Kodak EasyShare V610 6MP Digital Camera with 10x Dual-Lens Optical Zoom
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  • 6-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 14 x 19-inch prints
  • 2.8-inch LCD display; 10x image-stabilized optical zoom
  • Video capture at 30 frames per second VGA (MPEG 4 compression)
  • Bluetooth enabled, allowing for wireless photo transfer (with compatible devices) from up to 30 feet away
  • Stores images on SD memory cards (includes 32 MB internal memory); powered by Lithium-ion battery
Customer Reviews:
  • 2 years with Kodak V610 camera
    I just dropped the camera and broke the lens so I'm looking/researching for another camera. I have been using it extensively for the past 2 years so have much experience with it.
    -panoramic 3 shots stitched into one is fabulous
    -takes good video shots and can be zoomed in/out during recording
    -great color in sunny outdoor light
    -10x optical zoom in a small, lightweight package

    -occasional mild distortion of subjects (making it look wider) it doesn't always happen but have noticed it on some photos
    -bad photos in low light such as indoor, sunsets, or night shots.
    -more blurring with fast moving subjects compared to other cameras i've used before
    -flash does not reach very far so if you need to use flash you need to be quite close and it often washes out the subject.
    -time consuming to change settings rather than a quick button or wheel since you need to go to the menu and toggle around which can be annoying if you want to quickly take a photo

    Overall great if you want a small slim profile with 10x zoom, but i do not plan on purchasing it again since I want better photos for low light situations....more info
  • Disappointed
    I purchased the Kodak EasyShare V610 about 1 year ago. I am someone that wants to point and shoot with little to no thought about settings or manual adjustment. I chose this camera mainly because of the 10x zoom in such a small package. The 10x zoom has been a great feature, and I have gotten some great shots outside. However,I have missed 3 major events including my son preschool graduation, his Terrific kids award ceremony and his final Kindergarten performance. Not a single picture turned out for any of these inside events. Since I am totally an auto mode user and never customize my settings, I questioned if this was due to my error. However, after coming back and reading reviews, I see that this is an issue with this model not having image stabilization. Only one year later, I am now looking for another camera (preferably small), with at least 10x zoom, that works well in auto mode, has high FPS and user friendly software (I wasn't crazy about Kodak's software). I cannot afford to miss anymore important memories....more info
  • Second Kodak, and will be my last!
    I had purchased the Kodak V410 and was very happy with it. It lasted for about a year and then the rear display stopped working.

    Being based in the Bahamas, I decided it wasn't worth the red tape of trying to get it repaired.

    So I decided to purchase the then new V610.

    I was satisfied with this camera also, but then the Gremlins started to show up again.

    My camera will no longer focus on anything!!!

    Still shots are blurry unless you use a tripod, and the video.... boy don't get me started.

    Since this is my second lemon from Kodak I will be searching elsewhere for a point and shoot.

    Just my 5cents....more info
  • Great Camera, Great Quality!
    I know this camera is over a year and a half old but it's better than a lot of the ones coming out today! I see that it is 6 megapixels and the newer ones are 12 megapixels and over, but things like the optical and digital zoom on this one are 10x and 5x zoom. The ones I'm seeing now are only 3x optical zoom, which doesn't make much sense to me. I'm still getting compliments on my camera over a year later. Plus, it's an integrated lens camera, which is much better than the ones that are coming out now, in my opinion. So yes, I'd recommend this one to anyone looking for a good camera without worrying about getting the newest and best megapixel amount....more info
  • Nice and Sleek
    This is the first Sony camera I have owned, I bought it a year and a half ago. The 10x zoom is what made me decide to buy this camera over others (at the time, this was pretty much the only pocket-sized camera with that kind of zoom).

    After a couple months I started having problems with the auto-focus, I was increasingly ending up with blurry pictures unless I zoomed in and switched to the other lens. Eventually the wider-angle lens stopped working completely. The user manual led me to a company to send the camera in to have it fixed. It ended up costing me over $100 and I had to send it in twice to get it fixed properly, but the service was excellent.

    This camera has several flashy, cool features. For instance, if you are viewing pictures and turn the camera on its side, the pictures with automatically rotate. I also love the sleek design and the blue lighting around the buttons.

    It also has its share of unique useful features. The zoom is awesome, and the size is very handy. To my surprise, I have come to love the Bluetooth feature, which wasn't sounding very useful at first. If you take a good picture you can reduce the size and send it to your cell phone or a friend's very quickly and it looks much better than a camera phone could do. I'm pretty impressed with the battery life.

    The only things that bother me about this camera are that it seems to scratch pretty easily and the LCD display is constantly covered in fingerprints.

    The display screen does not do the pictures justice; they look much better once you put them on the computer.

    I am not an experienced photographer but this camera has worked perfect for my purpose. I also own a durable, waterproof Olympus but I use this camera for higher quality shots. The pictures turn out nice....more info
  • Kodak V610 CAmera
    This is an excellent camera! We bought our daughter one last year for graduation and she loves it! My husband already had a digital camera...but he loves this one....especially in putting picturestogetherin a book style!...more info
    After buying a small camcorder, I found carrying along a larger digital camera rather cumbersome; therefore, I began to look for a small pocket camera that had a good optical zoom capability. After seeing a relative's Easyshare V570, I was impressed. More research landed me on choosing the V610, much the same as the V570 but with a 10X optical zoom.

    I really like the ease of choosing different types of scenes from the series of small icons on the display screen. The camera's ability to take sharp close-ups is the best I have seen, being able to take sharp pictures of small coins from about 2 inches (5 cm). I was somewhat disappointed in the picture's colors when I switched the scene to snow, having to add yellow when improving the pictures on the computer.

    The camera is a little too heavy to call it a "shirt pocket" model. The dimensions allow it to be carried in a shirt pocket, but preferably in a side pocket if wearing a jacket. For convenience I purchased a small leather case which allows me to carry the V610 on my belt much like a cel phone.

    It is very easy to remove the SD card and slide it into a computer to transfer the photos to the hard drive. Also, inserting an extra newly charged battery is easy and fast if you are on a trip and can't charge the camera directly.

    Motion pictures are fun and have both good video and audio quality for such a small camera. The camera's menu is convenient and easy to understand. Further, the review of each photo, when taken, is sharp and easy to view even in outisde daylight. All controls are convenient once the user forgets their old camera and becomes use to the V610. One other point that is "pro" is the nice design of the auto-focus that produces sharp images.

    Batteries, an external charger, a leather case, SD cards, and other supplies for the camera are readily available on the Internet and in local stores.

    In summary, I enjoy this camera. As a referbished unit, it works 100% and takes sharp pictures....more info
  • smallest 10x zoom camera
    i have had this camera for a year now and is working fine. it has 40 times total zoom and tv quality video. the only problem is that it is only a 6 mega pixel camera, for what you are pay it should 10 mega pixel. besides that it is one of Kodak's best and most expensive cameras, but it is worth the money. if you were looking for a new Kodak camera this would be a rely good chose. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!

    This camera has become my best friend. It's small but it can take some killer pictures. If you love taking pictures as much as I do, this is the camera for you. People stop and start asking you about it. It takes great pictures and video. I can put it in my purse and go. I love it!! It was worth the money. ...more info
  • Easy Simple and Awesome
    This is about the best and simplest digital point and shoot camera I have found. I will be buying another one!...more info
  • Quirky, but great.
    I bought this camera last December to take to my daughter's during a Christmas visit. This camera is nothing short of phenomenal, but very strange with a somewhat steep learning curve. Once you do get used to it, taking unbelievable pictures is incredibly easy. It is small enough to carry in a pocket, yet it has very high-end features. It has such high resolution that I carry a monopod (like a walking stick) with the camera mounted when I am sightseeing for those crisp, postcard quality shots. The Bluetooth interface makes the camera easy to move pictures without the bother of cables and the battery life is surprisingly good.

