Ishield Case for Ipod Classic 10, 20, 40 GB By Prima Cases
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Product Description

This innovative, unique design keeps your iPod well protected while providing easy access to its features and the ability to dock the unit, without removing it from the case using Apple standard cable. Made of impact-resistant, lightweight and durable, ABS plastic, the case is perfect for the iPod Classic. Features include a removable swivel belt clip, neoprene interior lining, and a translucent hard plastic cover for additional protection over the main menu screen. Check our entire line of case solutions for iPod and Apple products.

  • Rugged ABS Plastic
  • Screen protection and neoprene lining
  • Lightweight design
  • Available with removable swivel clip
  • Suitable for iPod Classic
Customer Reviews:
  • not exactly what i expected.
    i have an older ipod (20gig with clickwheel, pre-color, pre-video). i used to have a clear silicone "skin" case, but over time it ripped and looked very dirty, regardless of cleaning. it's near impossible to find a case in stores now that fits my older model ipod, so i turned to the internet. i was looking for something more streamlined and entirely clear/hard plastic, but the look of this one, as well as the price, won me over.

    this case is a bit bigger and clunkier than i expected it to be; no exact dimensions are listed, and i didn't think twice about it. but aside from the size, it looks nice, and i've dropped it several times onto pavement and it doesn't have a scratch on it. the foam/neoprene lining creates a layer between the case and the ipod, resulting in the additional girth. overall i was surprised, even disappointed by the size when i first took it out of the box, but i've been happy with it nonetheless....more info