Oregon Scientific ATC 2K Action Cam Flash Memory Camcorder
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Product Description

Capture in-your-face action from an exhilarating first-person view! From mountain biking to wind surfing, this hands-free, water- and shock-resistant digital camera mounts easily to helmets, handlebars and other equipment for exciting views in the most extreme situations. Model AT-18.

  • Hands-free video camera can be strapped to helmet, handlebars, etc.
  • Record up to 90 minutes of extreme action using an SD card (purchase separately).
  • Full color digital video in 640 X 480 VGA delivered at 30 frames per second.
  • Built-in memory of 32MB.
  • Compatible with most video-editing software on Mac or PC.
Customer Reviews:
  • Hmmm
    Had fun with it several different applications possible, just double A's and a meomory card 2gb...and you are all set...(I do reccamend getting one on here as they are far cheaper.)

    The bad...

    The clip...is "really tight" and tough to connect/disconnect to the mounts with the camera some might see it as a bad thing as other might want this...Depends on if you want to have several differnt application for its use.

    The three buttons work, but can be...very stubburn.

    Thats it, great fun...offers a different POV and Im looking foward to using it on car cruises!...more info
  • Action Cam review
    I bought this for off-road motorcycle riding. For a camcorder costing under $100, it works just fine. The controls are too small to see really well through the "window" on it, but once to get a feel for how to set it, it's simple controls are easy to understand. Thus far the only problem I see with it is wearing it on a helmet, the microphone on it gets a lot of wind noise. I'll try it next on the handlebar mount provided with it, but I expect the recording will be shakier because it will be absorbing the bumps of rough off road riding.
    If you're expecting high quality video from this, pass on this one, but if you are in a situation where you fall or drop the unit, you're at least not destroying a $500 camcorder. Also, because of it's size, it's less obvious that you're using a camcorder, possibly making for more natural, candid recordings....more info
  • ATK2 Helmet Cam Review
    I was looking for something to mount on my handlebars since I do alot of on and off road biking where I live. I did not want to spend a lot of money yet..so I gave the ATK2 Cam a look. The main reason why I got this cam was the price. Its an absolute bargin at 92 US dollars. It arrived the next day neatly packaged. Once I got it out hooked the batteries and got a memory card..I was off and running. It does take a few minutes though to get used to the controls and how they are set up..but once you've mastered that..its is very simple and straight forward to use. 3 buttons of operation here..the middle button is the record/stop/select button. The button to the right is the enter button to confirm selections..and the bottom button is the menu button..to access certain features..which is neat.

    Now onto playback and video quality. If you are looking for high resolution recording..this is not what you want. However, it does shoot video in VGA format..which is pretty good. It shakes over bumps and small indulations on the road..but its not terrible. With a 2GB memory card you get about 1hr of recording time..set the frame rate to 15 frames/sec and you get 30 more minutes of recording time. If you want to sacrafice a little more image quality then set it to QVGA..and you get almost 3 hours(3:30 @ 15Frames/sec). Now I have not had a chance to use the lowest quality setting yet(QQVGA)..but at the lowest frame rate you can get a whopping 12 hrs of recording time..which is really good. I recommend watching your videos on a compuer as the quality on a TV is'int that good. Battery life depends on the temprature and how much recording you do. Regular batteries will only net you, at the most, about 45 minutes @ 40 degrees. Upgrade to Lithium Ion batteries and you get 60 minutes. Slight improvment. I reccommend NI-MH rechargable batteries. I have not used them yet, but I have heard they can go for almost 2 hours between charges..and thats at 25 degrees. I would have to say about 3 hrs at normal temprature(60 degrees)..and 3 1/2 hrs at 80 degrees. To mount the cam it comes with a handlebar bracket which is fairly easy to mount. It also comes with a velcro strap to mount other places..but I have not had the need to use it yet. It also comes with a nylon band to mount it on your helmet. I have'nt used that yet..so I cant give any reviews on that at this time. What I can tell you is I would rather mount it on the handlebar since you can change modes or start and stop recordings without stopping someplace and removing your helmet.

    As far as computer connectvity and memory goes..you just remove the cover and you have a USB connection inside along with a memory card slot. You also have a jack to plug into your tv if you feel the need. Memory is pretty good. A 2GB card will give you 12 hrs of recording time at the lowest resolution and at the lowest frame rate. At the highest resolution and at the highest frame rate you only get an hour of recording time. A 4GB card..from what I have been told will work but it will only give you the same results..but it will work..as long as its not an SDHC card..in that case the camera wont even turn itself on since it wont recgonize them. All in all I would give this camera 4.5 stars out of 5..since it has good recording resolution and ease of operation....more info
  • Worth the money
    I purchased this camcorder without having the expectation of having professional grade videos. I have been pleasantly surprised with the ease of use and better than expected video quality. I purchased a 2GB memory card, plugged it into the camera and recorded a road bike ride with no problems. The card with the AVI video files was recognized easily on my Linux computers without a hitch.

    ...more info
  • Nice for Extremers
    Ive been using this cam for my bike, and I like it.

    Except the sound quality, but I dont need that sound much!

    Thank, for good quality....more info
  • Good video camera for the money
    I bought this to mount on my motorcycle to record my race at the Bonneville Salt Flats, with a little modification to the mount, it worked fine on the end of the handlebars, on a Yamaha R1. Video looked good, sound is a little limited, but OK for what I wanted. I got a good price and received it when promised, (in a few days)....more info
  • ATC 2K
    The sound on this helmet cam is not very good. The mic. picks up way too much of background noise. A small piece of tape on mic. helps a little, actually definitely worth the under $100 price tag, but would recommend waiting for ATC 3K....more info
  • Good for the money.
    This helmet cam is good for capturing my off road motorcycle rides. For the money it's pretty good but if you are looking for a quality picture and sound keep looking. The camera is pretty tough. I crashed on my dirtbike hard enough to break my collarbone and the camera broke off the helmet mount but still kept on filming. Not bad! ...more info
  • If You Don't Have One, Get one for Hunt Season!
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1PI8T5DTP1A5X Oregon Scientific AT18-08 ATC 2K Vista Compatible Waterproof Action Cam Flash Memory Video Recorder (Silver)...more info
  • Almost unusable battery life....
    Ok, this is a neat gizmo at an affordable price. Mine's been on the motorcycle... and into the ocean.. on different occasions. However, you're lucky to get a whole 45 minutes on a fresh set of batteries. I've tried many times to record my entire ride to work... which is about 35 minutes. Because it's on my helmet, I can't check to see that it's still recording... and I've missed out on some great footage because it's already died 10 minutes after I've left home.

    Audio.. luckily I wasn't very interested in audio.. because it's virtually nonexistent.

    Image quality... it's pretty mediocre, but that's to be expected from a product that's a couple years old now. They've come a long way since the release of the 2k....more info
  • why i buyed it
    the reason i had for buying it was for using in my reef aquarium.
    image was like you are swimming in a real reef....more info
  • weak plastic mounts very brittle
    the camera itself is excellent. video quality is great. the mounting swivel however is junk. very brittle plastic that breaks at the first hint of tightening. i expected as much & didn't have any hope that the manufacturer would replace it with anything other than another brittle plastic piece of junk so i super glued it pretty permanently in place @ my preferred angle.

    great paintball gun-cam. ...more info
  • Destroys Your Mini SD Card - Hardware Issues
    The video quality is decent and acceptable for $100 unit. The sound quality is worthless.

    However this review isn't about video or sound. Not many have posted on the technical aspect of importing video and this is the Camcorder's biggest flaw.

    As a Macintosh user this camcorder is impossible to use once connected up properly, as it corrupts the Mini SD cards during data transfers.

    So I tried it on a PC. It worked, but in the end the SD Card ended up getting corrupted. At first it shot my 2 GB card to 1 GB, then proceeded to completely destroy it.