    I spent some time researching this purchase and knew what I wanted having owned two other digital cameras. You will read some reviews that pan this camera because the reviewers simply did not spend much time with it. This is not a camera for a photographer, but for an amateur who wants results like one. The Kodak engineers really did a lot of deep thinking when they came up with this design and many features do not seem intuitive until you start using it....more info
  • Great Camera
    Great camera, records fast with Hi speed card. I do miss having a view finder. I got the small dock as well, which charges and xfers pictures, very useful. I'm very happy with this model....more info
  • Not as good as I wanted it to be
    I had an amazing Fuji digital camera that was stolen. It was a little big so I decided to purchase this camera due to the 10x optical zoom and the small size. While it does have some very cool features such as stitching to create panoramic photos, so many pictures come out blurry. I'm always getting that stupid yellow hand or worse yet the red hand telling me that the photo I wanted is not going to come out right. I'm asking for a new Fuji for my birthday....more info
  • The Kodak 610
    I recently bought a V610 (reconditioned) from Kodak (sorry Amazon). Took it to Cancun the next day and without much preview took many pictures which were excellent. Easy to use but, does take a little getting used to. It is a forgiving camera and has many features which take awhile to get used to. Love the 10X feature....more info
  • Decent photos from a mid-range camera
    I ended up getting the Kodak V610 with high hopes of a decent "snap" camera with the ability to do videos in a portable format (MP4) and with a good zoom lens (10x, through their use of 2 lenses).

    The reality of the situation is that the zoom is really quite awkward, and definitely not usable while taking video because of the huge jump/gap while switching from one lens to the other (e.g. there's no smooth zoom from 1x - 10x). I will say that I am also pretty disappointed in the construction of the V610, which has flimsy-feeling buttons with barely any travel/feedback.

    Add to this a problem that I've been having where videos don't reliably get transferred when syncing with iPhoto (on a Mac, obviously), and it's been a bit of a disappointing experience. I have now lost a few videos (including a Maid of Honor speech from a wedding!) when I didn't realize that they hadn't been transferred and then cleared the memory card on the camera. I'm going to be trying a new firmware revision, so perhaps that will improve performance with iPhoto.

    These things being said, when its auto-focus manages to focus on anything (which happens less than I'd expect on a decent point-and-shoot, and even less often in lower light), the V610 does actually take pretty good pictures. It has good color balance, the flash fires surprisingly well, and if you use the red-eye function, it actually works if you can get people to sit still long enough while it fires off multiple times.

    Unfortunately, the best thing about this camera is the cool built in lens cover which slides to the side when it turns on....more info
  • It is not what I expected
    I bought this camera because the reviews and the specifications. It is not what I expected, I don't know if it is because I haven't learnt how to use it, but I hardly can get the pictures focused. I had another 3 MP camera that I missed so badly now....more info
  • About the Screen and Zoom
    I love this camera it really has nice features but thats not what I'm here to talk about. I wanted to let people know that the screen is really not visible on a sunny day outdoors. Even when you adjust the screens lighting you cannot see it and have to guess from shadowy objects on the screen. Another thing is that this camera has remarkable zoom the only problem is that the camera doesnt have some sort of stabilizer so when you zoom the camera doesnt show the little shakeyness of your hand hence blurring the picture. For example I went to a baseball game in nosebleed seats and was able to zoom right up to the players like I was right in front of them but could not get much clarity in the picture. So I would recommend that if anyone buys this camera they also buy a tripod if you are using to zoom to a far distance. :)...more info
  • The ABSOLUTE WORST piece of ---- that's camouflaged as a camera.
    Unless you have a tripod and/or a stable surface to rest this hyper-sensitive camera on, be prepared that 90% of your pictures will come out blurred and/or out of focus. What Kodak doesn't tell you is that there is no image stabilization for the still pictures -- only for video.

    If you do notice that your last image fell in this 90% range and you want to re-take the image, thanks to the shutter lag and the time it takes to get your image onto the memory card, the object of your photographic desire is already around the corner.

    There is also a [absolute] stop when moving from telephoto lens to the wide angle lens and vice versa. The movement is not continuous and you have to actually hit either button once or twice to get from one lens to the other. Another hateful little thing Kodak omits in its description.

    Speaking of the video function -- there is no indication whether or not the camera is actually recording video. Went to a fashion show only to find out that exactly zero percent (0%) of the video made it on the card.

    I was always a devoted fan of Kodak but I can honestly say I will NEVER, EVER buy anything Kodak again....more info
  • The best camera yet!!!
    I have had this camera for a little over a year now, and it always amazes me when i use it the pictures are very nice for a point and shoot and batt life is incredable to say the least.
    took a 4 day cruise and over 300 pic and short movies, I never had to charge it once.

    I had all the Sonys and Canons this is my favorite camera,!...more info
  • kadak V610 review
    this camera is fantastic for taking pictures of standing still objects. scenery, buildings, people, etc. if you want to take pictures of wildlife or moving objects it is a little difficult. it takes a while to get used to using the screen instead of a viewfinder. also when it is sunny it is hard to see the screen so you can't be sure of your picture. overall i like the camera and enjoy using it. fairly user friendly....more info
  • One AWESOME does-it-all well camera!
    After much research and review in making my decision to purchase this camera I am amazingly pleased! My review won't weigh on the technical details of how this camera performs as there are more capable people than I to speak to these points. For the layman..who just wants to point and shoot and take a great picture, please read on!

    I've had the camera for 10 months now.

    We are a very active/outdoor family with 2 teenage boys. I wanted ONE camera device that could mulit-task and not take up much room when packing.

    I wanted a COMPACT, digital camera with decent video and VERY GOOD zoom ability to capture pictures of my kids playing soccer. I am an avid kayaker and wanted pull the wild horses and birds up close at Assateague. This little camera fits neatly in a cell phone size dry bag I keep clipped to my pfd strap and is always readily available!

    Biggest pluses:
    - 10x optical zoom
    - COMPACT SIZE(I can and do bring this camera everywhere!!)
    - Very good video..and has adequate sound.
    - Large LCD screen
    - Menus are very intuitive.
    - Not a battery hog.
    - Takes great video and pics in very dark conditions.
    - Great auto settings for different conditions, up close, landscape, beach, night, action shots.
    - Some blurring in video (while during zoom transitions) .. but only nominally.
    - Bluetooth!(more of a novelty than need... but pretty cool)

    I've found I take more videos than I had expected now that I own this camera. Are they studio quality?... No. It has GOOD sound. Good sound to me is when I can clearly hear the kids tease each other about spitting cherry pits at each other, I can hear the horse steps as they walk through the salt marshes, I can hear my boyfriend whisper "that was so cool" after paddling with a group of wild horses from one island to another. I capture the moments and the memory. I don't MISS any pics or video because I'm only carrying one device that does it ALL and I USE this camera!

    side note: the Easy Share docking station was an add-on purchase after I got the camera. Highly recommend for ease of file transfers to your computer.

    For the price, the Kodak EasyShare V610 is an excellent piece of equipment to capture those special moments. You will LOVE this camera!

    ...more info
  • no scan disk
    I bought this camera to replace an identical one that was lost. I am happy with the camera, promptly shipped and so forth. What I am not happy with is this one didn't come with a scan disk(did I miss the fine print) or a camera strap....more info
  • Bluetooth connections with Kodak V610
    I purchased this camera because of the Bluetooth exchange that is one of the V610 Kodak Digital Camera features. After you get use to the flexibility of the camera and learn to keep your finger way from the flash aperture, you will have success with your digital photographs.
    It does not have electronic stabilization but it does have a nifty warning system. The Bluetooth exchange worked as designed without any problems. Using the 10X Zoom does require a tripod unless you are rock steady, but this it not something an accomplished photographer does not already know.

    The camera is well made and the overall design is an award winner....more info
  • Good in daylight, not so good indoors
    Had this for 6 months. It takes good pictures outdoors in daylight. Bright
    color, sharp pictures. The 10Xzoom is useful. You can even use zoom with video. But it's not so good indoors. The pictures turn out very grainy and dark. Maybe the flash is not strong enough. It's a little bit better if you set to higher ISO instead of using the default
    AUTO. Indoors, it's much worse than my old HP PhotoSmart R550. It's funny that V610 takes good video indoors-bright, clear. But it's taken in .mov
    format and can be only played in QuickTime. I can't play them for my friends using IM. The pictures can not be downloaded directly into computer. You have to use the enclosed Kodak software. So, you can't go
    to a friend's house and plug in your camera and download your pictures. The downloading is vey slow and consumes a lot of battery power. You'd better recharge your battery after downloading. The panorama function is a joke.
    You can stitch only 3 pictures together and you have visible lines in the final picture. It only stores the stitched final picture, so if you don't like it, you have to retake them. Sometimes, it just refuses to stitch.
    My old HP can stitch 5 pictures together and it stores each one seperately and you can stitch them together after you download them into your computer. I never had a problem with panorama pictures with HP.

