Canon NB1-LH NB1LH PowerShot S110 IXUS S230 S300 S400 S410 S500 Li-Ion Battery 1300mAh
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Product Description

New 100% OEM Compatible Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery. Guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Works wonderfully for: Canon Powershot S110 Canon Powershot S200 Canon Powershot S230 Canon Powershot S300 Canon Powershot S330 Canon Powershot S400 Canon Powershot S410 Canon Powershot S500 Canon Digital ELPH S Canon Digital IXUS 200a Canon Digital IXUS 300 Canon Digital IXUS 300a Canon Digital IXUS 320 Canon Digital IXUS 330 Canon Digital IXUS 400 Canon Digital IXUS 430 Canon Digital IXUS 500 Canon Digital IXUS V Canon Digital IXUS V2 Canon Digital IXUS V3 Canon Digital IXY 200a Canon Digital IXY 300 Canon Digital IXY 300a Canon Digital IXY 320 Canon Digital IXY 330 Canon Digital IXY 400 Canon Digital IXY 430 Canon Digital IXY 500 and more models. Best replacement for the following OEM battery part numbers: Battery-Biz B-9568, BatteryValues B-9568, Canon 7649A001AA, Canon BP-1LHCL, Canon C84-1008, Canon DDNB-1L/1LH, Canon HS-DCL1L, Canon NB-11L, Canon NB1L, Canon NB1LH, Canon NB-1L, Canon NB-1LH, Delkin DDNB-1L/1LH, DigiPower BP-CN1L, DSMiller B-9568, Duracell DRC1L, Duracell DRC1LRES, Energizer ER-D100, GP VCL003, Hahnel HL-1L, Hahnel HL-1LHP, Hama 47224, Hi-Capacity B-9568, IDP PR-100DG, Lenmar DLC1L, Lenmar DLC1LH, Maxell B-9568, Maxell DC3777, Polaroid B-9568, Polaroid PR-100DG, Power Battery BP-CN1L, Rayovac RV-DC1100, Rayovac RV-DC1110, Sakar BP-1LCL, Sakar BP-1LHCL, Uniross VB101766, US Power BCD1058, Varta P37, Vivanco BP-0863.

  • 3.7v 1300mAh
  • Brand new non-OEM
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion.
  • Integrated microchip prevents overcharging & lengthens battery life
  • Premium cells and high grade casings.
Customer Reviews:
  • Battery fine, shipping slow.
    The product is fine (Canon NB1-LH NB1LH PowerShot S110 IXUS S230 S300), however the shipping took so long I was not able to take the batteries on a trip, as intended. Shipping generally seems to be running later these days, i.e., at the far end of the stated range rather than earlier. Plan accordingly. ...more info
  • Works fine
    Are you a cheapskate and want to extend the life of your obsolete camera by a few more years without spending a lot of money? These batteries work fine. Not as well as the originals, but they are perfectly fine and will work with your existing charger. Buy them and skip a couple of additional camera generations. No one needs more than 4mpixels anyways....more info