Nokia N90 Unlocked Smartphone with 2 MP Camera, MP3/Video Player, MMC--U.S. Version with Warranty (Silver/Black), with HS-26W Bluetooth Headset
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Product Description

Twist and shoot. It's a pro-photo taker. A personal video-maker. Complete with Carl Zeiss Optics for crisp, bright images you can view, edit, print and share. Meet the Nokia N90.

Arguably one of the most advanced phones on the market, the Nokia N90 has a feature list a mile long. For starters, it's a Series 60 smartphone running the Symbian operating system. It also features a rotating 2-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss autofocus lens, flash, and high-resolution video capture. Add that to an MMC memory card slot, support for EDGE high speed data, Bluetooth, a music player, and much more, and you've got some serious power in your pocket. This special bundle also comes with the Nokia HS-26W Bluetooth Headset, which provides clear and comfortable hands-free calling.

Twist and shoot: The Nokia N90 is ready to take breathtaking pictures at a moment's notice.
The N90 is all about the twist and shoot. While the phone looks like a mild-mannered clamshell phone, the top portion of the flip cover actually twists, which allows the phone to be held much like a camcorder, aiming the precision Carl Zeiss autofocus lens just where you want it. The phone's secondary external screen sports 128 x 128 resolution -- the resolution often found on many phones' main screens -- with support for 65,000 colors. Inside the flip, you'll find a massive 352 x 416 main screen that supports 262,000 colors. Internal memory storage is a generous 31 MB, and you can add external storage via the aforementioned MMC memory card slot. Cards are hot-swappable, too, so you don't have to power the unit down to change them. High speed data transfer to and from the device is supported by the N90's USB 2.0-compatible "Pop-Port."

Calling Features
The N90's address book is only limited by the amount of available memory, and it can store multiple phone numbers, as well as physical and email addresses. Meanwhile, the phone's built-in speakerphone makes it easy to talk without having the phone to your ear. Polyphonic ringtones are included, as is a vibrating alert, and you can use your favorite MP3s as ringtones. Ringer IDs let you assign specific ringtones to particular callers, while picture ID technology lets you similarly assign images or pictures to callers. In addition to speaker-independent voice recognition dialing, the phone also features technology that lets you control menu functions with your voice. Lastly, the phone's Bluetooth connectivity means that your favorite Bluetooth headset is fully compatible.

Carl Zeiss optics and a real autofocus mechanism make the N90 much more than a regular camera phone.
Messaging, Internet and Tools
The N90 is a mobile messaging and Internet powerhouse. With support for the MMS (multimedia messaging service), the phone can send picture, video and text messages, and when coupled with the phone's powerful camera, MMS opens up great opportunities for robust messaging. Instant messaging is also supported, and the phone ships with a built-in email client that supports POP3, IMAP, and SMTP protocols. And because the N90 is a Symbian smartphone, it supports opening and editing of those important attachments -- documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and more.

Getting on the Internet is easy with the N90. It supports the GPRS data protocol, as well as the high-speed EDGE wireless data service. When used with your carrier data plan and the phone's USB or Bluetooth data capability, the phone can be used as a wireless modem for laptops and PDAs. The phone is bundled with the convenient and highly compatible Opera browser for mobile Web browsing of full HTML pages. In fact, Opera supports WAP 2.0, xHTML, frames, JavaScript 1.5, and even file uploads. Meanwhile, T9 text entry, a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built into the unit -- a plus for mobile email and text messaging users.

The N90 supports PC synchronization via USB or Bluetooth, which means you can manage and synchronize contacts, calendar and other data with your PC. Nokia's PC Suite application makes this process a breeze. You can also use Bluetooth to connect a wireless keyboard for efficient text entry. A number of handy software tools are bundled with the N90 including a voice memo recorder, a calculator, a calendar, a to-do list, and an alarm clock. On top of all that, a wide range of applications are available for Symbian devices like the N90.

Hot-swappable storage is easy with the MMC memory card slot.
Imaging and Entertainment
This is where the real fun begins. The N90's awesome 2-megapixel camera features something most camera phones lack -- autofocus. Finally, you can get consistently great shots from any distance, shots that rival the quality of a dedicated digital camera. As mentioned, optics are handled by a Carl Zeiss lens, further enhancing the quality of every shot. The camera also features an LED flash, brightness and white balance controls, and a self-timer and macro modes. Dedicated controls on the side of the camera will make you forget you're holding a phone in your hand. And when you've got all the pictures you want on your memory card, you can connect the camera directly to any PictBridge-compatible printer for instantaneous printing right from the phone.