    There are a lot of fancy functions for sharing and printing but I never used them, so I can't comment.

    Overall, it you use if for outdoors, it's fine. If you take a lot of indoor pictures, look elsewhere....more info
  • Disappointed and Returned
    I was really disappointed in this camera. From the moment I took it out of the package until I shipped it back I really didn't find anything I liked about it. The black finish is very hard to keep clean and it feels funny in your hands. No matter how many pictures I took it took several times to get one picture that wasn't blurry. The 10x isn't all that it is cracked up to be either. Unless you can stand still and not breath the picutre will be blurry. I do not recommend this camera to anyboby. Very disappointed.

    I did get a full refund and I purchased another Easyshare camera that I just love. They look a lot alike but they are nothing alike. If you really have your heart set on this one I would recommend finding it in a store to touch and feel before purchasing. ...more info
  • Never buy Kodak Camera
    I brought Kodak V610 Camera before in June 2006. This camera now giving me all blurry pics. In short learn one thing that always buy Sony camera. Kodak camera is not worth at all....more info
  • Kodak EasyShare V610
    Camera is amazing. Great zoom capabilities. Only two problems -- one is that I didn't really care for the ridge design on the front, I assume for no slip. And two, it was hard to keep it steady... the camera constantly gave me that shaky-hand icon on the screen that made some pics kind of blurry. Other than that, such an amazing camera, and so small for all that it has to offer. I really liked that it wasn't bulky....more info
  • Excellent Choice

    received in very timely fashion
    quality exceeds expectations
    cost less than what was available in my area...more info
  • Great for the Money
    I had given my 5 mg pxl camera to my 19 yr old when he moved. Checked out Wally-World for another. THIS one was there- close out price for about $85 MORE than it was here.
    In short, I not only got a TEN optical zoom, 6 mg pxl camera for this price, but it IS super easy to use, has the biggest LCD display I've had on any camera yet. HUGE. This camera is so pretty, I spend half my time polishing it with my shirt in between taking pics.
    Another bonus is that it uses the SD memory cards & the camera dock I already have, as well as comes with a battery charger.
    BLUETOOTH Enabled!!! This thing is incredible, & flat enough to hide in your shirt pocket!...more info
  • Not perfect, but, for sure, a winner!
    I bought the v610 from Amazon, and put my hands on it about one week ago. It's not so much time, but I think I am ready to write a review.

    I'll try to be as clear as possible, and try not 'say' what all the others reviews do.

    So far, my experience with this little wonder was some "test" shots. a birthday party and a bicycle riding on a sunny Sunday.

    It is pretty amazing how much features Kodak could put in to a so small body. The designers and engineers have made a really good job. The camera is very well made. It feels very rigid and strong, and fits very well on my hands.

    The camera haves a lot of "scene modes". You just have to pick-up the one that match your light conditions. This makes the things easy to the inexperienced photographer, but it really lacks some manual settings for the more advanced ones.

    With some non-automatic controls the camera would become unbeatable. I wonder why didn't Kodak put two more "scene" modes on it: Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority?

    The downside of this plethora of modes is that it can spoil a "fast" shoot opportunity. You *will* waste some time finding the mode you want. The workaround: You may use the "general" mode that is selected when you turn on the camera (the camera does not "remember" the last mode used whet it is turned off).

    With the auto scene modes you have to accept the settings the camera "chooses", that is frequently very good. On sport mode, as example, the camera tends to raise the ISO to 150 or 200, to get a faster shutter speed. It's a logical thing to do, but may introduce some noise to the picture. My sports settings would be a little different, but I can live with it. :-)

    The lenses are a bit "dark" (F.Stop) and you have to be very steady for indoor shots, but, don't forget that it's a ultra-compact. It's always a compromise between size and lens aperture.

    The Kodak v610 is not a perfect camera, but *remembering it's size and features*, it's a really winner.

    There is a lot of people, here in the reviews, complaining about the poor picture quality. My advice is: When well used - *knowing what scene mode to choose for each light condition* - the picture quality will be ALLWAYS brilliant.

    Don't forget: To photograph is to "get" the light. It's all about light. The equipment is important, but what makes the difference is the photographer. Think this way and you will get good pictures.
    ...more info
  • Lens cover will not open
    Two days after receiving my Kodak V610, the lens cover will not open which causes the camera to automatically turn off after a couple of seconds.

    This is a common problem with Kodak cameras. Even with cameras under warranty, the sub-contractor that Kodak uses for their repairs charge consumers up to $150 to fix it.

    I recommend searching the internet for "Kodak consumer complaints".

    ...more info
  • Packed with technology
    This camera does everything, it is impressive. The bluetooth is a plus. The sound quality of videos is great, I take videos at local band shows and being really close to the speakers doesn't ruin the sound quality. Images come out great, specially if you choose the correct setting. Auto setting does it for you too. ...more info
  • Bad power unit
    I am in the process to have the power unit replaced second time. After charging with the AC adapter, I could not turn it on. I sent it in for repair and was told that power PCB was bad and had to be replaced. I got it back and recharged it again, it overheated the camera and it stopped working again. So disappointed....more info
  • Not good for Childs Indoor Plays
    I have two kids 6 and 3 so I take alot of photos. I used to have a Canon 12 optical but only 3 megapixels and very bulky BUT took excellent shots indoor low light and far far away! So I bought this cause of the compact nature yet with 10 optical it was the first ever I have found. Well I am very disappointed. Indoors auditorium style with lights on this camera would only take decent shots if I did not zoom and even then they were very dark. My old camera never had a problem with that. I share my photos often and all my distant relatives that do not even know I changed cameras commented that my shots had gotten blurry and not very good. Hence if you are going to take just outdoor or in very lit indoor upclose setting this is a good compact choice. After using this camera since Sept 2006 I am considering going back to a Cannon...yes bulkier but my shots are my memories........more info
  • Great Camera
    I'm very happy with my camera. I recomend it for anyone. Various funtions, the sofware included is good as well....more info
  • Not Impressed
    I am used to shooting with a 12x optical zoom camera already, but I wanted a "point and shoot," with a large zoom as well. The first frustration I had before I even shot my first image, was the "surface" of the camera! It showed every finger print and smudge, and it drove me crazy. I initially loved the "look" of the camera (being black!) but, I did not know that there was a texture to it that required constant wiping off. With that said! I took "comparison" shots (in nature) with my two cameras (Panasonic DMC-FZ20 versus Kodak V610) and was VERY disappointed in the lack of color brilliance (V610)! I was so disappointed that I sent the camera back for a refund (in which they were GREAT about!!!) I am in the woods alot -- my photography is scenery and wildlife; so maybe the camera would be okay for people shots? I did not keep it long enough to try. It just did not serve my purposes. ...more info
  • First Digital
    Got this camera because a friend had a similar one. The blue tooth feature is just great. You need a memory card to make if you want to take video's and store a lot of photos. The video's are not bad and pretty remarkable for a camera this size. All in all a great buy....more info
  • Great!
    This was exactly what I was looking for- a small point and scoot camera with a good zoom. It can be a little tricky to use but once you get used to it it's great. ...more info
  • Terrific compact camera
    The camera is great because it is small enough to slip into your pocket and take wherever. I have been the main picture taker on our family vacations and get-togethers. We had a 10X optical, 5 MP kodak camera that worked well, it was just big and bulky, never to fit in a pocket. The 10X optical zoom on the V610 also works well, the lenses never protrude from the camera when I use the optical zoom. The viewing screen is large and very clear. The menus are very easy to navigate and the on camera editing tools are great. It would also make a fine camera for a beginner. The panorama function works very well also. I have used it multiple times with ease and it created great pictures. The camera turns on quickly and the time between pressing the button and the photo capture is quick. I have had the camera for about a month now and the best thing is the small size without having to compromise in zoom, picture quality, or functionality. The LCD screen does take up some more battery than other cameras just because it is larger, but don't let that stop you from getting the camera. You will be able to take at least 70 or so pictures on a battery and a lot more if you are conservative. My only small frustration was when going skiing, I attempted to video my brother coming down the slope using the 10X optical zoom and the image stabilizer. It was at night and only the lights were on, the camera wouldn't focus on him until he was close, but that may be just because of the low light conditions and glare from the snow. Otherwise the video has worked flawlessly. There is even a terrific function that allows you to pause the video at any time during playback and create a picture from that video frame. (Very useful) My brother bought the Panasonic Lumix® DMC-TZ1K,(a very good camera also) before i got the V610 and now he wishes he got the V610....more info
  • Bright Green Light
    This camera takes great pictures and has all the features that I expected, size, 10x optical zoom, etc...
    BUT, there is one major problem - it shoots off an extremely bright green light as you are taking pictures and my kids have, in no uncertain terms, told me not to use it to take their picture when they are in things like a school performance. As a result of this, I am probably going to sell it and look for something different....more info
  • V610 Kodak
    Loved the concept of this camera...small, 10x zoom and sleek looking, BUT the first one lasted 3 days, had it replaced and the second one lasted 1 week. Both stopped operating completely. So given that kind of problem I do not recommend this camera....more info
  • Not so good
    Broke the day after I got it. But when it worked I loved it....more info
  • 4 Stars
    This camera packs surprising punch in a little package. The "pause" in the zoom doesn't bother me at all. However, I do with the video quality was a bit better. Then again, if I want to take a lot of videos, maybe I should go buy a video camera......more info
  • So simple even I can Master it
    Seldom have I bought anything that fulfilled my expectations to the extent that this Kodak V610 has. From the simplicity of it's menu and buttons, it's many modes for shooting a person can master the controls in one sitting with a bit of experimentation.
    With a 2 gig SD card you can get 1056 pics at full resolution or 56 minutes of TV quality video with sound. The stitch panarama mode is effortless and fun. Would be great for scenics and real estate work.
    I most like it"s portability which fulfills the first rule of photography,"BRING CAMERA WITH".It fits easily in any pocket.
    Like any light weight Camera it is impossible to hold steady for long telephoto shots which a 10x optical and 4X digital allows. However that is fixed with a tripod. The steady shot in video mode does however work quite well.
    Pictures are crisp and color clean, great pics! Also love the large clear LCD monitor with framing grid allowing me to look professional at taking shots. So many good things built in that I could get writers cramp extolling it"s virtues, so I will end by saying that I am way more than pleased with my new Camera.

