Motorola RAZR V3m Silver Phone (Verizon Wireless)
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Product Description

Boasting support for Verizon Wireless' exclusive V Cast mobile content service, which is powered by EV-DO high-speed data technology, the RAZR V3m is the best RAZR yet from Verizon Wireless. The V3m also features a microSD/TransFlash memory card slot, a 1.3 megapixel camera, and a lot more goodies. But the big news is that the V3m supports Verizon Wireless' exciting music service, which lets you discover and jam out to tunes wherever you roam.

The RAZR V3m sports a sleek metal construction with precision cut number keys. Learn more about the phone.
The RAZR V3m's design takes the standard clamshell form factor to the next level with an impressive, fully-anodized aluminum construction. A large 176 x 220 color display with 65,000 colors dominates the inside of the top cover. The outside cover of the handset sports a supplementary 96 x 80 full-color display that can display caller ID pictures, time, call information, battery and signal strength, and more. The 1.3 megapixel camera lens is housed above this display. Up/down buttons are placed on the left side for volume control.

Most of the phone's features and on-screen menus are controlled by a five-way center button on the handset's backlit control pad, which is precision cut from a single sheet of nickel-plated copper alloy. A charging port and USB data cable port is placed on the bottom of the phone. The RAZR V3m also features 30 MB of embedded memory for storing pictures, videos and downloaded V Cast content, and you can expand your storage space with the phone's microSD/TransFlash memory card slot. Note that the phone does not have a 2.5mm headset jack, but a headset adapter is included in the box.

Calling Features
The RAZR V3m's internal phone book can hold up to 1000 contacts while the phone's picture ID system allows you to assign pictures to your most common callers. It also supports polyphonic ringtones as well as MP3 ringers, allowing you to use portions of your favorite songs to alert you to incoming calls. A number of ringtones come preloaded on the phone and more ringtones can be downloaded from Verizon Wireless' Get It Now service. For times when you want to be discreet, there's a vibrating alert. A built-in speakerphone makes it easy to talk without having the phone to your ear while voice activated dialing makes calling your friends, family and associates as easy as saying their names. Speaker-independent technology allows any speaker to dial numbers with the voice dialing system. And because the RAZR V3m is Bluetooth enabled, wireless headsets can be configured with the phone for total handsfree operation.

Messaging, Internet, and Tools
The RAZR V3m is a messaging and wireless Internet powerhouse. Support is built in for sending and receiving pictures, text, graphics, sound and video via messages. When used in combination with the phone's built-in still and video camera, MMS opens up a whole new world of messaging fun. There's also a built-in web browser for Verizon Mobile Web downloads and mobile web browsing. Verizon's optional Mobile Web package allows you to read and send e-mails and view your favorite web content on your phone. You can trade stocks online, compare prices while shopping, access flight information, get movie listings and find directions to the theater. iTap text entry, which is a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built into the unit-- a plus for mobile email and text messaging users.

Sleek and powerful: The RAZR V3m supports Verizon Wireless' amazing V Cast service, including V Cast Music. Learn more about V Cast Music.
With support for the EV-DO high-speed data standard, the RAZR V3m is fully compatible with Verizon's V Cast service. With V Cast, you can download and stream high-quality video. Need news and weather? Get the latest Accuweather forecast delivered right to your handset, or stream CNN news headlines. ESPN sports updates, entertainment news from E!, and even Sesame Street content for the kids, are all available. V Cast also serves as a portal for enhanced 3D games, allowing you to have more fun with a new breed of realistic titles.

Verizon's music service is another EV-DO-powered service that makes the V3m all the more desirable. With V Cast Music, your phone is a music player, letting you jam out wherever you are. It's also a music store, and you can download songs instantly to your phone wirelessly. Save your songs to a memory card with a capacity that's right for you. You can even pause to take a call without missing a beat.

A number of handy software tools are bundled with the RAZR V3m including a voice memo recorder, a calculator with currency converter, a calendar and an alarm clock. The phone supports the SyncML PC synchronization standard, which can be used with Motorola's Mobile Phone Tools PC application to manage and synchronize contacts, calendar and other data with your PC.

Imaging and Entertainment
The RAZR V3m's 1.3 megapixel camera bridges the gap between phones and quality digital cameras. The camera is also designed to capture video, and there are night and self-timer functions. Embedded animated screensavers and full screen wallpapers are built-in so you can set up the RAZR V3m to suit your tastes. The RAZR V3m supports V Cast 3D games, as well as other 2D-based games, which are available from Verizon's Get It Now service.

EV-DO Wireless Broadband Coverage
Learn more about where EV-DO coverage is offered.

Vital Statistics
The Motorola RAZR V3m weighs 3.49 ounces and measures 3.90 x 2.10 x .57 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.33 hours of digital talk time, and up to 325 hours of digital standby time. It runs on the CDMA 850/CDMA 1900 frequencies. The phone comes with a one year limited warranty.

Note: The RAZR V3m supports the wireless headset and handsfree Bluetooth profiles, as well as serial port and dial up networking. It does not support Bluetooth object transfer (OBEX) profiles.

  • Ultra-thin design, aircraft grade aluminum housing and a spun metal keypad
  • Capture clear pictures and video via 1.3 mega pixel camera
  • Features an integrated music player
  • microSD™ card slot for storing music, movies and more
  • Includes: Standard Li-Ion Battery, Travel Charger, Headset Adapter and User's Guide
Customer Reviews:
  • Regret
    PROs: 1000 Contacts, Photo and Video, Ringtone and picture ID.

    Cons: Photo quality is average. Call quality is below average. Phone becomes slow after months of use. Text messages sometimes refuse to send.

    Overall: I miss my nokia with the alarm clock that rings even when the phone is off. Huge regret getting this phone. What I like best is the Ringtone ID's. I know who is calling by the ringtone the phone plays. ...more info
  • Don't Buy This Phone
    I started my Verizon account with 4 razors. All had the same problems and none were recalled. You can count on the front screen glass breaking. The our phones were not durable and all have been replaced. BAD PHONE CHOICE. I always liked Motorola until now. I will never buy a Motorola product again. AND... Verizon was no help. After a month the phone broke and I had to file an insurance claim because it was not honored by warranty because they use the date of your first phone. Buyers Beware. Ask lots of questions....more info
  • I will never get another Motorola phone again...
    ...even if they pay me... for the simple fact that I can't download my photos from this phone (V3m) using my USB cable or Bluetooth without addl software I have to pay for! The manufacturer must be really hurting for money to be milking its unsuspecting victims (like myself) this way. May they go out of business.

    Addendum: It's not Verizon; it's not Sprint (my carrier, the worst); it's Motorola who came up with such an evil design....more info
  • No Good!
    My battery can't hold a charge and my phone freezes up at least once a day and I have to either shut it off or disconnect the battery. It's no good and you should purchase something else....more info
  • hack it!
    Okay, there are a lot of annoying things about this phone, but the good thing is that if you are computer savvy you can easily hack it. Google hack razr v3m and you will see many good guides. For instance, i learned how to replace the mp3 that plays the ANNOYING power up/down verizon jingle with a BLANK MP3. That means, no interruptions when shutting of my phone (saves a lot of embarrasing moments at lectures or meetings). Also, DONT PAY TO DOWNLOAD RINGTONES. The simplist thing to do is replace an existing one you hate with one you want. Same is to be said for downloading music. Why pay twice to listen to music?! If you have a few hours you can figure out how to hack it.

    ps. do love the thin design. would have given it a 5 star but the phone does take a lot of time to hack and fix all the verizon junk....more info
  • A nice little phone but Verizon limits it
    Let me first by saying I didn't know that I wouldn't be able to download songs to my phone or transfer the files from computer to device and device to computer. I bought both the Motorola phone tools, data cable and phone only to find out that I could not do it. I also bought both my husband and I's phone's with a mini sd card to expand the memory so that we could use it as an mp3 player as they were originally portrayed on tv commercials.

    I switched to Verizon because a friend of mine said they had great signal and phones. Phones yes, signal, it's so so. I do love the phone though, it's slim (fits in my pocket), has a camera, plays songs and I like the features. I also was upset that Verizon blocks you from being able to transfer your own files, so I finally seem edited (which is hacked) the phone. It's actually pretty easy, and now we are able to transfer files between phone and pc, and we can see the main screen from the outside of the lcd.

    The speakerphone is a little low if you ask me, I wish it were louder and the menu's on the phone are a little different then most. I wish these were easier to use and you were able to edit more of the phone. Motorola made a great phone, but Verizon kind of ruined it.

    The camera takes okay pictures, but they seem kind of blued as there isn't a flash if it's in low light. Good if it's outside, but not bad for a 1.3 megapixal. The camera is neat I think because I can take a few movies of the girls (I have two kids) and then transfer them to my computer for safe keeping. If you have the minisd card it's 5 minutes for a video...if not it's only 15 seconds (which is REALLY low).

    We also purchased the stereo headset where you can listen to music and answer the phone while doing it, it's something I recommend if you want to listen to music on your phone. It's not a bad player, but you can't do MP3's with verizon, they need to be converted to WMA files first and then transferred to be able to play them on the phone, which they are much bigger then MP3's.

    Overall, for the phone I give it five stars, but because it's with Verizon I only give it four.

    ...more info
  • Not Worth It
    Although this phone is nice and small I regret ever switching to it. Verizon puts the worst operating systems on their phones. I like to leave my phone on vibrate and keep it in my pocket. But this phone never stops vibrating. When a scroll down a menu, or when a miss a call or when the battery is low it just vibrates over and over. Its driving me mad!...more info
  • Very Dissastified
    I have had the V3m for about a year. Sorry I bought it from Verizon. Can't wait until my contract is up. Same complaint as other reviews - disabled multimedia features. In addition, I like to carry it in my pocket - without the case. That's why I bought a thin phone - no bulge in pocket. But when you take the phone out of your pocket, sometimes the protruding buttons on the side activate the speakerphone or change the answer mode. A real pain. The buttons should be recessed....more info
  • WARNING - Features intentionally disabled!
    WARNING! Before you buy this phone for Verizon, I have to warn you - the picture transfer and mp3/ringtone transfer are disabled. From what I understand, Verizon is the ONLY company that does this, which forces you to use their own service and pay their fees.

    Their own ad copy in this very item (above) says "It also supports polyphonic ringtones as well as MP3 ringers, allowing you to use portions of your favorite songs to alert you to incoming calls."

    Yeah. They don't tell you that you can't transfer without using their high-fee data service. With everyone else, you can just connect the phone to a cable.

    If you want a RAZR phone - do NOT get one from Verizon!
    ...more info
  • US CELLULAR version is GREAT
    We live in an area that has spotty reception and this phone has great reception. With our LG phones we would not even get any bars in our driveway. With this phone we have at least 2 bars everywhere in our house. We aren't playing music on it. We aren't taking videos. We just want to make and receive calls. And this phone works. It looks cool. What more does the average person want? You want to play music and surf the net, get an iPhone already....more info
  • I like
    I've had this phone for around 2 weeks now, and I love it.

    Calls are very clear (except when connected to someone using Nextel's service, which seems to be almost everyone in my town), and are never dropped, except when engulfed by trees.

    The speaker quality is excellent. I have a 2Gb MicroSD card with music on it, and it sounds wonderful.

    As for battery life, I got the extended battery, and I haven't had a chance to really keep track of battery life. But it's very good....more info
  • Best cell phone I ever owned!
    I've had this phone for just over a year now, and it's been great! I'm waiting for UPS to deliver my next phone, RIZR Z3...

    RAZR v3m has served me well, and has even proven to be fairly sturdy even after a couple of drops in a parking lot, which I thought for sure was going to kill the phone after hearing about how fragile it is. Good thing I had insurance, but I haven't needed it. It has kept me from having to call Verizon support, which I was doing fairly regularly with my old phone Moto E815. I give RAZR v3m big kudos for that!

    As a phone, it's been superb! Good to decent coverage, good sound, no drops, no resets, etc. Best cell phone I ever had!

    Text messaging is as good as it can get with cell phone number pads. I also own an iPAQ, even had one with a tiny keyboard, and they are not any better so I chuckle all these cell phones with tiny little keyboards. Pair a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPAQ, now you're talkin!

    As an mp3 player, it will work in a pinch. All you iPod/iPhone nozis (replace o with an a, you know who you are!), please stick to your apple products and just leave the rest of us alone. I've own an iPod just long enough to know how much I hate iTunes, and now I own a Creative Zen which I like a lot, and no, RAZR v3m isn't as good as the Zen as an MP3 player, but so what? If I'm expecting to listen to music for a while, I grab my Zen and use my RAZR as a backup.

    As a camera, again, it will work in a pinch.

    I don't browse the web with this phone. I'm waiting for that day when someone comes out with a usable/affordable PocketPC based tablet ala Star Trek. Don't even talk to me about UMPC's yet... We'll see how well my iPAQ does with RIZR as Bluetooth modem.

    My rating is 4 only due to
    1) copying files to and from the the MicroSD is cumbersome
    2) Motorola Phone Tools
    3) RAZR uses some proprietary mini usb voltage so I can't charge the phone using one my many other mini usb chargers
    4) Verizon crippled some of the Bluetooth feature of this phone - Not the RAZR's fault.
    But if these don't bother you, then consider this as a 5 rating....more info
  • a great phone that has been crippled by Verizon
    The V3m is a great phone that Verizon has crippled. The camera can take 1 megapixel images that get locked into your phone unless you subscribe to the optional text and image plan. As others have noted, if you wish to download images directly from the micro sd card, you have to remove the battery to take out the card. You can't download images from the phone with a usb cable.

    After many hours of trying, I was able to download music using a Windows XP machine with Media Player 10, which I never use for music. I prefer iTunes, but it will not work with this phone. The Verizon interface makes it awkward to use the music features and you will need USB headphones for additional money (again).

    While my older Motorola phone was able to use Verizon's national access to connect my computer to the internet (14.4k with no additional charge except minutes used, slow but useful), the V3m has disabled this feature and requires you to subscribe to a data plan for... more money (again).

    In theory, voice dialing will allow you to use a voice command to call any number in the directory. It hasn't been perfected. If you say, "call Mary", the phone is just as likely to call Harry.

    Although Verizon boasts about their network, this phone has been unable to connect in transportation hubs like New York's Grand Central Terminal and Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. Battery life is weak and the ring tones are lame but you can always get new ones from Verizon for... more money (again).

