Dish Network Dish 1000 Twin Antenna Kit for HD TV
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Product Description

Brand New From Dish Network! DISH NETWORK DISH 1000 HD KIT FOR 211,411,622,625 RECEIVERS These are brand new in a box. This is a newly released product for locals and HDTV. Please check with Dish Network and do some research on your own to see if this is a good product for your area. Comes with LNBF's! This is like the Super Dish but on a slightly smaller scale. While the Super Dish is LARGE and HEAVY, the Dish 1000 is smaller and lighter. It also has less of a problem with rainfade than a regular superdish.Right now, this dish has limited application. In the future it will be used extensively by Dish for High Definition and Local programming.

  • The Dish 1000 replaces the SuperDish.
  • The Dish 1000 uses satellites at the 110,119,and 129 degree west orbits
  • The Dish 1000 is lighter and easier to install than the Super Dish.