TRENDnet Wireless Internet Camera Server w/ Audio
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Product Description

The TV-IP201W Internet camera server is the perfect device for remote monitoring and transmitting real-time events over the Internet. The TV-IP201W functions as a video/audio/surveillance camera allowing you to view live events with your web browser via Internet or Intranet. Up to 16 cameras can be remotely managed with the bundled IPView software. This Internet camera server has M-JPEG quality streaming video, automatic image capture, and event notification via e-mail, making it the ideal solution for Internet video broadcasting applications.

  • Wi-Fi Compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g Devices on 2.4 GHz ISM Frequency Band
  • Built-in RS-485 connectors for Pan & Tilt control device (additional Pan & Tilt control device required)
  • Allows for Remote Access from Web Browser for Live Image Viewing and listening
  • Built-in I/O Ports to Trigger Alarm and Email Notification
  • Broad Range of Applications for Monitoring Homes, Offices, Banks, Hospitals, and a Variety of Private and Public Monitoring
Customer Reviews:
  • Nice Camera for my needs
    I purchased the wired and wireless versions of this cam at the same time. They replaced a single dLink DCS1000W. Both failed during set-up and tested out as faulty. Trendnet advised I return them for exchange after a few minutes discussion of the diagnostics I had performed. Amazon made the process painless and the new units set up and worked fine.

    I wanted to display the camera output on my web page but Trendnet doesn't provide code support to do that, at least they never responded to my request for it. I viewed the camera output on the web interface and just copied the code I needed and imbedded it in my page. Works great....more info
  • Not good for ftp upload to site
    I bought this for an IP camera that could upload still images on a schedule to my ftp site. It has very few options in this category. I wanted to be able to upload one image every minute or less even. It can either do it continously or you can set up a schedule or times (to do it continously). On the FAQ there is an area that looks like there is some extra menus for doing a manual setup. Guess what? Those menus are not included in the actual firmware you get with this product. I upgraded to the latest firmware version, hoping it would be there, but this changed nothing in the options.

    If you just want a camera for network security to be monitored remotely or from inside your network, this will work, although its quality is NOT that good. Id recommend even the bottom of the line Axis cameras as their picture quality is much better.

    If you are looking for a camera with a good ftp upload client like I was go with Stardot. They are more costly but they are twice the camera....more info
  • Good Camera/ Bad Customer services
    I purchased my first Trendnet IP 201W from Amazon and on its success decided to purchase another unit from Canada. This was a mistake I was to regret for a long long time! On attempting to install the software found that the product had a Factory defect. On the Ip 201W which I purchased the OS on the camera was IP201 - without the wireless interface. After much discussions and expensive calls to TrendNet customer services, I was advised to get a replacement from where I purchased the unit. By the time this was told to me, I had arrived in Sri Lanka and it was absurd to say the least for TrendNet Customer Services to even assume that I would fly back to Canada to get a replacement! Customer Service should have been more understanding.

    In the meantime an earlier unit purchased online from Amazon continues to work fine. Its picture quality is relatively good compared to other cameras in this segment. Set up is also a breeze through to a Pc tech person.

    But if you run into a problem, my advise is don't even bother calling TrendNet customer service. They are clueless as to the type of problems that can crop up and certainly do not have the potential to advise correctly. All they would do is, ask you to meddle with it, give you a complaint reference number and after some calls ask you to go for a replacement.

    Its truly pathetic when a good product is not backed by good customer services....more info
  • Works Great!
    This is a low priced camera that has worked very well for me. We use these camera to monitor our retail space, manufacturing space and our baby's. Could not get it on our wireless network at first. Tech support was great, we're up and running!...more info
  • Okay product / bad software
    I read a couple of good reviews of this camera and bought it. The camera worked out of the box initially which was a good sign. Picture quality was pretty decent. I could not make it work with wireless though. I called tech support at night. They told me to call in day time and ask for a level three tech. I called the next and kept begging for a level three tech but the lady was pretty determined to 'help' me. I was on hold for different lengths of time while she was asking others on what we should do next. Anyway 45 minutes later my camera was not working with wired connection as well and she told me to return it to the store that I bought it from !! What a support.

    I will return it tomorrow. Their support sucks. I recommend that you stay away.


    I ended up keeping it since they were able to get it working for me. After a few months of using it, I would say pick quality is ok but the software sucks. IPView Pro creates 1 file per 50 MB and that creates lots of files in one day. They need better software. Also, they should timestamp the output video. How do I know what was the time when something happened?
    ...more info