    ...more info
  • I love this 10x zoom slim camera
    I purchased this camera in September of 2006 to use on vacations. I have a larger 10x zoom digital camera but wanted something I can slip into a small bag or pocket. I epected to give up quality of pictures when I down-sized, but not so. This 10x optical zoom really works with the clarity of my other camera in most situations. I love the many features it offers such as the panoramic feature that stitches the images right in the camera not later on your computer, or the screen flips to show the picture upright in any direction whe you review pics. Pictures in low light are difficult to still, and the LCD screen (which I love the large size) is difficult to see in bright light. These are problems that are common in even some of the most exspensive cameras. This camera is VERY much worth the money...more info
  • Butterfly Photo - great customer service
    If you are getting your camera from Butterfly Photo, you can rest assure they have the best customer service. Isaac Mizrahi of Butterfly photo was a great help to me. After ordering a 5x the optical from another Amazon provider, and having to return it due to a defect (of which they offered no help)In a nutshell, this Kodak camera is the best, but it's becomes PERFECT when you get it from Butterfly Photo.
    Aloha from Hawaii! ...more info
  • Buy this camera!!!
    What a fantastic product! I highly recommend this camera. It will replace the other 2 cameras you would normally have to carry and takes great pictures. You will not find a single Japanese camera like this.

    The Bluetooth feature couldnt be easier as I am able to send pictures directly to my phone which can email them to friends. And I can do this from anywhere in the world!...more info
  • great features at a great price
    I've had this camera for a month now, been using it for general picture taking and have not found one problem with it. I've been using the panoramic stitching feature for the renovation of my house and the pictures come out really cool. I start the photo on one side of the room and continue across to the other end leaving me with a photo that represents how the whole room looks. The stitching is all automatic. I thought the stitching feature would just be a novelty, but it's not (and I can't wait to use it on my trip to Brazil). Another cool feature is the bluetooth, especially now with most cell phones coming with bluetooth. I took the camera to a party, took a few pictures and sent them to the people with bluetooth and they were totally blown away. They were even more amazed when I told them what I paid for the camera. I don't think there is another camera on the market that has all these features at this price. ...more info
  • EVERYTHING is perfect except one thing...
    I'm totally satisfied and it's great, the reason why I rate it 4 stars is because the lens cover sometimes get stuck and you have to push it a bit with your finger in order to make it open, but sometimes it's totally the opposite, it becomes loose and it it could open if you slightly touch the cover. After all, I don't start it before I make sure that it's not gonna stick. I highly recommend it. Thanks Amazon, they're the best. ...more info
  • kodak easy share
    This is the easiest and most informative digital camera I have ever used. I love the fact that you can turn it over and have others see the display in the correct picture position. The pictures are very clear and true to life....more info
  • Disappointing!
    I bought this because of the small size, ease of synch with computer, and the digital zoom. But what good are all these things if the picture quality is poor? And poor it is....more info
  • Great Value!
    I bought this camera around christmas and I absolutly love it! It has worked exactly as I wanted it to everytime and has not let me down. It looks amazing, takes great pictures and the zoom is unbelievable for such a small camera. i would highly recomend this camera to anyone looking for a small digital camera that still takes high quality pictures. Also, Amazon offers by far the best deal that I could find. I went to a few local stores and checked online sites as well. In the end I got the Camera, a case for it, and TWO 1GB memory cards, all for at least $50 less than any other place offered for just the camera. It's a very good buy.... ...more info
  • Nice Little Camera
    I really love this little camera. It is small enough to keep in my purse. It takes great pictures and I really do not understand the bad reviews I have read. I have a very dark house and my pics still come out nice. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to have a small camera with them all the time. The battery does not last very long so get a spare. It is also hard to find a small case that fits good. The camera is very user friendly and the screen is large. NICE!!...more info
  • I love my V610 with 10x zoom
    My husband purchased this camera for me for Christmas. I usually only purchase Sony products. But since I had had this Kodak camera I have used it everyday since Chistmas. I love the pictures it takes and the fact that it is a video camera also. I don't even use my other cameras anymore. It is small enough to take every where. The screen on the camera is absolutely wonderful. The camera has so many differnet options. I have ven taken pictures while my husband was driving 70 mph. The pictures looks as if I was standing still. I am really enjoying this product. Thank God for Kodak making this camera...more info
  • Buy This Camera.
    I did a lot of research before finally deciding on the v610 camera. I am very happy with my purchase. The camera owned up to its good reputation during my recent visit to Ireland. My scenery shots came out beautiful and the 10x digital zoom is amazing. Shutter speed is fast, and the battery life is good. I am very impressed by the video quality and I highly recommend this camera!!!!...more info
  • kodak Easyshare V610
    We purchased this item after researching several cameras and considering simply a mega pixal upgrade on our current camera. I could care less about cameras as a whole...however, this camera got even me excited. It simply does everything that I or others in the family could think of wanting in a camera...simplicity and reminders on screen as to what to do or consider. The clarity and telephoto pictures are really great. I did purchase a 2gig chip and a docking station for further ease of use. We are going to purchase a second one for use at work for close up pictures and video of some presentations. ...more info
  • Great Little Camera
    I have found the camera very easy to use and easier to carry around than my Kodak 7590 model

    Pictures are sharp and full of color

    great buy...more info
  • Great Camera
    This camera takes great digital pictures, has a multitude of available settings, and comes in a handy pocket-sized frame. The large LCD screen makes viewing and cropping your pictures simple and fast, and all the settings are quite usable and efficient.