    I made a decent video with it, but can't keep up with the nasty habit it has of destroying expensive SD Cards. Not worth any price if you can't retrieve the data....more info
  • Great camera
    Love this. Great pictures easy to use and hook up to computer to transfer file. Even has built in Mic....would be nice to have a better way to hook to a helmet. ...more info
  • Affordable, durable 'Action Cam' performs as advertised.
    I purchased this camera (along with a 2gb SD card) with the intention of capturing on-board video while riding my motorcycle. My initial experience was that the video quality exceeded my expectations, but the microphone was a bit too well protected. After reading a few reviews, I discovered that a rubber waterproofing cover was responsible for muting the mic, but that it could be removed. After searching for a driver/bit to fit the (recessed triangle) fasteners, I managed to successfully use a $1 eyeglass flathead screwdriver to remove the two mic cover screws. I then carefully packed the microphone cavity (knowing that microphones are extremely delicate) with cotton from a cotton swab, adding even more directly under the cover. As other reviews mention, this fix restores the sound to that of other DV cams (I saved the rubber mic cover in case I decide to jump my motorcycle into a lake ;-). I spent just over $100 for my ATC 2K, and feel I got a good deal, despite others' complaints about the buttons being too stiff, etc. This camera is perfect for what I bought it for....more info
  • Affordable, durable 'Action Cam' performs as advertised.
    I purchased this camera (along with a 2gb SD card) with the intention of capturing on-board video while riding my motorcycle. My initial experience was that the video quality exceeded my expectations, but the microphone was a bit too well protected. After reading a few reviews, I discovered that a rubber waterproofing cover was responsible for muting the mic, but that it could be removed. After searching for a driver/bit to fit the (recessed triangle) fasteners, I managed to successfully use a $1 eyeglass flathead screwdriver to remove the two mic cover screws. I then carefully packed the microphone cavity (knowing that microphones are extremely delicate) with cotton from a cotton swab, adding even more directly under the cover. As other reviews mention, this fix restores the sound to that of other DV cams (I saved the rubber mic cover in case I decide to jump my motorcycle into a lake ;-). I spent just over $100 for my ATC 2K, and feel I got a good deal, despite others' complaints about the buttons being too stiff, etc. This camera is perfect for what I bought it for....more info
  • Nifty.
    Does what its supposed to do. although the sounds picks up everything but voices, it seems. but excellent overall. taking it whitewater rafting later this summer. . can't wait to see how it does....more info
  • Great for the money
    For the money this is a great product. I recently used it kayaking, white water rafting, on zip lines through trees, on jet skis and filming the kids body surfing. The challenge isn't the quality of the video but rather your ability to keep the camera steady!!! I used the included silicone grease and water was not an issue... One thing you need to practice with is camera alignment. I found at first I was shooting too high...That was easy to correct but the absence of wires make this worth the money......more info
  • Good Camera for where I take it.
    The camera does what it is supposed to do, records. I take it to one of the most extreme places I think it could be taken, which is into a burning house. The pictures is really grainy in low light, but still shows whats going on. The casing is a little heat sensitive though, first fire I wore it into it got a little melted. Here is a link to it in action, just copy and paste.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigwhiskey/2510728849/...more info
  • A cheap toy
    Decent price. OTOH what you get is a USB1.1 device. It is not quite easy to find how to attach it to bike helmet and get the right picture that is focus to your way and make it fixed so it is not weaving all the time. Usability of controls is not very exciting too.

    You can take some videos with this and learn what you will expect from your next camera....more info
  • great camera
    i at first dident know if i wanted this camera so i got on to the reviews. there were some bad but also there were a lot of really good ones. i bought the camera the next day and had it put on next day delivery cause i was going on a disnay trip with my band so i need it quick. i dident get the next day beacuse it has to have a day to process so the title next day delivery is really misleading. but i got it in time for the trip and i dident know how well it would do. so i took it into the pool first and did some underwataer shooting and took it back to my hotel room to see how well it did. I was astonished when i saw how good the picture qualtiy was. it was amizing and i have been using it on my motorcycle when ever i got out riding to get a cool up close and personal shot of cars and other bickers. i love this camera and i think anyone who wants a good res camerea and dosent care about the sound get this cam cause it has good res but the sound isent that good. BUT I FOUND OUT ON YOUTUBE IF YOU REMOVE THE ORINGS YOU CAN HAVE REALLY REALLY GOOD SOUND! but i hops you have a good time with your camera and i hope this review was helpfull to you in deciding if you want to get it. bye....more info
  • Small But Effective
    A neat little camera that comes with a number of mounting options.
    Its as simple as add the memory card fit the batteries and off you go.
    You have to read the little booklet to ensure that you do the correct presses of the buttons on the camera to get the fuctions as the display only gives you short codes but to start and stop video is very easy.
    I find the cards are better download away from the camera.
    If you are using 2Gb cards as I was it does take some time to download from the camera using the cable transfer.
    The picture quality was good for a 640 x 480 video at 30 fps, I personally have not tried the other resolutions as I have not seen the need.
    The camera does not appear to have image stabalisation to avaoid shakes and so the video footage can give some wobble, changing where you mount the unit normally sorts this out.
    The sound quality is not so good but with most action shots theres a lot of noise rather than soundtrack anyway.
    The batteries last for about 1.5 hrs (I was using Duracell)
    The sealing for use underwater makes the back a little stiff, but i would recomend using the lubricant on these seals at all times which makes the removal easier easier(sparingly or it gets messy)
    For the price I have found it to be a good little unit for capturing some of the more unusual footage where you would not want to use a normal video camera....more info
    Fast shipment. Camera is a bit big and heavy compared to the Tony Hawk helmet cam. But that's the cost to have better resolution and water resistance. Quality is acceptable. It works well with lots of light and very bad with low light. Sometimes image is a little wabbly. But in general its a fantastic toy for a really good price. Professional cameras are far more expensive. I recommend it....more info
  • Good price..Good camera
    This unit has a good picture. Easy to operate and a very reasonable price. The only drawback os the audio is poor. I like how compact it is and that it uses standard batteries. No recharging, just insert a fresh set and your ready to go. Another great feature is the direct video playback to TV. The unit comes with several mounts and attachments for a wide variety of applications....more info
  • Adequate and works as advertised.
    This is exactly what I expected. It gets the job done. So far I've taken it on two mountan bike rides, numerous motercycle rides and on a 20 foot snorkleing dive. I bought two 2 gig sticks and have ever only had to use 1 of them. 2 Gig gets you about an hour. The display will nominally show how much time you have remaining on the memory. It alternately shows how much time you have been recording. The smaller buttons are a little tricky and the menus requre you to read the owners maual to figure out how to navigate, but I rarely change anything so I never have to. Press the big button to start (hear 1 beep);see the display count up;press the big button to stop;(hear 2 beeps); the display shows the time remaining. Thats it. Plugging a standard mini USB cord into the back of it makes it act like a standard flash device. So no need to install any software. Transfer is kind of slow, but what do you want? There are some features that let you change the frame rate and the picture quality. It says doing that will make your videos smaller, but I never bothered checking those features out. The audio is crap. I have read that they make the mic insesnsetive to muffle wind noise, this is true. Around the house the audio is muffled but while moving, you hear how the wind kind of takes over. I use Windows movie maker for all editing. It is free and does everything I need it to do. For the price, this camera is probably the best one out there. It is rugged and the quality is fit for youtube....more info
  • Could be better
    Me and my friends go paintballing a lot, and I had been looking for a helmet camera for quite a while. After stumbling across this one, I did some research on it, and it seemed to be a good buy for the money, so I bought it. Once I received the camera and went paintballing for the first time, I noticed quite a few annoying aspects of this camera.

    First, the sound quality is horrible unless you remove the rubber membrane like I did. It only picks up the loudest of sounds, and with bad quality too. There are also a lot of loud klanking sounds when you are moving quickly. Also, there is no image stabilizer with this camera so when you run around a lot, there is an annoying wavy effect on the video. The camera itself is also a bit bulky to be a helmet camera. It sticks off my paintball mask about 2.5 inches and sets it off-balance a bit, which gets irritating after a while. Lastly, the camera has a horrible viewing angle. You can only really see what is going on when you are very far away from the action.

    There are mods online that you can look up to fix the camera if you don't mind losing the waterproof feature, but other than these quirks, the camera itself is very useful for the money....more info
  • #1 Product!!!!
    What a great product for the money. It by no means is a high class HD quality camera. But for the money and for what I am using it for it is perfect. I am a fire fighter and I have retro fitted a mount to my helmet. I also have the handle bar mounted to my motorcycle. Great picture quality even at high speeds. LIKE I SAID IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FUN TOY THAT DOES NOT COST A TON OF MONEY AND STILL HAS GREAT PICTURE QUALITY THIS IS IT!!! I cant wait for the pool to open and then I can try it underwater....more info
  • Pretty cool
    I've been using this mounted to my bicycle's handlebars. It's been working really well even in really low light conditions and in the rain. It does, though, really suck through memory and batteries almost frighteningly quickly. I'm quite satisfied overall with it....more info
  • idea
    It is a great camera but it is very limited with the strap.It would work better if the strap was wider...more info
  • Handy, But....
    The Oregon Video device is a handy tool to have if you ride skateboards, mountain bikes or off-road trail bikes, but there is no place to secure it to a motorcycle helmet. The video is decent and the sound is ok. My ONLY beef is that there is no connector for a motorcycle helmet. ...more info
  • Very marginal camera
    I'm surprised by the generally positive reviews. After using it for a few days and seeing the marginal video and no audio, I figured I would never watch the files and therefore returned it. You have to really be looking for a cheap, all-weather camera to find any value in this product.