    It is clear that Verizon has engineered this phone to squeeze every extra dollar out of you that they can. You have an option. You can just say no to the V3m and get an iPhone....more info
  • Wow, Finally a phone that lives up to the hype
    I have had this phone for a little over a year and have to say I think it's still the best phone currently offered by Verizon. It's rugged enough to deal with life's daily hazards and also light enough to carry in your pocket.

    The reception and voice clarity are second to none with voices coming in crystal clear just about everywhere. If you have the Razr with Verizon do what I did and go to the store to get it flashed to update it's UI. It operates much better with a better sounding music player and the whole phone operates much quicker. It also allows more customization like changing screen brightness and the wallpaper on the outside screen.

    I don't know what people are saying about poor battery life because I can get about three hours fifty minutes talk time on a single charge. With normal use I get about two to three days use before a recharge is needed.

    Sure, the Razr has been out for a while but it's still one of the best phones out there. I don't hesitate to recommend the Razr V3M and with the new update it makes the phone all that much better.

    ...more info
  • Poor speaker volume
    I received this phone from Verizon 1 week ago. On every call i make, the volume fluctuates randomly -- often so low that I cannot hear th person I am talking to. I searched the web and found may people complaining of the same problem. So, i called motorola and spoke to Romina (ID-351753) who walked me through the standard script, "so you know how to adjust the volume..." I assured her that this was not my first rodeo. She said she was not aware of the problem (sic). Verizon's support was also unaware and had no solution -- except to return the phone. Motorola and Verizon's websites were also no help....more info
  • You'll be sorry if you buy this phone
    Unless you are a teenager with someone paying your bills, or looking to join a class-action lawsuit, this deal will be a nightmare. I bought 4 of these phones for family members and they are all going back.

    The RAZR is a crippled phone, now lacking key features that were built into it. Verizon claims it is BlueTooth capable, but that is misleading. It won't link to our computers. It was quite a frustration to discover that Verizon purposefully prevents that.

    Connecting it directly to a laptop, the USB cable is reduced to a battery charger. You are prohibited from transferring files either way. I take a lot of pictures. They recommended a 2GB storage card and installed it for me. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that it is impossible to transfer my image files to the computer by cable or BlueTooth. In order to get my images, I would have to pay Verizon 25 cents per image or $500 for a full card of images. No kidding.

    And if you want a non-idiotic ring tone, or anything else, you pay and pay and pay extra charges to Verizon. Go ahead and google "razr bluetooth" if you want to fully appreciate the horror Verizon has unleashed on its customers.

    Or save yourself the trouble and hair pullout, and find a better phone with a better company. The Verizon RAZR makes the iPhone look dirt cheap.
    ...more info
  • The greatest phone to walk the earth... well mine at least.
    Alright everyone, so pretty much, this phone is possibly the only indestructible phone i've ever had. its been through the washing machine for full 60 minute cycles around 2 or 3 times, went swimming in the cheseapeake bay, daytona beach, and pretty much the whole eastern seaboard. My phone has been hit with over 3000 paintballs, and list goes on.

    Pros- * It may only be mine but its literally indestructible
    * Battery for the first six months lasts around over 2 weeks
    * Fail safe with the battery, that whenever hit to hard or in the wrong way, it comes out. But nly at a set limit of course, and it also only does it for instance when thrown out of a lacrosse stick.

    Cons- * My sister had one, she ended up running it over, and it destroyed the screen.
    * Theres only two colors
    * Battery after six months NEEDS to be replaced for it dies alot....more info
  • DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! This phone is a piece of crap!
    When I first saw this phone I just had to have it. I loved that is was so slick and slim. No antenna was a nice plus as well. I really regret buying this phone!!! My biggest upset was the battery life. The day I recieved the phone I charged it and was ready to go. I made one THIRTEEN MIN phone call and it already needed to be charged. I went two or three days with the same thing happening and I finally took it back to the store. They(verizon) told me this was common with this phone and that I would have to buy a new and better $[...] battery. Needless to say I keep the one I had and it hasn't got any better. I only make 4 or 5 calls a day with no more than an hour usage and have to charge it twice a day. I dropped it(on carpet) and the display screen doesnt work anymore. The only upside to this phone is that its slender. I repeat Please Don't Waste Your Money!...more info
  • BIG disappointment from Verizon
    Overall this is a bad phone. The main reason I purchased it was because it's very thin and has no antenna. The reception is good and voices come in clear both ways. This is where the positives stop. The worst aspect of the phone is the poor battery life. I have even disabled EVDO so it won't switch between it and 1x when moving around town (which drains the battery).

    The Verizon software makes the phone useless. You cannot have the phone ring and vibrate at the same time, you cannot change the horrible wallpaper on the front LCD, and you cannot change the color scheme from red. Verizon has also disabled the use of Motorola Phone Tool, which enables you to put your own ringtones and media on the phone. You are forced to purchase media from the VCast service. Even if you wouldn't normally use media on your phone, you should object to this because of principal. It's corporate greed at its finest and Verizon is preventing you from using the full capabilities of your purchase.

    It does have a decent camera, but it's functionality is limited. It takes video clips, but nothing over 15 seconds. There are sites that tell you how to hack the phone, but it's not worth the time and risk of ruining the phone.

    The pluses: very thin, no antenna, sleek design
    Cons: horrible user interface, very few options to change the appearance, many of the phone's functionality has been disabled by Verizon

    Conclusion: buy something else. I succumbed to the hype of the Razr, but was burned. If it weren't for Verizon, the phone would be fine. ...more info
  • Useful cell phone
    I just upgraded from an older cell phone to this version.

    Motorola, I know, saw its market share diminish by not upgrading its phones. However, this particular model represents a major improvement for me.

    It takes a bit to get the functions straight (but, then, I'm a technophobe and not real techno-literate to begin with). However, I have been able to pick up the specifics and choose what options I wish (e.g., answering the phone by simply opening it). I was able to change ringer tones handily; it was easy to program voice mail; it was simple to access the web through the phone.

    I was even able to send my first text message (yes, I know, primitive).

    All in all, I'm pretty happy with this. I am well aware that there are much more powerful and fancier cell phones out there. But I prefer something simple and easy to use. And this fills my bill nicely....more info
  • Motorola RAZR V3, the Movie Star.
    Motorola RAZR V3, is not only one of the most popular cellular phones in the united state, but it can be considered without hesitation to be also a well known T.V. and movie star.

    First, Motorola RAZR V3 has very beautiful slim shape like most movie stars. Second, it has many stunning colorful dresses like silver, blue, black, pink and maroon. Third, and for most, Motorola RAZR V3 has been seen in numerous movies, television and reality shows.

    On the television game show Cash Cab, RAZR V3 was used by the contestants who seek assistance by phone. In the adventure reality show "Treasure Hunters", the contestants were given RAZR V3s for communication with the host and each other.

    The RAZR was also used by Detective Danny Messer during Season 2 of CSI: NY.

    I expect to see the rising star, Motorola RAZR V3, in Entertainment Tonight, Larry King, and many other late night shows. Good Luck.

    ...more info
  • Motorola RAZR is a disappointment!
    I wanted the Motorola RAZR for a while and I finally got one. Now, I just wish I had my old phone back. Here's why I don't like this phone:

    - buttons on the side are easy to accidentally push
    - the standard ringtones are terrible and you must pay for any new ones
    - the battery doesn't stay charged for more than a couple of days
    - frequently used functions are not very easily accessed

    Overall, I had high expectations for this phone. I thought I was getting this high tech, cool new device and it's not even as good as the simple three-year old phone I was using! ...more info
  • My All-Time Favorite Phone
    I LOVED this phone. I have had many phones over the years but this one has so far been my absolute favorite. I have always favored Motorola phones over LG ones, but this phone was, oh, just amazing.

    It was so durable. I lost count how many times I dropped it, and it only had one scratch. I have had my friends complain that its snapped in half on them and other things along those lines, but that never happened to me. I dropped it once and them stepped on it by accident- its still in excellent shape.

    THe features that were on the phone were great and it was amazing. I only ha done complaint about the phone that was not Motorola's fault. It was actually Verizon's. They took out some of the amazing features it was capable of.

    Unfortuneatly, the phone's screen got messed up somehow and since it wasnt insured I had to get a whole new phone. I would have bought the same phone again, but they changed the color sceme to the silver on the outside, and it turned me off.

    Now, I see the new RAZR V9m coming out and it also has amazing features and I cannot wait for that phone again, but once again, my complaint with Verizon stands. Some new features like Crystal Talk that would eliminate the background noise was taken off the phone. I do not know why they are buthering perfectly good phones, but I would still buy it and will very much be happy with it....more info
  • Verison kills the razr. Alltel makes it easy.
    I bought the $15.00 1GB microSD card and installed it the first day.
    Plugged the USB I had for my camera into the phone after formatting the card and downloaded a bunch of songs onto the micro by just drag and drop with windows. Dropped them into the Motorola/shared/audio folder.

    The phone recognized them right away. I moved some to the phone after it was unplugged and then realized the entire song could be used as ring tones. So I deleted the ones on my phone downloaded MP3 converter and cut into my favorite 20 songs (being careful not to overwrite any.) I saved them into the same folder on the phone with RT in front and moved them from the card to the phone after it was unplugged from the computer. That worked great for ringtones.

    When I want to download a picture from the phone I just make a copy from the phone to the card then plug the phone into the computer to take it out of the motorola/shared/pictures folder.

    No need for phone tools... ...more info
  • good phone
    it didn't hang and needed to be turned off and on occasionally, then i'll give this a 5 stars...more info
  • I Own This Phone - Wish I Hadn't
    I don't suggest buying this. I have a Motorola RAZR V3m Silver Phone (Verizon Wireless) and I wish I hadn't gotten it.

    Verizon Wireless uses their proprietary software to lock away features that come standard in Motorola RAZRs.

    * So you can't get ringtones or music onto your phone unless you spend money through their proprietary V-Cast system. That's right, no copying from your PC to your phone.
    * You can't download pictures to your computer. They suggest e-mailing it to yourself.
    * You can't upload pictures to your phone unless you (yes, you guessed it) use their service.

    Lastly - and I've called and checked with their technician on this - there is NO WAY to copy all of your text messages from your phone to your PC. So if you've been texting up a storm and you want to save them, sorry.

    I've tried buying a USB plug that connects between my RAZR and my PC. I've even purchased two different brands of software at Fry's Electronics that's supposed to enable you to transfer stuff easily between phone and PC. Unfortunately, they won't work because my RAZR is from Verizon Wireless. In fact, there are discussions on Web bulletin boards on hacking into your Verizon phone in order to disable Verizon's software locks - just so you can get features that come standard on the Motorola RAZR.

    In the end, I feel suckered and duped by Verizon. I'd rather get a product that lets you do all of the above for free....more info
  • Still a great phone and service
    The Razr may have been out awhile but it has alot of under the hood improvements in different versions and is still a great phone. Slim, well made with a great feel. Verizon has the best customer service and signal access of any carrier I have ever had and I have had all of them. ...more info
  • Solid phone, pricey features
    The Motorazr V3m is a solid phone- making and recieving calls is easy and effective, the operating system is consistent, and it looks small and stylish on the outside. However, once you go beyond simple phone tasks, things get more complicated.

    First, the exterior: it is sleek and thin, and looks very good. One problem is that the outside tends to smudge, but this can be corrected by wiping the phone off. The keys are nice, which is amazing because they are so thin. The d-pad in the middle is a little hard to use, though- the phone could have used a little more space around it.

    As for basic features, almost everything is very accessible and intuitive (with the exception of the camera, which is hard to get to from the menus). The contacts software allows you to add multiple numbers for one entry at once, which is a bonus. Settings are easy to find and change. Messages are straight-foward, however, if you miss more than one message and then say "yes" at the screen that asks if you want to check them, you are taken to the newest message, which can be confusing if the earlier message is connected to it.

    Now, the extra features that Verizon advertises are the disappointing part. I know this is common for phones, but just remember that what is advertised does not come with the phone for free. You must pay pretty hefty fees for web browzing, Vcast (video service), downloading ringtones and using the navigation system. Even the games are only demos and can only be used once. I have tried the navigation software as well as the browser, and both are top-quality. It is up to you to decide whether you want to pay the fees ($10/mth and $6/mth respectively). Music is also difficult to transfer from your PC- I have had no success trying a USB cord I had at home, so you might need to spend another $20 to get the propritary cord. The bluetooth software with the phone does not support file transfer.

    Overall, a good phone for everyday needs, just make sure you know what you are getting into. ...more info
  • buy only if you want it as a phone only
    I had bought this as I wanted a phone that could take pictures, and it was advertized as being able to play mp3s, optional additional memory chip, etc. Sure, it is a decent enough phone, and build quality appears to be good, and it sure looks cool...those are the good features. For mine, I had to buy the phone tools software seperately(found at Amazon marketplace for 1$), in order to upload/download from the phone, and it cannot connect to the phone via usb due to driver issues. I have d/l drivers from motorola site and pc will never connect or even charge reliably, and sure cannot sync my contact list with it, guess I will have to send an hour entering the numbers manually. I never had issues with my old Nokia 6015 with this. Not a pc newbie. It just appears to be a lot of trouble to even bother with it. I am not using Verizon, but a small regional company. It is just a cool looking telephone only for me, and has me wishing I had done my homework better before ordering. The place to put the memory chip is inside the phone beneath the battery...which is pretty much a pain, too. The USB transfer rate is HORRIBLE, so much so that using it for mp3 player podcasts is useless...would take almost s long to transfer the files to the phone as to listen to them....more info
  • Do not buy this
    I used this piece for 5 months and now I DONT like it.
    . people just cannot hear me on the other end - the volume adjustments are a joke
    . The body is sleek and smooth. I dropped the phone once and the front screen has a big crack now.
    . The reception is not good. My husband has a sanyo phone and it works perfectly when my razor doesnt even catch the signal.
    . There is no ring+vibrate option, i miss that option.

    If you still want to buy it, buy a leather case and a blue tooth to compensate for the fragile body and bad volume and deal with the signal issues :)...more info
  • Not sure what the complaints are about
    I just upgraded to this Motorola Razr. Like most of you, when this came out I really, really wanted one, but they were just too pricey. Now the price is within reason, so I went for it and extended my plan.

    I'm not sure what all the complaints are about. The phone is very thin and once in your pocket you hardly know it's there, and the lack of an external antenna makes it much easier to get out of your pocket. It has a nice feel to it and is wide enough so it doesn't feel like a toy. I have very small hands and have little trouble working everything with one hand. The "flat" buttons don't bother me, but I wish the OK button in the middle of the toggle ring was raised up just a bit. I find myself using my thumbnail to press it.

