Targus Defcon Notebook Ipod Lock Combo Set
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Product Description

The Targus DEFCON Notebook & iPod Lock Combo Set includes the Eyelet Security Lock for iPod and the DEFCON CL Notebook Computer Cable Lock allowing users to secure both their notebook and iPod together. The Eyelet Lock is constructed with galvanized steel and attaches to the iPod's dock connector. The cable from the notebook lock is threaded through the Eyelet Lock's pass-through loop and then fastened to the notebook to secure both devices simultaneously. The DEFCON Cable Lock is constructed with galvanized steel for maximum protection and attaches to any notebook computer equipped with a lock slot. The notebook lock has up to 10,000 possible combinations that can be set or changed at any time. Perfect for your workspace or company displays, both the DEFCON Cable Lock and Eyelet Security Lock provide a high level of protection for two devices prone to theft.This product is compatible with iPods with a dock connector: 5G, nano, iPod Photo, 4G, iPod Mini, 3G.

Customer Reviews:
  • love it
    it's a great product extremely easy to use and seems to be very secure also comes with more than the average lock and it's cheaper too! definitely reccomend this product to anyone...more info
  • A Tight Fit
    We bought this lock combo for my son to use with his laptop in college. He has an HP Pavilion dv6375us. However, the lock did not want to go into the lock slot on the computer. My husband finally got it to go in (with force), but then it didn't want to come out (brilliant, right.) It took a lot of muscle and unplugging the computer and turning it on its side to get good leverage before we were able to get the lock out. Since we did get it out I decided to do it again, and the second time it was a little easier than the first. After about 10 cycles it was still difficult to get out, but I could do it much easier. I don't know if we just ruined the lock slot for any other brand of lock and I don't know if the poor fit was due to the lock or the manufacturing of the computer. I thought the fit was supposed to be fairly standard, but it wasn't in our case. Had this not been mail order and had we tried it out before unpacking in the dorm I may have taken it back to the store and tried another lock before forcing the fit.

    As for the operation of the lock, once we were able to work out the fit issue, the instructions for setting and using the lock were very good, and I didn't think that it would be easy to accidentally change the combo like I have heard about from other lock reviews. It seems to be a very secure system, which was my main concern....more info