You Are A Vulture
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12-track CD on Happy Happy Birthday To Me, 2006. Tracks: To Slip Through The Cracks/Teasers With Tasers/Svengali What's The Caper/Curanderismo/Greetings From Far Away/A Matter Of Time & Distance/Ascension/Blueprint/Do You Feel Safe?/Chance/Descension/A Seance In The Dark

Customer Reviews:
  • An intricate, smart sound
    Even a musical novice such as myself can tell that the music of Russian Spy Camera is complex and dynamic. Instead of sounding wholly derivitave, their sound brings a much needed heir of originality. For me, the centerpiece of YOU ARE A VULTURE is the 8th track, "Blueprint," which serves as a microcosm for the entire album. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Eclectic Extravaganza
    This is the first release from a duo out of Athens. I have to say that I am quite impressed. The songs range from well-orchestrated art pop (think talking heads), to straight up rock, to quiet simple sounds. These guys really run the gamut, and the result still manages to sound unified. The songs are often times catchy and danceable, but still smart. I highly recommend this record to anyone that enjoys creative music that doesn't recycle the same old formula. ...more info