    I probably would have kept it had the audio worked. Searching on-line I found what made sense: the microphone was made waterproof rendering it essentially inaudible. To remove the waterproofing requires that you have triangular-headed bits to remove the screws from the microphone cover. I did a little searching online for the bits with no luck. Therefore the return....more info
  • Image quality while moving is unusable
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R35CDG1HEXH9JU If you put it on a tripod and have a lot of light the image quality is acceptable. Just don't move and give it lots of time to adjust as lighting conditions change. Just think shade, sun, shade, sun. I wouldn't buy this for $10 because useless. See my video. Not a great video but shows the quality of the video. Also, the buttons hard to press and almost impossible with gloves on....more info
  • Oregon Scientific ATC 2K
    Compact camera that is easy to operate. Controls are on top of the unit with small buttons. Hard to see display makes it difficult to be sure what mode is camera in. A flashlight comes in handy. Provides nice quality video in the correct lighting. ...more info
  • the atc2k
    Ok the atc2k is like all the other reviews say you get what you pay for. The cam is i think really good but you need to have a good light sorce or you get really crappy video. Anouther thing YOU SHOUD REALLY GET A 2GB SD CARD or else youl have onley 52 sec of vid time on 30fps and the highest cwaluty you can get. The waterprof thing i think is really cool especuley when your aroung girls. jk lol. On a sirus note the clip thats attached to the cam is very sharp so be carfull and its very fragiull. Igot my cam on thursday march 13 and the clip broke 3 days latter. Iwas not happy at all with that i barely droped it on accedent and it just broke off a pice of it. Ok that was dissapointing but the cam makes up for it. Ireally like the cam a lot. I really think this cam was the coolest and best thing i have ever spent money on so i highley recomend it to any really active people who like to viedo stuff in extrem condeshons. I LOVE THIS CAM!
    ...more info
  • good cheap cam
    Good little cam for the money, not commercial quality footage but you and your friends can tell its you. Took it to Costa Rica to get some surf footage and it took a good hour of getting pounded in the surf without any waterproofing problems. Be sure to get the SD card O.S. reccommends as slower write rate cards can cause wideo to get wavey as they can't record as fast as the cam can create video....more info
  • Great Deal - Great Product
    I got this about 1 month ago, and used it to capture a Ride we took to Nicaragua. For 100 bucks, you simply can not go wrong. The video quality is good. I dub music into of all my videos of our rides, so I am not concerned with the sound quality. I droped it a couple times, and it held up well, so all I can really say is that this little camera rocks....more info
  • Overall Bestbuy
    Im one of those buyers that need to do my research and you get the best bang for the buck with this. But if you are looking for Hiqh quality video this is not for you (you will have to spend alot more) Overall the camera size is a bit bigger than I expected.

    The video quality is better outdoors, and records dark in low light. I used it once so far for snowboarding and mounted it sideways on my helmet as directed, but it recorded sideways, and I have not yet found any feature in the camera or software to adjust the recording to landscape. The audio is not to great but you can at least hear yourself,

    If you are looking for something inexpensive to video tape some of your adventures (snowboarding,skiing, watersports, and motorsports) this is a good value camera that is under $100.

    Additional Notes: I found that you can use Windows movie maker to rotate the video....more info
  • Good Enough for a Hundred Bucks
    There's a lot of camera in a little package, but it ain't the best in the world.

    The video is decent enough, but you won't mistake for HD. I've only shot with higher-end SD cards, such as the SanDisk Extreme II & III. I've experienced minimal skips in recording, but remember, if the camera gets jarred hard enough, the SD card may lose contact for a fraction of a second.

    Speaking of which, this camera sorely needs some image stabilization. The GoPro Hero3 Camera offers image stabilization in a camera nearly as small, plus a viewfinder.

    I'd give this camera 5 stars if it actually had a viewfinder. I've shot a fair bit with pinhole cameras and gotten used to framing a shot without a viewfinder, but it makes it difficult.

    The variety of mounts that come with the camera make it easy to mount it in a variety of places, but I've had a tough time mounting the camera to anything thicker than the seatpost on my bike. It's next to impossible to mount the camera securely to any tube with a diameter between 2 and 4 centimeters. And that rules out a lot of the world...

    The camera menu is simple, but flawed. It's difficult to navigate through the menus with just 3 buttons, especially when all of the buttons have dual functions, but only 1 set of functions is illustrated.

    As you can see on YouTube, this camera can take a beating. In order to get the most stable mount, I've taken to supplementing the built-in mount with zip ties: I get the camera into position, then add 2 or 3 zip ties to ensure that it shakes as little as possible.

    Alkaline batteries perform adequately. I've had better luck with NiMH rechargeables, particularly at lower temperatures. Oregon Scientific also offers an insulating jacket, and it's well worth the money saved on batteries when shooting below 5 degrees Celsius....more info
  • Fire Department Use
    I have seen this product in use yet am waiting for the extra cash to purchase this item. People in the fire service have mounted this camera to the helmet and have recorded fire scenes. It is a great training tool as well as streaming image of what happens during a call. It can also aid as training, as long as the person knows how to use it. Especially if they don't make so many dramatic movements.

    One fireman has run several calls and recorded a few hours of video. Over the time frame of use he has learned how to operate and states he tries to remember that it is mounted on his helmet and looks around to capture certain video and keep a steady head. His technique with the camera is getting better and holds up against most heat as well it can be used in our swift water training (due to the fact it is water proof to a certain Meter) and rope rescue operations (to show how to rescue a victim/patient, as well as other operations).

    I agree with the other reviews stating that the resolution is not all that great and sound can sometimes not be very clear. If you are looking for something to record on scene in the fire service, I consider this a great tool. It might also keep someone from getting in to trouble because it will record what you LT or Captain might say to you and prove that you are not the one at fault. "Hint".

    I give 4 stars because it is not perfect but definately serves a purpose. And I am sure by the other reviews you have read, you have found out how this product will assist you in your needs....more info
  • Works fair, but took way too long to receive than it should have.
    camcorder and memory came separetly and delayed being able to use it. according to the add on amazon I ordered them together but they did not arrive together? I would order directly from mfg next time. Drop shipping sucks!...more info
  • OS ATC 2K - Good low cost entry level action camera
    The OS ATC 2K is what it is. It provides fairly good video quality in a rugged, economical camera. Do not expect too much and you won't be disappointed. My brother uses his for watersports (surfing/wave runner) with fair results > to capture shots that would otherwise be impossible without spending hundreds of $$$ more. I purchased mine for winter sports (skiing/boarding/snow mobiling). I also intend to mount it to my fire helmet to capture training video and action shots - If it gets destroyed it's no big $ loss. The sound quality is often scratchy and inconsistant and is affected by wind and bumps to the mounting surface. The function display is very difficult to read even under the best of conditions - you will have to memorize the location of the icons and/or carry a magnifying device until you become familiar with the location of each funtion icon. Overall it's not a bad device for the money. I would hope that OS takes this feedback into consideration and designs a more refined user friendly model in the future. ...more info
  • Action cam
    So far it has held up very well, although I had to purchase more equipment in order to use the camera for snowboarding action shots....more info
  • Oregon Scientific ATC 2K
    I use this for skiing and mounted it to my helmet. Nice product at a decent price. Video quality is what you'd expect from a low end camera but it suits its purpose. Mounting options require some extra attention or you'll get noise from the camera bouncing while in use. It tends to vibrate in it's clip so I added a piece of paper to make it fit tighter. I've used it on several ski trips so far and it seems well built for the harsh conditions....more info
  • Great action cam, i use it on my motorcycle.
    I mounted it to the handle bars of my KLR650 and took it for a spin. The vibration was much less than i thought it would be after reviewing what i had filmed. I even hit a speed bump at about 30mph and it took it fine and looked good in the video. The mic was better than i had expected, seemed to work fine. Also be aware that when looking at sample videos on youtube they are compressed trememdously to make them quicker to download. The quality on youtube is horribe and nothing to do with the cam but due to compression used to make the video tiny so that it takes up less room. This is a great little cam and quite honestly a steal at $100 for the quality you get. No wires to run and you can hook it up to your computer via usb or simply take the SD card out and plug it in to your computer if you have a reader. It is worth mentioning that the handle bar mount is for bars at least 1" in diameter. I have to use a piece of pvc pipe as a spacer to make it mount tightly on my bars....more info
  • Great Durable sports cam
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1198EXTCUZ5G5 A simple video to show camera and accessories next to bicycle....more info
  • Good idea, good video, poor quality
    I bought this after being involved in an auto accident and suffering an insurance rate increase because I couldn't prove what happened. Less than three months later I was hit by another driver who ran a red light. She and her passenger claimed she had a green light. I had this mounted on the dashboard and recording as I was hit and was able to prove she was lying. Without it I would have been blamed for the accident. It paid for itself already.

