As Seen On TV Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Alert System
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Product Description

Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Alert System. Use To Monitor the Mailbox, Garage, Driveway or Countless Other Places. Battery Operation and Up to 400 Foot Range Means No Wireing is Necessary. When a Vehicle or Person Passes the Sensor,the Receiver Emits an Audible Tone.

  • Use to Monitor the Mailbox, Garage, Driveway or Countless Other
  • Places, Battery Operation and 400 Foot Range Means No Wiring
  • Necessary. When a Vehicle or Person Passes
Customer Reviews:
  • Driveway Sensor Update to Review
    Updating my original review of this item. This is a handy product and worked well for the first 2 months. (changed batteries then 2x). I did not use it during the Winter months much due concern for moisture. Then when I started using it again recently, it required constant battery changes (weekly) or it would beep loudly (you can hear it outside) continully. With the price of batteries, I found it prohibitive. I asked for an exchange for another one that worked, and the seller would not comply (according to policies). However, I did feel that it is under 1 year and they could have replaced it. Due to this I will not buy from this particular seller again. This is the first product I have had this experience with and I order frequently from amazon. Thanks....more info
  • Great wireless alarm -- except when the temp is over 90 degrees!
    UPDATE OF MY REVIEW DUE TO JULY 2006 HEAT WAVE: I have two of these low-cost alarms set up, and both become quite intermittent when the temperature reaches 90 degrees and above (in the shade): Sometimes they go off when a person/car goes past, and sometimes they do not. As soon as the temperature decreases though, they become much more reliable. I WOULD NOT RECOMENDED THESE DEVICES FOR SECTIONS OF THE COUNTRY WITH HOT WEATHER, SUCH AS ARIZONA, TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, ETC. Original review: I am very impressed with this alarm: It is accurately able to detect people coming up the stairs of my apartment, and sets off the indoor alarm -- and it has not sent out any false alarms (Most problems with this alarm (that I have read in the reviews below) appear to be caused by the sensor being in direct sun light. This seems to cause these units numerous difficulties, and should have been addressed in the Patrol Sensor's enclosed instructions -- but isn't. However, by simply shielding the outdoor sensor from all *direct* contact with the light of the sun by using tape or opaque plastic, or repositioning the outdoor sensor, appears to eliminate false alarms or no alarms). This alarm unit appears to be quite well made, and the price is, of course, incredibly low. Great buy!!
    ...more info