Bower SFD35C Flash for Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera - Super Fire Power TTL Digital Flash
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Product Description

Bower SFD35C Flash for Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera - Super Fire Power TTL Digital Flash
You can set this flash to auto or manual mode for precise power control. Swivel, zoom able flash head for bounce flash effect. Compatible with all Canon EOS digitalcameras that supports TTL, E-TTL & E-TTL II.
Guide Number: (50mm @ ISO 100) 34m/112ft
Circuitry: IGBT (insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)
Automatic TTL Range: 0.9 - 17m (F2.0)
AF Illumination Beam Range: 0.9 - 8m
Zoom Range: 28 - 85mm (4 position zoom head)
Flash Duration: 1 / 700 sec (Full power)
RecyclingTime: 4 - 6 sec
Bounce Adjustment: 0 - 90 degrees
Horizontal Swivel: 0 - 330 degrees
ColorTemperature: 5600k
Number of Flashes: 100 - 300 per set of batteries
Power Source: Uses 4 AA Alkaline or Rechargeable NiMH batteries (batteriesnot included).
Flash Test Button
Auto Standby Mode: Approximately in 3 minutes when flash is not used
Angle of Coverage: Horizontal 60 degree / Vertical 45 degree
Dimension (mm): 76 (W) x60 (H) X 185 (L)
Compatibility: Direct hotshoecontact mount for Canon TTL / ETTL / ETTL II

  • Dedicated for Canon Digital and Analog SLR cameras.
  • Fully automatic E-TTL operation / IGBT Circuitry (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor).
  • Zoom coverage from 28mm to 85mm; Bounce angle up 30-45-60-75-90; Swivel Head angle: Left 60-180 / R
  • Auto Check Indicator / Infra-red AF assistance beam.
Customer Reviews:
  • Cheap and forget warranty coverage
    I ordered this flash from Ace Photo Digital in December and received it in January, noticing right off the bat that it fit the hotshoe rather loosely, the flash screen was not straight and also experienced some exposure problems. Still, it was better than the built-in flash so I hung on to it. After several months (and ONE battery change) one of the clips that hold the battery door closed snapped off. Note - I am VERY gentle with my equipment. I contacted Ace and didn't receive a reply for some time - when it came it was "contact Bower". I called, went on endless hold and when I finally reached a "customer service" rep he would not even provide the slightest information with me describing the flash using Ace's description (which pertains to exactly ONE of their products) - he would only talk to me if I had the part number printed on the unit (which was home at the time). On my second call, I didn't even get the part number out before the non-listening second rep tried to sell me a new battery door - WITHOUT a part number. I explained the door was fine, it was the body that was broken - to which he replied they only cover the electronic flash (which is not what the warranty says) and then accused me of breaking it by mishandling. I contacted Ace, and they refused to intervene, saying it's Bower's problem. I can only say I would never suggest buying a product from the seller based on the poor support I received, nor would I ever buy a Bower product, since in my opinion they just dodge warranties assuming buyers have no recourse. I apparently can't get mine fixed, but I hope no one else gets sucked into buying one of these things....more info
  • Poorly made flash
    This flash may be comparable to its Canon Equivalent in specifications, but it is made very flimsily. The lens fell of the front of the flash and had to be reattached with crazy glue. It flops around on the hot shoe attachment and does not attach firmly....more info
  • For the price I paid, it is great.
    I am not a serious photographer, and take flash photos once in a while. I do not have professional knowledge to compare this one with more sophisticated and expensive ones, but it works great for me. ...more info
  • Well, it's cheap...
    The first unit I recieved was defective and unable to function in ETTL mode at all. I was emailed a pre-paid return UPS label and immediately shipped another unit. The replacement unit arrived a few days later. This one seems fine and does function in ETTL mode.

    The Bower SFD35C ETTL zoom flash for Canon EOS cameras is a basic ETTL flash made in Singapore and is available from a few different outfits under different names. The Bower flash can tilt, swivel and has a manually adjusted focus for matching the angle of view of the zoom lens you're using. The rear of the unit has a flash test trigger button, ON/OFF switch and lights indicating power, charge and ETTL mode and a special OK indicator that lights when the flash calculates that it was able to fully illuminate the subject during the last shot. There are no manual controls. The rear of the flash also has a "slide rule" chart for calculating the flash's approximate range for different combinations of ISO and aperture. The flash is somewhat heavy with 4 batteries installed and makes the Rebel XT quite top-heavy.

    First off, I should note that the flash does not support advanced ETTL features, namely, the flash does NOT offer an FP Mode for high-speed sync as listed in the product description. The maximum shutter speed on a Rebel XT is 1/200 second for this flash. Period. Additionally, the SFD35C does not support second curtain sync or a modeling lamp features. It does seem to support FEL though.

    So, how does it perform? I tossed in 4 freshly charged NiMh batteries and took some test shots. Directly aiming the flash at the subject, the flash operated pretty much as expected. Some shots were a bit overexposed but the Rebel XT's flash exposure compensation can be used to adjust for this. The flash also performed fairly well in illuminating a backlit subject. But when I tilted the flash for ceiling bounce in order to achieve a more even and natural looking illumination, shots consistantly came out extremely underexposed. In the end, I had to increase the ISO from 100 to 400 in order to use ceiling bounce at all. At ISO 400, ceiling bounce shots looked quite nice although, at faster shutter speeds, there were still a few underexposures.

    The Bower SFD35C ETTL zoom flash is an inexpensive way to improve your flash photography, turning out much better shots than the built-in flash. You may find the Bower flash's minimal features and power output lacking in the long run, however, and might want to seriously consider something else a bit more powerful and feature-rich such as the Sigma EF-500 ST-DG or Super flashes.

    To summarize
    PROS: inexpensive; swivels/tilts; better than the built-in flash
    CONS: weak, especially for ceiling bounce; no advanced features or manual controls
    ...more info
  • Great valaue
    It wouldn't be fair to compare this unit to Canon flashes that cost several times what you'll pay for this one. I needed a flash for my Canon Digital Rebel, but because I don't use flash much, I didn't want to invest in a Canon or a Sigma flash. I did want E-TTL and I needed bounce and swivel capabilities. This Bower was the least expensive flash I could find with all those features. It lacks the manual controls of the more expensive flashes.

    I am surprised at how well this unit performs. For the price, I expected less. I've used it for shots at close range, as well as photos of moderately-sized rooms. This flash has not disappointed me yet. With a ceiling bounce, it will light up a room evenly and sufficiently.

    If you're ready to go beyond the limitations of your on-camera flash, but don't want to pay for a top-of-the line unit, I highly recommend this Bower flash....more info