    I'm having no trouble with hearing people, and the ringers are just loud enough for me. The complaint about several button being located on the flip up cover are not a real problem. If they were on the lower part of the phone you would be pressing them all the time.

    Yes, the screen is difficult to see in bright daylight, but aren't they all, including most cameras and PDA's.

    The voice activation feature worked right away, after installing some contacts, and made few mistakes.

    I also got the GPS Maps feature and the Web option. I have not had a chance to really test the GPS, but it did locate my position within a house or two. The Web option seems to work very well and I was able to get lots of info quite easily and rather quickly.

    I did spend some time with Verizon on the phone to learn how to activate these features and learn how to use them, but I've always found Verizon service to be excellent, and the person stayed with me until I had all the features down.

    I was told that the Razr has gone through some software changes and unlike the stories I've heard, the top does not feel like it's going to fly off the phone across the room. It feels really solid considering how thin it is.

    I would say if you've been waiting now is the time. It looks like they've gotten some of the bugs out of the phone, and while it does take awhile to get over the learning curve, for any advance features, I really like this phone a lot.

    Is it perfect? Not at all, but it is extremely popular, and it's been around long enough so you can find just about anything for this phone on the Net.

    I would have given it 5 stars, but it's just confusing enough learning how to use it I had to give it 4.

    Also, like others have said: If you want a decent camera get a decent camera. If you want a decent PDA get a decent PDA. If you want an iPod get an iPod. This is a very good phone with lots of extra features, but it's not perfect. Personally, I don't think the perfect phone exists -- yet....more info
  • Just cool looking phone. That is left after re-branding.
    If you need just cool looking phone this is the item you're looking for.

    - There is a limit of 15 secods to capture video, why?
    - You cannot take any music you like and set it as a ringtone
    - Synchronize your pictures and videos is blocked (you can get them by sending via email for 25 cents per picture).
    - Verizon sell the phone w/o the software. But if you buy one it won't work. Don't waste your money.
    - Programming keypad (the only down arrow key can be reprogrammed)
    - For almost everything (ringtones, apps, etc.) you have to pay. If you're a parent think about it !!!
    - Useless card slot for micro SD card because you cannot transfer any files from your computer without taking it out from your phone
    - You cannot synchronize just any file for backup purposes from your computer
    - Anything else you're trying beyond "cool looking phone"

    Also it is good to mention some ludicrous features such as:
    - Vcast, tried for 1 month for curiosity. Number of channels is extremely limited and you have to have a very good reception (i.e. you cannot watch it in your car most of the time)
    - Get it now, what you can get from there?
    - Chaperone, tried for 2 weeks. Requires "special" Shrek-shaped chaperone-only phone for you kid with 4 buttons and a lot of airtime.

    Mediocre features (2 items)
    - VZ navigator with GPS (you will pay 2.99 per 24 hours)
    - You can make it work to synchronize music from your PC with some extra efforts (some info you can find here - [...]

    Pros (only 1 item):
    - cool looking phone and it is Motorola quality

    Please note, that nothing wrong with the phone itself. Just all useful features are blocked, and what is left augmented with something you not gonna use or pay for.
    ...more info
  • Excellent hardware design - Terrible software programming
    Since I have to give this product some "stars" let me explain the reasoning for the three. I give 4 stars to Verizon's phone service (maybe not their customer service) since it consistently works better then other carriers in my neighborhood. I give 4 stars for the hardware design and the audio quality of the phone and 1 star for the software design. My previous phone was a Motorola V710 and it was a much easier phone to work with.

    After sound quality and reception quality (which this phone excels at) my next requirement is that the phone has a decent contact function and calendar function. Here the RAZR is a step back from previous generation phones. While I can successfully sync my contact list with my computer by Bluetooth or USB (which the V710 never could do properly), the RAZR no longer has a useful group function. I used to be able to group numbers into several categories and easily access them with the push of a button, not anymore. You can make contact groups but I can't find a way to access the groups. Every name is listed alphabetically by first name! That's not useful. The calendar is hidden down several menus. The V710 allowed you to change position of icons in each menu, not in the RAZR. The V710 also allowed you to scan different months easily. With the RAZR you have to repeatedly click thru the days to get to the next month. I also found out that the RAZR does not allow computers to sync to the calendar! Why not?

    One more complaint. If you are looking for a phone that first vibrates and then rings, skip this model. It's not programmed to do it!

    The camera is decent for a phone. I haven't tried the music player or the video playback and probably won't. The GPS is a nice function which will probably come in handy during my next car trip. The phone is a good size and fits in my hand well during phone calls. If the problems I have with the phone don't mean much to you then it's a good 4 stars....more info
    The RAZR V3m is the best phone out there. I've had a RAZR V3c, a KRZR, and a LG VX86000. The RAZR V3m was the best out of the 3. The 8600 is to fragile, the V3c was alright, the KRZR was slow. The RAZR V3m is a fantastic phone for anybody. You can drop it numerous times and don't have to worry aobut returning it because its durable. It also has great features such as VCAST, a fantstic camera, and a fantastic music palyer. The only con I can think of is the fact that the Verizon interface is ugly and takes away many features. So, if you want a phone that you can depend on for a long time, get the RAZR V3m....more info
  • Never buy this phone, Never buy from Amazon
    Phone Experience:
    Its light and sleek and does perform very well as basic phone, charge every 2 days not 2 times a day as I use to do with smartphone.

    This phone's interfaces are so old that looks like I am using those old bulky Nokia phones specially switching from smart-phone. This is slow and very limited capabilities. Krzr seems to have lot better interfaces.

    Verizon Experience:
    At least I am not getting that many dropped calls as it was with Cingular. Its much better reception.
    Some things that I encountered so far are: Verizon charges you for 1 month advance monthly access fee, so your first month with activation will cost $250-300 excluding phone cost. Next, they charged me $15 because I ported my old number, in past I received this service free with T-Mobile and Cingular.
    Customer service is not friendly at all.

    Amazon Experience:
    The sad part of my story starts when I received this phone.
    I opened the box and it looked like used phone, with dust inside plastic protector and edges coming off and scratches where Mini-SD card goes. I thought its not a big deal so I called Verizon, they came up with resolution after couple calls and hold time that goto store for a free replacement. I went to store, the lady kept trying but nothing happened then a answer that oh may be because you bought phone from Amazon and their customer service should take of this.
    Ha, who don't know on this earth that Amazon don't care for customer satisfaction at all. There is no one who can help you. After few emails I lost hopes and now stuck with this phone.
    Now I think I shouldn't have bought it from here, if it was thru Verizon at least I can get new phone.
    My 2 cents don't buy from here, its worth buying from Verizon directly in long term.

    ...more info
  • Beware this phone --- the warranty is no good!
    I ordered one of these phones in December '06; it was defective right out of the box. Returned it and got another, which worked fine for a month. Then the phone would not charge when plugged in. Instead it gave me an "Unauthorized Charger" message, even though I was using the factory charger. Verizon would not exchange it even though the phone is supposed to have a one-year warranty. Check online on cell-phone forums and you'll find this is a common problem with RAZRs....more info
  • decent phone
    this phone is more design than functionality. the slim body fits easily in a pocket or purse, and the shape of the phone makes it easy to hold while walking or talking. its a trendy phone. good battery life and quality speaker/microphone make it an easy use.

    the cons:
    speakerphone isn't loud enough...but is it ever?
    navigating through the interface on this phone takes ages. i've gotten all four of the software updates and this problem still isn't fixed.
    the iTap quick type for text messaging is a little more difficult to learn than the t9 i've used previously on LG.

    overall, this is a decent phone, especially because verizon promotes it in free offers. i wouldn't pay a dime extra for it....more info
  • features disabled
    Verizon has disabled transferring files (wallpaper, ringtones etc.) to and from the phone, forcing you to pay extra for their services. If you want a full-featured razr, switch providers....more info
  • Best Phone
    This is a great phone its sleel,slim,and good looking and it works great! So you should buy this phone....more info
  • Good phone but short battery life and Verizon REALLY lock it down
    I have owned this phone for nearly a year now, and so thought it appropriate to write a review.

    Here are the good points:

    - This is a very slim phone. No more bulges in my pocket!

    - The build quality is great and it feels very solid and unlikely to break easily.

    - The dark gray color is very sleak and it has a nice metallic un-plasticy feel to it.

    - It has a impressive list of features - Bluetooth, Java games, a camera with quality higher than the standard VGA etc. to name a few.

    - It uses a standard mini-USB cable to charge which means that buying charger and/or data transfer cables is easy.

    Here are the bad points:

    - Very limited battery life. Usually I got somewhere in between 2 and 3 days (and I don't talk a lot!). I ended up buying a replacement battery from a 3rd party with a higher capacity. Now I get 5-6 days which is more reasonable.

    - A very annoying low battery warning. When this phone is anywhere near running out of battery it beeps loudly or vibrates for a long time (depending on the settings). It is not possible to turn this off, unless you silence the ring. In my opinion this makes it unusable when it is low on battery, and I always turn it off at that point. Why can't there be an option to change the low battery warning ring style independently of the regular ring, or even to turn it off altogether?

    - Verizon have changed the user interface to fit in with their brand. Menus have been rearranged and renamed. For example, if you want to download new wallpaper you have to go to the "GET IT NOW" menu and select "Get PIX & FLIX". Also, from reading reports elsewhere on the web I've heard that the user interface is not as usable than Motorola's default. Also I've heard that the default interface does not suffer from the slight delay that this has when navigating around the options screens.

    - Verizon have REALLY locked this phone down. You can't transfer data to or from this phone directly. For example, if you want to transfer a photo to your PC you can't use Bluetooth or a cable. The only way to do it is to E-mail it, and therefore pay Verizon. The same thing applies to wallpapers, ringtones and games. If you want them, you'll have to use Verizon's premium service, and pay them for it. Also, you can't manage the contacts using PC software because again Verizon have locked it down. This is VERY annoying. I believe that Verizon is the ONLY provider that does this to the this phone. Give us a break, Verizon, and let us decide how to use our phones!

    Overall this is a great phone with some relatively minor niggles. I have been pleased with it and it has been one of my better phones....more info
  • Not a bad phone.
    I just got this phone and there are some things that I love about it as well as some annoyances.

    I Love the design of the Razr. It easily fits into the pockets of my jeans. I like walking aound and not having a huge lump on my thigh. The keypad takes a little getting used to at first. After I used the phone for a bit, it feels just as natural as using any other phone.

    I have heard alot of people saying that the signal on the phone is horrible. I have had no problems with any dropped calls or calls breaking in and out even though i get very poor signal where i generally use my phone.

    The camera is aweful. Not that most phone cameras are very good to begin with but this one just irritates me. You have to hold the phone totally still for about 5 seconds while it takes the pix.

    Also, if you use a wired headset, you cannot use it if you are charging the phone. it only has one input and the charger as well as anything else you're going to plug into the phone go in there.

    All in all, i like it. I would reccomend this phone....more info
  • All fluff, no substance.
    Admittedly, I don't use a tenth of the bells and whistles that this phone is supposed to have, I just want a phone. In that category, the Razor V3M falls horribly short.

    When the battery life in my LG4600 crept down to about half what it once was, I finally had an excuse to get a better looking, and hopefully better performing phone. The sales lady convinced me that the Razor was the best out there, so that's what I got. I was horrified to find that the brand new Razor battery lasted less than the half-strength LG that I had just gotten rid of!!!


    1) It's a great looking phone. Of course, now EVERYONE has one in some form or another, so even that's not much of a pro now.

    2) Great big display! Very nice.


    1) MUCH worse reception than most phones I've had, just about everywhere I go.

    2) The battery life.

    3) Tinny-sounding speaker.

    4) Unlike just about every phone out there, you have to take it out of the plastic belt-clippy thing to open it for use, or charge it.

    5) Not loud enough. I sometimes have to put it on 'speaker phone', just to hear what's being said.

    6) Terribly user-unfriendly and counter-intuitive navigation menu. (8 selections to just initiate a text message?!? PLEASE!) In fairness, that may just be Verizon, not the V3M.

    7) Impossible to tuck between your shoulder and ear. In fact, even when holding, you have to 'fold' the phone a little bit to get it close enough to both your mouth and ear. Not the least bit ergonomic.

    8) WIMPY vibrate, even with full battery charge. ...more info
  • Customer service disaster
    DO NOT buy this phone unless you're willing to endure continuous calls from Verizon Wireless if you try to close your account.

    Last week, shortly after telling Verizon's sales person I was switching to T-Mobile because their Customer Service is a disaster, I began getting three to five calls each day that hang up as soon as I answer. Doing a *69 revealed they were coming from 1-800-470-0768, Verizon Wireless' number. Calling a supervisor (Jasen) resulted in an apology and him putting me on their Do Not Call list, which he says won't take effect for 30 days. He also said this is a "known problem with Verizon's auto-dialer" for which Verizon has no solution. It's only noon and so far today I've gotten three calls from them, two hangups and another sales pitch to upgrade my phones and stay with Verizon Wireless.

    I'd rather stick needles in my eyes....more info
  • Cool phone, great potential, vz is not so great about it
    I got this phone from my parents for christmas. Over the past few months I have found some good things and some bad things about the v3m from vz wireless.
    Pros: Cool phone, very thin, sleek, great sound quality and I really like the razr's aluminumish keypad design.
    Cons: Verizon strips this phone to a bare minimum. Everything that you want extra costs, I thought that this phone worked as an mp3 player that is EASY to figure out, vz hates mac. I tried so many diferent things to get mac items on this phone and all of them failed.
    Summary (for those who didn't bother to read the above): cool looking phone, great potential, crapy features. ...more info
  • My half sucky half great phone report
    Ok the first thing i want to say is this phone is cut and very slim of course but there are a few things i want to say that arent good about this phone.

    It freezes up when I am trying to get on the internet
    When I close the phone it cuts off and Sometimes when you try to download the music to the phone it doesnt connect.

