Belkin N1 Wireless Desktop Card ( F5D8001 )
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Product Description

N1 Wireless Networking based on the 802.11n draft, N1 Wireless enables multiple receivers and transmitters to send and receive data through the air, using Intelligent MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) spatial multiplexing techniques. The smart-antenna technology builds upon the widely deployed 802.11g standard by greatly increasing speed, range and faster speeds up to 300Mbps.Providing greater range and faster speeds, N1 Wireless offers a quick and efficient way for people to distribute video, music, photos, and files among the networked computers in their home. The built-in Network status display shows the status of your network. The icons represent each component of your network and show you whether or not each device is working properly.

  • 802.11n draft technology transmits data at speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Card easily connects your computer to a wider, faster network
  • Provides an excellent solution for efficiently transferring large data files
  • Uses MIMO technology to increase antenna range and speed
  • Lifetime warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • exceeded my expectations
    I bought this card as an upgrade from my belkin 802.11g card which I had been using for 2 years. The single-antenna wireless G card had worked well, but the signal definitely could've been a lot stronger.

    In spite of the fact that the router in my house is an old wireless G router and is located on the floor above me, this wireless N card by Belkin has drastically improved the signal strength.

    Installation was no problem with my XP operating system. I had no software issues what-so-ever.

    I do have to admit, however, that the connection between the antenna and the card is a joke. Mine has not slipped off yet, but I am left feeling disappointed over the lost peace-of-mind from not having antenna connections that are screw-on like those you would expect to see on a quality adapter.

    And, yes, like that which has been mentioned in other reviews, the length of the antenna wire also leaves a lot to be desired. But, despite the lack of options for antenna placement due to the shortened cord, I am having no signal reception issues. Again, even though the router is on a different floor and is a wireless G that was purchased 3 years ago, my connection speed is far better than what I had been achieving with the wireless G card I was using just prior.

    I am sorry to read so many complaints about this piece of hardware that has really improved the connectivity of my internet connection. I honestly would very much like to see those people experience the level of satisfaction that I am deriving from my purchase of this product.

    It almost leaves me wondering if perhaps I am not getting the performance that I should be getting considering what I paid for this product. How is it that so many people could be so disappointed with a product that to me seems to work pretty well?

    After all, I am by no means an especially computer literate person. Amongst my peers, I have historically been the least technologically adept. Is ignorance bliss in my unique case? Or has fate furnished for me one of the few Belkin N1 Wireless Desktop Adapters that actually does what its manufacturer claims it will do?...more info
  • Crapola
    First the connection between the card and the antenna is a joke. A horrible design that easily disconnects. Second, even with the current Vista drivers, I can't get the think to work. STAY AWAY!...more info
  • Dosen't work with Vista
    This item has yet to prove its worth to me. it dosen't work with Windows Vista, even with the new driver from belkin, and it dosen't work that great with xp. I like Belkin and their products. So i'm going to hold on to it, and hope they create a fix for it.
    with the vista sp1 update and the driver upgrade from belkin that just came out, i have a rocket ship on my hands. the fastest internet times i've ever seen. i love it.
    it's still hard to keep the antenna plugged into the card. any shift and it will fall off. but other than that, wow. super wow. windows update also has an update for the n1. ...more info
  • Belkin N1 desktop--don't bother
    Why no negative stars? I purchased this because I had upgraded my wife's old XP machine to a new one w/ Vista and Vista did not recognize the Belkin PreN adapter (its not compatable.) I spoke to Belkin about it and was told the the N1 would work even better than the PreN. Installed it and performance was way worse. Spoke to Belkin and was told to disable firewall, which I did and performance went up a bit but still very poor. So bad that I bought a new Dell that had XP on it and put the PreN adapter in. Performance is at least 3x better. I am selling the new HP computer (really giving it away) to a friend. I am really disapointed with both Belkin for the N1 and the Microsoft for Vista. ...more info
  • Complete Garbage
    This product is complete garbage. The antenna connector frequently pops off. I never even get 802.11b speeds from this card, even though the computer is the same room as the Belkin N1 router! My Intel a/b/g laptop card works from anywhere in my apartment with no issues. This card cannot keep a connection for more than a few minutes. The wireless network utility is worthless. It crashes whenever I click the "check for upgrades" button (nice touch). The other people were right, if you MUST use this card, use the Windows XP Wireless Zero config and remove the Belkin overlay software.