    We not only love this camera but have also sold others on it who have in turn purchased it and are equally happy with its performance. I recommend the same to you....more info
  • Kodak EasyShare V610 6MP Digital Camera with 10x Dual-Lens Optical Zoom
    Delightfully easy to use. Particularly slim and 'pocketable'. High quality results. A 2-gigabyte card gives plenty of scope for the use of the video feature. The shoe fitting on the bottom for attaching the computer lead, is a little awkward but this is only a minor criticism....more info
  • Ideal snapshot camera EXCEPT...
    I have a Canon S2 IS 12X camera which I love except it is a little complex for a snapshot guy like me and I have difficulty seeing the image clearly on the LCD screen. I have an older 3X Kodak camera which is a little better in ergonomics and has a much clearer image on its LCD screen. Both are a little too bulky for a shirt pocket snapshot camera.

    The V610 seemed the ideal snapshot camera. It is beautifully designed to fit in a shirt pocket without a protruding lens and gives needed 10X magnification. It is as simple to use as you could wish from a full featured camera. The scene types and stitch are well designed, useful and relatively simple to use. It has a clear, bright sharp LCD display which my old eyes appreciate in framing my picture. Unfortunately it has a huge flaw -- no image stabilization -- which makes zoom useless in normal light indoors.

    The first use of the camera was at my wifes club meeting. I was to take pictures of the attendees and awards presentations. Fortunately, I had my Canon S2 IS along because it is simply not possible to hold the V610 still enough to take clear pictures in doors at magnification levels!

    I know it is a small package to get everything into but it is not as if image stabilization is unknown. Do not buy this camera thinking you are going to sit around a family gathering on Christmas morning and zoom into the kids smiling faces -- every picture will be blurry! Sure you could use a tripod, but who uses a tripod for snapshots with a shirt pocket camera. When Kodak adds image stabilization this will be the camera to have....more info
    Overall, for a small pocketsize camera, I would rate the V610 as satisfactory. When I compare the pix I get with those my son takes on his very professional camera, there is a world of difference. You get what you pay for. If you want outstanding pictures, you have to be prepared to spend the big bucks. However, for my purposes, the camera is satisfactory....more info
  • The Best
    This is the best digital camera I have seen. It is as good as a professional camera. It dos black and white photos as well as color. With a 2 gig memory chip it holds hundreds of pictures. And, it takes panoramic as well as close up photos. It dos it all we just love it....more info
  • Nice Camera-Lousy Software
    Happy with the Kodak V610 digital camera. Its ability to join multiple (as in 2 or 3) shots into one wide angle shot is fantastic. The zoom range is also nice; however I am having trouble stablizing the camera for high zoom values. I like its size and user control layout. I rate the camera at a high 4 or above.

    I strongly dislike the software and rate it at a 1 or less. My biggest complaint is its intrusiveness. It has taken over my computer and now displays all photos using Kodak software. Also, it seems to be incompatible with my existing photo album layout. And I am unwilling to convert over to their photo album philosophy. Its a stalemate that I am unhappy with and will probably prevent me from buying more Kodak products. Editing the photos seems easy, but I don't have experience with other editing S/W to be able to make a comparsion. I haven't been able to store selected photos in an E-mail format for attachment is a much lower (smaller) pixel image.

    In summary, great camera, very poor software. Casual conversation with other camera users indicate that one can buy other "great" cameras with much better S/W.

    ...more info
  • Great camera and features, but blurring a problem.
    We purchased this camera because of the combination of size and zoom. Under ideal circumstances it takes fine pictures (although our older 3.1 megapixel Olympus camera tends to come out clearer), however where I see a problem is with indoor lighting.

    We've been taking photos of our daughter with this and an unusually large percentage of them have some visible blur on them. Even some taken witha tripod have this issue so it's not all because of the camera shake.

    We have tried most of the settings and have settled on one that is the least offensive, but we still take 4 or 5 pictures of everything, just to make sure we are going to get one that comes out ok.

    There is an indicator that flashes a colored hand to tell you if the shot is in focus enough for a 3.5x5 picture and we seem to hover in the orange indicator (red being bad, green being good, orange being maybe).

    Despite this, under brighter lighting and outdoor lighting situations, the camera seems to do very well, and we purchased it as much for its size and convenience as much as anything.

    I would recommend this camera, but not with such high ratings as everyone seems to give it. Perhaps it's the lighting in our house, but the overhead 60 watt bulbs seem bright enough for other cameras we have tried.

    Be a little leary about the claims that you don't lose anything by throwing a 10x zoom in such a small package, but realistically speaking the sacrifice is worth the ability to throw this in your pocket when you're heading out for a hike or day at the beach....more info
  • V610
    We have found the camera easy to use and it takes great pictures. The neat thing about the camera is its' size and ability to take 10X telephoto, with clarity and no bluring. I have compared Kodak to all of the other major brand cameras and found it to be better than all....more info
  • Camera Review
    It was purchased for a present for my son and he says it is great!...more info
  • Great little camera!
    This is my 3rd Kodak digital camera (can't resist new toys!) and they just keep getting better each time! I've had a Fuji which was nice, and an Olympus (died after a month, received no response to a letter written) but this Kodak rocks! There are a lot of features packed into this convenient little package. It has a very solid quality feel to it, nothing plastic or cheap. The zoom is absolutely incredible - there isn't a smaller camera with a longer zoom available. The best part is the dual lens - there isn't a long lens that protrudes when you zoom. The buttons are well placed and easy to use. The menus are so easy you don't even need to open the manual to figure out how to do most functions. The panorama stitching is so cool, but stitching 2 photos together is really the best. When you stitch 3 together, it starts to distort a little. I haven't tried the bluetooth yet, but sending a photo to or from my cell phone is a really nice feature. The battery charger is compact, nice for travel, and the built in lens cover is brilliant. Can you tell I love this camera?! The only drawback I've found so far is with low-light pictures. It isn't bad for close range shots in low light, but the quality drops the farther out you zoom. Not all that surprising, but this camera is so amazing, I'm probably just too demanding at this point. There is no viewfinder either, which I prefer, especially for very bright light pictures, but the large LCD screen is very nice. I took this camera to Alaska on a cruise. I was on a 120' yacht as well as paddling around in a kayak and zipping around in a zodiak inflatable. No matter where I was, I had this camera with me and it took great shots everywhere. I don't have the most steady hand, but this camera took awesome shots all the time. I got great shots of a bear on shore while I was floating in a kayak, a lot of amazing shots of eagles, whales, sea lions, you name it, I shot it. I used the "sport" mode which helped a lot since there isn't a stabilization feature. But I got shots of eagles in flight that look like they should be on a postcard. I definitely recommend this camera....more info
  • good camera, this one was faulty...
    The one I ordered from amazon arrived with a malfunctioning lens cover. Amazon did make the return painless, although I did had to contact them after I noticed that the credit issued was not for the full amount. They did make the correction immediately. Other than the lens cover issue, this is a great camera....more info
  • Most impressive camera I've owned
    The lag time is low, the color is good and the resolution is high. This is a great camera. I love all of the little extras added in such as how it always rotates your pictures to be right side up, there is a panorama function allowing you to stitch together 3 shots.

    Highly recommened. I am buying a second one right now since I just had mine stolen. Best review out there, I'm buying the same camera twice....more info
  • kodak v610
    quite good... zoom is excellent. bluetooth works fine :)
    its quite handy
    however some of the pictures in dark are a disappointment.
    and software has to be downloaded for it to be recognized by OS....more info
  • Horrible Every Day Camera
    I'm a college student. I don't plan on being a photographer nor do I wish to take professional-like pictures in my lifetime. I just wanted a good, pocket-sized camera that I can carry with me and take pictures of me & my friends, plants, animals, or what have you. I asked for two different cameras for Christmas. I asked for a Canon or for this one. I was unsure as to which I wanted more, so I had my mom pick one out for me. I was fairly pleased whenever I saw which camera I had recieved as a gift. I was anxious to try out the 10x optical zoom that the Kodak had. Unfortunately, the optical zoom wasn't enough to help this camera. One would have to have VERY steady hands or a tripod when working with with camera. Although sometimes I'm not sure that it would have helped. I was unaware that the camera didn't come with image stabalization whenever I did ask for it. (It only has video image stabalization--- not i.s. for just picture taking) This means the camera is surely wonderful for free-handed night-time shots. I will include a link to some pictures I've taken with this camera to show-- indeed-- what a GREAT job it does do. *sarcasm*

    I'm not an expert at using cameras. I've never had a class or any training. I could just be doing something wrong. It's as simple as that. BUT if this camera is THAT hard to use, then I don't want to deal with it.