    Now the good things.
    I hve to admit I am just a little bit clumsy and I have dropped this phone on the ground many many times before and there is not one mark on it.I have also dropped it in water many times too but it hasnt been acting
    up at all.I dont absolutely recomend this phone but its kinda cool for a kid. ...more info
  • A nice sleek phone
    I recieved this phone for free with the $200 credit once I completed my 1st contract with Verizon. I really like this phone, its hard not too. I like the brushed aluminum look and its a very well designed phone. The keypad is extremely nice and is SUPERIOR to other phones I've owned when trying to dial in the dark. The screens are both nice and bright and very clear. I've never had any connection problems with this phone, and callers voices sound very clear. The speakerphone works very nicely....loud if I need it to be and clear. VCAST is nice for downloading music and ringtones and games. Some of the stuff is a little expensive, so I rarely use it. I really hate the fact that this phone from Verizon is altered by Verizon so that you cannot put your own ringtones, pics, etc on the phone...but that is not something I can blame on Motorola. The battery does not last as long as other phones I've owned in the past, but it does get me through the day. I can use the USB cord that came with my MP3 player to charge the phone from my MacBook Pro...I find that HIGHLY convenient. All in all I really like this phone. Its nice to carry, look at and hold. Its also easy to use, despite its futuristic design and new technology....more info
  • So bad I had to change the phone
    I initially purchased this phone through Verizon: A brand new Razr. It looked nice, but the battery on the phone was worthless. Every night I had to recharge the phone. Even when I did not use the phone all day, I still had to charge the phone at night. Same thing happened after exchanging the battery. I tried three different batteries, but same result. Maybe I had a defective phone, but that did not matter to me. I simply exchanged the phone after seven days to another model. I would not get this phone if I were you. Hope this helped....more info
  • Susceptible to Humidity
    External display failed within one month. Moisture sensor dot showed red, so Verizon would not honor warranty. Verizon employees smugly said that it must have gotten water spilled on it. This phone had never had water on it, but I had taken it skiing a couple of times, but kept it securely tucked in my zipped sweater pocket, inside my waterproof/breathable jacket. Also took it to an indoor pool facility to watch a swim meet once. I understand others have had similar humidity problems too, especially with the Motorola phones. Stay away unless you live in the desert....more info
  • May be cliché these days, but still a great phone
    I replaced a Motorola v265 with this phone. I was extremely disappointed by the fact that this phone is made of plastic, not metal. The speakerphone is indeed not loud enough; it's quieter than any other speakerphone I've ever heard. The directional pad is too small for my average-sized hands, and requires me to use my fingertips, which is annoying most of the time. The button travel is a bit deep, but I suppose that it prevents accidental pressing.

    My phone has been hacked as mentioned in other reviews, so I am no longer forced to download ringtone$ and graphic$ from Verizon. Yes, I voided my phone's warranty by doing this, but these phones have been around for years, and they're pretty reliable. I also added a 1GB Micro-SD card, and the phone works fairly well as an MP3 player (playlists are supported). MP3s must be synced from Windows Media Player 10, but it's a very simple process. A standard 5-pin USB cable will allow this phone to interface with a PC.

    It's best to install a Micro-SD card in this phone with the intention of never removing it. You'll probably damage something while trying. The positive side is that the card will not budge if you drop your phone.

    The built-in 1.3 megapixel camera compares with my ancient 1.2 megapixel camera. You won't take breathtaking works of art with it, but the picture quality is half-decent. The video camera produces similar webcam-quality results.

    The real point of this phone is its aesthetic appeal. It's thin enough that you can keep it in your pocket without being bothered by the bulge. It looks good when you pull it out, and the shape and materials feel good when you're using it. It's not cutting-edge anymore, but it costs a lot less than a Blackberry, and if you're willing to hack it (voiding warranty), it provides a satisfying amount of gadgetry.

    UPDATE: I tried modifying another Razr V3m in an identical fashion. The USB connection was loose, and the phone became disconnected from the computer during the modification. That phone is now a paperweight. Be careful! ...more info
  • Lovely phone, poor reception
    I love this phone: ideal form factor that slips easily into your pocket, great screen, lovely keyboard, works well with Bluetooth. Good set of features.

    HOWEVER, call quality is fair to poor (in Silicon Valley). I just converted from my $49 LG phone and was hoping for the marvelous Razr experience its owners carry on about. It turns out that when you press them on incoming call quality, they mostly admit that it really isn't that good.

    So if you're buying this phone with the expectation of using it a lot, then make sure you have a return option. As it is, with some reluctance, I will return mine before my 15-day return window at Verizon Wireless expires. It's a shame, as the rest of the phone is brilliant. ...more info
  • A good phone, but bad media device
    I was hoping to use this as both a phone and as a MP3 player on my commute to and from work. While I like the design and functioning of the phone, I am very disappointed with it as a media device. I just destroyed a recently purchased 1gig Micro SD Card trying to remove it from the V3 slot. There is no way to get my music collection to and from my computer other than transfering this type card between my PC and the V3. The design and location of the Micro SD slot on the V3 is just awful. Any tool which can get a grip the card in the V3 to help remove it can also destroy the card.

    ...more info
  • Not perfect but...........
    .....for all you complaining about pictures and music and the like, did you forget that this thing is a cell phone? So it has a 1.3MP camera. So it can play ringtones. If you want to listen to music get an MP3 player. If you want to take pictures get a digital camera. All of the complaining I read has nothing to do with the primary purpose of the device. Even the complaints about coverage is related more to your local area, not the phone or Verizon network in general.

    I bought this phone and Verizon service because we live on the cusp of a rural area. I've had Sprint, Cingular, and a couple of other carriers, but haven't been able to use their phones in and around our home due to lack of network coverage in our area. I found a website called [...] and found that Verizon owns a tower less than a mile away. So we got Verizon and we get great reception in our house! And with unlimited nights and weekends, and free calls to other Verizon customers, we never have to worry about overages on our plan.

    So do your homework and you can be happy with Verizon or any other cell company....more info
  • Good phone, lousy carrier
    I've owned my V3m for about 6 months now, and I've had no trouble with it at all. My only complaint is with Verizon. Motorola manufactured a phone that can be hooked up to your computer with a simple USB cord, making it easy to load your own pictures, wallpaper, ringtones, or whatever. Verizon has blocked this ability on the phones they sell! They want you to have to pay them to send pictures to yourself, and to have to buy ringtones. Why should I pay them $2 to $3 each for tiny snippets of songs that I already own, or could buy from iTunes for 99 cents for the whole song?!

    The phone can be hacked (there are instructions all over the net), but you can fry your phone if you don't hack it properly, and the hacking voids your warranty, so if you're not pretty tech-savvy and you really want this phone, I'd STRONGLY advise that you go with another carrier that doesn't disable the phone's capabilities. If I had known this when I bought my phone, that's what I'd have done, and I will be definitely be switching when my contract is up unless Verizon changes their policies....more info
  • Motorola RAZR V3m
    Poor reception, drop calls, irritating bleep when battery is low. Image is good...more info
  • easy to use with one hand
    I had a stroke almost two years ago(two years in March). I had to learn how to live in this world with only one side that I can control. this phone is my safty net.I promised my husband that I would always have my cell phone on me and I do. It fits nice in a pocket or a small purse.
    it cames with some great goodies like a voice recorder so I can leave myself reminders. I even use the date book. I use it so I know what time it is. it's a life saver. Thanks!!The camera is handy also!...more info
  • Phone is Ok, Verizon Is an Evil Empire
    Hey Guys, I have made the mistake of getting on Vz 3 years ago, and I am still stuck with them. After long use, misuse, and a lot of thinking I now totally believe that Vz is an Evil Empire (Google it if you don't believe me)>
    Here is why you absolutely should not use Verizon:
    1. They Lock the heck of your phone. My friend has a Rzr from Cingluar, and using a Cheap software you can hook it up to your PC and then Download all pics and contacts, and so on. Even you can do that through BT. With my Wife's Rzs, no luck. They Locked it. No way to connect BT and no way to connect with the USB port. To get the Pics, Verizon wants to charge .25 cents per Picture sent. So you are doomed...
    2. This actually goes to ALL VZ phone. They lock everything. And disable a lot of the BT (Bluetooth) functionality. For example I have a PDA/Smart phone. I can NOT use it as a modem if I am with VZ. If you have cingular or T Mobile you can.
    3. Internet Unlimited Data Plan is 45 from Vz,and 40 from Cing. and again they lock you and limit you to the PDA device only.
    4. Vz, phones, are NOT usable anywhere else in the world, where most countries have GSM networks, therefor if you have Cingular, you could take your phone with you on your trip, and reprogram it and use, in most countries. (Which is important to me. )
    5. SIM cards are a great invention. Every time I had a new phone from Vz, I had to reprogram my contacts, and Calender (Unless your using a Smart phone and you sync with your PC). With SIM cards, you can just move your card with any phone and your data is there.
    6. Cingular has Role Overs.....Great concept. Ah.... what can I say.
    I am just kicking myself, for getting stuck with them all this time. Can't wait till my contract is done, to say good bye to those .....******
    I am sure If I thought more there would more to comment on, but
    ...more info
  • Total Failure
    This phone is a huge step down from the cheap old LG phone I got for free with my account ~3 years ago. Definitely avoid this phone entirely, or make sure that you get the updated software from a verizon store ASAP.

    - semi-slim profile

    - 'slim' profile accomplished at expense of making phone wider another way
    - Glossy screen has massive glare and always appears dirty
    - Menu navigation requires many more button presses and extraneous submenues than my older phone for no apparent benefit
    - Annoying alerts for missed calls, messages, etc... will continue until you physically open the phone and respond to them
    - Software was only finalized about a month ago and requires that it be updated while physically connected to a Verizon store's computer
    - Phones have tendency toward battery and charger problems unless software is updated, as listed above
    - Poor reception and sound quality...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    In a nutshell: Verizon has made this phone mediocre. If you gotta have a V3m, get one from another carrier.

    The Razr V3m's sharp looks, respectable battery life and fidelity are marred by Verizon's sluggish interface and crippled features. If all you want is a thin profiled phone, then you'll probably be happy with this item - and many places offer them up for free. But those searching for a "media" rich phone should keep looking.

    The "IN" calling feature can save you a bundle if friends and family are Verizon subscribers. BUT...If you are at all interested in customizing the V3m with ringtones, wallpaper and such, be prepared to hand fistfulls of cash to the VCAST service or spend oodles of time trolling the net for info on hacks (of which there are plenty - for Windows users).

    The built-in camera is just okay. With the placement of the lens near the hinge you're bound to end up with an index finger in many a shot. The same holds true for the video camera feature - not that you'll use it much since its record time is limited to 15 seconds.

    You can playback .wma files stored on a transflash card (that's next to the battery that must be removed to access the card) but there's no 3.5mm headphone port; A USB dongle adapter is in box. Note: the largest card you can use is a 1GB.

    No USB cable is included despite the V3m's disabled OBEX feature (which allows the transferring of files via bluetooth). Razrs from Sprint, T-Mobile, Cingular an All-Tell have this feature intact!

    compact size
    respectable sound quality
    can check voicemail from another phone

    Many important wireless functions disabled! (in favor of paid services)
    interface can be slow...and always reminds you that you're a Verizon customer
    cannot vibrate AND ring; it's only one or the other.
    only plays .wma files with no support for iTunes or winamp playlists
    may feel awkward in big hands
    nighttime starts at 9PM...more info
  • Amazon customer service is BAD!!!

    I bought this phone on Dec 15th, they delayed my ship date from the one promised when I placed the order so I had to call them and change shipping to 2nd day so I can get it by Xmas. They charged me extra. Then after I received the phone I found out the pictures are terrible, it comes out blurry and washed out.

    I called Amazon to try to get them to upgrade my phone. I was willing to pay extra. I just get the run around. Amazon blames Verizon, Verizon says call Amazon, and so on.

  • Verizon V3m cellphone
    I bought this phone in Aug 04 and have generally been very happy with it.

    The battery life is not as long as my wife's phone, but I have talked up to 4 hours in a day without any problem. I generally recharge it after 2-3 days and average about an hour of talk time each day. Even down at one bar, it works fine.

    The size is great! I really wanted a phone that I could drop into my pocket and not need a bulky case in order to protect it. The V3m fills the bill perfectly. I also really enjoy that there is no external antennae. The mp3 player works fairly well, but it does not have all the features of a dedicated MP3. It will let you put together playlists and play songs, which is enough for me.

    The most important thing with a cell phone (to me) is call quality. This is where I have been the happiest. I have used it in the St Louis area, small town SW Oklahoma, Fort Worth, along I-40 to California, and now live about halfway between San Francisco and Sacremento. Call quality is crystal clear with no static!

    Overall I am very happy with the phone.
    ...more info
  • not bad... not good
    this phone has had a bizarre ringtone assignment problem since about 1 month after i purchased it. for months now, it will randomly decide to assign the wrong ringtones to the wrong contacts. then, without warning, the ringtones will stop working altogether... forcing me to redownload and assign them manually... constantly.

    this has driven me crazy. but i'm not going to lie... everything else about this phone is perfect. good reception, good size, good durability, nice features and a good setup. if it wasn't for everything else about this phone i would have pitched it months ago.

    ...that and the fact that every cell phone doesn't work to some extent, so i guess i'll live with this ringtone problem. it would be nice if verizon would take some responsibilty every once in a while though and volunteer to fix the poorly developed garbage that they sold to you for a small fortune.

    ...more info
  • Limited Bluetooth, Verizon Car Charge stinks, Bad connector
    Some quick comments

    First dont get the Verizon car charger. Mine had a tag on the cord which indicated that it must be disconnected after the phone is charged. Maybe to prevent battery overcharging? Useless for me on long trips! Verizon charger was over $30.00. At Staples a Motorola charge which can be left connected was less than $16.00.

    I use a Palm Pilot alot and can dial via Bluetooth phone numbers on other cell phones. This does not work on V3m. Also simple sending of contact information did not work. A quick look for software to connect V3m to Outlook or the Palm for daily schedules resulted in nothing. To connect the V3m to PC via USB appears to require a $30.00 package from Verizon.

    The V3m does NOT have a standard wired hands free connector on the phone. I did get a "converter" which I have not tested but even if it does the phone does not support both the charger and wired hands free at the same time. The converter may only be for headphones but even if it works with headphones it another thing to carry around or lose.

    Voice dialing does work great and speaker phone is good.
    ...more info
  • Nice looks - that's all!
    This phone looks nice and the size and weight is the only thing I like about this phone. I bought this phone 4 months ago and I regret buying it. The battery life sucks (had to charge everyday) and there is not much feature. Seems like Motorola pushed this model to promote VCast, not the phone!

    Look for something else if you are planning on getting a new phone.

    Goodluck...more info
  • Don't buy without a Battery Upgrade
    My experience concurs with "Nikki's" assessment in that the battery lifetime is worse than useless. I resent the gross misrepresentations in the above review / Motorola's specs that state this phone offers: "lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.33 hours of digital talk time, and up to 325 hours of digital standby time."

    After 1/2 hr of talking the phone's battery meter shows only 1/3 battery capacity left. By mid afternoon the phone keeps beeping for a recharge, even though all other features except standby are switched off. Even simply leaving it off-charge, in standby mode for most of the day, seems to drain the battery at least 1/2 way on the screen meter.