    The camera provides reasonable quality video but very poor audio. It does not operate well in low light conditions (say 30 minutes after sunset). It's very easy to use and has the ability to change resolution, frame rate, date and time, and also to delete files using the built in display and buttons. At 640x480 30fps a 2Gb card (4Gb not supported) can hold about one hour of video. At 15fps it can record about 90 minutes. It only records videos up to 45 minutes, then seamlessly starts another file. It eats batteries so I bought two NiMh rechargables from Radio Shack and recharge them every other day. You probably don't want to use regular alkali batteries with this camera.

    The construction is good with waterproof buttons and a waterproof end cap covering the USB and video ports, battery compartment and memory card slot. It has a good selection of mounts including a handlebar mount, helmet mount, and a big rubber strap that will attach it to just about anything. I used stick-back velcro to attach it to my truck's dashboard and it's steady over smooth roads, jerky over the rough stuff.

    Recording is as easy as turning it on (press and hold the left button for two seconds) and hitting the record (middle) button. Stop recording by pressing the middle button again and turn it off by pressing and holding the left button. The right button is used to cycle through modes.

    Downloading video files to your computer is done with the USB (about 45 minutes to download 2Gb) or by putting the memory card directly into the front of the computer which is much faster if you have that option.

    As I mentioned, the only issue is the extremely poor audio capture. If you're most interested in video then this is an excellent choice for you.

    ----- Updated -----
    I've owned two of these cameras for about 6 months now and I've noticed some serious problems...

    1. Mounting clip snapped on one camera. It still mounts but when the other clip breaks the camera will be unmountable.

    2. Slow response to button presses. For some reason it now takes 10-20 seconds between hitting the button to stop recording and actually stopping. Didn't do this when I first bought it.

    3. Corrupts the memory card. Deleting files does not always release the memory so you eventually run out. I find I have to reformat the memory card every few days to recover the lost memory. The camera cannot do this so you need a computer with a memory card slot. If you don't have such a computer you are screwed.

    I was thinking of upgrading to Oregon Scientific's newest model but decided not to given the quality problems I'm having with this one....more info
  • It works pretty well...
    I'm just going to add a few criticisms and hints as far as my experience with this camera so far:

    * video quality...I'd say it is OK at 640x480 and 30 fps...you will see some "jumpiness" with faster moving objects. Not great, but usable. The main thing for better quality video is to mount or hold it steady to reduce vibrations...seems the software can only refresh so many "pixels" per second...so any unnecessary vibrations are going to cause video problems. If it is mounted on a vehicle of any kind...this is most important due to the inherent vibrations found.

    Don't know about you...but I don't vibrate when I walk...I just move around a lot...which causes most of the same problems. Keep it steady if you can?

    There are issues with bright light and low light. If pointing it towards a bright sky (as part of the view) on a sunny day...anything other than the sky will be almost blacked out. Trying to use it indoors is likely to be disappointing...it's not a low light camera...but you will see a picture when directly under light.

    As far as focal length...I find that it gives a sharp picture starting at maybe 6" to 12" from a subject...out to infinity.

    * audio quality...actually pretty good with the rubber seal removed from the mic and in a quiet environment. With the seal in...the sound is muffled, but the mike is protected from moisture. With the seal out...the sound isn't all that great in a noisy vehicle for example...I get a lot of "overload noise".

    * mounting the camera...I've only used the bicycle mount so far and have found a problem where if the camera is set up in the direction I needed it to be...the adjustment ring for the mount interferes with the on/off buttons...I can just barely use them. A thinner knurled alum ring would fix this problem.

    * battery use...I use a Sandisk 2 GB card and their 5/1 card reader. No problems with them.

    2 alkaline AA batteries should last through 2 uses of a 2 GB card. Minimum voltage for operation seems to be around 1.3V.

    NiMH rechargeable batteries won't work...they don't have a high enough voltage.

    * menu and settings...not all that easy to set up...best to get it to where you want it and leave it there?

    Conclusions: It's doing what I want it to...more or less. It is light...and I'm thinking it is rugged and waterproof. It is unobtrusive. Video/audio could be a little better though....more info
  • Company did not perform
    Have not received product due to company and DHL error. Have not received any response to the explinations sent. Now Amazon and company are threatening to charge for shipping and restocking fee for items not received. Still not resolved and it is more than 1 month later....more info
  • useful gadget
    For the price, this is an excellent buy. The video quality is fairly good, but there are some drawbacks. Having used mine both mountain biking and snowboarding, I've come to notice that situations where the camera will bounce and shake a lot will produce undesired results in the video output, like a wavy image. Video taken from snowboarding was much better than that taken while biking, mainly due to less shake of the camera.
    I would definitely get another, to allow for multiple angles of the same event....more info
  • Ok value, but has some major flaws
    I've had mine for about one week and have some preliminary comments:

    * Inexpensive, lightweight and waterproof.
    * Simple setup and operation.
    * Rugged, solid, well-constructed feel.
    * Pretty good picture at highest resolution: 640x480 at 30fps.
    * You can press buttons with gloves on.
    * Unit has an internal clock so recorded video files can have an accurate timestamp.
    * Records for several hours (below freezing) on 2 rechargeable NiMH batteries (2100mAh).
    * Movies are recorded in standard AVI format files, in standard PC FAT formatted file structure, on standard SD flash disk.

    * Inaudible audio.
    * No tripod mount screw receptacle.
    * No place to attach a safety line loop.
    * Buttons require large force (5-10 lbs) - almost painful with hard rubber points.
    * Buttons have absolutely no tactile feedback. No "click". No displacement.
    * Just before battery dies while recording, unit goes into a spastic mode resulting in literally hundreds of small, short 1-6 second AVI files.
    * Internal clock stops when battery is removed.
    * Silicone headband attachment is not secure. Unit flops up and down on side of helmet.
    * Velcro straps are not elastic. Difficult to achieve a tight mount with supplied hardware.
    * Assembled using uncommon triangle head screws.
    * All mounting hardware is plastic.
    * LCD Icons very small and difficult to see.
    * USB 1.1 connection is slow compared to more modern interfaces.
    * SD card uses FAT16 file system so maximum flash card size is 2GB. Can only record 1 hour max at 640x480x30.

    Comments: Don't heed the factory's advice to use Lithium batteries - there is simply no need. After performing multiple duration tests, I determined that rechargeable NiMH (2100mAh) batteries will run this thing just fine for at least 3 hours in sub-freezing temperatures - more than enough to fill a 2GB SD card at highest resolution (1 hour). The setup user interface (button assignments) takes some getting used to - it took me about 6 tries before I was able to set the clock accurately to the second. It is not intuitive, but it does work. The buttons are really hard to press with no tactile feedback which is quite annoying, but it does provide audio feedback in the form of one or two beeps (but for several common functions, you have to push and hold it (hard) for two seconds before it beeps). Overall I am satisfied, but to get five stars, it needs; a tripod mount, a loop for attaching a safety strap and a way to attach a wide angle lens. Easier to press buttons with tactile feedback and larger (>2GB) disk storage would be nice, too. Note that for my purposes, audio is not important. At a hundred bucks, this is a pretty nifty item!...more info
  • Easy to use.
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1Q9WKXSM65XNJ Oregon Scientific ATC2K used on Rt 122 Barre, MA.

    Video can be edited using Windows Movie Maker.

