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Product Description

Stay in a secure and trusted LAN, and you still need personal and private protection. This easy-to-pack, compact network device is equipped with advanced safety and security features to connect you to the LAN or Internet through any broadband connection. With a powerful SPI Firewall and Network Outbreak Prevention, it behaves as one of the frontline protection devices for individual PC from Internet attacks.With the lightweight, compact device, the ZyWALL P1 also provides VPN connection for mobiles users to create a private secure hotspot for you whenever you go. No extra sophisticated software installation and configuration effort is needed. Once you're connected over VPN, it's just like being attached to the local network.Comparing with software-based applications, the ZyWALL P1 is a truly plug-and-play, hardware-based personal security device. It avoids software installation complexity by benefiting more from ease-of-trouble shooting and management effort. A familiar web browser interface and setup wizard makes installation and configuration easy.

Customer Reviews:
  • ZyXEL ZyWall P1
    Small, fast personal firewall, NAT router, and VPN appliance. Small, does it's job well.

    Plus: fast, USB powered or use a power adapter, professional quality firewall and interoperable VPN, small.
    Minus: No wireless (I'm using a NetGear bridge for that, but it's 8x the size(!)), USB power requirent is about that of a USB disk drive; sometimes it isn't quite enough. Only supports one VPN tunnel....more info