    What I resent most is Verizon's pretense there is nothing wrong, or that I should leave it on-charge all the time. Because of this lack of honesty I have wasted time going back to the Verizon office to swap out the battery after a week, and then gone to Verizon again to swap the whole phone a week later.

    Meantime, I just spent 18 months using one of the original Razr V3s with a GSM carrier. which has excellent battery life. Throughout the whole period I barely ever drained the battery, even after leaving it off-charge on standby throughout most weekends.

    Think very seriously about insisting Verizon upgrade the battery for free when you buy this phone. Meantime, I'm scrambling to figure what other Verizon phone to switch to before the 15 day no-questions-asked guarantee expires!
    ...more info
  • V3M The good the bad the ugly!
    I upgraded to this phone. It has poor battery life on the battery that comes with the phone which is something like 700mah. I found that this did not work for me at all. On a full charge and no would be down to 1 bar. I took it back thinking it was a defect. Got a new phone and battery....same problem.....So I experimented and put the extended battery in. Charged on Tuesday night...turned on Wednesday morning and left it on thru Sunday where I found that I had still one bar and able to make or recieve calls. I just need to talk and listen...all the other stuff is not necessary for me! The extended battery by the way is 1450mAh or so! I am finding that different people are having different experiences with this phone! Good luck!...more info
    I have owned this phone for about 6 months and I hate it. The only good thing about it is the looks. Phone is not user friendly at all. You can not move quickly through functions, keypad is awkward, battery life is horrible, reception is horrible. Now the phone has completly stopped working. Only the on-off button works. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. This is the last time a motorola product has let me down. I'll never buy Motorola again! I'm geting an LG....more info
  • Good, solid phone - just don't drop it!
    I've had this phone for a little under a year now... Here are my biggest pros and cons:

    - Good, clear reception
    - Sleek, slim design (can fit in my pocket yet the numbers are big)
    - Decent camera (much better than my previous phone)
    - Good sized display
    - Time can be told without opening phone
    - Features are easy to use
    - Voice recognition works well

    - Smaller, sleeker design makes it easier to drop! I use a holder -- it makes the phone a bit thicker, but I have known several people who have cracked the screen or loosened the connection between the two parts just by dropping it once.

    :)...more info
  • its ok
    I've had the razr about 2 months now and I like the phone and the sleekness but I'm actually in search of a new phone because the battery life on this phone is terrible. I don't have full conversations on this phone but do use the texting feature often and this phone almost doesn't make a full day with me. I almost have to charge it every single night. So for someone who actually does talk on the phone alot, I would NOT suggest this phone at all. I refuse to buy a new battery because like I said, I've only had the phone about 2 months. The features of the phone are nice and plentiful, takes really good pictures. But battery life is awful and also the phone kind of pauses when you press a button, sometimes it takes a few seconds to actually get your contacts up or view your messages after you've pressed a button. ...more info
  • Nice phone, but designed to milk your wallet.
    Bad things about the phone:
    Since when have you heard of a phone that doesn't vibrate and ring at the same time? Only vibrates or rings? I switched to this handset from a Motorola V551 and that one had some better features than this supposed upgrade.

    You can't customize the buttons to do what you want. For example, if you press the down key, it always goes to bluetooth options. In my other phone I had customized it to go to my contacts, but this phone does not let you change anything besides the ring tone and the wallpaper.

    There is an ugly red verizon bar at the top and bottom of your screen that can't be removed. Red does not match everything guys! There are only 3 color schemes, too.

    Speaking of which, Verizon charges for everything. They have the download option disabled so even if you do use the camera to take pictures you HAVE to email them to yourself, there is no other way to get them off your phone.

    1. No vibrate and ring, just vibrate or ring
    2. Very little customization
    3. Verizon has disabled all the file transfers except for when paying for airtime. RIP OFF
    4. Ugly verizon modifications that can't be removed off the screen.
    5. Takes forever to boot up, each button press is a little slow.
    6. Can't take a hit. If you drop it, the battery will pop out EVERY TIME!
    7. Can only record 15 seconds of video. I'm not sure if the additional memory helps this.
    8. You can't see what time it is when you're on a call! I don't know about you, but my cell phone doubles as my watch.
    9. There is no help prompts if you don't know what a function does.
    10. Uses BREW not java, so you wont find all the same games you might be used to.

    Good Things about the phone:

    1. It's very nice looking.
    2. The camera is pretty good for a camera phone.
    3. There is plenty of memory for pictures and text messages.
    4. You can store multiple numbers under one name
    5. The voice recognition is very good and works very well with bluetooth.
    6. The text message interface is excellent, maybe a few too many button presses though.
    7. Love the USB connection.
    8. Unlike some other Motorola phones, shows missed, dialed and received calls not just dialed and received.

    I switched from Cingular to Verizon and there are a few things I dislike about their service, but can live with.

    1.They bill you in advance. Tha's kind of weird considering I haven't made the calls yet. Maybe it's just the first month?

    2. They charge for incoming text messages. If you use yahoo or aim, those messages count as text messages instead of data. That's a rip off. What if I never read the text messages, am I still charged for them? I haven't quite figured that out.

    3. The service is the most expensive of all carriers and yet they charge for EVERYTHING.

    4. Their big service that they go on and on about, the EV-DOS highspeed Vcast, is not available in my area. Mobile web works fine though. Wish I had known that before.

    5. Vcast is $15 a month just for ACCESS to the service, once you get on, most multimedia items outside of news and weather cost a minimum of $1.99 each. What a rip off.

    Good things about their service:

    1. Their bill is clear and concise

    2. Their customer service is excellent.

    3. Network is really good. I can get calls in areas I couldn't with Cingular and other networks.

    Overall I'm happy with the phone and the service, just wish I knew these things in advance of purchase.
    ...more info
  • Moto does not deserve a second look
    I am really mad! I was impressed with the looks of the phone and the Motorolla name; after all they invented the cell phone. But Moto is going the way of GM, to the brink of bankruptcy and they deserve to lose us - their customers. The phone quality is unusually bad. The worst thing is the very short battery life. You must have a charger in the car or anywhere you go. If you are in a place of no reception (inside a large building) the phone dies in 4-5 hours. If you have good reception, the phone would live for 1-1.5 days. But wait, that's not all. The camera is so bad it is useless. Fuzzy and dark. Besides, there is no way to download the pix anyway without letting Verizon rip you off. But wait, that's not all. The phone has music capability but you cannot use it because battery life is too short. Though anyway, no musing without paying Verison rip off money. But wait, that's not all. The software is so full of bugs it is simply unfinished. For example, if the alarm goes off and you are not there to stop, it will go until the phone dies. Normal phones stop after a minute. The calendar is also very "buggy" to use. Voice recognition is a also a waist of time.
    The one and only good thing is the GPS, but this is not specific to Motorolla and costs $10 per month.
    To summarize, avoid Motorolla and forget Verizon.
    ...more info
  • Looks good, but that's it
    Simple put, The Razr is one of worst & best phones I've ever purchased. I purchased one for me and one for my wife. For a point of reference, my first phone was a Motorola Analog Startac in 1995.

    I'll lay out the good and bad, and let you decide for yourself.

    Voice recognition - works very well.
    Layout and size - Button layout is good and size if great.
    Screen - Good size and resolution
    Camera - Works well if you can get past the Verizon bs to get the pictures off the camera.
    Audio Quality - Good and good reception.

    Slow - OMG! This phone is so slow. Agonizing slow. Hit menu and wait 3 to 4 seconds for it to come up. Yeah that's right, 4 seconds, I just timed it.
    Battery - If you plan on talking on this phone, then you need to charge every night. If you talk during the day, charge it when your not on it.
    Ring - No ring and vib. Only ring or vib.

    This phone has a lot going for it, but the speed of the menu functions makes all the bells and whistles a distraction.

    ...more info
  • Good phone, has a few kinks
    Good phone, but you really need to reboot it at least once a day or it acts funky. Not terribly sturdy, but thats not really why you buy it either....more info
  • Packed with features....for a price
    This is my 2nd phone and although it is a nice phone it is limited by just how much you are willing to spend on monthly access fees and service charges.
    I refuse to pay for these bells and whistles, personally, so as it is this phone is dependable and sleek and gets pretty decent reception.
    One thing I have been able to do to get around some of the fees requiring downloading of ringtones is to create my own. You can use the voice recorder feature to record anything you want and then apply that recorded file as a ring tone. So I just put the recorder up to a stereo speaker (from a decent distance, actually) and sample whatever i want to use. I have even recorded my own farts and used them as a ring tone. Fun for the whole family! Just be sure to change it if you are on a date. Still fun though.
    Overall, it's nice to have a cool phone, but it's not much good unless you are willing to pay for it. In this case I am not, but maybe some of you out there are....more info
  • Verizon makes it impossible to access some photos taken with this camera
    Pictures taken with this phone can be useless if you use Verizon Wireless. As other reviews point out, Verizon requires you to use its photo download service - you can't transfer files using Bluetooth or USB. That's annoying, but it's just the tip of the iceberg - Verizon has actually made it IMPOSSIBLE to get some of your pictures off the camera. That's because the phone takes pictures, apparently even using the default settings, that sometimes exceed the file size limit imposed by Verizon. For example, I have pictures -- including pictures of a graduation where I had forgotten my "real" camera -- that Verizon tells me can't be printed, can't be uploaded to the web, and can't be sent to anyone else. They are locked in my phone because Verizon has disabled file transfer software to prevent customers from, for example, buying ring tones from someone other than Verizon. So, to lock in ring tone sales, Verizon has locked my pictures in my phone. Compounding the problem, Verizon hasn't told its customer service personnel, or its technical support staff, who seem to be under instructions to blame Motorola. I wasted hours talking to Verizon people -- both in person at their repair office, and at their customer service line -- before finding out the truth on-line and getting someone at Verizon who admitted what's really going on. This would be a good phone, but Verizon has ruined it. If you want to use this phone as a camera, make sure you have a wireless provider that will let you access the photos you take. ...more info
  • The E815 was a much better phone
    If my E815 didn't have the restart problem when sending text messages I would have kept it. I sent it back twice for replacments and all 3 phones had the proble. It is very common and part of the reason VZW dropped it.

    The V3m is ok, but would be much better without the stupid VZW interface. The red bars across the top and bottom are annoying and the menus are not as user friendly as the Moto UI on the E815. It's all in what you're used to I guess. Verizon layers their UI over the moto OS to keep users from making the seem edits to enable features they don't want you using, unlike the E815 which was very easy to fix.

    I will live with it until my contract is up and go back to Cingular where they don't mess up a good thing. The V3i is a far superior phone....more info
  • I love this phone
    Problems that some may have had with this phone are just personal ones such as "can't swim with this phone in my pocket", "It's not like my old phone" and such. Other than that, it doesn't get any better than this. The camera is great with good lighting (as with every camera or video camera). The music player is awesome. The interface takes a little getting used to as with any new device you'll buy. Even the internal speaker sounds good unlike most phones. The only cons such as poor reception, or limitations of use are caused by your location or your provider. Verizon makes up for it by their surprisingly excellent customer service. This phone is built like a tank. I love it!...more info
  • How To Kill The Perfect Looking Product.....
    After reading some of the reviews, I'm on day 10 of the 15 day trial period, after sending my excellent E815 in for repair. I needed a phone ASAP. I can assur eyou all this phone is going back!

    I've always liked the look and coolness of the Razr, and figured it wasn't much different then the E815.

    Boy was I wrong!

    This phone isn't even in the same class! The E815 blows it away. But thanks Verizon, what do you do with peobably the best Motorola cell phone to date? Why of course, we cancel it!

    Of all fo the negatives your hearing here on Amazon--more specifically about the phone itself, I completely concur. Battery lif eon the phone seems like you'll get four to five calls max and then it's ready for a charge. What's worse is that I can't charge it and have an ear piece in at the same time. I know, I know, some of you are going to scream, "Well why dont' you go out and get a Bluetooth?" Well after losing my 4th Bluetooth in under 8 months, I've decided that experiment is now over. These things are just too easy to lose if you don't have it on your ear 365/24/7.

    I for one have no need what-so-ever for V Cast, Verison's hideous music purchasing site, I want to be able to change my icons on the damn phone I just got done spending $300.00 because I'm only 9 months into my current plan. Verizon doest not allow this!

    So moral of the story is, while the phone is great looking, it's just really not all that good of a phone. It's nothing but trouble from every aspect.

    Good luck for those of you that do buy it!...more info
  • WARNING to Existing Verizon Customers
    I bought this phone with a one-year plan. I had an existing month-to-month plan with Verizon. Amazon assured me that although I would get a new phone number with the new phone, a simple call to Verizon would get my existing cell phone number switched to the new phone.

    WRONG. Verizon told me that they could never do that. So essentially Amazon customer service screwed me over. I will never trust them again.

    You might get by this problem by switching to a prepaid plan. ...more info
  • Verizin is Evil
    I wanted one of these when they came out but opted to wait til they got the bugs out and wait for my new every 2. There is still room for improvement.

    Outside display goes black too quickly. I like looking at the clock. Button Delay, it takes 2-3 presses. For such great modern technology why does it still take 15-20 Seconds to turn on? You Can't hear on speakerphone whether the other person can or not. I was worried about battery time, but it seems fine for casual users. Why does verizon make you get the ugliest colors or 2 tone when others offer black, smoke and blue? Now I'm buying separate cases and skins to make the color pretty and protect it since I hate those bulky leather cases VW offers. my other choich was the Nokia 6315i but the stupid Statesville authorized dealer didn't even have it yet or know about it. So I couldn't play with it, not that they ever have them turned on and operable. Geniuses. Why have a store for people to come in if you can't play first? These VW idiots moved from Statesville NC to Mooresville, 30 miles away.

    So I said screw it and ordered my phone online and bought no accessories like they try to talk you into in person. But they had to make is suck anyhow, after I submitted order it said someone had to sign for it. I live alone and work 8-5 so what are you supposed to do. They said Fedex had to change the address or signature release and Fed Ex said only Verizon could change the order. They kept blaming it on each other so I wasted 2 calls each and told them to cancel it and I'd have it sent to my boyfriend's business. Just in case I left a detailed note of the situation for the Fed Ex drive and he left it.

