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The ViP 622 is our advanced state-of-the-art HD and DVR receiver. This top-of-the-line high definition receiver and digital video recorder gives you unprecedented picture quality and power over the way you watch TV. Receiver Features Electronic Program Guide DishHOME Interactive TV Electronic Program Guide Extended Browse Feature Instant Program Information Local DMA Channel Mapping Local Link Off-air Channel Scan Program Search Menu Alternative language and Descriptive Video support Caller ID with history Closed Caption support (not available on some HD content) DISH CD Music Song Titling - title, artist, album, label of the song DVOD (DISH Video on Demand) Favorites Lists Hide Lock Channels Multimedia Parental Control Locks Pay-Per-View purchase summary Slideshow Theme categories for program selection Transparent Info Banner DISH Network DVR Dual/Single Viewing Modes DVR Recording Enhanced Timer and DVR Management Multi-speed Slow Motion and Frame-by-Frame Record Plus Search function HDTV/SDTV Delivers high-definition and standard-definition programming. HDTV Digital Audio/Video output. Five methods to adapt a non-HD 4:3 image to a 16:9 HDTV screen. High-definition component video output (Y/Pb/Pr). Integrated Enhanced HD tuner for viewing of expanded high-definition and standard-definition programming. Integrated 8VSB off-air digital tuner. Supports 18 ATSC (8VSB) input formats.

Customer Reviews:
  • Nice features, buggy/flakey device
    The basic features of the device are nice, WHEN THEY ARE WORKING. Sadly, they don't work as expected very well or very often. Dish seems to have done a pretty poor job in engineering this as many customers have a lot of problems when the features don't work as expected. Do some searching on the internet on "VIP622 problems" to see for yourself. Device reboots randomly, loses satelite signals on a clear day even though signal strength shows as strong, all DVRs recording mysteriously disappear from time to time, and everytime they update new software for the device brings new headaches....more info
  • Great HD DVR
    I had HD receivers since 1998 and this is one of the best units I ever had. It does everything.. Records in HD while watching another HD program. Set timer for favorite HD programming. Stop live TV anytime and resume at your own pace ! Picture in Picture feature works great. Also can be used on two separate TV and to different programs. HDMI works great on my Sony 7.1 surround sound system. Once you run out of storage space , simply call dish network and purchase an external hard drive for this great receiver. Great quality unit! LOVE THIS RECEIVER 10+++++++++++++++++++ ...more info
  • Top-of-the-Line DVR Lacks Feature Found in $100 TVs
    DISH Network's ViP722 and ViP622 DVRs have a lot of great features, including the ability to tune local ATSC (digital over-the-air) stations and use all of the DVR features on them.

    However, they neglected to enable the QAM (digital TV on cable) tuner capability that's built into the ViP's chipset -- and is found in even the cheapest TV sold at Wal-Mart.

    Why would they leave out such a basic feature out of their top-of-the-line DVR?...more info
  • Dish Network? Buyer beware!
    Learn from my experience. Dish Network provided the best television picture I have ever seen. The channel selection is terrific. Their dual TV receiver is a wonderful product. If anything goes wrong, however, don't plan to ever get it fixed. This is their Achilles' heel. You will be put through a never-ending gauntlet of irrelevant questions, delay tactics and stumbling blocks. There will be a transparent and desperate attempt to prove that the problem is not theirs. In the event they deign to favor you with a service call, expect to wait a month and expect to pay for it. Apparently, if the dish they installed is not aimed correctly, it is your problem, not theirs. If the receiver goes on the fritz, well, no TV for you. I was a top-of-the-line, premium HD service customer and this is how I was treated....more info
  • I'v had it for over a year ..It Rocks!
    OK as with all reviews , you have to look at the tail end to see if the company has addressed its flaws. Dish has sent software updates that seem to have fixed the majority of issues in previous reviews. I've had mine for a year and its only rebooted twice, I lost one show that glitched on the download, and since the last automatic update, its not had any audio or lockup issues. NOTE: Folks these things have high speed drives in them. You cant buy one that doesnt make heat. This thing needs to be in a space that allows air to move in from both sides for proper cooling. If you put this in any form of cabinet, it will never run right. All DVR's are prone to this issue. Dish actually does improve thiers with updates and fixes.

    It works Very well on two TV's, we 've recorded countless items and do so from both TV's and remotes with little issue. Remember with two tuners it can record two shows at the same time. The HD image is great, just as good as over the air HD, and the sound is good. ( I dont have the HDMI 5.1 system to test that portion) It ssimple enough my two elementary age kids run it. I have friends with DirecTV and Tivo, they dont have many of the features I have, and not one of them has gone more than a few months without a product warranty exchange. Mine is doing fine.

    The biggest Cons: The power save mode is a joke. It makes no difference, the thing never sleeps. The fan does come on if the room is over 73 degrees or so. This might be heard by some people. And the need to have the phone plugged in all the time (or pay $6 /mo) is really getting old. Hey Dish...put some Wifi or enable that ethernet port so you can update my useage via my broadband.