    ...more info
  • action camera
    It came fast and I gave it to my partner as a Xmas gift. We have tested the quality of image and seems very good. (I was afraid it could be too bad). We haven't made a real tests outside yet because it is winter time. I bought it for him because he loves surfing and could catch some interesting images, but he will have to wait until summer....more info
  • A great deal for the price
    You definitely get your money's worth. While this is not a replacement for a real video camera. It does a great job for the money and stands up well to the elements. If you use regular batteries it will conk out in really cold
    weather, but using either lithiums or keeping the camera warm in your jacket can work around this. ...more info
  • easy to use fun gadget
    received it on time, easy setup, easy computer plug in, excellent value for the money. My kids love it!...more info
  • Good idea, not a very good product however.
    This is a good idea, but the product does not stand up to its appraisals.
    ...more info
  • Nice cam for the price
    buttons are a little hard to press. icons are a little small as well. getting the camera pointed in the right place can be a chore. once you get pass that, the video is pretty good, which is all that matters....more info
  • great for diving
    Admittedly, the picture quality is not great in low light...or good light for that matter. The microphone's waterproofness makes it very very insensitive. The camera itself is very sensitive to any kind of vibration, and since it runs on AA's you pretty much have to change them after each use.

    Now for the positives: It's an $85 dollar camera that you don't have to worry about dropping, on land or in the water. There are no wires, it's hands free with the mounts. They say it's waterproof to 10 feet, but i've taken it to over 30 feet and not had a problem, even on a 3 or 4 hour dive. (probably shouldn't keep it at that depth the whole time)

    For what i use it for, and for what i expected from it, it is perfect. You can even connect it to a TV with the included video cable and share your videos that way....more info
  • Perfect idea but poor video quality,
    Oregon Scientific ! ! Please, keep working on it. This is a good idea who loves action but it's very poor video quality...more info
  • Great Price, poor picture.
    I am a Army paratrooper, and want to use this camera to capture video while jumping off a plane, is there a way to strap this thing onto my leg, arm or something?...more info
  • head cam
    it came in plenty of time for me to mail out for xmas to my son and it is just what he wanted thank you...more info
  • Camara extrema
    Oregon Scientific ATC 2K Action Cam Flash Memory Camcorder

    Esta camara es muy buena y practica, cabe agregar que tiene sonido, en la pagina no se menciona....more info
  • Not what it says it is
    I bought this camera as it said "Action Cam" in its title/description.

    My original intent was to mount it on my motorcycle or car. As my first attempt, I mounted it on my car (stable compared to motorcycle) with full resolution and 30fps option. Here is what came out:

    1. Choppy video. Unacceptable for something thats named as Action Cam. All the "action" is missing from the video. My 3-yr old $100 Canon Digital Still Cam shot a similar looking video, if not better.
    2. The video was way too bright.
    3. I didn't expect the mic to work, and I was more than right. Its just static "action" noise.

    I did try mounting on motorcycle, the video looked like flushing a 100-dollar bill down the toilet.

    If you're looking for a decent action/helmet camera, get the Sony Bullet Cam with DVR for a $100 more than wasting your money on this.

    This might be a good toy for the kids to mount on their R/C cars (thats where mine ended up).

    The packaging looked good with all the "action" pictures on it. The built is sturdy and comes with good mounting accessories. Thats where the "action cam" feel ends.

    Hope I saved someones $$$....more info
  • Fair, not great.
    If it wasn't for it's low price I probably would not have given it a second glance. One thing that really did bother me was that the small icons in the LCD display; some of them are really close to the border and it's difficult to see without having to look at the display in a slight angle.

    The image quality is "fair". I also have one of the older Flip Video recorders where the image quality is far better.

    I do like the many mounting accessories they give you with this camera and the fact that its water resistance is also a nice bonus. The camera also feels like it could take a drop from a few feet and still keep on working - probably because the casing just feels really strong. This sort of gives you the feeling that if the camera was mounted to your helmet or bike and you were to crash that the camera would most likely survive.

    The reason I went with this camera was, as mentioned, the price and I liked that I didn't have wires dangling everywhere. If there were actual mounts for my Flip Video (the newer versions now have mounts and mounting accessories) I probably would not have bought this camera - I would have probably gone with the more expensive "bullet" camera packages.

    Since my use is for mountain biking (from cross country to extreme riding) this camera makes a good "secondary" camera. The primary camera will most likely be one of the more expensive (proven) bullet cameras with the steady image ability.

    The other thing I noticed was the weight of the thing. You *CAN* feel the weight of the thing when it's mounted on your helmet.

    That all said, I think this camera is good for the person on a budget or just experimenting. I can't dislike this camera too much because it was rather inexpensive. My experience with this and the Flip is now allowing me to feel better about dropping some serious $$$ in a better video camera package....more info
  • Cam Review
    Its a good idea, I like its versatility. However I bought this to mount to an Army Combat Helmet (ACH). And there was no good way to stabilize it without compromising the integrity of the helmet. Also the sound doesn't pic up that well. Over-all the cam is a good buy though, good for sun or rain... but it makes a better handle bar cam....more info
  • Best camera ever
    Man! This camera is great! I mounted it on the handlebars of my foreman. We went riding at night. As long as there is someone in front of you to reflect the light back to the camera it works great! You dont see anything if you are the man in front. Video quality is very good. For high quality sound you must remove the waterproof cover at the back of the camera. This camera is tough too. It has been abused under me and still works fine. If you are in inhospitable places and want a camera that you dont have to worry about with very good performance, this is for you. Check out footage on youtube....more info
  • so-so
    This is a soso product, it could be great if the sound work. I used it in a bike ride and was terrible, then for a whitewater rafting and was worse. You have to scream next to the camera to hear something.

    Under the water was great with a very clear images. For me didn't work, maybe for you it does....more info
  • Does a great job for the price
    I recently purchased my ATC2K here on Amazon and took it out for a spin in my 2005 Mustang. The video came out great and was one of a series of video tests that showed me how versatile this little unit can be.

    Securing it was not too difficult and I was already well aware of the limitations of the microphone and really didn't expect or want it, since, for my purposes, an MP3 recorder and bone conduction microphone would be a better option for getting voice and to combine the video and audio track later when doing edits.

    The interest I had was in getting the camera for was for a range of outdoor sports and also for chase support for motorcycle touring. I do wish there were a series of mounts either documented for the camera or specially built as optional purchases just for the ATC2K. I'm already researching some specialty mounts for the various sorts of missions I'm dreaming up for this neat little camera.

    I bought a Kingston 2gb SD card and had no trouble at all using this card with the ATC2K. The unit is easy to turn on, is relatively simple to configure and turn on and, for the price, is at the top of it's genre. I didn't have to do any formatting as noted by others, so the Kingston SD 2gb card is a winner for me with this camera. I'm going to put the camera through it's paces over the winter, but my tests so far indicate the camera is a great little bargain and worth getting.

    I won't rehash much more, since any Google search and the other reviewers have covered many of the strengths and weaknesses of the camera. My only observation that might be more of a wish is that I wish that Oregon Scientific would have a simple forum area on their site where people can trade knowledge and tips about the ATC2K and improve the product (and the manual). I found out most everything significant before my purchase from external reviews and Google searches rather than the manual...

    Bottom Line: If you are looking for a great and inexpensive way to get into recording video with a rugged and wearable camera that can work almost anywhere, this is the one to get. If you can't handle the audio and other quirks that make it a truly individualistic and temperamental beast it isn't the one for you. For my missions and purposes, it's the right one. I hope this review helps you!

    ...more info
  • Sport video
    The camera's video quality is good, it is really small and not heavy. But there is a problem, I have tried it in my mountain-bike rides and it didn't work very well. I think it is the vibration. After several intents I have just decided to keep trying different solutions. I should say though, that if you use it while you are not riding it gives you great video....more info
  • Oregon Scientific ATC-2K works as designed
    The Oregon Scientific ATC-2K works well with video quality that is sufficient. Video quality is acceptable once there is enough daylight. The LCD display is very small, almost requires a reading glasses or magnifier to read some annunciator icons. The unit is used with the supplied bicycle handlebar mount, which works very well. The unit drains down 2 AA cells very quickly. Very large memory card may not be logical due to just over 1 hr recording time before battery runs out unless memory used for many smaller flicks. When battery runs down while recording, it could corrupt the memory data. Item works well for what it is designed. It is not substitute for camcorder....more info
  • Veru bad device
    I buy one for use in the practice of MTB, but I lost my money, the video is bad, and the audio also is bad. I put it in the trash....more info
  • Lots of fun for little money
    Oregon Scientific ATC 2K Action Cam Flash Memory Camcorder

    I'll have to admit I was skeptical when it came to this camera. I've shopped for helmet cams before and been terrified at the price - so when one comes around for under $100 with no moving parts and standard AA batteries for a power source, it caught my attention. Well, for the most part I've been very pleased.I bought this cam for dirt riding, so I figured it would take some abuse. It handles it very well. The only downfall I find is that the helmet strap is not the best way to mount this camera as it allows too much vibration. If you are using this camera for this application I would recommend using the handlebar mount instead. I actually mounted mine to the frame of the vehicle as it is much more steady.I have gotten some great footage and great entertainment for the money.Get yourself a memory card (unless you're into 1 minute vids) and have fun. Oh yeah, if your looking for a camera to film grandpa's 115th birthday, this isn't it. It is an ACTION cam. The microphone is set up for wind and motor noise, etc. and doesn't do real well with voices. Use it for what it's designed for and you'll be pleased....more info
  • Rugged and handy for those impossible shots
    I found the ATC 2K while looking for a small waterproof camcorder for a sailing trip. I was not expecting the resolution of my $1,000 Sony but for $85 this thing produced more than just acceptable images. It comes with two mounts. The helmet mount worked great on my snorkel mask strap and with a slight modification the handlebar mount fit on my KAP (kite areal Photography) rig. Hands free snorkeling was especially convenient. Just look at a subject and you have the picture.

