Ceiva Wireless Adapter for Ceiva Digital Photo Frames
List Price: $34.95

Our Price: $27.32

You Save: $7.63 (22%)


Product Description


  • Connects a Ceiva 3 digital photo receiver to your wireless network
  • Receives and displays 30 new photos every hour
  • Supports 802.11g and 802.11b networks
  • Data encryption using 64/128-bit WEP or WPA/WPA2
  • No local dial-up phone numbers needed
Customer Reviews:
  • Ceiva wireless adapter for Ceiva 3 frame
    We received the Ceiva 3 digital frame for Christmas, and it was easy to set up as we had analog telephone connections at that time. it downloaded fast. Then, circumstances changed when we switched to cable telephone and required a Ceiva wireless adapter. We soon entered a nightmare of time, effort, and expense (buying 3 adapters). I am relatively tech savvy, but after working with the Ceiva engineers 3-4 times plus having 3-4 techs at this end programming the frame and wireless adapter in Dos (mind you) the Ceiva top customer service promise to work on it again this next week, after a month of futile "trying." They are reluctant to replace the faulty Ceiva 3 with the better, easier-to-install Ceiva (4?). At Christmas time, realizing that the Ceiva 3 and wireless adapter had problems, they sold it out at half price to servicemen and grandmas. Am hoping that my review will help people avoid the nightmare I have been through -- all the concept of the digitial frame is wonderful!!...more info
  • Works well, no hassles, simple setup
    My wife and I got our Ceiva frame as a gift from a relative, along with a year subscription to the service. We originally set it up using the dialup phone chord connection. This was fine, but it obviously was limited to the location of phone jacks in our home. When I saw this product was less than $35 and allowed us to put the digital frame wherever we wanted in the house, this was an easy purchase to make. The set up was simple, and anyone who cares to do anything wireless in their home (such as laptops and computers on a wireless network to your hi-speed connection) will not have any problem using this interface and setup. People who don't know how to set up a PC or laptop on their wireless network will likewise still need help getting this device connected, but it is no harder than any other wireless device. The update speed is certainly much faster with wireless as well, downloading pictures quickly.

    Basically, the item works as advertized, is low priced (relatively) and has a small footprint (you don't even know it is there on the frame). A great addition to anyone who has a Ceiva picture frame that also has a wireless internet setup in their home....more info