    But I think the camera is completely horrible-- in my opinion. Don't buy it for the zoom. The zoom is alright---- simply alright. That really is the ONLY decent thing about this camera. The panoramic shoots are neat but without a tripod they also turn out blurry. Actually, most of my pictures turn out blurry period. I'm not a complete amatuer whenever it comes to digital photography. I know what to do to make a digital picture turn out great. I've been unable to make any of my pictures look great with this camera. I've taken over 500 pictures with it and I could count on two hands the amount I've had turn out decent. &Those that did turn out decent, I'm not thoroughly impressed with. They're okay. My 3 year old Fuji takes better pictures and has better color & shading. I'm very disappointed with this camera. I not only wasted my money on it, but I also wasted my money on a memory card, a camera case, a dock, and a tripod. I can't send it back now. It's been used and it's been over 30 days since it was ordered, so I'm literally STUCK with it.

    I've seen/had several cameras in the past. If you're wanting clear, crisp pictures and you're wanting them the easiest possible way, I would suggest one of the following: Sony Cybershot DSC-T10 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Steady Shot Zoom, Canon PowerShot SD700 IS 6MP Digital Camera with 4x Image Stabilized Zoom, or the Fuji Finepix F31fd. & MAKE SURE IT HAS IMAGE STABALIZATION. I cannot stress that enough.

    Here is a link to pictures I've taken with this camera (these are real-life pictures-- none of that professional stuff): [...]

    I hope the pictures help people make their decision in the future. I wish I could have seen mored of the kind of pictures it takes before I bought it.
    ...more info
  • Proprietary limitations
    At first I was totally in awe from the features of this camera. And its features are impressive. The 10x zoom with lenses which stay internal to the camera is an excellent design. Incorporating the bluetooth for transfer was the final benefit causing me to purchase this camera.

    Unfortunately Kodak has proved to be more interested in the profits from printing than making a useful camera. While the quality was acceptable, and the lenses proved their value, the interfaces were limited. First and foremost, this camera does Not have a standard USB mini connector. Its only data port is a docking port specific to Kodak's printers. It comes with an adapter to convert the docking port to a USB cable, but the USB cable uses a proprietary end not compliant with USB mini connectors. This simple loss mandates that one must keep the Kodak specific cable with them on trips in order to download files.

    I thought I could overlook this since I use a Mac with built-in Bluetooth and this camera incorporates Bluetooth. The pairing was simple and photos transferred well, but Kodak limited the Bluetooth transfer to photos only, and it will Not transfer movies over Bluetooth. Therefore, the proprietary Kodak cable would be required to transfer movies out of the camera. Maybe Kodak would offer some technical reason for this limitation but I later discovered that their new photo printers also incorporate Bluetooth. I don't understand the benefit of this since the camera and printer both incorporate the docking port but it does explain why Kodak didn't care to allow movie transfers over Bluetooth.

    The menus were adequate but not spetacular. It took some searching to discover other features weren't present such as the color accent and color swap provided by Canon cameras. I finally decided to return the camera noting the absence of a standard USB mini connector and the Bluetooth limitation as the justification. Kodak is so close to a great camera but decided to take the vertical integration path instead of open protocols and standard connectors. I don't recommend it for these reasons. There are other great cameras without these limitations....more info
  • A Great Small 10 zoom camera
    After reviewing many zoom lens camera's on Amazon and looking at them in stores, I found this Kodak Camera offered by Beach Camera for $40 less then Amazon. After S&H the price was up to the Amazon price w/free S&H. So I went directly to the Beach Camera websit to check out the camera & ended up purchasing it for the same price offered on Amazon. I also purchased a 2 gb memory upgrade and high speed computer upload, S&H was free. I had to purchase the camera case made for this camera directly from the Kodak website because Beach Camera & Amazon don't carry it. The camera instructions made the camera so easy to use. I have been using it since Halloween 06' and sharing my photo's with family & friends on the Kodak EasyShare website which comes with the camera. The picture quality is great. I took a picture of a Lion at the DC Zoo that was about 40' from me and the 10 zoom lens made the Lion look like it was right in front of me. Everyone that has looked at that shot is amazed and thinks it's post card quality. I also have taken many nite time Christmas tree lights & building Christmas decoration shots in NYC with excellent night time hand held quality. Example the tree at Rockefella Center, all buildings along 5th & 6th Ave's including Radio City Music Hall. If you want a camera with a 10 zoom lens and don't want a larger XL camera this is the camera you are looking for. It's so small it can fit into your shirt pocket. I am so happy that I decide on this camera. For me it turned out to be the best decision. I can't wait to take it on vacation in 07'. ...more info
  • Great little camera, just wish an underwater housing was available for it.
    I am very happy with the Kodak v610, I love the 10x zoom without a protruding lens. The camera is small enough that I can actually carry it around. I just wish an underwater housing was available for it. I'm hoping that one will be available soon.

    The only complaint I have so far(other than lack of a housing) is that the camera resets every time you turn it off instead of staying on the last setting.

    Takes great pictures and has good battery life....more info
  • Perfect vacation camera!
    This camera proved to be top notch on a recent vacation. The zoom was spectacular. Although I did find that sometimes it was difficult to focus on very distant subjects (ie. birds, wildlife) If you have trouble focusing on far zooms, press the button 1/2 way and wait for it to re-focus. You can repeat this a couple times until you get your subject to focus. Other than that...the photo clarity was fantastic. Quick to turn on. It might be a little too easy to delete the photos you don't want...I accidentally erased those I did want a couple times. ...more info
  • Super camera!
    This is by far the best value for your money. Ease of use, size, options available, make it fun and a pleasure to use. The zoom is impressive.
    After you take a shot or video you are amazed at what you have captured without even knowing it. Recommend to everyone....more info
  • best camera
    I am an electronic junky! I have been watching out for this camera to go on sale at local stores, but Amazon had the best deal ever, no one can compete against your prices.This is truly a GREAT investment and I recommend everyone to get one!...more info
  • Excellent product for the money!!
    This is an awesome camera,the pictures are incredible,even on the sun light!! and amazing zoom.
    i check my photos on the apple 30inch dysplay and i can't see the pixeles of the photos at that size,this thing takes really big high quality photos,and vivid colors!
    Don't waist your time choosing a camera this one is the best!!!...more info
  • I am very pleased!
    We have had this camera for a few months now, and I have no complaints. When we visited Cinque Terre, we took some great pictures! We stayed in Montorosso and could take clear pictures from the coast all the way to Vernazza with the 10x zoom. Great camera for a tourist! Misty ...more info
  • Nice Package, Terrible Performance
    Nice package, terrible performance....not exactly what you want to hear after spending nearly $400.00.

    If you are looking for a camera that can take clear, detailed, sharp images, this is NOT the camera for you!
    If you want a camera that can take nice pictures indoors with lamp lighting, this is NOT the camera for you!
    If you want to takes pictures of your kids or dogs, this is NOT the camera for you!
    If you want to capture a special moment on the first try, this is NOT the camera for you!!

    I wish I knew what camera would do all the above mentioned things....if so I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    The only positive thing about this camera is the small size.

