SD7504 5.8GHZ Digital Sytem Wireless Camera for SD7500
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Product Description

All SD7500 Series handsets are compatible with this camera.

  • UPC - 612572132180
  • Telecommunication Cordless Phone
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice idea, flawed execution
    We bought two of these to monitor the kids while sleeping.
    One was dead on arrival, and, after a lengthy call with Motorola support, was exchanged.
    The other lasted six months before suffering the same fate -- you can connect once, but subsequent connections are refused until the camera is disconnected and the battery removed and replaced.
    There also seems to be a bug -- sometimes when we connect, the camera emits noises, even though the phone is monitoring, and not sending, audio. We wondered why our younger one was waking up a few minutes after we turned the camera on, until one of us was in the room when it happened.
    This particularly phone system is ingenious in conception, but all of the different units have serious bugs of some sort. Moto should have done more testing before releasing it....more info
  • Cool camera
    We use it for our baby. We can also talk to her at the same time. It's little limited on its perspective, but it's very handy and can be placed anywhere. We're going to get another one for our other daugter, so we can see both in their beds up close....more info
  • Works well, range could be better
    I bought the SD7500 phone system so I could use this camera to monitor our baby and add the bluetooth dock to use for my cell phone calls when at home. For those two conveniences alone, I love the system.

    The SD7504 camera is really easy to setup and use with the 7502 phones (I still don't know why Motorola doesn't sell a base unit with the 7502 standard!). The image quality is pretty mediocre, but is about what you would expect for such a small screen. The low-light feature works great, and the unit doubles as a great audio intercom for the room. The interface was smartly designed so that no sound is made in the room when you check the camera from a remote phone, but with a simple button press you can talk clearly through the 7504. You can definitely have some fun confusing your baby by talking to him through the 7504 while being in another room.

    Pros - Great interface, excellent quality two-way audio, easy to mount and easy to detach in "wireless" mode when you need 3-4 hours of monitoring of another area without a power cord attached.

    Cons - Mediocre image quality, range is not as long as phones are. Mine didn't work with my base station on the other side of my 2000 sq. foot house, but works great when I moved the base station closer to the center of the home.

    I'd recommend the product even with the small downsides....more info