ID Vault Security USB Device
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Product Description

ID Vault is a USB security token with an embedded smart card chip. To access your financial accounts with ID Vault you need two-factors; you need your ID Vault PIN (something youknow), and you need your ID Vault itself (something you have). If a thief steals your ID Vault, they can't use it without your PIN. If a thief steals your ID Vault PIN, they can't use it without having your ID Vault. ID Vaulttm is available for you to use now - don't wait for your financial institution to give you a security token (you're not waiting for your bank to give you a shredder!). Furthermore, ID Vault works with virtually all financial institutions - one device gives you secure access to all your accounts (you don't want a separate security token for each of your online accounts!). With ID Vault, you can take control of your online security.

  • ID Vault is the only security product available directly to consumers that uses smart card technology. Federal banking regulators recommend smart card technology for two-factor security tokens
  • ID Vault is incredibly easy to use. ID Vault plugs into any PC USB port. A single PIN controls access to the sign-in credentials safely stored in ID Vault's secure smart card chip - no need to remember all those usernames and passwords
  • GuardID Systems maintains an extensive database of thousands of online financial sites, and updates it daily to insure accuracy. Every time you use your ID Vault to sign-in to a financial site, ID Vaultchecks your sign-in request against our database. This real-time cross-check gives you additional protection against sophisticated pharming and phishing hacker attacks
  • You can easily back-up the information stored in your ID Vault. If your ID Vault is stolen, no one can access the information stored in your ID Vault without knowing your PIN
Customer Reviews:
  • Junk!!!! Don't waste your money or your time
    This is junk. My laptop got slower every day until I finally uninstalled it today and cannot believe the difference. This product should not be on the market and the manufacturer should be embarrassed. Probably the worst piece of software I have ever installed on a pc in 20 years....more info
  • worthless
    Worked great for about 3 weeks. Now it will not work on my desktop and only partially on the lap top. I would return it but all info is on it and that scares me. $40.00 down the drain. No customer service either. Replied with a generic email to reinstall from the website. Still did not function. Live and Learn!!!!!!...more info
  • Shop Around
    This program is mediocre in comparison with Roboform Pro for the following reasons:
    1. You have to pay an annual subscription fee to keep it operational. Wouldn't be worth it if the initial software was FREE.
    2. Is not usuable on most public computers as you have to install software to make it run. Most public computers will not allow you to install software, so for those of us who travel to remote locations where we don't always want to lug a laptop, this program is USELESS.