    Buy anything else....more info
  • Who writes the instructions? Who reads the directions?
    If the people at Belkin would first try to install their products according to the instructions they supply, they would rewrite the directions and eliminate most of their problems. On the other hand, if the customer would read the Specifications before they purchased, their problems would be greatly deminished.

    Belkin uses a reversed polarity SMA cable connector on it's wireless cards and therefore it's antennae. Read the specifications of both the card and the antenna before you buy to reduce stress....more info
  • Garbage
    I bought the F5D8001 from a Frys store last night. I picked it over the competing Linksys and Netgear cards because it was $10-20 cheaper and it's antenna is more compact.
    What a mistake.
    When I opened the box and removed the antenna, the first thing I noticed was how short the wire is. In fact, the wire is barely long enough for me to run it from my computer to a windowsill directly above the computer.
    Secondly, the connector for hooking the antenna up to the card gives no indication of whether or not it is firmly connected. The connector simply slides over some threaded posts, as opposed to other brands using connectors that screw on until firmly seated.
    Third, when I placed the antenna and tilted the three small antenna masts, one of the plastic hinges broke, leaving the mast hanging from the wire inside.
    Lastly, the range is awful. It is slightly worse than the 80211 G PC card I have for my laptop, when placed in the same spot.
    Bottom line: What a piece of junk. I'll be returning it when I get a chance....more info
  • Worst tech support I've ever encountered
    The drivers for this card are clearly not fully compatable with Windows XP. With both my original card and a replacement sent by Belkin, the operating system repeatedly crashed. Belkin tech support has been the worst I have seen in over 20 years of owning PCs.

    If I ever get this working, I'll consider amending this review, but I don't have high hopes. I've had it for 7 months, updated the drivers each time a new set has been posted. Belkin assured me from my first call that there were no problems with their drivers, but they have put out two new sets of drivers since then. Why redo something with no problems? Now they have come out with a version 2000 card to replace the version 1000 card. There are no enhancements with the new version, so why replace the old one? Seem like the only reason is that the version 1000 cards weren't consistantly working. Belkin denies it, but offers no explanation for why there is a new version. And the version 1000 cards are still being sold and shipped by Belkin as replacement parts....more info
  • Avoid this product
    I bought this card along with a HP tower with Vista. After following the installation instructions, when the computer should have gone to the new hardware wizard, it instead freaked out and scrambled the screen -- over and over and over again. After after hours on the phone with Belkin I got nowhere. I then put it in my Gateway tower with Home XP. It came right up and works -- but not well. The thing actually interferes with Itunes (yes I know it sounds strange). I'm not playing these songs over the wirelss either, they are on the same tower! The music will slow down in spots and it gets a crackling sound and feedback over the speakers. Turn off the card and it all goes away. Find something else!...more info
  • Works with the N1 Wireless Router
    This three antennae desktop wireless card works with my N1 Wireless Router. Never a dropped connection and I think is looks 'cool'(sorry I'm a product of the 60's and it's ok to say 'cool'). Very satisfied with both products.
    Mike Barrett....more info
  • Happy but with a twist
    Very happy with the product - works where my previous G wirless card could not. Easy to install. However, the Belkin software tool interfered with Windows XP and had to be uninstalled. It took a few weeks of crashes and connectivity issues before I figured it out. Stick with the Windows system and it works great....more info
  • Free Internet, Cool
    I got very good signal from my neighbors internet service, it save me $30.00 a month. This card will pick up signal like 1700 feets away or like a block away. No need for internet service anymore, you can get it from your neighbors for free, hehehe. Thanks Belkin, I strongly recomend this card if you're going to use for picking up your neighbors internet service. ...more info
  • N1 Wireless Router F5D8231-4
    The router is fantastic. Range is incredible. My speed doubled from when I was using "g". On a 10 meg line I was getting 8.5 and my router is downstairs. (I like that)I did a firmware update also.

