Samsung SGH P300 - Cellular phone with digital camera / digital player - GSM - modern black
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Product Description

The Samsung P300 is an exceptional mobile phone for individualists with high standards. At only 9 mm, it is as thin as a credit card, making it the ideal companion. Experience how exciting it can be to be on the move with the P300. Keep track of your work wherever you are in the world, without sacrificing mobility or independence. It fits into any shirt pocket and, thanks to its slimline shape, does not look like a mobile phone. Try your hand at being a secret agent and show people what you are made of.With the Samsung P300's handy functions, you can experience the true freedom of mobile communication. Make tri-band calls worldwide in all 900/1, 800/1, 900 MHz networks or use the hands-free button to talk without having to hold the phone. And the integrated MP3 player means you always have your favorite music to hand. With the P300, you are at the center of the world wherever you are.A day at the beach. A winter landscape or your friends at a party. Capture your favorite scenes with the Samsung P300's 1.3 megapixel camera and immortalize them in brilliant photos. Bring light into the darkness and make use of the flash. With the P300's 1.3 megapixel camera, the forces of light are always victorious.

Customer Reviews:
  • Manual
    beautiful product! However there is no english written manual so how am i suppose to use it. If someone knows where to get the manual, pleae inform.
    Thanks...more info