    Over two weeks it went snorkeling daily, flew 500' up on a kite string and bashed through waves mounted on the bow of the dinghy. I know of no other single camcorder that could do all of that. ...more info
  • love it
    For the money you can't beat this ATC 2k
    camera. I use it to film when flying my plane....more info
  • Awsome little camcorder
    This tiny recording device has incredable value for what it does. My ocupation is in the electronic security industry where similar products such as this flood the market but can't touch this design. It's water-proof, dust proof, DROP proof and best of all.......under $100.00!
    I use it for motor sport attached to my Helmet. Only one point of critisium I have is the fixed focal length. I feel the lens could use a bit wider angle or cabability of being adjusted. Performance is very good @ 30FPS and considering it's size, cost, and conveince, you could'nt ask for more for what it is. Iv'e read many reviews of this product before I purchased it and after using it I have to laugh at the negative critics. considering it's in the sub $100 price range, how can you say anything negative. It comes very professionally packaged, all the accesories you need for various mounting methods and sets up very easily. One thing to consider when purchasing memory is go for a couple bucks more and get the fastest SD memory possible. I am using the lowest speed and although performance is OK, it could be better I beleive. Go to youtube, type in the model of this device and you can see it in action....more info
  • 1st person view/head-cam
    I tried using this for a bike ride ... and there's mixed feelings.

    1) i had no display to view my video so i had no clue (until after the fact) that what i was recording was clipped or at an angle. Maybe a laser guide and/or a level to help.

    2) since the cam is so small, it was hard to keep the camera as still as possible, which caused a video so jerky that it makes the Blair Witch Project a joke. Standing still and moving it is fine ... but once in motion on the bike, it was starting to make me feel dizzy.

    3) On the positive side, it is a neat way to capture video doing things you normally cannot (ie. biking, snowboardin, etc...). And for the price that Amazon gives, it's a decent deal....more info
  • Great item for a motorcycle tour
    I had this little DVR mounted on my left handlebar for a 2-week, 4000 mile bike trip from Tennessee to New England and back, and came home with about 20 hours of nice video, which I was able to edit in iMovie on my Mac. I can't believe the value of this thing!...more info
  • Okay for the money
    You can't expect a whole lot from this camera. if you are moving the camera quickly, it seems like it does not refresh fast enough or something--the picture cant keep up with fast movements. I bought it for downhill mountain biking and the changes in light coming through the trees makes it difficult to make much of the picture. Also be sure you dont tighten the mount too much, i did and the threads seized making all the mounting options useless. I tried contacting Oregon Scientific by email to purchase a replacement about 1 week ago--still no reply.
    ...more info
  • Good value for money
    easy to use, good quality when mounted properly and in well-lit conditions. Sound quality varies with the conditions and can be either tolerable or miserable. This camcorder cannot make miracles - if it vibrates, the picture will be corresponding. You'll be surprised but usual rules for shooting video do apply here, too :). It is waterproof but don't forget to use silicon grease each time you remove the rear lid. One of the drawbacks is lack of the screen - you don't know what you shoot. But, OK, it's a sport camera, not a real movie camcorder. Overall, it's OK and deserves 4 stars out of 5. ...more info
  • oregon scientific camera
    no better camera for the money and the features. sound quality is low and the camera tends to be a little jumpy, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy it. i used mine to video a girl scout canoe trip.works great underwater....more info
  • Good Enough
    Took the ATC2K with me to Sturgis this year and got some "good enough" pictures that I have edited and added sound to, mostly music. The final movie product turned out very well and the people I have shown it to, mostly older techno geeks, raved about the depiction. How else are they going to experience something like Sturgis unless someone has made an adequate video for them to watch? While at Sturgis I was asked time and time again by people what the camera was and where did I get it. Since I spent about $80 for it, it was worth every penny.
    All download software is in the camera and ready to go. I used Windows Movie Maker (resident in XP) to make the movie and it turned out great. Only complaint would be the wind noise into the microphone while riding over 20 mph. I think it is coming from around the protective glass in front of the camera lens. I put some tape over the microphone hole but still got wind noise while moving so a better seal around the protective glass would help, I think....more info
  • ATC2K Review
    I've had a little time to play with the camera now, and I think it's a great camera. I got my money's worth on this one!
    I put it on top of a radio controled car and it worked great. I was hoping to use it to document some of my motorcycle trips by attaching it to my helmet, but the strap that comes with the camera won't go around the helmet. It works on the Forks and the Handlebars OK., but I really want to have it on the helmet so that it sees what I see.
    I am sure I will come up with a method and when I do I'll share it with everyone.

    Keep the rubber side down,
    Raod Tripper...more info
  • Great easy video
    This product is a great way to pick up the action footage. However, it doesn't get the audio very well, and there is no way to connect an external Mic.
    For the cost and capability, I would buy it again.
    ...more info
  • Oregon Scientific ATC 2K Action Cam Flash Memory Camcorder
    You get what you pay for. Don't expect too much from a device in this price category. It is easy to mount and operate. However it needs some practice to adjust to ensure it points into the intended direction and it is not skewed, especially when mounted to a helmet. So better take a portable media player with you to replay a test sequence and adjust the cam position until you are satisfied. Unfortunately it does not show live image when attached to a monitor. You need to record first and playback to view the result. ...more info
  • A little bit shaky
    This camera offers a great video quality, the only thing I think I have to find a way to stop it from shaking when using it on my helmet, when that is solved it will be awesome...more info
  • helmet cam
    this camera is definetely one of the best out there,the only down side i could find is stability. when riding my bike down hill the camera moves too much and is hard to get a good image. some sort of stability device in the camera would make it so much better.
    the camera itself is well protected against the elements, is water tight and i already tryied it and it works well even submerged in a pool.
    overall it was a great buy....more info
  • Great camera.
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1VHPMIIVJH9UN This is a jetsking video made using this product on Lake Washington in Seattle in October 2007. As you can see, it works really well and we're quite happy with the product. In fact, I have since recommended it to a bunch of friends who have all bought it and love it too. We've got a bunch of similar videos listed on youtube (account= rothstafari) and all of the jetsking ones were made with this camera.

    A 2 gig SD card provides you with an hour (approx) of footage at the best resolution. This is a great feature. The camera is durable and works very well.