    Do a little research, as I have, and you will see that this is not the product to buy. Another benefit to Roboform is that you can use the software for a free trial and if you have less than 10 passwords, there's no need to pay a cent. If you have more than 10 passwords (as I'm sure most of us do), it's a vastly superior product and way less expensive in the long run due to the renewals that you must pay for ID Vault....more info
  • Worst software I have encountered
    I found this product to be the most unreliable and most unstable software I have ever encountered in 15 years of computer use. After 3 weeks of very sporadic operation, the software stopped functioning totally and now will not allow itself to be removed or reinstalled. As has been noted elsewhere in these reviews, a request for technical assistance was met with a generic and non-helpful computer generated response. While I was hopeful that this product would deal with the on-line security issues that we all have concerns about, my experience with this product proved to be very frustrating, time consuming and, ultimately, a waste of money. ...more info
  • Save your time and money!
    Very frustrating. ID Vault did not work at all with one of the banks I use. It also interfered with downloading financial transactions into Quicken. ID Vault customer service was useless. When I reported that I could not download transactions while logged in using ID Vault, the customer service representative responded that " ID VAult does not work with the Quicken browser." When I explained that Quicken is not a browser, they responded that ID Vault does not work with Quicken. I tried it for several months hoping that I would get used to it. Unfortunately, the experience just got worse as I found more and more sites that were not compatible with ID Vault. All in all, this product wasted my time and money. So save yourself the aggravation and avoid this product!...more info
  • Questionable product, RIDICULOUS subscription fee!!!
    I bought this from HSN, and it was a BIG mistake! Waste of money! The device (as it is) works on my WinXP media edition laptop, but the software screwed up my IE7 favorites to the point that they will not load correctly, and other apps as well act buggy with the software. Customer support is NONEXISTENT--I even tried calling the company but never got an answer (DOES ANYBODY WORK AT THE OFFICE, OR ARE THEY ALL OUT TO LUNCH ON THE FEES THEY CHARGE FOR RENEWAL???). Then, adding insult to injury, I found out that the renewal charge is $39.99. I paid $49.99 for the product, so this renewal fee is exhorbitantly high. Nowhere in the HSN presentation OR in the software documentation (again, minimal--and that's an understatement) does it mention the renewal fee. Add to this the fact that if you want to use this "anywhere", as claimed, you must load their software from a CD to use it on any other computer other than your own. Not surpisingly, they recommend you backup--conveniently--to yet another id vault device. I am not buying another USB id vault simply to backup the thing. Finally, there is no way to "erase" your private data--so if you wanted to return it your info is at risk. Waste of time, waste of energy, no support, no customer service, no proper disclosure of renewal (if you don't renew the subscription, the device becomes useless) fees, YOU WILL BE SORRY IF YOU BUY THIS!!!...more info
  • Decided to Return IDGuard
    After reading all the reviews for this product, I will return it to IDVault immediately! Thanks to all the reviewers for saving me money and the hassle of installation. Next time I'll read the reviews before purchase....more info
  • A Software Nightmare
    I am a computer professional. I thought I'd put that out there in case there is any doubt of my ability to follow instructions and install software and drivers for a USB device. It's really quite simple. 1. Install the ID Vault software (from the CD-ROM), 2. Check for updates, and 3. Insert the ID Vault.

    The trouble is that on 4 out of 5 machines (2 of my own, 1 work laptop and 2 other computers I have access to at my job), what happens after insertion is that you get the 'Found New Hardware Wizard'. I assume this isn't supposed to happen (considering their use of the phrase "may appear") but is covered in the ID Vault FAQ. It simply states:

    1. In the next window, choose "Install the software automatically [Recommended]" and click on "Next."
    2. When the Wizard has finished installing the software, you will see the "Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard" screen. Click on "Finish" to complete the process. You can now continue activating your ID Vault by following the ID Vault Activation Wizard.

    Well, the Wizard *never* "finishes installing the software". It tells me just what I expect it to: "the wizard cannot find the necessary software". There are no drivers in 'Windows\System', 'Windows\System32', 'Program Files\GuardID Systems' or on the CD-ROM to point the Wizard to. I even went so far as to extract the driver files manually via command line using 'IDVaultDriverInstall.EXE /C /T:C:\temp', so that I could run the embedded 'DPInst.exe' driver installer directly. No joy.

    No problem, right? Sometimes strange devices kick off the 'Found New Hardware Wizard' wizard and we just need to hold our noses and ignore it letting the software do its thing in its own quirky way once the Wizard is satisfied.

    I mentioned that the Wizard ran on "4 out of 5 machines". Actually, I think it was 5 out of 5. Since ID Vault worked correctly on the 1st machine I tried it on, I am not entirely sure, but I'm 90% sure the Wizard ran there too; it just happened to work afterwards.

    But on the other 4 PCs, no such luck. After multiple reboots, software updates, uninstall/reinstalls, uninstallation/reinstallation of '.NET Framework 3.0', installation of '.NET Framework 3.5', installation/reinstallation of same using both the ID Vault install disc and the 'dotnetfxsetup.exe' separately, trying both the downloaded ID Vault software and the original disc, etc. etc., nothing could get ID Vault to recognize the presence of the device. To make sure the device itself wasn't defective, I would repeatedly plug it into the original PC to see if it worked. Each time, it worked just fine.