    I was trying to program my phone & it wouldn't even pick up enough outside to finish. I was walking down the street in the dark cold trying to get a signal and I actually switched over to an Alltel tower. HAhaa, they didn't used to pick up in my town either, no one does. I paid 0 for my new phone and if I get any accessories it won't be from them. Screw verizon, we all need to boycott them and quit!...more info
  • about as good as your gonna get with verizon.. many people have complained about the verizon sucks..however its there and if this really bothers you that much to deal with it then go elsewhere..and for those who arent going to buy this phone because of it...then dont get this phone...i will agree that i hate the ui..however i can live with for everyone else I shall list the pros and cons of this phone as ive seen it so far....

    1. Reception and call quality-by far and away better then my previous phone which was the samsung a950...i live in an area with bouncing reception...usually ill get anywhere from 1-3 bars and its constantly going back and forth between them..usually at even 0...especially in my diffrence in call quality....very good reception...voice quality and sound even at 0 bars...i feel like im talking on my normal home phone and not a cell
    2. Size-a huge reason why i got this phone...seriously i can sometimes not tell my phones in my pocket and have to reach for it to make sure its there...which probably leads to some odd looks from
    3.expandable memory up to a gig-ive got over 13 albums of songs on here not to mention tons of pics and recommend picking up this card because youll fill up this phones internal memory fast...ive heard rumors about a 2 gig micro sd card working...nothings confirmed yet..motorola and verizon typically say up to a gig of space...
    4.vcast music- this is part of the cons to...however the vcast music player is exceptional on gives you so many options as to how you want your music organized..very handy :)
    5.battery-can last a suprising amount of time despite is tiny battery size..expect to charge it daily though...gets good use overall :).

    1.Lack of Customization-It has the standard Verizon UI as mentioned above...also only one key on the phone is customizable...the down arrow...frustrating that you cant...i dont know...set them all to what you want them to do. Also outside lcd not changeable from ugly orange. that is unless your tech savvy and know about seem edits...but this requires hacking...hacking to change the outer display! mp3 playback-yes...and there appears to be no fix for that in the near basically requires you to spend another 30 bucks on the music essentials kit from verizon to convert all your songs to wma files....which isnt bad...however its a slight diffrence in sound quality..not to mention an annoying slight glitch youll hear in every song no matter what. Verizons rectified this problem with other past phones released with this conversion needed and has readded mp3 playback in recent releases...the v3m will most likely never see that fix...

    appearently this is a razr thing...not sure about the lg's or samsungs..but appearently verizon didnt totally erase evidence of the motorola ui on here as its more of a hybrid of the motorola ui overwritten by verizon...a nice touch really :).

    So theres my review of the razr v3m for verizon. I place call quality, reception and the size of this phone over customization and other complaints I have about this and well all verizon phones now. The tf slot and vcast music capability have really come in handy for me and its a highly used part of my phone. Don't let the cons get you get used to it and I can only hope that verizons network coverage and quality make you as impressed as it has me :). This phone is definitly recommended for your purchase!
    Also of note I own the gunmetal grey v3m initially sold by verizon and not silver but theres no diffrenct between the two really :)....more info
  • It's great
    I saw this phone and I said let me buy it and see how it works.I always buy a new cell phone every 6 month and it doesn't matter what the price is but since I have this one I really like the whole phone. I have the color magenta and everyone keep saying it looks cool and it does. All the features for me are great even the speakerphone. I would recommend this phone because it save space in your purse and everything works well....more info
  • A wonderful, [crippled,] powerful, [useless,] cool little piece of [vandalized] gadgetry
    Motorola produced a great phone here. It's very thin, not even noticeable in my pants pocket until I reach in and "feel around" for it. The phone part works fine, it offers Bluetooth headset support, doesn't have an ugly antenna sticking out, has a speakerphone coming out the rear end that sorta works (nothing like the LG 4650), offers a color LCD on the front panel, has a built-in camera (that, unfortunately, looks awful), charges and connects to a PC via USB, and offers EDVO high-speed internet access for its built-in web browser.

    And then Motorola took the device and sold it to Verizon Wireless. Verizon then passed it to their profiteering executives and evaluated the feature set. "File transfer? Kill it! Forget about transferring memos and photos from the phone; make 'em pay messaging fees to e-mail that crap to their home computers. Nobody needs to transfer binary stuff unless they're going to save photos taken with the camera, in which case our e-mail system works FINE, screw USB and Bluetooth. As for bringing stuff up to the device, call it a music phone, build it around music, but make 'em pay. Yeah, paint the whole user interface blood-red and put 'V-Cast' graffiti all over it. Make 'em download songs for $2 per song. But don't let 'em actually use stereo Bluetooth heaphones for listening to music. No, make 'em use the speakerphone for the music. It's OUR phone, anyway, and we can dictate what our customers can and can't do all we want. Oh, and national access? Kill it! Broadband access? Hahaha!! Come to think of it, to top it all off, just let them burn in hell if they ever do anything USEFUL with the phone besides use it as a phone, take crappy pictures that can only be stored locally or be sent via e-mail, or download music off of V-Cast. All those other features... kill 'em, and void the warranty if the user even attempts to enable ANYTHING we disabled."

    "Good call, sir. Good money."

    Overall, I was completely stoked about this phone when I ordered it and was waiting for it to arrive. I got it free with the "new every 2" plan from Verizon Wireless, but have spent well over $100 to $150 on accessories including Bluetooth stereo headphones which the device DOESN'T SUPPORT for stereo music playback (everything goes through speakerphone). I have also pounded my head against the computer for days trying to get it to sync to the PC using the Sync Music feature, but every time I run Sync it reverts back from Portable Device to Modem even immediately after Windows Media Player recognizes it. Obviously a glitch in the V-Cast software, but who cares? Not Verizon!!

    I am going to consider putting this phone out on eBay and reverting to my old crappy LG phone....more info
  • -1 for the customer
    This is a good phone that was messed up by Verizon.
    You can't transfer your files from the phone to your computer. Verizon wants you to pay them for the privelage and use their network to transfer.
    If you were to ever call them and ask them about it they are GREAT at Passing the buck.
    Even though you may have bought the phone in a verizon store from verizon they say it is motorolla's fault that you can't transfer your pictures. Despite the fact that their version of the RAZR is the only version that is crippled in this way.
    Furthermore they have made it so that you can't change the red colors that permeate the interface. This is just adding insult to injury. If you want to add your own custom ringtones, there are two ways, the easiest of course is to pay verizon money to send it to your phone. Other ways are hacks that sometimes work and sometimes don't. Also you can't make the phone vibrate and ring at the same time. My ancient nokia, that I had in 2000 did this and so has every other phone I've owned since. I don't even understand why Verizon would disable this.

    There is one feature I'm am not totally happy with, that is not Verizons fault(as far as I know, but I wouldn't be surprised). The camera takes the crappy pictures you would expect from a phone. Unless your hands are shaky like mine. In that case it will take pictures even crappier than what you would expect from a phone.

    The phone itself is slick. It's thin, the ergonomics are better than any other. Verizons voice calling features are great. The fact that the address book interface is clunky doesn't matter one bit when you can just tell your phone who to call. You can whip it out and dial all with one hand. Then have it on the speaker phone while you are waiting for someone to pick up. As a phone it's hard to beat, but these days I think we are allowed to expect more.

    The saddest part is that it's my favorite phone from the company with the best network, you really can't win. ...more info
  • Verizon's User Interface Ruins This Phone!!!!
    Hi All,
    I first want to say I think the phone is a great phone, but I'm very unhappy with what Verizon has done to it. I assumed I would be getting another Motorola product with the same Motorola interface I've had for the last few years with my T720 and my V710. Unfortunately, Verizon has put their own user interface (VCAST) on all their phones in a blatant attempt to make the customer pay for pictures and tones. It really defeats the purpose of purchasing a Motorola product. If you think you are getting a Motorola phone with the traditional Motorola software you are sadly mistaken. At this point I'm so upset with Verizon that I plan to return the phone and switch to Cingular. ...more info
  • If I could give it a ZERO, I would!!
    This is the worst phone I have ever owned...and I've had many. Sure, it's cute and light, but the phone is constantly dropping calls, gets TERRIBLE reception, decides not to ring when it feels like it and the battery life is about 36 hours with no talking and about 24 hours if you talk for about 1-2 hours (in battery save mode). I certainly would NOT recommend this phone to anyone. I had a Motorola before this which was absolutely wonderful, even after I dropped it in my dog's water dish! I thought this phone would be equally as great, but I'm very disappointed!! With my old phone I had perfect reception everywhere in my apartment, now I have to stand by the window and most times this phone won't ring in the apartment at all.
    The things that I do like over my old phone is the option to have true tones and it takes better pictures. Not worth it though! Think twice before buying this phone!...more info
  • style over function
    People who haven't used this phone can't understand why I dislike it so much because it is supposed to be so "cool". I bought it because it was one of the only Verizon phones that seemed likely to work with my Macintosh and iSync to transfer contacts over Bluetooth. While I had mixed success in that regard there is lots of other things about this phone to not recommend it.
    As for the physical form; the screen is an absolute blank outdoors in any kind of sunlight, the speaker phone key on the side is easy to accidently activate and I was constantly broadcasting my calls to everybody until I learned to be more careful, the same thing with the voice menu key on the other side, and the center select button on the 4-way navigation key is very difficult to push for anybody with fingers larger than Barbie (I had some success using my fingernails until I trimmed them).
    The user interface is horrible and I wonder if anybody actually tests these things; it can play music and take pictures but still has only one lousy field for the contact name (forget about sorting by last name or trying to keep track of a contact by their company name), all contacts get assigned speed dials and they must be moved, not deleted (very tedious to organize and so I only did it for the first 10 or so speed dials), you don't know for sure what speed dial number you are calling until the call has been initiated (unlike my old phone that would display the contact before making the call; I know they are speed dials but I don't always remember which number I assigned), it takes several key presses to activate "vibrate only" (as opposed to one convenient key press on my old phone), get used to the "get it now menu" and the "mobile web" because most of the navigation keys manage to take you there (there is only one assignable navigation key press and it can't be "recent calls", something I used a lot on my old, uncool phone) , backing out of menus is inconsistent (sometimes it is a soft key, sometimes the clear key, sometimes the end key), assignments made for speed dial or custom ringtones don't always seem to stick (for instance, the speed dial number seems to work as assigned but the "contacts" listing shows a different speed dial), and the "iTap" predictive text entry mode is a joke (producing nothing but esperanto for my simple messages). That is enough for now but I could go on.
    I was able to transfer my contacts to the phone using iSync but I did not try anything with the calendar. Besides the name limitation mentioned above, only "mobile", "home" and "work" numbers are recognized (in addition to email and fax). A subsequent sync overwrote all my speed dial assignments. Given the difficulties with that feature (see above) I don't think I will do that again soon.
    The voice quality and reception are good but using this phone is frustrating....more info
  • Beyond Crummy
    This phone is a disaster. Please read this and rate well and keep it at the top so that others can be fairly warned before buying (or not, hopefully!)

    Barring the keypad defectiveness for which I've had NO END of hassle with amazon in trying to 1. get a replacement phone sent 2. get the rebates which are now expired due to the time it took to get the replacement and 3. hassle with VERIZON over the same things, here is my evaluation of this phone:

    I thought something was WRONG with this phone, the way it drains the battery. This is the most important flaw. I've never seen a phone that eats battery as this one does. (Amazon negative: When I called Amazon to return it, I tried to EXCHANGE it for a different one and THEY DON'T EXCHANGE CELL PHONES. Let everyone be aware and ware of this. NO CELL PHONE EXCHANGES. They will REPLACE a phone if it is defective, but no EXCHANGES! They don't say that when you purchase.) I am now buying an extended battery (AND a new door, you have to buy the door for the pink one separately because they don't sell it anywhere else than Motorola Website) for a total of about 65$ more.

    Secondly, both Razrs (the original and replacement) experience keypad freezing. The replacement only once, when typing a txt msg. The original would freeze continually, once it froze when the alarm clock was going off and I had to take the battery out for it to stop!

    Third: The sound. The volume when in a call is really bad. It is so very hard to hear on this phone, with the volume turned all the way up.

    Fourth: you can't CHARGE the phone and talk on a 2.5mm headset at the same time. This phone has ONE mini-USB port and comes with a wall-charger and an adapter for a 2.5mm headset. But if you have a 2.5mm headset because you don't like Bluetooth (because it's yet another gadget you can't hear very well on and can't remember to charge), no charging the phone while you talk!

    Fifth: the way Verizon ties up the ability to use this phone is SHOCKING. They seriously are vultures about it. They try to make you pay for everything they can, mobile office kits, ringtones, downloading photos to your phone or sending. It's 25 cents per picture message unless you have a picture message plan!! (DON'T BUY MOBILE OFFICE KIT (another 40$), instead buy a microSD card and reader and get the pictures and txt items from there).

    I hope that if you are thinking of 1. verizon or 2. motorola razr you will think again, because you are asking for hassle, stress, a phone that ALWAYS needs charging and makes you nervous to talk because it will drain the battery. Please get a better phone, a better service provider !!...more info
  • Phone Number Portable ???
    Can you transfer your existing wireless phone number to this new service? I did not see a way to do this, and I have had my number too long to give it up.

    Thanks....more info
  • Terrible customer service
    A general warning about Verizon phones. The coverage is good but the customer service is the terrible. If you choose to do business with verizon get everything in writing and keep good records because they lie and cant find records until you find them and suddenly they magically appear in their records. This has happened to me several times. ...more info
  • Poor phone
    I got Razr for my wife, along with a LG VX8300 for myself. Must say Razr disappointed me. I think the audio quality is very poor, the opening and closing of the phone with one hand can sometimes become tricky with the constant fear of dropping it. Somehow gives u a feel of very flimsy and easily breakable phone. Verizon has disabled all the nice features, including the Bluetooth which has made transferring all the numbers a night mare. The LG vx8300 started communicating with my old Motorola v505 and I transferred all my numbers within 15 minutes without a hassle. The battery life also is also not that great.
    Overall, its stylish, cool...whatever, but it lacks the utility and sturdy feel to make it the phone of choice, well at least for me....more info
  • Pink Razor - Sleek, Efficient, BEST reception
    Purchased 2nd Razor and went to COMLINK in Burlington MA to get the NEW CLEAR CASE! Its a hard plastic and protects the metallic case very well. If you play games and have high use, you may want to use clear packing tape to protect the toggle keys. It is clear and doesn't show. The reception and bluetooth feature work well in the BMW and not having wires in the car is great! Speaker feature is fabulous, reception is GREAT, graphics and ring tones are easy to find. The VZ Navigator is amazing and the GPS phone feature is helpful. You can download movies, MP3's, its great! I have purchased, Samsung, LG, Motorola, to name a few and always find Motorola to be the best quality.

