LG Electronics KG800 Chocolate GSM Tri-band Unlocked Camera Cell Phone - Black
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Product Description

The LG KG800 mobile phone is better known to many people as the Chocolate phone. Don't bother looking for any hidden meaning - quite simply, it's bar-shaped and the best-selling version in South Korea is a dark brown chocolate colour! And the LG KG800 certainly is a best-seller in its home country. It's become a favourite phone for the rich and famous, appearing in the hand (and pocket) of top celebs. Why? Well, the phone cleverly blends modern styling with useful features. When the slide-up design is closed, you'll notice a high-quality display screen and a handful of touch-sensitive keys for controlling essential functions. They glow red when they're being used and fade into the background when they're not needed. Slide the phone open and there's a standard keypad, along with a wealth of useful functions including an alarm clock, calendar, calculator, photo editor and games. The LG KG800 is also an MP3 player, with 128MB of memory providing plenty of storage space. In addition, the back of the phone contains a 1.3 megapixel camera for photos and videos. All this and Bluetooth connectivity as well. If you're looking for stand-out style without compromising on usability, you'll appreciate the LG Chocolate KG800. It certainly is a tasty little camera phone! Network Frequency Triband : 900/1800/1900 Mhz Will Not work on Cingular 850 Mhz

  • Unlocked for use with your existing Triple band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1800/1900 service provider and SIM card. Note: This phone does not come with service or a SIM card
  • Supports both WMA and MP3 music formats for more versitility in music listening
  • 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom. Capture and share the perfect party shot with either camera or video
  • Make wires a thing of the past and keep your hands free with Bluetooth capability for wireless headsets
Customer Reviews:
  • currently have the phone
    I have this phone now.I recently purchased it off on ebay.I bought it for the looks and the sleek design.It was working well for a while,then it kept on dropping my calls and it would freeze up on me.I realized that it was the software causing all this trouble.Now I have a purchase a new phone.I am not satisfied with this phone.I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone....more info
  • LGKG800
    The phone is quite a nice basic phone but has two main problems, when it gets humid the screen flips to different screens and could be quit irritating and the 2nd problem is the battery, it wears off within 4-5 months and make sure that your fingers a very dry before you use the touch pad otherwise you could end up tossing it out of the window....more info
  • Stupid cell phone
    Stupid phone. Takes forever to figure out how to setup the ring tones !...more info
  • Beware Of The Specs!!
    Amazon specify that this phone is cabable of operataing in GSM 850 and this is a mistake. It works in GSM 900. ...more info
  • Not good in US
    I have had this phone in NYC area for about 3 months now. My wife has
    Cingular (RAZR) and I was going to get that phone as well, but then
    saw this one available at the Cingular store and figured I would get it for the looks, and
    Cingular said they support the phone so I thought all would be good.
    After using it for 3 months, I lose service in A LOT of areas around
    here, and my wife's phone works fine. I guess it is b/c of all this
    1900, 850, 900 band issues. If I knew about
    this problem before purchasing the phone with a 2 year contract, I
    would definitely have gotten a different model instead. Also, I just
    went on a trip up to northern Vermont, and my wife's phone never
    dropped a call or lost service (Cingular), and I had no service for the whole
    trip (Cingular), which was very frustrating trying to do business from the road.
    I was thinking of getting the battery signal increaser metal strip,
    but after reading more about the phone, I do not think they will help any?? If
    anyone has any suggestions for me to get a better signal, I would
    appreciate it, as I have paid a lot for this phone that loses a lot
    of calls daily....more info
  • Great Phone, But Not What Amazon Says It Is
    First off, this is a great phone. I love the sleek style, the touch sensitive buttons on the front, the great camera with flash, and the beautiful screen. It's not a perfect phone (which is why I rate it 4 out of 5 stars), but it's definitely worth a look.

    Secondly, I must warn you that Amazon's Product Description is wrong, something that really annoys me considering that I just spent $40 on a 1GB microSD flash card that this phone cannot use. There is NO expandable memory slot on this version (Verizon's Chocolate has it) and I suspect that the "GSM 850/1800/1900" bands that Amazon claims it uses is incorrect as well (the description further down the page quotes it as using 900 instead of the 850 band here in the US). And just so you know, there's no speakerphone on this version either (which disappointed me).

    I'm otherwise happy with it. It has great reception (regardless of whether it supports the 850 band) from what I can tell so far and the packaging was also impressive....more info
  • Sexy but Short Tempered
    This phone is sexy from the keypad to the box that it comes in. However, it is VERY sensitive to heat and touch, and will go psycho very quick. The Mp3 player is of good quality and holds more than most phones with Mp3s. The earpiece volume is pretty low and leaves a lot to be desired. Basically, this phone is good for getting compliments, but not very talking friendly, much like the RAZR....more info
  • good phone, needs a little more
    A sleek attractive slider phone with almost everything you could want. It has a shiny black body and instead of keys on the front it has a heat sensitive touch pad which lights up bright red when its ready to use.

    Although it has a MP3 player it only has 128mb of memory which means you can hold only a couple of dozen songs. Unfortuanltly no expandable memory. It does however come with a really cool set of headphones/handsfree kit.

    It is also missing a speaker phone which could be useful.

    When it comes down to it a phone is a phone. Do you really need all the extras ????

    It comes with a cool game (ZOO ZOO), you can hold up to 1000 names in you contacts book, Plenty of cool ring tones and it is definately one of the best looking phones out there. Its also really small just like a a bar of Chocolate.

    Overall this is a good phone and I believe its way better than the motorola V3. But i'll let you all make you own minds up...more info