    Of course, the whole point of ID Vault is to give one peace of mind when conducting sensitive financial transaction on "other" computers. If you cannot get it to work on these other computers, the whole point of a Smart Card becomes moot. My experiences suggest that, even if you found a computer in the outside world that would grant you the necessary privileges to install software at all, and even if you are audacious enough to install buggy software on a friend's or family member's machine, your odds are pretty lousy that it will even work.

    As for the bugs, I could have lived with them. The worst of these bugs involved Firefox (... at this point; there's more to this which I will get to). On the one computer that could "see" ID Vault, I noticed that most of my Firefox bookmarks had disappeared. Thinking this was a fluke, I took advantage of Firefox's regular automatic bookmark backups and reinstated a previous one. This has happened 4 or 5 times since then. I'm sure this was caused by ID Vault as I had installed no other software on or around this time, and because ID Vault "messes" with your bookmarks and Favorites.

    Other bugs included, site errors that could be cured by combinations of a restart of the browser, loading the same site into IE, then switching to Firefox, removing and recreating site entries, etc. One particular site worked fine until I tried to change the password (which you must do manually via the website as ID Vault cannot actually change passwords for you). After that, I would get "there was a problem with your sign-on credentials" even though I had changed to password in ID Vault to match the password I'd just changed at the site. You could even see in the "preview" (where ID Vault does a "test login" in a small window) that the new password was working; just that ID Vault didn't know it. Of course, ID Vault will not allow you to finish creating the entry if it doesn't think it's working.

    An appeal to support regarding this got a generic and unhelpful response (check the site, username, password, latest version, step by step instructions, etc.) several days later. When I replied and explained (again) that there was nothing wrong with my login credentials, I received no further response. In frustration, I submitted another problem report explaining that I was trying to change passwords on all my accounts to prep the device for return, and had been prompted to submit a report. I received another generic response and it was clear that my descriptions were not even being read through completely.

    This all occurred before I realized that the software wasn't going to run on very many XP machines (all running SP2 with the latest patches). The worst of my nightmare occurred on the Monday (today) I returned to work to use the laptop I'd tried to install it on the week before. The ID Vault had been returned to the store over the weekend, so I naturally would like to remove the software from my laptop.

    Attempts to remove the software (via 'Add/Remove Programs') result in "ID Vault has encountered a problem and needs to close". Any attempts to run the application result in same. I tried to 'repair' the application and to reinstall the application but I can neither run it, repair it, nor remove it.

    Well, guess what? Firefox "has encountered a problem and needs to close". Similarly, repairs, running in 'safe-mode', reinstalling and removing have not fixed Firefox. Now I'm really upset.

    The nightmare isn't over. Save yourself the trouble and the yearly subscription costs.
    ...more info
  • The quirks outweigh the benefits- pass!
    After about a year and a half I have to come back and edit my review. They quirks never really got fixed and ultimately I stopped using it when they hit me up for another $30 to renew for another year.

    The biggest shortfalls to-date have been: 1) the system doesn't always recognize that the USB device is in there and I have to log off of that user and log back on; 2) we have had several times where for some reason it tries to log on to sites I've visited before and it can no longer do so; 3) it doesn't work with sites like ING which won't let software auto-fill their sign-in information; 4) after you enter in the IDVault password to log-on to a site, it often opens up another window and asks you again- all the while it is actually logging you on to the site.

    So it is a great concept but probably not worth the headaches. If I could reduce the number of stars I would. ...more info
  • Vista users beware
    This software was just the ticket to keep track of those ever annoying passwords I thought. Well long story short, it worked slowely on XP Pro. I would usually give up on waiting and just enter the password manually. Upgrading to a new computer with Vista it works with a couple accounts but won't work with most. Save your money!...more info
  • Slow. Unweildy. Aggravating to use.
    I heard about this on the radio and have seen ads. Decided to give it a try when found it for $29.99. The initial setup is relatively easy - just load the disk first before installing the thumb drive.

    But it is cumbersome to use as it is slow - looks like it has to access the thumb drive every time. As others have said, it only uses IE which is the worst browser out there (and I never use it). Very cumbersome to set up - have to go thru their special software to log on.