The N90 also captures impressively crisp video at 352 x 288 resolution, and you can capture up to 1 hour of video in MPEG-4 format. The phone supports playback of streaming video in MPEG-4, 3GPP, and Real formats, too. If mobile music is your thing, you can load up your MP3 and AAC audio files and listen to your heart's content. And because the Symbian platform has a rich assortment of available games, you're sure to find something that makes that bus or train ride a lot more fun.

Vital Statistics
The Nokia N90 weighs 6.1 ounces and measures 4.41 x 2.01 x 0.94 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3 hours of digital talk time, and up to 288 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 frequencies. The phone comes with a one year limited warranty.

HS-26W Bluetooth Headset
For total wireless freedom, this N90 bundle features the simple-to-use and elegant Nokia HS-26W headset. Bluetooth wireless technology lets you pair the headset with your N90 and talk hands-free up to 30 feet away from the phone. The headset's elastic earhook fits comfortably over either ear and a large answer/end button offers convenient operation. There's also a handy volume control on the device that lets you adjust audio levels easily from the headset. The headset offers up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 150 hours of standby.

  • Unlocked for use with your existing GSM 900 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz or GSM 1900 MHz service provider and SIM card. Note: This phone does not come with service or a SIM card.
  • Bluetooth version 1.2 / supports standard printing and keyboard profiles
  • Camera Resolution: 2+ megapixel Carl Zeiss lenses / autofocus lens / LED flash / brightness, white balance controls / self-timer and macro modes / rotating lens barrel / dedicated controls
  • Expansion Card Type: RS-MMC 1.8v / MMCmobile hot-swappable / 64 MB card included (carrier- and region-dependent)
  • This bundle also includes a Nokia HS-26W Bluetooth Headset
Customer Reviews:
  • Only if you're in the scant demographic that needs decent portable video...
    The main draw of this product is the obviously the video capabilities which do not disappoint. The quality and convenience of the mpg4 video is head and shoulders above any other recorder this size never mind its phone capabilities. The ability to pull this pone out of my pocket, shoot some video, transfer it to me laptop via Bluetooth, and email to family is great.

    Aside from the video Nokia seems to put little thought into much else however. Removing the memory card will cause you to have to reset your wallpaper every time. If you're already on the phone and get another call the caller ID gets scrambled and jumbled up with the current caller information making identifying who is trying to contact you impossible. While the phone has the ability to add memory and play music, the only option for headphones involves their proprietary ginormous data port connector (no standard headphone jack). The connector sticks out the side of the phone so far that it is no longer an option to put it in your pocket. I guess they do this because the headphones also seem to have a microphone built in for making phone calls but even here design flaws abound also. When wearing the headphones the junction that contains the microphone and answer button hang down to my belt buckle (and I'm 6'3"). This could make for a very strange looking phone conversation to passers by.

    It's also necessary to note that I've had to have one of these things replaced due to a failure in the camera focus mechanism. After using the replacement for months I tried to use the headphones to find that one ear didn't work unless I pullet the connectorsaurus half way out.

    All in all this thing takes great video but the lunacy of some of the other features combined with the "Didn't they test this thing at all" bug factor can be frustrating enough to make you swear in front of your kids before you catch yourself. After all, in the age of iPod where music is important and design can make or break your product what the $#%^ were they thinking with these headphones? ...more info
  • Great Phone...
    All the functionality is to be expected.

    The button and keyboard layout is exceptionally insightful !!

    I'm extremely happy with this phone.

    I've spent all day taking pics (with red-eye reduction flash!) and it has minimal effect on battery life. But when I tried to shoot video (7 mins to be exact), the battery went down too fast and I had to stop...mainly this was because the flash seems to come on automatically.

    The form factor seems to be a tad too long, making me a bit self-conscious while make a call in public...cutting 1 cm off the top and another 1 cm at the bottom would have got 5 stars from me....more info
  • Save your money!!!!!!!!
    It stinks! It's been 7 months since I own it, and it's already been sent to repair two times (over two months!!!!) Slow, heavy, you can't shoot a photo unless using both hands, no vibration, distorted sounds,... It has even hanged the way windows does!!! Save your money: don't ever tell no one warned you....more info
  • Amazing Phone, with a few shortcomings
    1) Extreme clarity Screen
    2) Very easy to use menu
    3) Awesome Signal Reception
    4) Good Battery Life
    5) Very nice camera, good for parties and events, where bulky digicam would not make sense
    6) Great looks, aesthetically pleasing
    7) Outer screen is very high quality
    8) Swivel main display is a great feature for videos
    9) Good Camera in Low Light
    12) NO SUPPORT for US 850MHz roaming
    13) NSUITE difficult to setup on PC
    14) THE USER INTERFACE IS SLOW and non-responsive at times ...more info
  • An amazing device, but NOT for everybody
    Probably the best phone of 2005 in terms of features and specifications.