    The notebook card software needs work, trying to run the Belkin utility is hit or miss. Trying to uninstall/install it is next to impossible. I think for now if you use the windows utility it's fine but you would think Belkin would want people using there utility. They have had 1 driver update to date for the 8011 notebook card. They need another. All in all the router is GREAT! The notebook card for a laptop needs an update. Belkin had quick replies via email & even called me....more info
  • N1 Router with N1 Laptop Cards Poor Combination
    I bought the complete package, N1 wireless router with two N1 cards for my laptops to replace my Linksys router that went belly up. Extremely easy to install and set up,

    However signal strength is all over the place. Neighbors signals come in strong, while your own N1 Router shows 1 Bar 10 feet away. Then full strength for a minute followed by no signal at all.

    The Utility that installs on your lap top with the network card is poor. My new Fujitsu never could "wake up" after going into suspend mode with the software. Same for my older Compaq. Per tech support, I first disabled the software, then removed it. I then downloaded new drivers. 50/50 chance of not having to do a hard powerdown since the entire computer hangs, despite both lights being on, on the card.

    When I remove the N1 card and use my imbedded antenna with Windows the router performs as well any others I have had.

    I will make one more trip to tech support (they do answer quickly when you call) and see what can be done, then it's all going back.

    Harvey...more info
  • No problems here
    Maybe beginning ones were a bad batch? Had mine months now and it works great. Everything it says, it does. No problems keeping it in the system and did not cause any errors. ...more info
  • I had the same problems....
    My dlink router works fine with one wirelessly connected computer using a netgear adapter, but my experience has been like that of others: this belkin adapter flakes on and off - getting a weak or no signal, then full strength, back and forth. I am going to return it....more info
  • Flaky and made my system unstable
    Worked well with matching N1 router for about 3 days. Then I had to uninstall/re-install the hardware (tech support recommendation). I did this a few times before exchanging it. Same problem. The PCI card doesn't fit right. The antennae connectors are too loose. Also, I was having to reboot constantly. Once removed, system is more stable. Do not purchase this first version of this adapter card. I will try the USB version when it comes out....more info
  • I've had problems too
    I set up a wireless network with the Belkin wireless N router and three computers containing the desktop card. The first two worked fine, although they've been lightly used. They're both within 10 feet of the router. The third computer (unfortunately my main desktop) is located about 30 feet away on the same floor down an open hallway. It's hard to know exactly what's going on because the computer freezes periodically with the desktop card installed. When it doesn't lock up, it has video problems and switches into some God-awful default mode. All three computers are running Windows XP, but my computer is the only one to have these problems. During the brief intervals when I'm actually able to bring up the Belkin wireless networking utility, it either shows the wireless network with minimal signal or the wireless network doesn't show up at all. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, updated drivers, and everything I can think of to no avail. I also have a laptop running the PC card N1 adapter. It works OK but the signal varies between good and poor, again in the same room 30 feet away from the router. Needless to say, this has been a discouraging experience and has soured my impression of Belkin as well as 802.11n. Unfortunately, as I've read reviews of competing products, they all seem just as bad. I think I'm going to break down and run a wire to my bedroom and drop the wireless desktop effort for now....more info
  • Garbage
    C. Musselman can add 2 more cards to his connector problem. I have gone through 2 desktop cards that do not have proper fittings for the external antenna - I plan to return it all. Avoid this product....more info
  • Works Fine If I use tape.
    Problem: I had no problem installing and setting up the N1 Desktop card after I updated the firmware.
    The problem is the external antenna that connects to the 3 RF ports on the back
    of the card. THEY DON'T FIT!!! It's almost as if the little RF knobs that look
    like cable adapters are too small. The connectors are too loose and the antenna
    connector falls right off.

    I do get a good signal if I manually hold the antenna on the back off my
    computer, but when I let go, it falls of and I loose my signal.

    I'm using the N1 card with the Belkin pre-n router and connect at 54mbps. Not the 108 advertised. I am able to connect from my house to my office in a different building which is about 150 feet away, but I must use tape to hold the antenna on the card.

    Remember to update the firmware before using the card or you're computer may lock up.

    I notified Belkin of the problem, and they replaced it for me, the only problem is that the replacement has the exact same problem. I wonder if every card they produced has this problem or just the two that I received?
    ...more info