    You'd have to be very paranoid to use this product for any length of time as it is annoyingly slow and cumbersome.

    I have been using RoboForm successfully for a few years - much more convenient and stores encrypted passwords automatically - just enter your global password and it automatically fills forms with one click of the mouse. Better product. Perhaps less secure as it is stored on your computer and not a removable device, but the convenience and functionality is far better.

    I will likely throw ID Vault in the garbage and continue to use RForm.

    And yes, it requires a yearly subscription that isn't mentioned anywhere on the packaging. Paying $30 a year for mediocre product isn't worth it. ...more info
  • Useless
    The computer could never detect the device after installing the software. When I tried to uninstall the software that did not work either.Customer service does not react to online help requests and there is no phone service available either! Not recommended!!!!...more info
  • Merely a toy not worth the money
    I had high hopes when I saw this product. I bought one the first day I found it online. I only wish it had lived up to my expectations. It works fine with the less secure sites, but on sites where you really want high security, it's useless. Another problem is for no reason at all, it will just stop working. When this happens, you must manually login to your favorites.Of course, you can redo your favorites, but what a pain. Customer support is mostly non-existant, so you are pretty much on your own. One final thing, if you buy one be sure to use the "backup" feature. That way when it stops working you won't need to remember your passwords. Opps, I know I said one final thing, but you are probably wondering why I didn't return it. I had it all boxed up and the receipt in my wallet when it occurred to me that all my personal information was stored in the thing. ...more info
  • Glad I read these reviews before I did buy, Thanks
    Thanks to the ones that did the reviews. I was all ready to purchase one and I thought I would read some of the reviews, glad I did so I am not going to buy one. I will stick with RoboForm, it works good but it is software and you can't take it with you.

    Termite...more info
  • Not as advertised
    Being concerned about security, I bought the unit from a nearby Best Buy. I installed it in on my fully-updated Windows XP laptop. I found it difficult to use and that it would not work with my primary bank.

    My primary bank (Bank of America) has a two-screen login sequence, the first screen I enter my ID and on the second my password. The ID Vault only provides for a single screen login, and thus it is not useful.

    I returned it the next day. I eventually got my money back but the sales rep put up a fight as he claimed the device was a software device, even though it's worthless without the hardware piece. I had to bring in the store manager. advice to potential buyers...make sure you have a clean way to return this device before you buy it. If it works for you then you won't need it. But if you run into problems, you'll be glad you did....more info
  • ID Vault is really lame!
    I couldn;t get it to work, I couldn't talk to anyone, and their email support had only stock, unhelpful answers to my questions. This thing is buggy, and not very useful. The company is unresponsive. Don;t waste your money. BTW, I am a computer professional, and think I know what I am doing. This company sucks!...more info
  • Beware the $39.95 Annual Subsricption Cost!
    I have successfully used this product for almost one year. While the product can sometimes be frustrating to use, it has generally performed as expected. However, I was not careful to read the fine print when purchasing and was surprised recently to learn that if I want to continue to use the product to access my bank account or brokerage accounts after the first 12 months, I must pay an ANNUAL FEE of $39.95! Granted, it's my own fault that I did not research this more carefully when I bought the product, but there is no way that this service is worth an annual fee of $39.95.

