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Product Description

The Targus Bluetooth Laser Notebook Mouse is designed to work with Bluetooth enabled PC and Mac computers and no receiver is required. With advanced Bluetooth technology, this mouse works up to 33 ft away. The high-performance laser sensor has the ability to switch from 800-to 1,600 dpi on the fly for heightened sensitivity during gaming or other activities. Never worry about dead batteries again - this mouse charges while in use. A perfect option for travelers, the Bluetooth Laser Mouse is lightweight and includes a carrying pouch for added convenience.

  • Works seamlessly up to 33-feet away with a Bluetooth? enabled PC or Mac
  • Provides up to 20x more tracking sensitivity than typical optical mice
  • Can change from 800 dpi to 1,600 dpi on-the-fly for heightened sensitivity – excellent for gaming
  • Includes a scroll wheel for easy navigation
  • Batteries can recharge while mouse is in use, so no more dead batteries
Customer Reviews:
  • Thats Great
    Battery life is Ok (about 5 days direct)
    Size is good medium size
    Sender is great and fast
    ...more info
  • It's just OK
    I picked this up to use with a new aluminum MacBook. Going Bluetooth seemed like an ideal way to go, as the notebook as bluetooth built in, and I wouldn't have to deal with an ugly wireless USB dongle hanging off the opposite side of the notebook than where I would place the mouse. Bluetooth mice are not common in stores; my local OfficeStaplesMaxDepot only carried two, this one for $30, and a $50 Microsoft model. I've recently been burned on a wireless Microsoft keyboard and mouse that I use at work, so I decided to go with the Targus.


    * Rechargable batteries, re-charges via the supplied USB cable (hopefully this will be a good eco move, right?)
    * Bluetooth, exactly what I needed
    * Good mouse movement, when it moves (see Cons below)
    * Easy to pair with OS X


    * Cheap build quality
    * It doesn't feel as good in the hand as mice from Logitech or Microsoft
    * Poorly documented, and hard to get to battery door compartment (hopefully I'll never need to take those puppies out again)
    * Mouse movement sluggish for a sec when it's been idle

    Overall, I would say it's a good basic mouse. The trackpad on the MacBook is so wonderful, I don't expect to use the Targus mouse that often. Hopefully I have longer-life with it than other reviews posted here. One more side note: I thought that with the supplied USB cable it would have worked as a normal USB mouse out of the box...how wrong I was; this thing is Bluetooth only, so I had to pair is first. This isn't a big complaint, as I did buy a *wireless* mouse, but you would have thought that someone in Targus product management would have thought of that....more info
  • Beware of the batteries (the ones supplied)!!!
    My experience with this mouse was terrible because I didn't even got the chance to use the product. The battery set that came with this product was defective right out of the box. After a few minutes of the first time charge I heard a weird noise coming from inside the mouse so I disconnected it and opened the battery cover, just to discover that there were a few drops of a boiling liquid coming out of the batteries (?!). Please note that I checked polarity before inserting the batteries, so that was not the problem. After removing the defective batteries and cleaning the mouse I retry charge with a new battery set and setup the bluetooth connection. This second time, everything seemed ok, but only the buttons and the scrolling wheel were working with no cursor movements. So I guess that the incident with the batteries somehow damaged the mouse's laser sensor.

    As you can see, with my experience I could not tell if this mouse is good or not, but if you are going to give it try, I would recommend to change the batteries supplied for a new set and then charge and connect the mouse. Maybe you'll have better luck....more info
  • Batteries might be the issue
    I had the same problem as many people when I first got teh mouse.

    I replaced the rechargeable batteries with ones from Radio Shack and it works great now.

    Also I turn the mouse off with thew switch when I am done using the computer and I charge it via usb whenever I am recharging my laptop.

    So the laptop battery charge becomes my indicator of mouse charge.

    Using it this way works great.

    Also pay attention to the orientation of the batteries. They do not face the same way. My girlfriend had this problem when I got her the same mouse....more info
  • Simple and very mobile
    Very simple to set up and use with my Sony Vaio SR. The batteries that was included couldn't hold a charge so I had to buy new rechargeable batteries. Although it has only three buttons, what sold me is the fact that this mouse can charge using the USB port. This makes it very convenient and mobile which is exactly what I needed....more info
  • Very convenient
    The mouse is very nice and very convenient, you are able to plug it in via USB when the batteries get low and keep using the mouse. Battery life is also excellent, the power saving features of this mouse work extremely well. Very nice!