    My monthly plan is 1200 minutes a month and therefore the flip phone is the best way for my specific needs. I see the new Chocolate Phone and I know I would wear out the mechanism that slides back and forth.

    Fabulous deal now for $19.99 a month with a 2 year signing....more info
  • User experience affected too much by choice of service provider
    I've been using this thing for about a week now, and it's a big upgrade from my near-giveaway Ericsson T316. I strongly recommend a case, since the housing of the current-generation Razr is plastic (earlier versions were encased in metal). Unfortunately, this increases the bulk of the device, when one of its draws is the slim design. I opted for the Verizon-branded Verizon leather dealie, which is custom-fitted for the phone. Unfortunately, the belt clip cannot be removed from the leather case, short of brute force.

    Also, the camera is nice, but Verizon has disabled the Razr's OBEX feature, which allows you to transfer things between your phone and a computer -- like photos, ringtones, wallpaper, et cetera. You have to pay an additional fee to email pictures to yourself or someone else, which is irritating. There are ways around this, but they void the warranty and may damage your phone's firmware, possibly rendering it unusable. In fact, even *entering* the phone's test mode will void your warranty. I find this a little condescending and authoritarian for something I bought and paid for.

    I have to say I'm tempted to try, though, since Verizon wants me to pay $2.99 USD per additional ringtone, which is honestly ridiculous. (There may be cheaper ringtones, but that was the price point I saw on all tones I found via their "Get It Now" service.)

    Since the phone is incredibly popular, you should have no trouble finding an online community for advice, some support, and helpful tips. And there are loads of accessories, including a wireless Bluetooth headset with voice command recognition. Unfortunately, Bluetooth isn't a very secure protocol. To their credit, Verizon mentions this fact in the manual.

    What I didn't notice in the manual was the fact that the phone is apparently disabled when in recharge mode. This morning I was almost late to work because the phone's alarm clock didn't go off. With the T316, I could plug it in at the end of the day, go to bed, and wake up with a fully charged phone blaring its alarm at me. The T316, like most phones, also does vibration and ringing simultaneously, while the V3M does not. This is a curious omission, especially at this price point, but it's not a deal-breaker, for me.

    Lastly, I had to dig through several pieces of documentation before I discovered that I had to call a special 3-digit number to actually activate my phone -- and this must be done every 30 days or so, a fact I *never* saw anywhere in their product descriptions. And the notifications on the phone's screen don't clearly indicate when activation has completed, at which point I can safely disconnect the call. I believe only Verizon requires you to literally phone home on a periodic basis.

    I would much prefer a notification prompt that a network or phone upgrade is available, rather than having to call Daddy VZ every few weeks to check in and let him know that Little Johnny Subscriber is alive and well. The way I see it, I pay them my monthly fee, and they let me do my thing. I'll call them if I need something. Otherwise, let's just be friends, okay?

    It's a nice-looking, widely supported device with solid sound quality, but Verizon's attitude towards the user experience is disappointing. OBEX is standard in the Razr phone -- don't break it and tell me I'm not allowed to fix it, and don't offer me (IMO) overpriced items and services to compensate. It's too bad that the user experience can be affected so much by who you use as a service provider....more info
  • Worst phone I ever owned!
    Well, after reading good reviews about the Razr in various magazines and online I decided that I would get one since I was switching back to Verizon after having Cingular for 3 years, what a mistake!


    There really are no good things about this phone, some may like it because it is thin but I did't even like that aspect.


    The first problem I noticed with this phone is that it takes FOREVER to turn on. From the time you press the on button till you can make or receive a call is well over 1 minute. Therefore, if you are like me and don't use your cellphone every minute of your life and actually turn it off every once in a while you better hope you don't need to make an emergency call because you will likely be unconscious before this thing turns on. My 3 year old Nokia I had from Cingular turned on and could place a call within 5 seconds, beat that Razr.

    The second problem is that when you turn the phone off it makes a stupid sound that cannot be turned off or muted and is quite annoying.

    The thinness of the phone causes your hand to cramp up after about two minutes of use.

    The display on this phone sucks and is impossible to see in sunlight no matter which way you try to face it. The outer display doesn't even show when the phone is not in use and gets annoying when you try to use it as a clock and have to open it everytime.

    Battery life is horrible, it lasted about 1 hour and 15 minutes for me on a fully charged battery until it died, this is unacceptable in my book.

    Sound quality is very poor and whenever you talk into it you hear your own voice in the ear part of the phone which gets really annoying after about one minute.

    Reception is certainly not the best, the Motorola E815 that I got now gets full reception in places that this thing couldn't even find a signal.

    The interface is ugly and cannot be changed the red verizon bars on the top and bottom need to go and I like Motorolas interface much better.

    The OK button needs to be changed so that it is raised up or something because everytime you try to hit it you end up hitting one of the arrows instead.

    So there you have it that is why I didn't like this phone at all and returned it after two days for an E815 which by the way I am more than happy with. If you want a phone that makes and receives calls with good clarity and reception (which is what a phone is designed for) this is definitely not for you. I didn't test bluetooth, speaker, games, vcast, mp3 playing, etc. etc. because personally I could care less about those things and want a phone for a phone which this definitly is not.
    ...more info
  • The RAZR is the deal!
    Well... I'm not one of those "high tech" guys that needs all the mp3 functions and/or the ability to upload music/picures to my phone. I love a phone that looks cool, has good sound, great basic features and the large screen doesn't hurt either. This phone has it all and I'm really happy with it.

    I just changed services from Sprint to Verizon and I couldn't be happier. The service I get when I am on the road is great. After a month and living in Houston, I haven't had any failures to connect or dropped calls. So far so good.

    The things I like about this phone...

    Regardless of what some have said about the "lack" of ringers included, I actually really like the few this has. There are some good fun ones and a couple generic (annoying) rings.

    This phone has an "alarm" setting, which my old Sprint phone did not have. Most phones have alarm settings now a days, but my old phone wasn't one of them. I've only used it once and it worked well for me.

    I LOVE the design. I'm a big guy with big hands and I love the fact that it feels as light and thin as a credit card. It has been said to be too "wide" for some people, but for my big hands it fits perfectly. All my other phones always felt just a little too small... like I was barely holding it with my fingertips. When I was trying out phones in the Verizon store, this one just seemed to feel the most comfortable to me.

    I love the screen. The menus are simple and easy to navigate through.

    NO ANTENNA!!! finally! I never understood why they didn't get rid of them sooner. My older phones had extendable antennas and they never helped. In fact, some of the time it made it worse if I extended it. Maybe it's the technology, but I love the fact there isn't a huge "bump" sticking out of my phone now.

    I enjoy the fact that as I sit here writing this review, my phone is plugged into my computer and charging with the same cable that I use for my digital camera. That's quite convenient and I don't even have to find an extra outlet at home to plug it into.

    The "voice dialing" is amazing. You don't even have to record any voice stuff (like I have on other phones). You just open the phone and click the button on the right side of the flip top. just say "call joe blow" and it'll ask to confirm, say "yes" and it dials. Super easy!

    The speaker phone is great. Very loud and the mic pics up from a few feet away, easily. I was using it just this morning while I was typing an e-mail and talking to a freind with the phone sitting on my desk next to me. I kept asking "can you hear me" and they'd say, "yeah, loud and clear". That makes me happy.

    I like that I can adjust the volume to turn it to "silent" without flipping the lid open.

    Lastly, I know I already said this, but the phone just looks super slick and cool. I love how it just slips into my pockets and doesn't feel like I'm carrying a huge boulder around in my shorts. It's light and easy to stash away.

    If I had to list off everything I don't like about this phone, I would not succeed in making it very long. There really isn't anything about this phone that I can say is "bad". If I were to be really picky, I'd say that it's probably very fragile. I'm not "on the go" with it that often and I'm usually stationary and/or indoors when I talk on it. I would assume that if dropped it could be damaged failry easily. I thought of this when I was considering buying it, so that's why I pay the extra $5/mo for the full equip. protection insurance on this baby. Can't be too careful. :)

    Also, the transfer of pictures you take from the phone to your computer??? I don't think this can be done. Some people have made points about how you can't upload/download from phone to computer, or vice versa... have to sign up for V-cast. That's a bummer, but I blocked it anyway... I can't aford the extra $16, or whatever it is, per month for that service. It's not worth it for me, personally.

    Lastly, of the negative pickiness I have for this phone, I do wish I could get rid of that stupid "Verizon Wireless" message that shows on the outside LCD and put something of my own there. That's me being REALLY picky here, but I have always been able to personalize the outter LCD on the other phones that I owned that had that.

    I hope my review was helpful to some. All I can really say to sum it up is that this phone was the hottest thing out there a little while ago and it's STILL a hot item. I have seen more people getting this phone now that prices dropped to make room for the new Chocolate and SLVR phones. I really liked the SLVR and almost got it instead, but I preferred a flip-phone over the non-flip. It's just a personal preference.

    I'm kind of a "low maintinence" guy with a fairly high maintinence phone, and I couldn't be happier with the RAZR! ...more info
  • Technology At It's Best!
    I bought this to replace my one-year-old Samsung SCH-A670.

    Here are my opinions on some of the RAZR's features-

    VZ Navigator-
    Great for when you're driving and you're lost, and when you don't have a navigational system in your car, like I don't.

    V Cast-
    Great for when you want to watch short movies or full music videos while on the go and you don't have access to a computer. The only con is that it only gets covrage in certain areas.

    You can't always have your wireless telephone up to your ear, and the speakerphone helps with that, a feature my SCH-A670 didn't have!

    Ultra-Sleek Design-
    Wanna have the latest? The RAZR has the thinnest design!

    Camera/Video RAZR-
    It has a 1-megapixel digital camera with a 4X digital optical zoom. It can capture flix (video), too! But, you can't send anybody flix who doesn't have flix compatibility.

    The gray color is in style right now, and the RAZR has that color!

    Since I bought the RAZR a couple of months ago, it has made me happy, except the battery died on me 2 months after I got it. I've always heard the battery life was short, and now I agree!...more info
  • Hacks
    First off I did not buy this product at [...]I bought it from the [...]. I think this phone is a really, really nice verison of the razr, being that I've had 2 other razrs (v3 and v3i). This one feels a lot more sturdy in your hand, and it doesnt feel cheap as the v3 did, while maintaining its sleek, slim look, unlike the v3x which is a lot thicker. Furthermore, the camera on this razr is far superior to the previous versions, excluding the v3x(2 megapixels). It has a 1.3 megapixel camera, but I don't really use it for the camera, its only good for those surprise moments :P. Also I've noticed that the audio quality is a lot better than the other razrs, the songs/ringtones sound a lot more crisp and rich. Also the phonebook feature is fixed, I used to hate to have to wait like 30 seconds just to get to what contact I wanted (v3), Also new to this razr, is the voice command system, you can instantly look up numbers via voice command. You can also check battery levels, and signal strength. And the pause between letters in a text message is reduced, so no more waiting 2 seconds to type "no" :). Battery life is very much improved from the other razr models probably because this is a CDMA phone instead of the normal GSM razrs. A con however is the fact that if it gets scratched you will be able to easily tell it did, but I believe they offer this phone in silver if this is an issue. If you want to get really fancy you could get a custom case designed and handmade for your phone at

    IF YOU BOUGHT THE VERIZON MUSIC ESSENTIALS KIT, OR THE VERIZON MOBILE OFFICE KIT, THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IS POINTLESS FOR YOU TO READ. For the rest of us who don't see giving Verizon more money on top of the phone price and service charge, read on.

    As for the hacking part as one person said previously, you can use bitpim to hack this phone. If you want to put music onto it without wasting more money on that Verizon software that allows you to do so, simply find p2k phone manager, MAKE SURE IT IS THE VERSION THAT WORKS WITH CDMA PHONES OR ELSE IT WILL NOT WORK. There are some tutorials that I found useful to help you through this, and when you're done hacking and stuff, you can have a lot of bonus features that Verizon disabled, such as music/ringtone transfer with MPT(Motorola Mobile Phone Tools), wireless bluetooth transfer, disabling the ringtones that come with it, changing the outer LCD screen. If you choose to do any of these, it will void your warranty, it is not illegal however. If mobile phone tools doesn't detect this phone, you may have the same problem I did, I was running an older version of the software. Also to enable music and ringtone transfer you have to use seem edits, which can be done with p2k phone manager. See, Verizon disabled the feature by making MPT think that the phone was a v3m when in fact the software has the device drivers listed as v3mm, also if those steps dont work after reading some tutorials, you may want to select v3c as your phone model. Another thing, the cable that comes with it that you're supposed to plug you headphones into, is FOR SMALL HEADPHONES, meaning its a 2.5mm jack instead of a 3.5, so YOU NEED SPECIAL HEADPHONES TO USE THAT FEATURE. But me being me, found a way around this. I used a knife to pry off the top part with the M logo on it and got to the insides. theres a circuit board and some wires connected to the jack. I used another phone jack from one of my broken CD players I had lying around. They're exactly the same connections and size (the smaller jack and the bigger one) so I put the bigger one on top of the smaller jack and soldered it to the bottom part, if you know what you're doing this shouldn't take more than half an hour. After I was finished I used an xacto blade to carefully cut the shape of the new phone jack out(because with two of them the cover wouldn't fit, and I wanted the bigger and the smaller jack). Then I had to also cut around the little part that holds the smaller hole at the bottom as to make it fit. After this was done I used some electrical tape(mostly because I wanted the adapter to stay black not gray with duck tape) and proceeded to wrap around it. Hopefully if you want to save like 50 bucks from buying the Verizon software you will try this, but then you need to buy the memory card and that will set you back like the same price haha, but you'll have like 512 mb instead of the 128 mb that comes in the Verizon package. Best of luck to all of you, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I hope this information has helped you, and if it did I would appreciate you rating this as helpful....more info
  • Love the phone, but disappointed w/battery life.
    I really enjoy my new phone, switching cell # from Cingular to Verizon was simple, and the voice activation is a great feature. My main disappointment is the lack of battery life it has...3 hours is not a long time. My old Cingular phone allowed days of talk time before having to recharge. What good is a phone and plan if you can't use it longer than 3hrs of talk time and always worried you are going to lose connection. Other than that, the phone and features are great. ...more info
  • My experience with razr
    The batter life was terrible for first 3 days, after speaking for 20 min it will drain completely in next 7 hours. Later after searching on internet, I tried to turn off evdo. And trust me there is a hell lot of difference now. I think now I am getting a talk time of ~2.5 hours and standby of ~2 days.
    I concluded that even though I was living in urban area but while traveling and over week signal spots the phone keeps searching for evdo digital signals along with wireless signals so it consumes twice power, therefore by turning it off you save a lot of power, forgot to mention Motorola has already packed this phone with heavyduty battery! as compared to past razr models.
    Pros are good reception, and voice clarity.