    I concur with the comments of the other reviewers here. While the product works acceptably in most instances, the software is buggy, temperamental and lacks any kind of meaningful support. While this product may provide you with some degree of incremental protection against identity theft and fraud, it's not worth the cost of the annual subscription.
    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    Some websites can be successfully loaded into the device, others can't. ID Vault has been able to add ONLY 50% of the sites I regularly log onto and it has not been able to enter the website of a **leading** financial institution. Unless they come up with a new improved model,(will they ever?) I will never buy this thing again....more info
  • OK, but not the best.. I'm moving on.
    I have used this device for over a year with 30+ accounts loaded into it and have had my share of frustrations, even with ID Vault's latest versions. The Smartkey concept is excellent and if a secure site can be loaded into the device it works well; however, some login sites simply could not be added to the Vault because it cannot deal with multiple windows or it may insist that the site is a financial site when it is not and will not allow the site to be added. Additionally, I have experienced problems accessing some random sites after ID Vault has downloaded an update, whereas prior to the update, there were no problems accessing that site.
    Secondly, ID Vault Support is marginal at best. When one logs a problem they may respond several days later with an e-mail with irrelevant suggestions or questions. After a few rounds of that, one just gives up.
    Thirdly, their one year subscription renewal is $39.95 for software updates and the use of their "trusted" network. My experiences with their service do not justify the price. There are other packages out there that are just as good or better for comparable prices.
    Fourth, one cannnot take the device to just any computer and use it because the ID Vault software is not resident on the device; one has to take the software with them and install it on each computer that the device is to be used on.
    I'm moving on and will use my $39.95 elsewhere.
    ...more info
  • Works amazingly for me
    This is exactly what I have been looking for for years!

    I'm surprised by the comments of some of the other users. I'm running a pretty basic notebook: Intel Celeron M 1.4GHz, 512 MB RAM, running XP Home, and the ID Vault software runs great on my machine.

    I was even able to save and open my Bank of America account, despite their complex login process with sitekey. I didn't think it would be possible because you have to go through two pages and identify a picture when logging into BofA, but the ID Vault worked perfectly.

    In addition to the added security provided, I find it extremely convenient to be able to open all of my accounts with just the ID Vault PIN number. No more digging around for usernames and passwords!
    ...more info
  • Some things to consider before buying this...
    I purchased this at a local store for 50% off. I have about 20-25 different websites I use and thought this would be a good idea. However, I found out some things you should know before purchasing.

    1. You cannot use this with any other browser except Internet Explorer. So forget about Opera, Firefox, etc.

    2. The box says you can "use this on any Windows XP PC" which gave me the impression I can port it around like a thumb drive and just pop it in... for logging securely at public places (hotels, other offices, etc.) What they don't tell you is that you have to install software on any computer upon which you wish to use with this. That means you have to be an Administrator on any computer you plug this into.

    3. The software is buggy and will not see the vault even though it shows up as installed in the device manager. I tried several times to create a site and a pin, but the software could never find the vault no matter how many times I plugged it in... it just kept saying 'insert ID vault and click retry'.

    I don't feel this was operator error as I have an up-to-date XP and .NET install, the latest software from their site, and 15 years computer experience. I agree with the first reviewer at the bottom. Don't buy this....more info
  • works like a charm
    I couldn't be happier with this device, my husband & I both use them. It took about 5 minutes to get up and running, and all the sites I visit were pre-loaded. Its a lot easier than trying to remember all the login/passwords I use, and i don't have to worry about online theft anymore. ...more info
  • I have found no problem with it.
    I purchased this because I have a few credit cards that I pay online plus with my bank account and financial accounts I was tired of looking up sign-in names and passwords. I had everything written in a book but I thought if somebody had gotten a hold of that they would probably have a field day. Now I put all my sites into the ID Vault, printed out a backup copy of it and filed that away in a Sentry safe and only have to remember one password. When I travel I can take it with me and use it on my laptop too. There is a few popups but it learns so that is not a problem. Maybe it isn't for everybody but it works for me. Would definitely recommend it....more info
  • Want to waste money and time? This is the product for you!
    I purchased this on a whim at CompUSA which was going out of business so the price was much less than full retail listed elsewhere, which is good because that meant I wasted much less money.
    As I do extensive online banking and other financial transactions the idea seemed like a good one. I also liked the idea of being able to take it with me on vacation, plug into say a relative's pc and perform transactions without having to worry about all the ids (prior I used a password manager and thus was limited to home pc).

    Anyhow I just gave up after working on this for 2 days (I am a systems programmer by occupation and no newbie to computers / software).

    PROS: It does protect access to your websites.

    CONS: You cannot even get into yours....more info