Freedom9 freeGuard 100 - Security appliance - EN, Fast EN
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Product Description

The freeGuard 100 unified threat management firewall is a dedicated hardware device that offers security and peace of mind for small and medium businesses. The freeGuard 100 combines a full-featured stateful inspection firewall with VPN, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam, and content filtering functionality.The freeGuard 100 includes dual WAN links for redundant connections to the Internet, and also a built-in 4-port switch which eliminates the expense of purchasing an additional hub or switch. The freeGuard 100's capabilities, speed and value makes it a perfect solution for small to medium businesses, remote offices, and retail locations. The freeGuard 100 supports automatic updates from freedom9, which protects the network from the newest viruses, worms, and intrusion methods.