Uniden DCT756-4 2.4GHz 4-Handset Cordless System with Caller Waiting/Caller ID
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Product Description

DCT756-4 2.4GHz Compact Cordless Telephone

  • 2.4GHz digital technology
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting
  • 10 Speed dial locations
  • Speakerphone on handsets
  • 3 extra handsets with charging cradles
Customer Reviews:
  • Very disappointed
    I've had these phones for about 6 months now and from day 1 the reception and interference has been horrible. The seller kindly exchanged the phones for me and I still have the same problem. Confusing, especially when the microwave is on. I realize some phones would have interference with a microwave, but from everything I read this particular model hadn't given anyone any problems in relation to this. Also, the buttons on all the phones aren't working anymore, specifically the the talk button and the center menu "key" buttons. I calle Uniden and I can have each phone fixed for $60.00 a piece. No thanks! Time to look for some new phones....more info
  • Very Happy
    I have searched and compared price vs Quality. Well in this item you will get both. This is a great unit that requires no addition phone jacks. It also has a very good range. I have a 3300 sq foot home, with 3 levels and there is no place in the house that this phone does not work. The main phone is located in a small office room in the back of the house and surrounded by cement block, one upstairs, one in the garage and one in the main dinning room and still the clarity is perfect. I even took it outside and I was amazed at the range of this phone. It is small in size but I consider that a plus. It fits comfortably in your hand and its functions are a breeze to use. All in all this is a great buy. You will not be disappointed. Oh, yea, do not try to make an eight system set up. ...more info
  • Very small handsets
    I was very surprised at how small the handsets are. They are difficult to hold on to and if you need to rest them on your shoulder while doing something it's nearly impossible. In my opinion a phone that's used at home doesn't need to be as small as a cell phone.
    Also after going through the owners manual 3 times I don't see where you can turn down the ringer volume other than from high to low. I'm also having problems getting the caller ID light function to work. It worked fine on the Uniden phone that I'm replacing with these. I can't get through to Uniden at all! I have tried calling 3 times and get nothing but recordings. Also one of the handsets in the 4 phone set isn't functioning, there is no dial tone.
    Having said all that, there are some features that I do like about these phones. You can program one phone and then transfer all the numbers to the other handsets without having to program each set. I also like the speaker phone function.
    This is the 4th Uniden phone I have purchased over the past 17 years and have never had a problem with any of them. ...more info
  • Good Price, moderate reception quality
    This is a product with good design and features, but the quality of the reception is not as high as I had expected compared to other models. The four unit set and compact design without an answering machine were the reason for purchasing this unit and has satisfied this need adequately....more info
  • Uniden DCT756-4 - excellent phones
    Phones were easy to install and program. Very effective operation - even at 100 feet from the base unit. A good buy!...more info
  • Excellent Cordless Telephone Set
    I recently purchased this Uniden cordless system with caller ID, speaker phone on hand sets and many more features. I'm very satisfied with the performance and quality of this product and the reasonable selling price from Amazon....more info
  • Fantastic Cordless System
    Great Product! Solved a lot of our problems with regular phones. Fantastic sound quality. Love the intercom option.

    Definitaly need to read instructions, but set up and use is quite easy once you do.
    ...more info
  • Not as perfect as expected.
    I was lead to believe by the Ad from the seller (so I doubled my order) that I would be able to link a total of eight (8) phones to each other. But when I called the manufacturer they said the Max was only four (4). If the dialing was not so slow and the sound quality (clarity) of each handset was better, I wouldn't feel that I had spent too much "new" money for an 80's level of phone.

    I would recommend that you call the seller (if they are a dealer) then you will have the opportunity to return the product when it does not meet up to your expectations.
    ...more info
  • Great phone with wonderful features
    I love the fact that we now have phones all over the house. No more running from room to room looking for the phone. I love the way you can personalize the phones similiar to a cell phone. I also love the fact that we didn't need to have any phone lines installed in the house for so many phones. The calls come in clear and crisp and we never have any problems with them. I also use a headset when I take calls and haven't had any problems that way either. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Uniden DCT756-4
    super! really enjoy the features (room monitors were a great surprise). small, lightweight. work all through the house....more info
  • Uniden Expandable Phones
    Other user of these phones have detailed some of idiosyncracies of these phones, so I won't. Let me say, however, that these phones were easy to program and work flawlessly. We have had them in our house for awhile now and have been entirely satisfied with them. One feature we especially like is the ability to assign differnet ring tones to each handset. Sure is nice to have the phone in the bedroom, for example, to ring with such a soft, soothing tone. Overall, these phones are great!...more info
  • Teriffic phone system, great features, great price
    I think you will be very satisfied with this 4 phone unit, I know I absolutely love it. I'm a gadget freak LOL and the only dissapointment (minor) was this system does not have the DND button ( the companion system with a keypad base does--however you can stop the handset from ringing (without the callers knowledge) by simply pressing the red handset icon on the handset itself as it's actually ringing --- and peace returns ;) The features are great- program one handset and then just copy it to other handsets totally or by single entry, transfer a call to other handsets, use as a 2 way walkie talkie, day and time and CID display on handsets, room monitor-(it will ring first-then monitor), led on handset that lights for a visual message indicator (along with audio notification pre dialtone), small unobtrusive units, handset locator (YEAH!!!), and although we have many phone jacks in the home, I LOVE not having to use them and putting the other 3 phone extension sets anywhere I want! Speakerphone and handset audio quality is very good, range is fine (my base unit is on 2nd floor and extensions placed on first floor and basement with out issues. I also love all the customizeable ring tones -- I know immediately (without having to look at callerID) wether a caller is welcome or an intrusion :0 ! Lol for example- all family members have home sweet home ringtone :), and I picked the annoying (to me) Flicker ringtone for unknown incoming non phonebook calls.Telemarketers will NOT win with the help of this phone hehehe. I have had Uniden phone systems in the past and have NEVER had a problem with their quality. Sadly other "better" known brands(**&*, NonnorthBell) have been terrible.
    All in all I feel this is a great system at a reasonable price....more info
  • Great phones; easy set-up
    These phones are great. Sound quality is very good, including the speaker phone option. Phones have many handy features, and all features are intuitive to use. No problem with the range. Very easy to set up. Battery life has proven to be no concern so far. The phones feel comfortable in the hand. I couldn't be happier....more info
  • Great Phones, Great Price
    Very happy with this purchase. They work great in a big old house that has no phone jacks....more info