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The VB-C50i/ VB-C50iR (reverse mount) Network Camera provides the ultimate in flexibility and performance for todays most advanced security and monitoring applications. Offering the industrys most powerful optical zoom and the convenience of a built-in network server, it provides users with a sophisticated way of keeping a watchful eye. Exceptional low-light performance allows the camera to capture high quality images even under the most adverse conditions. Designed to satisfy the unique demands of the security industry, the VB-C50i/ VB-C50iR emerges as the ideal, all-in-one network video solution. All-in-one Camera and Server Solution The VB-C50i is the fast, simple, complete network video solution youve been looking for. With a Web server and FTP server built right in, the VB-C50i can transmit video images directly to your PC. You simply connect your camera to your computer through the Web or your LAN and, in minutes, youre viewing still or full motion video. Theres also the built-in network server that provides viewing for up to 20 clients simultaneously. With such performance, the VB-C50i is the all-in-one solution for all your security video needs. Unmatched Zoom Range Gives Unmatched Coverage The VB-C50i works in virtually all your locations because of its impressive zoom range. The cameras 26X optical zoom lens boasts the industrys widest focal length range. Combine that with a 12X digital zoom, and youve got a camera that gives wide coverage and can also zoom in to