AKG Acoustics WMS 40D/HT/44 Pro Dual Channel Wireless System with Handheld Transmitter, Bodypack Transmitter, & C444L Headset Mic, Frequency 58
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AKG listened to the users and added many useful features to the successful and well-known WMS 40 wireless system. The new WMS 40 PRO wireless provides even more flexibility and mobility for your gig. Specifically tailored to your needs, from single-channel applications and individual configurations to multichannel systems. Legendary AKG Sound. The WMS 40 PRO Vocal System with brilliant soundand ease of use. Unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology ensures the best possible, realistic sound at any time. The rugged handheld transmitter with its soft-touch finish is extremely easy to use and fulfills the highest esthetic requirements. The transmitters operate for 30 hours off a single AA size battery, saving frequent battery replacements and thus money. If you need two transmitters, consider the cost efficient Dual Set systems. The HT 40 Pro High Definition Audio Performance technology ensures the legendary, realistic AKG sound and perfect audio transmission. Transmitter operates for at least 30 hours off a single AA size battery, saving cost, maximizing dependability, and minimizing onstage stress. Miniature transmitter Single-battery powering Multichannel capability for simultaneous use of up to seven channels (maximum number of channel depends on local frequency plans). The SR 40 Dual is Two receivers in a single case minimize space requirements and cost.