    The LCD displays grainy images of the picture you have just taken, no way to tell if it's any good until you get it on the computer.
    The battery lasts for about 20 pictures.
    The images are soft, not crisp.
    You CANNOT crop much until you are pixilated.
    This camera SUCKS. ...more info
  • great point and shoot
    great camera, love the 10X zoom, if you like point and shoots this is a great camera, and Kodak is an easy company to work with for repairs.(it did get dropped on concrete and needed to be fixed)...more info
  • kodak v610 pocket camera
    this is the best camera I have ever owned!!...everything about it is top quality, easy to use, pics are excellent...I could go on and on but I am busy using my new kodak!!.....for the price it is truly remarkable...ENJOY!!!! I purchased a Fuji 9.0 megapixels and even though this is 6.1 megapixels it is far superior...I sent the Fuji home!...more info
  • Nervous Beginner a Convert!
    This was my very first digital camera, and while I am not overly technical, I am very picky about my photos. I got everything that was promised and am thrilled with the camera. I carry it on horseback and use the zoom feature to great advantage. With a very little bit of practice, I have overcome most of the blurriness in some images at total zoom. I could go on and on, but I know others have before me. If you are a beginner, this is a GREAT choice, and a camera that will grow with your confidence and abilities. ...more info
  • Do not waste your hard earned money......
    I purchased this camera about a moth ago.....And am not happy or satisfied with it at all........I read the desciption and the features for this camera,a nd when I saw the price amazon had it for, I figured it was a no Brainer to buy it......Big mistake...
    As you have seen in a few other reviews, you bascilly have to use the flash at all time, unless you are outside, on a extrmely sunny day.....Don't bother trying to use this camera inside or outside if dark or dim at all, the flash will not help......your pictures will not come out and will barely be able to see anything........
    Another thing is blur from movement......I am sure everyone has used camera's without imagae stabilization.....you have to keep your hands pretty steady for a picture to come out well.......well, this is by far the worst camera in that respect also.....every slight, minimal movement will destroy the picture.......

    To sum it up, if you are not going to be shooting outside, bright day, using a tripod.....then do not spend your money on this camera......
    I would ahve loved to return this, but I bought it online, and didn't save the reciept, packing slips, packaging, or anything like that to be able to return it.....Figured there was no way I would not be happy with a camera with all these features........

    Pay attention to these negative reviews........they are all true and no exaccerated.....

    Since then I have bought another camera, which supposedly is not supposed to be as good as this......but to me is 10 times better.......wish I never spent my $ on this..............Don't make same mistake I did...more info
  • dont buy it...
    **UPDATE AS OF 4/10/07**

    It died on me. Didnt even last 7 months. Kodak wouldn't honor the warranty, and they offered me a $180 repair bill to get it fixed and shipped back.

    No thanks Kodak. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

    There are FAR better cameras for similar or less money than this. Shop elsewhere. ...more info
  • Kodak finally got its tradition back
    Wow, optical 10x in a small package! That's the innovation we expect from Kodak. I owned a Kodak before and it started to malfunction (dysfunctioal 2x zoom ) only after one year. The next one I owned is a Canon A85. A wonderful machine and is solid built. As time goes on, I kind of like to have a camera that is VGA video capable with enough zoom power. Then it comes the V610. At first I was skeptical due to past experience. After reading so many positive reviews, I decided to give Kodak another shot.

    After using it for almost 3 weeks, I have to say that Kodak delivered 95% of it. The response is quick, zoom is excellent. The only complaint I have is that under low light condition, the auto-focus does not function very well, but I guess most cameras are like this at this price range. However, my Canon seems to do better in this regard. Another thing is the battery life. If you want to use it as your camcorder, another battery is necessary to keep the juice flowing. Nonetheless, the Kodak battery is cheap ($16) enough to justfy getting an extra one.

    The zoom does have a jump between 3.4x to 4x, but the quality is good and doesn't bother me much. I do love the dual-lens design, which is very unique and way cool! This is the kind of engineering innovation we expect from Kodak. I am surprised that at 10x, the photo is still not blurry as most people would think. Of course you need to be a little steadier than usual, but most of the time you will get good pictures under good light.

    However, the only thing unsure is the quality. My last Kodak camera start to have problems after only one year. Let's hope that won't be the case this time.

    I am using it both as a camcorder and a camera. With a 2GB SD card, I have plenty storage to shoot around. For casual camcorder users (most people are), this is a perfecct unit. Whoever tried to download and convert a video clip from a mini-DV camcorder konws the painful process of downloading/converting/burning. With this camera, the video is already compressed in MPEG 4 format. Downloading from high speed SD card is way way faster than miniDV and burning to a DVD is also no big deal. This camera essentially solved all my problems with my digital camcorder. I haven't tried the bluetooth yet, but I doubt I will need it. I use a card reader and that will give you the highest speed for downloading large files.

    Overall, this a perfect package for everyday photo and video shooting. I just wish that the battery can last longer. But hey, with a small package like this, not much more you can ask at this moment until more powerful batteries are out. ...more info
  • Love this smart, simple, and cool digital camera.
    I'm a professional photographer who has resisted the digital camera world until now. I really would have preferred to buy a Nikon, but the reviews (Cnet. Crutchfield and here) were so poor on the images I looked further. I almost bought a Panasonic with a Lieca lens, but it has a lens cap and looks/design sucks. If you want a zoom, and you should, buy this camera. It's excellent and the bluetooth works quickly and perfectly with my Mac. It's quite simple to use as well, the only thing I needed to look up was the email function. Two of the best things about this is there is no protruding lens on this huge zoom and there for no lens cap. Though I'll never use it for client work, it's better than I would have guessed for a point and shoot. Oh and the image quality is great for that too. It's also small enough to take everywhere.
    Three things: Buy an actual camera case like Zing, an extra battery and a SanDisk Ultra11 SD 1GB USB card. It's faster than other cards and the USB plugs directly into my Mac. This is perfect for downloading movies from the camera - which are sweet. ...more info
  • Astroboy
    I bought the camera 2 months ago ... when I saw the camera, the features, and the magnificent 10X ..... I said .... This is the camera that I was looking for ..... I used the camera in my vacations to Denver and it worked really nice ...... really crispy pictures .... really nice colors ... even under difficult light conditions like the down. I really recomend V610 ... and when your friends look at the big ... big Hi-res color display .... all of them said .... Woauuuu !!!!!!
    I tried again 2 weeks ago in my vacation in Orlando ..... very thought pictures at the stunt show and the camera took perfect pictures at high velocities movement of those fast cars.
    The only thing, I had a small accident and the camera fell off from aprox. 1 meter high and even it was in its pouch, apparently a piece of dirty or something else was place over the screen producing a dark spot damaging every future picture ... I though at that moment it was a small damage over the cells because the fall but I made a strong shaking of the camera and the black dot moved away ..... unfortunately leaving a fuzzy spot over the screen and when I took new pictures, that corner of the camera produced also a fuzzy area over the picture ...... so I guess this camera is a great piece of technology but it should be handle very carefully. Because it is so expensive I have to think if I will buy it again....more info
  • Panoramic Revolution......
    this camera (like it's cousins, the Kodak V570, and V705) takes three pictures and stitches them together IN CAMERA! No computer is needed. just snap a shot, and take another two--the camera's LCD lines the shots up for you. wait ten seconds and all 3 shots are stitched together for a s-u-p-e-r wide panoramic. also, the V610 is the world's smallest 10x optical zoom - pocket sized, a great convenience when you want to zoom without a huge lens.
    just see the samples above, or for a wider angle for scenery, etc., look for the Kodaks dual lens V570 or the new V705.

    ...more info
  • Fast as it is small
    This camera is a pleasure to use. I haven't enjoyed a new piece of hardware
    this much since I bought my first Mac Powerbook 3 years ago.

    I had a 3-year old camera before, so
    let me say what was bad about that one, and why the V610 is so much better.

    1) 0 - > Picture time : It would take my last camera more than 5 seconds to
    turn before it was ready to take a picture. The V610 is almost instantaneous.
    Part of this is that it doesn't have a protruding zoom lens that needs to mechanically
    move before the picture can be taken.

    2) Time between pictures: My last camera would also take more than 5 seconds
    to load the image between pictures. The V610 can take 1.6 pictures per second at
    highest quality in burst mode.

