Cloud Dome Infinity Board, 18" x 24" Matte White Background Board
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Product Description

Background matte board with adjustment clips. Flexible, washable, and scratch-proof. Add two Flip Lights for perfect lighting. The light-weight and portable Infiniti board is the perfect background matte for photographing a variety of images. The effect of the background is simple, your images stand out, while the board fades away to infinity. Advanced users, this makes cropping and digitally adjusting color and contrast an easier task. The material is a scratch-resistant, flexible, textured ABS plastic matte board. The board can be adjusted into a "U" shape using the toggle clips

  • Cleaning: most cleansers can be safely used with the Infiniti board.
Customer Reviews:
  • exactly what it claims to be
    I used this to shoot an entire product line, one product at a time. I think a white sheet would have been just as effective. I had to tape it down so it would lay flat in the front. But it works well for what it is and how cheap it is....more info