Digital Concepts VGA Micro Digital Camera (Black)
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  • VGA Resolution
  • Can be used as digital camera, video camera, or web camera
  • Super slim design
  • Includes X internal memory
  • Includes PhoTags Photo Editing Software
Customer Reviews:
  • defective?
    It's quite possible I got a defective unit, but this doesn't turn on unless it is hooked up to the computer via USB. Once the USB is in, it works great. I was led to believe this could be used as a standalone camera. The instructions say to charge it for 4 hours before using. I did that... no luck. I read the instruction book carefully, and I'm pushing the proper button to try to turn the unit on. That button does work when in USB mode. My guess is I got a defective battery (which doesn't appear to be replaceable)....more info
  • spy
    this was a very good camera i used it for spying very good no one knows it a camera cause it's looks like a ipod no flash but works great...more info