    Unfortunately, the first mouse I received stopped working within 3 days for no apparent reason. Amazon replaced it free of charge so no big deal....more info
  • Terribly Misunderstood "Special Purpose" Mouse
    I seem to be the only person in here who has figured out why this mouse behaves the way it does - from the agressive sleep mode to the misguided complaints of laser/bluetooth failures (which are NOT what's happening).

    Fact is, this stunningly beautiful and high-quality mouse is overpoweringly industrial strength in both laser and bluetooth signal strengh, which is both a blessing and a curse.

    In short, this mouse is a battery hog, and what people are experiencing (but seemingly unable to figure out for themselves) are the following:

    1. Laser failure due to batteries running down.
    2. Bluetooth signal dropps because of batteries running down.
    3. Batteries running down because of extremely high output laser and bluetooth signal strength.


    Ever wondered why this mouse still works even when it's hovering a half inch above any surface?

    Ever wondered how this mouse is able to work on glass?

    Ever noticed that the manual says this mouse works up to 33 feet when most mice become undetectable at 5?

    Ever notice that this mouse is designed to work while it's recharging - suggesting that recharging is something that might need to take place often?

    In these reviews, you see complaints of aggressive sleep mode and failure of the laser units. That's because people are used to ultra-weak mice that last forever on a single charge. This mouse is the exact opposite - industrial strength range and laser sensitivity, much shorter battery life. It's battery usage, people, not hardware failure.

    Upon it's first initial 8-hour charge, my mouse lasted for about 2 weeks of normal "off and on" travel use before it started stuttering and dropping connections. I plugged the recharge cable into the mouse and it took right off again, no problems. Upon recharge, it was good for another 2 weeks. Heavy usage and leaving it on continually (like I do)knock it down to about 1 week between charges. Use it for gaming, and it will probably last only a few days between recharges. But - you'll be able to play from across a huge room on a glass table.

    I also think people are grossly over-reacting to having to move the mouse around a little bit or click it once to wake it back up, either of which wakes it back up in a very small fraction of a second. Gimme a break. I'm always amazed at how little it takes to get people to whine like little children. The drama is pathetic.

    Fact is, this mouse is a heckuva lot better than the misguided reviews slamming it in here. It's a great mouse, works as advertised, extremely comfortable, excellent performance, not too small/big, perfect for road warriors who are sick of USB plugs for "cordless" mice (what's the point?).

    If not for being a power hog that requires an overly agressive sleep function, this otherwise fantastic, special-purpose, industrial-strength mouse would have been 5 stars.
    ...more info
  • Not as bad as adverttised
    I read all the negative reviews before I bought this mouse. After using it for a day or so, I thought the bad reviewers were right. Decided to read the instructions again. I am glad I did. It seems like a few things can foul up a Bluetooth signal. Like, a wireless router, metal surfaces, and metal in laptops, to name a few. Once I took this into consideration the mouse works fine. At home I usually sit a dinning table to use. I just moved chairs to face away from my wireless router and it works great. I do get an occasional disconnect when battery it low and such but, that is normal with any wireless mouse. I also, read reviews for all other Bluetooth mouses I could find and found out the complaints were the same. I love the fact I don't have to plug that stupid adapter into my USB drive anymore like a regular wireless mouse, its great!...more info
  • I also made the mistake of buying this mouse
    Like a lot of other people on this site I have to give the targus mouse 1 star... I made the mistake of buying it from a store before checking out the reviews on Amazon, and other places.. It seemed great, but the auto-sleep that everyone is talking about just destroys the usefulness of the mouse ( yes it really goes into sleep after 5-7 seconds, people are not joking). I thought I could live with it, but after only 2 days I had to go buy another mouse...

    I ended up buying the Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse instead, and it works great....

    Trust me and the others on the site, the delay is very, very annoying.....more info
  • nothing but trouble
    I recently got a new laptop that has bluetooth capability, so I was excited about the prospect about getting a nice bluetooth mouse to work with it. I'm new to bluetooth and I have to say that after this experience, I'm not anxious to use it again.

    First it took me a long time to figure out how to get it set up. The instructions really weren't sufficient to do that unless you already knew how to set up other bluetooth devices. I finally figured it out, paired the mouse with my computer, and used the mouse for about an hour. It worked ok, but the sensitivity was made it difficult to use. It has two sensitivity settings, and for me, one setting made it WAY too sensitive (with the slightest twitch of the mouse sending the cursor flying across the screen), and the other setting was way too insensitive (required big mouse movements to make it move at all). The really annoying thing though was that it seemed to have a mind of its own as far as switching between these two equally bad settings.

