Marware Protection Pack 13" MacBook Black
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Product Description

Marware 13" MacBook Black Protection Pack The Protection Pack consists of a Wrist Rest and a Keyboard Cover. The wrist rest is a slip of PVC leather designed to prevent scratches and provide a smooth, padded work surface. The non-permanent special adhesive allows for effortless complete and clean removal. The dual-purpose Keyboard Cover is made of microfiber, the same material used for lens cloths. Perfect for protection against impurity transfer and for use as a screen cleaner. Features: * Hand Rest features: Soft PVC leather * Custom fitted and protects against scratches * Provides comfort when typing * Leaves no residue when removed with restickable adhesive for easy applicationKeyboard Cover features: * Soft microfiber can be used to clean the screen * Covers keys when laptop is closed to prevent transfer of oil and dirt * Washable and reversible

  • Provides comfort when typing
  • Soft microfiber can be used to clean the screen
  • Covers keys when laptop is closed to prevent transfer of oil and dirt
  • Cover is washable and reversible
Customer Reviews:
  • marware is awesome...
    The transaction went very smoothly. quick and easy. And i love the product! It keeps my mac happy and safe!...more info
  • fits well. comfortable.
    works well & serves its purpose. one way to minimize the bubbles is to start at one end, then use a straight edge to SLOWLY work your way to the other end....more info
  • leaves residue
    i bought this because the white macbook gets so dirty...the wrist gaurd gets just as dirty. i just recently had a apple genius tell me that the mr. clean magic eraser will clean my macbook so i tried to remove the wrist guard which is described as "easy to remove and reapply". unfortunately it was not easy and there is an adhesive residue on my computer (i had the wrist guard on for approx. 1 year). it took approx 2 hours to manually rub this residue off. i don not recommend this product to anyone. i would recommend just purchasing a lens cloth to clean the screen and using the magic eraser to clean your computer....more info
  • Simply Worth It.
    I don't know what people have expectation wise but this product has been amazingly worth its money. The cloth is perfect to wipe off the screen with and its still working great now 4 months after I bought it. The wrist pad area does have some flaws but can be considered negligible. First of all, the pad can definitely be reapplied since it took me 3 times to get it on straight and came off without any problems right when i took it off today. The only thing you have to consider here is this is not one time product. For instance, watches will put marks into the cushion (just be glad the pad is there to protect the casing). After a couple months, wear is noticeable on the pad also. On mine, I had little strands of the micro-fibers coming loose towards the edges of the pad and the corners did peel up slightly but could be placed back down. The only weird thing was that after a couple months, some glue residue was slowly appearing from under the pad on the creases in casing at the edge. Its not really much of a problem since it took about a second to remove it with my fingernail when it did appear. It was strange though because when i removed the pad a hour ago, there really wasn't any of this residue under the pad aside from a little in some of the edges (but this was still not a problem since it was easily removable). So simply when buying this product, don't expect the pad to last forever because it purpose is to take the damage for your casing so obviously you will need to replace it again eventually. I completely recommend this product because the price is definitely worth the protection it provided my computer for 4 months. I also am ordering another protection pad to replace the first because I was impressed at its durability....more info
  • Just ok... maybe a better alternative out there.
    This really does have a unique kind of adhesive on it. Took me a few tries to apply evenly and work the bubbles out. Although that was an aggravating process, the material was forgiving and my mac was unharmed. It is a really cool texture, too.

    My big complaint is the packaging: It damages the product!

    How to explain this? The black side was folded so it was tearing the textured surface, just so it could fit into the box. Such extreme folding like that resulted in small vertical tears in this vinyl-like fabric. What they should have done is just fold the thing the other way so the white adhesive side was on the outside, avoiding the unsightly tears that now adorn my mac.

    I also don't feel I need the "keyboard cover." Kind of a dumb idea and since nothing is free, I feel like it's just thrown in there to justify a higher price for this "pack."

    I don't regret buying this or anything, but shop around. New macbook protection gear crops up frequently these days....more info
  • Love it!
    I have a white Mac book, though I bought to black protection pack because so much dirt shows up on the white, its impossible to keep clean. I love the way it looks. Package came in good time, and the product is great!...more info
  • works great.. fits perfect.
    Nothing much to say. It fit perfect and works great.. ...more info
  • pretty good
    The palm rest is pretty good and it really does allow you to restick it pretty easily. I messed up couple of times and got to test that out. I'm not a fan of the keyboard cover, however. It just feels a little too rough to wipe on the screen. However, I bought a full keyboard silicon protector for my Macbook that covered the keys and palm rest and it was definately not worth the money. I would recommend this over a silicon cover any day....more info
  • Great product! Highly recommended.
    I just got mine and my brother got one for his MacBook Pro too. These are great products! They really do provide a nice feel as well as cushioning, are very easy to put on, and they really don't leave anything sticking to the notebook if you remove them (had to do that once to readjust it). Only wish the Marware logo wasn't so big (it's bigger than my "MacBook" logo on the bottom of my LCD!). ...more info