Ilockr for 30GB Video/ White Anti-theft Security Case
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Product Description

Theft Deterrent / Lightweight construction / Combination lock / Powder coated nylon protective finish / Accesibility to all ports and dock

  • Works with new 30GB iPod Video
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Product
    The Ilockr is great. Especially when traveling from place to place- Helps to keep my ipod secure- wether I am on vacation or puting the ipod in my desk or locker. My ipod is very secure with this item. I recommend this product to anyone young or old. Keeps your Ipod safe- so you can listen to your music longer...more info
  • Ilockr- Great Product
    I've had 2 ipods stolen- now I use the ilockr to lock my ipod to my backpack while i walk around town. Best part is that I can still use the ipod and change the songs/playlists/etc. while its locked up. Good stuff....more info