11G Wireless P/t Network Camer
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Product Description

The WCS-2010 is LevelOne's powerful wireless Internet camera that features pan and tilt functions that enables users to survey a wide range of targets. In order to provide various flexible connection possibilities, the camera can access control data and transmit video streaming either through a 54Mbps wireless network or an Ethernet connection. A high CCD sensor features quality image with sound provided by a built-in microphone to generate streaming video in MPEG-4 (Short Header Mode) format. With its embedded web server, the camera can be remotely controlled from a standard web browser through the Internet.LevelOne's WCS-2010 allows the administrator to monitor up to 16 channels simultaneously and the imbedded software can also simulate a camera zoon function to record ideal images up to 704 x 480 pixels. For a cost-effective and full-featured surveillance solution to your camera needs, the LevelOne WCS-2010 is absolutely your best choice for building a digital network-monitoring environment.

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