Rokonet Cosmos Quad PIR Motion Sensor, 50 ft
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Product Description

The WisDom Quad Technology PIR Motion Detector uses two independent dual-element pyroelectric sensors. These microprocessor-based techniques enable the detector to analyze continuously the protected area in order to identify motion. The Quad Technology PIR Motion Detector is a hardwired motion detector, but you can connect it to the Wireless Universal Transmitter (sold separately) to use it with the WisDom Wireless Security System.

  • Cosmos PQ Quad PIR Sensor
  • Stunningly Designed Advanced Motion Detectors
  • No More False Alarms
  • Cosmos PQ, by Rokonet, offers two dual element pyro-electric sensors and two separate signal channels which have to be simultaneously triggered to activate the alarm
  • Also features white light protection lenses, improved temperature compensation algorithm, optical protective sleeve, and creep zone