    The real problem though came after I left my laptop on for a few hours. I was installing some software on my new laptop, and so I left everything on. When I came back, the mouse was completely inoperable. I tried everything. Turning the mouse on and off, re-pairing it to the computer, made sure the batteries were re-charged, using the usb cable, etc. No dice. The mouse is just dead.

    I will attempt to return this and buy a different product. I wish I had read the reviews here before buying it. Buyer beware!...more info
  • My Blu Mouse
    This a very easy to use device and does the job that it was meant for. I could'nt ask for a better mouse. small and compact and very useful. i would highly recommend this to anybody looking for a notebook mouse...more info
  • I'm not angry, just don't buy it
    Like several others here, I bought this mouse packaged with a new laptop (HP) and didn't check reviews separately. No cord, no receiver to plug in, just the perfect stylish travel mouse, right? Set up was beautifully quick. (I've had no connection issues.) I'm no gamer; don't particularly care about mouse "performance" specs. Oh, wait. I'd like it to move the pointer when I touch it. I'd support a battery saver feature, but not a narcolepsy problem. It goes to sleep so fast this will happen virtually every time you have to use it. For the lack of a cord (which we never cared much about until a few years ago), you'll pay the price of delay after delay after delay after delay. Not a good trade off. Don't buy this mouse....more info
  • seems like a good mouse to me
    I got this mouse on sale at a local store and since it was quite inexpensive I thought I would give it a try despite some of the reviews I'd read here about it going to sleep and being hard to wake. I like the fact that the mouse can be recharged with a simple usb cable (and used with the cable while recharging). So far, my experience is that it is not going to sleep too soon and that a single click or moving the mouse wakes it. I am using it with a MacBook Pro, for what it is worth. I also find the shape of the mouse well contoured for my hand and it is very sensitive. I had to readjust the setting for how fast it tracked to slow it down a bit so I wouldn't overshoot the text or button I was trying to acquire.

    Perhaps Targus has updated the firmware on the mouse to overcome some of the initial problems or maybe there is a lot of variability in the product but my experience with it is thus far has been fine. I have used a lot of wireless mice and this one is working very well. My only "problems" with it are that it is a bit bigger than I would prefer for portability (although it is a good size for a desktop mouse) and I wish it came with two more buttons that I could program....more info
  • Regular Bluetooth Mouse
    This device works well the majority of the time. It has rechargeable batteries and good sensibility; the bad thing is that often it stops and allows working in some seconds though the battery this one loaded. Look for help but not found support.
    The problem does not owe to itself to the configuration of my portable like that, that I assume that it is the product....more info
  • "mini-sleep mode" is terrible design flaw
    Gateway Bluetooth users be warned as well. This very same model mouse is being sold by Gateway (with a black and grey color scheme and a Gateway logo in place of the targus logo) for use with their Bluetooth enabled laptops.

    Gateway's model number is 7005803R. Targus lists it as AMB0302USZ. But it's the same exact mouse.

    The "mini-sleep" mode design flaw outweighs all the other benefits. especially if you're a gamer. No way you can afford to have to wiggle the mouse to bring it back to life in a heated battle.

    And even if you're not a gamer, it's just damn annoying. Targus and Gateway offer nothing to help either. No drivers or utilities....more info
  • Do Not Buy This Mouse
    Great feel and features. Unfortunately it is not useable. Ditto all comments about losing connection. Do not waste your money on this product....more info
  • Completely dead device.... useless
    My experience was identical to that of David Yutzy. Simply put, the mouse never worked. Not even once. Ironically, like David, I'm about to leave on vacation. Unlike David, I'm not waiting to return this.

    I called up Targus tech support and while I am impressed with how quickly they took the call, their response was simply that I return it to the point of purchase and obtain a replacement.

    I have a better idea. I'll return it, get my money back and buy a different product from a different manufacturer. One that actually works. From the look of some of the comments by other users on this product, I may very well have been saved the additional frustration of dealing with short inactivity timeouts.