    ...more info
  • Lots of Marketing Hype
    UPDATE AFTER USING OVER A MONTH: The phone is too large (it's flat, but over twice the size of my previous free LG phone), and gets in the way when sitting, and especially when driving with a seatbelt (was never a problem with 3 previous phones).

    ALL the belt-clip holsters for the phone are AWFUL. The phone has dropped out of the holster and onto concrete five times in the first month alone. What was Motorola thinking. I'll never but another phone without first making sure it has a suitable holster.

    Feature-wise, the camera is a novelty that I've used a handful of times the first week. I dont care about novelties or gimmicks, I care that the signal is clear, and the phone has worked well in that regard.

    I may ultimately deactivate thie phone and switch back to my old phone; we'll see if it survives a few more falls out of the holster onto concrete.


    Original Review:

    My "old" phone was smaller, this phone is huge. Yes it's flat, but it's almost three times the width.

    There are too many nonsensical features that do not aid or improve the act of making a phone call (video, camera, music, etc).

    One surprisingly nice feature is the voice recognition ("Call Joe Mobile") which works very well. Wouldn't have thought that would be a useful feature, but it works great. The main screen is very good, with plenty of resolution to handle long contact names, and the software displays pseudo scrollbars to indicate more content is offscreen (nice touch).

    The LCD on the outside is redundant, and removing that should help make the phone smaller (and cheaper).

    The "holster" does not come with the phone, and Verizon wanted twenty bucks. Several types are available online for 1/3 the price, but none of them (including the Verizon version) work as good as the free holster that came with my "old" phone.

    The battery only lasts 2 days (with 1-2 calls a day, and NO game playing or picture taking).

    While the phone is beautiful, and an engineering design masterpiece (looks sexy), it's too big, and was designed more to look at, than to be carried by a human. It's almost too large for a holster (hits your leg when sitting) and is awkward to hold while making a call. Motorola should look back at their StarTac phone, which was designed with the holster in mind, and was smaller than the RAZR.

    Overall not bad, but Motorola (and others) could use a "less is more" approach to their phones....more info
  • Verizon, why only silver or pink?
    Really great phone. If you're a regular cell user, plan on charging at least once a day. I wish they had more color options but I fixed that with a nice silicon skin. Verizon nerfed some of the original features built into the orginal Motorola phone but if you do a google search you just might be able to fix that. :)...more info
  • Pretty good
    This phone is very good for being a phone. But they should do better with their music and video Vcast. I know I could just bring a mp3 player around but it would be good to have everything all in one. I didn't want to have to pay like 1.99 for each song (off Vcast) so i bought the kit that was suppoesed to let it work. i have figured it out and I can get on songs now but it took me a couple of days to crack their code. Also another problem is that when i had my songs from cds on it and then dowloaded a vcast song... it froze my phone so that I had to turn it off take the chip out and clear all my songs off.

    So for being a phone it would be 5 stars but the media gets very tricky....more info
  • If you want a quality phone, do not buy this one
    I have had this phone for a week and was about to take it back due to the bad sound quality when the glass window on the outside of it broke. True, I dropped it, but it's amazing that one drop could shatter the window. I looked up this phenomenom on the internet and have found several postings about how fragile the glass is. One person said that it cracked when they pulled it out of their pocket. I had my previous phone for 3 years (not a razr) and dropped it accidentally several times, it did not break once. This phone is not worth the hype. The sound quality is not great and it's much too fragile for real people....more info
  • Decent phone, bluetooth crippled
    This phone is pretty good as a phone. The display, keys and software are all quite user friendly. I have found the sound quality and battery life to be quite good. I don't talk on the phone much so I can go five or six days without charging.

    My one phone-related complaint is that vibrate and ring is not supported. I have never seen a phone that makes you choose between vibration and an audio alert, but this one does.

    The camera is quite easy to use and takes respectable pictures for a phone. There is a camera shortcut on the keypad that takes you to the camera mode.

    My main problem with this phone is that Verizon have disabled bluetooth file transfer. This means you have to either remove the memory card, or pay to transfer music and pictures to and from your phone through Verizon services. ...more info
  • V3m is about as good a CDMA slim phone you can get.. for now.
    ---Pros and Cons:

    P: popular model, so accessories are plentiful
    C: popular model, so you're not unique

    P: VZ Navigator (VZN) for $10/mo is very useful... Voice navigation with street names being read aloud is nice.
    C: It uses minutes to re-calculate routes, so it's not unlimited usage

    P: VZN doesn't need the $15/mo VCast
    C: ..which is nice if you don't use VCast, but the point is that there's no way to get unlimited VZN use.

    P: Speakerphone is loud
    C: ..but not loud enough when driving

    P: Voice prompt person/phone number lookup is great
    C: ..but sometimes still requires pushing a button, making it not truly hands-free

    P: mp3/mpeg4/jpg playback is neat; convert video to 3GP using a tool called "SUPER" -
    C: controls are clunky, screen resolution small, no full-screen support

    P: expandable memory for 1GB of mp3/mpeg4/jpg
    C: you need to remove the battery cover and battery to gain access to it

    P: lightweight, slim metal housing
    C: easily scratched; I bought a $25 skin at

    P: easily readable display, keys
    C: 176 x 220 resolution and 65k color depth is pretty low

    P: Verizon interface is faster than the Moto interface
    C: verizon interface... yuck, yuck, yuck

    P: V3m supports BT Dial-Up-Networking (DUN) profile so you can use your phone as a high-speed modem
    C: While it does work, if you plan on doing more than just testing it out, the Terms of Service require you purchase a data plan for ~$50/mo. It's a shame they don't have flexible day/week plans for the occasional traveler.

    ---Cons with hackable resolutions:
    C: Vibrate + Ring is disabled
    C: BT OBEX is disabled
    C: Motorola Phone Tools Multimedia button disabled
    C: self-imported mp3 ringtones are disabled
    = all have unofficial work-arounds; see

    ---Cons with no resolutions:
    C: BREW instead of Java - which means a very limited number of games and apps
    C: I have average-sized hands, and find the 4-way button and the middle button to be difficult to press.
    C: Signal at my house, in the middle of a metropolis, is 0-1 bars
    C: one day of standby + 5-6 calls + 15-minute VZN usage = 50% battery. Woah, go CDMA...
    C: the 1.3MPixel camera takes worse photos than my VGA camera from 1997 - I'm not kidding.
    C: the video camera is absolutely pointless
    C: As much as I enjoy VZN, it loses signal once in while, which left me in some uncomfortable situations.
    C: With a subpar web browser and non-live TV clips, I found VCast to be absolutely pointless. Sprint's live TV feed definitely adds more value.
    C: CDMA, so this phone won't work overseas.

    All in all, a decent phone that's great for someone looking for a slim CDMA phone with expandable memory, mp3/mpeg4 playback, and Navigation. As a previous GSM customer, the Verizon lockdown of the phone is just mind-boggling, but at least they can be disabled with some work. If I wasn't being forced to go Verizon, I'd still go GSM. Good luck!...more info
  • Nice to look at but don't try to call anyone.
    Had this phone (the new gray model from Verizon) for 10 days before taking it back. I loved the slim and stylish looks (a woman can actually wear it without bulk under a shirt, various toys (might someday use bluetooth, VCast etc but not right now) but the sound quality isn't that great. I noticed some fading in and out while listening to callers. This phone also dropped calls even in ordinary places like outside, and in a building with lots of windows. I only took 1 picture of my cat with the camera is fine. After about 10 days I noticed that the battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than 2 days even though the specs say it is much longer. I charged it last night and after only 8 hours on and 1 phone call it is already telling me that it has a low battery. Then when I open up the cover of the phone to dial a number I started having to press the numbers several times before it decided to register that I am pressing the keys. This just started happening today and that was the final straw in deciding to return it. Other things you should know is to activate vibrate only you have to press 2 keys and go through a menu series to get it to be vibrate only. This should be a one key event. Also when the speaker for the voice activated dialing comes on you must press the speaker to hear her say "please say a command" otherwise it is so low you probably won't be able to hear it. Also when you are dialing a number it is hard to do without looking at the keypad. The keypad numbers are not raised enough to allow this and it is very easy to press the wrong number or in my case, think you pressed 10 keys when only to find out I only did 9. One more thing that drives me crazy, is that it is always dirty and shows smudges very easily plus even after only 10 days, there is already dust under the screen. It doesn't clean up easy I am taking it back and having them reactivate my old LG phone. For the price of this phone you can do better. Looks spiffy but that's about it.

    ...more info
  • The VZ Navigator Is Worth the Price
    I don't really care about the multimedia features--when I want music, I use my Ipod shuffle and when I want pictures, I use a digital camera--so I'll focus on the device as a phone rather than a music/video player or camera.


    --The looks and size, of course. I don't like carrying a wireless on a belt clip so love to slip this baby in my shirt pocket

    --Nice, easy-to-read screen. I wouldn't want to watch TV on it, but that isn't why I buy a wireless phone.

    --VZ Navigator. This was what inspired me to switch from Cingular. It is a fantastic feature. I've tested it about ten times and it has been spot on, with accurate on-screen prompts, voice instructions, and estimated time of arrival. It turns me right into the driveway I need. If you miss a turn, it recalculates new instructions in a matter of seconds. The only down side is that it works from the quickest route and has no way for you to override that. For instance, I went to friend's house and it had me get on a toll road for a few miles. This WAS the shortest route, but not one I would normally have taken.

    --Voice recognition system works great. It doesn't have to be "taught" and can access all items in the contact list, prepare a blank text message, or dial a dictated number

    --Clearest calls I've had in a wireless phone. You sometimes hear "the people I'm talking to can't tell I'm on a wireless." That's been my experience with this handset.


    --Strength of reception not quite as good as a handset with an external antenna, even a stubby one.

    --I wish they hadn't taken away the vibrate+ring option. The Razr has to be either on vibrate with no sound or ring. I also wish there was some sort of external LED to indicate when I missed a call or have voice mail. As is, you have to open the Razr to check this. An NEC handset I had a few years ago had very nice system with different color LEDs.

    --Verizon's proprietary menu system is more difficult to use than the organic Motorola one and takes away some customization options such as setting hot keys. I also haven't found a way to turn off unnecessary prompts ("Do you really want to delete this missed call?"). There is also no way (at least that I have found) to change the red band at the top and bottom of the screen. It only looks decent with some sort of red wallpaper.

    --Verizon has the phone locked down so it's difficult or impossible to add pictures and ringtones without paying them.

    --It's plastic (the Amazon review is just plain wrong on this point). I wish there was still the option of buying a metal Razr like the first generation ones. I would have paid extra for it. Like all phones, I'm sure it will scratch with use and be more susceptible to breaking.

    --I could not synchronize the built in calendar with Outlook. I subscribed to a separate calendar synchronization program from Verizon (iDatebook) which works well but creates a separate calendar rather than using the built in one.

    --The Razr uses BREW for applications so there are fewer available than in java. I particularly miss World Mate for international travel (especially the currency converter) and a shopping list application.

    --It's CMDA only so for for international travel, I've had to unlock an old handset and will just buy prepaid SIMs

    All in all, though, the V3m may be my favorite wireless handset of the seven I've owned over the years. ...more info
  • Tough to Hear
    My husband is on his third RAZR phone--the first one just stopped working after a while and the second died about a day after the warranty expired. The replacement was not free and required a contract extension. It's nice looking, small functions reasonably intuitively, and the bluetooth earpiece is nice, but it's a pretty fussy little thing. When I use it, I find I can't hear the caller it unless I have it positioned at just the right angle to my ear and I spend half the conversation looking for that sweet spot and asking people to repeat things. Also, some of the screen pixels seem to go sort of semi dead so that they look a bit greyed out at certain angles. For the price of this phone, I'm not very impressed....more info
  • just got two
    I just got two of these gems and it is without question the best quality and featured phone I have used yet. No idea what the other users battery issues were I just played music, used VZ mapping and spoke on the phone for the past 2 hours and I have plenty of juice left... must have been a bad battery, both of mine last several days on standby and every bit as energy effecient as my Samsung 530 (without camera, music player, mapping, EVDO, etc...) I put 512meg MicroSD cards in mine and have loaded lots of my favorite music on them, the speakerphone in this is awesome as well. I just added the Motorola Bluetooth headset (820) and it was a snap to set up. Over all I could not be more happy with my purchase.I sync my contacts and my calendar with Outlook just fine using PhoneTools 4 and MediaPlayer 10 rips and formats all my MP3s perfectly for music so I really dont need much else....more info
  • Verizon does cripple OBEX but otherwise a nice phone
    While it's true that Verizon cripples the Bluetooth functionality in this phone (in fact they do this in several phones) you can work around this pretty easily by using a robust phone mngmt. package like BitPim ( and transferring files via the USB port. I've had excellent battery life with my Verizon RAZR, unlike other reviewers of this phone.

    Verizon's crippling of the Bluetooth interface is maddening, as is the fact that the Motorola Phone Tools software won't allow image/sound file transfer via the USB port. Again, the solution is use BitPim. Obviously Verizon is trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of their subscribers by forcing them to pay for everything they can, but if you work around that, Verizon does have an excellent network - my call quality is very very good. ...more info
    Two of the main differences between Verizon's Razrs, and the ones that come from
    T-Mobile, and Cingular are as follows:

    difference #1:
    CDMA vs. GSM
    Only the Verizon Razr runs on their CDMA network. The CDMA network sucks electricity out of the phone like a vampire!

    They say: "200 hours standby" vs "400 hours standby" on a GSM Razr.
    Your actual time may vary.

    My actual battery life was: 20 minutes of use within a 28 hour period of standing by, and the phone was beeping loudly that the battery was completely dead! And No, I did not listen to any music, or watch Vcast, or anything like that.

    difference #2:
    Verizon shuts off the OBEX portion of the bluetooth that Motorola put into the phone when they built it.

    What that means is: You can not transfer anything to or from the handset via bluetooth. Take a picture, or video? Pay us to email it to yourself. Music? Your Own Ringtones? Buy those from us too.

    One note: I did not get mine from Amazon, I got it from Verizon directly.
    Verizon's customer service is also very lame. If they ever get my account straightened out, I AM GOING TO get my next phone from Amazon,
    and it will be from T-Mobile, or Cingular....more info