Patient Alarm Bed And Chair Alarm, With Chair Size Pad
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Product Description

Patient Alarm is an advance warning fall prevention aid which is an ideal addition to fall prevention program. Patient Alarm System is a portable way to keep track of patients. Patients and residents who attempt to get out of a bed or chair unassisted are successfully and reliably monitored with the bed chair Alarm. The system allows for natural movement. However, once the weight of the individual starts to come off the pad, the alarm is activated and gives a warning. Because the most progressive technology is used, the person does not have to be completely off the sensor for the alarm to sound. When the patient alarm sounds, staff can quickly go to the aid of the patient or resident.

  • Alerts caregiver with audio alarm when patient gets out of a chair or bed.
  • Pressure sensitive pad connects to the audio alarm.
  • The alarm comes with a safety alert, On and Off switch and low battery warning.
  • Comes with one 9V battery which is included in package.
  • Pad size for chair is 10 inch x 15 inch and for bed is 11 inch x 30 inch.