Motorola L6 Candybar RAZR GSM Unlocked Bluetooth Camera Cell Phone - Silver
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Product Description

Motorola L6 Candybar RAZR Unlocked GSM Phone meeting your wireless aspirations. The Motorola L6 the surprisingly slim and artistically designed Candybar RAZR Motorola L6 delivers a rich, multi-sensory communication experience that keeps you connected. With the L6 Candybar you can easily capture and share your adventures with an integrated VGA digital camera. The Motorola L6 RAZR video capture and playback and multimedia photo album creation tools.

  • Weight: 2.82 oz (80 g)
  • 10 MB (built-in, flash shared memory)
  • Surprisingly slim and artistically designed
  • Rich, multi-sensory communication experience that keeps you connected
  • Easily capture and share your adventures with an integrated VGA digital camera
Customer Reviews:
  • Refurb broke before I got to use it
    Friends bought me an unlocked refurb version of this for my birthday. It charged fine at home. But when I took it to S. America and had it activated with a local SIM, it stopped charging. I took out the SIM, put in another one (when I got home) and it still wouldn't charge properly - kept cycling on and off. The phone? the SIM? Who knows - but I need a new travel phone......more info
  • got a duplicate phone
    I ordered a new phone for over $200 & got a duplicate phone which never worked , I'll never buy anything again from here...more info
  • Keyword: Functionality

    PROS: Functionality, Sleek design; Fall endurance; Scratch resistance

    CONS: Low-resolution display; Poor camera quality; No MP3 player; Poor speakerphone quality; Poorly designed keypad

    If there's anything that I have learned about this cell phone for the one good year that I have had it, it is the keyword: "functionality."

    I think this is a great phone to get for your teenagers, or people in general, when it's their first cell phone because of its pure and basic functions. Surprisingly enough, even with the release of the coolest phones around (i.e. the iPhone), I still receive compliments about the phone about its slim and sleek design.

    I mentioned "fall endurance" and "scratch resistance" as its pros because I have a horrible tendency of dropping my cell phone from places such as my pocket or my purse. For instance, just yesterday, I dropped my cell phone down a staircase of some 10 steps. I surely thought it wouldn't survive that fall, but it did! As for its scratch resistance, yes, it's still pretty in black and functional after the (I swear) 20 falls it has endured over the past year.

    Another important thing that I have learned from using this cell phone is what I want from the next cell phone that I upgrade to.

    I remember when I first got this cell phone I was initially disappointed with its low-resolution display and I still find myself still frustrated after all these months, especially when I see how awesome my friends' cell phones' screens are like, so crisp and sharp and clear.

    And it's true that this phone has low picture quality. Most pictures I take in a spontaneous moment ends up being lost and blurry. It's disheartening, really. You have to have a steady hand or else. Not to mention, I'm a photographer at heart, so I'm just plain picky when it comes to picture quality anyway.

    This phone is often confused with its older brother, the Motorola L7 which has iTunes capability. This one doesn't, although I somehow managed to have enough space in my phone to nearly download a full John Mayer song as my ringtone. But, make no mistake, I downloaded the song from a friend's cell phone (he has the SYNC with BlueTooth capability and all those fancy things). Oh, but this phone does have BlueTooth; I'm just not a fan of that usage, that's all.

    Poor speakerphone quality is a fact in this phone, which is a feature I use often. I find myself repeatedly asking "What?!" when talking to my boyfriend or whoever it is that is on the other line. Oh! I also find that when talking normally into the phone, that after hours of a conversation, the heat of the phone radiates through my ear and makes it uncomfortable.

    Poorly designed keypad? Oh, yes. I really don't know what makes it such of a discomfort, but it's there. Maybe it's because the keypad curves? Or maybe because there's that divide for each key? Eh, no idea, but it does bug the heck out of me and STILL does.

    So, take my advice: after a year, the only reason you would get this phone is because of its functionality, period. Maybe you're a parent who wants their kid to have a phone that makes and receive calls. Or maybe you're someone who's starting out and don't know what they quite want yet in a phone and can't decide until you actually have it in your hand. Well, guess what? I'm BOTH! Except, well, I was the kid.

    But, yeah, I'm ready to upgrade after A YEAR with this phone. I'm doing my research, and thus far, I'm leaning towards the Motorola RIZR Z3 (Rose).

    Hope this helps.
    ...more info
  • Very good (when modified)
    I purchased this phone a few weeks ago and was unsatisefied. I then called Cingular to ask for assistance. First, the memory sucked, so they offered to install an expansion. I also hated the big center button popping out so I took the center button from my previous Motorola RAZR and had it replaced. Then, (The phone is black) I bought a new silver battery door for additional looks.
    My phone looks very good and it was also done for under 300 dollars including phone price, so all in all, once modified, a great phone. (Oh and I replaced the battery with a razr battery for additional talk time)...more info
  • If you like slim, choose another option
    pros: slim, sleek, sexy, Bluetooth enabled, still affordable.

    cons: Bad battery time, low on memory (10MB), no expansion slot, poor address book.

    Bottom line: If you dont want to store mp3 songs, and talk less than two hours a day on mobile, go for it.

    I was using my old-is-gold sony ericsson T630 when i decided to switch to a newer phone. After surveying the market the L6 caught my eyes. It is a slim, smart and sleek phone, one of the thinnest in market. (do check out samsung x820) The silver cover with blue keypad lighting is excellent aesthetically. It has a VGA camera and a separate button on the side to switch it on. Bluetooth enables you to take full advantage of sharing as well as using bluetooth headsets. Nice JAVA games are pre-loaded that you'll definitely enjoy. SMS, MMS and WAP/GPRS enabled, predictive text input uses iTAP rather than the more common T9, although users will get easily used to it.(not very different from T9)

    Having said that, lets come to the pitfalls. The company labels it having a >5hrs talk-time, yet the phone fails to deliver it. After fully charging and using it multiple times, I could only get a maximum of 3 hours, and even less if i accidentally listened to an MP3 or used bluetooth. Thats very bad as compared to any otherphone. So you will keep on finding a socket to charge it! Although the phone software lacks a dedicated media player,(that can run in background or has equalizer), it supports MP3 playback. However like the phone the memory is also slim (10MB) and there is no expansion slot.
    Finally, the address book software needs tweaking. You cannot store multiple numbers under the same name, and each entry has to be separate. That means if you want to save a mobile and an office number for John, you'll have to make two entries like John Mobile and John Office.

    At PKRs 6200 (US$ 103), its a bad value for money. If you still like slim and trendy, go for SLVR L7 from the same manufacturer which has an optimized address book and expandable memory in addition to iTUNES for playing music....more info
  • sleek and sexy but lacking in a few features
    If sleek and sexy is what you are looking for and not wanting to spend too much money then this is your perfect phone. L6 lacks in a few features compared to the the much more expensive SLVR L7 ( no itunes, no memory expansion slot, lower resolution), but if you dont care of these then you get more than the worth for your money with L6.
    Its also surprisingly sturdy and can be easily modded to even cooler(eg look at motomodders forum). Love the phone...more info