Motorola Razr L6 Ultra Thin UNLOCKED GSM Bluetooth Camera Cell Phone - PINK
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  • An excellent fashion statement
    This phone is so hip -- I can go out at night and not bring a purse because this slips easily in a back pocket and doesn't give you that tell-tale lump. The phone is comparable to the Razr, which I've had before, and is slimmer than the Razr and slightly thinner than the L7 (more advanced model). I own a mac, so I linked the phone up via Bluetooth, and dropped in a few mp3's into the phone's "sounds" folder, as well as some pictures for wallpaper, etc. It worked like magic!

    It is hard to hold the phone in the crook of your neck for hands-free talking old-school style, as it muffles the voice and your caller can't hear what you're saying. It's also so thin it's hard to hold it even in place that way! The camera and video recorder are mildly good, VGA so no megapixels and the like. But I don't know about you, I just don't use the camera that much. I usually bring along my very slim Nikon S1 when I actually want to take pictures, so the camera is pointless to me. But it's nice to have just in case, and it works very well for sending goofy picture messages!

    The phone comes standard with some pretty rockin ringtones already, MUCH better than the Razr's. I'm told this is software-dependent (phones have software?? firmware?) so it may vary, but I was impressed with my phone's selection.

    All in all, a great buy, and at so slim and pink, it's a girl's best fashion accessory....more info