    The camera is in a different league than most other phones. It takes great pictures day or night and offers autofocus. Video quality is exceptional.

    Sound quality is great. It plays mp3 and AAC formats for music and ringtones. The mono loudspeaker is very clear while the earspeaker in the top of the phone is adequate. There is an offline mode for music playing during flights and such.

    The screen uses a brilliant 352x416 display. Compared to most other phones, its like high definition. Easily visible in daylight and the detail is incredible.

    The S60 OS offers many ways to add productivity and fun via 3rd party applications. The address book and calendar can sync with both MACs and PCs. Nokia offers a free PC Suite download to help manage the phone. Memory expansion is available with MMCmobile cards up to 1 gig in size.

    The build quality is good. Despite my own clumsiness, it has held together real well after 6 months use. The keypad has nice big buttons.

    But there are a lot of reasons why this phone is not for you:

    First is the price. All this technology, mainly the camera and the display, drive up the cost of the phone to appeal to the enthusiast only.
    Second, its very big and heavy. Its a real brick of a phone.
    Third, it lacks vibration. Most people could not do without this.
    Fourth, the battery life is mediocre. Due to the small battery it uses, it will last 18 hours with heavy use. I find myself keeping a 2nd battery just in case.
    Fifth, the phone has many moving parts. It transforms into many different modes and some people may be put off by that. Others, like me, enjoy it.

    This phone would make a great gift for the gadget happy person in your life, but not for the person who just needs a phone. Mine was locked and didn't come with a bluetooth headset, so that's a nice bonus from Amazon.
    ...more info
  • A step in the right direction
    There are many things I like in this phone.

    Being a Series 60 user and watching it evolve since the 3650 and 6600, this "Series60 2nd edition" phone features a clear and consistent improvement, it has replaced my old phone and iPaq PDA.
    Plus, once you go 384kbps-EDGE you just can't go back to 48kbps-GPRS.

    I'll list the shortcomings that have bothered me so far:
    * Pricey, pricey, waaay pricey
    * Low battery life;
    * No USB charging capability;
    * No vibrating capability;
    * Many pictures are somewhat hazy when viewed on a PC monitor (yes, I've removed the plastic protection over the lens!);
    * No Infrared support;
    * Nokia proprietary pop-port, instead of standard headset and mini-USB ports;
    * No built-in means of protection for the camera lens;
    * No 802.11g wifi support; :-(
    * Video seems kind of flaky, probably because it's 15FPS instead of the standard 30FPS;
    * It's too easy to keep pressing keys adjacent to the directional keys, especially the menu key and sometimes the end key as well (I use mostly my right hand to handle the phone)

    Firmware V3.0535 has a few usability shortcomings, e.g. falling back to the main phone screen after deleting a contact, which I hope will be fixed with the released but still hard to find fw V 5.x.

    All in all, this is a very good phone and I'm not disappointed with it. But still, I will be waiting anxiously for the next generations, the evolution of N90, N91 and N92 phones, where Nokia will hopefully combine the three phone's strong features and take care of the shorcomings into one single almost-perfect device.

    So far, there's no such thing, and we still have to sacrifice something when choosing a phone.
    It's a can't have it all market, unfortunately...
    Which doesn't make sense - who would buy three different phones just to have all the features one would like?
    Wouldn't a one-does-it-all phone be of much greater commercial value?...more info
  • All in one solution - great for parents
    I bought the Nokia N90 elsewhere as part of an upgrade to an existing plan with T-Mobile. This is a gorgeous phone.

    * 1600x1200 camera takes high resolution pictures - better than needed for the web
    * VHS quality video
    * Syncs to Outlook (but not Outlook syncing to Exchange!)
    * lots of other great software
    * comes with chargers, converter so you can use an old style Nokia charger, and a hands free kit.

    * the pictures are not of particularly good quality. They tend to get a bit of a haze over them.
    * The video is at 15 frames per second, not the normal 30 frames a second.
    * Big big phone, bigger than your phone at home likely.

    Overall I think this is a great phone which does everything it says it will. I can surf the net, take pictures and video, and it is very quick to turn on the video or photography functions. The size makes it a little clunky but it is also kind of refreshing after using micro cell phones.

    And if you're a parent it is a great way to always have a camera or video camera at your side to capture what your kids are doing.

    Revision: I've just learned that the phone only supports an MMC card up to 256 megs - unfortunately just after buying a 1G card that doesn't work and I cannot return. Buyer beware!...more info