    3) Menu : My last camera had a non-intuitive menu to find things. With the V610,
    I haven't had to look at the manual yet because it is so obvious how to proceed.
    There are a lot of easily accessible picture modes, and I do suggest you spend
    some time familiarizing yourself with them, since they can greatly improve
    your picture quality by for instance decreasing exposure time for action shots,
    or allowing in more light for night time portraits.

    4) Battery : I used some top of the line AA rechargeable batteries on my last
    camera. These used to let me take 50 pictures before discharging.

    5) Lens cap: I was surprised when I took my last camera out of the package and it
    didn't have a lens cap. I doublechecked that this one does has an automatic sliding
    one before I bought it. It slides back and forth instantaneously when you turn on/off.

    Here are a few cons :
    * There is no viewfinder. You have to use the large screen on the back to
    target your shot. This turns out not to be a problem in the day time, since
    the screen quality is great even in the sun's glare. At night though, it is hard
    to target pictures of close subjects in the complete dark. However, I found that if you
    push the button down slightly, a green light is emitted that reflects off your
    subject and allows you to see them. When I realized this I had no problem in
    targeting pictures of close objects.

    Here are a few other pros :
    * I love the bluetooth. I took some pictures and easily beamed them to a friend's
    laptop without having to have cables. Bluetooth isn't so fast though, so I
    recommend just using Bluetooth to send smaller images to people.

    * Use the SD memory card to move the pictures onto your computer with one
    one of those miniature USB flash floppy drives. The SD memory card is
    compatible with other pieces of hardware. I use it also for my MP3 player.
    I have an old SanDisk Cruzer with removable SD card. I used to use a 128 MB
    card with my old camera, but now I use a GB card for my kodak camera. They
    are all compatible with the Cruzer.

    ...more info
  • It's physical size does not represent it's functionality
    Kodak dubs this camera as the smallest 10x on the market. Regardless of it's size, it's functionality is very efficient. The presets make up for it's lack of manual options, and the time from turning on the camera to when you can take a picture is very speedy. I would suggest this camera to anyone looking for a wonderful point and shoot that takes beautiful shots, and still has the bells and whistles of larger cameras....more info
  • The stitching function is really cool for scenery shots
    This is my fourth Kodak digital camera. I bought this one because of the small size and the 10X optical zoom. The last Kodak that I bought was a 7490 which also has a 10X optical zoom but kind of bulky. In terms of the picture quality I think the V610 suffers a little bit because the size of the lenses are quite small. At 10X zoom it is also hard to hold the camera completely still because there is no viewfinder so you have extend your arms to use the LCD screen to shoot. What I really like about the V610 is the stitching function. I have taken my V610 hiking in the Rocky Mountains and those wide angle scenery shots with three pictures stitched together are really awesome. If you don't need 10X optical and I think you have to use a tripod to get good pictures anyway, the V570 maybe a better choice....more info
  • 6.1 megapixels, 10x optical zoom, pocket sized. Wonderful!
    This camera is absolutely fantastic, highly recommended....more info
  • Non-protruding 10x optical zoom in sleek body

    - 10x optical zoom works well (in good light or with mini tripod).
    - Zoom lens does not protrude, very stealthy.
    - When using digital zoom, pictures are not artificially interpolated back to the requested size but are kept at the recorded smaller size.
    - Blur indicator when reviewing.
    - Camera controls and menues are adequate.
    - On-camara panorama stitching.
    - High quality MPEG4 movie mode 640x480@30fps, size only limited by storage card. Optical zoom can be operated during movie.
    - Small size full metal body.
    - Adequate LCD resolution (I value LCD resolution higher than raw LCD size).
    - Bluetooth transfer works well (tested with Axim X50v PDA).
    - Full bound paper manual.


    - I don't mind the gap during zooming at the lense switch (need to release zoom rocker and press again, magnification jumps over missing range, does not digitally interpolate unlike V570), and I appreciate the other gap before digital zoom kicks in.
    - I would have been happy to live with an even larger gap if the wide-angle range had been extended down to that of the V570.
    - Battery life not too good but batteries readily and cheaply available. Likewise for external battery charger. Cheap aftermarket products (Ebay) work well for me (so far).
    - No bundled accessories like docks that I would not use anyway.
    - Going through favorities mode to review mode seems to be the only way to review pictures with the front lens protector kept closed.
    - Somewhat non-standard movie container (quicktime .mov). I use mencoder with options -of avi -ovc copy -oac mp3lame -lameopts abr:br=96 to switch to .avi (or -of mpeg for mpeg container) without reencoding the mpeg4 video stream (fast, no quality difference).


    - No optical image stabilization. Electronic image stabilization for movie mode only.
    - Image noise at all ISO speeds.
    - Max aperture quite limited, especially for the zoom lens, tries to compensate with high ISO speeds, noisy pictures.
    - Writing to storage card is slow (even for high speed SD cards), very noticable when using burst mode.
    - 5 second review delay after shooting cannot be switched off or customized.
    - Does not remember most settings, always starts up in auto mode.
    - No way to find out which iso speed/aperture/exposure time will be used when halfway depressing shutter button and even which settings have been used when reviewing pictures inside the camera (no good excuse for this I could think of). Need to copy file to computer and read the exif tags.
    - On-camara panorama stitching frequently shows visible stitching errors. Can only stitch 3 (or 2) images, not more than 3. Very picky about alignment.
    - Expensive.

    I did not use the flash so far.
    I did not use the bundled the software (unsupported operating system).


    Camera has limitations, some of understandable technical nature, others unnecessary (hiding too many details from the user, could be fixed in firmware but probably won't) but overall is a keeper. Fun factor is very high....more info
  • Fantastic pocket still camera and video camera
    Kodak V610 review

    I have owned this camera for about 3 weeks, and I love it. I have captured about 4 hours of video inside and outside and about 200 still shots inside and outside.

    The V610 is a consumer point and shoot still camera and a great 640 by 480 - 30 frame per second movie camera, both with 10 times zoom. If you are looking to have a camera in your pocket whenever you come upon a situation where you want to take a high quality snapshot or a home movie video, I highly recommend this camera. It is fantastic. It takes a reliable snapshot and a very smooth video and fits into my shirt pocket

    However, if you are looking to be the next Ansel Adams or need professional videos ... get other much larger and more expensive cameras, with much larger lenses and much more powerful lights.

    In my opinion, this is the best and most powerful shirt pocket sized camera on the market today.

    Prior to this I owned a digital still camera an Olympus Camedia C-4040 4MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Zoom and a very small DV video tape camera, a Panasonic model PV DV 201. Now that I own the V610, I no longer have to carry a camera bag with me to the zoo, or family reunions or other events. As a replacement for both of those cameras, this is a fantastic choice.

    I can't tell you how many times I have seen great photo opportunities at events in the last several years before I owned this camera, but the appropriate camera was either in the camera bag or in the car, and how often I wanted greater than a 3x optical zoom in my still camera.

    The 6.1 megapixel resolution is sufficient to allow you to capture nice snapshots, and with a powerful 10x optical zoom, you can be sitting in the back row still get a great still shot or a video and the video to my eye is nearly the equal of a consumer quality DV tape camera. I think that this is one of a very few digital still cameras that allow you to optical zoom while shooting videos.

    As with most camera purchases additional equipment is necessary to make the camera most useable. I purchased the following additional equipment to go with the camera:
    >> A 2GB high speed (x133) SD memory card which it allows me to shoot a combination of up to almost one hour of video or up to about 1,100 - 6 megapixel still shots- that's right, one hour of MPEG-4 video fits on the 2gb card, with good TV quality video and sound. I paid about $85.00 USD.
    >> 3 spare non-Kodak brand batteries. I paid about $12.00 USD each.
    >> A 6 in 1 San Disk PC card adapter - card reader for my laptop - no software needed for the laptop, and the SD memory card acts just like a hard drive and I copy the still pictures and the .mov quicktime videos to my hard drive (the provided USB cable is too slow and the camera needs to be turned on the entire time during downloads with a cable). I paid about $24.00 USD.
    >> A thin leather case - To protect the camera. I paid about $15.00 USD.
    >> A 250gb USB2 external hard drive for backing up the photographs and movies.

    ...more info