    My only issue with the camera is the placement of the lens relative to the camera body. Because the lens is slightly set into the body (presumably for protection), water tends to pool at the base of the lens obstructing the view and making the end result look bad. We're going to try something like rain-x next time out and hopefully it will help. ...more info
  • Good sport video camera for a reasonable price
    I use this camera on my motorcycle, mountainbike, snorkeling, surfing and longskate. For bikes it's great, no matters weather. For snorkeling is very important a sunny day, but work very well. For surfing is a poor option, if you want to rec yourself in a wave; works better if someone else is filming you. To much movement and a high risk to lost the camera in a wipe out. For long skate is great especially if you fit it under your board near to wheels. But anyway is a good product for the very good price....more info
  • Motorcycle Road Racing Tested - Great buy for under $100
    this camera is exactly what i was looking for to tape my races, practices, and occasional trackdays...if you're looking for something to mount on your motorcycle, ie the tank, this is perfect because its inexpinsive(in the case of a crash), compact, but does well with vibration and still produces good picture quality and sound; not to mention i can tape my rain races as well, bc its water proof, and the two AA batters normally last a day of sessions(then i just recharge the batteries).the only other option i had was to get a video camera and bullet cam, but the quality of the picture isnt much better than the ATC 2K, it cost alot more(about $300-$500), and id have to find somewhere to put all the cables and video camera. the only problem i've encountered is the sound, it pics up alot of wind noise, but to fix the problem i just put some epoxy in the mic hole. it pics up the engine noise perfectly. great product for motorcycle road racing....more info
    Haven't used very much yet but see the practicality of it in our travels versus a "camcorder" of the ancient variety! Still practicing! Handy though due to size.
    ...more info
  • Great for paragliding
    I use it all of the time for powered paragliding. Strap it on your ankle, your risers, even on your wing. Don't strap it on your cage-- the vibration will ruin the picture. The quality is more than sufficient for You Tube. Buy rechargable batteries for it. The only gripe; if you have half sky and half land in the picture, it will over adjust and the land will be black....more info
  • Good Camera - Simple Sound Quality Fix
    I am a police officer and I use this camera when interviewing people. I was initially disappointed with the sound quality, but found the video and capacity with the 2gig card excellent. The problem with the sound is the waterproofing. If you are not going to be using it in water or wet environments all you have to do is remove the mic cover and there is a black square rubber cover over the mic. It is 1mm or thicker and causes the sound distortion and lack of range. Remove it an re-install the cover and you get as good a sound as any other video camera. This camera is well made and a good value at the price. If it had an external mic jack it would rate five stars....more info
  • Firefighter Tested
    I am a firefighter who has been using this cam as a helmet cam and it has been abused pretty well and keeps kicking. The quality is exceptional for the price. It has been in hot environments and has been soaked with water and keeps going....more info
  • Very useful and handful but very medium quality
    very small, very easy but cannot expect the same quality as a camera or video camera...more info
    Takes good clear picture, easy to view on TV or PC. Aiming camera takes a little bit to get used to, aims a little high from where you think your filming. Works good, had it recording while jet skiing and worked fine no problems. Good product and lots of recording with 2GB card....more info
  • Not good
    The only good thing about this camra is the video quality. for 80 dollars it actuly has decent image quality. the sound is horable. when the camra is sitting still you can't hear your self talking if your more than a foot or two away from it. but even when you are close upto it, it sounds like you whispering. when the camra is moving it make this really loud noise on the video that amlost sound like something grinding. i have use this camra on my mountainbike, mopeds, and even my Jeep, and it makes the same noise. also this camra eats up batteries like it noones buisness. if the battery gets low it will cut off and if you were recoding when it cuts off you lose the whole file, it dosn't just stop recoarding. overall this camra is not worth 80$ in fact i probly would be skeptible about buying it if it was for only 20$. Don't buy this or the tony hawk cam, if you really want a decent hemlet cam just save you money and buy a real one, you'll be disapointed if you buy this...more info
  • Action Cam - Great
    I bought this to take to the coast on vacation last week. It worked great. We used it on the jet skis in the ocean, in the hotel pool and hot tub. Underwater worked good too. I bought a 2 GB memory card on ebay to use with it off ebay. I would reccomend it for an inexpensive fun video camera that you do not have to worry about getting it wet....more info
  • Great idea but poor video quality
    Who wouldn't love a camcorder that is small, durable and shoots good quality video? Unfortunately the ATC 2K is not the solution. Checkout the videos on YouTube that were made with the ATC 2K before you buy it (search atc 2k). It seems to work OK when there is minimal movement but when the camera is moving the video is very grainy and jumpy. I found the following mountain biking video[...]be particularly useful since it looks like the photographer did everything correctly, yet the quality is still poor.

    Kudos to Oregon Scientific for the idea. Keep working on it. ...more info
  • Price/performance that can't be beat, upgraded design.
    Products like this get me stoked about modern consumer electronics.

    Pretty well made solid unit (heavy is means good to me) considering it is a self-contained waterproof tapeless video recorder for 85 bucks. Add a 2 gig card and for about $100 you are ready to go where bulky systems won't.

    Other systems require a tether to a video recorder and give much much better quality but you are going to pay much much more, it will be bulky, heavy and probably not waterproof.

    As for 30fps, I have yet to measure it but the video is quite choppy (Maybe because it is non-interlaced?). Download sample videos at the oregon scientific website to make sure it will suit your needs. When I watched it online I thought it was that choppy because of the internet or that it was shot at lower quality setting but what you see it what you get.

    I don't know what you expect as far as sound quality, but keep in mind that there are limitations on waterproof microphones, especially given the price range. If audio is important then just record it separately and add it in when you edit the video. That's what the pros do anyways.

    It comes with several mounting hardware options (all for 85 bucks, I was impressed!) and if those aren't stable enough for you then you can easily adapt your own to the supplied mount.

    The SD card issues I read on other posts appear to be resolved. Also, in a pinch you can take the sd card out of your picture camera and put it in this without conflicts: it just writes to a different folder and your other pictures will remain unharmed. Impressive. Plug it into your computer and drag and drop, no hassle with needing to install extra software.

    It uses AA batteries rather than proprietary ($$$) batteries. A fresh set will run long enough to fill up a 2 gig card at the highest quality (a little over an hour).

    Thank you Oregon Scientific! You have blessed the masses with an affordable shockproof/waterproof helmet/bike/glider/tubing cam.

    ...more info
  • Good potential but poorly executed design.
    For the price (about $80) the video quality is okay. With a 2GB SD card which you can get for less than $20 you get 1 hour of video at 640x480 and 30fps, or over 3 hours of video at the next lower resolution at 15 FPS. Video was not as smooth as I expected but still ok for the price. However, the sound is horrible. You can barely hear conversations at normal speaking levels. Yet it picks up every little noise when something touches the camera. It appears that they put the mic inside the sealed case so that it only picks up loud sounds from outside the case. If you need to have sound in your videos, such as people talking, forget about using this camera. I am returning mine. I probably would have kept it if the sound quality was better. The LCD menu screen is hard to see and not intuitive to use. Fortunately, once you have it all set up you don't need to navigate very often throught the hard to see miniature icons behind the thick plastic window that distorts the little icons behind it. Finally, it seems like they could have designed the unit a bit smaller. It is also on the bulky side. The camera itself is about 6 1/2 ounces. It would not have taken very much effort to have made this into a great action camera but the engineers at Oregon Scientific don't seem to have what it takes to figure that out. On the plus side, it does seem to be pretty rugged, and if you need a camera for action videos where you anticipate the camera to get wet and banged around, this may be fine for you. But remember that the sound will be very muffled and voices hard to hear and video quality is not comparable to a standard video camera or even the video quality you get on many of the newer standard digital photos cameras. But thise cameras typically are not rugged or waterproof. So bottom line is I would only recommend this camera where extreme conditions are anticipated and sound quality is not important. ...more info
  • what I expected
    At full resolution the video does this strange warping effect, which can be creatively inspiring, but gets old quick.

    The grainy medium resolution is much cleaner for action.

    The sound is useless. this has no effect on my overall rating. I don't care about sound with regard to this products applications.

    For the price its a fun toy, but don't take it seriously. its great that it is water proof and durable. Now if it actually captured decent video, then we'd have a genuinely great item. If it also had even decent sound, then we'd really have something to rave about. Currently it's stretching it to give it a 3, but for the price, there's nothing like it....more info
  • Sound Unusable
    Sound recorded indoors is unusable. Video quality is OK with decent light. Definitely reminiscent of the 'aliens' helmet cam from James Cameroon's movie. If you are expecting to use the audio you will be severely disappointed. The video has a definite grainy look to it. Could be useful for some shots. Probably worth $49 I don't know about $80!

    tech observer...more info
  • mounting issues
    This camera does a reasonable job with video and is excellent for the price. The problem is that the mounting system(s) that come with it are too flimsy and allow the camera to move around too much causing jittery videos. The camera is also very sensitive to vibration and shuts itself off when attached to our racing go karts....more info
  • Nice idea, but poor implementation
    Although I commend Oregon Scientific for attempting to make an affordable all-in-one action cam, this one just doesn't cut it. It does well in most areas except for handling the action part. The video becomes very wobbly when the camera gets moved around. Add a bike and dirt road and you can forget it, the picture becomes totally wavy and wobbly.

    Sound is also quite horrible. The mic is not isolated from the camera body, so even the slightest vibration becomes a hideous white noise, and when the video is reviewed later this will most often overpower the actual sound you wanted to capture. Wind noise is also picked up, but this can be reduced by taping a piece of soft foam over the mic opening.

    The unit is also quite large, and mounting is effectively limited to what they include in the box without some modification.

    Don't believe me, search youtube for ATC-2K video. You'll see.

