50 x 50/80 x 6 Anti-Mask Commercial PIR Motion Sensor
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Product Description

Ultra-secure PIR Motion Detector has built-in anti-masking technology. Make sure that the motion sensor protecting your home can't be blocked. The 50 x 50/80 x 6 Anti-Mask Commercial PIR has advanced anti-masking technology that protects the motion detector's lens from being covered by either an object or from hostile substances, such as sprays. Connect the motion detector to your security system for an instant alert when an object enters its 50-foot, 80-degree range. Unlike most motion sensors, the 50 x 50/80 x 6 Anti-Mask Commercial PIR can't be blocked by a potential intruder without triggering your alarm system. If an object is placed within 4 inches of the motion sensor for a period of more than 10 seconds, the detector's anti-masking circuit will activate, triggering the trouble output. If the object is removed, the circuit resets.

  • PIR motion detector has 50-foot, 80-degree range
  • Anti-masking technology prevents the motion sensor from being blocked
  • Patented double conductive shielded provides extremely high light and RFI immunity