*NEW* SOLID FIERY FIRE BIRD V3 Razr Motorola Hard Protective Cover Case w/ Optional Belt Clip (other colors also available)!
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  • Phoenix phone cover
    This is a really cool idea. I am always getting asked where I got it!
    As to putting it on the phone? Well it is easy enough. Just place and snap. Please be use care when removing the cover though as the battery cover likes to come off with it. I lost my battery cover this way, I am so glad that I could buy another one from Amazon!! So with that $16.00 mistake, lesson learned!
    The one small thing, and I do mean small are the screws that hold the belt clip nub. There are four very small screws about 3mm in length. You'll need to use caution in dealing with them as one or two might still be hiding in the plastic bag that comes with the packaging. You will also need a very small Phillips screwdriver as well. I am impressed with the mounting base though, all four holes have brass fittings. The clip receiver seems strong enough, although I must admit I do not trust it. The phone costs to much money to replace if the clip were to fail. I just like the Phoenix look, and the clip covers to much of the graphics. I put the belt clip on, but I think I'll be taking it off as it fits in my front pocket just fine.
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