2.4GHZ Wireless Color Camera with 1.8IN Tft Color Monitor
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Product Description

There is nothing more important then the safety and security o your child. The Q-See 2.4GHz Wireless Color Portable Monitoring System is amazing technology that let's you monitor your child or any room that needs your attention without actually being in the room. This system supports up to 3 wireless cameras that can switch manually or automatically between cameras. Q-See's Portable high resolution LCD monitor is wireless and fits into your palm, pocket or may be clipped to your belt allowing you to move freely about your home with easy access to see and listen to your baby or whatever you want monitored. In the past you were only able to monitor your baby's sounds now you can monitor every movement along with the sounds your child makes. This product is perfect for the security of your home too. See and hear who is at your front door.

  • Camera
  • Monitor - 1.8" Active Matrix TFT Color LCD
Customer Reviews:
  • good for keeping eye on kids in game room
    the camera screen is really small, so you can put it on a shelf or anywhere. Kids and adults forget the small camera is focused on them. I can watch whats hapening from my kitchen, then unplug from charger and take the monitor to the laundry room when there are 5 & 6 year olds in the game room. The sound quality is poor, so you need to keep it turned off or really low most of the time. The unit picks up a lot of interference that is mostly noticable in sound quality. Some picture interference, no more than larger baby monitors....more info