    ...more info
  • If it is worth shooting.. don't use this
    The video is awful, the sound is overwhelming, and most important - something that is not mentioned in other reviews is that when this is mounted on your helmet - there is not way to know if it is on or off !!!

    The interface button are amazing hard to push.. impossible with gloves.

    Spend more $ and get something that you can count on.....more info
  • Good but not forever...
    I my first use, I break it. I don't know why, may be due to 6 hard drop during the montain bike down hill in the havy rain. the movie it's fantastic and also was easy to fix the screws again. I'll buy another one just in case.


    ...more info
  • Great little camera (ATC2000)
    I bought this camera to use while paragliding. I haven't had the opportunity to use it that way yet, but have had time to fiddle with it and see what it can do.

    It is very well designed. It's compact, rugged and very durable. As the other's have said the resolution isn't the highest, but it's not bad at all. I was amazed at how well it adjusts to different lighting conditions. I went from outdoors in bright sunlight to indoors under flourescent and it adjusted perfectly without my missing anything.

    The camera mounts are great. The strap works wonderfully to mount it to a helmet, it is plenty big. I read in another review that they felt it was too small. Also in that same review they said the camera had a horrible wobble. Well, it was because they didn't cinch the camera strap down tight enough.

    You absolutely must buy an SD card for it otherwise you'll be extremely limited in the time you can film. It only comes with 32 megs onboard which translates to next to no time at all in high resolution. A 2 gig SD card gets you just over an hour of footage at the highest resolution.

    Someone in another review mentioned that the SD card can pop out. Either they fixed it in this version, or they weren't inserting the card correctly because just like any SD card slot you push it in until it clicks and then you must push it in again to release it so no problem with the card coming out.

    The only down side to this camera I can see at all is the sound. It might as well not have any at all. Unless you scream into it you can't even here yourself. It doens't matter to me because while flying I'd only get wind noise any way, but if you want sound this is not the camera for you.

    All in all it's a great camera for the price and there is nothing else out there like it....more info
  • Best value helmet camera ever!!
    I've had the ATC-2K for a while now and I have to say it's exactly what I thought it would be. It's for extreme sports, is compact, no wires and all in one. The video quality is pretty good but can't be compared to my $500+ Sony camcorders. Obviously the camcorder will have much better quality but I'm not going to strap one to my head or bike, especially as it would be an expensive piece of equipment to smash if I wiped out!

    To be honest, for the price, it's well worth buying. I mount it to wherever and then press record, after that I haven't got to worry about it. With the other helmet cams I've tried, the wires sometimes get tangled and I constantly have the thought of my camcorder, in my backpack getting smashed up, at the back of my head.

    I was a little confused about whether the ATC-2K was waterproof or water resistant as some websites have different descriptions. I called Oregon Scientific and they said when the camera first came out they had not yet received the waterproof certificate so they had to advertise as water resistant. Upon receiving their waterproof certificate for the ATC-2K they changed the classification of the camera from water resistant to waterproof. They even put it on their website!

    Oregon Scientific say they can confirm it is waterproof up to 3 meters. It makes a change from those cameras on the market pretending they're waterproof where you have to use a plastic case to make it water proof. Those things are so much hassle! It is kind of like putting the camera in a zip-loc bag!

    The battery time (2 x AA alkaline) is around one and a half hours to two hours flat out. That's an ideal time considering I use a 2GB SD card and film on the highest quality. The max. recording time at 640 x 480 and 30FPS is 1hr and 1 min. If the batteries die I just change them with spares I bring with me.

    I'm thinking of using it when I go snowboarding, the manual says to change to Lithium batteries, specifically Energizer E2. I think this is because the operating temperature for alkaline batteries is higher than that of a Lithium battery. If you tried to use alkalines in cold temperatures it would probably only last a few minutes! I also saw that there's a Cold Weather Pouch available. I'm hoping to buy one online, this is great, finally a company who think of multiple use scenarios!

    I've made quite a few videos with the ATC-2K now and have to say that although there is a mic. It's not that sensitive. I asked Oregon Scientific, when I called them about the waterproof feature, and they said it was purposely designed this way as it's for extreme sports and underwater use. Thinking about it, who's going to be giving commentary hurtling down a hill at 40mph?!

    Anyway, it's fine for my purposes, I'm usually traveling at high speeds when filming and wouldn't want to hear wind on my playbacks! I guess it would be more interesting to just add my own music or commentary to my ATC-2K clips. I've searched Youtube and so on and have found lots of people are using their ATC-2K's to post clips, there's a cool one of the ATC-2K strapped to a rocket! There's also a U.K. gadget show, 5 gadget show I think, where the host throws it out of his 1st/2nd floor window into a shallow pool below! Neat! Someone brought it back up to them and the footage was cool!

    The Bottom Line is: For recording my kid's birthday party or my grandma singing, I'll use my camcorder, for my sports I'll use my ATC-2K! Worth the investment and does exactly what it says on the box!
    ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    I would not recommend this camera based on several design flaws:

    1) The picture quality is very grainy, and at the highest resolution settings and in bright sunlight it gets no better. It also does not record 30 fps at the 30 fps setting, but something more like 20 fps.

    2) The lens angle is a medium length focal length, which means that you will not capture much of the scene but rather a narrow view, which, as it is a longer focal length will be quite jumpy even with slight camera movement.

    3) The biggest issue...the camera's SD card slot has no way of securing the SD card, so with moderate vibration such as on a bicycle or motorcycl handlebar, the SD card will shake out of its slot resulting in the camera stopping its recording.

    I like the idea of the camera, and its design seems very rugged. The incuded mounts are also very thorough. I'm returning the camera and will look towards something else - completely dissatisfied in the ATC2K....more info
  • Great SECONDARY Cam
    Alright this camera is not your HD super resolution camera that you will want to use as a stand alone unit for any event. What it is however is for a low price you are getting a WATERPROOF to ten feet dust resistant durable camera that can go places that few would even dream of taking much more expensive fragile units.

    for example I take mine and put it inside a plastic bag and jump off a cliff with it a little work and you can get some sweet shots as the water comes at ya and next thing you know your underwater. Try that with a handycam. Im excited for this summer because i want to try attaching it to the rope of our tow boat when wake boarding for a sweet up close and personal view complete with wipe outs.

    when mud digging in my four by four I Velcro it right up on the front bumper for a extreme rarely seen angle. You could mount it underneath near the axles while flexing for a cool shot also.

    You tube has some awesome videos of them being mounted onto the back of rockets and blasted into the sky. Be creative with the thing!

    Your getting what you pay for here, a low resolution cheap camera that is waterproof and inexpensive enough to be somewhat disposable to get shots for action videos that would otherwise be very hard or impossible with equipment ten times as expensive. So long as you don't have to watch hours of this cameras video at a time the resolution is fine, set this camera up in a creative way than mix it in with higher quality video from another camera in a more conventional location on the scene and you'll have a great video to showcase.

    This thing stays in the bag with my DV camera when I go out in the outdoors. ...more info
  • Heavy, no sound, poor docs, crummy menu, lousy product
    I received this for Christmas. Here are my observations.

    It is very heavy. I would never mount this to my helmet and ride with it. It doesn't come with an SD card (?!) Luckily I had one for some other electronics that I have. I loaded it in and recorded some video and audio from my living room. I then extracted the SD card and loaded it into my Mac. The video shows up as a .avi file. Good! I tried playing it back and found the video poor and grainy. There was basically no audio at all. I heard some clicking, and my voice was very, very quiet. Basically no audio at all. Okay, time to read the manual. The menu system is very VERY poor. I can't believe this got through their quality control! The audio control is either ON or OFF. No volume control at all, although it is hinted at in the manual. Hmmm... It will be easier and give much MUCH better performance to carry my Fuji camera around and use that when I want to record something. It even weighs less than this helmet cam!

    There is an addendum stuck in here. It says the "ATC-2K supports the FAT16 format of the SD card ONLY". What?!?? This shows a severe lack of trying on the software developer! I'm not going to format my SD card to FAT16 to support this piece of junk.

    Yuck. Finally, it came in one of those wrappers that must be torn to shreds to open. I wonder if I can return it? My wife ordered it from Oregon Scientific. I can't believe they produced something this bad.
    ...more info
  • Sensor Dust
    Not happy at all with the product.
    The camera sensor came from the factory with dust particles, which you can see clearly on the image. There are at least 5 big speckles and there is no way to clean the sensor (other than sending the unit back).
    Poor quality control is my guess.

    Otherwise works as advertised.
    ...more info