    I'll end by copying David Yutzy's last line:

    Avoid at all costs....more info
  • Promising, but seriously flawed...
    I read the concerns of reviewers, both here and at other popular reseller sites, before making my own purchase. The most prevalent complaint I saw relates to this mouse hibernating after only 7 ~ 8 seconds of inactivity, and then requiring repeated wiggling or clicking before it will re-awaken. I contacted Targus Technical Support about this concern, & after considerable time on hold while that issue was researched, I was told that the problem ONLY existed in early production units, & that everything shipped during the past 5 ~ 6 months was free of that defect. I won't speculate about why I was given incorrect information, but that was ABSOLUTELY WRONG, and this incessant hibernation (Targus calls it mini-sleep) is a deliberate part of the unit's design, since the engineers claim that without it, they couldn't figure-out how to make the batteries last even a full day! Nevertheless, this 'feature' makes for a miserable user experience and has relegated my own purchase to the back of a desk drawer. [...]...more info
  • Never got it to work
    I ordered this mouse as it's feature set seemed great! I didn't check the reviews here before ordering (I used some AMEX points) but really wish I would have.

    From day one, the green light comes on, seemingly with a mind of it's own. I've never been able to get the mouse to get picked up by any of my Macs or Windows laptops, it simple hasn't worked at all.

    Unfortunately (for me) I went on vacation and by the time i got back, the return period had expired and so basically I have a mouse that doesn't work.

    Bottom line: Don't buy this mouse, it sucks and has some serious flaws, even though some people here did manage to get it to work. Avoid at all costs....more info
  • Perfect!
    The Targus bluetooth mouse was exactly what I wanted. A low cost device, sleek lines, easy to setup & use, and long battery life. I travel all the time for work, so less wires = a less crowded bag. Because it uses a standard USB cable (which is included) to charge the batteries, I don't have to carry the one that came with it. All my other devices all charge off the same cable (camera, phone, now my mouse) which is excellent.

    The device does sleep fairly often, but a little nudge wakes it up. This "drawback" is so minor that it is greatly overshadowed by the simplicity and performance.

    100% love this mouse....more info
  • Sleep timer kills a great mouse
    This mouse would be my favorite. It's Bluetooth, rechargeable via usb, and has a superb laser.

    HOWEVER, it goes to sleep after only a few seconds of inactivity (<10 sec). Waking the mouse up takes about 2 seconds. Which makes it completely worthless for normal activity.

    It's great as long as you keep it moving, just don't stop to type anything....more info
  • good mouse but some quirks
    this is my first review so i'll keep it brief. I've used this mouse for over a month now. I use it for my home office and when i travel. I'm in cosulting so i travel a lot. I'll list the pros and cons below.

    * Great battery life - last me 3-4 days of 9-5 use
    * Easy to set up
    * You can work while the rechargeable batteries charge (connected via usb)
    * Good form factor (small, easy to carry, comes w/ a pouch)

    * It goes to sleep even with less than 5 seconds of inactivity. Can be very annoying
    * On some occasions, i couldn't reconnect with my laptop but haven't figured out the cause yet...more info
  • Consider this a warning...
    I have two Targus mice, both bluetooth. My previous mouse is a 5-star recomendation. It's optical, reliable and I'm pleased with it. So I went for the next generation: the laser, rechargeable.
    Quality overall is very good, the trackwheel is even better than before, tracking is very reliable on any surface; however there is a major flaw that renders all other qualities useless: The mouse will invariably go into a sleep mode after 4 or 5 seconds of inactivity (much less than what it takes you to write a short sentence). WHen you reach back for the mouse, it won't repond readily; it'll take some moving it arround (about 2 seconds) for it to start tracking again. VERY ANNOYING. For my regular office work this simply is too distracting.
    I've since gone back to using my older Targus optical bluetooth mouse.
    I tried Targus tech support and they simply won't acknowledge the problem, refering me to dead batteries, less than standard amperage in my USB port, etc.
    I've supplied ample evidence that batteries are not the problem at all. reading other reviews here and elsewhere it has become clear to me that this is not a flaw in my particular unit; it is rather a flaw in design for the model.
    If you can check it out before you buy, do it!! I doubt you'll sdecide in favor of this mouse for daily use.
    If you're looking for a Bluetooth mouse, I highly recomend the optical version from Targus....more info
  • Slow to respond and stops working
    I tried this one since I want something better than a 4 foot wireless mouse but like the 3 or 4 I've tried before there is something about bluetooth that is no good for a mouse. It is slow to respond each time you haven't used it for a few seconds, then it also periodically with no pattern, just stops working and have to get it to reconnect....more info
  • Features Great/Reliability Nearly 0
    I'm on my third mouse. Mouse #1's laser died after 6 weeks (very light travel). Mouse #2 seemed to just lose connection to my Dell XPS Gen 2's built-in blue tooth adapter. Returned it, got #3, same problem as number 2. (Problems with both #2 and #3 happened before the mouse ever had a chance to travel.)

