Notebook Computer Keyless 4 Digit Combination Lock and Steel Security Cable for PC
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Product Description

6 ft cable with keyless combination lock, Strong and durable steel alloy computer security cable for powerful protection

  • 6 ft cable with number dial lock
  • Small, keyless 4-digit combination lock
  • Strong and durable steel cable for powerful protection
  • Use for PC, notebook
Customer Reviews:
    This lock is falsely advertised. It did not have a 6 foot cable, it was missing an essential lock piece that was not even in the packaging, and the locking mechanism did not fit my notebook's lock slot. This to me is unacceptable. Worst of all, it would cost me around $12 to ship it back when the whole cost of buying was $8.48! The lock is nothing but an extremely cheap import.

    DO NOT BUY!...more info
  • unfortunately I can't give this item NO STARS
    unfortunately I fell for the great price. I couldn't even get one quality use out of this. The lock broke when I tried to input my personal code, trapping my computer in the lock! fortunately this device is poorly built and was nothing a pair of pliers couldn't handle. But, it's useless to try and return this because of the ridiculous return policy of not refunding shipping costs. The thing cost 3.99, but shipping was like 6 bucks. So, even if I try to return this for a refund, I'm still out 12 bucks in shipping!!!! NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. Sorry folks, don't fall for it. ...more info
  • Not what I expected
    Description says the cable is 6 ft long. Not on what I received. One of the locks wouldn't fit the locking slot on the laptop, I worked on that now it fits. I figured the cable and locking mechanisms were worth the $8 and I could make them work. I do wish they would have the 6 ft. cable can't make it longer. Now my real complaint. Shipping costs. The cable is listed as weighing 2 lbs. I received three and the USPS label said the weight for three was 2 lbs. I paid $16.47 for shipping and I would guess that was twice what it actually cost. Wish there was something other than not to buy we could do to make shipping costs realistic. Appears to me what they don't make on the product they make up on shipping and that ever elusive extra called Handeling. ...more info
  • Not very good for laptops
    I bought this look in the hope that it would help me secure my TOSHIBA laptop. It didn't. Even with the wrong combination, when you press the release button the locking pin retracts ever so slightly, making it possible to remove the lock from the Kensignton slot. I'll have to buy a good Kensington T-bar lock to replace it.

    It does seem to work properly with the slot in the other end of the chain and the steel cable seems to be good. So I wouldn't advertise it as suitable for PCs, but if you have something else you need to chain down, this should help....more info
  • Great Safety Gift to a Friend
    It's a keyless cable, strong and easy to carry around. I don't need to worry not having the key and getting stuck any more. Pricewise is very reasonable compared to other similiar items. You may want to have one to your school friends as a gift that's useful, but affordable to youself...more info
  • these pictures are inaccurate
    I bought 6 of these in a rush, as the first picture clearly shows a Targus laptop lock (or a darn close match).

    I should have looked at the other 2 pictures... as only the MIDDLE picture is accurate. The last one is a KEY (!!!) lock with a black-plastic covered cable. I'm amazed that this vendor would dare show pictures of 3 completely different locks presumably representing what you are buying. The one you get smells of machine oil and is cheaply built - probably $3.00 in Chinatown. I'm extremely disappointed, as now I need to return them and repurchase good ones....more info