  • Great Product for Travels
    I purchased this unit for my business. It is a great product. The BlueTooth is not as useful when window mounted because it is hard to hear the other person on the phone. Do not use a lot of the extras. The NUVI 350 would have been a better purchase without the Bluetooth. The maps take a while to load and you find yourself waiting to enter your destination, but overall I like the product. I purchased two more NUVI 350 for my other sales people....more info
  • Nuvi vs. c550, 340
    I have a Nuvi 360 which I have used along side my sisters c550 and a c340. If you want a sleek compact GPS that easy to travel with, the Nuvi is certainly worthy. I have found it to be quite accurate and easy to use. Like some have mentioned it can occasionally fall off the windshield. The bluetooth feature while cool will leave power callers wanting more though. While it integrates well with the phone and you can dial from it and use the phone book feature on certain phones (or even direct dial from the POI menu), the Nuvi features the least powerful speakers of the three units. At speed, with road noise, etc, it can be kind of hard to hear some calls. The c550 uses the same US software as the Nuvi, but has noticably louder speakers. For bluetooth calling on a GPS the c550 would be my choice here, but I think better options exist in bluetooth speakerphones (ie Parrot Minikit). One other note, when your making a bluetooth call it deactivates the voice directions. These seems logical at first, but if you're calling and using it to navigate simultaneously through an unfamiliar city it's kind of a pain to lose the voice prompts. I can't speak to the mp3 player or audio books since it's not something I'd use. I haven't used the traffic feature either since everything I have read says it isn't terribly consistent (in Europe it's a different story). Overall, the Nuvi is a great little GPS for navigation. It's other features might benefit some, but aren't that great for me. I think the other two, while lacking the cool factor are also excellent....more info