    When this mouse works, it is GREAT. The feature list is great. Charging with a cable while using it works. Works on glass. Very hi-res, etc.

    But WHILE I am using it, it loses connection. A simple power-off and power on reconnects it, but this makes it nearly useless as far as I'm concerned.

    This is a mouse I really wish worked. If it actually stayed connected and worked, it would be a 5-star product. As it is, I give it 1 star because you cannot give it 0 stars.

    Oh, and for the first return I actually had to file a complaint with the BBB to get them to process the return. On the second return, they mailed my mouse to the wrong address (I'm in Oklahoma, they shipped it to NY) and were never able to provide me shipping information until I threatened another filing with the BBB.

    So their customer service was less that good. It's really too darn bad, because I am genuine (not sarcastic) when I say if this mouse actually worked, it would be the perfect travel mouse.

    Maybe they'll get something working again in the future.

    Brett...more info
  • Sleep mode makes this mouse virtually unusable
    Everything about this mouse was great. It's built well, feels great in the hand, tracks awesomely, and looks great too. However, beware! This thing goes into a sleep mode after about 5-10 seconds of inactivity and then requires a button click or mouse movement to bring it back. Waking up takes 2 seconds. This is so annoying that it just makes the mouse unusable. You type something on the keyboard, you try to move the mouse, and it sticks for 2 seconds before it moves. In addition, if it sleeps for more than about 15-20 minutes, it goes into such a deep sleep that it is hard to wake back up. It can take 5-10 seconds to wake up. If you think this is quick, sit and wait 10 seconds staring at the computer. I tried to like it but these flaws are fatal. The documentation says it sleeps after 5 minutes of inactivity, but this is simply not true....more info
  • Bluetooth Mouse
    Overall this is an excellent mouse. The setup only took about two minutes and default functions work perfectly (right hand setup). As far as the mouse itself goes, it may be a little small than some prefer (more for fingertip clicking than full-palm control), but has a nice sort of rubbery feel to it. The tracking is excellent without any blips and is reletively easy to manipulate from 800dpi to 1600dpi, although determining which one your on may be a challenge (no tell-tale signs except for the middle light blink when a switch is made). The most excellent feature, and the reason I bought this mouse, is that it can still be used while recharging. Just plug in the USB cable and keep going; no wall adapters, no running to the nearest convience store for new batteries, and no little rechargable stand to pack around, just plain simple. The only two faults that I've overlooked/fixed is that the mouse "sleeps" after about one to two minutes of inactivity. It reconnects after about five seconds of constant mouse movement or a click but still can get quite annoying sometimes and there is no cure that I'm aware of yet. The second fault is that the back black cover piece doesn't stay on all too well and the alignment isnt that great (yes, I know I'm a perfectionist) but a little glue and we're all good. These were minor setbacks but may be a major problem for others. All in all, the excellent tracking and non-frequent battery run makes this one hell of a mouse.

    Note: I am not a gamer and as such have not tested this mouse out on any hardcore graphics games, sorry....more info
  • Bluetooth Laser Rechargeable Portable mouse
    If what your looking for is a portable bluetooth laser rechargeable mouse this is the ticket. Tried many others but settled on this one b/c of the tracking quality and rechargable function. ...more info
  • Adequate but not steller
    Mouse is okay, performs all the standard features adequately but not anything special. It goes to sleep mode annoyingly soon so is not acceptable at all for gaming and this is actually rather annoying for normal tasks. The mouse seems small so it doesn't fit well in my average sized hand. Could probably get used to this but I have several standard sized ones on other computers so this is somewhat annoying. On the plus side, it set up easily and worked well right off. The battery lasts a long time and if it runs out in mid use the cord can be attached to keep working. Overall pretty average function for the price....more info
  • Targus Bluetooth Laser Mouse
    This mouse works great...fits the hand and is much nicer than using the touchpad...Only problem I had (don't know if it is the mouse or the computer) is I had to reinstall the mouse bluetooth function (takes about 1 min) several times. It just stopped working. Other than that it has been great....more info
  • gets stuck
    I don't know if mine was defective, but if you left it alone for 3 seconds then it would get stuck, or go to sleep, I don't know what was happening, but you would have to move it around for a second to make it start working again. Other than that it seemed like a great mouse, but that defect was so incredibly annoying I returned it and can only give it 1 star....more info
  • Targus bluetooth mouse
    Great mouse for a laptop. Fits in your case and charges really fast. Good tracking too! A++...more info