    Go ahead and get'll enjoy the fact that DISH actually will answer the tech lines and talk to you. DISH has been a much bettter experience than DirecTV that I had for years before switching....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I was concerned about getting this unit based on other's negative experiences, but after a month of use I would say I am a satisfied customer. As with any hard drive you have your occasional glitches, but fortunately it's rare enough to not interfere with the viewing pleasure.

    I did have to disconnect the UHF antenna in the back and reprogram my remote because the thing was picking up stray signals from the next town. For a while I thought the unit had a mind of its own changing channels, turning off and on and recording random shows at will. Problem was easily fixed. Being able to record HD shows is what I like best with this unit.

    Hopefully it will hold up with as hot as it runs, but so far so good even during the summer heat. I keep it off when I am not using it.
    ...more info
  • Good but at least one unresolved flaw...
    I've had this unit since they were first released, about a year or more ago. For the most part, its worked as advertised. I sure wouldn't call it garbage but it has a definite problem with the HDMI connection and it is definitely a physical problem, not a software problem. I confirmed this a long time ago by simply pressing on the cable at the HDMI connection, and presto, I got the picture back. Its not a software problem or cable problem, etc. It is a manufacturing defect. So far, DISH has not done anything about it. Their recommendation was to use the component video out connections. Not acceptable response in my opinion.

    My only other complaint over the time I've owned it is that the unit has rebooted itself a couple of times and at least once I lost everything stored on the HD. But other than that I have been happy with the quality of the recordings and the reliability of the scheduling and programming. DISH has continued to upgrade the software on the unit and while its not Tivo level, its getting closer with every upgrade.

    If not for the HDMI problem and the occasional system crash, I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. No one should be without a DVR in the day and age and the VIP622 is about average for what's available, plus, you can lease it from DISH. No big up front investment in a technology that is evolving rapidly and that you will probably want to replace within a couple of years. That may be the best thing about it!...more info
  • This Thing is Garbage!!!
    I am always cynical when I see someone brutally slam an item, but the ViP622 is absolute garbage. It is a shame that Amazon won't allow you rate items with negative numbers because this product doesn't even rate one star. The box is very buggy and subject to crashing. The HDMI went out 2 weeks after hooking it up. Dish said that it was a known software problem and that they were developing a fix that would be out in a couple of weeks. That was 5 months ago and still counting. Even worse is the fact that they won't replace it because they claim that it is a software problem that affects all 622's. They couldn't explain why it worked fine and then all of the sudden stopped. They will also try and tell you that you have a bad cable or that the problem is with your TV. If you Google "ViP622 HDMI Problems" You will get 100's of pages of references to the problems that people are having with this box. Stay away!!!...more info
  • Nice features, but severe power hog
    - very clean interface, easy to use
    - great image quality
    - much more responsive than other receivers I've had (flipping channels, especially off-the-air ones, browsing the guide)
    - it's great to simultaneously record a show and watch another on the same tv

    - Power hog! Unit gets very hot and does not turn off. It goes into "standby", but still sends a TV signal and uses virtually the same amount of power.
    - Slow to boot
    - Dish network requires unit to be plugged into a phone line to prevent extra charges ($6/month)....more info
  • Some issues, high technology
    It's high-tech with easy to use commands, good remote control/recording features, excellent HD picture quality and reasonable amount of HD recordable space.

    Technical problems I've had:
    * Once a month the sound stops working and I have to reboot, it happens while watching a program.
    * Sometimes while watching a recorded show the receiver freezes and reboots itself. If I watch the same program again it reboots at the exact same position. If I fastforward ahead of the "crashing" position I can continue to watch the program.
    * It runs hot, so make sure that it is not located in an enclosed space, or you may have more problems.
    * Audio thru HDMI is only stereo and not 5.1. This is supposed to be fixed in the future with a software update.

    I owned Dish PVR in the past, I would not buy the ViP622, rather lease it, it may be a little flakey. ...more info
  • No problems
    I had a 622 and a 211 receiver installed and have had no problems in video or audio. We are in the process of purchasing another 622 receiver. We have 2 Plasmas and one hd rear projection and the video is just great on all tvs. No problems with the audio to date....more info
  • Don't buy this junk.
    This receiver is plagued by audio problems. Then you call Dish Network and they claim that gee whiz, this is the first time they've heard of this receiver having audio problems. Then you do your homework (a little late unfortunately)and you find out that the forums are littered with people complaining about the same thing you are experiencing. These complaints are from 9 months ago and Dish still hasn't fixed this so-called "software" bug. I work in the software business and you can't tell me that they are still working on it. What they are now doing is called "damage control" because they "can't" fix the problem. The symptoms are: the audio drops out, or goes away completely until you turn power off and on. Doesn't sound to bad? Well when you do turn power off, it has to reload the satellite. What a pain! Don't buy this receiver, and don't choose Dish Network! I'm sorry I did....more info